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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Religion | Are Africans Getting Their Money's Worth?
Unity Consciousness #35

Religion Must Fight Injustice

Any religion worthy of African participation, commitment and resources must constantly fight the society on behalf of the Rights Of Creation. If the religion does not, and wants Africans to tolerate injustice on Earth, in exchange for something better after we die, then Africans must recognize, it is a falsified doctrine.

Religious doctrine has been changed just enough to get the African mind to work against itself, while expecting relief from somewhere else. That somewhere else is outside of self and outside of Earth. The religion teaches Africans to place hope in something else and not direct all energies towards that which is causing the suffering. The religion teaches Africans to let someone else handle it (God, Jesus, court, police). The religion teaches this while at the same time supporting the society that says Africans can't and won't do anything to help themselves. We Africans help ourselves when we stop following religion and society blindly. By following them blindly, we are following racism, because religion, society and racism go hand-in-hand-in hand.

If we choose to follow religion and society, we must do so strategically [this is a war], to get what we, African people, need. This, and this alone, must be our priority. We must not get caught up in the reward programs of the society and of the religion. Later for that.

Why Africans Must Say, “Later For That!”

Though “later for that” might sound harsh, “later for that” is exactly what the religion and society tells Africans to do when Africans want a better life – later for that in Heaven; later for that, let God handle it; later for that, patience is a virtue, you have made progress; later for that, the time of man is not the time of God; get it off your mind and don't worry about it by giving everything to God in prayer; later for that thinking and analyzing nonsense, just focus on getting to Heaven where we can lay our burdens down, later for all the past and history, it's over and we just all need to move forward, etc. The worst of all is, when we let someone tell us to “let the system work, handle it and do its job.” Hell, The System is The Problem! Why should we wait and let it work? - unless we're crazy.

For many Africans, religion has us confused by trying to move forward by doing things backwards. There is no way to make better lives using ideas that contradict each other. European ways in an African person helps the person use weakness to cancel their strengths. Though Africans move and work hard, we stay stuck and even our spirits wonder, what the f*ck!? Meanwhile, everybody else continues to pass us up.

A methodical thought process will help Africans figure this out and not make decisions based on emotions, especially fear. This thought process will help Africans understand the version of the religion being followed was setup by the society to maintain the society, not to help Africans on Earth or in Heaven. The system and the religion are both against everything African and have taught us to be also.

It has been made clear, by example after example, when certain members of society suffer, their suffering is met with outrage and sympathy and laws and memorials nationwide. It is not that way for African suffering, not just murders but for the suffering that comes from all the daily ways the entire System Of Racism ensures pain and suffering through inequality for Africans around the world, even in Africa (Mama we understand). Religion is a part of that system that believes it is superior to the African. Therefore, by serving the religion, we serve the instrument of our disrespect and destruction of our people. We help kill our own children. We serve the Master's religion. Maybe one day the master will thank us for choosing to be slaves.

By now, Africans should know religion is a tool to benefit the societies in which they exist. From the beginning, the “version” of religion Africans are following has proven to us, which side of the injustice it prefers.

Religion Promotes The Conscience Of The Country, Not The Creator

In order for religion to be detached from daily struggles of members of the society, it must separate its conscience (morality) from consciousness (awareness). It must speak of possibilities in the future while ignoring today's realities and how the past continues to contribute. This causes religions to be detached emotionally from the suffering of others. This is psychopathy, a mental illness.

The religion does not use its resources, that it gets from those same members who are suffering, to help stop the suffering once and for all. The religion has to divorce itself from its members because the religion is married to the system.

At the same time, the religion, while being emotionally detached from the members, does all it can to keep members emotionally attached to the religion. Do not be fooled, Africans - by the little bits and pieces the religion does to try to make us think it is on our side and cares about Africans. Food pantries, clothes closets, pictures of White folks in Africa, and any other thing that seems nice is to disarm our suspicions of what it is really up to. Religions take from the poor and give to the rich while also helping the rich take more.

Religion without a conscience is what happens when the society does not have a conscience. How can this appeal to Africans - especially when we don't like how it feels? Why doesn't a religion that doesn't fight injustice, disgust us?

I'll tell you why in this first way. Some of us in those religions think we are different from Africans who are not in those religions. Some of us in those religions think we are better than other Africans because we have been blessed and transformed by some power that has changed us, yet has not changed our thinking, our behavior and the lives of our people. Yes, if we were changed, in a good way, we would would do what the religion is supposed to be doing, and fight for our people in fundamental ways that affects their daily lives and every breath, instead of trying to get them to join the religion.

Also, some of us in these religions view the religion as a halfway house to Whiteness. Somehow the religion helps get us out of the imprisonment of Blackness but not fully into the lands of freedom. This is something some Africans are not fully aware of. It is deeply miseducated into DNA. By rejecting African spirituality and accepting the whitewashed version of the same thing (religion), some of us Africans are proving to others we are not primitive. We are proving we have the same intelligence by showing we can think and choose the same religion as the “civilized” people. Because some of us Africans do not know civilization began in Africa, we believe current societies are civilized even though behavior does not support this. Some of us dedicate ourselves to following the rules of religions to the maximum to prove worthiness to worship the image of European males. Though disenfranchised, as is the European female, some Africans are committed to being the best servant of the Overlord. To prove this devotion, we immediately call any African spiritual practice or symbol, things like pagan, satanic, cult, myth and other terms. We are not disgusted at the co-opted religion we've adopted because our African nature is the hidden focus of our disgust.

Now I'll tell you why a second way. We are so busy denying ourselves and thinking our oppressors are smarter than us and know the way to the Creator, we have weakened our connection to our spirit because the oppressors have no connection at all to their spirit – this is obvious. What we do in religion is not the way to fully connect with our spirit. This is also obvious. No oppressor is going to give the oppressed ANYTHING that is going to help them strengthen, improve and be the best they can be. Oppressors must and will do the opposite – give us what weakens us. Any benefit from what the oppressor provides, is far outweighed by the cost to the African nation, unless that benefit is for the purpose of helping the African nation overcome the oppressor.

If religion was the way to strengthen our spirit, our spirit, which is the conscience and consciousness of God, would tell us this is the wrong way. Our spirit would bother us so much we wouldn't be able to stay in the religion. The only other way to stay in the religion is to shut the spirit out and pacify it with emotion. This is exactly what we are doing.

Been there, done that. I was snatched out of the fire and until the fire is out or there are no more Africans in the fire, I will reach into that same fire and grab anyone I can. What use do we have of our abilities if we can't use them to help our people? There is nothing we have that we need to keep, preserve and take with us except our spirit. Shall we let our children burn in a house just because they do not know how to cry out? Shall we let our brothers and sisters burn just because they do not see the need or know the way out? Who are we helping out? Shall we try to make it to Heaven with two hands unburned and have to answer why not? Or shall we get there badly burned and be restored in Heaven because on Earth we gave all we got to Maat.

Are Africans Getting Their Money's Worth?

On the one hand, the answer is obviously, NO.
On the other hand, the answer is MAYBE SO.
Since money has limited value and that value comes from people who believe in it, Africans are getting the same limited value from the same people who set up money, the society and the religion. Africans are getting limited value because, by going along with this version of religion, Africans are showing we believe we have limited value.

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African Female Honored In Spirituality, Not Religion

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