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Saturday, November 7, 2015

#1 Disciple Apostle, Shim'on Kefa, Simon “Rock” Cephas
Unity Consciousness #547


See UC 546.

Simon's Relationships

Father is Johanan (Matthew 16:17 John 1, 21; Mark 10:46)
Wife is Miryam (UC539)
Brother is Andrew (Matthew 4, Mark 1)
Sister is Miryam, mother of Jeshua (Jesus) (UC537)
Uncle of Jeshua (Jesus) (UC539)
Partners are Jacob (James) & Johanan (John), the sons of Zabdai (Zebedee). (Matthew 10, Luke 5)

1. A fisherman on the Sea of Galilee which is a lake on the north end of the Jordan River. (Matthew 4:18, Mark 1, UC508)

2. Lives in Capernaum in Galilee, a lakeshore town on the west side of the Sea of Galilee. This is also the town where Jeshua (Jesus) lives. Jeshua (Jesus) moved to Capernaum, southeast from Nazareth after being tempted by the Devil. (Matthew 8:5-14, 4:13, John 2:12)
a) John 1:44 says Simon and Andrew lived in Bethsaida.

3. How Simon became a disciple.
a) Jeshua (Jesus) walked by and said follow me and Simon and Andrew did so. (Matthew 4, Mark 1)
b) Jeshua (Jesus) got on Simon and Andrew's boat and told them where to catch fish and when they came ashore they followed him. (Luke 5)
c) Andrew brought Simon to Jeshua (Jesus) and Jeshua (Jesus) told them to follow him. (John 1)

4. Walked on water for a moment with Jeshua (Jesus). (Matthew 14)

5. Right after Jeshua (Jesus) said upon this rock I will build my community, a minute later he also said to Simon, get thee behind me Satan. (Matthew 16)

6. Simon, Jacob (James) and Johanan (John) witnessed Jeshua (Jesus) change form and then Moses and Elijah appear. (Matthew 17)
a) Luke 9 says the three disciples were asleep when Jeshua (Jesus) began to change form then they woke up.

7. Asked Jeshua (Jesus) how many times he must forgive his brother and Jeshua (Jesus) told him seventy times seven. (Matthew 18)

8. When Jeshua (Jesus) was washing the disciples feet, Simon tried to stop him when Simon's turn came. (John 13)

9. Was not the only one Jeshua (Jesus) said would deny him. Jeshua (Jesus) said all of them would. All the disciples said they would not. (Matthew 26)

10. When Jeshua (Jesus) went to pray on the Mount of Olives he took all the disciples. Then he went a little farther and only took Simon, Jacob (James) & Johanan (John). He said to them, “ My heart is so filled with sadness that I could die! Remain here and stay awake with me.” All three disciples fell asleep three times. (Matthew 26)

11. Was the one who cut off the ear of one of the people who came to arrest Jeshua (Jesus). (John 18)

12. When the disciples heard Jeshua (Jesus) was not in the tomb, Simon ran to the tomb. Another account says Johanan (John) outran Simon to the tomb. (Luke 24, John 20)

13. Jumped into the Sea of Galilee and swam to shore when Jeshua (Jesus) appeared to him and some other disciples who were fishing after Jeshua (Jesus) resurrected. (John21)

14. Was asked by Jeshua (Jesus), do you love me more than these?, do you love me?”, are you my friend?” “Are you my friend?” Each time Simon Peter said, I am your friend!” Yeshua said to him. Jeshua (Jesus) told him to feed my lambs, Shepherd my sheep and “Feed my sheep! (John 21).

15. Jeshua (Jesus) cursed a fig tree.
a) The tree withered immediately and the disciples saw it. (Matthew 21:19)
b) Another account says the tree was not noticed to be withered away until the next day. (Mark 11)

16. Did not meet Saul until several years after Saul began preaching on behalf of Jeshua (Jesus). (Galations 1:15-19)

a) This does not seem to agree with Acts 9, 15.

17. Had to be put in check by Saul for not wanting to eat with the Gentiles when members from the community in Jerusalem came to Antioch where Saul and Simon were. (Galatians 2:11-16)

18. Wrote the books of 1 Cephas and 2 Cephas which are misnamed 1 Peter and 2 Peter.

19. Like Jeshua (Jesus), he also gave the Jewish/Christian/Islamic greeting: “...“Shalom aleikhem!” to all who belong to the Messiah.” (1 Peter 5:13)

20. Simon's Suspected Relationships
a) His mother-in-law is the wife of Zabdai (Zebedee).
b) His father-in-law is Zabdai (Zebedee).
c) His brother-in-laws are Jacob (James) and Johanan (John) of Zabdai (Zebedee).
d) His wife, Mary, is the sister of Jacob (James) and Johanan (John) of Zabdai (Zebedee).
e) His mother-in-law, Mary, is the mother of Jacob (James) and Johanan (John).

21. For Simon Cephas not to have written a “Gospel” is curious indeed. After all, he was among the 3 to 4 who spent extra time with Jeshua (Jesus). Also for Simon also to have only written 2 small books in the New Testament is also curious, especially for a person called a rock upon which the community would be built.

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