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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Africans Retouching The Notion of Being Civilized
Unity Consciousness #552


Just because we have computers and phones and telepathic vision machines and electricity, doesn't mean we are civilized.
Not having these things doesn't mean someone is poor, underprivileged or uncivilized.

Eating with forks and spoons and moving about on paved sidewalks and roads doesn't mean we are being civilized.

Just because we wear reconstituted plant material called clothing doesn't make us better off or better people character-wise.
If we think it does, we are merely cloth-ing ourselves by cloak-ing self-esteem.

None of the things we accrue, do or point to with a modern view as if better equals something new, adds up to being civilized.
Why keep pretending it does?

Don't we know being conversant in multiple belief systems and their practices does in no way carry us across the border of barbarianism? Everyone has multiple beliefs. We've become what we've succumbed to. We've become belief of the exterior without knowledge of the interior.

Nothing outside of self can cause us to be civilized.

Being civilized has everything to do with maintaining separation connection individually collectively.

As said numerous times, current-day, post-modern communities, towns, villages, counties, provinces, states, regions, territories, republics, nations, countries and continents, are in no way civilized by the things they have, don't have, do or don't do.

Being civilized relates to the higher self/lower self and which one we choose to listen to.

Through process of inward to outward to inward to..., we will be well successful.
If this process stops, we will lose touch with the rhythm, rhyme and reason for being.

It is not possible to be civilized without knowing the reason for being or without knowing what rhymes with our being or without knowing the rhythm of our being is the Supreme Being.

A human, being, is being civilized.

In other words, because a Supreme Being brought all things into being by transforming self into us, a human in the process of understanding that supremeness within self, is being Civilized.
Being Civilized is a Cosmic thing, a Cosmic process, a Cosmic condition.
There is not a different meaning for each person, group or country. What is civil on Mars is civil on Earth.
To the degree we are separate and disconnected, individual and not collective is the degree by which meanings do not mirror the image of the Creator's many metaphors.

Most of places and people who claim to be civilized are covering up errs with nouns and verbs, putting on airs and placing their heirs at odds with their sense of self-correction.

What actually does the civilizing is Spirit.
So every time we hear civil, civilized or civilization, we must ask, “Does this represent the Highest Spiritual Nature Of A Oneness Creator?”

With a few minutes or less, we will have our answer. It never takes long. The answer will always be yes or no, just as is the decision to follow the higher self or lower self.
The higher spiritual nature within self is what brings dimensional order out of the Cosmos.
The lower spiritual nature within self is what brings chaos out of the Cosmos and calls it law and order.

No person or people can be civil without maintaining the essence of the mirror image of that which makes us civil – Spirit.

Africans, Let us be perfectly clear so we can know how to steer: What made Africans civilized and the creators of human civilizations and the spreader of human civilization and the teacher of human civilizations is not because of pyramids and other such constructions. It was not because of Math, science, medicine, language, etc. and on and on.

It was because we maintained separation connection with our essence and mirror image – Eco-sensibly - while simultaneously being individually collectively.

We were so connected to the collective essence, we understood there are rivers inside us, planets and stars, etc. We could see the mirror images. So much so, it was not a stretch to know we are separate forms of each other. Thus, what comes out of air, earth,sun,water, plant and animal can go into human and the other way around. This is how we reach being able to mix and mingle pieces of ourselves and thus, body parts of animals and plants in statues and other images. It makes sense with eco-sense when we, as one part, are separate connected individually collective with the rest of the parts of the ecosystem.

Being civilized is an indirect result.
It comes out of the naturalizing process of being connected, collective and directed by the higher spiritual nature within self.
Being civilized or any civilized behavior is not something that is is added on to a lower self disposition.
We must not expect anyone who is not being civil today, to be civil tomorrow.
It is a process.

We must not expect isolated behavior to serve as evidence of being civilized.
We should not fool ourselves about ourselves by using these mismeasurements.
Ask the question.

Africans, we must recognize one of the main contributors that allowed us to fall prey to ourselves and then to others - our slip-sliding away from connection and collectiveness to the feminine essence of the Creator – the civilizing spirit.
Without this, no person or group of persons can begin being civil or remain civil enough to counteract lower self disorder.
In other words, male-dominated thinking by a person or people is uncivil by its very skewed nature. Add to this just a few other skewers of sensibility and it takes a total contextual shift in order to consider existing societal behavior to be civil.

Amma Ashe.
The essence of what it means to be feminine spirit energy and human. So we may find our way through disarray.

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