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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Be`er-Sheva (Beersheba): City & Desert Wilderness
Unity Consciousness #560


Be`er-sheva (Beersheba) is a city in the Israel and Canaan of Jewish-Christian Bibles. It is located near what was called the desert wilderness of Tzin (Zin).

Beersheba Is At The Southern End Of Territory of Judah

1. When speaking of all of Israel, several verses make reference to “from Dan to Beersheba” or “from Beersheba to Dan.” This is an indication of the northern and southern borders of Israel.

2. Beersheba is named as one of the cities at the outer part of the tribe of Judah and its border with Edom. This is also south. (Joshua 15; 2 Samuel 24)

3. Beersheba is part of the territory of Judah. Generally speaking, the southern border of Judah is from the south end of the Dead Sea to the River of Egypt on what is now called the Sinai peninsula. (Joshua 19; 15)

4. Based on #2-3 above, Beersheba is west of the Jordan River.

5. Beersheba Desert is part of the larger Zin Desert. (Joshua 15:1)

6. “Avraham got up early in the morning, took bread and a skin of water and gave it to Hagar, putting it on her shoulder, and the child; then he sent her away. After leaving, she wandered in the desert around Be’er-Sheva.” (Genesis 21:14)

7. The tribe of Simeon was given the city of Beersheba and other areas in the south as the inheritance of the descendants of Shim‘on (Simeon). (Joshua 19)

8. From Beersheba to Horeb, the mountain of God, is a 40 day and night journey for one person, traveling lightly. (1 Kings 19)

9. At the time of Abraham, Beersheba was not part of Philistine territory. (Genesis 21:31-34)

10. At the time of Abraham Beersheba was part of Philistine territory. (Genesis 21:31-34)

11. Beersheba is the land on which both Abraham and Isaac lived. (Genesis 22:19; 26; 46:1)

How Did Be`er-sheva Get Its Name?

Version 1:
Abraham made an oath with Abimelech. Using seven lambs as payment for right to use a well Abraham dug. Somehow Be’er-Sheva means two things using the same words: well of seven and well of an oath. (Genesis 21:3134)
See also Cousins: Abimelech, Philistine Palestinians & Israelite Israelis, Unity Consciousness #514
Version 2:
Yitz’chak’s (Isaac's) servants dug a well, found water and told Isaac. Isaac called it Shiv‘ah [oath, seven],. This is why city is called Be’er-Sheva (well of seven, well of an oath). (Genesis 26)
CJB Words Become KJV Words:
H: Yitz’chak becomes Isaac

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