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Friday, November 13, 2015

Criminal Execution: Jeshua (Jesus) Was Not Crucified
Unity Consciousness #556


Out of the numerous times the Jewish Bible states Jeshua (Jesus) was executed on a stake as a criminal, none of this wording made it into the KJV. All the verses were KingJamesglicized. Meaning and understanding have been altered. The memory of what we were being told by the Ancients was changed even further.

Jeshua (Jesus) was murdered for being a criminal. His case was heard by members of the Sanhedrin (elders, Pharisees, Sadducess) and by Herod and Pilate. Jesus chose to represent himself. A jury of his Israelite peers, based on jury instructions provided by the high priest, found him guilty. He lost on appeal. Isn't this still how it works today? Innocent people die, guilty people live? By standards back then and today's standards, Jesus was a criminal. The system worked. That was their way, their laws, their decision and their notion of being civilized.

Clearly, Jeshua (Jesus) was not crucified for being the Son of God. He was executed for being a human being with apple-cart-upsetting thinking the gang-behavior Israelite citizens were fearful of enough to label as criminal behavior.

Jesus was nailed to the execution-stake just like two other criminals beside him. To borrow a KingJamesglicized word, “crucifixion” was not a special type of death reserved for Jesus. Crucifixion does not have a unique significance that only applies to Jesus. Death by execution-stake occurred before and after Jeshua (Jesus) died a criminal's death for disrupting the status quo. Not everyone felt that way, but enough did to get their way. That's all it ever takes to be considered a criminal or law-abiding and executed, not crucified.

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