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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Miryam: Mary, Sister of Martha & Lazarus From Bethany
Unity Consciousness #542


H:Miryam becomes Miriam OT and Mary NT
El‘azar becomes Eleazar OT and Eleazar NT and Lazarus NT

Jeshua (Jesus) loved Mary, Martha and Eleazar (Lazarus). (John 11:5)

Mary welcomed Jeshua (Jesus) and his disciples into her home. Her sister was Martha. Mary sat at Jeshua's (Jesus') feet and listened to his teachings while Martha was busy working. Jeshua (Jesus) said Mary made the better choice. Eleazar (Lazarus) must have become sick and died after this event. (Luke 10)

Mary Anoints Jeshua (Jesus) Feet With Tears, Kisses And Oil

Simon lived in Bethany which is 2 miles from Jerusalem. After a period of time had passed after Jeshua (Jesus) healed Simon of leprosy, Jeshua (Jesus) was eating at Simon's house when a woman from Bethany came in. This was Mary, sibling of Martha and Eleazar (Lazarus). She had an alabaster jar filled with pure oil of spikenard, very expensive perfume approached Jeshua (Jesus) while he was eating, she broke the jar and poured the perfume over his head. Luke 7 says she stood behind Jeshua (Jesus) at his feet and wept until her tears began to wet his feet. Then she wiped his feet with her own hair, kissed his feet and poured the perfume on them. Some of this does not seem possible if Jeshua (Jesus) is sitting down eating.
Simon said to himself, “a prophet would know she is a sinner.” Jeshua (Jesus) taught him by metaphor. Then he said to her, “Your sins have been forgiven.”
His disciples, including Judas Iscariot, became angry and said the perfume could have been sold for a lot of money and given to the poor. They scolded her. Jeshua (Jesus) said, “Let her be. What she could do, she did do. She was preparing his body in advance for burial.
At this dinner, Eleazar (Lazarus) was there after being raised from the dead. Martha was there and served the meal in the home of Simon. This dinner was to honor Jeshua (Jesus) for raising Eleazar (Lazarus). (Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 1, 14, Luke 7, John 11, 12)

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