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In 1971 Neely Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Out of One Spirit Web Comes Many Interconnections
Unity Consciousness #713


(Part 7 of 15)

The purpose, destiny and need incentive of all Creation is to get understanding to get reconnected to get back to One.
One of the ways of getting understanding is through the Spirit Web.

You already get information through your spirit-soul and you already know it.
The Spirit Web is everywhere inside you and everywhere outside of you.
The Spirit Web is the wireless interconnected communications network of the Creator that communicates with all Creation in the Spiritsphere (Universe).

The Spirit Web, of course, is superior to the Internet in all aspects. This is due to many reasons such as having logic, architecture, Architect and Webmaster that are superior and being connected to everything, having no downtime and no limits to capacity, speed and usage.
The only thing you need to access portions of this network is understanding.
Understanding provides the connection.
Understanding is the connection.

Since you are a Spirit Being in the Spiritsphere, connected to the Spirit Web, when information moves through the Spirit Web network, you can sense the vibration waves to the degree your consciousness has been raised to the level of awareness (frequency) by which the vibration wave is traveling.

The Spirit Web follows the same principle as the One and Many.
The Spirit Web is One Web of Many Webs.

As you already are aware, the Spirit Web and spider web are metaphors of each other.
The Great Spider is reworking and rewiring the Spirit Web until all is reconnected in order.

Just as a spider recreates and re-pairs its web, so also the Great Spider is restoring connections to understanding and preparing the paths ahead of us we must travel to reach Oneness of understanding.

Out of One Understanding Comes Many
Unity Consciousness #712


(Part 6 of 15)

Each time One understanding recreates itself and becomes Many, dimensions are created. The potential for loss of understanding exists due to the many points of connection that must be maintained and in correct sequence within and between these dimensions.
As reconnections of understanding increase, momentum does also.

Periods of increased momentum have been taking place all along.
This is now another such period where the increase is becoming more noticeable.*
This means then, once you choose the higher-self and join the legion of truthseekers as an Initiate of learning, understanding needed will be obtained at a much faster pace than it has taken others to gain the same understanding before this point in time.
This is easily explainable because understanding builds upon understanding and understanding yields understanding. Reconnections have already been made to the Universal genetic library and as you use more ways of knowing and connect your genetic library to the Spirit Web, your energy will be traveling pathways already re-paired. The energy of your understanding will also be forming new pathways to the degree your understanding varies. Understanding branches off but does not break off.

You are only separated from anything else in Creation by degrees of understanding and pathways to get you there.

To the degree you lack understanding is the degree to which you will face adversity.
To the degree you possess understanding is the degree to which you will be further challenged.
You have been given genetic potential to help you work through challenge and strengthen your genetics with understanding. In addition, you have been given default programming of Ecosystem logic, help from the genetic potential of other creations, and mirror images to help you improve understanding and recalibrate to Ecosystem Logic.
All of this comes out of the momentum of One life that extends to Many lives.

*Even at lower levels of awareness momentum is noticed by not understood. There is a greater sense of the spiritual nature of change even though clarity regarding the twin power nature and workings of the spirit is lacking.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Out of One Complete Sentence Comes Many Phrases & Clauses
Unity Consciousness #711


(Part 5 of 15)

All things exist to help you understand the many aspects of self by observing/experiencing them outside of self in order to understand yourself from different perspectives. You and all else are versions of One and Many.

To say out of One comes Many is to say, out of Singular comes Plural.

Not being able to see the forest for the trees is the same as not being able to see the One for the Many or the Singularity for the Plurality or the Connectedness for the Separateness.

“One and the same” is the same thing as One and the Many, the Many and the One.
The phrase, “in other words” is the same thing as saying “out of One comes Many.” By saying something one way and then using “other words” to say the same thing, you are saying that One expression can be stated Many ways. Out of One comes Many.

Know yourself and know all else is the same thing in other words as know One and know Many.
To know yourself is to know science which is the same thing as Many subjects.

The Short & Long Of It

The One is the short version. The Many is the long version.
You are the short version. All else is the long version.
One is condensed. Many is expansive.
To explain or expound is to give a more expansive longer version.
To “boil it down” or “be concise” is to give a more condensed short version.

The DNA/RNA in you is a condensed version of the genetic potential of the Creator.
All that is created is an expansive version of the DNA/RNA of the Creator.
This is the same as the seed compared to the tree. Both are the same. One is condensed. One is expanded.
DNA/RNA is a zipped file in a nutshell. You are the unzipped unpacked version like a tree. So is all else.

Since One is Many, One is Everything. This means Everything is Everything, saying a lot saying a little.

The Creator has said all this to say what?
The Creator has made all this to make what?

The Need To Be Whole & What It Takes
Unity Consciousness #710


(Part 4 of 15)

Unknown to many of us, our entire being seeks wholeness. The mind is no exception. The mind seeks wholeness of information. The mind seeks to take whatever information it receives and orient it with the other information it has.
(From Television Writers Influence Brains & Mental Illness)

What It Takes For Wholeness

1. An overall wholeness context such as Maat or Optimal Theory that encompasses the Universal.

2. Education based on the optimal, higher-self context above. If education is based on a wholeness context, by the force of this logic instilled within them, people could not allow their governments and other major institutions to be based on the infringing of rights. People always allow what their logic tells them to - this logic coming, in part, from the education system, and from all other forms of media the society supplies.

3. Acknowledgment of who is part of your family tree and that there is no such thing as a half-sister or half-brother. Extend this understanding to all of Creation.

4. The full range of nutrition.

5. A better understanding of what science is. Thus, a better understanding of the natural world and of self and of the Creator. This includes understanding your genetics and genetic potential.

6. As an Initiate, ask a whole lot of questions of self and of all else.

7. The full range of history. If the structure people organize themselves into is based on wholeness, the people could not allow historical accounts to be mistold or base what is called history on a very small portion of time.
Also, you must understand how critically important the past is to what is happening today, thus what will happen tomorrow. (Sankofa)

8. Connecting information in relation to self and to Maat. If you do not, what is your thinking connected to? What is the context to which all information is connected? What is your starting point of reference and basis? Do you know?
If your logic is not based on the whole, then it must be based on a part. So now you understand that your reasoning will be incomplete to the degree that the part you are basing your understanding on differs from the whole.

9. Treating yourself like the Ecosystem you are.
How can you be whole if you are not functioning based on the logic of the whole (Ecosystem logic)?
You are both an individual and a collective.

10. Moving way beyond the false notion that if you are in a female/male relationship, that it makes you whole simply because you have re-paired the twins.
If that's all it took, people would stay together and the products of their interactions would also be whole.

11. Acknowledging the Ancestors in you. You are a collection of various aspects of all Ancestors, all mixed and mingled to create you – the latest combination and continuation of Ancestors.

12. Getting more information and comparing and contrasting various understandings of spirit, spiritual, spirituality and religion.

13. Improving in the knowing of self so you can transform preferences and dreams into purposes and destinies. It is not possible to be whole using your genetic potential to serve the partial to the detriment of the whole or for that which serves the temporal to the detriment of the eternal.

14. Study (in all its various forms) to show yourself approved for the higher calling which you must eventually answer and pass the tests of challenges. Try not to get too much of your information from the spirit who brought you miseducation. You need information from the other side to compare and contrast against the miseducated logic you already have. If you do not seek out new sources of information you will absolutely succumb to confirmation bias, thus compounding errors of logic.

15. Understanding more about the female aspect of the Creator and Mama Africa.

16. Forgive yourself.

17. Start anywhere. If you do not have these things, you do not have what it takes to have healthy self-esteem because you won't have enough of a whole concept of self, life and existence. Instead your self-esteem will be jerked around by the fragmented perspective of the society you are in. You will seek validation based on suboptimal non-wholeness principles rather than based on the whole Universal optimal self the Creator is showing you in the mirror.

Empire Of Many & One | Poem
Unity Consciousness #709


(Part 3 of 15)


Empire Of Many & One

by Ancestors through Usiku

Each time we cosign and admire
The human interpretation of empire
We creep towards domination of blessings
Thus, Rights of Creation lessen
Collective responsibility turns up missing
As we aspire to create something great and lasting
Until advantages begin to vanish
And marginalization runs rampant
Creativity in the name of entertainment
Sensing in the name of religion
Self-esteem in the name of popularity
Thought in the name of education
Conscience in the name of any available weakness

Fueled by many slow-cooked evils
Beings simmer until scarred hearts become charred
Floating in self-made dry ash soup

Then comes recyclers and redeemers
Seekers of treasures assigned to the meeker
Earth's children keepers
Who sift burnt rubble
Lifting hearts out with no trouble
Holding them to all manner of canvas and cave
Transferring energy like vibration waves
Cycling through transformation transition
Last bits of power now depicting
What not to do this time
A legacy dominating history lessons
Lasting longer than human empires
And the fires that started them
But not the empire that put them all out

Many Messages & Many Ways Become Clearer
Unity Consciousness #708


(Part 2 of 15)

Because this life and existence is part of a continuous spiritual journey, there are maps, clues, messages, directions and instructions everywhere to help you find your way. This information is in the language of metaphor/mirror image.
There is no need to remain lost or confused if you are honestly trying to be about the higher way. Nyame is the One who has put information everywhere, in all places and in all things. Nyame will help you understand it.

Each map, clue, message, direction and instruction encountered has the potential to lead you away from or towards where you need to be. The difference being whether you have chosen to process information using the energy of the higher-self or lower-self. Each of these two ways you can be led, by your logic, will seem right to you, but as you compare the way you are going and the things you are doing to larger and larger groups of people and include more species in the equation and include the ecosystem within self and outside of self and outside Earth, you will be able to clearly tell which spirit you are following and know the truth about the way you are going and the things you are doing. You will know this because you will be making a comparison to harmony.

If you consider what humans do and then ask what if different parts of your body behaved the same way, you will also know which way is the way for you. You will know this because you will be comparing the Universe within to other Universes.

Due to differences in understanding, each person must follow a different way in order to get needed understanding. This doesn't mean an entirely different way, but it does mean the way will vary sometimes. As each person matures in understanding, the person's sometimes individualized way moves closer to the collective way that includes more humans, more species and more of the Ecosystem until all else is included. This is the optimizing process of becoming One understanding. Regardless of what you call your way or who the leader of your way is or what holy book your way is based on or what you think your identity is based on or what your culture is based on or what your constitution or other laws say is the right behavior, your way must still lead your logic to become as Ecosystem logic – in harmony with self and all else. This must be so because this is the way of the Creator to bring the Many in harmony as One again – as it was before Creation. This is the cycle, circle and way we are all a part of. How can your way avoid being about this unifying process?

At some point along the way of each person's way, each person must connect with their human origins and all of their non-human origins. For instance, all people must come to know they came from African people and mixtures of African people after their genetics adapted or mutated. This is just one of thousands of connections all people must make in order to be One with the Creator of Many. You must stop being afraid of and estranged from the natural world (self). You must come to recognize self as being all else. This might not be accomplished in one human lifetime, but it will be accomplished during your spiritual journey.

Since the way is a major point of confusion, this is repeated from a slightly different perspective. If you are seeking to know the way or already think you know, you can continue to confirm this by taking what you already understand or don't understand about self or already know or don't know about something and take that understanding and expand upon it. As long as you do so by seeking to understand more in relation to self and/or in relation to the One and the Many, you will find the way. This is so because the way is shown throughout Creation. We know this because we know for certain the imbalanced suboptimal way is sufficiently demonstrated in the Ecosystem. How much more so do you think the balanced optimal way is on display? The way is findable and understandable.

In other words, instead of remaining lost and confused about self and other things, take one thing that is non-human and seek to understand it in the same way you would seek to understand self. What is it? Where did it come from? Why? Who created it. What is its purpose/destiny? How does it fit in? What kind of life and existence is it supposed to have? How does it know what to do? And so on keep asking the same questions you ask about self or about any human. Ask them all. Ask the Universe. Compare all the human notions and ideas about beauty, success, competition, etc. to see if anything else in nature behaves this way. Seek to understand why or why not. Seek to understand whether you should be doing the same thing the same way or the opposite way. Seek to know if what you are doing is in balance. This is the process of understanding using metaphor/mirror image. If we are all created by the same Creator and are all connected and all came from the same place then we can understand the way for self by understanding the way of something else.

Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals

By understanding One, Many, First and Last and may other fundamental keys, messages and the way become clearer. Because you now understand that out of One message comes Many messages and out of one Way comes Many ways and that the Many are part of the One, then you can move further and farther along in your process of becoming One understanding with the Creator.
If you're opposed to learning from non-humans, then pay closer attention to the media you already consume. The same messages are there in a multitude of places that resonate with messages inside you to help you recalibrate the logic of your understanding. As said before, Nyame, the Faithful Messenger, has designed Many messages to reach all people and all creations. There is not just One message every once in a while and everything else is inconsequential and just entertainment or useless. Everything everywhere contains information all the time. There is not one complete message that fully explains all you need to understand from start to finish. There is if you're talking about your genetic library, the Spirit Web and the Universes within and without. There is not if you're talking about bibles, scriptures and other holy books, including the Book of The Coming Forth By Day And By Night.
Whatever messages you have been receiving lately about you and your life are the messages you need right now to move you along the way. You must follow the process of each message to the next message in the process if you are to find your way home step by step. You are not going to understand steps you need to take later until you follow steps you need to take now. Why, because each step taken contributes to understanding the next step.

You must always remain aware that messages encountered must be integrated within self as references and adjustments to logic. You must take the information into self with the intent to use it. This unlocks information in previous messages stored in you and future messages. This then helps you connect the dots of all information encountered in the proper sequence.
The one thing you cannot do is go around just trying to get messages without being fueled by the intent of the higher self (wanting to know better so you can do better). Even so, some continue to try to extract understanding using the weak form of power (wanting to know so they can “get over”). Thus, understanding will be weak. Messages and information in the messages will be hidden from you if you do. Not by me, a cryptic code or some outside mystical force. It will be hidden by self-deception. Lower-self vibrations, low level of awareness. Everything written is as writing on the wall for all to see as they move towards unity of understanding.
Emergences (messages) are always taking place to help your understanding keep pace with the Many ever-changing components of the Universe so you can know what you need to know no matter what point of the cycle we are in and no matter what is going on. This is possible because as you seek Oneness you are automatically recalibrating to keep pace with the Many. You don't have to toss your trust up to the suboptimal status quo which cannot help you move closer to Oneness or remain healthy in any way. The suboptimal status quo does provide plenty of information to help you understand the ways that are not the way.

In addition to maps, etc., you, me and everybody else have been given genetic potential to help us understand what is going on and to help bring the Many Ways back to the One Way.
Decide which spirit you are going to follow and then use metaphor. These two guides will lead you the right way. Get the full range of nutrition to support success. Focus on these few major categories and understanding that was once integrated in something else like thin bones in flesh and understanding that was once below the surface like layers of DNA, will become clearer.

"As the capacity for both optimal and suboptimal functioning exists within each human being, an optimization process exists whereby progress toward unity consciousness can be realized by utilizing any sense of separation from the Supreme Being as the opportunity for edification, growth, and mastery of lessons leading to a deeper, clearer, more cohesive, coherent, comprehensive realization of Oneness."
Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities," The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 74.
UC#601, UC#688, UC#690

Saturday, May 28, 2016

One Becomes Many, First Becomes Last
Unity Consciousness #707


(Part 1 of 15)

Out of One comes Many is a fundamental key to understanding.
It is a fundamental key to learning about the whole and its parts (holistic learning/Ecosystem logic).
Out of One comes Many is a fundamental key to know yourself which is the process of unifying consciousness in becoming One with the Creator.
Over the course of your One continuous spiritual journey covering Many lifetimes (UC#609), you must reacquire, recall, remember, reconnect and reunify all of the separate understandings of the Many in order to again become One consciousness with the Creator in order to know yourself again. The essential importance of this fundamental context/concept was most recently touched upon in UC#696 and UC#605.

Creator Becomes Creations/Creators

Out of One Creator comes Many Creations/Creators.
In other words, every Creation is also a Creator. That goes for you, me, Sun, protein atom, elements, particles, plants, insects, bacteria, fungi, sticks, stones, and so on. The mirror images of spirit and of genetics shows us this.

In other words, out of One Creator comes Many re-creations and re-creators of self, repetitions, manifestations, iterations, emanations, variations, specializations, dimensions, forms/formulations of the Creator...
This is all possible due to genetic potential.
This can be understood by looking into the smaller mirror image of cells.
Out of One cell comes Many cells. This is part of the process of how you came into physical being in this dimension.
In other words, out of One cell comes Many re-creations and re-creators of the same cell, Many repetitions, Many manifestations, Many iterations, Many emanations, Many variations, Many specializations, Many dimensions, Many forms/formulations of cells...
Each of these cells has the ability to recreate themselves as they see fit (that which fits understanding,which is based on logic). This is true of All Creators and All Creations.

Because Earth is also a living organism like you, cells and the Creator, this can be further understood by looking into the larger mirror image of the land within the organism called Earth.
Out of One land comes Many lands. This we know as explained by the Pangaea and as explained by what the physical eyes should clearly see looking at a map of the world. (UC#587)
Out of One land mass comes Many continents and Many islands. Yes, they were all One at an earlier point in time, in the process of Creation and in the life cycle of Earth.
This can be further seen in the mirror image of people.

Black Becomes White

Out of One people comes Many people. This we know as explained by genetics/human origins/family tree.
Out of One land mass called Africa came One people who became Many people on Many land masses.
This can be further understood by the natural fact that out of One color comes Many colors.
Black is the condensed form of Many colors. The full complete array of colors, shades, hues and pigments is the expansive form of Blackness and its resultant combinations..

First Becomes Last

Out of One comes Many is the same as First becomes Last.
Out of One comes Many because of process and stages.
The beginning of a process gives way to the end of a process.
The first stage gives way to the last stage and the last stage gives way to the first stage which makes first and last the same - the difference being the process and stages by which each gives way to the other.
This means it is not a great mystery or wisdom that the First shall become Last and the Last shall become First. It is simply natural law and natural order.

As a result of this understanding, now we can plainly see how One becomes Many and how First becomes Last.
It happens as the result of process and stages.

Now we can combine our Many separate understandings into One.
Earth was once, One land mass populated by One color of people – Black.
Then Earth separated into more land masses and islands which were also populated by Black people.
It is not until recently in the history timeline of humans that this has changed.
Yes, Earth was First a “Black” Planet.
What exists today is the last portion of the Last stage of the process.
Out of One...way, ancestry, origin, history, technology, dimension, “race”, lie, truth, key, culture, system/ecosystem, organism, universe, parent, name, nation, country, seed, element, language, logic, mind, body, spiritual reality (spirituality), war, I am, light, angle, border, boundary, metaform/metaphor, individual, collective, celestial body, pattern, rhythm, quest/question, life, potential, challenge, heaven, understanding, identity, image, decision, destiny, purpose, evolution, journey, equation, cycle, motion, genetic, process, context, science...
Comes Many... of each of the above. For example, out of One way comes Many ways. (UC#597- #599)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Self-Expressions Of The Quest | Poem
Unity Consciousness #706


Self-Expressions Of The Quest

by Ancestors through Usiku

In search of wealth I went to town
Got caught up in the surround
Of a critical mass making uncritical sounds
We judged each other and were both found pitiful
I moved towards the fringe
Reached back with extended hand
Most declined the assist. Some raised fists for fighting.
Questioning self not to their liking
Truth encountered consciously even less inviting
Falsehood encountered subconsciously more enticing
But with those who chose, we left the midst
For a better fit
With all else questioning for understanding
To become One balanced spirit

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Understanding: The Quest Involves Questioning
Unity Consciousness #705


To quest is to seek.
To question is part of the action of seeking.
Whatever understanding you are seeking, the quest involves questioning.

Questions Facilitate Understanding

You know it is not a good idea to get married before asking a lot of questions of self and the other person.
You also know it is not a good idea to ever stop asking questions even after being married a long time.

Neither is it a good idea to decide on a school, car, house, clothes or what to put in your body without asking a lot of questions.
So why do so many people think it's a good idea to base life on philosophies they have not thoroughly questioned and continue to question?

You should question everyone and everything until you yourself understand.
You must question the information, the teacher, the sources, those you love and trust and question information put out by those who have nothing but “ain't no love lost” for you.

Don't just accept someone else's understanding and try to insert it into your logic and then walk away without questioning.
Don't just reject someone else's understanding without questioning.

Questions are catalysts that stimulate the Universe to answer you. Rarely directly but always in the manner in which you need to be answered. Answers rarely just come to you straightaway but are found as you are in motion seeking understanding.

You must question the very thing you seek to understand. Question self. Question the Creator. Question the question. Question the answer. Re-question.

To question is to seek assistance. Questioning is asking for help. You know no one can do anything alone; therefore it is impossible to understand all you need to understand without asking for help by questioning self and all else.

Ask The Universe: Your Entire Genetic Library, Unity Consciousness #698

Compounding Mistakes: Sunk Cost Fallacy
Unity Consciousness #704


Hidden in the sub-logic of non-confirmation bias is the “sunk cost fallacy.”

Sunk Cost Fallacy means sticking with something due to amount of time, materials, money or other resources already invested in the decision.
This logic leads to sticking with something that needs to be changed and would be changed if not for the amount of resources already invested. Instead of adjusting or abandoning the decision, the person continues to invest more resources.

Why Would Someone Do This?

1. Lack of Understanding - The person thinks making changes to decisions means a mistake has been made. A mistake is viewed as being unintelligent. The person does not understand that one of the purposes of this life is to make the necessary adjustments to move closer to becoming one with the Creator and that this life is just one leg of a continuous journey and that adjustments not made in this life will have to be made in another life. The person does not connect the other understandings which teach that making adjustments is part of the learning, growth, development and maturity process. The person does not understand that a grown-up is not someone who does not make mistakes but is someone who does better as they know better.

2. Identity Crisis – A large part of the person's self-esteem (knowledge of self) is based on what they think intelligence means. This comes from a suboptimal context of a suboptimal culture. Anything that even looks unintelligent is a threat to self-esteem. The ego is in control and the fa├žade has become the preferred image.

3. Emotional imbalance - (Fear, Guilt, Shame, Pride, etc.). The person sinks deeper and deeper into despair because the only way out is changing the decision but the person is unwilling to do this. As a result of this contradiction, turmoil inside shows up on the outside in behavior that causes physical sickness. This person is in danger of emotional and physical breakdown, because as time passes and nothing changes for the better in the area they know they should have already changed, hidden pressure continues to build. The person acts out and lashes out. Whatever is in range is in danger because a sinking ship creates suction.

All of the above is the domain of the lower self. This spirit within all of us is very good at self-deception. The person thinks they are too clever, smart and intelligent for self-correction because no one can prove they need to change or make them change or know they need to change. This is perfect. So it seems.

If the person is a follower of the Jewish-Christian Bible, they continue to overlook the fact that God made frequent adjustments starting in Heaven when some angels revolted. Adjustment was made in the Garden of Eden and then with the flood and then with sending Yeshua (Jesus) as a sacrifice. Many more adjustments to the plan were made when things did not go as expected.

The Ecosystem within and without are ever-changing, always making adjustments in response to information.
Life is an adjustment process.

It is abnormal not to make adjustments.
The biggest thing is not that you're prodigal and have been gone for so long. The most important thing is that you turn and head home.

Without adjustments and self-correction, a person has not repented because the person is in denial and resistance of the need to make corrections.
Clearly, the benefit of making adjustments along the way of a journey outweigh the sunk costs because lessons learned are automatically reinvested into the next steps taken. Nothing is lost or wasted.
In other words, you transform sunk costs to work for you as you do what you know to do.
In other words, there is no such thing as sunk cost. Sunk cost is energy not yet recognized and/or not yet properly applied. Sunk cost is a function of understanding. Sunk cost exist to the degree understanding does not.

The biggest thing is not that you're prodigal and have been gone for so long. The most important thing is that you turn and head home.

Stop being stubborn. Forgive yourself! This gives the greater portion of you, inside you and outside you, a chance to help you do the rest.
Use your free will to choose the spirit of the higher self which is very good at self-correction and leading you towards knowledge of self.

(UC#566), (UC#567), (UC#571), (UC#595), (UC#670)

Relationships | Stupidity, Sadistic & Anti-God Behaviors

”Family Planning Developments, Self-Esteem And Abuse & Neglect Context.”

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Non-Confirmation Bias | Definition & Meaning
Unity Consciousness #703


Until you have fully confirmed the information your logic is based on, it is a good idea to continue seeking understanding.
Even if you have a degree of confirmation from low to high, it is still a good idea to continue seeking understanding.
Why? Because any change in the information you are relying on could create the need to update current understanding.
I'm certain this is “preaching to the choir” since your reading of this message probably means you are seeking information, thus you are seeking understanding, thus you are being open-minded.

Yet, there are some people who prefer another approach. They seek information for the purpose of non-confirmation.
They would rather not confirm the basis of their logic.
They prefer to simply believe for whatever reasons they choose to believe.
This type of person considers the confirmation of information a hindrance and threat to their self-esteem.
They have a non-confirmation bias.

When the most important part of the information relied on comes from human logic without any ability to confirm it from a non-human source or you have not taken the time to do so or at least review the logic, you have a non-confirmation bias.

A non-confirmation bias causes you to avoid, discard, disregard and fear information that might cause you to have to make adjustments to your logic because most of it is based on belief than information that can be confirmed – at least broadly. It causes you to go on ad hominem attack – even if just privately in your own mind to defend your logic.

Because you function in health in relation to all else, you are designed to understand self in relation to all else – so you can be healthy. This is Ecosystem logic. The logic of harmony, peace and the higher self.

Ecosystem logic can be confirmed by observing, experiencing and studying the Ecosystem within and without. You do not have to rely on another human in order to know how to live in harmony with self and all else.

If you say you already use a natural world context and yet this contexture, this culture does not move you towards health, harmony, your origins and an increasing sense of interrelatedness and interconnectedness, then you have another kind of bias - confirmation bias. This is contrary to your default settings. You have been recalibrated to only see what you want to and only agree with what you already believe or want to believe. On the other hand, non-confirmation bias would rather not see the information at all if there is any sense the information being encountered makes more sense in relation to the observable and experiencable Ecosystem, than currently-held belief.

Lastly, in a strange twist of redoubled logic, there are some who have non-confirmation bias, who think they are confirming their belief each time they apply their non-confirmation bias to information and successfully keep the information from “changing their mind.” Their ability to do this is proof that their belief is strong and therefore must be what it should be. This, of course, is a highly questionable thought process.

Observing & Experiencing The Universe Within & Without
Unity Consciousness #702


The fundamental key, “as above, so below, as within, so without,” helps you understand there is a Universe within just as there is a Universe without.

Even without this understanding, you probably think there is some place, other than Earth – a place where people and/or their spirit-souls exist before “birth” and after “death.”

Both of the sentences before this one, contain logic that comes almost entirely from what other humans think.
Before this logic existed, you had to base your logic on your own observations and experiences.

And so now you return to the time of your beginnings.
When you look beyond treetops and mountaintops into the Sky and see lights of different types, day and night, you know you are inside something much larger.
When you see female animals of different types, expand and life come out of them, you know there is something inside great and powerful.

When you see seeds go into Earth and come out transformed into an endless variety of plants, you know there is something going on similar to the coming forth of life through the female.
There you are on Earth, observing these births and you know they share similarities and are all connected. You know these images and experiences are expressing the same thing.

So now, after observing these repeating cycles in the Sky, female and Earth, you realize the overall result of these things is in support of life and its continuation after this life. Right now, you have gone back and fetched confirmation of what you have been taught, and you are still not finished.
You are still back in the days where more of us understood the sources and process of understanding.
The more you understand, the less you fear, if you ever feared at all.

You realize more and more that it is not possible to increase in understanding and in fear. It is one or the other. You don't fear things moving through the Sky or falling towards Earth.
You continue to get more information, more understanding.
You see the diversity in the Sky, coming out of females, coming out of Earth and you know there is an interrelatedness to all of this.
You see the growth and development of things. You look at yourself and you know there are things going on inside you. You see the life cycle of humans, other animals, insects and plants. You observe more changes on Earth and in Sky.

You see water coming from the Sky, from your eyes and skin and from Earth.
You see so many more things happening which continues to bring certainty that all these repetitions are connected and occurring in layers.

You see the concentric circles in water and trees and you see colorful arcs in the Sky.
As the number of cycles you observe and experience increase, information begins to fit more and more and you get an even stronger sense that the understanding of all things is connected to understanding of self.

You keep observing and experiencing the smaller and larger and details and bigger picture of the repeated motions. You understand that what goes around comes around and you reap what you sow and if you make your bed hard, you have to lie in it.

You see the patterns of human behavior.
You see the tendency to take the prosperity of the given for granted. This leads away from the quest for understanding and towards the quest for more prosperity. However, due to moving away from what you've learned by observing, experiencing and questioning, momentum shifts towards disparity.

You extract and translate principles from all the patterns you have observed and experienced.
You see that as above, so below, as within, so without. Once again, right now, you have gone back and fetched confirmation of what you have been taught. And you are still not finished.
You have a lot of understandings, but due to the oneness of all, you simplify all into one: Know yourself.

And now here you are back in today's time. You know more about Earth, Sky and Universe.
Since the fundamental principles have not changed., you know there is a Universe within and without.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

African Plateau, Aquaria & Woman Thou Art Loosed
Unity Consciousness #701


The consistency of repeatable cycles and cause/effect allows us to predict broad events with reasonable certainty. Where there is repeatability there is pattern. Where there is pattern there is rhythm. Where rhythm is possible, you, the African, excel in the rhythm of math, astronomy, agriculture, language and all knowledge areas. The rhythm of thought is no different. You experience rhythm deeply. You think deeply. Once your natural self connects with the pattern of the rhythm, you can anticipate its moves and nuances. It has been this way in every Age and so it is with the rhythms of thought in the Aquarian Age.

Yes, Ecclesiastes, for every thing there is a season. Whatever is right now, is only for a season and is already, as always, in the process of change.

As the Aquarian star continues to move into position to rule Universal energy for approximately 26,000 years, many related cycles must also move into position. We know what to expect through recognition of repetition, pattern, rhythm.

Aqu(aria)/Aqu(arius) is from the word “aqua” – water. (See also agua and acquifer)

When Aquaria rules, water rules, the female rules significantly more than the male and so does the higher self.
Each year, when Earth and Aquaria correlate, rivers, streams, creeks and other bodies of water rise and nourish valleys and other lowlands in places where human dams and other activities have not changed the water flow or elevation. Hapi is both Aquaria/Aquarius and so is the Aquarian Age. Aquaria will be more prominent.
Ground water is being replenished. This foretells wellness for the African Plateau (the entire continent of Africa) because it is becoming freed from pockets of drought, dearth and famine, thus stress and strife. The African Continent is the mountain of continents. Africa is to other continents as a mountain is to its surrounding valleys. Africa is Ptah, the moundtain that rose out of the waters of Nun.
Out of water Creation begins and is renewed. Out of Africa, humans begin and are renewed from the Mountains of The Moon within the Moundtain. The three within one.

Seeds filled with genetic potential are sprouting in numerous dimensions. Mitochondria are generating more levels of energy. Knowledge is returning. Drink with all your abilities, all your senses. Eat from the field.
The water cycle is increasing in frequency and volume.
The Age of Aquaria/Aquarius means the Age of water in air and water in the area. It means more rain, more humidity and more moisture in the soil.
This foretells the return of abundance due to more water and warmth, thus the Aquarian Age will cause more areas of Earth to become more favorable for life for more months of the year. Deserts will become less desert-like. This, of course, has happened before so these things are nothing new under the Sun.

Water brought down the wicked witch and water will continue to bring down the Wizards at Odds with both Aquaria and legions who have pledged their allegiance to re-balancing the Ecosystem.
Logic momentum demands water to burst through dams like blood through blocked arteries to restore circulation of nutrients.

Though all Primordials are assisting, pay extra close attention to the changing Earth, Air and Sun.
The Aquarian Age is one of cleansing, purifying, healing, abundance and whatever is necessary to restore optimal health. It is the Age of reclaiming birthrights (Rights of Creation). In the 1800's, Africans worldwide began the process of reclaiming their African selves. This continued into the 1900's and continues now in the 21st century. The Universe is preparing the way and awaits reunion with the rhythm of our energy as we add momentum by seeking the greater portion of who we are.* Your rhythm has been held captive just like water behind dams. Rhythm's water potential is being released. As water rises higher broadly, you must seek its rhythm deeper wider. You must strive and study to get the full range of nutrition so the full range of your rhythm once again becomes as fluid and as powerful as water so you can again do all that water does.

Woman Thou Art Loosed

Upon wakening, “Woman Thou Art Loosed” flashed through my logic. It was a repeat message.
Two hours later, the words “Woman Thou Art Loosed” appeared across the computer screen as the movie by the same name began playing.
The higher self, which is your stronger nature, and also of the Aquarian Age, is changing the climate in favor of the optimal context for genetic potential.

Forgive yourself, “stay free and you're gonna make it!”

(UC#39),, (UC#116), (UC#141), (UC#371), (UC#372), (UC#406).

*“Are We Ready For The 21st Century,” Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Amen (Hidden) & Amenet (Revealed) Meanings
Unity Consciousness #700


Amen means hidden (not “so be it”). Amenet means revealed.
The existence of the hidden and revealed twin pairing is easily verifiable.
Some things you know. Some things you don't.
Some things you are aware of. Some things you are not.
Some things you didn't know you didn't know until you knew they existed.
Some things require lesser-used abilities and processes rather than the often used abilities and processes relied on for other things. If you do not, those things will not be revealed.

The hidden/revealed exist under other names such as submerged/emerged.

Understanding More About The Nature Of The Twin Power Relationship

Where there is one twin, there is always the potential and usually the presence of the other twin in the relationship. (That's why they are twins.)

The Creator, knowing the potential of the lower-self to destroy information, has provided ways to preserve and restore information. If not, how powerful or eternal could the Creator be?
The Ecosystem within and without are filled with multiple redundancies (backup plans).
Can't historical information be gleaned from different items in the Ecosystem to estimate dates and ecological events?
Can't blood be read?
This information is hidden to those who don't know it's there and/or don't know how to read it.
Just as the neutrino represents the Amen/Amenet dimensions of the neutron, so also are there hidden dimensions beyond, such as those beyond the conscious/subconscious and the revealed rainbow.

There are plenty of texts in the hands of lower-self led humans taken from Africa and Diasporan civilizations that thieves can't decipher at all or have not even begun to move towards the depth of understanding these records contain.

Just as some humans can't get to the deeper regions of oceans, Earth or outer space, neither can lower-self humans get to the deeper regions of self. Not on any level physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. There are hidden files all over the Universe and in your genetic library also.

Neither can these files be deciphered by the virus program logic installed in you through a culture of miseducation.
The information is hidden from the virus and hidden from you.
There is also a backup of your genetic information inside you, written in a different language than that currently taught as basic DNA/RNA.
This information is hidden and also read/write protected.
Most of this information will not be restored unless you are optimizing by calibrating to Ecosystem logic.
The information will still be there for potential restoration in your descendants.

What does all this mean?
It means the resilience in you and in the larger Ecosystem is due to the restorability of genetic information.
You contain spirit, mind and emotion genetics in addition to physical genetics. Most of these genetics are hidden from those to whom you entrust to delay you in finding your way home. This has a lot to do with why even your own genetics are hidden from you because you would be certain to use it based on the logic of the lower-self education you have been receiving.

It is the restorability/repairability of genetic information that is what “to cure, to heal” means.

So, do not despair. Health is on the way for humanity even if not for most of us here today.
What our Ancestors brought into existence on Earth, still exists, but is just hidden. This is true despite the enormous amount of information destroyed, corrupted and suppressed during this Dark Age stage. The Hall Of Records is intact.
This information will remain hidden from all the technology the lower-self deploys from satellites to listening devices to backhoes to archaeologists to Egyptologists to human genome projects to the googlers and stalkers and autobots and other seekers of the knowledge who seek not knowledge of self because much understanding cannot come while using the suboptimal context of the spirit of deception. Because the greater portion of what “understanding” means requires uniting essences, those lacking in Eco-sensibility are in a state of being that is not conducive to understanding because the process is aberrant and multiple catalyzing relationships are inactive such as photon, photein, carbon, chlorophyll and melanin. This severely limits the conversion of energy from one form to another, thus it limits understanding the essence of one thing just because it is in a different form (self is misunderstood as something different from all else). Thus most of the little bit of understanding gained becomes nontransferable, thus stagnant and remains fragmented which makes the organism and its creations unable to maintain viability in an ever-changing Ecosystem based on optimizing understandings.

More About the Hidden Aspect

Access to these hidden files of genetic records is possible as frequently previously discussed.
In keeping with the need incentive and the solving of the algebraic equation, access to some people will come when conditions are optimal.
Certain things are being revealed to all because the Ancestors continue to call.
This information is already flowing and being restored in various places all over climate changing Earth.
Of course this means the Primordials are primary messengers and carriers.

The seed membrane hides (covers, protects) what is inside until the combination lock is opened by the Primordials and the membrane is crossed. So it is with dimensions of understanding, including the hidden dimension and revealed dimension.

The key to unlock access to what is hidden is revealed over the entryway.

Great Golden Age | Poem, Unity Consciousness #683

Friday, May 13, 2016

Where Genetic Library Information Comes From
Unity Consciousness #699


The Same Answer 3 Ways

Short Answer: Media.
Long Answer: Everywhere in the Universe

Much Longer Answer: Just as every piece of information on the internet is a logic entry, so also every piece of information in the Universe is a logic entry in the Universal Genetic Library of The Spirit Web.
Media is the medium both the higher-self and lower-self spirit use to express genetic potential.
Everything in a society or civilization provides instructions on how to operate.
Any and all places where we encounter information, in any form, using any of our sensing abilities is media that is part of the genetic library of the Universe.

Follow the links to reach behind the thinking of the logic you are encountering, so you can reach understandings.

Life is a take-home test.
The answers are in the genetic library of self and all else accessible over the Spirit Web that is free to all, costing only personal collective responsibility.

In this manner, we answer our prayers.

Ask The Universe: Your Entire Genetic Library
Unity Consciousness #698


In the same way the internet is not just in one place, but a person in one place can access many places over the internet, so also your genetic library is not just in one place within you or is not just inside you.
Because you are spirit and interconnected with the Ecosystem and because you are becoming one with the Creator, you can connect to other genetic libraries in the Universe.
This connection takes places wirelessly spiritually over the Spirit Web of The Great Spider.

Your connection to the Spirit Web is “always on” because spirit is always alive.
The strength of your connection to the Spirit Web depends on how optimal you have become, I.e, calibrated to the Ecosystem logic your spirit is trying to upload information to and download information from.

You must be in search mode to get the most out of the Spirit Web of genetic information.
In other words, you must ask the Universe. (Cardinal Principle #5)

If the Creator has all the answers, shouldn't you have a lot of questions?

If the Creator of the Universe understands more than you, then who should you turn to for understanding?

As alluded to in the previous message, because there is an enormous amount of information in your genetic library and in the Spirit Web, you must hone your search skills to help you refine and filter results.
In other words, the first thing that comes to mind is not always the best result possible.
No result or no answer you get from your genetic library or the Spirit Web contains all the understanding you need on a particular topic.

Know Truth | A Child's Way To Grow, No Doubt About It

Be certain to understand, that because you are connected to the Universe, both the higher and lower spirits of self and all else are putting information on the Spirit Web and in you.

Your genetic library (your database of logic) already contains both higher spiritual logic and lower spiritual logic – higher thinking and lower thinking.

You ask the Universe because you are the Creator and are simply asking yourself questions and providing responses in order to help yourself understand. Keep asking.

Silver Spoons, Libra & Digging Your Genetic Library
Unity Consciousness #697


Your genetics are a library – a storehouse of information accumulated over many years. The accumulation of the information in your genetics started long before you were created into this dimension through the Heaven of the female womb. This information includes logic entries your Ancestors possessed. Your genetics are your inheritance passed on to you.

What The Word Library Means

I suspect it comes from the word Libra because Libra means balance. (1)
Your genetic library is a place of balance because it contains enough information to restore your logic to balance.
Your genetic library contains information that calibrates you to think in sync with Ecosystem logic.

Maturing in understandings helps you recalibrate more and more which allows more and more access to your genetic library. (UC#696)

Keep Revisiting & Researching Your Genetic Library

You already do anyway. That's how you are able to function and do anything and everything you do.
You just need to become aware that there's a lot more in your library than what you put in there and more than what has taken place since your were 'born” and more than what has taken place in the past 6,000 years or 20,000 years.
Your genetic library goes way back.

You must ask yourself questions so your spirit energy can start searching the records stored inside you. Ask and keep asking by posing the same question in different ways and from different perspectives.

As you continue with this process of getting nutrition from understanding and as you get more nutrition physically and as you recalibrate, you will be adding momentum to the process of becoming one with the Creator. You will be working out your salvation. You will begin to experience different levels of awareness and ways of knowing, thus creating the conditions for a special holdings section to be added to your genetic library.

You must search your genetic library with no less the fervency of those digging for resources to sell to you. You have something far better than gold and diamonds and oil and so on.
You have information in your genetics that is deep below the surface genetics you are currently using. This information helps you put your genetic potential to its highest use.
Be certain to understand how your mind and genetic library works.
Because your mind has been relying on the same logic entries, when you ask questions, these often relied upon logic entries will come up first in your search results. Dig deeper.
Why do you need to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth when you are born with a genetic library throughout?
(1) Jackson, John G., “Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization: A Critical Review of the Evidence of Archaeology, Anthropology, History and Comparative Religion: According to the Most Reliable Sources and Authorities ,” (1939).

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Help Yourself Recalibrate Your Genetics With Nutrition
Unity Consciousness #696


Your genetics are ready and willing to respond to all forms of nutrition. This is because your genetics are made of nutrition. Nutrition is simply the replacement parts for your genetics and other components. Nutrition automatically takes care of updates, upgrades and recalls. Nutrition allows you to repair and restore your genetic instructions and other components with original material, information and instructions.

Don't be one of those people whose genetic-based logic tells you, your genetics can't change. This is far from reality because it doesn't match the fact that the Ecosystem is ever-changing. The genetics of the ecosystem and your genetics are from the same Creator who designed you to change your genetics. The fact that you have at least changed physically is evidence that your genetics can change. Any time you take in information, your genetics change. Change is one of the primary, premier abilities of genetics.

If you just focus on physical nutrition, your logic will begin to recalibrate and improve. This improvement will begin to offset emotional imbalance which will allow the mind to receive instruction rather than have emotion block the information out or kick the information out.
All forms of nutrition are needed but you can still help yourself recalibrate by starting with physical nutrition.

Recalibrate Logic Of One & Many

This concept has been discussed numerous times.
You are One person made of Many parts. Each separate part of you is you just as much as all the parts together are you.
In the same way, the Creator is One separated into Many. You are part of the Many and you are the Creator even though you are a part.

Isn't your arm or your leg or your finger or your eye still you?
Even though your arm is not connected to your toe to your ear lobe to your stomach, they are all still connected and part of the same body. Even though everything in the Universe is not physically touching each other, we are still connected to the same body of the Creator. Everything in the human body is connected by systems and networks. Same is true of the larger Universe – the body of the Creator.
We are only separated by degrees of understanding

Before you reached this point in your spiritual journey, you lived in harmony in Oneness as part of the unseparated Creator.
Even though you are now part of the Many, your genetics contain the memory of living in harmony in an Ecosystem.
Nutrition will help repair, restore and connect your logic so you can remember.

As you get more and more nutrition of all types, your memory will return. It will slowly, but surely ooze into your awareness the way the Sun moves across the Sky, the way seasons change, the way a plant moves from seed to seed and the way you have physically changed.

Nutrition helps you recalibrate to harmony. You can sense the logic of harmony. Of course you can because it resonates with your deeper genetics.
No healthy person can live in the societies we live in and have the sense that the way we are living is right or harmonious or progress or the best we can do.

The only way a person can think like this is if the person's logic is calibrated to disharmony.

Start recalibrating with physical nutrition only, but you will improve your recalibration if you also get emotional, mental and spiritual nutrition.

The Creator is all-powerful and knew enough from the start to create you and everything else in Creation. Why would the Creator put humans here without instructions? All other creations seem to know what to do.
You and I have instructions just like all other creations - in our genetics. Genetics are data and instructions.
That's how the first humans figured it out without all the books and stuff that exist today.
You don't need books.
You need genetics.
You need to recalibrate your genetics.
You cannot recalibrate your genetics without nutrition.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why Recalibrate Your Genetics? | Definition
Unity Consciousness #695


Definition Of Recalibration

To calibrate is to match settings of one thing to another thing. Tuning a piano to a tuning fork is calibration.
Calibration allows you to operate and function in sync, in tune, in rhythm, in motion and in time with universal instructions.
Recalibration is simply rematching and resetting the logic of self to the logic of all else – same as optimizing.

To recalibrate is to reach back to your natural self.
This reaching back and fetching of your natural self is Sankofa.

Recalibration is necessary due to miseducation, incomplete information, new understandings and because the ecosystem is ever-changing.

You are always recalibrating whether you are trying to or not. You are recalibrating because, as everyone and everything else is changing around you, portions of you will automatically recalibrate anyway.
You automatically recalibrate in response to changes in others, changes in other things, changes in the society and changes in the ecosystem. Some portion of you automatically adapts, adjusts or mutates. All of this is recalibration.

Other types of recalibrating processes are: growing, learning, maturing, developing, improving, evolving, stagnating, compromising, becoming one...
Recalibrating is an ongoing process – same as optimizing.
In each of these processes, the question becomes, “What are you recalibrating to?”

One of the answers is: When you learn from societies, you are recalibrating to the suboptimal culture context and when you learn from civilizations, you are recalibrating to the optimal culture context.

What Is Being Recalibrated?

DNA and RNA are being reconfigured. The data and/or instructions in DNA and RNA is being changed.

This clearly explains the reason you must calibrate to Ecosystem logic.
The particles, elements and atoms inside you, in your Universe, are the same as in those outside you. Both the Universe inside you and the Universe outside of you function based on the same natural laws. You must be calibrated to the Ecosystem – not just physically, but in your understandings on how to operate, function and behave as a participant in an Ecosystem. In other words since you are made of the same stuff as is in the larger Universe and are subject to the same laws, doesn't it seem right that you must work together with these systems and in order to do so you must be calibrated to the same logic?

You are in the midst of a continuous spiritual journey. Recalibration is necessary in order to get back to the destination of your destiny.
Who goes on a long journey without checking bearings, headings, settings and directions frequently to ensure they are still on track?
A conscientious traveler also checks their instruments and other tools to make sure they are working properly and appropriate for the journey.

Born Again Genetics

Recalibrating is about being born again because Ecosystem logic renews you. It restores your logic to what it was when you entered this dimension. You looked to the world around you for understandings, starting with your own body. You asked why until what you were told matched what you were experiencing.

Do you ever wonder how all other creatures on Earth are able to know how to function without any “books?”

Most people will say those creatures know how to function based on “instincts.”
Guess what?
Instincts are genetics.
And you have already noticed how all other organisms are constantly changing based on the Ecosystem.
They are recalibrating.

Checking Logic Entries For Consistency & Congruence
Unity Consciousness #694


This article is a message. It is a blog post. It is a weblog post. It is a log entry. It is a logic entry. It is information to enter into logic, short-term or long-term.* The log entry abbreviated as UC#692 is used to illustrate how much information is in your logic that you use to quickly make a single final decision. It illustrates that every decision is made of multiple decisions and definitions and contexts and presuppositions. Most of us are aware of the summary steps in our thought process but not the sub-steps that make up the summary steps. This then also means we are unaware of all the information we are relying on in those sub-steps.

Cardinal Principle #9 reminds us to check ourselves for internal congruence between our intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions. This ability requires us to stay in touch with our heartfelt feelings and bring them to conscious awareness.(Principle #9)

Writing out the steps used to reach a decision can be helpful in identifying errors in the process and helpful in identifying places where more information is needed. It is a study tool. A schema.
This is similar to the thought process definition and example.
I have thousands of pages of logic entries written down but have not published on the internet. These logic entries are drafts, notes and works-in-progress for study and reference. All of them, no matter what they contain, are very useful.
All of us have thousands of such log entries in our brains and in every cell in our bodies that is information in draft form and notes and thoughts-in-progress of further development.
Some of us mistake these log entries as the final conclusion for all time or as useless information. Trust me, if there is information anywhere in your logic, it is being used.
No log entry is supposed to be the final entry on the subject or the absolute final conclusion not subject to revision. (See “Example-Based Definitions | Open-minded, Closed-Minded”)

All information in logic must be subject to revision otherwise we defeat the purpose of learning, growing, maturing.

This logic entry and those specifically referenced in this logic entry are designed to help you understand more how your mind works.

Let us be certain to understand that every message on this blog is a logic entry. This one is just more of an unedited, behind the scenes look.
Every piece of information on the internet is a logic entry.
Every piece of information you get from all forms of media is a logic entry.
Everything stored in your genetic library is a logic entry.

Reasons Inconsistency Exists And Negligence Assists, Unity Consciousness #483
Definition, Extension & Expansion Of Evolution's Process, Unity Consciousness #566
Sports/Life Connections & Corrections: Living Staying In The Moment, Unity Consciousness #567
Are You A Human Making Progress In This World?, Unity Consciousness #575
Context Conundrums: It's Not Who You Know, It's What You Know, Unity Consciousness #580
Types of Questions: Who Am I? & What Is This?, Unity Consciousness #581
Seeking, Doing & Understanding What Is Certain, Unity Consciousness #583

As an Initiate, you will find you already have a lot of understanding but it's just not connected and/or is in the wrong order and/or is incomplete just enough to throw off the entire thought process. You will find yourself making more adjustments and revisions rather than overhauls because understandings already possessed are very useful.

*Log entries go all at once into the same place that has many names (brain, computer, CPU, memory, hard drive, genetics, DNA, RNA, store, storage, safe-keeping, logic, reasoning, library)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We Live & Exist In the Body Of The Creator
Unity Consciousness #693


Particles live in the atomic body.
Atoms live in the cellular body.
Cells live in the human body.
Humans live in Earth's body.
Earth lives in the Solar System body.
The Solar System lives in the Galaxy body.
The Galaxy lives in the Universe body.
The Universe is the Creator's body.

Everything in the Universe lives and exists in the body of the Creator.
We are inside the body of the Creator as surely as there is a Universe of varied life inside us.

The spirit and matter we consist of, before it was us, it was part of the body of the Creator.
If we are not inside the Creator, then there must a place outside of the Creator.

If there is a place outside of the Creator that contains us and the Creator, then that place is larger than the Creator and is able to support our life and the Creator's life. The Creator and Creation would be two separate things. This is unlikely to be the case.

Reconciling Understanding Of All-Knowing Omniscient
Unity Consciousness #692


This is mostly a rough draft to update and reconcile understandings with “Omniscient & All-Knowing Creator, UC#420.”

Cardinal Principle #7 states:
“Belief that there is an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Creative Life Force, whose nature is love, the source of all good, means everything must be in Divine Order.”

Since we know the lower-self is what we call “evil,” then all the workings of the lower-self is in Divine Order. All evil and hatred is in Divine Order. All the workings of societies are in Divine Order, including all manipulations, discriminations and violations of the Rights of Creation.

Can the presence and allowance of pain and suffering be Divine and the Creator also be all-knowing (omniscient)?
Does everything being in Divine Order mean the Creator is all-knowing, all the time, in every way, about everything?

If The Creator Is All-Knowing

1. Free-will could be an illusion.
An all-knowing Creator would know my choices, thoughts and actions before, during and after I knew them and carried them out. This same Creator would know everyone's choices and actions before, during and after happening. This same Creator would know all the actions of everything in Creation. Knowing all this, the Creator would know everything that was going to happen in advance, during and after. This would be complete perfect understanding. There would be nothing the Creator did not understand under any circumstance at any time. The Creator would understand all possible combinations of genetic potential and their influences on all other possible combinations. The Creator would understand all scenarios over all generations of every species and all their interactions. Because the Creator is both all-powerful and all-knowing, the Creator would only have to imagine Creation in the mind before actually creating Creation. Yet, this same Creator has created Creation knowing all this 'evil' would happen. This does not seem to leave much room for free-will because the Creator was the one who created all my potential and created all the conditions that influenced my choice. The Creator knew everything I would do. A Creator who knows everything, sets everything up and passes out all the abilities has left me with no choice. I become an actor in a play. If the Creator changed the conditions, I would change my choice because the combination of influences I encounter would be different. All this means my choice is guaranteed based on a given set and combination of conditions that have played themselves out up to the moment of “every choice,” thus guaranteeing specific choices and guaranteeing free-will is an illusion.

2. If the Creator has all ability and still creates Creation with the conditions that exist in the Universe, then the degree and duration of imbalance in the world must be necessary in order to create the optimal conditions for the Creator to stay alive.

3. If the Creator has this kind of ability, then why not create the conditions for lasting perfection without need for cycles and degrees of imperfection? Perhaps the Creator is not the only Creator. Perhaps the Creator is not the Supreme Creator. Once good and evil have been experienced and known, why is there a need for this cycle to repeat? Must there always be constant reminders of evil? Must the lower-self always exist? Even an evolved Creator who has new genetic potential should be able to foresee and understand the outcomes of multiple iterations of Creation, each having new levels of genetic potential.

4. If the Creator is all-everything (all-powerful (omnipotent), all-seeing (omnivision), all-present (omnipresent) and all-knowing (omniscient), then it seems unlikely the Creator is subject to the influences of another Creator. This then means an all-everything Creator should be able to create perfection and have it remain perfect for eternity without the need for cycles of imperfection. An all-everything Creator should be able to imagine and visualize Creation scenarios and gain understanding without actually having to create Creation and have Creation go through the joy and pain.

5. If free-will is an illusion, then predetermination and predestination become more the reality. Sin and responsibility become questionable.

6. If the Creator is all-knowing there is no need to ask in prayer or for the Creator to answer. What is going to happen is going to happen and the Creator already knows it, thus has either already answered my prayer or decided whether or not it will be answered before I ask.

If The Creator Is Not All-Knowing

7. I am presupposing: (a) A key to understanding the Creator is to know self. (b)The purpose of Creation is to provide understanding to the Creator, so the Creator is also trying to know self. (c) The process of knowing self involves solving problems of understanding, which until solved, favors the lower-self use of genetic potential, (d) I am the Creator having a divine experience. (e) As above, so below.

8. Cardinal Principle #8 states, “Life is about lessons leading to the achievement of a greater and higher good.” If what I'm learning leads to a greater good, then the Creator must not know what I'm learning until I learn it. The Creator must need me to learn in order to contribute to the greater good. An all-knowing Creator would understand enough to create a greater good without having to wait on me.

9. If I am the Creator and I don't know then the Creator is not all-knowing.

10. If humans below need to learn, the Creator above needs to know.

11. The Creator needs Creation in order to understand self. If not, what is the purpose of Creation if the Creator already knows everything that will ever happen?


(a) It is more likely the Creator is not all-knowing all the time, in every way, about everything.
(b) The Creator is all-knowing in terms of the genetic potential for things to happen.
(c) The Creator is not all-knowing in terms of the whos, whats, wheres, whens and hows of how things will play out.
(d) In other words, the Creator is all-knowing in terms of the potential energy of spirit but is not all-knowing when it becomes kinetic energy of spirit. The Creator does not know in advance all the ways in which spirit in motion in countless combinations and interactions will manifest itself. Thus the Creator does not know what everything in Creation is going to do. This leaves free-will and responsibility intact. It makes predetermination and predestination less immediately likely in the short-term portion of our journey. Since we are destined to return to oneness with the Creator this portion of predetermination and predestination remains intact.
(e) The Creator is not all-knowing in advance but is all-knowing after things have happened because spirit is everywhere and in all things.

(f) The Creator is not all-knowing as things happen because just as it takes time for portions of the body to become aware of a virus in the body, it takes time for an event in the Universe to travel through the notification network and register across all dimensions. This understanding is reached in conjunction with understandings from the “Wheel Of Heaven” that states it takes time for spiritual energy to move between the Above and the Below.

(g) The all-knowing ability of the Creator does improve as more events take place and more understanding is gained.
The Creator is able to calculate probabilities and narrow down the whos, whats, wheres, whens and hows. Thus, as spirit moves the Creator is able to calculate probabilities with more precision and less uncertainty and able to predict the outcome of influences. This also allows the Creator to make adjustments “on the fly” as necessary without throwing off the momentum towards optimization.

(h) If there is a difference between knowing and understanding, then it is possible for the Creator to be all-knowing but not all-understanding. This would change some of the above and more information would be needed.

Do Not Fear “Evil” Genius
Unity Consciousness #691


(Part 3 of 3)

First of all, every person has genius* and the potential for “evil.”
Every person can be an “evil” genius, by choice.

“Evil” is simply another word for the workings of the lower-self.

Some think the workings of the lower-self deserves praise. Some feel overwhelmed and afraid of the lower-self. Some have more understanding of the lower-self's ways.

We've all seen video of huge schools of fish or flocks of birds that are able to move together and change directions instantaneously without bumping into each other all while being artistic and rhythmic about it, even when under attack by predators.
These are examples of optimizing Ecosystem logic.
This is the genius of the higher-self - “good” genius.
This is mind-boggingly impressive, much more so than “evil” genius.

You have the genetic potential for both “evil” and “good” genius in you. Do not be afraid of either one.

*Genius is the same thing as genetic potential.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Do Not Fear Darkness
Corrupted Logic Leads To Culture Of Deception & Corruption
Unity Consciousness #690


(Part 2 of 3)

Collective deception (misunderstanding) is used to hold societies together.
Where deception is the norm, there is a natural tendency for truth to emerge out of the experiences of self and the society. The individual and the collective must continue to work together to keep truth submerged in both places.

Collective understanding is used to hold civilizations together.
Where understanding is the norm, there is a natural tendency for deception to emerge out of the experiences of self and the civilization. The collective must continue to work together to resolve deception in both places.

Sooner or later, no matter what, the buildup of momentum and power of that which seeks any and every way to get through, will find a way to get through and stay.

In other words, deception is the glue of societies. If deception is not constantly practiced in societies, truth will quickly break through and takeover the norm.
Perfecting is the glue of civilizations. If perfecting is not constantly practiced in civilizations, deception will quickly break through and takeover the norm.

Every person and every collective must operate based on some sense of knowledge of self. Culture provides it. The problem is, societies do not seek knowledge of self. They cannot provide an accurate sense of self. As a result, societies and their citizens regress further into a Dark Age from the dark stage on which the society's principles were laid.
Societies have a much shorter lifespan than civilizations.

Darkness is the absence of blackness. because light comes from black elements. The way out of darkness is through blackness into the light. Every human Dark Age has ended this way. Know your history.

Do not fear darkness because the core of your genetic potential is just like the core of the Sun. It is blackness. Your genetics have the power to produce light in multiple dimensions.
Children of Nun, Ptah, Atum and the Sun, understand your carbon, chlorophyll and melanin.

Truth Will Be Found, Told, Known And Lived
If it is possible for the lower-self to use the genetic potential of logic to get people to believe lies, how much more so then, is it possible for the higher-self to use the genetic potential of logic to help people know truths?
“Have faith in the ability of the Higher Power to teach the truth.” (Cardinal Principles #5-7)

Do Not Fear Societal Power
Corrupted Logic Leads To Culture Of Deception & Corruption
Unity Consciousness #689


(Part 1 of 3)

Do not fear societal power.
Societal power is the power of the lower-self - a corrupt use of power.
Societal power is based on corrupted logic.
Because the logic that forms societies is a corrupt, deceptive logic, everything societies try to create will also be corrupt and deceptive. The education system and food system are examples.

Corrupted data and programs in a computer causes a computer to further damage itself. If this is not fixed, damage will continue until the computer is not very useful and breaks down totally, unless repaired (corrected to the motherboard, operating system and original settings).
In the same way, corrupted information, which fuels logic, can cause information to be destroyed and discarded until the person is no longer able to function as intended.

Corrupted data is corrupted logic is the same thing as self-deception.

Do not fear societal power.
Do not fear its majority, its nonstop number nonsense, its currency, its technology, its institutions...

These things had to appear powerful in your logic, so you could pledge your allegiance.
These things had to appear powerful to take over your memory of the power of civilizations, the power of ecosystems, the power of your genetic potential and the power of every one of your decisions.

Societal power had to loom large in logic, so as societies move from stumbling to crumbling to falling once and for all, you will again know which power is powerful. This Dark Age experience will be stored in the deeper portions of your logic so when inklings of societies attempting to rise again in the distant future, you will be less likely to be logically corrupted. You will fix the problem quickly.

There has long been sufficient evidence, but some people need more. It's happening as we speak.

Societies are designed to break things, not fix things.
The thinking that formed societies and all of their major institutions cannot be the thinking that will fix the imbalance created by societies. Among those in the United Nations, I'm not sure if there is one civilization in the whole bunch.
Societies, due to the nature of their construction, stake their legacy on absolutely no not ever we're too clever for self-correction. Societies make their living on the same logical basis.

Problem resolution is toxic to societies. Imagine if a computer rejected an error-correction program.
Problems will mount and accumulate momentum.
In response, societies create another layer of deception – calling it protection. Such as privacy laws when invasion of privacy is critical to national insecurity and identity theft continues to pick up steam from its origin when Greeks and Romans stole the legacy of their kinfolk in Kemet. The Hebrew, Christian, Islamic bible came out of this corruption of logic.

Do not fear societal power. Just be aware of it and get out of its way by getting in the way of your collective power.

Societal power, because it is ill-logically advised, is its own demise (the computer will crash).

Extra Strength & Power Given To The People
Unity Consciousness #688


If the previous 1,100+ messages have not significantly repaired broken links, missing information and corrupted logic in your thought processes, perhaps this message will cross the tipping point.

A portion of higher-self and genetic potential is more powerful than a larger portion of lower-self and genetic potential.
This extra strength and power is given to the people.

Where Extra Strength Comes From

When the higher self, Ecosystem logic and genetic potential are aligned, power is enhanced.

When it comes to properly aligned and combined energies, one plus one does not equal two. It equals more than two. Energies in harmony increase exponentially and are magnified in strength.

We know this is true from the basic example of a seed planted in fertile soil versus a seed planted in infertile soil.

An optimal context is fertile soil. A suboptimal context lacks all essential nutrients needed to get the collective best out of the seed – that's we the people and we all of Creation.

Higher-self use of genetic potential returns the same via universal karma. This strengthens the higher-self and enhances potential.
Lower-self use of genetic potential returns the same via universal karma. This weakens the lower-self and diminishes potential.

Further Combined Understanding Of This Message And UC#687

The fact that extra strength and power is given to the people is why small higher-self collectives are always attacked by much larger lower-self collectives (MOVE and Black Panthers for example). The lower-self envies and fears the higher-self for what it is capable of doing. This is history in a nutshell.
This is why a person following the lower-self will never come up against a person in their natural higher-self right African Universal mind, in a one-on-one situation. The lower-self always needs deception/manipulation and other lower-self conspirators to take out one such person.

Higher-self use of genetic potential compared to the lower-self is not only extra strength and power, it is super-strength and superpower, relatively speaking, when you put the two side by side up against each other.

From this then we have an even more foundational basis to understand why people following the lower-self absolutely and completely fear those who follow the higher-self. It exposes their weaknesses. It even exposes their weakness through their illusion of intelligence, superiority, strength and power. This then, makes them angry because despite all they do, they can't do anything about it. This is so because they are unwilling to get higher-educated to changeover to the higher-self.

So finally now, we have connected our understanding of what has been and still is taking place in the world for at least 2,000 years.
In order for the lower-self to maintain its position of power over the people, it has one main priority:
Pass on self-deception to the people.
This is the number one priority of the lower-self. The lower-self must keep you from understanding the higher self enough to use your free will to choose the higher-self.* This keeps you from the optimal context. This then keeps you from continuous maturing in understanding self. This then keeps you from maturing in understanding of all else. This then keeps you from optimizing your genetic potential. This then keeps you from functioning as an ecosystem collective. This then keeps you divided and defeated on multiple levels. This then keeps you fighting to move higher using lower-self terms and lower-self strength. We will always lose this way.

This is what the lower-self calls culture. Ancestor John Henrik Clarke called it the colonizing of information.

Lower-self culture and the information it feeds you is what is in your logic and is keeping you from your extra strength and power.

I Didn't Know My Own Strength, sung by Whitney Houston

Something Inside So Strong as sung by Lira (originally written and sung by Labi Siffre)

*Bibles and other holy books present a less than accurate version of the higher-self, thus a diversion from the perfecting of self.

Higher-Self Genetic Potential Is More Powerful
Unity Consciousness #687


See, Remove Stumbling Blocks, Forgive Yourself, Unity Consciousness #686

Higher-Self Use Of Genetic Potential Is Larger

“There is more higher spiritual nature in you and in the Universe than there is lower spiritual nature.” (Women, Females & Girls World History)

Higher-Self Use Of Genetic Potential Is More Powerful

First of all, both the higher-self and the lower-self make use of the exact same genetic potential.
The difference is how the genetic potential is used.

The higher-self self uses an optimal context and optimizing process to optimize genetic potential in all areas.
The lower-self uses a suboptimal context and suboptimizing process to maximize genetic potential in some areas.

As a result, the higher-self is working with the Ecosystem of self and all else while the lower-self is working against the Ecosystem of self and all else.

As a result, lower-self use of genetic potential is always less than what is possible – much less, because a suboptimal approach drains resources because the suboptimal approach lacks both the conscience and consciousness to be Ecosystem efficient.
The reason higher-self use of genetic potential is more powerful is because there is more power in the optimal approach because it allows the fullness of genetic potential to come through.

So despite all the workings of the lower-self in this world, even at its very best, lower-self use of genetic potential is still not as powerful as higher-self use of the same genetic potential. The difference in the spiritual war between higher and lower self among humans is that (1) more humans have chosen the lower-self and (2) are following the suboptimal context and (3) those who have chosen the higher-self have not yet matured enough in understanding.
This combination of factors is currently tilted towards the lower-self – but momentum has shifted and this is changing.

Even so, because the portion of the higher-self in the rest of the Universe, that is not within humans, is larger and more powerful, that higher power will re-balance the human lower-self if the human higher-self does not. It is this non-human portion of the higher-self that is powering climate change.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Remove Stumbling Blocks, Forgive Yourself
Unity Consciousness #686


One of the biggest stumbling blocks to greatness is a focus on the smaller, less powerful amount of genetic potential.
Despite all that the lower-self has manifest in the world to sicken it, there is more higher spiritual nature in you and in the Universe than there is lower spiritual nature.

The best you can do in this life is to choose the higher spiritual nature to guide you as you use your genetic potential.
You can also increase understanding of self.

You can do these two things at any point of any day.*
You can change direction or change momentum in the same direction.
You can do this despite the impact the decisions of others have had on your life.
But before you even begin to consider the impact of others you must do something about the impact you have on yourself.
At this point in your spiritual journey, it's time to forgive yourself.

Forgive Yourself by Inna Modja

Up Against The Wind by Lori Perry

Soul in Mind by Lira

To not forgive yourself is to allow the impact of a decision to continue having impact which is the same as making the same mistake over and over and over.

When you forgive yourself you release the resilience of your genetic potential.
Your genetic potential to make adjustments and corrections is greater than your potential to make mistakes because self-correction comes from the power of the higher spiritual nature of self – the source of the larger, more powerful love.

The Creator created this world and created the lower-self. The Creator is doing something about this stumbling block. You have the same Creator-given spiritual potential to forgive yourself and remove stumbling blocks so you can gain access to your higher larger greatness.

*In other words, you can be the worst of the worst and still become your best by using the basis of your genetic potential, your choice of which spirit to follow and continuous improvement in understandings.

I Didn't Know My Own Strength, sung by Whitney Houston

Something Inside So Strong as sung by Lira (originally written and sung by Labi Siffre)