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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Believe In You! So What?
Unity Consciousness #222


No matter how much I believe in you, that belief is my belief, not yours.

You can accomplish anything you intend, with or without another person's belief but you cannot accomplish what you intend without belief in yourself.

Without belief in yourself, you can only accomplish what you do not intend. The kind of belief I'm talking about comes through knowing yourself. This belief is more certain than a false sense of self-esteem that comes merely from making self-affirming statements. It takes ongoing process and effort to get to know yourself just as it does to get to know someone else. How must harder should you work at this? How much more attention should you give to developing an understanding of yourself that all other relationships hinge upon?

Beliefs should serve as cocoons where the process of understanding takes place allowing you to mature into your higher self.

Place your greatest beliefs to the greatest test because what you fiercely hold to determines your worst and best, your highest and lowest.

A Stronger Group Of People's Spiritual Force
Unity Consciousness #221


Double the number of people and it more than doubles the amount of effort it takes to break them.

Yet, do not be deceived by merely coming together and working together. Even a group of people can be broken at their weakest point.

So it is also with each person.

Each person must continuously strengthen in order to ensure a stronger group of people. If not, strength seeps away. This is never fully noticed until an opposing force finds its weakest point.

That force is always spiritual in nature. This is so because the universe is a spiritual place full of spiritual force.

Spirit Is The Only Force

There is One Spirit with two main dimensions, the Higher Spirit and the Lower Spirit. The Higher Spirit is the stronger greater force, the Lower Spirit is the weaker lesser force.

Every use of force (power) comes from either the Higher Spirit or the Lower Spirit. Once we understand this, then we can direct our focus (force) towards our strength which simultaneously aims this same force at the enemy's weakest point.

I'll say it another way. The enemy's weakest point is the Lower Spirit it gets its power from. Our strength is the Higher Spirit. The Higher Spirit is one of abundance. The Lower Spirit is one of shortage and deficit.

As a result, a good action is greater than an equal bad action because the inherent spiritual force of good is stronger than the inherent spiritual force of bad. Most decisions are about deciding which of our spiritual forces to apply.

Our strength is the Higher Spiritual Force we already have as a resource in every cell and in every atom within and without. We must strengthen our understanding of this spiritual aspect of self in order to know how to unify it within self and combine it with others. Once we humans who are on the side of the Higher Spirit, combine as a group and with other beings, we weaken the Lower Spirit operating in the world. This happens immediately because the Lower Spirit needs us to separate into numerous groups against each other while in the meantime this “evil” spirit works together against all of us. Divide and conquer started in the heavens and is a spiritual strategy.

Once we focus our Higher Spiritual Force above any other human grouping, we play to our strength. By this means we raise humanity and all creation higher.

Different Dimension Of Disaster Coming To America
Unity Consciousness #220


There's only so much universal karma that can accumulate before pressure breaks.
Universal karma alarms have been sounding for thousands of years. Emergency response teams have been traveling from deeper regions of the universe. What seems like a long time has not been.

Meanwhile, America and fiends keep doubling down and redoubling down, spewing pain and suffering. The alarm has been upgraded. What will be assistance on the universal level will be viewed by many as disaster on Earth, especially that which is coming to America.

America is going to suffer a major natural disaster because the Pharaohs of public policies and practices have further hardened their hearts in the assault against creation.

The body can only take so much for so long; therefore, this must be so in order to spiritually physically push back.
A false sense of security always breeds feelings of invincibility which leads to catastrophe.
Whether highs or lows, everything is always coming soon to a dimension near you. Disaster assistance is no different.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Defining Fundamental Sickness, Health & Evolution
Unity Consciousness #219


Sickness Fundamentals

In general, sickness occurs when the nutrition/toxin balance is lost. Weakness develops into sickness. Once the nutrition/toxin balance is regained, strength develops into health.

In other words, though the goal is health, the process is through strength and the focus is the nutrition/toxin balance.

Though sickness goes by many names, the different names are all dimensions of the same thing.

Some additional names for sickness are malady, plague, darkness, crime, poverty, depression, insecurity, domination, bullying, psychopathy, sociopathy, fear, stupidity, cultural illiteracy, homelessness, miseducation and consciousness-lessness. This list also includes all the effects of a suboptimal worldview, lingering problems and dysfunctions of every aspect of self.

The Habits Of Health & Sickness

When sick, the sickness and source must be identified and cleaned out. There must be nutrition and rest all the while for spirit, mind, emotion and body.

Healthy cells do not take instruction from sick cells, not if they want to remain healthy. Sick cells who sense the healthy calling of the Ancestors, listen to them and stop listening to sick cells, that is, if they want to be healthy again.

Mutations are the cause of complications; therefore, they are not the solution out of a difficult situation.

Sickness has no allegiances, only temporary alliances.

Evolving Into Deeper Understanding

Sickness can't stand health and health can't allow sickness to stand for long.

The Spirit of the Higher Self, which is the Spirit of Health, has a natural desire to be healthy and evolve. When it can't, due to sickness, it has to follow an alternate process and become revolutionary first, in order to remove sickness, and then develop strength into health. Thus, once health is achieved again and maintained, the next natural outlet for desire and the buildup of nutrition energy is evolution.

This is why the Spirit of Sickness, the lower self, is always in attack mode and scared to death of death. If sickness were to ease up, strength would naturally build and health would return quickly due to the dominant tendencies of the higher self.

For world events, this explains what has happened, is happening and will happen.

Media Manipulation Of Humanity In Baltimore, MD
Unity Consciousness #218


The same insane game plays on in Baltimore. With every passing second the global system incites riots and either ignores it altogether or calls it by other names such as education and values. Psychological war rages everyday in every way. Here are just a few reminders.

Freddie Gray was murdered by a gang of thugs.

The NAACP is bought and paid for by Whites & half-Whites and was established by them.

There are plenty of Black-skinned people who have deeply lost their way and will say and do treacherous things to assist those who are working against humanity.

Dr. Phil should never be listened to again.

The media continues to paint pictures they would not paint if Freddie Gray was White. We know this with billions of proofs.

None of the media approaches being used regarding Baltimore, MD; Ferguson, MO; Florida, etc. are used when it comes to Whites.

Remember, our master teachers tell us, that the events of others are always painted differently even when identical.

Never expect to get fair treatment from institutions dedicated to, operated by and designed by an unfair terrorizing system.

Do not allow brief moments of truth/good to obscure the constant lies/evil.

The media/citizen focus continues to be placed on the effect rather than all the causes before Freddie Gray was even born and the continuing escalation of causes worldwide.

Where are all the comments, analysis, articles, NAACP, police and others and states of global emergency over the deteriorating conditions for all of humanity?

Yet, media wants to cherry-pick and some of us are glad to assist.

Remember, the enemy can and always does, pay people and send them into situations to spark things or calm things in the direction the enemy can use for larger purposes against humanity. Don't get mentally tricked into swallowing every statement and assumption the media and even individuals around you are putting out there.

When it comes to those who attack humanity, we must always assume that everything they do is still for that intent as long as they continue to attack humanity without any or full repentance and without any or full recompense. We must critically analyze what we encounter, no matter the form it comes in.

Do not allow their stories, images, comments to shape your consciousness against yourself and humanity.

This is nothing new, just something to remind you, not to forget, who to listen to and what we must do.

As said before, the enemy is even more desperate because we are in the midst of the last days for the reign of evil. Evil people need good people to fight according to the strengths of evil. We must not, and instead, use our strengths.

Manipulation Media-Style: Psychological War
Black Twitter & Other Unsafe Havens
Deep Spiritual Resilience: An Evolving Definition

A clear sign of desperation is the recent revamping of some of the harmful, government-approved chemical usage taking place in the food industry. The crazies are having to admit it's unsafe to feed cows and chickens and other animals chemical concoctions to keep them alive long enough to make a profit. Why? Because their crimes against humanity and creation are showing up in their toilets. It's coming out of them and killing them. As a result, they now have to find a different way to harm humanity and make a profit.

We know the crazies are desperate because, if not, they would fix the problem fundamentally rather than trying to sidestep and replace with a different form of the same thing. The fundamental problems are the profit motive, the consumer's craziness and the living conditions of animals; therefore the fundamental problem lies with the lower self and the suboptimal worldview it has pledged allegiance to.

I take this discussion on this sidetrack to show there are plenty of signs to show the enemy knows it has created multiple monsters it cannot control. All we have to do is step back from the enemy's way of thinking and behavior, get ourselves together in an optimal worldview kind of way and watch the lower self continue to self-destruct. Momentum is already climate changing towards our side, we just need to add to it through self-knowledge self-improvement.

Those who are still Dr. Phil listening, you Dr. Philistines ask, “Where are the parents?” My first thought was to direct you to Hell but then I remembered the same directions are already programmed into each cell. Oh well, you'll know exactly where the parents are when they all converge in full primal divinity essence and give you a nuclear atomic blasting headache until all bad bonds break you the rest of the way down. Then you will have your answer.

Africa: Continent, Maps & Facts
Unity Consciousness #217


Map Of Earth's Hemispheres, Equator and Prime Meridian

Africa is the only continent with land in all four hemispheres.

The Equatorial center (a line of latitude) and Prime Meridian center (a line of longitude) of Earth intersect off the western coast of Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean.near the islands of Sao Tome and Principe.

Image Map Of Africa (See link below for Clickable Facts)

The center of the Earth's mass is in Africa at the exact position of the Great Per-Neter which is also aligned with the constellation, Orion's Belt. This is what the Greeks, who came later and invaded Kemet, called those stars. Those three stars represent trinity and more than likely the Kemetians named them after Auset, Ausar and Heru and/or Nun, Ptah and Atum.

Africa is the birthplace of humanity and of civilizations; therefore Africa is the First World* not the Third World. Africa is the Old Country. thus, notwithstanding the fact that some people have private Holy Lands that pertain to them only, Africa must be the Holy Land of Humanity and must also contain the proverbial and literal Garden of Eden.

The Hapi River (Nile) is the birth canal of humanity and civilization, thus Africa is the source of Hapi-ness. If Africans had not migrated from Africa there would be no people anywhere else on the planet. All people would still be Black or Chocolate or Brown-skinned, except for some albinos.

Just like most, if not all river valleys, the Hapi River Valley is fertile. It is a misnomer to consider the Tigris River & Euphrates River Valleys in Mesopotamia in Asia as “the” fertile crescent or as the epitome of a fertile river valley. This false notion was likely started to support other false notions that Asia is the origin of civilization, the Holy Land and the Garden of Eden.

The four main rivers flowing out of the birthplace and womb of the world in Eastern Inner Africa are the 4 epitomes of a fertile crescent. Chief among these is the Hapi River and its Lotus Blossom called Kemetian (Egyptian). The other three fertile crescent river valley epitomes are Niger, Zaire and Zambezi. The Tigris-Euphrates River Valley is patterned after these first 4 river valleys. The Tigris-Euphrates is a later version of these four river valleys as planet Earth continued to expand and develop. The Great Lakes Region of Eastern Inner Africa is the Parent of the 4 Epitomizing Rivers of Earth. These four rivers are the Trueprints whereby Earth formulated the other large river valleys. The generations of waterways on this planet is not different from the generations of people. One into many then smaller into larger then larger into smaller then many into One.

Africa has less jungle than any other continent, relative to its land space. Thus, Africa is not filled and overflowing with jungle as you might think.

In terms of place names in Africa, just like most, if not all, other land masses, present-day boundaries are not the same as they were in times past. In Africa, boundaries were nowhere near what they are today. Boundaries tended to follow natural divisions such as rivers and mountains and covered much larger areas, crossing rivers, mountains and seas. Boundaries** of places all over the world have changed several times depending on the circumstances of the times. It is worth repeating that during different time periods, some nations and their place names extended into other continents. Also, the names of the same place sometimes changed also.

* If America is supposedly the New World, how can it also be the First World. In fact, America is somewhere near the Last World and Israel is the last since it only came into existence in the middle of the 20th century after World War II.

** Boundaries were also loosely defined and did not mean the same thing as borders, nor did boundaries function rigidly as today's notion of borders. In ancient times, the African concept of boundaries was more about the extent of their territory or empire and not so much as dividing and keeping others out or in.

As discussed in greater detail elsewhere, without Africa, the rest of the world would have never gotten off the ground and would be in a deeper stage of darkness than it currently is. If the knowledge that has come out of Africa was removed from the rest of the world, the rest of the world would be living in cavelike conditions which would be more magnified in the Cro-magnon and Semetic branches moreso than the original component in the Diaspora. If the other resources that continue to be stolen from Africa were to cease, the rest of the world would resort to wilderness rather quickly which would be in keeping with the desolation of conscience. The intellectual input of Africans, worldwide and everywhere, has never ceased. This is clearly evident in the many inventions of Africans that are claimed by others that most of use today. The spiritual input of Africans has outweighed their physical input, both of which has allowed societies of today to exist and stay afloat from sinking quickly and completely. Africa and Africans are the epicenter, source and stem cells. Know this and know yourself. Africa has been and always will be.

Do not allow the shock of knowledge to make you resistant to it. If humans can be separated from the knowledge of their heavenly Creator, how much more easier is it for humans to be separated from their Earthly origins? Despite the enormity of evidence to support the existence of the Creator, many humans still believe otherwise. Despite the enormity of evidence of Africa and Africans being first and everywhere, many humans still believe otherwise. But at last, more of us are consuming Maat's goulash rather than hogwash covered with fool's sauce. We are regaining our core strength - our sense of self.

Images respectively from, "CK-12 Foundation" and from "Infoplease: Image Map Of Africa (Clickable Facts)"

For The Initiate, May The Circular Be Unbroken Again In Consciousness, Unity Consciousness #600

The above maps are presented to make specific points but these maps are based on an older drawing of the world. The newest drawing of the world was presented in 1974, but is not being taught in most schools.
Arno Peters Projection Map Of The World

Monday, April 27, 2015

Deep Spiritual Resilience: An Evolving Definition
Unity Consciousness #216


Let us not forget, we have been resilient even while in disarray, not at full strength, at our weakest, while continuing to drink many flavors of Willie's Poison-Aid and while fending off continuous multiple attacks from multiple enemies, including within our ranks because it is within self – the biggest enemy of all, even so, transformable and overcomeable. With this realization comes understanding that after we retake self, all other enemies are merely an exercise in effort.

As we move back to our natural selves, we will be all the more resilient. A resilience that will outshine even the brilliance of the gleaming white limestone covered Great Per-Neter of Per-Aa Khufu that is yet envied and still can't be figured out. Likewise our resilience is envied and can't be figured out because it is beyond the consciousness of the lower self.

And just as the Great Per-Neter (Pyramid) has lost its luster and symmetry due to vandalism, yet remains a grand and unduplicated achievement, so also have Africans lost their luster and balance due to vandalism, yet remain grand in world history and unduplicated.

Forget Not Deep Spiritual Resilience

Let us not forget, “A major thing we lost was our religion and method of worship. These two things contribute to knowledge of self and the awareness that you are part of the totality of the culture of the world” per Master Teacher & Ancestor John Henrik Clarke.

Let us also not forget our enemies are actively and aggressively attempting to take away our strong points, as any responsible enemy should.

One of the main ways of weakening us is by scaring Africans away from their true spiritual practices and other traditions – which are our strong points – not just from some feel good perspective but from a factual, practical perspective that applies to daily and long-term surviving, reviving, revising and thriving. World history overflows with evidence.

In a spiritual universe and world where spirit endureth until the end of all material/physical things and then endureth beyond, African spiritual practices are the undeniable source of our power to overcome all things by the power in all things.

Master Teacher Barashango explains how even the Kemetians (the youngest children of our great Nile Valley Civilization Ancestors) continued to rebuild their cities bigger and better each time Kemet was invaded, plundered and torn down.

The invaders finally correctly identified the spiritual practices in Kemet as the secret to the people's ability to continue to rebuild.

Even today, we still have all this knowledge and experience within us in our genetic database. We also have the experiences of our struggles and accomplishments since Kemet's heyday. We have many teachings to guide us, including an optimal worldview.

For these reasons and more, we are fully prepared for battle and the tasks at hand once we recognize the battle for what it really is and the tools we have at our disposal to use. This is why all things African are under attack today. Once our consciousness clears up, it's all over but the shouting!

Do not allow our enemies to get you to surrender your spiritual power by surrendering your spiritual practices. It is by practicing ancient African cultural philosophies combined with a deeper spiritual resilience, we shall evolve further until the cycle is complete and the last becomes first and the order of Maat is restored making us once more aware of sameness of circle, triangle and square..

Education Through Resilience In The Struggle

Atum-Khepera's Resilience | African Poem

Converting Struggle & Education Into Success
Unity Consciousness #215


The following is largely quoted and paraphrased from Dr. John Henrik Clarke's lecture given sometime between 1989 to 1993 on Education: The Highest Form of Struggle.”

“While we have educated ourselves a lot through struggle, we have not converted the struggle into an instrument of liberation, because we celebrate victory without analyzing the components of victory, how to maintain each victory and how to apply each victory towards more victory.

The Civil Rights Movement couldn't survive today if you understood it had to have a political force. It had to have a political definition under it to take us from one place to the other.

The Civil Rights Movement came at a time of the Caribbean Federation Effort, the time of the African Freedom Independent Explosion and when we realized the American dream was not dreamed for us. We realized the American promise wasn't even made to us Africans.

The Civil Rights Movement came at an appropriate time in history but we have not learned the lessons from it we needed to learn.

By educating us politically, Marcus Garvey taught us that someplace in the world you were sovereign once and will be sovereign again!

When Marcus Garvey said, ”Up, Up you mighty race! You can accomplish what you will!” he meant if one mind can accomplish it another mind can do it.

Conversion Process Of Turning The Highest Form Of Education Back Into the Highest Form Of Success

The kind of knowledge that comes out of struggle is innovation. We must take what we've learned and transform it into what we need it to be.

We must take whatever we have learned in any kind of way and take it back to an African philosophical base and an African value system base and make our usage of our education serve African people.

The higher education of struggle is rehearsal for nationhood. We must rehearse for nationhood by being master of our own communities. Wherever we are in number, take back the community from top to bottom for Africa's sake, for our Ancestor's sake, for our descendents' sake, for humanity's sake, for creation's sake and for goodness sake. Wherever we are in any percentage, at least take the percentage that belongs to us. At this stage, it will be our fault if we are the majority and allow the minority to be in charge in our community. We have proven we can break through and move beyond all their manipulations. Work together, vote together, spend together, stop spending at certain places together, boycott together and African root them out. Practice the "21 Behaviors To Counteract The System Of Human Racism White Supremacy." Turn protest energy into proactive energy for independence of the things we know we need and not let all our energy out as reactive energy pleading for change to a psychopathic citizenry while we continue bleeding like rain because we won't take care of our own necessities, even though we are fully capable of doing so.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

African Communication: Reclaiming Its Meaning
Unity Consciousness #214


The following is significantly quoted or paraphrased from Dr. John Henrik Clarke's lecture given sometime between 1989 to 1993 on Education: The Highest Form of Struggle.”

The Struggle To Communicate

“We lost something by way of communication one to the other. There was a period each one of us understood each other's struggle and we gave it a single name, “The Struggle of Africans Away From Home.”

African Only

“Up until the early part of the 20th century, Blacks in America and in the Caribbean had a good relationship and were also hanging out with the word “African,” not “Colored.” We still knew who we were and “African” was the name of choice without hesitation. This singular name of our origin was a unifying factor.

It wasn't until the early part of the 20th century that our desire for education, within the context of a foreign situation, became a problem to our communication.”

We began to stray away from self-education and community education and indoctrination. Thus we lost more and more of our deeper-bonding cultural bearings. We began to take on even more of the suboptimal worldview of those who obviously had faulty thinking. Why did we? Because we placed a higher priority on the short-term and the material rather than the long-term and the spiritual while attending to the short-term and the material as a community rather than as individuals. The enslavement period sufficiently separated us from our value system to leave us adrift. Then we slipped and fell into integration which was essentially a fight to be given a disease-ridden education. In other words, the adoption of a European-centered educational perspective on the world was just like saying, “shackle me again with all your ways of thinking. My mind is willing because my stomach needs filling.”

All of these factors affected and shattered our communication one to the other. We lost full consciousness and deep cultural control of our Africanness because we no longer had one name to tie it all to. Thus we see the journey of multiple naming mistakes and other related detours along the way to reclaiming our African communication.

Universal Worldview: The Flip Side Is SubOptimal
Unity Consciousness #213


Since there is an optimal worldview, there is also a suboptimal worldview.

SubOptimal Worldview

“Some distinguishing characteristics of a suboptimal worldview are as follows: The highest value is placed on acquiring objects and technology. There is competition, individualism, no concept of spiritual/material unity, and because of a need to oppress and dominate there is an attempt to control nature. The society is racist, sexist, classist and also negatively discriminates against numerous other demographic categories. Thinking is fragmented, either/or reasoning prevails, reality is known only through five senses materially, knowledge is gained only through counting and measuring and there is mindlessness which, in addition to the problems it contributes to, it also causes people to engage in automatic repetitive behaviors. Thinking is also trapped by categories, there is only one perspective and time is viewed as linear rather than continuous and circular. People are encouraged to commit to a way of thinking without thorough investigation or revision of decisions. The outcome is more important than the process. There is a belief in limited resources and context governs behavior.” (1)

Self-Esteem Suffers

“In contrast to self worth that develops from practicing an optimal worldview, under a suboptimal worldview, when one's sense of self worth is achieved via material, external criteria (appearance, academic degrees, possessions, fame, etc.), there is a perpetual cycle of insecurity that comes from the instability and temporary nature of these criteria.

Momentary satisfaction derived from viewing self as “better than” others commits one to continually competing to get more for oneself. These insecure feelings and insatiable desires subsequently make one more anxious and depressed.” (2)

Societal Defects Of A SubOptimal Worldview

“Once a fragmented pattern of interpreting reality and materialistic designs for living have been endorsed and adopted in a society they become self-perpetuating and self-sustaining in a capitalistic economic structure that is built around a wealthy elite with economically-challenged masses competing to survive.”

"The prevailing fragmented cultural worldview in US society often goes unexamined, much less challenged, because its nature encourages a more superficial and appearance based social orientation, for example, there is more concern today with political correctness than moral correctness. In addition, the media influence to address social concerns and issues in terms of sound bites with limited opportunity for deep dialogue discourages the kind of critical thinking, critical self-reflection, introspection, and even appreciation for alternative points of view, that would support in-depth examination. These conditions set the stage for broad social endorsement of long-standing contradictions, such as those found with American racism which repeatedly show up in terms of legal and social policies that either wittingly or unwittingly disadvantage those of African descent, such as extending high stakes testing to younger and younger age groups despite the questionable utility of such tests and the consistent disparities in test scores.”

“Problems with the creation of social justice abound and insight into how to solve the problems remains inaccessible when barriers with regard to race (and other human diversity markers that are not privileged) are socially sanctioned and constraints to critical thinking abound. The mono-culturally hegemonic nature and functioning of the prevailing cultural worldview in mainstream US society limits the nation’s capacity to generate the moral leadership and the spiritual development required in the higher stages of human development and needed for a just society." (3)

The world is the way it is largely due to the worldview we each choose.

(1) Quoted and paraphrased with additions: Myers, Linda James; Montgomery, Derek; Fine, Mark; Reese, Roy, (1992), "Belief Systems Analysis Scale And Belief And Behavior Awareness Scale Development: Measuring An Optimal, Afrocentric World-view, In R. Jones (Ed.), "Handbook Of Tests And Measurements For Black Populations, (2 vols), Hampton, VA: Cobb & Henry Publishers, pp. 20-22.
(2) Ibid., p. 23.
(3) Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities,"The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 73.

America, A Nation Of Laws & Morals
Unity Consciousness #212


”We're a nation of laws!”

The person making this statement was an American citizen who was well over 50 years old.

The statement was made confidently and proudly as if driving home a distinguishing feature about America.

Truth is, all nations are nations of laws.

To proclaim America is a nation of laws is the same as saying, “We're a nation of people.”

The high-flautin' false notion many Americans have, despite all manner of evidence to the contrary, is indicative of miseducation/psychological misorientation.

Since, in a fundamental way, Americans, don't even know what they're talking about when it comes to the country they are supposed to be all about, it is clear Americans also don't understand what they are thinking about and therefore what they are acting out.

At least they do make their own decisions.

An even more revealing understanding is that the person's statement above is true. America is a nation of about 10 millions laws and is worse off because of them starting with its constitution that the charter-bred colony boys gave rise to.

It would be much better to say, “America is a nation of morals.” Then, by comparison with the effects these morals cause, all Americans would have an easy set of comparisons by which to understand completely what America is all about.

Whatever lingers in a society, legal or not, reflects the true intentions of the people.

This Says It All About American Morals and Laws – Many Yee-Hawed and Hee-Hawed, Relative Few Were Appalled, Too Busy Sup-Posing With Their Laws

"Threaten me or my family and I will use my God given and law appointed right and duty to kill you [Black People]. #CopsLivesMatter" and "By the way if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter I'll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun." - - Mr. White.

Poem | Strip Search Of Democracy, Monarchy Revealed

Universal Worldview Of Optimal Theory | Detailed Definition
Unity Consciousness #211


Optimal Theory is universal because it is about oneness, interconnectedness, the Rights of Creation and originates from the one Earthly place all humans can and should call home.

Definitions Of Worldview (Utamawazo)

“ A worldview is a structure of philosophical assumptions, values and principles upon which a way of perceiving the world is based. A worldview is a highly structured, complex, interacting set of values, expectations and images of oneself and others, which guide, and in turn are guided by, a person's perceptions and behavior and which are closely related to their emotional states and feelings of well-being.”

Universal Worldview

“Optimal Theory has its roots in the awareness of an alternative worldview that is centered in Africa as the historical point of generation and is thus Afrocentric. Dating back to the beginning of human culture and civilization, this worldview can be identified among all cultural groups to a greater or lesser extent as they have migrated throughout the world. This worldview is thus universal, as all people can trace their ancestry back to Africa.” (1)

Furthermore, since Optimal Theory builds upon the best of the tradition of wisdom and deep thought from classical African civilization through the challenges and triumphs of the Maafa of non-immigrant Africans in the Americas it contains the lessons of humanity rising to heights and falling to lows and enduring through a variety of struggles. The range of understanding contained within the optimal worldview covers the widest range of human experience available. Thus, for this reason also, the optimal worldview is universal and applicable to all as a solution to reconfigure societies into civilizations. (1.5)

Optimal Theory can also be characterized as universal because it “places primary value on peace, harmony with all creation, balance, the greatest good, positive interpersonal relationships, being holistic, cooperation, spiritual/material reality, spiritual/material unity, communalism, the extended self, inclusive logic, learning through inductive synthesis, multiple ways of knowing, self-knowledge, Ancestors and more.” (2)

A Lot More To An Optimal Universal Worldview

“The universal commonality of the optimal worldview is based on the guiding principles of ancient African traditional thought, which includes unity, cooperative effort, mutual responsibility and reconciliation. Others are valued as being equal to oneself. Equal valuing of others is based on the capacity to transcend the limits of self and to identify with the needs and concerns of others. This interest in others is manifested interpersonally through such means as empathy and cooperation. Shared participation in activities is valued and pursued.”

“An optimal worldview causes one to be more mindful, open to new information, open to new categories of information and aware of more than one perspective. Behavior is not guided by conditions or circumstances, the nature of the experience is not determined by the conditions or the circumstances and the process is just as important as the outcome.”

“Optimal Theory calls for the fearless study of the metaphysical in the evolution of humanity, the sacred role of Ancestors, the use of ritual, the honoring of nature as an extension of the self and the community as viable and culturally congruent aspects of promoting and achieving health and well-being.” (2.5)

”The positive perspective of the optimal worldview is thought to be the monitoring and stopping of self-defeating and other negative thoughts, and assists in the development of empathy, honesty, trust, humor, forgiveness, assertiveness, hardiness (toughness, resilience), creative problem solving and stress reduction.”

“Willingness to cooperate with others may reduce hostility, feelings of threat, jealousy and interpersonal conflict, which in turn may minimize excessive forms of stress. When cooperation is valued, the burden of responsibility for success or failure is shared, easing the stress, caused by failure or the fear of failure. Additionally, when change and challenge (two stress producing events) are viewed as positive and useful events such optimal beliefs may act as a buffer between stressful life events and resultant poor health by cognitively transforming those stressful events into positively viewed challenges.” (3)

Universal Appeal

“Although the essence of Optimal Theory seems to underlie all major religions*, teachings consistent with this worldview have been identified among both the religious and non-religious.” (4) This is to be expected since all major religions have origins and/or significant borrowings from African philosophical thought and these philosophical teachings have been widely disseminated in many forms under many names. George G. M. James reminds us...”...all the great leaders of the great religions of antiquity were Initiates of the Egyptian Mystery System: from Moses, who was an Egyptian Hierogrammat, down to Christ.” (5)

The essence of all things, including humans, is spirit. There is always a need for our spiritual essence to communicate with us throughout all our dimensions of body, mind and emotion and to communicate with other spirits. One way is through divination. Divination is something many of us do in a different form we call communing with nature, which can be likened to communicating with the neters and Ancestors.

Divination, which is also universally practiced, is also a part of an optimal worldview.

“Divination remains a reliable source of knowledge for millions of people in almost all the religions known to humankind. In all nations and cultures, from prehistoric time to our digital age, people of all types of education and religious convictions seek the wisdom of divination by consulting people known as diviners, clairvoyants, shamans, psychics, mediums, or prophets.” (6)

For Those Ready To Change The World, One Universe At A Time

In addition to the numerous positive consequences above, following an optimal worldview has even more positive consequences that might not seem so at first.

“As you confirm the universality of the optimal worldview and commit to its pursuit, as the process of exchanging perspectives and values takes place, you must remain diligently mindful that any negativity, experienced or felt, reveals aspects of self that need strengthening or reconciling and is therefore an opportunity for growth and increased self-knowledge.” (7)

Each of us contain a universe, perhaps more. If we change within, the world without can't help but change towards optimally also.

”Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought”

(1) Quoted and paraphrased with additions: Myers, Linda James; Montgomery, Derek; Fine, Mark; Reese, Roy, (1992), "Belief Systems Analysis Scale And Belief And Behavior Awareness Scale Development: Measuring An Optimal, Afrocentric World-view, In R. Jones (Ed.), "Handbook Of Tests And Measurements For Black Populations, (2 vols), Hampton, VA: Cobb & Henry Publishers, p. 19
(1.5) Quoted and paraphrased with additions: Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities,"The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 75.
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Atum-Khepera's Resilience | African Poem
Unity Consciousness #210


Martin Luther King said, “The ultimate test of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and moments of convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge and moments of controversy.”

No one understands this better than the Creator. The Creator has had to deal with the incomplete one Ogo/Yurugu, who was the first to create imbalance in the heavens. As above so below tells us the first born of humanity must also have a similar dimensional experience. The Creator is using the experience with Ogo/Yurugu for educating self, understanding self and perfecting self. Africans must do the same. Both the Creator and Atum-Khepera are metaphors of resilience.

Atum-Khepera's Resilience

by Ancestors through Usiku

Het-Heru the elephant
Takes steps that are giant
Weight powerful as gait
Impresses ruts where she struts
Khepera the beetle keeps up
Transforms dung deposits
To her young's benefit
Her children know how to exit
Out of inherited matrix
Though path is obstructed
And full of slip
Problems they continue to fix
Restore self and all else to oneness
Thus the process of becoming exists

“I have learned to appreciate obstacles in life, to the point where I thank the Creator for giving me the rough times, for allowing me another opportunity to prove I am the man I say I am and believe I am. So instead of cursing the winds that blew it to you, bless the winds for having brought it to you and rise above the issue because it's not what happens to you that's important, it's how you handle what happens to you that's important.

This is what Khepera represents, the process of becoming.

All of the rough things you have to go through, all of the things that are challenging you, instead of whining and wondering why me, say I'm so happy it's me, cause now I can do something, I can prove what I say to myself, because what doesn't kill you makes you strong.” This we know to be true as a people and as firstborn of the Creator's human children, ability, resilience and strength is created inside each of us trillions of times. (Quotes from “African Cosmology w/ Dr. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene”)

Something Inside So Strong as sung by Lira (originally written and sung by Labi Siffre)

Purpose Of Negativity

“The purpose of negativity in human experience based on Optimal Theory is to serve as a mechanism for growth and edification toward realization of unity consciousness, that is, Oneness with Supreme Being. Accordingly, the human being may not always have control over what happens to them, but they always have control over the meaning they make of it and how they feel about it. Thus, one’s experience of the circumstance or condition, which when wielded can ultimately transform the circumstance, condition and its meaning.”(1)

(1) Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities,"The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 74.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Education Through Resilience In The Struggle
Unity Consciousness #209


“The theory of Optimal Psychology was designed to explain the resilience of people acknowledging African descent who faced the unique experience of chattel enslavement that denied their humanity, and yet subsequently survived under social conditions of structural racism that have characterized American social policies, laws, and practices. [The same can be said about many other countries.]

Optimal Psychology posits [puts forth], among other things, that the holistic and integrative mindset that characterized African metaphysical traditions that are now supported by quantum science and Eastern philosophies, contributed to a transcendent consciousness that allowed these non-immigrant Africans to emerge from a long and deplorable history of unequaled disenfranchisement to become the moral and spiritual leaders of the Civil Rights movement.” (1)

Deep Culture Of Resilience

“Culture, a people's way of life, can be described as existing on at least two levels, that of the cultural surface structure, including language, diet, dress, customs and so on, and that of the cultural deep structure, the philosophical assumptions undergirding the cultural world-view.

Unlike other cultural groups, Africans in America were forbidden access to their indigenous cultural surface structures when enslaved by the Europeans and brought to this country. However, the deep structures of culture were less readily accessible to the European enslavers because deep structure is by nature more permanent than surface culture, these deep structures remained with the captured Africans as the very fabric of their lives well into the era of desegregation and assimilation. It is that worldview that has allowed Africans in America to survive. Deep culture continues to influence the behavior of Africans away from home. Africans the world over are continuing to seek their ancestral roots and be engaged in re-naming, clothing, hair, spirituality, Sankofa and other facets of life that represent a return to cultural surface practices as well as seeking knowledge of self and deeper cultural practices.” (2)

More About The Nature of Resilience

“The experience of the vast majority of African people in the Americas, particularly during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, is unique in human history by virtue of the nature of the brutal, inhumane socio-political economic system of chattel slavery practiced and sanctioned by the prevailing “moral” codes of conduct and legal system of persons of European descent in the United States. Never before had the level and extent of such dehumanizing practices of physical violence and brutality disallowed access to normal family bonds, denied practice of indigenous language, religious rites and rituals, and engulfed the humanity of a people, their minds and culture with a subordinating color caste system which continues to reign for over three hundred years. These African people and their progeny are the collective from which the Black community emerges connected to oppressed and colonized people all over the world.

“The multi-level and multi-generational psychological trauma of this unique experience has had an impact, not only on those acknowledging African descent in America, but all of humanity. Thus, to understand mental health within the context of society, concepts such as cultural dislocation, assimilation, and relocation as they influence the nature and functioning of the psyche of oppressed people must be examined. In addition, it is required we pay particularly close attention to the factors fostering survival, resistance, resilience, and triumph in the face of the worst forms of this extended oppression. African Americans have remarkably managed to play an integral role in all levels of this nation’s development from economics, science and cultural arts to moral leadership. As a subjugated people, Africans in America have spent almost 40% of their time in this nation since its founding without any human rights at all, another 45% of the period fighting for equality under the law, and the last 15% reputedly having achieved equal protection under the law (although the current mass incarceration of Black people belies that reality). This nation granted the descendents of enslaved African people in America the right to vote and made discrimination against them by virtue of their race illegal just forty years ago. By exploring and analyzing the interdependence of the various institutions within the society (e.g., educational, legal, religious, and political), we can see how the status quo is maintained, social realities are fostered, and the development of potential for human growth is negatively influenced.” (3)

Something Inside So Strong

What we Africans must recognize is that the problem with African culture, religion, traditions is not that there's something wrong with them, it's that there something strong with them. Get back to African culture and those who come up against us will run and hide because they know, what's next. We can build per-neters on top of per-neters if we so choose. I know this is possible because my ancestral mind has conceived it. The rest of what is possible will come to past because African people worldwide have conceived it.

We must no longer allow fools to try to shame us for what we have not recently achieved. It's not true. Of course, we could do better. We shall not grade ourselves on a curve with others, that would lower our score. Our achievements prior to the last 500 years are enough to outweigh the sum of all others and this will always be so. Why? Because the accomplishments of others are either stolen from us and are built upon our accomplishments, so take away what Africans have done and no people will be nowhere near where they are today, which, compared to where we are positioned, and what we have in the genetic Ancestral stores in every cell of our bodies, all other groups of people are within reach. This they know because of what we've done before, have done despite it all and because of our resilience. It's enough to make them always act out of desperate fear because the end of their reign is always near. Atum-Khepera has called these meanings into being.

(1) Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities,"The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 70.
(2) Quoted and paraphrased from Myers, Linda James; Montgomery, Derek; Fine, Mark; Reese, Roy, (1992), "Belief Systems Analysis Scale And Belief And Behavior Awareness Scale Development: Measuring An Optimal, Afrocentric World-view, In R. Jones (Ed.), "Handbook Of Tests And Measurements For Black Populations, (2 vols), Hampton, VA: Cobb & Henry Publishers, p. 20
(3) Myers, p. 68.

The Struggle For African Culture & Religion
Unity Consciousness #208


The following is almost entirely quoted or paraphrased from Dr. John Henrik Clarke's lecture given sometime between 1989 to 1993 on Education: The Highest Form of Struggle.”
“The major factor for Europeans is class and economics. The major factor in the rest of the world is culture and religion.” *
During the period of physical enslavement, our struggle in the United States, in the Caribbean Islands and in South America was to look at ourselves through our eyes and through our basic culture and our own spirituality. This struggle against the odds against us was really a form of education. This struggle might be the highest form of education because with all of the murder, with all of the change and with all of the control of the media images, to survive in this environment is a miracle.

The American Melting Crockpot

One thing Africans have failed to recognize is that in the American melting pot, we didn't melt. The symbol of the melting pot could well be wrong. Symbolically, America should have been called the salad bowl. In a salad bowl, the relish doesn't have to become a tomato and the lettuce doesn't have to become a cucumber, yet, each one is essential to the salad.

We must remember, America was not originally designed for Africans or for anybody other than Protestant Whites. Once you look at the design of this nation and look at the design of the world beginning in the 15th and 16th centuries, a lot of things that look like contradictions are no longer contradictions.

Here's the design of the United States, that's still intact no matter what kind of words they use.

This country was designed for free White Protestant males, middle class and up, who agreed with the prevailing status quo and owned property.

When they said “liberty and justice for all,” that was the all they were talking about.

So once we're clear about that, we will then know educationally what we have to do and we will know information-wise what we have to do.

The Struggle For The Real Self

There is a continuous struggle of people who've lived under the domination of other people to get back to their real self and their real traditions. This is the natural course of events. This struggle is not one of Africans alone.

We Africans are people taken out of our cultural incubator, placed into someone else's cultural incubator. Imagine being placed into something not designed to nurture you but designed to hurt you. Our soul is rejecting the climate of the incubator. Africa is the cultural incubator that produced us. America and many other societies are designed to harm Africans. This is obvious and an understatement.

Most of our education has been trying to teach us to be live within a cultural incubator created for our containment and not our liberation. In such a challenging environment, yes we have struggled for our physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health as would any group of people. People all over the world who have not undergone our Maafa, struggle with the same things, including the overwhelming majority of the people who are the main perpetrators of injustice in the world. It is not possible to constantly spread a lot of sickness without getting a lot on you.

Now that we have more understanding of the nature of the struggle, we can self-educate ourselves back to health.

Oppressor Education: For Incarceration Not Liberation
Unity Consciousness #207


“In regards to integration, we went wrong because we assumed an oppressor can afford to educate us. No one can afford to educate us on how to take their power away from them.” * (1)
So we need to quit proudly claiming we're educated when we possess an education foreign to our African nature. To be proud of such education is to be proud of being dumbed down. It makes us sound, act and look like clowns.

We, as an African people, must stop going to their schools and sending our kids to their schools thinking we can get degrees and live successfully in their economic, political and societal systems. This has always only been true for a few-just enough to make the lie believable. The climate has significantly changed again. If we do not have access to African-centered schools (not HBCU's), we must go into their schools, which includes HBCU's, with singular focus. That is to get what we need in order to establish independence of our basic needs. Most of us can do this once we've learned to read, write and do math.

American dreams are African nightmares. We know this. How much more of their idea of what intelligence means must we swallow and follow and stumble around trying to fill up what's hollow, before realizing it's all part of their plan to help them and to keep us right where we are or worse as an African people worldwide.

* Truth is, no country that operates the way many in the world do, can afford to educate its citizens to be the best they can be. Even among the citizens who are the preferred group in these countries, most of them are educated minimally with a few who rise to keep everyone else striving and conniving focused on surviving forgetting about but not feeling without thriving.

(1) Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Education: The Highest Form of Struggle (Video)

Education: The Highest Form Of Struggle
Unity Consciousness #206


The following is almost entirely quoted or paraphrased from Dr. John Henrik Clarke's lecture given sometime between 1989 to 1993 on Education: The Highest Form of Struggle.”

Our meaningful education for reality has come out of struggle. If you are educated in the midst of struggle, it holds much better.

I'm not saying struggle is essential to education; however, there's something special about struggle, in relationship to education, that gives you a concrete education you otherwise would not have. When you're educated in struggle, you're educated with a new reality.

Africans in the United States, have been miseducated and misnamed; therefore, we suffer the dilemma of assuming the methods of our former and current slave master can liberate us.

Either we liberate ourselves or we are not liberated at all.

Education and liberation are things you take with your own hands. If someone else hands it to you, that same someone else can snatch it back.

One of our dilemmas in regards to integration is that we are educated away from our traditions. We don't know how to measure ourselves based on our African traditional values. This is where we went wrong in regards to integration.

Basically there's nothing wrong with integration in itself except when Africans integrated into someone else's educational system, we accepted their educational values. Their educational values, devalue Africans.

In a rough hewn way, we are the most educated people in this country; however, we have not altered the education handed down to us fast enough to make education more relevant to us as an African people. We have been doing it, just not enough of us and not fast enough.

Pick up the pace of your self-education and the transformation of their education just as they took our African education and transformed it into their education!

Self-Education: Understanding An Even Higher Dimension
Unity Consciousness #205


Self-education brings understanding. Understanding is spiritual nutrition. How is this so?

Understanding unifies and defragments the mind. This raises consciousness because more of the relevant knowledge on a subject is organized and contiguous in the mind which makes thought processes run more efficiently. Because the universe, on a grand and granular scale, is governed by spiritual thought processes, a raised consciousness raises spiritual energy. Spiritual energy raises vibrations. This raising of vibrations is nutrition for the spirit of the higher self. Our higher spirit needs and feeds on vibrations, spiritual energy, consciousness, understanding, self-education.

Understanding raises the vibrations of the physical black matter everyone and everything has in every cell. Black matter is re-energized by understanding (black energy). These two, together, produce light, both physically and spiritually. This is how understanding is enlightenment. This is how enlightenment comes from blackness. To make it easier to achieve enlightenment, both physical blackness and spiritual blackness are widely available and accessible. Every speck and fleck of matter, every bit and byte of understanding and all forms of nutrition contain either black matter or black energy or both.

As said before, all dimensions in the universe exist for the purpose of returning understanding to the Creator. This understanding helps the Creator re-unify the dimensions into oneness. Self-education, struggle, justice and health are the same things the Creator and the rest of creation are seeking, struggling and fighting for - not separately, but through us and with us simultaneously. We are not only one people and we are one creation. It is through the returning of this understanding we are becoming one with the Creator, thus with self, others and all of creation. This is salvation, self-education.

Self-Education In The Struggle For Healthy Justice
Unity Consciousness #204


“The fight for justice is long. Abnormal people are not in the fight.” * They are still in the fight because no one can avoid it. It's just that those not "in the fight" are not in tune and in sync with the fight, which is the ultimate, universal fight, struggle, battle, war. Abnormal people are fighting but fighting for the weaker things, thus on the wrong side. They are in the fight but fighting for the stronger things the weaker way.

I repeat. Abnormal people, although not in the fight for justice, are in the fight for injustice. This must be so for all aspects of creation because the fight is the Creator's fight.

Since we all have to struggle in one way or another, we might as well struggle in a fashion that will put an end to the struggle. First we must properly identify the nature of the struggle.

The struggle is not against circumstances and people. It is not about food, shelter, clothing, bills and enemies. As we've been told, the struggle is a spiritual war and the main battleground is inside each of us.

We must struggle constantly against the thoughts in our heads that have been born and bred by mutated understanding. We must bring those thoughts into submission until we no longer need the permission of those thoughts in order to think something different.

Self-Education Is Its Own Liberation

The main focus of our struggle must be on education – self-education, that is. We must not only educate ourselves, we must also educate ourselves about ourselves. We must educate ourselves about us as a people and about us individually.

Self-education always has multiple dimensions to it. Know yourself always has multiple dimensions to it. Self-education is about more than an individual knowing self. An individual cannot know self sufficiently unless that individuals knows self in relationship to the nation of people through which his/her Ancestors were born. I'm talking about our very first human Ancestors.

Self-education strengthens the spirit of the higher self. The higher self fights for us in the struggle. When we lack self-education, the spirit of the lower self is strengthened. The lower self fights against us in the struggle. Through this, the basic strategy and focus are revealed about how we must use our free will in order to fulfill being healed.

From Abnormal To Healthy

If we are not fighting daily for all our lives, with all our mights, we are behaving abnormally. We end up expending energies in little fights that media manipulates to tells us are right.

If our struggle is not focused on it's highest form – self-education, we are struggling abnormally and unnecessarily.

Once and for all, in order to receive liberty and justice for all, we must understand where to find what we seek.

“Justice” is simply another word for “healthy.”
The same is true for “self-education.”

”Healthy” is simply “heal” “thy” self.

Therefore, justice comes through self-healing – as individuals, as twos, as threes, as families, as communal trees and as a nation of people whose roots and branches touch every land.

We create and give justice to ourselves by recreating the unity consciousness within self that causes us to behave normally, thus in a healthy fashion which extends inner justice outwardly to others.

In summary, a healthy self is self-educated and fights for justice, whenever and wherever possible. This is true of of all groupings of people, from individuals to nations to worlds to galaxies to universes and to multi-verses. Through summary then, we gain understanding, thus confidence that if there is health anywhere else, that that higher spiritual force has been and still is sending help our way. Look not far. Beyond the obvious urgings within, that if ignored, become upheaval, the plants, the insects, the microorganisms, the other animals and the primordials have all been attempting to assist us in turning towards self-education, thus justice, thus health. None of their actions are just actions. The Initiate moves along the arc one step as this degree of understanding is achieved. Yet, I will say it more plainly to propel us forward in accordance with the urgency of things. Climate change is a metaphor. It is here to teach. It is here to show us how things on a much grander scale than humans, must change, are changing and can't be stopped from changing. Climate means more than just physical environment. It also means more than the environment outside self. It also means the higher aspect of the social, political, economic and all other climates, as these pertain to all the groupings mentioned above, are struggling in the fight for justice that the Creator established. There is no where where climate is not changing in some way. For the Initiate, this will clear things up that are confusing.

* Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Education: The Highest Form of Struggle (Video)

Confusing The Issue & Clearing Things Up
Unity Consciousness #203


Confusing The Issue & Clearing Things Up

by Ancestors through Usiku

We're confusing basic needs
How each relates spiritually
And the difference between
Species and varieties
But this is of no surprise
Thinking on the surface
Is always confusing to the eyes
The only way to clear up this condition
Is, of course, choosing what's for nutrition

A problem is an effect caused by confusing the issue.
We continue confusing what is not for what does not exist.
We continue confusing what is yet to come for what has never been.
We continue confusing the Weaker for the Stronger and the Elder for the Younger.

Understanding world history is clearing things up.
Knowing yourself is clearing things up.
Nutrition is clearing things up.

Each is a part of the other.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Know Yourself For More Good Reasons
Unity Consciousness #202


”Know yourself” is not just a catchy cool phrase that applied to people living a long time ago.

In addition to reasons already expressed, there are more good reasons to follow the simple advice to know yourself.

1. The process is the same as becoming your best in your best context.

2. The moment you stop thinking like your enemy, you stop losing.
The moment you start thinking as you're beginning to know yourself, you start winning.
The time it takes to win is extremely short compared to the time spent losing.

3. The process helps you know I am, the Creator (I am what you need me to be to lead your journey to unity).

4. Know yourself contains all keys you'll ever need.

Manipulation Media-Style: Psychological War
Unity Consciousness #201

Manipulation media-style is mind control all the while.

This applies to everyone: those who accept their human heritage as Africans and those who don't. It doesn't matter. All of us are the targets of media manipulation. Only the sickest among us will consider themselves unaffected by media-style manipulation of our thought processes.

Let me back up for one moment.

Media is not just the obvious things we call media or not just the “mass media.” Media is all mediums through which an idea is transmitted and communicated. This includes comments, both verbal and written. It includes all non-verbal communication. It also includes those we already know are forms of media such as movies, television, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, books, bibles, textbooks, songs, and more.
Media is all institutions, all organizations, family, friends, enemies, culture, religion, school, sports, entertainment and more.

According to Azibo, mass media includes any communication expressed by any individual or agency in any form, including lectures and conversations. It applies to all forms past and present. (1)

This Doesn't Apply To Me

How can this be? Where are you getting your information from? Not just on a daily basis but on a lifetime basis prior to today?

Your family is where you get your information from, you say? Where did or does your family get their information?

“I get my information from my own experience,” you might say. What are the thoughts and behavior of yourself and others based on in the experiences you are referring to?

Everyone is exposed daily to multiple forms of media. Even those who are “cut off from the rest of the world.” They all have multiple ways of transmitting information, therefore they have media. Everyone has media; everywhere there is media; and everything is media. (a)

Now tell me again how media manipulation does not apply to you.

Manipulation To Maintain White Supremacy

“As Frances Welsing points out, Nothing happens under White supremacy [society] that’s not about White supremacy” ergo the White over non-White formula must be maintained by mass media.” (2)

As had been explained before, White supremacy first attacks White people. It attacks them with all manner of media manipulation which then creates an army who carry out the conceptual constructs of White supremacy.* Then White supremacy, now having sufficient backup, attacks other people. It attacks Africans mostly and not because Africans are the weakest.

This describes the basic strategy for psychological warfare using mass media manipulation to control the minds, thoughts and behaviors of billions from cradle to grave generation after generation.

Media Is Part Of Organized Crime Against All People

“It would seem inhumane, criminal, and reprehensible to deliberately orient a people in a manner that alienates them from their indigenous identity and group heritage while simultaneously disorganizing their personalities. This is accomplished using all the image making and concept formation techniques that learning and cognitive consistency theories have to offer mass media applications.” (3)

* White people don't trust White people with the truth because they know, the truth will set their White slaves free and then there will be no more White supremacy. It's not possible to maintain White supremacy with just a few White supremacists. White Supremacy needs the overwhelming majority of people in every institution working to maintain White Supremacy. It is not just a few here and there.

Essay & Comparisons | Television & Telepathy
Television Writers Influence Brains & Mental Illness

(1) Ajani ya Azibo, Daudi, Ph.D., (1) "Criteria That Indicate When African-Centered Consciousness is Endangered or Depleted by The Mass Media,” The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 146.
(2) Ibid., 143.
(3) Ibid., 147.
(a)Media also includes all the information we get from the natural world within, without, below and above. Unless indicated, my use of the word media, does not include this universal definition, rather only the human-created, human-generated portion of media.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Africans, Keep Benefit of The Doubt For Yourself
Unity Consciousness #200


Africans possess a willingness to be fair to such a high degree, this kindness has become weakness.

Africans, keep the benefit of the doubt for yourself. The benefit is for you, not for those who aggressively work against us in every way imaginable.

If you're going to give our enemies the benefit of the doubt, then give twice as much to yourself and other Africans.

If you're going to give our aggressive enemies the benefit of the doubt, then also paint a fuller picture of reasons to doubt them as well.

Enemies deserve no benefit of the doubt from those they are in constant attack mode against.

Keep the benefit of the doubt until they repent and relent. Keep the benefit of the doubt until you see long-term and full recompense. This means setting all things straight post-haste. None of that “we've made progress” bullcrap.

Don't even give our enemies the benefit of the doubt in private.

Don't you know that not only do our enemies not give us the benefit of the doubt, they create doubt against us where there is no doubt.

Africans, don't be so quick to say, not all of them are bad. There are an extreme few who won't turn on you who you misbelieve their heart, soul and mind is for you. There are even fewer who will go through what you go through. Hell, you don't even want to. What makes you think more than a handful will volunteer to be recipients of nonstop oppression and aggression?

Africans, stop transferring and superimposing your humanity onto others. The evidence clearly shows they have one set of standards for themselves and one set for Africans. For example, haven't you paid attention to hundreds of years of court cases and other societal laws?

You better keep that benefit of the doubt for yourself because it is a very useful tool against playing the fool by giving others the benefit of the doubt. When you give others the benefit of the doubt you take away from yourself what you know to be true in the world. You base everything on how you what it to be. Keep the benefit of the doubt for yourself until those things you hope to be, become reality.

Don't you know by now Africans, you can never be around other groups and be at your best and those other groups not do their best to work against you? African best makes others uncomfortable and afraid. The only peaceful relationship for others in terms of Africans is one where they are superior and the African is in a subordinate position. Do you doubt this?

Black Twitter & Other Unsafe Havens
Manipulation Media-Style
Unity Consciousness #199

Black Twitter is not Black Twitter. It is not a place for Africans to go and feel safe. Black Twitter is White Twitter.

Old Game Being Played

Who doesn't know the internet is filled with fakers and fools?

The internet is the easiest of places to fake identity. On the internet, people frequently fake gender, country of origin, IP addresses, age, etc. And yes, all over the internet, there are non-Africans pretending to be African.

Nowhere on the internet should Africans automatically assume someone is who they say they are.

Who owns Black Twitter? Who set it up, monitors it and ensures every person on it is who they say they are?

It is a guarantee none of the answers to the above questions will ensure Black Twitter is not actually White Twitter in disguise. This is old game being played on unsuspecting Africans who, by nature, are seeking unity with each other.

The Global System of Human Racism White Supremacy And Other Discriminations is nonstop 72 hours a day. These people eat, sleep and breathe the need to deceive. Why? Because they self-deceive. This self-deception breeds and since there is plenty of it, they use it as their main weapon. They dispense 3 day's worth of this poisoned perspective every day.

I maintain, that anything on the internet meant to defame Africans, that is claimed to be have originated from Africans or that is claimed to be kept going by Africans, is in fact, the workings of White Supremacy and its legion of wannabes and paid character assassins. Yes, White people pay White people and others with White wannabe psyches to impersonate Africans. It's an actual job. People are hired full-time to find ways to make Africans look and feel negatively about themselves and positively about others. This is old game.

The cowardly brave hide behind fake identities and firewalls

Africans, please, study the psychological warfare methods of our enemies and anything else that creates knowledge of self. Either one, studied consistently, as an Initiate, will lead to the other.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What A Witchdoctor Can & Can't Do | Poem
Unity Consciousness #198


What A Witchdoctor Can & Can't Do

by Ancestors through Usiku

Cast veils over what's true
Then sell wicked brews
Market them as virtues
Each a spellbound ruse
To keep cells bound to
High esteem of lowest views
So Ancestors can't get through
To describe what they knew
Provide clues on what to use
To strengthen and guide you

Historical events abuse
Teach lies in school the rule
Claim to be holy on more than few
Train young into witchdoctors too
Sanctify with diplomas to prove
Kids easily get hooked on brew
Esteem based on inebriated view

A witchdoctor's self-hatred
Against God and all sacred
Is recessive aggressive
Madness over hue
Immaturity this proves
Pain he exhibits
Knowledge he inhibits
He tries to untwist
But can't accomplish
Unless you permit
Unless you assist
A witchdoctor can't win
Unless you forfeit
Base understanding
On his concoctions

Monday, April 20, 2015

Witchdoctors, Vodu & Voodoo
Unity Consciousness #197


African priests, priestesses and spiritual leaders and interpreters by other names have all been cast in a negative light by the negative human forces. By now Africans should know that what an enemy tries to scare you away from, run to it, especially that which has been made the most scariest.

The Vodu spiritual tradition has been cast into a negative light through movies, television and other media. These are the witches against which we must protect ourselves at all times.

In the Haitian religion of Vodu, a person who serves as a leader in performing rituals and ceremonies is referred to as the houngan (male priest) or mambo (female priestess). A common Western-generated misconception about houngan/mambo in the Vodu religion is that they are witchdoctors and practice “magic” against an individual. In fact, houngan's/mambo's role within Vodu culture is to perform rituals and/or ceremonies to prevent or ward off influences that have the possibility of affecting a particular person or the life of loved ones. Traditionally, houngans and mambos do not view themselves as intercessors between followers of the Vodu religion and God. (1)


The word Vodu is traceable to the term Vodun, which refers to the hundreds of immortal spirits and deities that can be communicated with and personal relationships developed. (2)

The word Vodou derives from West African words vodu or vodun, meaning “deity” or “spirit.” The word is used to designate divine and ancestral spirits who are identified with the natural forces of the universe and who participate actively in the lives of their devotees. Like other world religions, Vodou is a system of beliefs that instills in its devotees a need for solace and self-reflection; it is an expression of a people’s longing for meaning and purpose.

Vodou provides an explanation for death, which is envisaged as a spiritual transformation, a portal to the sacred world beyond this life in which morally upright individuals continue to influence their progeny. By extension, Vodou includes a whole assortment of artistic and cultural expressions and the belief in the effectiveness of an elaborate system of traditional healing practices. (3)

More understanding of Vodou & Voodoo is available from a primary source, Mama Zogbe at, who explains through experience:
The Vodou is an ancestral tradition. All races can learn to honor their own ancestors using traditional African practices, and offer prayer gratuity to the Spirit as a Vodunsi. However the African in the Diaspora has had a special relationship with the Vodou for thousands of years. The Vodou blood came in the blood of the African, and many are even born from direct lineages of these gods. It is they who experience the most profound disturbances in their lives when they forget, either deliberately or through social conditioning/amnesia who they are.

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, "Encyclopedia Of African Religion," (2009) pp. 318-319.
(2) Ibid., 283.
(3) Ibid., 695.

Witchcraft & Nganga, The Healer
Unity Consciousness #196


Negative forces of disorder are often referred to as witchcraft. Hence, the nganga employs divination and spirit possession to determine the cause of the disorder and plays the role of an "anti-sorcerer" (the one who neutralizes the power of witches).


In Africa, religion is not merely about the world to come.

Religion is not about self-denial for the glorification of deities.

Religion is viewed as a system of the ultimate meaning of human existence [knowledge of self].

Religion provides a comprehensive healing of mind and body and enhances spiritual and physical well-being. At the core of this religious worldview stands the nganga, or healer.

The word nganga refers to the healing function of religion. The notion of nganga emerges from the fundamental African understanding of interconnectedness, the nature of humans, social structures, illnesses and well-being. In this worldview, physical health largely depends on spiritual well-being and harmonious social relations.

Although the nganga is referred to by some scholars with less offensive lexicons as “medicine-man” or “shaman,” the nganga has been widely disparaged in Western scholarship, in which he is often referred to as a witchdoctor.

In Africa, the nganga is a savior of lives who plays an honorable role in the religious and social order.

The nganga acts as a powerful mediator between the visible world and the realm of spirits and ancestors. The nganga is an indispensable agent in the African tradition of healing and peacemaking. As a healer of body and spirit, the nganga works in close relation with the spirits and is often a priest who bridges the world of the living and that of the ancestors.

The nganga is at once an herbalist and a priest, a diviner and a prophet. He may be regarded, according to other classification systems, as a clairvoyant, a shaman, a psychic, or a medium. His medicine is closely intertwined with prayers, incantations, songs, dance, offerings, and sacrifices to the deities. While performing his divination, the nganga often enters a trance to better communicate with the spirits.

The healing process restores the psychic, social, and cosmic balance of the individual, as well as that of his community, and involves the observance of fundamental ethical rules to avoid sinking in chaos that brings about sickness.

Africans believe the world of the ancestors abounds in peace, joy, harmony, wealth, health, and happiness, whereas the current world of the living is beset by evildoers, danger, illness, and death. Therefore, genuine healing cannot be achieved without the intervention of the world of the ancestors.

Moreover, physical and mental illness is viewed primarily as a form of disorder or imbalance resulting from disunity between mind and body, the individual and society, or humans and spirits. A proper diagnosis of the root causes of disease requires an investigation of social relations and spiritual transgressions. Again, these negative forces of disorder are often referred to as witchcraft. (1)

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, "Encyclopedia Of African Religion," (2009) pp. 448-449.

Africans, Your God Is Your Image Of Yourself
Unity Consciousness #195


Tell me what kind of God you worship and I will tell you who you are!

The notion of God impacts the perception of the nature of the African people because religion plays a crucial role in people’s identity. Misconceptions abound on the African vision of God. Dominated militarily, politically, and economically, Africa came to be dominated also culturally and religiously. Its languages were demoted to meaningless dialects, its healers to witch doctors, its religion to fetishism, and its spiritual beings to idols.

Almost five centuries of colonial and Eurocentric scholarship have sanctified concepts and paradigms that have largely contributed to the distortion of the African vision of God. Categories forged or promoted by many, led to the definition of African traditional religion as animism, fetishism, magic, witchcraft, polytheism, shamanism, idolatry, paganism, primitive religion, and ancestor worship. Needless to say, these constructs have no existence in the lexicon of most African languages. They are clearly invented by outsiders for the benefit of an outside consciousness. (1)

Therefore Africans, if you continue to worship a God unlike yourself, your image of yourself will remain lower than those the God represents.

Are you a white male made to suffer in black female body or a black male body?

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, "Encyclopedia Of African Religion," (2009) pp. 284-285.

Skip Justice And Try Free Divination For All
Unity Consciousness #194


Since this whole “and justice for all” thing doesn't seem to be catching on, perhaps we should just skip justice and try free divination for all.

What Is Divination?

“The art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell the future or discover the hidden causes of illness and other forms of affliction. It is also a potent means of insight in the decision-making process and a way of knowing the will of the Gods in people’s lives by the aid of supernatural powers or a sophisticated interpretation of omens. As such, it pertains to the realm of prophecy, wisdom, and healing technique.

Its fundamental value stems from its ability to combine both the natural and supranatural cognitive modes, and its power to heal both mind and body, and both the individual and the community.

Divination Systems

“Divination remains a reliable source of knowledge for millions of people in almost all the religions known to humankind. In all nations and cultures, from prehistoric time to our digital age, people of all types of education and religious convictions seek the wisdom of divination by consulting people known as diviners, clairvoyants, shamans, psychics, mediums, or prophets.

Many Westerners regarded divination sessions as instances of arbitrary and idiosyncratic behavior by ignorant “witch-doctors.” It has survived all forms of attack and thrives today not only in remote villages, but also in major urban centers in Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Typical Process

Although quite often diviners grasp the will of the gods and the ancestors while under spirit possession and in a state of trance, they also operate via a complex system of knowledge that requires several years of rigorous training. A divination system is a rigorous process deriving from a learned discipline based on an extensive body of knowledge. Divining processes are diverse.

The diagnosis of the diviner is often followed by a plan for action that leads to healing and peace of mind. Divination provides that kind of knowledge that enables people to take control of their lives. As such, divination is a potent tool in humans’ quest for harmony and happiness.

All over Africa, diviners prohibit killings, lies, wicked thoughts, poisonous talks, and various forms of evil deeds and strongly recommend a virtuous code of conduct. This is why, in African understanding, divination is a magnificent gift from the Gods and is celebrated as a sacred and holy activity, rather than the evil tool of the devil.

In other words, divination is not merely a healing technique or merely a way of accessing secret knowledge. It is essentially a body of wisdom that engages individuals on the spiritual path of holiness and humaneness.” (1)

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, "Encyclopedia Of African Religion," (2009) pp. 206-209.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Becoming An Initiate To Wisdom | Poem
Unity Consciousness #193


Becoming An Initiate To Wisdom

by Ancestors through Usiku

The first bit of wisdom
Comes through decision
Which spirit, to be driven
Now comes the second bit
Always an expecting student
Always an expecting teacher
When I actually commit
Then I become an Initiate

Becoming An Initiate Of Learning Rather Than A Witch
Unity Consciousness #192


An Initiate dedicates self to a transformation process that brings forth from within, knowledge sought. Every level of understanding requires re-dedication to purpose.

Follow The Universal Signs To Learning

Before something happens on Earth, there is a metaphor/parable already present elsewhere in the universe. Earth is downstream of the source and flow of energy in the galaxy. This delay of motion explains why it takes time for sunlight to reach Earth. This delay of motion also explains why, as the Universe moves and changes, Earthly events are affected on a motion/time delay. This delay is perceived as motion at higher dimensions and perceived as time at the lower dimensions of human consciousness.

Following the universal signs above, below, within and without will allow the Initiate to move beyond the mystery of the missed story and read the story straight from any of the books. It will provide the Initiate with the keys needed to decipher, read and heed the signs of what is to come, what is going on right now and what has already came.

Human to human transfer of information is only one way of learning. The other ways of knowing help the Initiate tap into more genius.

The Initiate's Holistic View

Everything is interconnected. There is a fundamental connection between the living and the Dead, the visible and the invisible, the spiritual and the material, the human and the divine, humanity and the natural world, and so on. To understand or to know is to grasp the relations of interconnectedness of all things.

Rather than separating himself from the object of study, the African communicates with that which he wishes to know. The African becomes tree with the tree, rock with the rock, water with water, and wind with the wind. The best way to know is to use a variety of tools or human faculties and a variety of methods.

The pursuit of knowledge is inseparable from the pursuit of wisdom because, in an African understanding, a genuine knowledge necessarily involves wisdom. The unwise knower is referred to as a witch. The purpose of knowledge is to enhance human flourishing and preserve and promote all other forms of life in the universe. This is why initiation is fundamental. It is critical to train human character so people can handle knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

The act of knowing is a process of becoming humane. Where knowledge leads to violence, oppression, and destruction, Africans speak of witchcraft (Butshi, buloji, kindoki), rather than knowledge wisdom (Bwino).” (1)

Redefining Cocoons, Wombs & Tombs

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, "Encyclopedia Of African Religion," (2009) p. 245.

What's Theirs Is Mine
Unity Consciousness #191


What's Theirs Is Mine

by Ancestors through Usiku

Pure genius in my bloodlines
Before I was confined
Is much easier to find
Strongly aligned
With ancestral help
What's theirs is mine
0 to 9 combined
Self-study habits
Enables me to grab it
Raise it higher divine
Pass it along bended line

Metaphor & Parable Of Restricted Polluted Waters |Definitions
Unity Consciousness #190


Metaphor is a way of transferring meaning and understanding of one thing to another. This allows us to maximize learning. Once we recognize similarity and interrelatedness between two things, all we have to do is understand the first thing and then we can understand the second thing more easily and more quickly.

Parable means compare-able. This means two things can be paired for understanding of their common and/or uncommon aspects (compare/contrast). These aspects can then be used to teach lessons about one thing, through another thing. A parable is a shortened way to say comparable. A parable is presented as a brief saying” or short story.

Metaphor and parable are one and the same thing. They are ways of knowing.

We make and use comparisons all day everyday; thus, our daily thought processes are filled with metaphors and parables.

Restricted Polluted Waters

A family came upon a deep stream that flowed from a distant mountain. They thirsted, drank and were satisfied. People closer to the mountain restricted most of the waters. Downstream the waters slowly became polluted.

Sickness entered their midst. Ancestors sent many messages to remind them what was once pure, can become impure. They finally boiled the water. They also caught rainwater in vessels. They began to heal.

The family moved closer to the mountain where the stream flowed deeply. As they drank from the source, they experienced and remembered. Energies unified, broke free of restrictions and they all regained what was lost.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sugar Definitions Used & Abused By The Confused FDA
Unity Consciousness #189


Sugar Definition For Nutrition Labelling

“Sugars shall be defined as the sum of all free mono- and disaccharides (such as glucose, fructose, lactose, and sucrose).

No Daily Value Needs To Be Listed For Sugar On Nutrition Labelling

The percent of the Daily Value of all dietary ingredients declared under this section shall be listed.. no percent shall be given for subcomponents for which DRV's have not been established (e.g., sugars).

Sugar Definition For Ingredient Labelling

For purposes of ingredient labeling, the term sugar shall refer to sucrose, which is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beets...

Corn Sugar

Corn sugar is commonly called D-glucose or dextrose.

Nutritive Carbohydrate Sweeteners

Nutritive carbohydrate sweeteners. Sugar (sucrose), beet or cane; invert sugar (in paste or sirup form); brown sugar; refiner's sirup; molasses (other than blackstrap); high fructose corn sirup; fructose; fructose sirup; maltose; maltose sirup, dried maltose sirup; malt extract, dried malt extract; malt sirup, dried malt sirup; honey ; maple sugar; or any of the sweeteners listed in part 168 of this chapter, except table sirup.

Sweeteners & Table Sirups

Per Sec. 168.110: The only sweetener listed is Dextrose anhydrous which is purified and crystallized D-glucose[corn sugar].

Sugar Alcohol Definition For Nutrition Labelling

Sugar alcohol (VOLUNTARY): A statement of the number of grams of sugar alcohols in a serving may be declared voluntarily on the label, except that when a claim is made on the label or in labeling about sugar alcohol or sugars when sugar alcohols are present in the food, sugar alcohol content shall be declared. For nutrition labeling purposes, sugar alcohols are defined as the sum of saccharide derivatives in which a hydroxyl group replaces a ketone or aldehyde group and whose use in the food is listed by FDA (e.g., mannitol or xylitol) or is generally recognized as safe (e.g., sorbitol). In lieu of the term "sugar alcohol," the name of the specific sugar alcohol (e.g., "xylitol") present in the food may be used in the nutrition label provided that only one sugar alcohol is present in the food.

Sugar Alcohol Is Still Sugar

According to the American Diabetes Association: “Sugar alcohols are one type of reduced-calorie sweetener. You can find them in ice creams, cookies, puddings, candies and chewing gum that is labeled as "sugar-free" or "no sugar added." Sugar alcohols provide fewer calories than sugar and have less of an effect on blood glucose (blood sugar) than other carbohydrates.

Examples of sugar alcohol are:
Erythritol; Glycerol (also known as glycerin or glycerine); hydrogenated starch hydrolysates; isomalt; lactitol; maltitol; mannitol; sorbitol; xylitol”

Sugar Definitions For Canned Fruits

When it comes to sugar in canned fruits, the FDA uses words like starch, sirup, glucose, dexrose, sugar and more.
(a) The term corn sirup means a clarified, concentrated aqueous solution of the products obtained by the incomplete hydrolysis of cornstarch, and includes dried corn sirup. The solids of corn sirup and of dried corn sirup contain not less than 40 percent by weight of reducing sugars calculated as anhydrous dextrose.
(b) The term dextrose means the hydrated or anhydrous, refined monosaccharide obtained from hydrolyzed starch.
(c) The term dried glucose sirup means the product obtained by drying "glucose sirup."
(d) The term glucose sirup means a clarified, concentrated, aqueous solution of the products obtained by the incomplete hydrolysis of any edible starch. The solids of glucose sirup contain not less than 40 percent by weight of reducing sugars calculated as anhydrous dextrose.
(e) The term invert sugar sirup means an aqueous solution of inverted or partly inverted, refined or partly refined sucrose, the solids of which contain not more than 0.3 percent by weight of ash, and which is colorless, odorless, and flavorless, except for sweetness.
(f) The term sugar means refined sucrose.

Canned Pineapple – Who Knew?

Canned pineapple is the food prepared from mature, fresh or previously canned, pineapple... Truth is, this is true for several types of canned fruits. It does make good business sense, why fool with processing fresh pineapples when its easier to can previously canned pineapples?

Sugar Allowed In Canned Vegetables

In the case of all vegetables, one or more of the following optional seasoning ingredients may be added in a quantity sufficient to season the food.
Refined sugar (sucrose); Refined corn sugar (dextrose); Corn sirup, glucose sirup; Dried corn sirup, dried glucose sirup.

Sugar & Tooth Decay

The relationship between consumption of fermentable carbohydrates, i.e., dietary sugars and starches, and tooth decay is well established. Sucrose, also known as sugar, is one of the most, but not the only, cariogenic sugars in the diet.

What business is it of the FDA to include this public service announcement about sugar when it doesn't do the same for all of the other harmful effects of the “foods” it approves?

Sugar Substitutes Are Not Clearly Defined

In section 170.3, Sugar substitutes, including granulated, liquid, and tablet sugar substitutes.

Sugar alternatives are not clearly defined

Caramel definition

Vanilla powder can contain one or more types of sugar.

Cocoa butter substitute from coconut oil, palm kernel oil, or both oils may be used as coating material for sugar, table salt, vitamins, citric acid, succinic acid, and spices; and in compound coatings, cocoa creams, cocoa-based sweets, toffees, caramel masses, and chewing sweets...

Food Additives Permitted In Food Or In Contact With Food On An Interim Basis Pending Additional Study
Usually government says we can't do anything until we get more research. But here, in terms of food safety, they say, we're not sure but its approved and we'll just wait on some more information for final approval. In the meantime, yes you can put it in the food.

Petrolatum is used in beet sugar and yeast as a defoaming agent.

Common wording FDA uses a lot to give food industry room to do anything:
“in accordance with current good manufacturing practice in an amount not to exceed that reasonably required to accomplish the intended effect.”
Who determines manufacturing practices? Each industry. If the intended effect is to make food really sweet, then putting a lot of sugar in is legally okay.

The FDA loves using phrases like, “generally recognized as safe” instead of just telling the truth and saying “it's not actually safe just recognized as safe.”

These are just some of the regulations pertaining to sugar and sugar by deceptive names. Names such as Molasses, Sugar substitute, Sugar alternative, Sweetener, nutritive sweetener, high-intensity sweetener, honey, optional sweetening ingredient and more.

The FDA intentionally spells syrup, sirup so the public can't find it on the website or on the internet because it's not normal to search for high fructose corn sirup.

The FDA has approved a new high-intensity sweetener called Advantame.

Sugar eaten in the plant it was created in, is good for health. Sugar is simply a sweet carbohydrate, scientifically called sucrose. Our DNA and RNA contain sugar.

Search FDA regulations

In some places, the FDA talks a pretty good game; however, due to being fragmented, morally and otherwise, the FDA does not accomplish its stated mission, “Protecting and Promoting Your Health.
Fiber and sugars are types of carbohydrates. Healthy sources, like fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains, can reduce the risk of heart disease and improve digestive functioning.
As part of our continuing effort to reduce the incidence of obesity in the United States, FDA wants to ensure that consumers are provided with the label information they need to make informed choices for maintaining a healthy diet.