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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Working Towards A Definition Of Fairness
Unity Consciousness #741


(Part 2 of 26)

Part 1 describes fairness in general terms, but what is fairness in more specific terms?

Is fairness what people agree on or is it determined by some other basis (context) or both? Is that basis natural law or human law or what the majority wants or what the minority will put up with or all these things?

Questions of Fairness & Unfairness Continue

1. Is it unfair to be enslaved for hundreds of years, or is it fair, compared to being trapped in an Ice Age for thousands of years?

2. Is it unfair when someone is tried and convicted or exonerated in the media driven public opinion court, or is it fair, compared to having a judge or handful of people decide in a system where justice is both blind and holds uneven scales?

3. Is it unfair for 99% to have to petition 1% for fairness, or is it fair, compared to having your resources taken and being given to and/or sold to the 99% to satisfy their consumption addiction?

4. Is it unfair to be subject to what nature does, or is it fair, compared to being used as pieces of dominion by your caretakers?

5. Is it unfair to be born into a society predicated upon unfairness, or is it fair, compared to being born into a civilization now destroyed by a society?

6. Is it unfair to be under unprovoked attack, or is it fair, compared to being devoid of understanding and conscience to the point you attack unprovoked?

7. Is it unfair when institutions that are supposed to help you, harm you, or is it fair, compared to family and “friends” who harm you?

8. Is it unfair when there is not one fair election, or is it fair, compared to there not being one fair major institution in the society?

9. Is it unfair to go through years of mandatory schooling that does not prepare you to optimize your genetic potential, or is it far, compared to not having early opportunity to know yourself?

10. Is it unfair on numerous occasions to be driving and obeying human law and still get followed all the way out of town, or is it fair, compared to never making it out of town because cop-outs shoot you down?

11. Is it unfair that cops have military weapons and training to use against women and children, or is it fair, compared to having a military invade your country as the world police to supposedly provide relief?

12. Is it unfair to hardworking athletes when judges and referees make inconsistent decisions in sports, or is it fair, compared to messing with your life 24/7 being considered a sport?

13. Is it unfair to be cheated out of money when I sold cars years ago, or is it fair, compared to being warned by spirit a few seconds before I was about to be carjacked years later.

14. Is it unfair to be unfairly “let go” from jobs, or is it fair, compared to being unfairly not hired?

15. Is it unfair to have to experience unfairness, or is it fair, compared to not having a way to maintain eternal life?

16. Is it unfair to have to experience unfairness, or is it fair, compared to the Creator having to experience Ogo/Yurugu/Devil?

17. Is it unfair to have to experience unfairness, or is it fair, compared to there being no such thing as Universal Karma?

18. Is it unfair to be hurt (heart-broken) in a romantic relationship by someone you loved, or is it fair, compared to never having the opportunity to experience blossoming into loving this way?

19. Is it unfair to be punished for telling the truth, or it is fair, compared to being rewarded for telling a lie?

20. Is it unfair to be paid minimum wage in America, or is it fair, compared to several days of pay in some countries not coming close to one day of minimum wage pay in America?

21. Is it unfair when you know you don't have basic needs, or is it fair, compared to being fed logic, since before birth, that weakens you even though you've always had food, shelter & clothing?

22. Is it unfair to females to be taught the Supreme Being is male only, or is it fair, compared to being so estranged from the higher-self within, you are willing to ignore all the metaphors in the Ecosystem that tell you creation of life requires female and male participators?

23. Is it unfair if you do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but they don't reciprocate, or is it fair, compared to not doing better because you have not had the opportunity to know better?

24. Is it unfair when a young mind is led, dragged and kidnapped into an adult's multi-level ditch, or is it fair, compared to, upon becoming an adult themselves, the person is so thoroughly acclimated, logic says, “this is where you and I fit,” so the adult child sees no reason to climb out of a ditch, logic insists, only exists, outside the mind?

25. Is it unfair pest control is not for human to human pestilence, or is it fair, compared to mass murder sold as weed and pest control?

26. Is it unfair when humans destroy food and shelter of non-humans, and these creations just rebuild without reprisal, or is fair, compared to not being able to fix broken links to home?

27. Is it unfair that some poison is sweet, or is it fair, compared to being addicted to the Giri So and always feenin' for a hit of in-toxic-aiding logic from false prophets?

28. Is it unfair to not have for so long, you learn to live without expecting it, or is it fair, compared to having for long, and unexpectedly not having, and having no time to adjust?

29. Is it unfair that by virtue of belief and a lack of information, things become true, or is it fair, compared to having an allergic reaction to knowing truth?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Intro To Fairness, Reintro To Twin Power
Unity Consciousness #740


(Part 1 of 26)

Cardinal Principle #3 states, “The universe is governed by the law of opposites... in order to know good, we must also know what is not quite as good...”

This then means, in order for fairness to exist, what is not quite as fair (unfairness) must also exist in the Universe, at least for some portion of time.
By this we know, unfairness is a necessary twin power pairing to fairness.
Unfairness helps us understand and define fairness just as fairness helps us define and understand unfairness. They need each other.
It would not be possible to comprehend fairness if there was no unfairness to show what fairness is not.
All opposites are necessary. Enemies are necessary to help us understand what friends are. Haters help us identify lovers. This logic applies to all things because all things have opposites.

Because all things have opposites within themselves. These dual aspects exist as pairs and are inseparable. Where one twin exists and is being manifested, the potential for the other twin exists. Often, both twins are being manifested. For example, hate for one person and love for another person.
Likewise, a person can give both fairness and unfairness.
A person can receive both fairness and unfairness.

To Coin An Example

Unfairness is “the other side of the coin” of fairness.
When fairness is the side facing up, fairness is being given or received. At the same time, the potential for unfairness exists close by on the flip side. The full potential of unfairness is still there but its expression is muted, suppressed, absent and hidden due to the logic of fairness being in a position to be the fuller, more dominant expression. This example also applies when unfairness is the side facing up.
However, we know some coins can stand on edge such that both sides of a coin are equally exposed. This means both fairness and unfairness can be equally present in a person's life either through giving or receiving.
However, we know a coin can't stand on edge for long. A person cannot remain in a state of equal amounts of fairness and unfairness. There are too many changing dynamics for this to be so. Sooner or later, a coin on edge will move to one side.

Yes, more coins standing on edge would support each other but it is unlikely for any person to be able to maintain a group of twin pairings on edge such that several sets of twin pairs are equal in a person's life.

Yes, a coin can be titled to one side creating more exposure on one side than the other.

In order for fairness or unfairness to exist they must be practiced. They must be put into motion. They must stay in motion and continue to be practiced in order to continue to exist. This is good and not quite as good.
When coins are in use and being moved around and changing places and being exchanged between people, the potential for the coin to start out on the fair side and end up on the unfair side is great. It's easy for a coin to get flipped over as daily and constant decisions are being made about where, where and how to use fairness. Though this is not quite as good when fairness flips to unfairness, it is a good thing because when unfairness is the starting point, it could be flipped to fairness as people continue to make decisions as to what to do with what they've been handed.
Despite this example, I hope the decision to give fairness or unfairness is not left up to a coin toss.

Twin Power Pairings In Each Person

Some of us think we are not capable of certain things. The reasons for this thinking is explained in the following two messages:
Amen (Hidden) & Amenet (Revealed) Meanings
Everything Unknown Remains Hidden In Plain Sight

The only way you can be incapable of one thing and not incapable of the other thing is if you are incapable of both.
If you can love deeply, you can hate deeply.
If you can love with little to no reason, you can hate with little to no reason.
If you can be happy and experience the wonderful, you can be sad and experience the terrible.
If you can save a life, you can take a life.
If Yeshua (Jesus) could be without sin, he could be with sin.

Every person has the potential to do what they think they would not do and every person has the potential to not do what they think they would do.
Everyday moments of truth provide all proof.

Consider what you are capable of from a different perspective. If it is possible to do the things of those you admire most, it is also possible for you to do the things of those you despise the most. It doesn't matter how long ago the person lived.

Everyone can be both fair and unfair. Everyone likely has been both. Everyone is likely still giving both fairness and unfairness and receiving both fairness and unfairness.

Consider yet another perspective. If everything that exists is within the Creator, everything is possible within the Creator.
If everything is possible within the Creator, everything is possible within the Creator's creations (children) – because we have the same spirit.

Growing into knowing yourself through the continuous process of unifying understandings removes doubts about what you are capable and incapable of because you will be understanding the genetic potential of your spirit, mind, emotion and body.
You will begin understanding you are a manifestation, replication, transformation and formula-tion of the entirety of the Universe and all its potentials.

This includes the potential to be fair and the potential to be unfair (not quite as fair).

Since unfairness is necessary in the world in order to understand what fairness is, then if you want to give and receive fairness, you must also want the potential to give and receive unfairness. It is true, you should be careful what you ask for when you say I want fairness! I wish people were fair. Why can't everyone be fair?

Note #1: After all this, those who are used to seeking every possible escape route from natural law will say, “Even though I have the potential to be unfair doesn't mean I have to be unfair.”
I say, “Someone has to be unfair. Who should it be? If you hope it's someone else or glad it's someone else, is that fair?”

The person will then say, “Even though there's the potential for me to be treated unfairly doesn't mean I need to be treated unfairly!”
I say, “Someone has to be treated unfairly. Who should it be? Why not you?”

Both fairness and unfairness go where they have to go to fulfill the spiritual.

Note #2: Those who think they should not receive unfairness are using the same logic as those who think they are above human law. Universal Karma is natural law that sends unfairness your way in the form of "not quite as good vibrations" for something you ain't done right.
For those who don't want unfairness to exist at all, this means they also don't want Universal Karma to exist which means many humans would get away with a lot of crimes against the Rights of Creation because the only way to be punished would be by humans. (UC#161 and UC#726)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ecosystem Logic Climate Change & The Spiritual War
Unity Consciousness #739


(Part 6 of 6)

What's Happening Is Ecosystem Change

It's not just the rain, it's the water.
It's not just the water, it's the Sun and other Primordials.
It's not just the Primordials individually, it's Earth & Universe collectively.
In other words, climate change is Ecosystem Change.

As indicated in Part 3, Ecosystem Change is Information Change. Ecosystem Logic is changing. The Climate of Logic is changing for humans and non-humans.
This is why we must continuously optimize and calibrate logic with Ecosystem logic. We need to keep downloading and installing the latest updates into our genetics in order to stay tuned to program changes in the Ecosystem.

Through the circulatory system of the Ecosystem, there is a controlled release of Elements and information into genetic libraries, the spirit web and the internet. These movements, many which are noticeable with second level awareness, continue to bear witness that pieces are being moved into position in the physical war.

As stated in Part 4, we are in the midst of a revolution.
Revolution is taking place as to how we live our lives.

In Logic We Trust

Just like other creations, humans can create things and build cities but this is not a good reason to place an inordinate amount of trust in human ability and consider what we do as “outsmarting” nature. Humans cannot create any of the things humans are made of or depend on to live. Everything comes from the natural world Ecosystem humans did not create.
So how is it that humans can outsmart what they have yet to figure out how to create?
Stop trusting the logic of humans as the main go-to expert on life and existence and start listening again to the logic of the Ecosystem within and without.

Genetic Annihilation & The Spiritual War
Unity Consciousness #738


(Part 5 of 6)

See Part 4 for the lead-ins to this message.

Genetic Annihilation

Despite all attempts to avoid genetic annihilation, the lower-self is losing ground.

The irony is that the lower-self is seeking self-preservation by annihilating higher-self manifestations when instead the path to self-preservation is through maturation of understandings, cooperation with the Ecosystem and becoming more complete.
The result is that all actions to self-preserve using lower-self logic, actually facilitate self-destruction.

Fear and an emotionally-imbalanced focus having no interest in a fuller knowledge of self have caused the lower-self to repeatedly miss and dismiss the point of remaining calibrated to Ecosystem logic, even though the lower-self is keenly aware of its incompleteness.

On the human level, the implementation of genderism, religion, religious divide and conquer, separation of church and state, and racism were growing signs and admissions of weakening Ecosystem Logic and weakening genetics.
That these philosophies of logic were necessary to implement in cultures in order to exert rule over females, over original spiritual traditions and create Gods and governments to justify rule over humans and non-humans is an admission of their greater power.*

What continues to be proven is that what humans turn into an advantage for themselves is not validated to “hold water” in the Ecosystem.
Look at all the things humans do to try to rule over the Ecosystem and look at how easily the Ecosystem overrules what humans do.
All aspects of creation are able to manipulate nature in order to live. This is not a human advantage.

Genetics Of Karma

Like everything else, Universal Karma is a spiritual thing that manifests physically.
Rather than gain an advantage, humans have disadvantaged themselves by using genetic potential to sicken what humans depend on to live.
Universal Karma says then, that what was provided to sustain life will be the very thing to drain life out of humans.
This is in keeping with the physical manifestation of the spiritual war.

On another level, because there is a Universe within and many lives are within each person, humans who continue to harm this Ecosystem temple, should remember everything necessary to kill an organism is already inside the organism in genetic code. The instructions to kill you and keep you alive are in the exact same place. Cells already self-destruct and kill themselves so it must be possible for a self-destruct system shutdown sequence to be activated that kills enough cells to kill the entire organism.
This might be part of the multi-level attack in the physical war.(UC#737, UC#448)

Universal Karma, of course, is a form of justice.

Who has the ability to stand outside and above the Universe in order to escape these laws?
The lower-self should not want to because these same laws guarantee the lower-self will not be annihilated for doing its job.

*Expansion pending

3.08.17 Update

The words "higher-self" and "lower-self" should be reversed. Lower-self was first to manifest its potential as the foundation of this Creation.

Higher-Self Is Increasing Offense In The Spiritual War
Unity Consciousness #737


(Part 4 of 6)

“This process also helps me understand why it is not necessary to hate someone I disagree with or declare war or sanction them or vilify them.” From Part 3

Sizing Up The Combatants

The size of the human component of this Earth is a dust speck compared to Earth.
The human component of this Earth is a nanoparticle on a Universal scale.
Some of these humans are at odds with a greater portion of Earth and Universe than they are at odds with other humans.
Though many humans have been harmed by humans, so also has the extremely larger non-human portion of Earth & Universe.
All of this then means, if a physical battle is necessary to stop the damage humans are causing, then those with the greater grief have the biggest “beef” and will be the majority to provide relief in the physical army against humans.

The Command Of The Higher-Self

The higher-self has not yet given the command for a full physical offensive using all resources.
Based on the section above and what we have experienced, witnessed and read about, Earth and Universe could very easily annihilate humans if necessary.
Many humans have the makings of this understanding in the logic of their beliefs. Many believe massive dinosaurs of Land, Water and Air were annihilated instantly by one dinosaur-seeking meteor from the Universe that was able to penetrate multiple dimensions with extinction power and only kill dinosaurs. How many meteors are still out there?
Many also believe all but a few lives were annihilated in less than 40 days by nonstop rain that flooded Earth. Who hasn't noticed water is again rising?
In addition to these beliefs, we should know the Ecosystem is constantly changing because we see it every day all around us and we see it in ourselves. Ecosystem changes includes constant human influences on each other and everything else.
By linking this logic to the extinction of species, we gain a greater understanding of the fundamental cause of extinction. Extinction is caused by loss of (sur)viability. Viability is the genetic ability to adjust quickly enough and appropriately enough to changing conditions.
When we then further understand genetics are not only physical, but are also spiritual, mental and emotional, then we understand how vulnerable human genetics are to succumbing to the ever-changing genetics of Earth & Universe.

By extension of understanding, this means, there is really no need for the higher-self to launch a full physical attack because the physical war is being won through attrition. Humans whose logic is lower-self dominated are becoming weaker and wackier by the minute.

The higher-self could just wait humans out and win the war but this war is relatively “long in the tooth” and the higher-self is also taking into consideration the bigger plan it has for Earth & Universe and everything within them as the new Age of the Great Year approaches full position.

The Plan Of The Higher-Self

The pace of preparations is quickening in this continuous physical war. The higher-self is maturing in understanding, thus is improving the infrastructure of the growing offensive.
Since humans are not numerically a significant portion of the main offensive, do not look at humans only to get most of your understanding regarding the status of the spiritual war and physical war. The genetic infrastructure of the higher-self is being upgraded from Above, Below, Without and Within even as the genetic infrastructure of the lower-self is being attacked from Air, Land, Water and Sun by the higher-self. Also being deployed are a legion of microorganisms, insects and other lifeforms to soften the enemy.

Once lower-self driven humans and their beloved weapons, tools, technologies and fortifications are decimated and their supposed advantages and know-how exposed for the illusions they are, then the higher-self will call humans into action against these humans.
Those being called into action will have the upper-hand due to the command of the higher-self and due to more optimized genetics and due to the loss of lower-self humans of all their security, including significant loss of genetic viability.
Under these conditions, there will be no need for “sophisticated” weaponry. The physical war will be finished quickly and societies will be replaced with civilizations.

Because the Creator, Earth, Universe and Universal Karma are going to reduce the lower-self down to size, there is no need for humans to get emotionally ill dealing with the sadistic egotistic logic of the lower-self. Even so, this does not mean humans can just chill. In no way does this mean humans can sit back and wait for heroines, heroes and calvary. No, humans must continue preparing the entire self for the current and ongoing physical battle and, in the meantime, also continue to battle in other ways. Ancestors are already calling you to know yourself so you can know through yourself what you need to do.
Once enough people get their spirits, minds, emotions and bodies logically right, then it will be time to physically fight.

Aftermath Of The Physical War

Nowhere will the lower-self remain in control, not in government, not in business, not in any institution, not in land ownership and not in control of any resources beyond what is needed for self.
This must be so because the return to evolution is re-evolution is revolution.
A purpose of the spiritual war and physical war is to liberate Earth & Universe from lower-self control and with new understandings, also eliminate the ability of the lower-self to retake control of the same things in the same way.
The rest then, will be up to a new era of evolved humans and evolved Ecosystem to put their genetic potential to the test.

None of this is mystery. Spiritual energy must manifest through the physical. Sickness follows health, health follows sickness and redistribution of nutrient wealth throughout the body is a part of health.

As it is spiritual, so it is to be physical.
First spiritual, then physical.
Haven't many sensed a spiritual shift?
Spiritual victory of the higher-self guarantees physical victory.

Even if humans content with the lower-self fueled/fooled status quo on Earth, attempt to make some improvements to logic and yet remain intent to stick mostly with the lower-self, the higher-self will flesh/flush them out from under their virus-like cloaking, by using an already self-updating, pre-programmed scanning system that searches deeper into logic.

None of this is far from what many humans already think because many who believe in a Higher Power also believe there are spiritual powers to assist in daily life, including any and all battles.

Annihilate The Lower-Self??

Experience proves, killing leaders and killing every person who possess an ideology does nothing but kill people. It does not defeat an ideology. That would be too easy. (UC#563)
Therefore, the genetic potential of the lower-self leader must remain but the size of this potential and its manifestations must be reduced to a much smaller degree than what currently exists, as part of the Creator's twin power balancing act.* The size of the lower-self must be reduced through transformation and reabsorption into the higher-self. So also must a lot of mutated logic be fixed with more complete information and so also must many humans return to their original African selves. For those who do not, only one fate and option will remain because the lower-self will not “stand down” and this war will not end in surrender.

*Another simultaneous possibility is the kinetic energy of the lower-self must be returned to its non-moving potential energy state. This seems likely since understanding of the changes in black matter and black energy indicate this potential (stored energy) is being transformed and put into motion (kinetic). The direction of spiritual momentum indicates this potential is higher-self.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Emotional Aspect Of Agreeing & Disagreeing
Unity Consciousness #736


(Part 3 of 6)

Emotion – One Of Four Inseparable Aspects Of Self

Because spirit, mind and emotion are inseparable as one, logic has an emotional component; therefore, agreeing and disagreeing produce emotional vibrations felt by spirit, mind and body. (Day 9 and UC#658).
This is also the same as how genetic influences that affect one aspect of self, also affect the other three aspects. Logic is a genetic component and information is a genetic influence. (See Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses )

In other words, it is to be expected that agreeing produces an emotional response that feels good. When agreeing is between people whose logic merely agrees with each other but not with Ecosystem Logic, then agreeing can feel good even if the agreeing is not good for the two people. In other words, just because something feels good does not mean I have made the best decision.
This is easily understood when it comes to agreeing to have sex or to get married.

It is to be expected that disagreeing produces an emotional response that does not feel good. When disagreeing is between people whose logic merely disagrees with each other but at least one set of logic is more aligned with the Ecosystem, then disagreeing feels bad, but for good reason. In other words, just because something feels bad does not mean I have made a bad decision.
For example, one person wants to get or stay married, but the other person does not for whatever reason. This feels bad but is a good thing. Time to move apart.

Also, disagreeing can occur when both sets of logic are significantly out of alignment with Ecosystem Logic. The result is usually both people feeling bad, yet feeling good because each person considering their logic to be "as it should be." Both people feel bad, but for the wrong reasons. They feel bad at each other and about each other's logic rather than feeling bad about being out of balance with Ecosystem Logic.

For example both people think they own the water, land, air rights, space rights and other resources and have the right to exert unilateral dominion over the same and each other. This logic is considered to be “as it should be” because its information comes from a mentality and spirituality with a weak and weakening connection to Eco-sensibility.

Seeking Understanding, Feeling Emotional

Before there was disagreeing, there was agreeing.
Before there was misunderstanding, there was understanding.
First, there was agreeing and understanding between humans and the rest of the natural world. Thus, as a result, as an effect and as a byproduct, there was automatically agreeing and understanding between humans. This is the only way for human progress to occur.

This then re-minds my logic, that the understanding I seek, has been already reached.
I have simply lost my connections to the way to get back to this understanding. By way of metaphor, I am one card in a multi-deck set of cards that have been shuffled and scrambled and must be put back into order by the Great Spider who is highly qualified to untangle the tangled web of logic with all its snags, snarls and k(nots). [Each person is like this. Also within each person logic is like this. Also in the world of humans, logic in circulation and that has been getting the most hits in recent times, is like this.]

All this is explained for the purpose of helping me understand that when I am striving and struggling to understand something, why it is not easy and doesn't feel good and why certain untanglings of logic take a great deal of patience and persistence.
This is also why, once I increase understanding, it sure feels good.

Information Is For Consideration

It's up to each person to decide what to do with information.
It is each person's responsibility and destiny to provide information, instructions and perspective to the Ecosystem of Logic to facilitate understandings of our genetic potential. I already do this by virtue of everything I think, say and do and by everything I don't think, say or do. I must become conscious of my influence in the Ecosystem so I can be more in control of self.

Now, once information is received by me or provided by me, then a portion of Principle #4 of the Ten Cardinal Principles becomes satisfied.
What then remains, as always, is the need incentive for me and others to continue to get information, instructions and perspectives and work on optimizing Ecosystem Logic.

On one hand, because I have been so ingrained (deeply programmed, yet having only surface awareness of myself) with information and instructions (thought processes) and fragmented flipped perspectives, logic gets tangled up by nearly every concept, a few being ”competing against one another,” ”comparing & contrasting lives,” and by “not understanding how to break out of my logic” by adjusting and transforming the habit of the logic I have repeated thousands of times.
As a result, emotions weigh-in and are given too much weight in thought processes, which only serves to devote me to the logic I currently possess and to heck with the rest. This is an unhealthy situation for any person because this type of thinking invites stagnation which further shifts momentum to the side of the lower-self and the logic it forms.

On the other hand, if I just recheck my logic against the Ecosystem and check the logic I just encountered against the Ecosystem, and then think again for the third time, then my emotional reaction to the information won't interfere with or stop me from going through the process necessary to recognize more of where logic connects and disconnects. Since emotional energy has now been funneled into analysis and studying, emotional overreaction is usually avoided. (UC#644)
This process also helps me avoid thoughts of somebody trying to persuade me, convince me or outsmart me as discussed in UC#731.
This process also helps me be relaxed and receptive as information is encountered rather than continue to use emotion-dominated logic that shrieks, “Resist! Deny! Ignore! Dismiss! Be fearful! Act out!”

This process also helps me understand why it is not necessary to hate someone I disagree with or declare war or sanction them or vilify them.* However, a good reason to fight back is when I am under attack, otherwise, going separate ways to find our way home another way is the best course of action. A good reason to limit interacting with and communicating with the person is if they are not faithful to what a conversation is.

In keeping with the multi-layered challenge facing the Great Spider, I must check out information rather than throw it out. Better yet, don't throw it out, instead, work it out so it can be sorted out.
This becomes more possible as we increase understandings such as realizing the logic of the lower-self only makes logical sense when information is left out or altered because the lower-self considers the partial to be the whole. Therefore complete information exposes the partial for what it is, thus different information is considered an attack because it indicates the need for self-correction. This is exactly what societies do. (UC#734)
Of course then, the logic of the higher-self makes logical sense as information is added or restored to original condition because the higher-self considers the whole. Therefore, partial information is always subject to revision. Different information is an opportunity to check myself if I respect myself. This matches what civilizations do. (UC#734)

Information Is Necessary For My Salvation

Once I understand agreeing and disagreeing are based on my understanding of Ecosystem Logic, there is no need to become overly emotional when I encounter logic I disagree with. What am I being emotional for? Because of myself? Because of the Ecosystem of Logic? Because of the Creator? Of course, not! Over emotional responses only occur when understanding and focus are off-centered on another person's logic.

Information of all types is necessary for me to work through on my journey through this dimension. If I am to achieve ascension I must rise in understandings. In order to do so, I must employ processes that help me figure out what is what and what goes where.
Why wouldn't a person be excited, happy, glad and feel good knowing the steps being taken are helping them regain their health, strength, Eco-sense, happiness and oneness (salvation) with the Creator? And likewise feel bad when information is not available to stimulate logic so it can be assessed, addressed and adjusted to move towards oneness of understanding – which by grace I am given this ability to “work out” my own salvation by working through logic.

Knowing that logic is part of the spiritual journey and logic is part of the way, is the peace that passes through understanding. It is calming effect logic.

Note: The Ecosystem is fundamentally Information. It is a much broader database of information than what humans have created. That's why I must compare the information (logic) I am using to Ecosystem Logic. Sister Marimba Ani provided information to re-mind me to not forget the logical use of metaphor. The use of metaphor finds the common connection between various forms of creation. This is possible because every aspect of Creation is a different form of the same metaform. Thus comparing logic to Ecosystem Logic is to compare my logic to the common connecting logic of all Creation. A high use of metaphor is to teach Universal logic in a concise form. Since all metaphors are two-sided, the high use of metaphor ensures one side is always something that is non-human created and the other side is something that is related to the human species, exclusively or not, such as having a spirit/soul, emotions, getting married and making love.
Each person's logic represents a mixture of portions of Ecosystem Logic. The more complete this information is and the more in order this information is, the less chance there is for distortion of conclusions and decisions.

*See Part 4 for further information.

Twin Powers Guarantee Agreeing & Disagreeing Occur
Unity Consciousness #735


(Part 2 of 6)

Twin Power Guarantee

The existence of the higher-self twin spirit guarantees there will be some degree of agreeing.
The existence of the lower-self twin spirit guarantees there will be some degree of disagreeing.

The existence within each person of higher-self and lower-self (conscience and ego) guarantees the person will be both in agreement and disagreement with Ecosystem logic until oneness of understanding is achieved, thus the spiritual journey reaching completion. It also means the spiritual war is also taking place inside each person which means each person contains some degree of contradiction.

Reconciling/optimizing/calibrating these understandings is continuously necessary for fulfilling the need incentive of continuously maturing in understandings and unifying all understandings into an Ecosystem of Oneness – as it was in Preexistence.

The Effects Of The Changing Dynamics Of The Spiritual War

As the balance of the spiritual war shifts between the higher-self and lower-self, so also does the balance of agreeing and disagreeing shift overall in the human population.
When momentum is on the side of the higher-self, those predominantly guided by the higher-self will agree more and disagree less. Those predominantly guided by the lower-self will agree less and disagree more.
When momentum is on the side of the lower-self, those predominantly guided by the higher-self will agree less and disagree more. Those predominantly guided by the lower self will agree more and disagree less.

By themselves, these two directions of momentum provide an overall general explanation of what has caused shifts in the dynamics of human thinking and behavior as humans have interacted with each other and with the rest of the natural world.

For example, when people begin moving more into harmony with the Ecosystem and away from suboptimal teachings societies say are the best way to live, momentum is on the side of the higher-self. Also when spirits are seeking information about world history, knowledge of self, manipulation facts, basic needs and the ankh cross connection, waking up is taking place. This is so even though the lower-self is still exerting significant influence upon human thinking and behavior.

As another example, when you see more humans giving precedence to humans as the highest authority even while acknowledging there is a Higher Power, momentum is on the side of the lower-self.
Clearly the lower-self has had the upper-hand for several thousand years even as the higher-self has been reestablishing the conditions to re-flip the script.

Likewise, prior to the rise of the lower-self, the higher-self has reigned for the greater portion of human history even while rising and falling throughout. This must have been so in order for humans to come together and bring forth all civilizing and high culture knowledge that required tens of thousands of years to develop. Humans have been using this knowledge in suboptimal ways to unknowingly make it through this period of sickness and darkness due to lower-self dominance.

First comes the blessing then comes the burden.
First comes solution, then comes problem.
First the resources, then the need.
The Higher Creator creates, then the Lower Creator destroys.
Manifestations of the higher-self, then manifestations of the lower-self.

First has become last and last has become first, now the process is repeating and moving things in reverse back to the original order and position. This is guaranteed by the twin power relationship and the spiritual war.

Using different wording, most spiritual teachings and religions are aware of the spiritual war going on between the twin powers. Twin power understanding along with this message are enough to help you increase your general understanding of history and be able to read signs taking place in societies, and emerging in the non-human natural world and understand their big picture implications. Then, as guaranteed, you will also better understand the urgings inside that coincide.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Agreeing & Disagreeing | Definition & Example
Unity Consciousness #734


(Part 1 of 6)


To agree is to be continuously seeking many understandings in order to reconcile those understandings in the process of becoming One Understanding.
Thus, a human being, is agreeing.
Being and agreeing are just like breathing. These three cannot be reached once and that's good enough for the rest of your life. No, rather each of these three require continuously repeating and adjusting the logic that brought them into this dimension.

”Agree” matches the word “aggregate,” which means to bring together and connect parts into a whole so the parts function as one.

The process of becoming One, connects Many understandings into their proper position and balance. This brings you into agreeing more and more with Ecosystem logic. This causes you to understand how and why logic you agree with and disagree with fits into the whole of consciousness that is the Ecosystem, The Natural World, the Universe, The Creator.

People In Societies Tend To Have Longer-Lasting Disagreeings & Shorter-Lived Agreeings

Because societies teach people to rely mostly on information and instructions from the human portion of the natural world, imbalanced thinking (logic) and behavior is the result more often than not. This must be so because the source of information and instructions is very small and narrow and incomplete despite its many media forms.

The title of this section is anciently, recently and currently proven.***

People In Civilizations Tend To Have Shorter-Lived Disagreeings & Longer-Lasting Agreeings

Because civilizations teach people to rely mostly on a process that verifies information and instructions against the non-human portion of the natural world, balanced thinking (logic) and behavior is the result more often than not. This must be so because the source of information and instructions is larger and broader and more complete.

The title of this section is anciently, recently and currently proven.***

Agreeing and disagreeing is not between two people or groups of people but between contexts, utamawazos, worldviews, asili's, ideologies, philosophies, values, definitions, meanings, educations and experiences. All of these things exist in two categories: (1) as installed/instilled bits, bytes, pieces, packets, software, programs, education and other media which contain information data and (2) as algorithms, scripts, macros, apps, applications, other executable files, education and other media which contain instructions.
Both of these categories provide everything you use to process logic, to think, to function. In these two categories are an extremely huge number of logic entries which are stored in layers in the genetic information of every cell. This genetic library of information and instructions is automatically and rapidly scanned continuously during most of your waking hours. The first and most frequently accessed logic is used as points of reference when you are performing tasks and encountering information (which is all the time), trying to understand something, reach conclusions and make a decision.

For example, Person #1, thinks balance is centered on all humans and the rest of the natural world. Thus when information is encountered, it must fit into logic to maintain this broader balance. Information different from what is already in logic that seeks to improve balance is integrated into logic. Information not yet understood is studied and integrated as mirror images are used and learning takes place. Information that seeks to diminish balance is analyzed to gain multiple understandings such as exactly where the information is out of balance. Also assessed is the nature and type of sources. Also assessed is how the information is harmful when unaware of the combination of its surface intent and below the surface intent.* Thus patterns of thinking and behavior are continuously changing for the better over multiple generations of days and years and critical thinking is improving.

Person #2,, thinks balance is centered on a very small portion of humans.**** Thus when information is encountered, it must fit into logic to maintain this very limited range of balance. Information different from what is already in logic that seeks to improve balance is discarded. Thus patterns of thinking and behavior do not change over multiple generations of days and years.

This is why a person can continue to hold on to logic such as White people were the first civilized humans and were created first by a White male God in Asia because their information comes mainly from White and Semite males. Even though none of this is supported by the larger Ecosystem and larger body of knowledge produced by humans, Person #2 refuses all information that upsets their limited balance. This causes Person #2 to say to me they'd rather go to Hell than admit they are actually a Black African or worship a Black God, despite both of these things being acknowledged for the majority of the extremely small White & Semite portion of human history. Person #2 wants me to believe in a 6,000 year timeframe for human existence and that you can get Black and other colors out of White. Person #2 maintains an anti-African, anti-scientific, anti-historical and anti-Ancestral position while claiming to “love” me as themselves (which is clearly a self-hating mutated form of love) and wanting me to abandon balance for imbalance, sell out sensibility and buy in to worshiping a White male Jesus as my Lord & Savior when all the major religions are based on African spiritual traditions and deities and humans were anciently and originally created in the heavenly womb of a Black Female. In other words, as below, so above. In other words, Earth mirrors Universe. In other words, on Earth as it is in Heaven.(Mt 6:10)
To someone like Person #2, their mutation-perspective and virus context logic is not abnormal or a contradiction because their suboptimal spirituality favors White African folks and disfavors Black African folks, so to Person #2, they are just doing what their extremely corrupted version of God has done. In this person's mind, logic is further supported by not so ancient, recent and current historical data and school textbooks that have been corrupted, thus, causing the person to again come to conclusions and decisions that are harmful to their self-esteem even to the point of twisting the Golden Rule inside out for the second time, trying to save me from Hell, but admitting to prefer Hell for themselves rather than accept world history, expand their information base and adjust logic into a more comprehensive, balanced, harmonious, peaceful, healthy perspective of self.
This is just one example of how a particular worldview, supported by the toxicity of constant lies encountered since before birth, can entrench the wheels of logic into a deep rut and throw level-headed logic way off and yet still make being tilted feel upright, disoriented seem like clarity and mutation seem like health and evolution, even as the person is dangling and hanging on for dear life to fragments of false notions as precious possessions slip through Grinch-like fingers into what grew into a gully and is now an abyss-mal context to climb out of while holding on to ego. All of this mental-spiritual-emotional imbalance is supported by the physical imbalance of malnutrition.** It is also distorted by insufficient rest and insufficient silence which does not allow time for all logic entries encountered daily, to be perceived and defragmented and placed into their proper sequence in DNA/RNA so that when you wake up you can be well rested and better prepared to be well reasoned and more aware of the levels of information you are encountering.
Understand what education does to you and how nutrition affects your ability to extract levels of understandings.

Culture Explains & Education Teaches Which Lives Matter | Definition
Education The Right Way | African Wholeness Approach
Why Computers & Brains Freeze & The Remedy
Rest & Heal The Mind One Cell At A Time

Do not forget: You do not agree or disagree with a person. You agree or disagree with the information and instructions you are using in relation to the Ecosystem of logic and the other person is using in relation to the Ecosystem of logic. Compare your logic not to each other but to Ecosystem logic. This life is not about you and another person or one group and another group. It is about each person's relationship to the whole which then informs the relationship to the parts. And it is about continuing to offer assistance to those who are ready and willing to return to being a human being...
This is why the need incentive is to get understanding in order for the Creator as Many to reconcile self back into the Creator as One. Again, this means agreeing and disagreeing is not based on another person or their branch of the one and only human family tree, but rather how well your logic as part of the Many matches the logic of Oneness.
This then means agreeing and disagreeing is about where you are in the process of becoming One with the Creator's logic.
Understand your logic and Ecosystem logic and you will know how and why you agree and disagree with other aspects of Creation.

*All forms of media have both surface and below the surface intent and content and meanings. You are always always getting multiple levels of influences from every bit of information you encounter. This is so because everything is part of a mirror image metaphor. All of this influences and shapes your logic sub-consciously.

** Thus it is not surprising a person has difficulty straightening out thinking to the last known good configuration, when faced with ongoing corruption of toxins and low energy due to malnutrition.
We must now adjust the logic from, “you are what you eat,” to “you are either becoming One supported by what you eat or you are succumbing to the distorted of what you eat.”

***Because America and their wannabes are the epitomes of societies, their legacy is their identity – a flash in the pan – that has come nowhere near the longevity and quality of very ancient, ancient, recent and current civilizations.

****This is the same thinking as flat Earth, the Sun revolves around the Earth, Earth is the center of the Universe and junk DNA.
Also the same thinking as meteoroids, asteroids and comets are dirty snowballs, debris, trash, junk and leftover pieces from the formation of the solar system, planets, stars and the Universe. If this is true, then it leads to many other logical conclusions that don't fit such as: (1) there is only so much order than can come out of chaos, (2) The Creator does create things for no reason, (3) The Creator is a poor planner, (4) The Creator is wasteful, creating leftovers and not using them, (5) The Creator is careless with trash and is a litterbug and treats the Universe like a slum lord, the way most cities facilitate the deterioration of certain neighborhoods, (6) the Ecosystem is not self-sustainable since it does not have zero waste, (7) and much more similar faulty logic.
Truth is, since there is no such thing as junk DNA/RNA in the Universe within humans, there is also no such thing as junk in the DNA/RNA of the Universe without. Meteoroids, asteroids and comets are essential to the functioning of the Ecosystem. Without them, Earth would die before its planned replacement.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Living & Working In The Projects, Hood & Ghetto
Unity Consciousness #733


The phrase, ”the project” is used broadly to describe many types of projects, both physical projects and service-related projects.
In the construction industry, all buildings that are constructed are projects.
When legal documents were written to describe some of these projects, it became standard to refer to the project as “The Project.” As a result, when governments contracted with construction companies to build multi-unit housing, it was referred to in legal documents as “The Project.”

The phrase, “The Projects” is simply a very narrow usage of “the project.” This narrow usage was popularly applied to housing projects in the inner city where certain people lived, even while at the same time, government buildings were still being referred to in legal documents as The Project.
Because each multi-unit housing building is a project, when there were two or more buildings on the same land, they were collectively called The Projects.
This is the only thing The Projects is supposed to mean, but not exclusively apply to inner city housing buildings.

Every Building and Every House Is A Project

As stated in the first sentence, every building that is constructed is a project, including every apartment building, condominium, mansion, state capitol, commercial building and so on. All of these can be referred to as “The Project” or “The Projects,” but they are not.
Every statue and monument and landmark and historical building is “The Project.”
The National Mall is The Projects.
Every military base is “The Projects” since there are multiple buildings.
The per-neters (pyramids) are The Project (singular) and The Projects (plural).

All of America's presidents have lived in The White House, The Project(s).

The Purpose of Making “The Projects” Only Refer to Certain Places & People

You can be certain the current usage of the phrase, “The Projects” was started as a weapon of psychological warfare. Simply put, its purpose is to beat down self-esteem. It is used to categorize people, discriminate against them, make them feel negatively about self and make them treat the place where they live as a battleground and cesspool. It is also a back door way to call people names, just the same as calling them nigger, low class, trash, minority, underprivileged, disadvantaged, low-income, poor, deprived, useless, pathetic, troublemakers, criminals, drug addicts, primitive, less than human, non-contributors to the community, Section 8 and the list goes historically on.

This attack on the psyche is supported by other phrases such as “The Hood” and “The Ghetto.”
However, just as every person who lives and works in a building, also lives and works in The Projects, so also does nearly every person live in A Hood and in A Ghetto.

Most people in the world are personally and physically and currently a part of The Projects, The Hood and The Ghetto. That's where they come from and are right now, even those in penthouses are living in The Projects.

Just as Africa Has Never Been Poor, neither has any particular group, by themselves ever lived in the Projects, The Hood or The Ghetto, as these terms are misused today.
These terms are used to create illusion and confusion and a mutated matrix constructed of miseducation.
These terms are not reality, just as Africa Has Never Been Poor.

What is important to real-ize is that all the meanings, definitions and contexts associated with The Projects, The Hood and The Ghetto apply to most people in the world.

Most of these people, however, are glad to try to make it seem like these terms only apply to certain people in their societies. Current usage of The Projects, The Hood and The Ghetto is another of many continuous lies.

Don't fall for these lies and stop using these phrases to apply to some people and places but not to most people and places.

Understand the basic unbiased definitions of these terms.


“In my Father's house are many mansions.” The Universe, Creation and “Heaven” is The Projects. Jesus came from and went back to work in the Projects, The Hood and The Ghetto.
If it were not so, I wouldn't tell you so. ((John 14:2 KJV)

You Don't Have To Be Twice As Good
Unity Consciousness #732


There are certain things said in some households and there are certain things said in other households.
“You have to be twice as good” is one of those things, for certain.

Truth is, every person has the ability to be twice as good when using the higher-self to direct genetic potential in comparison to someone else who is using their genetic potential the lower self way.
It is as simple as that.
Do not try to be twice as good using lower-spirit ideologies (most of what societies are about). You have no business dreaming the dreams these societies promote. Make these dreams come true and you will likely end up being twice as bad – even as you become successful based on the society's lower-self definitions.
For example, a college degree is paid-in-full verification of additional miseducation. It is a lower-self key. One of many reasons is that there are too many people with degrees and too few jobs for college graduates. Another reason is that people with high school degrees are more secure in their jobs than those with college degrees. It takes more than a degree to provide a guarantee of security. Being in a union is a better form of security when you live in a society even though a union is actually a bastardized form of a communal group. Being in other types of groups provides better job security than a college degree. Also being willing to settle for less than what you are capable of, being willing to be an employed pawn or sheep and being willing to backstab provides more job security than a college degree. This is how many, whose performance is less, achieve so-called success. You can be twice as good if you want to but it is not guaranteed to do you any good.

Need Incentive & Challenge

In keeping with need incentive and challenge, it is necessary for the higher-self to have the ability to overcome the lower-self. This then means the higher-self is endowed with extra strength power that the lower-self does not have. This then allows the higher-self to be twice as good as the lower-self and even make better use of genetic potential to figure out and overcome all the devious devisings of the lower-self. This is true even if the lower-self is ten times or one thousand times as bad. The higher-self has the ability to be twenty-times or two thousand times as good. Higher-self use of genetic potential has the ability to do whatever it takes to overcome anything and everything the lower-self can do. Every single one of the lower-self's lies, tools, weapons and what have you, can be overcome by the higher-self use of genetic potential.
Once you know this, you will not believe anything else.

From a human perspective, it is a challenge to the original homo sapiens to have to overcome all the other forms of themselves (their children) currently existing in the world and masquerading as “races” and all manner of mistaken identities.

In other words, because of universal karma, need incentive and challenge, humans who are in increasing awareness and acceptance of our Africanness, must achieve the same and more against seemingly low odds and seemingly insurmountable odds.
Yes, the lower-self is powerful because the lower-self is a twin power; however, the lower-self is the weaker twin - significantly weaker.

Contrary To Popular Belief

Everything we benefit from today has come from the higher-self use of genetic potential.
Everything that works against balance, harmony and the ecosystem of humans and non-humans comes from lower-self use of genetic potential.
Contrary to what you have been taught at home and elsewhere, you, African, do not have to be twice as good as those who believe they are not African. All you have to do is choose the higher-self to instruct you in the use of your genetic potential. That is more than enough. It will help you gain an abundance of power (understanding) to pair with the rest of your genetic potential (power) so you can deal with an abundance of challenge. Though I speak to you, the individual, this only works when we function communally within self, communally with other humans and communally with all else. Humans are not the only ones in the struggle and neither is the mind the main thing. Humans need more than humans and more than their minds to both challenge and overcome other humans. Humans need the four inseparable aspects of self working in conjunction with the ecosystem outside of self.

Driving The Example Home, Where It Started

Here's the reality of the “you have to be twice as good” home training. Even when you are twice as good, if you are not doing what the need incentive requires of you, by increasing in understandings, the lower-self can still get you. Also, when you are not supported by communal ideologies, philosophies, values and definitions that are helping you optimize logic, conclusions and decisions, the lower-self can get you much more easily.
Even if it is true that you have to be twice as good, it does you no good if you go about being twice as good in a suboptimal way (on the enemy's terms using the enemy's education, “as is,” without adjusting it back into an optimal form). The lower-self will reconfigure, shape-shift, get several people and their institutions to work together and get you. This occurs not due to superior intelligence but due to the process of basic math. This has been proven by an uncountable number of examples such as the destruction of African Wall Street, African Panthers, African Farmers, Haiti, the stealing of African creativity, land, labor other resources and the destruction of the minds, bodies and emotions of all children for the past several thousand years, and the list goes on.

History has proven to us that “being twice as good,” never has and never will be good enough.
More understanding must be added to the mix in order to change the equation from an inequality and shortages to an equation of equality and abundance.
This type of understanding comes by choosing the higher-self to guide us and help us recalibrate back to functioning as an Ecosystem so the lower-self cannot divide us, against self and against each other and against all else designed to restore and maintain health.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Thinking Twice and Thinking Three Times
Unity Consciousness #731


In any craft requiring measuring and cutting, it is considered wisdom to measure twice and cut once. Same goes for the craft of decision-making. It is considered wisdom to think twice.

There are at least two ways to think twice.

1. Think once then don't change the perspective, don't change any of the information and don't change any part of the thought process. Think again.
Thinking twice this way is a review and double-check. This is what is usually meant by “think twice.”

2. Think once then change one or more of the following, partially or completely: perspective, information, thought process. Then think again.
Sometimes this will lead to a different conclusion, sometimes not.

Far too many people mistake the first approach to thinking twice for the second approach. They mistakenly think they have been open-minded just by simply going over the same information using the same thought process from the same perspective.

It is also important to understand that when two conclusions exist after thinking twice, one conclusion is not necessarily better than the other.
It simply means that some portion of the first time you thought about something and some portion of the second time you thought about something is different enough to lead to a different conclusion – slightly, significantly or totally.

This helps remind you how a difference in perspective, information or thought process, changes conclusions for yourself and for others.

When you have reached different conclusions, it is helpful to seek to understand where the difference occurred and why. Then, you must seek to understand whether or not you need to make some adjustments between information, thought processes and perspectives used during each of the two times you thought about the same thing.

This helps you understand yourself better when you reach conclusions and make decisions and also helps you understand others better when their conclusions and subsequent decisions differ from yours. Don't focus on the person or their conclusions and decisions. Focus on the information they are using, the perspective they are using and the thought process they are using.
Practice on yourself by reviewing conclusions you once reached and decisions you once made that are now different.

Pick an approach and try it out. Then change something and try it out again.
Try to understand the points of convergence where the two approaches match and also try to understand the points of divergence, where the two approaches don't match.
I suggest avoiding the use of the words agree and disagree when practicing on yourself and when thinking about others or having discussions with others. Those two words, agree and disagree automatically invoke thoughts of persuasion and convincing, which are two things that most people resist and guard against because those words cause people to think someone is smarter than them or right and they are not as smart and wrong. All of this is not a good basis to try to reach understanding of information, understanding of thought process or understanding of perspective.
If we do some or all of what is put forth in this blog message, it will help facilitate understanding of self, which is what our focus should be on when it comes to encountering information, experiencing information and studying information, processes, perspectives, conclusions and decisions made by self and made by others during any time period of human existence.

Think Three Times

Even though each person has the free will to decide when and how to think twice, that does not change the obvious need to think more than once when it comes to making certain decisions.
It helpful to think once, then think twice using the first approach, and then think twice using the second approach.

Thinking more than once automatically occurs when a person seeks counsel from family, friends or other sources.
However, sometimes the person falls into the trap of relying on family, friends or other sources that meet the requirements of the first approach above but do not meet the requirements of the second approach. This becomes confirmation bias intentionally or not.

Consider this. Every moment of every day, we are constantly living, experiencing and encountering information through our various sensing abilities.
Hopefully we are also increasing in understanding (maturing).
As a result of all this information, we should either continuously or periodically think twice and think three, four or more times about some of our most important conclusions and decisions.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Never Drink While Drowning | Poem
Unity Consciousness #730


Never Drink While Drowning

by Ancestors through Usiku

We journeyed in vessels powered by three currents
Transforming genetic potential was insurance
At our destinations we continued civilization
Created, ate, drank and was merry
Somewhere between then and now
After a long, healthy, prosperous ride
Higher things were logically set aside
For the finer things empires provide
Power was abused for the wealth it brings
Knowledge of self was not one of those things
One by one, understandings left as they came - on wings
Even as waves splashed in our faces
Which should have served to awaken us
Instead we came to prefer the salty taste
Simply put, we drowned our sense of balance
Steered right into our greatest challenge
Ignoring emergence, inviting crisis
Based on what logic said was good
We chose manifestations of the weaker twin within
And called them isfet, ego, evil and vices
Gave our powers to contexts of suboptimal ways
And were overcome by self-made, slow motion waves
Slid drifted into drowning after safely landing
Without optimal connections for grounding
Masses been working but relatively few been rising
In understandings, is not surprising
And though the spiritual fruit of our labors cannot sustain
We keep right on creating, eating, drinking and being merry
As if being upgraded from treading water to flotsam
Is enough to teach children how to reach the upside of fundamental change

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Water | Symbol Of Life, Creativity, Spirit, Consciousness...
Unity Consciousness #729


(Part 3 of 3)

Water Symbolizes Creativity, Creation, Life, Family, Spirit, Female, Consciousness, One, Many, Unity, Harmony and more.

Many people are searching for symbols of life, consciousness, woman, communal and sex just to name a few.
Water is that symbol. Water is the preexisting substance out of which came everything in existence. Water symbolizes everything.

Creative Spirit

Since we know frozen fresh Water is being released out of glaciers, we also know more Creativity of a higher order is being released out of the Galaxy. These creative juices are flowing in groundwater, streams, creeks, rivers, springs, wells, oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, lagoons, bays, coves, reservoirs, waterfalls and in Air, within without above below. In all these places, Water moves at different rates with different rhythms and sounds.
Water and creativity are rising, reflecting the mirror image symbol of the Aquarian Star.

Water Symbolizes You

So many people are searching for African symbols of this, that and the other. This, perhaps unknown to them, is in keeping with the Ancestor calling. Some of those searching are led across Angles of Light to where they find more of themselves. Some stay the course of this way. Others run away, turn away or shun the way and then they are off, searching for some other way – a way filled with symbols of self that do not represent true to form, true to type.
If you look at yourself, you will find all the symbols you seek in your inner Universe.
The exact same symbols are in you that are also somewhere else out there.
You must be dedicated to going beneath your surface contexts and identifiers of your identity in order to move consciousness beyond the unreal you to the real you.

Drinking water improves thinking order.
Water improves the flow of logic, thus the flow of creativity.

Since everything in existence is a symbol of the Creator and a symbol of self, go deeper into languages you already understand and then expand those understandings.

wTr is primordial juice just as nectar is nTr and blossom fruit.

symbol of ankh, water and creativity

Thankh you

In the ways (waves) of Living Waters of Creativity

KRS-One - 4th Quarter Free Throws [I Got Next 1997]

Friday, June 17, 2016

Symbol | Expanded Definition & Examples Assembled
Unity Consciousness #728


(Part 2 of 3)

Symbol Definition

A symbol is one thing used to represent another thing.
A symbol is a concise way to represent something larger and more comprehensive.
For instance, the usage of the heart as a symbol is a way to represent love's larger, more comprehensive meaning.
Love itself is also a symbol of something larger and more comprehensive – the Creator.
Creation and the Universe are symbols of the Creator.

A symbol is dimension. As such, a symbol is all that dimension is, including idea, image, name, shape, language, letter, word, sound, power.
What is contained in a Big Bang can be more concisely expressed in a whisper. Both are explosions – conversion transformations releasing transferring genetic potential into kinetic manifestations, the Unspoken into the Spoken. Both are explosions of equal magnitude in relation to their dimension.

A metaphor is a symbol. As such, a symbol is all that metaphor is, including analogy, allegory, proverb and example.

Every single symbol contains multiple meanings.
These meanings are layered such that accessing these meanings requires progressing through levels of awareness. This is achieved by increasing knowledge of self and of all else such that you are able to “see” both the symbol and what it represents and vice versa and understand their interchangeability such that as above so below, as within, so without is no longer a mystery creative block but rather a schema key to apply to locks.

This means we understand symbols through understanding the symbol of self because you and I are symbols.
Understanding is revealed as we peel back layers (dimensions) of self and all else which allows us to “see” self and all else as we fundamentally are.
This is achieved by researching the genetic library, the Spirit Web, the Universe and all places information is in any form.
This allows us to reacquire, recall, repair, redefine, realign, restore, reset settings, recalibrate, rejuvenate and reawaken.
This then allows us to reconnect, reorder and reunify understandings.
This process allows us to remind ourselves and remember who we are as One and as Many – Symbols of Symbols and Symbols containing Symbols.

A Few More Examples (Symbols) of Symbols

Money is a symbol of other resources – larger, more comprehensive resources. Even though this is true on a deeper level, the surface meaning of money is mostly detached from what money really is and instead money represents things out of context. We have allowed money and its lower bred associates to symbolize what is of a higher quality of life. Even though this is true, it is equally true that symbols are beneficial in proper context. This is why we must continue to increase in knowledge so we can connect symbols to their larger, more comprehensive meanings and connect them with each other into even larger, more comprehensive meanings.

The symbol of the cross has many variations and is not understood beyond the most recent meaning attached to it. We are unaware of all the other people who were Saviors/Christs and who died on crosses prior to Jesus.. We are unaware of the origin of the cross. The Christian cross is made in the exact image of the Ethiopian tau. See also, Ankh Cross Connection | African Symbols

Assembling Symbols

To assemble is to put together, compose or construct separate items into a configuration – good or bad, right or wrong.
Assemble means semblance. Semblance means likeness. Likeness is metaphor. Metaphor is symbol.
To assemble is to assymbol. That is to say, to put together symbols in a configuration.
The entirety of our human understanding is the result of how we have assembled symbols of all types from words, images and so on.
We have put together symbols into a configuration we call logic.
Human logic is composed of symbols put together in a configuration -good or bad, right or wrong.
As a result of not having the understanding of what a symbol is and how logic, assemble and symbols are connected to everything we do and don't do, lately in the process of human development, we have assembled symbols based on their most superficial meaning because our context is superficial and suboptimal. As a result, we are disconnected from the larger, more comprehensive meanings of most things of life and existence such as science, natural world, ecosystem, universe, higher spirituality, civilization, human origins, non-human origins and all the other symbols representing sweet water formulations. All of this is a symbol of the times of the Dark Age and of the larger evolutionary life cycle of the Creator.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Water Speaks Unspoken Words Out Of The Soil
Unity Consciousness #727


(Part 1 of 3)

Water is formula, though not always just Hydrogen twice combined with Oxygen once. The formula for Water is fixed and variable. Like all things in an evolving continuous Universe, Water must contain flexibility and rigidity because flexibility and rigidity are simultaneous twin core laws of this Universe.

This means the formula for Water has many healthy and unhealthy variations. Healthy Water can contain Elements of various types such as Nitrogen, Chloride, Thiamin, Calcium, Magnesium and more. Likewise, there are many Elements that cause Water to be unhealthy for humans.

The Formula, The Word, The Rhythm

Where there is formula at work, there is genetic potential (genetics) in motion.
Where there is motion, there are vibration waves.
Where there are waves of vibration, there is sound.
Where there is sound, there is language.
Where there is language, there are words.
Yes, words - combinations of vibrations transforming meaning in one form to meaning in another form. That's what a word is.
Yes, words - combinations of vibrations transferring meaning between and among dimensions. That's what a word is.

Where one or more of the above exists, there is pattern, thus rhythm exists.
When Water is forming and when Water is in motion, words are being transformed and transferred. Words are being Spoken in rhythms.

Creativity, Like The Universe, Begins With The Unspoken Word

The formation of Water and the movement of Water is the fundamental metaphor of the Creative Process.
Out of the Creative Process of Water, genetic potential became potential in motion. It became what we call Creation and Universe. Unspoken Words and Water, combined with other Elements, to become what we call humans.
This then means, you and me and all else in existence also contain the Elements of the Soil, Air and Sun, in addition to Water.
This means we contain the Primordials.
This means we were preexisting in another form.
We were part of the Oneness and part of the Unspoken.
Now we are dimensions of Oneness created by the Spoken and Unspoken.
Right now, some of our bonds and connections are broken.
When the Unspoken becomes Spoken, bonds are both, connected and broken.

Water combines Hydrogen and Oxygen and forms a word and a rhythm.
Water combines Hydrogen and Oxygen and other Elements and forms a word and a rhythm.
Water combines and forms us. We are words and rhythms of Water and all that Water combines with and uses to transform itself.

Yes, in the beginning was the Word.
But, in the preexisting, before the beginning, was the Unspoken Word.
Also, in the preexisting, there was Water. There were Elements.
This is the destiny-nation of the return journey home to oneness – to exist as we once did in a state of Oneness at a higher level of understanding (knowledge of self).
This restoration of wholeness begins another repetition of the transformation of the Unspoken into the Spoken, thus, another formula-tion, another rhythm.

You must bring all your understandings together so you can connect them in proper order so you can grasp:
”The Aquarian Age (Aquaria/Aquarius) means the Age of Water.
This means more words are moving from being Unspoken to Spoken because more Water is moving from being frozen to unfrozen.
This means more Creative Process is being released that is indicative of the healthy formulations of Water.
All of this is coinciding and leading us into the next cycle, the Aquarian Age of the next Great Year, the next Great Golden Age.
This path leads us through upheaval because the unhealthy formulations of Water that have produced unhealthy uses of the Creative Process, occupy space and must be replaced in order to restore balance of all twin pairings.
This is so because all twin pairings are forms of the Creative Process of Water, Elements and Spirit (higher an lower).

Again, The Soil

Just to be clear, there is also Soil in the Air and in the Sky because the Primordials that formulate themselves into Soil as we know it, exist in Air and Sky.*
There is Soil in you and me.
Soil is simply a composition of Elements formulated in various ways to create different types of Soil.
We are Soil.
We are the recreation, the reformulation of Water, Elements, the Creative Process and Spirit.
We already know we return to Soil. Some of us realize we also return to Air. So these two places, Soil and Air, must be where we come from as part of the Creative Process that brought us into existence.

Imagine now, if you will, the Creator as the consummate composer of an orchestra who has all items on hand to define and create whatever harmony comes to mind.
This Composer is constructing all things with unlimited potential in a frenzy of creative ecstasy - mixing Elements and words and potentials and forms and keeping them all in motion and in rhythmic sync. Water and Elements of Nun, the Mother, begin moving in new waves of vibration. The moundtain of Ptah, the Father, rises up slowly, and then all at once and then Mother and Ptah-er (Fah-er) combine to create Atum, the Child. This completes the Family, the Trinity. Atum then grows on to form everything else using the composition within self to create additional orchestrations that harmonize with the Preexisting and Newly Created, the Unspoken and the Spoken. This series of Creative Processes flows fluidly as Water containing One and Many. Every thought and action and movement and motion forming a beat in the Rhythm of Recreation and a letter in one long word where the letters are Spoken and the spaces, Unspoken. Feel the crispness, clarity and power of the first beat and momentum increase, yet remain smooth and sweet like Sweet Water, the nectar of the nTr. Notice the repetition, the variation, the pattern, the transformation and what you surely can sense occurs at the end – continuation.
This is an Angle of Light insight into how the Universe was formed.**
This is how we were formed from Preexisting Water and Soil and Unspoken Words to Spoken Words and Formulations of Soil Types and Water (Creation/Recreation).

Unspoken Words as expressed through the Metaphor of The Soil as Trinity.

And Again, through similar logical use of metaphor.

*We know the reverse is true. There is Air in the Soil. Also there is Sky in the Soil. Dig a hole and you will be looking down into Sky.

**This is how what was already preexisting in Creation was Re-Created into what we call Creation.
Creation is actually Re-Creation. This Universe and we, as humans are not the beginning of the Creative Process in the life cycle of the Creator. We know this because we know Earth is at least millions of years old and human types are millions of years old and the type of human we are today is hundreds of thousands years old, even though many variations of current humans are not old (Ancient) at all, thus neither is their ability to have contributed to the bulk of civilization in comparison to the originating nucleus of humans in Africa. The proper calibrating, connecting and ordering of histories untangles and alleviates mysteries. It solves challenges of consciousness such as that created by Spider Solitaire.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Universal Karma & Innocence
Unity Consciousness #726


(Part 3 of 4)

See Universal Karma | Unity Consciousness #161

Universal Karma extends beyond what the individual does. Universal Karma is for what anyone does.
Each person is subject to the actions and inactions of every other person and every other creation.
Universal Karma sometimes reaches us quickly and sometimes slowly. It sometimes takes generations, thus it reaches our descendants. Along these same lines Universal Karma might reach us quickly but grow into its fullness slowly. Other combinations occur.

Universal Karma is a natural law. It is not a respecter of persons. It is the same thing as cause and effect. (UC#37)

Universal Karma is the basis of the Ecosystem. All things within the Ecosystem circulate and recirculate in a continuous process interacting within, without, below and above. (UC#53)

Considering The Universal Karma Perspective

Universal Karma tells us we are all in this together. What anyone does or does not do, has an effect on the Ecosystem and Universe we all live in.
Universal Karma shuts off all escape routes for those running from personal responsibility for helping and/or harming the collective, called Creation or The Many or The One.
As a result, no aspect of the Creator or their descendants can avoid the energies circulating in the Universe. We are all in the Universe and every cause is within range of the Universe, thus every effect is within range of everyone in the Universe. No one is too far away or too far removed to not be affected by causes, effects and secondary effects.*

This, of course, has its upside.
We all benefit from the Sun and Moon and Water and plants and insects and other workings of Earth and Universe. We all benefit from the good things people do and the bad things they don't do.
Why shouldn't we all experience the negative effects also of things going on in the Universe?
We all benefit and suffer whether or not we are young or old and innocent or guilty.

If natural laws operated on their own based on age and character, we'd all be in trouble. The instant we messed up, the Sun would stop shining on us and our body's ability to exchange air would cease. There would be no time for the process of self-correction. Most people would never have the chance to grow old because Universal Karma would take them out. All children, due to innocence, would be protected from harm, thus guaranteed all they needed to develop properly, thus then, grow into healthy adults, thus then create civilizations, not societies. Most of the craziness still taking place today would have been fixed long ago.

Cardinal Principle Comparison

What is written above seems to be in contradiction to Cardinal Principle #4 which states, “ The universe is just. Everyone reaps what they sow. Our challenge is to sow only good and therefore, only good must return to us.”

Based on initial understanding, this Principle seems to indicate Universal Karma is an individualized thing. I will respond based on that understanding.

Universal Karma must have a fixed and variable component, just like Maat. Fixed in the sense that each person does reap what is sown by that person. Variable in the sense that each person also reaps what other people sow. This is the same as having individual and collective responsibility.
If Universal Karma was based on the individual only, then no one could inherit the benefits and harms of others. Each person would have to start over and create their Karma from scratch.
If every person was being harmed and helped in direct positive correlation to what they individually did or didn't do, then everything happening is just as it should be no matter how quickly it happens or how long it takes.
This is what Cardinal Principle #7 states, “Belief that there is an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Creative Life Force, whose nature is love, the source of all good, means everything must be in Divine Order.”

Once again, this seems to go against the interrelated nature of the Universe, the interconnected nature of the Universe, the collective nature of the Universe the Ecosystem nature of the Universe and against the body of the Creator context of conceiving the Universe.
If everyone reaps what they sow, then all a person should be concerned about is what they plant because those who are hungry are only hungry because they have not sown.
At what point is a child responsible for sowing and feeding itself?
If everyone reaps what they sow, then even if a person is in balance and others are in chaos, the person in balance would not be affected because they did not plant chaos.
If each person reaps what they sow, this fosters a “to each his own” mentality which is not good for anyone.

If Universal Karma is purely an individual thing, then all energies must be perfectly matched up and in sync.
From this then we must conclude that when a person does evil, it only affects another person who has also done evil and deserving of payback and vice versa.
If Universal Karma is purely an individual thing, then the entire body would not suffer or benefit when the brain, made choices. The rest of the body would not die when the heart failed. When one cell mutated, it would die and that would be the end of it. That cell would not be able to cause other cells to mutate.
People who were miseducated would not be able to pass on miseducation to their children.
The notion that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere would be false.

Clearly then, the initial understanding of Principles #4 and #7 could not mean Universal Karma is an individual thing unless we begin to approach the ideas that free will does not exist and predestination does exist and that we are actually not in control of anything. Control is an illusion. This is supported by the idea that all is spirit and everything starts as spirit in the heavens above.
If the transgression of Ogo/Yurugu/Set/Satan is now being manifest in various forms in the Universe, then all things are the result of the higher-self and lower-self duking it out in a spiritual war. These two aspects of the spirit of the Creator are using us and influencing us to fight the war in physical form and we are merely chess pieces with different abilities and power who are only able to be moved when the spirit decides to use us strategically. Thus, as in chess, many pieces must be sacrificed and moved around to put the other side in a position where it has no moves left.
This, of course, goes against several other Cardinal Principles, so it also seems unlikely in the complete sense, but likely partially, not just because of the Cardinal Principles but based on what we have observed and experienced in the Ecosystem.
This does coincide with UC#715 which states our lives and destinies are not our own but for the purpose of the Creator.

Switching Gears Slightly To The Reflection In The Mirror Image

If we apply all the statements and questions above to the non-human Universe, we can balance out our thinking.
We will find that the only reasonable conclusion based on what we can observe and experience from the Ecosystem is that Universal Karma affects individuals based on individual behavior and also based on the behavior of others.

One brief example.
What has Water done wrong in the Universe to deserve being polluted by humans? Water gives of itself to keep us alive so why is it deserving of being held back behind dams so it cannot circulate as intended and nourish Earth?

*If secondary effects are separated from the primary effects and the cause, secondary effects and later effects can be mistaken as causes that produce effects and mistaken as something separate that comes from a separate source of energy. Instead what we have is one cause that produces multiple levels of effects – the initial effects, secondary effects, third level effects and so on. Out of One Cause comes Many Effects.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Which Children Are Born Innocent With Innocence? | Definition
Unity Consciousness #725


(Part 2 of 4)

If there is such a thing as innocent and innocence, then these words must simply mean “being without guilt, blame or responsibility for doing something or not doing something.”

Considering The Societal Perspective

Societies say children are innocent and born full of innocence.
Even if this is true, clearly, innocence is not a shield. Innocence does not protect children from the actions and inactions of others.

So what is the benefit of being innocent? Is it just a designation and nothing more? It is.

In a society, a place that disregards the Rights of Creation, how can a child have any period of innocence where the child is indeed protected from every evil?
This is not possible in a society.

What a child eats, whether from the breast or not, has been tainted with toxins by the imbalanced food system that produced it.
In most cases children and their parents are forced to get shots, vaccines and immunizations. All this this starts in the womb because the mother most certainly takes in toxins from a variety of sources, including those often promoted prenatal vitamins.

Some who read this are getting more upset by the minute that the uselessness of innocence is suggested when it comes to children who live in societies. These upset people are more upset about the society they love being brought into question rather than being upset about the harm inflicted on all children from Day 1 of conception, including themselves. Mad at me for bringing the logic of their education and other ideas pursued religiously into question on the basis of observation and experience as it relates to self and all else. The upsetness occurs because the truth exposes their logic in its light, leaving them naked, ashamed, afraid and then angry at the wrong folks for seeing what the light exposed. All this happens because their childhood period of innocence was taken away which did not allow them to develop in a cocoon of balance (healthiness).

Imbalance Does Much Damage To Innocence

There is no avoiding the truth of the matter that the actions and inactions of people in societies automatically removes any benefit of innocence.
For instance, the people, acting as a group, remove the innocence of truth by teaching lies in the education-religion system and everywhere else the child turns to for help and guidance.

Once a group of people form themselves into a society and establish imbalance as the overall philosophy, then all guarantees of Rights Of Creation are off the table and cannot exist within the society.
In a society where the guilty go free constantly, why shouldn't the innocent be harmed constantly?
The net effect of all the motions that sets the guilty free is the same net effect that continues on and harms the innocent child – including the innocent child of the guilty.
This is why it is in everyone's best interests, who love themselves and who love children, to prevent imbalance in the first place and restore balance immediately in the second place.

Under a status quo of imbalance there are more guarantees of the harmful occurring than there are guarantees of the helpful occurring.
This is precisely what people living in societies experience. Life and existence is filled with an imbalanced amount of hardship, pain and suffering and for an abnormal amount of time because the status quo of imbalance has no interest in preventing or removing what it promotes and what the very existence of the society is predicated upon. All of this is self-created and continued generation after generation, each generation having opportunities to change fundamentally for the better, if they so choose. Shape-shifting, window-dressing and permanent bandages do not count. (UC#577)

Switching Gears Slightly To The Reflection In The Mirror Image

Are the children of humans the only ones who we consider innocent and deserving of protection from the lower-self spiritual workings of humans?
When pain, suffering and “death' are experienced by young plants, insects and other animals, what do we attribute this to?
Instincts? Survival? Survival of the fittest? Stuff happens? That's just how life is supposed to be for them?
Think about some of the stuff humans do to children who are human but not considered human. We wage war on their countries, drop bombs on them, use bully behavior to sanction them and scare others into not helping them, starve them, introduce viruses, poison the air and water and the list goes on and on.
We take land from other baby creatures, kill them remove baby plants, spray poison on them, throw babies in the trash (seeds), pour hot water down ant holes and the list goes on and on.
Humans do a whole lot of harm to a whole lot of children of all species. We impute the righteousness of innocence to ourselves and, with the impunity of this innocence, we take innocence away from all else.

In no way do societies respect or protect the innocence of any child ever.

This is epitomized by two groups of people: (1) those who exist in every area of society who do nothing to self-improve the logic of the society and do everything to prove the logic of imbalance is a good thing to sustain and (2) those who exist in every area of society who take imbalance to maximum levels. In other words, these two groups are the so-called good people and the bad people, both of which, have children who somehow start out with the promise of innocence while being born into conditions designed to ensure the promise remains a promise and nothing more.