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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Know Yourself Africans, You Are Not 100% Human
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1263


(Part 9fe of 11)

Once we re-member the logic of who we are as humans, then we will have enough sense of who we are, for us to then continue to journey back home, from our let-me-test-the-world-our-for-myself prodigal lostness.

Throughout this African Safari in the Spiritsphere, from multiple angles of light, we have confirmed again and again who we are.
We now know, beyond the valley of the shadow of doubt, that despite our skin color and despite our geographic location and despite our culture and despite our ethnicity and despite our language, that all humans are still 100% genetically African.

As human, we are African.

Go back and fetch, through self-study, the origin, meaning and definitions of the word Africa.

Africans Are Not Even Animals

Humans make the mistake of using their small variation, as a 100% total genetic basis of self. This is erroneous on three levels:
1. It doesn't add up.
2. The variation is still 100% African.
3. Our 100% Africanness, is itself, a variation.

Humans are not 100% human The statement: “I'm only human,” is false. Humans are a variation of a greater, more original set of genetics.

We know we are animals, yet many of us refuse to accept the evolutionary understanding that we passed through the portal of primates, even though we are primates. Some still say we somehow escaped being apes, we esc-aped.

So far in this safari, we have covered all topics that cause us to be self-deniers.
We now have a solid foundation of understanding ourselves as African, so now we can quickly move on backwards through major steps in our evolution because the same logic holds true.

All human types in existence today are a variation of African.
All Africans are a variation of primates.
All primates are a variation of animal.
All animals are a variation of plants.
All plants are a variation of the Primordial Four (Water, Air, Earth, Fire).
All Primordial Four Elementals are a variation of smaller elements.
All smaller elements are a variation of energy vibration.
All energy vibration is a variation of spirit-soul.
All spirit-soul is the One & Only Self-Created Preexisting Creator.

In other words, there is only one 100% in the universe. Everything else is a variation and a partial percentage of the only 100% in the universe.

This is part of the history, khestery, mestery, mes-teriu mystery testimony of the Same is Same, Everything is Everything Sem-Sem, which speaks directly to the ever-coming variations of the Only One Who Could Be the Messiah and Savior of the world. Yes, the Creator is the Savior, in any and all forms based on the current set of conditions in accordance with the need incentive.

All these names we have as humans and as groups of humans and that we give to other creations, these names are merely identifiers for the Creator to keep track of variations of self so the information can be stored and referenced in memory to enhance understandings of self.
And this is yet another way to understand why it is said: Know Yourself.
Because that's what the Creator as One is doing, which is why you, as part of the Many, should be doing the same thing – combining your free will with your unfree will so they work together for the greater good.

I Am the Creator and I am remembering you and me.
I Am re-membering you and me, through you and me, through obscuring darkness and whiteout.
I Am reminding you, that even as the One, I myself, because I am evolving, am a variation of my former self.

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False and True DNA Genetics In You
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1262


(Part 9fd of 11)

We already know every human started out as 100% African.
We also know every human remains 100% genetically African, despite variation within that 100%.
Variation of essence does not reduce the amount of essence in the variation.
Weak suboptimal evil manipulation logic says it does.
Doublecheck yourself for the doublespeak in yourself causing you to not be able to detect yourself and correct yourself, thus continuing to wreck yourself because you are fighting internally against allowing your true color to come through your African genetic self.

Yep, that alone is enough to make you significantly sick because you are at odds with your fundamental self, the backbone infrastructure of self, the stem cells of self. If you hate the thought of yourself of who you are, then, you cannot love yourself, be healthy and have healthy self-esteem. In this broken who-you-are context, you cannot be the best you can be optimally. In a sickened condition you can only be the worst you can be suboptimally. Our thinking and behavior seems better than what it is because we are using the context, definitions and meanings of sickness, so of course, sickness is good.

Fill a bathtub with water. Remove some and place it in other places in the house. Vary the water in the bathtub and in all the other places, but you can only use the water in those places in order to create variation. At what point does the form of water, in any location, stop being 100% genetically the same as the water in any other location?
It can only be, if you add something to the water that did not come from the original water you started with.
Same is same for all human genetics. It remains the same no matter how much it has changed - - which is actually very little.
African genetics remain 100% the same no matter where it is on the planet and no matter how long it has been there and no matter how long isolated or cegenated or narrowly inbred.
Those black Africans who got trapped in the ice for tens of thousands of years, were still 100% African when they came out white.

So for you white people and red, yellow, brown and black people, from what non-African root source did genetics enter the human gene pool, that somehow now causes you to no longer be 100% African?

Now we come back around.
By virtue of your falsified cultural pride that denies your Africanness, you are maintaining true sickness in yourself, because you are maintaining separation disconnection from your wholeness.
Yes, you are supposed to know who you are in your current form, but you must also know yourself in your first original form as human - - that is still there beneath the surface of awareness.

Yes, the water has ran dry, which is what Aquaria, Kepheus and company are here to rectify.

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Autoimmune Syndrome Meaning:
Something's Fundamentally Wrong
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1261


(Part 9fc of 11)

Now that we've pre-heated the oven in our minds where information is baked to conclusion, we now move on to spend more time with some of the ingredients we are using.

Not only does autoimmune syndrome mean something is fundamentally wrong, autoimmune syndrome also means something is cellularly wrong.

Not just one cell, but many cells.
Not just many cells, but a large significant number of cells.

By the time the wrongness in our cells has simmered long enough to become symptomatic enough for us to notice, the wrongness has become systematic and automatic, thus we have an auto-immune disorder when means we have an automatic immune disorder.
How did a disorder, which is abnormal, become automatic inside us?
You can be certain it did not start inside us in the physical sense, but rather inside us in the emotional, mental, spirit-soul sense.
In order words, autoimmune syndrome is the resultant effect of the combination of logic you and I are using to manage the physical portion of our four-fold being.
This logic is inseparable from culture.
Autoimmune syndrome is a system failure of culture that manifests inside those who ingest the culture for sustenance.
Once that culture gets inside us, in our logic, then it unpacks itself and digests itself and breaks itself down into all of the pieces of logic that a culture is made of.
That logic impacts our cells because that's the only place it can go and only place it can exist.
Yes, the spiritual, mental and emotional logic of our cultures is in the physical food we eat.
It's in the food because the food is the result of the processes our culture teaches us, are okay to take place before we consume the food. All of the processes physical food goes through from start to finish are influenced by human culture.
Nutrition and health are culture-related and are not individual related. The individual can only change health by changing the relationship with the logic of the culture, thus simultaneously changing the individual's relationship with non-human culture.

The lack of understanding that exists today in the medical and scientific fields, has taught us to think suboptimal is optimal. We have been tricked into thinking that cellular malfunctions are fundamentally different because they have been given all sorts of different names.

An autoimmune disorder malfunction disease syndrome is a system failure of logic.
Autoimmune disorder malfunction disease syndrome is a nutrition problem is a cellular problem is a DNA problem is a genetic problem is logic problem is an understanding problem is an information problem.
We are playing deadly mind games on ourselves if we are talking about health and not also talking about cells and nutrition - nutrition that is, in the broad fundamental foundational all-encompassing eco-sense, and not nutrition in the tiny sliver of sense we modern non-primitive cave people talk about.

All of us, because we ingest suboptimal culture, have been recalibrated to an automatic syndrome of disorders, malfunctions and diseases. We are sicker than we think. We don't reckonize that even allergies, are a form of autoimmune disorder and a form of cancer because it is a form of cellular imbalance malfunction.
Our bodies are not supposed to have an automatic allergic reaction to something, unless that something is toxic. Therefore, when our bodies have an allergic reaction to something that is not toxic, such as peanuts, gluten*, milk, eggs or fish, then that means either those items are toxic or something is fundamentally wrong inside us or both.* Which is it? Why? Has it always been that way? If not, what has changed?
What is certain is that the solution is not to stick with the same culture of logic that got us into the sickness in the first place.

African Health History | Fundamental & Comprehensive, Cellular Level To Entire Self.

*Note: It is a combination of poison in the growing medium of the food and malnutrition in cells. Poison that is, in the water, earth, air and education/media. Based on the level and forms of disorders in cultures, it is a certainty that at least 7 out of every 10 pieces of logic we are using, is significantly toxic enough to sicken us, while keeping us alive just enough to siphon off our energy, the way a virus vampire always does.

We don't have a gluten problem, we have a glutton problem. We overeat suboptimal logic.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Autoimmune System Disorders Malfunctions Diseases
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1260


(Part 9fb of 11)

The immune system is one of the largest systems we have. It is an infrastructure system. Infrastructure supports everything else. If we have an immune system problem, then we have an everything else problem. This is why autoimmune malfunctions can strike anywhere in the body. And it does. It strikes everywhere until it finds a weak spot to manifest more strongly. Meanwhile, a malfunctioning immune system, upon finding a weak spot, doesn't stop and focus on that spot. No, it keeps malfunctioning everywhere, causing damage and being inefficient and allowing pathogens, along with undetected and uncorrected errors, room to thrive.

It is a grave mistake to consider the area in which our immune system is malfunctioning, as the only area of concern.
If you have an immune system malfunction, then you have a nutrition malfunction problem.
Not only is your nutrition to toxin ratio extremely suboptimal, also way out of balance is your periodic restorative rest to energy expended cycle. If you drain the battery and never fully recharge it, then you will shorten the lifespan of the battery.
So now we reverse the logic. If we have a deficiency of nutrition, then we also have a deficiency in the immune system. Even if this has yet to be noticed by us, our immune system is still malfunctioning. This must be so. In other words, even if we don't have an official “autoimmune system disorder,” we still do and are closer to more system breakdown if we keep on the same unhealthy paths that we think are healthy and successful paths. Right now, in societies, health and success don't equal each other.
As a further example, put watery gas into the engine and it might function, but poorly. And if we have never known how a healthy car functions, we could mistake poorly for properly. And this is where we are today. Our baseline for health begins at the suboptimal. So the only reason most of think we are healthy is because we are not dead. Of course, we are not aware of this. If we take a moment and assess our level of health in terms of physical, emotional, mental and spirit-soul, there is no way we can conclude we are healthy. Only by accepting suboptimal definitions of health can we consider ourselves healthy in the worldview of current societies and their bedraggled cultures.

Study food fight, nutrition and immune system so you can get your health together so you can begin to reverse the process and get back to life in the here right now.

As you study the above, you will remember that our skin is the largest organ of the immune system. We are in no ways being health-conscious sufficiently enough if we are not paying close attention to what we put on our skin and what our skin comes in contact with. What our skin comes in contact with, it sucks it in, absorbs it, and then where does it go, what happens to it, then what do we do, we put more stuff on our skin at least once each day, and it adds up and piles up, but it must go somewhere inside us, and it does, it interacts with our cells, and we think our health is simply what we put in our mouths. Well, skin pores are mouths, because a mouth is simply an opening. And duality tells us that what opens as an exit is also an entrance.
To filter our water, while yet inattentively putting all manner of personal care products on our bodies every day, is equivalent to straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel and fixing a crack as we walk through the bottom of a large gap.

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Reorienting Climate Change Mindspace By Degrees
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1259


(Part 9fa of 11)

Earth is tilted 23.44 degrees and we are off balance vertically by at least an additional 30 degrees.

As easy as it is for us to reckonize annual seasons, it is also easy to reckonize Great Year Seasons. Once we become aware there is such as thing as Great Year Seasons, and once we reacquaint ourselves with some of them, and once we realize the same thing is happening on a smaller scale that is happening on a larger scale, then all we have to do is pay attention to degrees of change on a larger, more power, more geographically encompassing scale.

Horizontal Reorientation

During the annual year, each day represents one degree of change. Thus there are 365.25 degrees of change to match the number of days. Therefore there are 12 months of 30 degrees of change and one month of 5.25 degrees of change.

During the Equatorial Great Year that orients us horizontally, one degree takes 72 years. Therefore, for the Equatorial Great Year consisting of 12 star constellations, each Age is 30 degrees of change and one additional constellation of 5.25 degrees of change.

The Equatorial Great Year is the same as the Annual Year in name and number of constellations, it is also different because The Equatorial Great Year:
1. moves in the opposite direction of the Annual Year. The annual year goes from ...Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries..., however the Great Year goes from ...Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn...

2. takes longer.

3. The Annual Seasons take place at different times on earth depending on where we are geographically. The Great Year Seasons take place at the same time for the entire Earth. For instance, when it is Great Year Spring, it is Great Year Spring for the entire Earth at the same time. Even so, there are still microclimates that experience different degrees of springlike change.

4. is ruled by larger star constellations, whereas the Annual Year is ruled by the Sun, Moon and Planets.

5. is more energy dominant than the Sun.

6. is more far-reaching in the Galaxy than the Sun.

In 1967 we entered the last degree of Age of Pisces. Not coincidentally, in 1967, the song was published called “The Age Of Aquarius, Let The Sunshine In.” Great Year Springtime is right now.
1966 was the advent of the phrase “Black Power” through the vessel of Ancestor Kwame Toure.
Thus we see the merging of Aquarius the mother and the son (sun-shine) and the merging of the Sun and Black Power and the merging of the Son as the Ethiopian King being born out of the Water releaser Aquaria.

Vertical Reorientation

During the Polar Great Year that orients us vertically, one degree takes 72 years. However since the Polar Great Year consists of only 7 star power constellations, each Age is 51.42857 degrees of change, instead of 30 degrees. Thus each Polar Age rules a larger part of the Circle and is thus more powerful than the Equatorial Great Year Ages. Jackal is more powerful than Pisces and Kepheus is more powerful than Aquaria, yet these governing bodies are not in contention, but rather are in cooperation.*
In 1927 we entered the last degree of the Age of the Jackal. Search world history for the year 1926, then search year 1927, then search year 1928.
In 1979, we were 72 years away from the fullness of Kepheus of the 7 constellations. In 1979 there was a 3 hour rainbow observed. A rainbow is a symbol of 7 just as is the Polar Great Year and just as is the consummation and culmination of the 7 elementals that dictate climate change. We are playing around with climate change if we are not talking about stars, Ages, Great Years and spirit-soul. Absolutely no climate change can take place on Earth without it also taking place first in the Galaxy and Solar System. We must wake up to how far-reaching climate change is for all areas of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. All of these are environments that are going through major climate change that matches the form of those dimensions. And this is how we know thinking and behavior are changing and will change. And all things physical and emotional are changing and all things pertaining to spirit-soul are changing. Life as we know it and our parent and grandparents knew is changing significantly and rapidly, thus we cannot cling to the non-fundamentals of the past. Even though the fundamental are changing, it is the fundamentals that are the only thing certain to remain the same.
Here's what the Creator has always done: provided more and more upheaval in order to get us to change and each time, if those who remain do not, then more upheaval comes. And for certain it is coming for our societies because we are still stuck in love in the muck and mud of our cultures that are full of sewer logic, too toxic to be handled with a glove or a ten foot pole.
In 1994 there was a 6 hour rainbow observed. In 2017, there was a 9 hour rainbow observed.
The pattern is getting longer, because the presence of the change in natural law is getting stronger, thus so also are we experiencing greater changes in the way we live our lives. The metaphors, signs and messages are everywhere – multiple ways of showing, knowing, growing and going. Do not be the one who only uses the human portal for information. And neither be the foolish one who pretends to know based on comparing the human to the human. That thought process is always a trap that quickly sucks you in to keep you from noticing the large gap that exists between it and the overwhelming majority of truth.

Merging The Different Layers & Levels of Seasons Taking Place Simultaneously

The Equatorial Great Year is the arm of balance that extends from the polar Great Year that is the rod of law.
The balance and the law are changing based on the changes of the two Great Years.

Everything exists in degrees and various degrees of combinations and changes in degree.
Let me put this another way. The Equatorial Great Year changing from Pisces to Aquaria is changing us from a period of darkness and moving us into a period of light. This means we are moving from whiteness to variations to blackness.** This must be so by virtue of repeating patterns of natural fact and natural law. When the reversal of Sun and Moon take place, so also does reversal of first and last. This is what began to happen 13,000 years ago when we moved from light into darkness, we also moved from a period of blackness and into a period of variations and then into whiteness. The power of blackness is the light and the power of whiteness is darkness.
When we understand more fully what dark, black, light and white mean, then we can mature in understandings of what has been, is and will be on multiple levels.

The Great Years are not just about Earth and not just about humans. That is the least of what is going on. On a larger scale, the Great Years are about the Galaxy. There are many entities and life forms within this Galaxy whose fates are primarily tied to ours, since we are all part of the same organ inside the body of the Creator. Thus, all these other creations in this Galaxy are part of the plan of seeding nutrition, weeding, protecting and cleansing of infection in this Galaxy. Of this there is no doubt, otherwise, this then, is not sustainable and is not an ecosystem, which then, if true, leaves us inextricably hopelessly devoted to goofy explanations from the current space invaders as to what is real and fake (brought to you by those whom you trust regarding their definitions of what is the proper ratio of give and take).
Under no circumstances has the I Am Creator, left the fate of humans up to other humans when humans are smallest degree of creation in the universe.
And this is why a mentality that turns to humans first and foremost and relies on humans as the primary means of security in any fashion, is a mentality of illness that will always be at odds with the universe that never abandons providing the fundamentals of life and existence in the best of times and in the worst of times – available to us if we put the fundamentals first, the rest of nature second and then the human collective third, thus forming the fourfold completeness of the extended self.
By and by degrees, we will understand justice moves in the same patterns as constellations, which is why a certain type of justice prevails over Earth for Ages, and then, it changes, and along with it so also does dark and light, left and right, wrong and right, etc.
More and more, by degrees, we will continue to see: Humans do not determine human theories and human ideologies. No way! Humans are instruments of the Greater Creator. Our primary job is to put into practice what star energies put forth, who themselves must obey the universal context of spirit-soul that is in cyclical control. Regardless of our degree of free will and how it influences the universe, the greater degree of influences lies in the stars and lies in other creations that outweigh and overrule humans in the long run.
Mysteries and marvels do unfold and we ain't seen nunthin' ye, even though we are soaking dry and bone wet.
We have been living during a period of time when humans have been allowed to do what we do because the universe needed humans to be an x-factor variable that could contribute to the level of difficulty in the universe and also contribute to the solution. We have been moving into a time where the universe is demanding all creations change their behavior, thus the universe is doing whatever it takes, by any means necessary to change overall logic of the universe and logic within groups of creation, even as it understands, not all members of each group will change, and will thus be recycled much sooner back into the black hole from whence we came, where, once there, reconfiguration of the constituency can take place.

Notes: *The Ages vary in power due to their length of reign, however the Polar Great Year and the Equatorial Great Year have the same amount of power overall for the entire course of the Great Year because they are the same length of time. Their influences are always adjusted based on the need incentive that combines the power of the Ages with the power of other stars that we call planets, moons, comets, asteroids, meteorites, rings, dark matter, dark energy, milky ways, etc.
**To the degree we optimize the prevailing energy is the degree to which we will be allowed to affect large portions of this planet. In other words, current societies and their governing bodies are only able to be in power due to their willingness to suboptimize the people because the prevailing power is in suboptimal mode. Therefore as these societies continue to resist moving towards the healthier logic, the pressures of energies from the universe are working to take their legs out from under them.

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Teachers Keep Teaching, Patterns Keep Preaching
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1258


(Part 9ez of 11)

37.431573 N , --109.865743 W*

Daffodils are 3 inches high. A wider variety of birds are singing hallelu to jah. There are also buds on several species of woody perennials. These springing things are but a few of many signs indicating springtime. Spring has arrived 30 days ahead of outdated schedule. Calendars have been out of sync for a while. Now is the time to plant that which was not planted in autumn's tomb and winter's womb.
We have all lived long enough and experienced enough patterns, so we should be able to reckonize what time it is according to seasons of change. We don't because we have been trained to give up our right to remain vibrant and accept being told what we can know for ourselves.

The societies of today are young, but are full of old weaknesses. Not being well-equipped in understanding the fundamentals is chief among those weaknesses. It is a false positive for a flourishing virus to think it has succeeded, when in doing so, everything it needs to continue to succeed, has been depleted.

This year has the feel of an easily noticeable jump in upheaval and fulfillment - an intensely productive abundant year of change.

*Note: This has been re-adjusted recalibrated away from the necessarily erroneous prime meridian of Greenwich, England and back to the Prime Meridian of Giza Egypt whose longitude 31.208853 W of Greenwich. The Prime Meridian is off and so are calendars and so are many more things we use, to reckon understandings by.

By the way, the reemergence of winter, after the emergence of spring does not mean it's not spring, any more than the reemergence of summer, after leaves begin to fall, make it no longer autumn. In other words, if there is such as thing as indian summer that brings a period of warmness after it has already begun to cool down, then there is no contradiction in an indian winter that brings a period of coldness after it has already begun to warm up. With the exception of humans, plants and animals in their free state of mind, know what teachers and patterns to mind because they are in tune with the timelessness of time.

Copyright 1995-2018 Ancestors through Usekhu. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Great Year Time We Know But Don't Realize
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1257


(Part 9ey of 11)

”Great Year Timeline: Constellations, Ages & Co-Rule, Unity Consciousness #884”

We know a picture represents many words, yet we mostly look at pictures and only see one or few words.
We see a tree. We do not see mother, father, child, roots, seeds, womb, the Primordials, etc.

We know a day is a like a thousand years to the Divine.
We know one human step is matched by many steps made by the Greater Creator.

So why do we keep on reckoning time by the smaller human way rather than the larger eternal way?
We know there are different scale of time and we know human time is the least among the scales.

When we are making assessments, we must not get tricked by wanting and expecting things to happen according to the temporary human way of reckoning time.

For instance, a human year is 12 to 13 months totaling 365.25 days.
For the Greater Creator, a year is 12 to 13 months totaling 25,920 years.
In other words, one human year on the scale of the Great Year is like 20 minutes.*
On the scale of the Great Year, I am 18 hours old or young.

So when we are going through our thought processes, we must remain aware of not simply sticking to human time. If something doesn't happen for 10 humans years, it has only been about 3.5 hours on the Great Year Scale of Reckoning Time in the Larger Revolving Circle Of Life.
Don't be so quick to dismiss what is taking place and when its fullness will come into plain sight.
We started our reckoning by larger cycles, not minutes and hours, but cycles of light and darkness. Not days and weeks, but cycles of seasons.

Great Year Seasons

All this is to say we must also keep track of time by Great Years and remember their associated meanings. We just revisited the Influences & Meanings of the Star Constellation Age of Pisces. Now we move to her companion, Wepwawet, the Jackal.
Wepwawet the Jackal is the Great Year of the Pole, the Vertical Hand of Time.
Pisces, the Womb-An of the ever-coming ones, is the Great Year of the Equator, the Horizontal Hand of Time.
These two, form the cross of the Four.

All creations have many names that come into existence with each change of cycle.
The current Great Year of the Vertical Pole is also known as Anup, the Dog, This is why the wolf had to transform into the dog in order to survive this period of time, because the wolf of an earlier time, went out of season, thus became subject to free-for-all hunting season for profit, fear, fame and to claim the wolf's domain. This metaphor is clearly identifiable in human terms. These things came about due to the changes in the hands of time. The hands of time are also the hands of justice. As these hands are wound, they also become the boomerang that contains Har-ma on one end and Karma on the other. (AE2 657-8/121-2)

Another name for the current star at the north pole is Polaris. This star energy is the opener of the way. He is the forerunner who announces the day of reckoning; he makes the call to judgment; he judges the world. Wepwawet/Anup/Polaris is also the educator who prepares us for the ever-coming child who is the savior in the form of the elementals of climate change. AE2 855/319

Spend some time re-familiarizing yourself with the picture symbol metaphors of the earlier Great Years of Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Ursa Major. Draco and Jackal.
These picture symbols carry many messages for us to form a basis of understanding that we can then use to understand the Great year cycles of Aquaria and Kepheus.
We don't need to rely on tricksters to read to us what we can read for ourselves, because we already know how to read sign language. We know how because we know how to read words. Words are sign language. Now we must take the words and reapply them to the picture so we can get fuller meanings.
Get back in the habit and practice so you can recapture a sense of the larger goings on as the hands of time of the Great Year clock tick-tock towards the quadruple equinox.

There is a Pisces that takes place every 365.25 days and at the same time there is another Pisces taking place every 25, 920 years. So as we move from Pisces to Aries each annual year, we are also moving from Pisces into Aquaria on the Great Year scale. On the annual scale energy is moving in one direction. On the Great Year scale energy is moving in the opposite direction. The circles of time are many and move in different directions at different rates of speed. And so it is will all the signs of the zodiac. They rule the circle of time of the annual year and the Great Year. And then, in addition, to the zodiac star constellations which circle the equator/equinox, there are circles of time that circle the southern pole and the northern pole.
Every year, we are able to notice changes taking place each month in the climate as zodiac signs indicate changes in the seasons. These changes are never just due to the annual year. The Great Year is also impacting the changes based on the movement of the stars. This is why this period of time, when two Great Years are changing rulership, is a period of time that the current status quo of humans you are allowing to rule you, don't understand, because they are in prime suboptimal form. Their ability to do things, outdistances their ability to understand things. And so, now that a different basic context of understanding in accumulating outside of the human status quo, the human status quo is ill-prepared to deal with it, I.e,, ill-prepared to deal with climate change. And we are smack dab in the middle, twiddling our thumbs as we work to remain self-opposed to all the other ways to know how to tell what time it is.
Even so, who rules the world is also changing, thus, so is everything else about our current scenario. In other words, it is deadly to remain comfortable in the context under which you are subject. We must resort back to Plan A of the First Truth.

Wakanda is a form of Uganda and lies at the crossroads of the Horizontal and Vertical Cycles from which all understanding emanates forth and back. Fundamental keys of as above, so below and logical use of metaphor tells us Wakanda birthplace moves along with the hands of time and transforms its outward appearance as does spirit-soul and water. It is not in the same dimension, space or shape for long and it takes remaining calibrated to the vibration frequency to find it.

Note: 365.25 days x 25,920 years = 9,467,280 days
365.25/9467280=.00003858 as the ratio that can be applied to the annual year for us humans to better understand.
.00003858 x 8,766 hours in one year = .33819 x 60 minutes = 20 minutes.
Thus, one annual year is equal to 20 minutes of a Great Year.

Copyright 1995-2018 Ancestors through Usekhu. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Unless You're An “Alien,” You're 100% African
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1256


(Part 9ex of 11)

Small sampling of messages that are ways of knowing we are, one and all, 100% African.

We always use metaphor* to loosen and link understandings:
It is not possible to NOT live close to nature.
Everything is nature.
Even a concrete box in a concrete jungle is still 100% nature.

Even when nature is in its most suboptimal, weak, sick form, it is still 100% nature.
Even when the African has lost various degrees of pigmentation, the human is still 100% African.
Even when the African has lost various degrees of understanding, from so little you can barely tell, to a lot, that makes us stupid as hell, we humans are still 100% African.

No matter how varied creation seems to be, everything is still nature, and on this planet, apart from the aliens, the rest of us are still 100% genetically African.

Different assemblies of form, function and free will must be recombined with understanding to the core of sameness.

Africanness is smooth elegant ripples of powerful panther-like blackness.

And this is why, the essence of what Africa is, is everywhere in the Universe.

Everywhere taller humans went on this planet, shorter Africans were already there and had already been there.
Everywhere shorter Africans went on this planet Africa was there and had already been there.
Everywhere “other people” go on this planet and to Mars and Moon, etc., they are finding, but not telling you, that Africa is there and Africans are, or have been, there.

By 100% guarantee of natural law, what is hidden is emerging as surely as any other thing emerges: the seed, the child, the Sun, the blackhead, the other side of nature – the things that continue coming out of nowhere, somewhere, everywhere.
You are one of those places Africa is re-emerging out of.
Sleep well tonight, because when you awaken, much will have changed.

*Note: Why do we always use metaphor? The answer is the same as nature and as Africa. We always use metaphor because the only thing that exists is metaphor. Everything is 100% metaphor.

Once again, these understandings are before us, after the fact.
We are standing in the exact same spot as before and after, yet recognize it not, despite Maat we got that's just enough off to keep us moving in directions lost. So because the common value that saves, we deprave, we must continue to cheapen spirit-soul so it doesn't object to the cost.

We are once again at the cross, where we first saw the light. Africa is fundamental and elemental. If you, as you passed through the air-cooled kiln of Nile Mass, somehow have been able to change your fundamental nature from its 100% Africanness, you are indeed a mystery – an anomaly duality to the miraculous floating family tree.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Influences & Meanings of Star Constellation Age Of Pisces
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1255


(Part 9ew of 11)

In the Great Year defined by the 12 zodiac constellations, Pisces is the rebirthplace of the twins. This means Pisces is the birthplace of duality. This time around in the cycle, Pisces is preparing for:
1. The reversal of the twin duality of north and south.
2. The reversal of optimal and suboptimal, light and darkness, hidden and revealed...
3. The reversal of fortune and misfortune.
4. The birth of the twin duality of water and air.
5. Rebalancing of mother and child, female and male, thus the trinity of family.

These are just a few of the many manifestations Pisces is preparing us for and Aquaria is currently bringing forth.

The earlier Coptic name for Pisces constellation is Picot or Pi-cot Orion or Hori.
The Coptic* meaning is “congregation or company of the coming prince.” The earlier Egyptian meaning is likely something about the ever-coming repa and heir apparent.

Latin, which came later, turns the Egyptian and Coptic meanings into the word Pisces.
The current version of English, which came later, uses the word fishes for Pisces.

Seiss, Joseph Augustus, “The Gospel in the Stars: Or Prímeval Astronomy.” E. Claxton, 1882 , pp. 214-215

Two Fishes

Fundamentally, Pisces does not mean “two.” Pisces means duality. In simple numeric terms, duality means “two or more.”
Picot is likely a word that leads back to Khuti, as in Ti-Khu, Pi-khut, Pikot, Picot, as in rising and setting stars.
Duality means an ever-changing, ever-coming, ever-resurrecting two or more. Duality is fixed and variable because duality is Maat and Maat is fixed and variable. This is because everything must change while remaining the same.
Pisces once represented two fishes, but now Pisces also represents four fishes.

Another Way Of Knowing

Pisces comes from peisk, Derivatives are: pisk-i; piscary, piscatorial, Pisces, pisci-, piscina, fisc, fish,
Pisces also becomes pes which is likely the singular of Pisces. Pes becomes foot. Thus, even though humans are thought to have two feet, at an earlier time, we were four-footed. Foot is a main symbol for number four.
In other words, Piscis and Pisces evolved from the stellar mythos “Peseshti,” meaning two halves, to later mean Four Fishes. (AE1 332-3/342-3)
This matches the southern fish, northern fish, western fish and eastern fish in the constellations.

Pisces Means Foundation

Pisces does not just mean four. Pisces means foundation.
That foundation is any and every number we reach in the process and stage of evolution.
Likewise Pisces must mean the declining foundation of de-evolution that causes the conditions for the suboptimal to manifest strongly.

Pisces Means Tomb & Cocoon

Another name for Pisces is Pi-cot Sahu because Orion, Horus, Osiris, Ausar, Heru, Ka, Ra, Amen-Ra, Kepheus, Afra, Kaf-ka, Jesus and others, are representations of the resurrected karest – spirit-soul emerging from the cocoon, the waters of Nun to breathe new life into this portion of the universe.
Pisces means the rebirth of the immortal ones.
Whatever evolution was born, 12,960 to 25, 920 years ago, those elemental formulations are now being reborn as immortal ones.
The dead are being reborn into their second immortal life. The cycle of birth, death and rebirth is elemental, first and foremost.
Pisces is another example of the same cycle. Pisces is the end of the de-evolutionary stage revealed and the end of the evolutionary stage hidden.
These two are now reversing.
Always when we are talking about changing of Ages, we are talking about upheaval and fulfillment.

Massey, Gerald, ”The natural genesis: or second part of A book of the beginnings,” Volume 2, 1883, pp. 436-7.

Pisces Means Womb, Factory & Reassembly Place

Pisces is womb and seed. Aries transformed into Pisces which transforms into Aquaria when Pisces is ready to give birth to multiple sets of twins – new elementals and revitalization of old ones.
Pisces is the pregnant mother who is gestating, thus Pisces is tomb, womb, cocoon, the places of transformation, renewal, resurrection of the elementals. Always when we are talking about the elementals, we are talking about spirit-soul.
Always when we are talking about anything in the Universe, we are talking about spirit-soul.
Thus, Pisces means every number of elementals such as 7 elementals, 10 elementals, 12 and 13 and more.
Pisces of the Great Year is a larger reminder of the annual Pisces and the other changes taking place every moment.

*Note: As within, so without, applies when a virus invades a cell and colonizes the nucleus. The nucleus shuts down access to deeper levels of information. So also did the Egyptians. In addition, each time language goes through a transformation, the likelihood of loss of understanding exists. We know this based on what happens when drNA is copied or when information is moved around in our computers. The information we are using today in the world, via our beloved human language, is a watered down version. As we move forward into the past, we encounter better information. We will be closer to the original but still not all the way until the status quo changes to a healthier form of spirit-soul and the virus is removed. As always, we, the elementals in human form, pave and prepare the way for the next generation to descend and ascend.

Pisces is gathering the four fishes and is feeding the multitudes. This is the redistribution of universal-based wealth of understanding. Pisces is multiplying fishes and elementals and redistributing them throughout the universe, thus climate is changing, which is why water is being released from the glaciers and is spreading around the world. This is one of numerous signs.

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Culture Shooters Shootees
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1254


(Part 9ev of 11)

There is no separating what takes place in a society from the society's culture.
Go back and read every message that mentions culture. Do so until you understand, anything that comes together in a group of people or falls apart is due to the foundational culture of the group. Nothing begins or ends outside of culture.
Every society and every civilization intentionally breeds what takes place within it.
Just because we don't foresee the effects of what we are breeding, doesn't mean the cause is not intentional.

And we, the fragmented, malnourished ones, are still unable to connect dots to the ending of a thing (the resultant effect), to the beginning of a thing (the initiating cause).

Gun control is not the problem or solution.
Guns are not the problem or solution.
Control is the problem and solution.

We short-circuitedly think:
1. The problem with white people getting shot is gun control; therefore that must be the solution – more laws to control guns.
2. The problem with black people getting shot is black people; therefore that must be the solution – more plausible deniability type laws to make killing black people okay.
3. The problem with bullying is home training; therefore, that must be the solution – expel the child and send the child home.
4. The problem with drugs is illegal drugs; therefore, that must be the solution – focus on the smallest amount of drug use and allow the highest amount of drug use – legal drugs.
5. The problem with crime is gangs, terrorists, immigrants; therefore, that must be the solution – let's build up all manner of weapons and laws to eradicate these people who don't do what the laws we made up, say that allows us to do whatever the hell we want to.
6. The problem with basic needs is economy, unemployment; therefore, that must be the solution – whatever it takes to create more jobs for a minute while damaging the ecosystem for an hour.
7. The problem with society is government leaders; therefore, that must be the solution – put in some different leaders, and we the people, keep using the same logic.
8. The problem with sickness is healthcare; therefore, that must be the solution, get more after-the-fact insurance that is reactionary rather than proactionary.
And this list could go on and on for everything we perceive to the problem in society...

What connects all these?
Culture, of course.

Since effect is the manifestation of cause and since problem is the manifestation of moving away from solution, then, if guns out-of-control is the problem, then gun control must be the solution. Gun control will stop kids killing each other at school.
It won't because neither guns nor guns out of control are the reason kids shoot each other and government people called military and police, shoot people in their own countries and abroad.
Look at the list above and you can see how America created each of these problems. By choice, Americans continue to choose to keep these problems alive. But now, instead of fixing the problem at the fundamental root cause, America wants to fix one of the offshoots of the problem and then wonder why suicides are on the rise and opiate use and you name it, is on the deteriorating rise. Oh wait, those are different and separate from culture.
By choice, Americans continue to believe they can fix one tiny tench of culture, and then the blobulous unfixed part, not find another way to seep through and manifest. America thinks lava pus under constant pressure will not find its way to spew above the surface.
Take away all the guns, and murderers for hire will still kill black kids and kids will still kill each other in poor ghetto's, in middle class ghetto's and in rich ghetto's.

This is so because the shooter is founding fathers and the shootee is gender, but the offender is you and me.
The shooter is culture/DNA Testing Results and the shootee is race, but the offender is you and me.
The shooter is institutions and the shootee is religion, education, media, etc, but the criminal is you and me, just because we are carrying out the logic we are taught to love, believe and follow. All we are doing is being the weakest we are being taught to be.
The shooter is hundreds of thousands of laws and the shootee is free will, but the offender is you and me.
The shooter is capitalism and the shootee is nutrition but the weak abused confused ones are you and me.

We are suffocating, trying to breathe on make-believe.
And as soon as we find a way to take a deep breath of our own choosing, yeah, it feels good to finally be in control, in some sort of aberrant way And so that motion of breathing shoos out from us and some aspect of nature gets shot.

Because you in America and you in all of the American wannabe places worldwide, including Africa, are still addicted to the nature of the lie, you will continue to act surprised as one thing continues to lead to another.
Shooter and Shootee experiences are guaranteed and are the only thing taking place continuously in every way everywhere in everything.
Life and existence is a shooter shootee duality.
Not understanding this is why we can't get to the bottom, cause, root, solution, cure.
No nation can remain sick for long and remain, sick.

There is no such thing as a culture that comes into existence and then that culture goes out and finds a group of people to adopt it.
The only culture that exists before humans is spirit-soul culture. It exists in many forms. In animals, plants, stars, etc. We call this culture, the environment, the ecosystem, the climate, the universe, and to a lesser degree, the galaxy, the solar system.
If something is taking place in the environment, then it must lead us back to spirit-soul that formulates the environment.
If something is taking place in human society, then it must lead us back to the culture that formulates the society.

Humans get together in a group and decide which combination of spirit-soul logic they are going to follow. Humans take their cues from the environment and then continuously adjust from there, or not.
Therefore, everything about human culture, ultimately, is a form of spirit-soul.
If we want to change problems in human society, humans must change the context of spirit-soul we are using.
America is not going to do that.
What about all you other societies?
Or will you go down with the blip?

Every moment you delay contributes to the logic your society is putting forth.
Meanwhile spirit-soul is shooting energy into stars which is shooting energy into culture which is shooting shootees, who in turn become shooters who are shooting shootees, who in turn become shooters who are shooting shootees...
This process is a continuous long line of causes and effects that cannot be singled out at the branch, rather must be narrowed down to the seed of culture and the spirit-soul that gives it the energy of motion.

Our level of control is the choice we make as to which form of spirit-soul to follow, the healthy or unhealthy.
What is your primary use of free will?
Take back control and re-decide which type of spirit-soul you are allowing to control you.
Right now, you already know whether or not the spirit-soul you are following is creating a long list of causes and effects that ultimately leads to the problems in your society. You already know it.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Four Seeds Through Totality Back To Zero
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1253


(Part 9eu of 11)

“How do you reckon?” The reply is “ Zero, One, Two, Three, Four.”
In Four is Ten, a perfect triangle, the totality of zero. (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 = 10). (NG2 545/563)

Four is a form of foundation expressed in numerous metaphors such as corners, cornerstones, cardinal points, cardinal directions, quarters, elementals, Primordials, points of balance, legged item, legged animal, arms, heads, plumb and level, rulers, stars, guardians, genii, angels, rivers, spirits, souls, circle and cross.

Primordial Four

Water, Air, Fire and Earth were the four sacred elements of existence; and during the best of times, under the most ancient religion, the Primordial Four were kept sacred to all. Under the current Cult cultures, the Primordial Four have become the personal property of the few, and the ruling powers no longer guard these natural elements for the whole people, or fitly represent the giver who supplied them freely for the benefit of all. (NG2 406/424)
In the list below, items in each group shift based on an algorithm not yet widely remembered among humans.

A. (1) Water (2) Air (3) Fire (4) Earth

B. (1) Deluge (2) Typhoon (3) Conflagration (4) Earthquake

C. (1) Cold (2) Moisture (3) Heat (4) Dryness

D. (1) Northern Winds (Boreas) (2) Western Winds (Zephyrus) (3) Southern Winds (Notus) (4) Eastern Winds (Apeliotes). (Waddell, 61-63/385-7)

E. (1) Elemental (2) Lunar (3) Solar (4) Stellar

F. (1) Nitrogen (2) Oxygen (3) Hydrogen (4) Carbon

G. (1) Vegetable (2) Spirit (3) Mineral (4) Animal

H. (1) Mind Spirit-Soul Matter (2) Spirit-Soul Physical Matter (3) Emotion Spirit-Soul Matter (4)Physical Spirit-Soul Matter

I. (1) So Dayi (2) Giri So (3) Bene So (4) Bolo So

J. (1) Mouth (2) Nose (3) Eye (4) Ear

K. (1) Utter-Forth, Uterus; Open, Pen-is, Birthing, Duality Balancing (2) Breathing, smelling, fount of life, knowing Duality Balancing, Khnum, Num, choose, select, nurse, tutor, teacher, rek-ken, guide, direct; accompany, go together (3) Pole star, ruler judge, Imaging, Duality Balancing, Ber the eye is an image of the circle and circle-making, Watching (Waat), Kam (4) Hearing, Duality Balancing (NG1 80/98)

L. (1) South (2) East (3) North (4) West (NG2 426/444)

M. (1) Above (2) Within (3) Without (4) Below

N. (1) Left (2) Bottom (3) Top (4) Right

O. (1) Circle and Cross (2) Crescent (3) Triangle (4) Square (NG1 440/458) (NG2 418/436)

P. (1) Red (2) White (3) Yellow (4) Black (NG2 412/430)

Q. (1) White (2) Yellow (3) Red (4) Black (NG2 412/430)

R. (1) Copper or Brass (2) Silver (3) Gold (4) Iron

S. (1) Night (2) Morning (3) Noon (4) Evening

T. (1) Winter (2) Spring (3) Summer (4) Autumn

U. (1) DoDo (2) ReTi (3) MiLa (4) FaSo

V. (1) Moja (Monad) (2) Mbili (Duad) (3) Tatu (Triad) (4) Nne (Tetrad)

W. (1) Fish (2) Reptile (3) Lion (4) Animal (NG2 406/424)

X. (1) Fish (2) Bird (3) Serpent (4) Beast

Y. (1) Bear (Hippo) (2) Orion (3) Phoenix (4) Crocodile

Z. (1) Cane (2) Arrow (3) House (4) Rabbit

AA. (1) Hippopotamus (2) Ape (3) Lion (4) Crocodile (NG2 405/423)

AB. (1) Hydra Serpent (Apta, Hapu), bright stars of the constellation influence like Venus and Saturn (2) Nef Serpent (3) Heh & Kheti Serpent (4) Bata (Obatala) Serpent (NG2 336/354, 346/364) (Waddell 57/381)

AC. (1) Nef, Green Water Jar (2) Nef, Breathing Black Sun in lower region (3) Nef, Gold Serpent (4) Nef, Red Goat (BB 365/377) Khnef is a form of Af (BB 366/378)

AD. (1) Water (Amset, carpenter), the devourer of impurity, mother-blood (Amsta), Hesmen (2) Air (Hapi, Kapi, Kafi, Shu) digger (3) Fire (Kabhsenuf), refresher and bleeder (4) Earth (Tuamuft, painter), adorer of the mother, Semen (UC #1224)

AE. (1) Amset, over the Ka-image (or celestial self), as Water (2) Hapi presides over the heart as Air (3) Kabhsenuf, over the mummy as Fire (4) Tuamuft, over the soul as Earth (UC #1224)

AF. (1) Azure Dragon (Vernal) (2) White Tiger (Chinese autumn) (3) Vermilion Bird (4) Black Warrior (NG2 313/321)

AG. (1) Human Animal (2) Ape (3) Bird (4) Jackal

AH. (1) Human Animal (2) Ape (3) Hawk (4) Jackal

AI. (1) Human Animal (2) Lion (3) Eagle (4) Calf

AJ. (1) Queen (2) Jack (Knave) (3) Ace (4) King

AK. (1) Uati, Keb (2) Shu, Herakles (3) Horus, Heru, Ra (4) Seb (NG2 406/424)

AL. (1) Aquaria (Hathor-Nut) (2) Kepheus lawgiver (3) Ma (Anhur) (4) Aquarius

AM. (1) Kaf (2) Kaf-ra (3) Kaf-ka (4) Kaf-ka-ka

AN. (1) Aides (2) Dionysus (3) Helios (4) Zeus

AO. (1) Columbine (2) Clown (3) Harlequin (4) Pantaloon

AP. (1) Andromeda (2) Perseus (3) Kepheus (4) Kheftiopoeia

AQ. (1) Hastorang (2) Tascheter (3) Venant (4) Satevis

AR. (1) Miriam (2) Moses lawgiver (3) Hur (4) Aaron

AS. (1) Gabriel (2) Michael (3) Raphael (4) Oriel

AT. (1) Mother, Vir, Virile Virgin, Keminine principle (Feminine) (2) Child (twin), infant, impubescent , sexless (3) Pubescent, Vir, Virile, Virgin (4) Father, Old Man (complete family), Matkhuren Principle (Masculine)

AU. (1) Founder of Word of Power (2) Sayer, Announcer, Witness Word of Truth (3) Doer of Word of Truth (4) Word Made Flesh (NG2 414/422)

AV. (1) Khaos (2) Bios (3) Cosmos (4) Chaos, Patmos

AW. (1) Reuben (2) Simeon (3) Levi (4) Judah

Note 1: The children are in the middle and parents are at the ends.

Note 2: Parents and children are each virgin and virile with the power to fecundate, fertilize, reproduce and/or transform, activate or catalyze transformation. Virility has different levels of potency, strength, energy, power, force. Parents and children are each virgin and virile because they are mer-gen seeds (duality). (NG2 59/67)

For these reasons and more, each one of the four, or in any combination, always adds up to the totality. The totality is represented, even if in a suboptimal form, and even if not being manifested strongly.
For instance: the truth of mother, father and pubescent nature being present within the infant child, does not make it okay for one of those foundational parts to be missing as separate manifestations actively interconnected with the child's process of beingness.

Typhon, Kheft, Khept, Aft, Apt, Fut, food, pat, pode, Fetu.... mean four. (NG1 215-6/233-4)

(NG2 166/184, 466/474) (AE1 322/332, 402/412)

1. BB; NG1; AE1; NG2

2. Waddell, W. G., “Manetho with an English Translation by W. G. Waddell,” Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1940-1964, (pp. 1-256) and Robbins, F. E., “Ptolemy Tetrabiblos, Edited And Translated Into English by F. E. Robbins,” (pp. 300-466), The Loeb Classical Library, Edited By T. E. Page.

3. Taurus

4. Antares

Copyright 1995-2018 Ancestors through Usekhu. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Genetic Makeup, Lies & A Rose By Any Other Name
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1252


(Part 9et of 11)

The Washington Post is a good proxy for the nature of the lie.
Here's another big one.

They considered themselves white, but DNA tests told a more complex story

Despite the above article and thousands just like it, it has also been sufficiently explained elsewhere, why it is impossible for any human on this Earth to be anything other than 100% African in their genetic makeup.

However, it is possible to be a 100% variety of something and still be 100% African.

A yellow rose is 100% a yellow rose.

A yellow rose is still 100% a rose.

Search keywords such as genetics, family tree, dna and especially “dna testing results” and whatever else the spirit leads you to.

All of us, despite our “differences,” have still only been having sex with other Africans in order to reproduce.

I understand we have “feelings” about things, but “feelings” just add flavor, they don't change the substance.

The current stories about our genetic makeup based on DNA Testing Results are made up.

They are made up lies.

But this process must be necessary to move people slowly back to the full truth about who we all are.

If every rose that exists, leads back to the same rose bush, then all roses, red, yellow, etc. are still 100% the genetic makeup of the original rosebush. It can't be anything else. Where does any other rose get some different genetics?
Just because later versions of the original are bred together, doesn't make any of them or any of their reproductions or any of their variations, somehow have less than 100% of the genetic makeup of the original. All they have is a different formulation of the same 100%.

Same goes for humans. Same goes for all other species.

Come on now people, quit lying to yourself.
If you are less than 100% African in your genetic makeup, then where did you get that other percentage?
Where did that non-African original, who didn't have any African genetics, come from - - that then caused you to be only partially African?

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Weakspeak & Doublespeak
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1251


(Part 9es of 11)

Doublespeak & Triplespeak: Definitions and Meanings, Unity Consciousness #641

A large part of the problem is our concept of science.

But before that, the problem is our context, worldview, utamawazo...

All of the above is packaged into what we cultists call “culture.”
Therefore, weakspeak and doublespeak is cultural – part of the fabric and identity of the people, the country, the nation. If you find weakspeak and doublespeak at the bottom, you will find it in the middle and at the top and the other way around all sides.

Examples abound. Examples continue to confound.
Even so, these examples provide opportunity to practice critical analysis and re-sharpen our thinking until we are able to cut through the nonsense.

Article: It looked as if Earth’s ozone layer was healing nicely — until now

After reading this article, remember: a reporter is a scientist and a scientist is a reporter. One of those personalities is lying to the other. Again and again, it's the nature of the lie.
I will only briefly paraphrase and discuss a few things that stand out in the weakspeak doublespeak we encounter all day every day in multiple forms to keep us informed deformed.

1. The article says we scientists understand things enough to know we, the intelligentsia over you commoners, are the ones who saved the ozone layer, but we, the intelligentsia, don't understand ozone enough to know what's happening.

2. The article says we've detected something unexpected which is causing the ozone layer not to heal in the way we expected because we didn't know and still don't.

3. The article says, the ozone layer is getting better because of us, the overseers of you commoners, but ozone is not getting better, and it's not our fault and we didn't expect it and don't understand it, but we do know, whatever is helping the ozone is all due to us.

4. Not said in this article, but what is underlying the hullabaloo about the ozone layer is the increase in skin cancer among those with a melanin disorder. Along with this is the increase in solar radiation and other solar emissions.

5. The article says changes in how things circulate in the sky, could influence how things are distributed in the sky. Hmmn, changes in circulation affects distribution, i.e., diffusion.

6. The articles says, changes in the ozone and atmosphere could be related to climate change. Hmmmn, let's see, individual changes in areas of climate might be related to collective climate change, but we can't be sure until we study it, despite millions of years of continuous evidence of what an ecosystem means?

7. The article swears up and down that it's the UN Plan to reduce chemicals that is healing the ozone, but the future of the ozone depends on those chemicals not being reduced and the future of the ozone depends on climate change, yet, climate change has little to nothing to do with the “healing” of the ozone.

8. None of this is about the ozone layer or saving it or saving the environment or saving the planet. It is about saving their own skin – even as the “rich” are right now digging in to underground bunkers and planning on exiting to the Moon and Mars, leaving y'all wondering, now who will do our thinking for us.

9. After we read the article, then the press release, from which the article draws, we are reminded: so-called “media” are paper pushers and so-called “scientists” are vapor pushers. Lying hard for the money and working against the many. They must not know better because they are not doing better, despite being professionals and experts.

Practice reading things by removing words that are designed to mislead you. If need be, substitute better definitions.
1. delete: a team of international scientists ------- substitute: a group of white people mostly from western Asia and America.
In a world where most people are not white, how does this give any of the rest of us, confidence that these people understand and that we should be listening to them in an “open up and swallow, line up and follow” sort of way?
Let me be clear: What “international” means to you, is not what international means to them, thus we have doublespeak. This doublespeak becomes weakspeak when you allow it to self-defeat, your divine ability to detect truth and lies. When they say “international,” they mean Europe and America, because in their minds, they are the world and they are the only ones that matter, everybody else is a nonentity and don't matter. International means “between two or more nations,” thus it can be international and only be between nations in Europe. International does not mean global and balanced.
The saying goes: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. So why don't we start asking the Universe smart questions so we can get smart answers - from within?

2. delete: scientists ------- substitute: people who have gone to school and passed tests to do things all of us are capable of doing every day, that is, “pay attention to things over a period of time, and understand what is happening and then let somebody else know what you think.”

We must start over, rebuilding our logic, by getting context, definitions and meanings straightened out, recalibrated to their optimal forms, re-kalibrated to a different context of spirit-soul. Every single word carries meaning. Context is a main cause of all effects that gets us into and out of mess.

If the above is not enough to help you get to the heart of what is being said, then also remove all names and descriptions of where people are from and remove their credentials and insert, Person A, Person B, etc., then read the now much shorter article and see if that helps. See Below.

Weak: The Contorters
Weaker: The Reporters
Weakest: The Further Waterer, Numb, Dumb Downer Distorters. This article is third party information. This is the nature of most of the information we rely on for mental nutrition. Information in its weakest form.
These things have been told to us by Mama Nanas, Frances Cress-Welsing and Marimba Ani and Papa Nana Wade Nobles, that everything in these suboptimal cultures is about genetic proliferation, genetic annihilation and the fulfillment of the Asili. Which then boils down to power and money, which boils down to controlling the masses by any means necessary. Papa Nana Leonard Jefferies tells us we need a systems response. Strongspeak is answering by climate changing all systems.

Cleaner Version That Removes A Lot, But Not All, Of The Intentionally Misleading Language
The rescue of the ozone layer has been hailed as one of the great success stories of modern environmental regulation — but on Monday, a small cliquish group of white people, mostly from western Asia and Middle America, who were paid to study the ozone, raised doubts about whether ozone is recovering as expected.

“We’ve detected unexpected decreases in portions of the ozone layer, which is offsetting the recovery in the ozone layer we expected to see,” said Person A.

In 1987, countries belonging to criminal group, the United Nations, agreed to phase out chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that are responsible for destroying ozone. The reduced use of CFCs has helped heal the “hole” in the ozone layer.

The recently published study by Person A and his co-workers, focused on the lower ozone layer. A relatively small but hard-to-explain decline of ozone was found. Meanwhile, the upper layers of the ozone have been recovering.

“The precise cause of the decline of ozone in the lower layer is unknown but could be related to changes in air circulation, which has a large influence on how ozone is distributed,” said Person B. Those changes could be tied to climate change.

There’s also a possibility that new chemicals, not limited by the UN, could be contributing to the problem.

At the same time, though, it’s not clear there are enough of these chemicals in the air to be causing the problem.

“Although some of these new chemicals are increasing in the atmosphere and can contribute to ozone loss, based on their current levels, they are very unlikely to be the main driver of the unexpected decline in the lower ozone layer,” Person B said.

It's a troubling mystery because ozone protects life from ultraviolet radiation, thus any thinning of ozone is cause for concern.

“At the moment, there’s no proof of what’s causing the decline in the lower ozone, but there are some reasonable guesses that need to be investigated,” Person A said.

“We’re raising the alarm that we need to very rapidly investigate (1) whether it’s the new chemicals or (2) whether it’s climate change or (3) whether our context is not quite right, or (4) whether there’s something wrong with the data,” Person A said.

Person A said none of this means the plan the UN came up with to save the ozone layer isn’t working. It just means more government workers must figure out what's going on. The cause of the newly discovered undesirable trend “urgently needs to be figured out.”

In the meantime, despite Person A's contention that the UN Plan is working as planned, the new research raises questions about whether adjustments need to be made to the plan based on new information.

“The future of the ozone layer will depend on the interaction of chemicals not regulated and on what happens with our climate,” said Person C.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nature Of The Lie: Agriculture & Culture
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1250


(Part 9er of 11)

Agriculture Origin & History In Africa & More, Unity Consciousness #372

Mother Lie: Agriculture started in Asia somewhere called China.
Father Lie: Agriculture started 10,000 years ago.

In the Christian world, nothing existed before 6,000 years ago, so I'm not sure who or how started agriculture 10,000 years ago.
Prior to 10,000 years ago, massive cities and monuments were being built around the world. That means there were a lot of people expending a lot of energy who needed to be fed. So who was hunting and gathering all that food?
According to the Galla people of South Carolina, they have been there for at least 10,000 years. This point is made to remind us how much has taken place in history that we have forgotten. The memory is in our genetics, but we have to connect links that make better sense in order to retrieve that understanding. That requires nutrition.

It is not possible for humans to evolve into astronomy and other arts and all sorts of fields of scientific discovery, without humans having first established their location for living and the means to meet their daily physical needs. This requires the farming of plants and other animals for the resources they provide.

Remember, it takes tens of thousands of years to create calendars and understand the cycles of stars. This requires free time. Who has time to do anything if you eat three times per day and each time you have to go out and hunt and gather food?
Furthermore, it makes no sense for us to think humans were paying attention to star seeds in the Sky before they paid attention to and figured out seeds on Earth.

The nature of the lie is busted. Under no circumstances did agriculture start in Asia. Are we to think agriculture was the exception to the rule, when yet, everything else needed for the building of high cultures started in Africa? All religions and language started in Africa but not agriculture. Come on now.
Iron smelting, construction, clothes making and a whole bunch of other things started in Africa but not agriculture? Come again please.
10,000 years ago, Africa was in a declining stage. Are we to think, that at the height of their existence, they never figured out agriculture and were hunting and gathering for hundreds of thousands of years, even though they were the same type of humans as us? And then, as they started to decline, then they figured out, hey, why don't I plant some seeds? What you say?

The testimony of cultures worldwide, intentionally lies about agriculture. No need to wonder why, it's the nature of the lie.
It's time to shake and break faith from Stockholm syndrome love for our lying cultures, that do so 24/7, knowing we won't scrutinize, critically analyze. We gotta re-cognize and do more than participate as a cult that gulps.

On a related note, if the U.S. government makes a law for companies to send you pieces of paper every year reminding you your privacy is protected, then you can be certain privacy is completely gone.
Secondly, if the USA tells you they don't know where 21 trillion dollars is, then that means they do know and the number is actually somewhere around 63 quadrillion dollars.

This is the nature of the same kind of lie, that starts as a seed of agriculture.

Today we are pretty darn proud of ourselves as human doings, but we don't even understand agriculture is supposed to take us from being hunter gatherers and move us to the next level of being planners preparers.
Yet, because we know not agriculture, we are once again, hunter gatherers. We absolutely have regressed.
We are hunter-gatherers of money, jobs, food and stuff.
We are not planner-preparers in the healthy sense that allows us to move to a higher level thinking and destinypurpose.
We can't because we are constantly trying to get food, shelter, clothing and pay bills. This is hunter-gatherer mentality that makes us vulnerable to unpredictability.
Agricultural societies are in tune with the changing nature of things, thus are always better prepared.

We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union, gotta stop lying to ourselves through our cultures.
If we were in an advanced society, our minds and spirits would be free from worry over rudimentary basic needs, and health care and safety and witness to poverty in the midst of plenty – and I'm not talking about money.

If we were truly more advanced, we'd hunt and gather seeds of wisdom so we could continuously mature in understanding cause and effect properly, which is exactly what it takes to move from hunter-gatherer to planner-preparer, a more optimal understanding of cause and effect.
Co-incidentally, that's also what it takes to understand agriculture and the nature of a lie.

If we only knew what we should know about what is happening to money, electronically, and how swiping our cards to get money is about to take on a whole nother meaning as part of climate change..

Agriculture started at least 17,000 years ago in Africa. ”SCETV Dr. Charles S. Finch III “Kemetic Origin OF Christianity”

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Ethiopia Name Origin, Definitions, Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1249


(Part 9eq of 11)

Intro: Ethiopia Name Origin, Definitions, Meanings, Phase One, Unity Consciousness #1248

We already know Alkebu-lan, Africa, Ethiopia, and Egypt are the same, despite their many names. Alkebu-lan/Africa passed everything into Uti-opia/Pwnt who passed everything into Kemet/Egypt who passed everything into the rest of the world, not one time around, but many times around during many cycles, each lasting at least 26,000 years each.

Names Of Ethiopia

1. We again reserve the first space for names that will continue to be remembered and the new name emerging for the New Age.
2. Uti-opia (Utopia). U passed into an E. Thus we have Eti-opia, Khefti-opia, and opia from Api as the first, the ancestral land. Cassiopoeia, the Lady of the Seat, is the Queen of .Ethiopia or Kush, and her name, derived from Khus, to found, or earlier Khepsh, the seat, denotes the Queen of the “opia” in the south or “ apia ” in the north. (BB 35/47)
We can see in Cassiopoeia, the earlier Kash. That her name is derived from Khu, to found, indicates spirit-soul as the founding force of the universe. This force is taking seat in the form of the cosmic celestial mystical mythical Ethiopian star constellation family. Ethiopia is the world. Not the Ethiopia of today, but the Eti-opia of old, who is not logic bound by current boundaries.
We can also see in Cassiopoeia, the makings of Kathiopia, Cathiopia and Aethiopia.
3. Aftiopia. (see Uti-opia and Kheftiopia) (BB 35/47)
4. Kheftiopia. KHAB means to give birth to; KHEF, AF & AU mean the one born of, the place we come out of. UTI means to emit; emanate, go out of, come out of. OPIA or APIA is the ancestral land. The diphthong AE represents an earlier AU and yet earlier AF. All of this tells us Punt and Ethiopia are one. Djindja energy is the third witness. (BB 34-5/46-7)
5. Ques and Kesh by the indigenous people. This became Kus and Kash in Egypt. This does not contradict with Bekerie below because the Egyptians were Ethiopians. This leads us back to Khes and Khekh. (Dubois)
6. Qevs, Kush and Kasa by the indigenous people. (Bekerie, 114-115)
7. Kush, Kvsh, forms of Khepsh the Great Bear, Hippopotamus, Mother, Birthplace. All of these representing the land of the black Khab, the black Kaf, the black Kaffir, the black Kafruti, and the black race of Kvm, Kvsh, and Kvt, the children of the oldest dual Mother Earth Taurt, half black hippo and half black crocodile. This connects Ethiopians and all humans to the earliest humans and to the rest of nature as having shared parentage in dark matter and dark energy. (BB 37/49), (NG2 25/33)
8. Meru by the Greeks was the mount of the birthplace. (NG2 169/177)
9. Merope by the Greeks was the birthplace. In Merope, because U becomes E, we see the makings of Europe and Europia as a second truth form of birthplace, notably the dermis demelanated form of human born out of an ice cocoon. (NG2 169/177)
10. Khepsh is the earlier Egyptian form of the later word, Kush. (NG2 169/177)
11. Kôs is the later Greek form of the earlier Kush. (NG2 169/177)
12. Zaba by the Hebrew. Zaba is the first-born son of Kush. Zaba is derived from Khebma, Kheba, Khefa, Khaba from Kheft. Zaba later came to refer to the northern half of Ethiopia only. (Zaba is the earlier Saba of the Sabeans, likely also Shaba, Shabba, Sheba, etc. In other words, the Sabeans are the Ethiopians who preceded the Kemites) (BB 34-5/46-7)
13. Iotipis, King of Itiopis. Now spelled Ethiopis. (Bekerie, 113)
14. Ityopis. (Jochannan, 235)
15. Aethiopia by many
16. Hithiopia by the Hebrew. (BB 34/46)
17. Itiopiavia, (Reclus, 123/165). This is close enough to mother Octavia in spelling and meaning.
18. Ithiopia by the Abyssinians themselves. (Taylor 53, 421)
19. Barabra referred to Ethiopia and then to Nubia. Perhaps this tells us who Barabbas was. We are told the Barabras are the original Ethiopians. This has credence based on Bar-abra. The child of the Ab-ra, as is Abram Abraham of Jacob Israel fame. (Houston 27, 29, 141)
20. Kush by the Hebrew. (BB 34/46)
21. Kous by the Hebrews ( upper Egypt) also called Ethiopia. (Volney), (Jochannan, 484). Jochannan further states Upper Egypt is today's Ethiopia, which likely means Upper Egypt was extended once it was established.
22. Egypt beyond Egypt. (BB 34/46)
23. Land of Burnt Faces by Greeks (Dubois)
24. Eti-opia. (see Uti-opia and Kheftiopia) (BB 35/47)
25. Ethiopia by many.
26. Equatoria. (AE1 294/304)
27. Dark Land. (AE1 512/522)
28. Habesh by the Arabs. (Jochannan, 245), (Reclus, 123/165)
29. Habeshestan. (Jochannan, 569)
30. Abyssinia by Europeans in 19th Century (Bekerie, 113), (Jochannan 213, 245). Abyssinia is said to be derived from Habisi, son of Kush; however Abyssinia could be a form of Abyss, thus speaks of Khepsh, the birthplace. Habisi also speaks to the birthplace, but it seem to be a longer evolution to reach Abyssinia from Habisi unless the evolution was something like: Apta, Khepa, Khepsh, Kheft, Khaba, Habisi, Abisi, Abyss, Habesh, Abyssinia.
Abyssinia first appears in Johnson's “Voyage to Abyssinia,” published in 1735. (Taylor 53, 421)
31. Habasha. (Taylor 53, 421)
32. Habsesinia. (Taylor 53, 421)
Abyssinia is the Anglicised form of a Portuguese corruption of the Arabic name Habasha, which signifies the land inhabited by the Habash or Habish. (Taylor 53, 421)
33. Abassia is the Portuguese corruption. (Taylor 53, 421)

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Intro: Ethiopia Name Origin, Definitions, Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1248


(Part 9ep of 11)

For my unconquerable spirit-soul
I thank the primordial eternal
Laws, symbols, cycles
(AE2 679-80/143-44)
Ethiopia is not a Greek word. Ethiopia is an English version of a Greek version of an Egyptian version of a Kemetic version of an Inner continent word. There is only one human language. All others are derivatives. All human language reaches back to the same Sign Language used for hundreds of thousands of years and is still being used because Sign Language is the root, foundation and structure of all human language.

Ethiopia Meanings

1. Burnt face, black face, sun baked, etc. are all suboptimal forms for suboptimal minds during suboptimal times. This is why this definition speaks to the surface, rather than heart and soul within matter. The Giri deliberates, makes mistakes; the Judge adjudicates, comes kherrekh.
2. Now we move on towards that which is more optimal. KHAB means to give birth to; KHEF, AF & AU mean the one born of, the place we come out of. UTI means to emit; emanate, go out of, come out of. OPIA or APIA is the ancestral land. The diphthong AE represents an earlier AU and yet earlier AF. (BB 34-5/46-7)

Ethiopia means the land first-born out of the ancestral birthplace waters.
Ethiopian means the first-born out of the ancestral birthplace land.
Inherent in both of these meanings is spirit-soul, the Primordial Four and the rest of the Elementals as they unfold dual in continual cycles of beingness. (BB 35/47)

What Area Ethiopia's Geographical Range Included

Cushite Ethiopia's Geographical Range & Influence, Unity Consciousness #457

We maintain the understanding that the geographical range of Ethiopia changed many many times. Here are some of the ways Ethiopia was described, which may or may not be the same as my initial understanding 29 months ago.

1. Punt is in Kush (Ethiopia) and is near the Great Lakes, not Somaliland, Somalia or the Horn of Africa. Punt was called Cashi or Kush by the people of Punt. This does not contradict because the pattern is unfolding that as people migrated, the name migrated also until the people adopted a new name. Thus all the names of Kash, Cash, Kashi, Cashi, Kush, Cush, Pwnt, Punt could have been used to apply to the birthplace, then was used to refer to a wider range, and sometimes was then not used for the birthplace, and then sometimes was. Another example is Habesh and Kush which are sometimes spoken of as being the same place and then as separate places. (NG2 25/33, 168/176, 215-16/223-4)
2. Nubia and Cush. The term Nubia was unknown to the ancients. Everything south of Egypt was called Ethiopia. (Waddell, 129), (Houston, 64)
3. Nubia lies between Kimit and Kush. (Jochannan, 334)
4. Entire continent called Ethiopia. (Jochannan, 194)
The name " Ethiopia," like so many other geographical terms, has changed in value during the lapse of centuries. It was once applied to the whole of the African continent and beyond into Asia, India and all the southern lands of the Torrid zone. (Reclus, 123/165)
5. Cush of old, is within the boundaries of modern Ethiopia. (Jochannan, 156)
6. Cush was Media, Persia, Susiana and Aria, or the whole territory between the Indus and Tigris. Ethiopians are responsible for monuments worldwide from Siberia to Peru to Mexico to America. (Houston, 20)
7. Through mythology we understand AEthiopia includes both Apta and Khepta. The Great Mother, as hippopotamus and crocodile, was both Apt and Khept, thus the mother as land, is both Apta and Khepta. Thus AEthiopia is both North and South. (BB 36/48)
8. AEhiopians Kushites lived in the Persian Gulf. This is another way of knowing the Chaldeans (Abram, them and the rest of the Lot), along with the Babylonians and Persians were Kushite Ethiopians. (NG2 22/30 )
9. Cushites (Ethiopians) inhabited the Tigris-Euphrates Mesopotamian valley. They were also called Hamites. (Jackson)
10. Ethiopia extended over vast domains in both Africa and Asia, the whole region from India to Egypt. Ethiopian culture has been also been found in West Africa, South Africa, Persia, Mesopotamia, Arabia, South America, Central America, Mexico, and the United States. This is another way of knowing African civilizations existed worldwide for thousands of years prior to the spread of white Europeans and other variations, including Native Americans of the current or recent phenotype. As has been discussed, the earlier shorter Africans (now called pygmies) planted the seeds of civilization worldwide before taller Africans. Africans have been around the world more than once establishing civilizations. (Jackson), The history of the current version of humans is much more massive than the Giri So education we've received to believe to deceive. (Waddell, 131/455)
11. The Cushite empire of Ethiopians covered three continents for three thousand years. Ethiopia as Cusha-Dwipa included Arabia, Asia Minor, Syria, Nubia, Armenia, Mesopotamia, and an extended region in Africa. The people of Samaria, the Samaritans of the Christian Bible, are Cushites. Therefore, The Good Samaritan is a descendant of Ham and is not cursed. We already know the whole nation of Israel were Ethiopians, and still are, under a different spirit-soul combination. We also know the original Jews and Hebrews were all black folks. We are currently living during the Age of the Okie Doke. (Houston, 12, 21)
12. Now we take a different angle towards the light. Africa is worldwide because the heavens above and below are worldwide. Africa is the within and the below that is the mirror image that matches the flow of energy it sits between. Think beyond the human sphere and understand it is the elementals that govern everything and we are combinations of these elementals, so we follow their patterns of circulation, their emanations, their creations. This is another way of knowing why the star Cepheus matches the Ethiopian king, Cepheus and why the star is now being spelled Kepheus and is still called the cosmic Ethiopian King. The elementals are changing the climate of everything. Cepheus, Cassiopeia, and Andromeda are coming back into power in all dimensions in their optimal form. (Jackson)

I am Uti-opian and I am coming out in all forms of Khusekhpheusia.

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