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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, December 23, 2011

What Do I Need In Order To Heal?

• I need to leave my husband[wife.]

• I need to move to Santa Fe.

• I need to finish my novel.

• I need to hire a nanny.

• I need to eat a vegan diet.

• I need to switch careers.

• I need to quit drinking.

[• I need to ... (fill in the blank).]

[• I need to do what I was sent here to do.]

[• I need to reassess my major guiding philosophies.]

[• I need to become more aware of human history rather than the limiting, societal and cultural construct I was born into.]

[• I need to openly acknowledge: the only way to live a life of fulfillment is to live in harmony with my purposes.]

[• I need to ask for help finding the answers to what I need by listening to my inner spiritual urgings, by communicating with a true friend and/or by seeking help from someone trained to guide me along the path to a solution.]

See, ”Anxious, Fatigued or Depressed? Pills, Exercise or Diet Shouldn't Top Your List of Treatments” by Christine Bronstein for the entire article on self-healing by focusing on your entire self, including your spiritual, intuitive self,

According to the article, I need to look at my whole life -- love life, professional life, creativity expression, spirituality, sexuality and see if there is anything out of balance.

To me, this is the best kind of health care and an epitome of love.

Monday, December 12, 2011

36 Facts About Manipulators & Manipulation

Along your path, you will encounter potholes and sink holes planted by manipulators. Manipulation may come from an individual, group, company, institution or government. Regardless, the facts remain the same.

1. A manipulator presents information as “helpful” or “something you need” that does not have any chance of moving you along any pathway to be as the Creator intended.

2. Wants you to believe frequent repetition by humans means something must be true.

3. Does not want you to investigate or consider other points of view.

4. Tries to get you to have an instant negative reaction to ideas different from what you already believe so you'll quickly disregard.

5. Tries to keep you dependent on them for as long as possible.

6. Tries to keep you busy so you don't have time to stay in tune with your spirit.

7. Does not want you to become aware your spirit's intuition is the best expert.

8. Promotes feeling good over being good.

9. Provides constant amounts of distracting information.

10. Wants you to desire simply knowing stuff about other people's lives.

11. A manipulator does not help you focus on what you can learn to help yourself from other people's successes and failures.

12. Wants you to make decisions based on man's legal system rather than Higher Powers and the basics of natural law.

13. The information offered does not help you to become healthy in any way.

14. Wants you to prefer the safety of what you've always believed rather than the determination to transition towards your better self. (See #8, “safety sure feels good”)

15. Treats critical thinking and analyzing as negative behaviors.

16. A manipulator benefits much more from their supposed assistance to you than you do.

17. Takes advantage of you when you give them your trust.

18. Tries to destroy whoever tries to tell the truth. This is a diversionary tactic. No one who is telling the truth has to use character assassination as their main defense.

19. Uses sympathy, tears and emotions. They are always the victim.

20. Never takes responsibility.

21. Wants you to prefer frequent entertainment rather than pursue ongoing maturity.

22. A manipulator needs you to believe their words more than their actions.

23. Needs you to believe they are the best thing coming and going so their philosophies become your automatic point of reference and only possibility.

24. Depends on your sympathy and feeling of kinship. (If you do not put your emotional self first, their motives can be more easily seen.)(Love and fear are emotions.)

25. Wants you to reach a conclusion based on their information and perspective only.

26. Tries to keep you tired so you don't feel like thinking.

27. The goal is not your independence.

28. Wants you to choose their choices rather than believe you can come to your own conclusions.

29. Wants you to be head-centered rather than spirit-centered.

30. Wants you to separate church from: state, education, science, medicine, work and society. Blessings will not show up in any place God is not allowed.

31. Wants you to “think to make decisions” rather than “sense the spirit's guidance.”

32. Needs you to be limited and stay limited in order to like you or accept you.

33. Does not add to or appreciate you strengthening your knowledge of self.

34. Creates confusion and claims something is controversial to keep you right where you are.

35. Wants you to believe it's not important to learn accurate human history. "The past is not important" comes from the mouth of a fool, a manipulator or both.

36. Wants you to accept what supports the group/country overall but does not support the individual at all.

37. Uses words that are opposite, "I respect what you're saying but you're an idiot." or "I agree with you but you're crazy." This manipulative spirit will begin and end statements with nice words and in between there is the true intent aimed to harm. It's like making a sandwich out of a rock. The main part of the message is intended to cause unsuspecting damage even though it looks and sounds good on both ends. There is always an opening and closing nicety. Especially the closing nicety that wishes you well after knowing they've just caused you to break a tooth or two.

38. Use children and the elderly as weapons and tools. They take advantage of the naivete, innocence and trust of children and the elderly. Manipulations often use children as bait to manipulate the elderly.

39. Manipulators will always say they care but nothing they do shows they care. Manipulators are always seeking, looking for and are constantly on “fishing trips” to find information they can use against anyone. This is their focus – destructive thinking, destructive behavior.

40. Will give you a penny's worth of value while they take 99 cents. They always take far more than they give so do not be fooled by their giving, watch what they are taking.

41. One of the main problems with evil manipulation is that it affects logic which contributes to the problem of genderism, racism and other evil discriminations against the Rights of Creation.

All these facts boil down to one thing: Manipulators manipulate with lies. The lies are simplistic, not complicated. Those lies are usually the opposite of what is true.

Yet and still, manipulation is no match for the intuitive self, the spirit. Step back from what someone is telling you and stay open to the initial sense you are getting. Is the information trustworthy or not?

Try to keep your brain and emotions from getting in the way. Ask your spiritual self, “Why am I being told this information?” These few steps can help you discern the difference between information that seems right and information that is right.

The journey continues. Now as you encounter those potholes and sinkholes filled with muddy water, you won't mistake them for pools and lakes.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A College & A Prison

The word “college” used to be British slang for “prison.”

Why would this be? What is the connection between the meanings of these words?

“College” started out meaning a group of people chosen to work together. This is why the word, “colleague” means someone I work with or is in my same field. Similarly, a “collection” means a group, just as “collage” does.

“Prison” started out meaning to take; therefore a prisoner was someone taken captive, usually in war, i.e., prisoner of war.

Here's possibly how British slang for someone taken captive became today's use of an educational institution.

The goal of most colleges is to train workers for public and private industry and the goal of most students is to go to college to get a better job. Nobody's focused on sustainability - the sustainability of the individuality in the individual.

A college could equate to a prison if it takes me away from remaining free in my thinking as I was when I was born – free to be me and free to learn all it takes to be the best combination of humanity and spirituality.

Make no mistake. I got what I bargained for. I got educated. I volunteered and made arrangements to pursue the path to a better life and was taken captive (sorta like Pinocchio). I became a prisoner of society by degrees stamped into my psyche.

Nothing outside of me will rescue me from myself. I must realign myself. I must reorient my thinking. I can begin by asking, “Am I in a college prison of thinking?” This means, “ Am I choosing to allow my thinking to work for someone else? Does the way I think, take me away from my true purpose(s) and the best uses of my talents? “Even though I can do this work and am good at it, was I born to do it?”

My divine potential does not have to conform to society's limited view of who I am, what I am capable of and why I am here.

Every educational, religious or other pursuit that does not help bring this forth is a college and a prison.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Violence, Volcanoes & Blaming God

Volcano erupting and lightning throughout the gas plume
Nature-ly Not That Way #1

Somewhere, a volcano is active, forming - same for violence. Both beyond our periphery unless we are right there or until a sensational eruption is broadcast. Despite some likeness between violence and a volcano, two aspects, the essential and the evil, forever separates them.

Why is it usually said, “the volcano erupted violently?” A volcano exists in accordance with natural law. Just like a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, tsunami or thunderstorm, a volcano has immense power indeed. The release of this energy is not an act of violence because a volcano is nature-ly not that way.

Violence is a human characteristic. Violence is intentional action to harm. Violence is any degree of intent to lessen birth rights. Violence allows the violent to escape. Violence hides behind survival. Violence is the ultimate aberration of fear. Violence runs counter to creation. A volcanic eruption is the crowning ceremony of the maturing of being in sync.

A volcano is a part of the recycling, replenishing and reconfiguring process. If current-day humans were taught truths, we'd be praying for the release of gases from volcanoes more than we pray for our sports teams to win because a volcano helps the global air we breathe.

A volcano, even if underwater, is also a release valve that helps alleviate pressure from the incredible energy at the Earth's core.* This, along with geysers and hot springs, helps keep the planet from blowing up; however, witnessing a volcano expel orange, red and brown liquid rock hundreds of feet into the air is to see a celebration of magnificence far more fulfilling than any fireworks display.

Volcanoes help make the soil and seas more fertile. Volcanic eruptions are benevolent not violent. Volcanic gases and ash are important to living organisms. Volcanoes also bring forth obsidian and pumice. Beyond their natural value, each is precious due to work uses and spiritual uses. Where is the violence in all this benefit and beauty?

A volkano is an essential expression of exquisite elements. To term this “violent” is to blame those who established the conditions from the very foundations.
Night view of erupting arenal volcano costa rica






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*6,000 ºC /10,832 ºF which is comparable to the surface of the sun (try keeping this kind of energy enclosed without constantly letting steam out)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Better The Company You Keep

The phone rings. It's that person you've hooked up with many times; however, these interactions have become briefer over the years. You love the company and often hope for something more. Plans are made to come together again and soon. Until this moment you were scanning your situation looking for something rewarding to do - other than bringing current an overdue housecleaning or reaching into a grab bag of errands.

Now you're a flurry of fresh feeling and energy. There's still the same lot to do and even less time, but incentive changes things. Being true to effort adds a hint of promise to the surrounding air. You are flowing, accomplishing.

The bell barely rings as you open the door. This threshold is last time you will be this far apart. You exchange looks of recognition and erase the gap between you. Even though the house is not pristine, you are vibrant. There's no need to prepare a banquet because you're eating for one; however, as you expand your acquaintance, you travel the course of a living feast. In the spaces of getting to know, there's much sweet connective silence. Feeling that pulse-like force again, is the first of many rewards in the company of your better self.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

In Registered Dieticians Not Trust

Food Fight #30

I continue to hold each person up as their own best expert in many areas, especially with basic study and using the intuitive, guiding, spiritual portion of their being. Trusting in other “experts,” without checking them out, is a risky business. Many governments, groups, researchers and scientists are historically untrustworthy. Also, individuals made popular due to media exposure and others who claim superior knowledge due to schooling, training, research or studies can be biased by their agendas and the agendas of whoever writes or sponsors their paychecks. Far too many who are supposedly telling us things for our own good, do not have our best interests in mind; and will therefore. transgress for a piece of bread and trespass against us.

Besides the mostly untrustworthy Food and Drug Administration, now comes The American Dietetic Association and their registered dieticians as yet another example of who not to quickly trust. Many members of this group would like you to believe Pesticides Are Good For You - a message sponsored by the likes of pesticide-producer Monsanto and other corporate producers of non-nutritious items who need you to swallow whatever they put before you. Lobbying and succeeding within the ranks of registered dieticians in America shows big business is willing to put forth any effort to earn your trust.

Trust Not If You Ask Not

In so many ways, we get reassuring messages that tell us to “eat and shut up.” Instead we must “ask questions” – something most children are encouraged to do because it helps them learn but most adults are discouraged to do so they won't. Perhaps that's why most adults never learn, trusting too much without asking enough.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deficiencies – Get Rid of Yours and Be Healthy!

Food Fight #29

I found the following article by Margaret Durst to be very useful as a summary for how nutrition affects daily life: Deficiencies – Get Rid of Yours and Be Healthy!

My Take Away From The Article

If we want to get the most out of life, we must get the most out of our bodies. If we want to get the most out of our bodies (including the brains we use to make every decision), we must get all the nutrition the body requires. In order to always have this nutrition, we must get the most out of our food. Every meal must contain “high quality” fresh un-interfered with, fruits and vegetables.

Caution: Don't treat supplements as The Answer. Instead, consider them a temporary measure while urgently addressing food choices and other lifestyle choices. Food is created in the correct ratio and form. It's up to us to make a meal of it.

Related: When cells do not get the pure ingredients they need to function, something will go wrong if the deficiency lasts for an extended period.
The longer our systems are forced to operate on less, the more susceptible our systems are to disruption and corruption..
The most controllable path to health is through food.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who You Calling Ghetto?

The term “ghetto” is improperly defined in numerous, seemingly authoritative, places. Ghetto never did mean a place where minorities live. It could very well mean a place where all kinds of people live today.

Original Meaning of Ghetto

A ghetto is a Latin word for a factory that makes weapons The whole area where the factory was located came to be known as the ghetto. This just happened to be the area chosen to put the Jews.

Calling it a ghetto had nothing to do with the Jews being Jews. Neither was it called a ghetto because they were low-class, poor, criminals or the area was rundown.

Basic Meaning of Ghetto Today

Based on the original meaning of the word ghetto, if you currently live in a place where there's a factory that makes weapons, then you live in a ghetto.

For us today, a usable definition of ghetto is:
A defined geographical area where people who share a similar characteristic are separated. This separation can be either forced or by choice.
Do I Live In A Ghetto?

Probably. Can you identify any common characteristic you share with the people where you live? If so, you live in a ghetto.

Many of the poor, middle class and rich live in ghettos. College towns have a ghetto component. Some gays live in ghettos. Martha's Vineyard is a ghetto. The Jews today live in ghettos by choice. Many church goers and parishioners live in ghettos. The Kennedy complex is a ghetto. The Quakers and Mormons live in ghettos. Gated communities are ghettos. Beverly Hills is a ghetto. Monks live in ghettos for three different reasons: ethnicity, religion and gender. People who perform similar work and live in the same area are in a ghetto. Some people live in intellectual ghettos. When Americans go to other countries and work, they often live in a common area – ghetto. This list can go on and on.

To say, “That's ghetto!” is not saying much unless you identify what characteristic makes it so. Even at that, how useful is the word ghetto anyway. It only tells us people in an area are similar. Why not let the characteristic speak for itself and ghettover the word ghetto?

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Friday, August 19, 2011

President Barack Obama's Job Evaluation

I applied for a job. They interviewed me, believed in me and hired me for the position. I went to work and was given lots of tasks to perform right away. I had a lot of broken things to fix. Every time I tried to do something my coworkers got in the way. They ended up telling me the way they wanted me to do my job. The people who hired me, my absentee bosses, didn't back me up. They gave me fewer tools and resources. “You're not doing your job,” they said and threatened to fire me every day.
The president of anything, needs the support of the people who hired him and the support of coworkers in order to do the job.

Truth is, the citizens who hired the President of this USA, abandoned Obama in the November 2010 midterm election.

Truth is, a significant portion of congressional coworkers have been more disagreeable with this President than has ever occurred with any Democratic President. In fact, they have outright refused to work with the President and boldly said so. What kind of people will put a company out of business just to make the president look bad?

Under these conditions, for an American citizen to say, the nation's President is not doing the job, is to not understand the political process at all, not understand the extreme working conditions this time around and not understand what it can be like trying to work with people who don't think you are worthy of the job. If voters can't comprehend this, then America will go back to losing to the greater of the evils.

It was the American business/financial industry that threw the economy into this recent recessionary tailspin which also caused the global economy to spin out of round. How does this become the President's sole responsibility and single-most critical criteria to assess job performance?

If the President had the power to fire, or at least transfer, uncooperative coworkers, I guarantee you we'd see the change you can believe in. If fact, the only reason health care legislation passed is because Democrats had more members in Congress.

Currently, the American people are signing off on a media-written performance evaluation. Before we put someone's job in jeopardy, the decent thing to do would be no less than what we'd want for ourselves – give the person a reasonable opportunity to do what they were hired to do, especially when there's a lot of catch-up work to do. Even if we can't be fair-minded, we should at least evaluate the process and information we use to make hiring decisions.

Americans, when we vote for a President, we should also vote for and keep the same Party into the majority in Congress. This will make the job evaluation process straightforward and all the campaigning and reporters in the world won't be able to disguise who did or didn't do their job.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eat Corn Uncooked Not Raw

Food Fight #28

There is unnecessary confusion on the internet consuming corn.

Can We Eat It Raw?

Yes. Most parts of fresh plants we cook we can eat uncooked..

Can We Digest It?

Yes. It is the fiber in plants and the fiber in corn we don't digest.

One of the likely reasons some folks have difficulty digesting corn is that it has not been recently picked. This corn will be firmer and tougher. Chew this corn thoroughly and it will be easier to digest.

Another digestive difficulty is corn that has had its properties changed. Because most commercially-grown corn has been genetically tampered with, eating it invites who knows what to our digestion, nutrition and health. What all of us definitely should know is that GM/GMO corn ain't natural.

We must ask ourselves, should I expect natural processes inside me, such as digestion and other chemical processes to work smoothly without a hitch or hiccup when these processes encounter unnatural things regularly and in abundance? Add to this analysis the fact that we rarely get proper nutrition each day. The longer our systems are forced to operate on less, the more susceptible our systems are to disruption and corruption.

Does Corn Provide Nutrition?

Yes. Corn, like all fresh food, provides nutrition. Fiber itself is a nutrient.

Since fiber helps optimize digestion and digestion is how we get nutrients out of food and into our bloodstream, eating fresh food becomes a self-healing prophecy.

Corn is more tender, delicious and nutritious when we eat it uncooked, the way the Creator serves it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Craving Sweets, A Heavenly Addiction

Food Fight #27

We shouldn't kick ourselves because we crave sweets. We shouldn't try to control it either. We should roll with it. There's a reason we have this heavenly-tasting addiction.

Craving sweets is natural. One of our basic instincts is to desire sweets because many fresh foods from plants and from the waters contain sweetness. From the beginning, humans were made to crave sweetness so they would desire the things they should eat and know when food is ready to eat.

The main reason humans today have a major problem with their sweet craving is that a lot of what we eat is not fresh food. Since our diets now lacks this freshness, our sweet craving has little to no chance of getting satisfied the way it should.

Instead of man-made sweets, our sweet craving is supposed to make us think of seafood, fruits, vegetables and such. If we were to rekindle and follow this natural instinct by eating as intended, we would be getting our sugar fix and a bunch of other nutrients at the same time.

We shouldn't feel guilty because we crave sweets. It is not an evil urging. We just need to reset it. The natural sweetness in food and our natural desire for it is an addiction made in Heaven.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Healthy Food Tastes Like Fresh Outdoors

Food Fight #26

A television commercial states:
...and you know how hard it is to find healthy food that tastes good.

Based on this logic, then the majority of what we eat, that does taste good, must not be good for us at all. It must be unhealthy and not food.

Where Is The Tasty Healthy Food?

Is it really that hard to find fruit? Is it hard to find nuts? Is it hard to find vegetables? I live nowhere near the ocean but can find fresh fish and shrimp. If anything is hard, it's finding food nurtured to be nourishing. Food has a natural seasoning that evolves during its growing process so if we really want food that tastes divine, all it takes is making some different decisions.

Find Healthy Food Near Home

Getting food from local sources is the best way. There is nothing more local than raising and tending to our own food. My son and I are both gaining greater appreciations for this the more we grow and taste the essence of fresh homegrown food. If you believe healthy food that tastes good is hard to find, then try standing in the garden and enjoying natural goodness flavored by the Master Gardener and served by the Master Chef.

There is an extensive variety of food on this planet, so yes, it would be hard to find food that tastes good if we're mainly looking in stores when we should be looking outdoors.

Quotes To Consider:
From one to six times every day, we voluntarily open our mouths and swallow pieces of toxins because they taste good.

“Healthy food” is redundant but at least it's a double positive.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eat Okra Uncooked Not Raw

Food Fight #25

Food is only raw if it must be cooked.

Okra, uncooked, is a tasty delight. Same is true for many uncooked vegetables. Okra is misunderstood, avoided and abused just because it produces a thick substance when cooked certain ways that causes many to perceive okra as “gross.”

The solution: Don't cook it. The freshest okra, that from the garden and eaten as is within ten minutes of picking, has a milder okra flavor than the cooked version. Like many fresh vegetables, there is also a hint of sweetness.

We usually don't automatically cook fruit but are way too quick to cook vegetables. Pick a little Kale, Brussels Sprout Leaves, Sugar Snap Peas, Tomatoes, Carrots, Lemon Balm, Basil and Oregano and you have a true garden salad that all you have to do is bite into. Eating food this way is more enjoyable on every level when I grow it myself and am eating it right in the garden or in my Al fresco lounge.

The less we do to food the better. I love the satisfaction of taking care of my health each time I eat food in its freshest, most natural state.

With grass growing under our feet, my son and I admired the okra he planted and just harvested. He took a tentative but brave bite after watching me relish the first one. There was a slight nod after three seconds of chewing followed by an expression which seemed to say, “Okra, who knew?”

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inner Child, My Prisoner

The young believe in possibilities; the old, inevitables.

A child's capacity for learning expands with learning. Observing, exploring and experimenting are delightful.

A child moves easily past dismay because there is no ego in the way. Memory is reserved for new things, forward things, bettering things. In this un-adult-erated state, a child travels the path of infinite possibilities.

Slowly I agreed to the education of conformity. My inner child wouldn't cooperate so I placed it in a prison of my perspective. A perspective that lost sight of me.

I wobbled plenty yet I walk. I've wandered plenty but am finding my way back to free.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stocks Fall, Self-Esteem Fell

Before the downgrade of the US credit rating was announced Representative Barney Frank, said ...I’m just puzzled that people pay attention.

Well Barney, there's no reason to be puzzled. People pay attention for the same reason they pay attention to the claims and counterclaims of politicians.

The public has a malleable mind that can be shaped by a whisper, shout or suggestion. The difference is how quickly a reaction is needed. The mind of the people has been trained to trust sources who portray themselves as thorough, and objective and knowledgeable. The main culprits are popular media, politicians at every level, Wall Streeters and business bigwigs.

If we are to ever experience significant personal growth we must acknowledge the nature of this multi-headed beast.

All the tongues from Washington to Wall Street are permanently forked and tangled together so the sounds they make are like the ones we made as kids when we held our tongues and tried to talk.

We don't have to give meaning to this gobbledygook. Just let 'em keep talking and telling lies. We should mostly do nothing or the opposite.

We don't have to allow media to instigate us to make ill-advised choices. Let them work each other into frenzies. Do not allow this Medusa-like creature to turn you hardheaded in the wrong direction.
BTW: Why do all these news sources all talk about the same things each day in the same way if they are “independent and objective?”

Barney, be not confused as to why people are freaked out and stocks are falling. We are doing as we've been trained and educated. We turn to you to tell us the important things. We need you to explain what we've heard. We need you to help us focus on information that we hope will help us make the best decisions for ourselves and be the best we can be.

You need us too. You need us to keep trusting you and believing we need you. You need us to wait to be told what's going on. You need us to doubt and diss-believe anything you don't say. You need us to lack confidence in our ability to be the discerners that is supposed to come with the developing cognitive ability of adulthood. You need us to trade the fullness of our capabilities and purposes for a life of gobbledygook.

Even though most of your information is either late or of no consequence to us, we continue to stay in a relationship with you believing we can't make it without you, just like those with no or low self-esteem. This has a lot to do with why, the wealthiest one percent has more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. All information, no evolution. Stocks are falling now because self-esteem fell long ago.

People, take this into consideration: When stocks fall, someone is shaking us like trees trying to shake them loose from our hands. Someone is also either catching the stocks or picking them up. There are no stocks left lying around on the ground because in order for someone to sell a stock, someone else has to buy it.

In other words, every time you hear there is a sell off in stocks, there is also an equal buy in. The difference is, one side is shaken and scared while the other is certain and salivating. One is panicked, the other prepared. The rich get richer when we simply listen to the news they own because information is more valuable than stocks.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Health & Nutrition: Information Stupid

Food Fight #24: The TKO

What do coconut milk, avocado and nuts have in common? At the basic level they all come from plants. Some of us believe they are opponents and should be foods of concern since we are told they are high in fat and calories. Wow! This is what I call “information stupid.” We allow jab after jab of ill-formed information to knock us senseless and out of the fight of our lives.

If we believe something from a plant is unhealthy then we've completely lost our sense of connection. The first question should be, “Is it intended to be eaten by humans?” After that, it's not necessary to go through experts, scientists and researchers to comprehend basic truths about food.

Vitamins, calories, fat, etc. are the minutia. Too much of this type of information has come between us and our spiritual intelligence when it comes to knowing what to eat. These details are just more jabs of information but a jab will do us in.

Food comes from natural sources. Food comes from plants and animals. Food does not have to have nutrition added to it because food is nutrition and nutrition is food. If our diets consisted of an array of foods, then what we eat would not have to be fortified or supplemented.

When discussing fruit with people, several have interjected, “That contains a lot of sugar!” My response, “It comes from a plant.” My silent response, “What the hell!”

If we ate a wide variety of food mostly from plants, we wouldn't need to know what food contains what nutrient. Natural sense is the only expert advice we need.

One thing we can be certain of: If it comes from a plant that is intended for human consumption, eat, drink and do not be wary. Spend more time asking, “How is this food grown? How is it handled? How is it processed? Is anything unnecessary or harmful added? How am I preparing it? Also, if it interacts with medicine then should I be taking something made by man and avoiding something made for my health by my Creator?”

Spiritual/Intuitive Side

Food helps put us in concert with what sustains life. This also means, the more and more we eat food and food only, the greater our chances of getting in tune with what we should/shouldn't eat and what information we should/shouldn't swallow. We would then be able to dodge jabs of information every fighter knows will be thrown at them but just like them, shouldn't cause us to count ourselves out.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Companion Planting: Three Sisters, Oh Bother!

Planting corn, squash and green beans together is a symbiotic relationship recognized long ago. The corn provides a support for the climbing beans and squash's broad leaves shelter the soil from sunlight, thus preserving moisture and retarding growth of other plants. I'm sure there's more to it but the potential of the Three Sisters to help use limited space more efficiently was enough for me to try it out even though sharing the same soil is at the basis of what an ecosystem means.

First experiment, first results

The corn matured beautifully but by harvest time, the green beans had coiled themselves so tightly around the stalk and the ears, it was difficult to pick the corn without damaging the green bean vine.

Also the green beans were both adventurous and amorous. They traveled over to other stalks and met in the air above the corn and entwined themselves into several multi-vine groups. These masses were higher than the corn and thus each weightier and weightier group, with nothing to cling to, bent over and over taking corn stalks with it. Add whipping about in strong winds and the risk of vines breaking increased.

Mind you, I didn't plant the beans until the corn was in the shin to knee high range.

I did plant the squash at the same time the corn seeds went in but used squash plants. The corn overtook the squash, casting its low-lying sister into photosynthesis reducing creeping shade.

At my house, the Three Sisters did not work or play well together. Perhaps it was the space allotted and/or the varieties chosen but with lessons learned, there's hope.

Next experiment, what might work

1. Start with more overall space for the trio.

2. Plant squash on the outside rows of corn only, approximately one squash for every 8 to 12 corn plants. Getting to the squash, corn and beans without acrobatics should then be easy.

3. Plant squash on the outside of the corn facing the strongest sun, otherwise the squash will get “sun-squashed.” Seeking light beyond the corn's shadow, these sun-starved plants started to spill outside their allotted space.

4. Don't cheat on the suggested plant spacing.

What else might work to bring the Three Sisters back together in an average city/suburban space? You tell me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Food Fight With Seeds

Food Fight #23

What are Seeds?
Like two peas in a pod?
Yes and more!

Like two seeds in a pod

A seed is the same thing as a pea. Yet a seed is so much more. It is also the same thing as a bean, nut (even coconut), kernel, pit, germ, corn, grain, rice and oat, just to name a few. All root vegetables are also seeds such as potatoes, onions. garlic, turnip, rutabaga, carrots, ginger, beets, radishes, turmeric, parsnips, leeks, fennel, etc. Eggs are seeds.

Why are seeds important for health?

A seed is a jam-packed, power-packed, condensed packet of nutrients. It contains everything a plant needs to get off to a healthy start. Therefore, eating a seed is like eating the essence of the plant. A seed provides, pure whole energy for health, cleansing and healing.

This is why it's important to eat seeds or food made with 100% of the whole seed such as whole grain flour, cornmeal, bread, pasta, etc. and brown rice. Eating white flour and rice is like peeling the skin off your beans, peas and corn. It's like eating half your food or only what's in the center of your plate. Basically, don't remove any skin you can eat. It is edible because it is for your health. You even get more nutrients if you eat the thin brown skins inside peanut shells.

A little seed goes a long way

Eating seeds will stave off hunger. Why? Seeds enhance nutritional satisfaction, thus overall health, because seeds provide a variety of nutrients. Seeds help balance the diet. Secondly, it takes time for seeds and seed-laden food to be broken down by digestion into these nutritional components.

Ensuring seeds are a part of your daily diet will help prevent hunger caused by an empty stomach feeling and help prevent hunger caused by the cells asking for more nutrients. Nut seeds are also very useful as the perfect solution to a sweet craving.

A food fight with seeds used to occur more frequently. Nowadays some folks neglect seeds, especially beans, for flat out wrong reasons. Seeds are easy to get into the diet. Many require little to no preparation to enjoy. This is as intended so you don't destroy the goodness. Throwing more seeds around throughout your day is a good fight to pick.

Seeds of life, seeds as life

Seeds can sustain us physically and spiritually. All food has this magnificent ability. Seeds are the power and promise of life. A seed is an embryo, a fertilized egg, a baby, a life in waiting, a life for the giving, a life for the continuance and a life that fulfills the promise that nature does indeed contain all you need.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nature, Spirituality & Personal Growth

Be inquisitive.
Cut back on consumption.
Get uncomfortable with throwing away resources.
Do not place all hope in something someone can take away.
Acknowledge security from a job is a facade - then work hard to secure your groove.
Be a friend to your godsend.
Vow to eat for better not worse.
Stop fighting your emergence.
Feel away fear.
Knowing only what man has thought up will get you caught up.
Be inquisitive without saying a word.
Get or stay active.
Ignoring the nature of a person is a character flaw.
Start exercising by practicing critical thinking.
Meet God where God manifests most, nature.
As an adult, investigate critical beliefs acquired when all there was, was the innocence of trusting someone else to tell you the truth.
Self educate.
The universe minus all things man-made equals nature equals the supreme.
Seek to earn the essentials of thriving.
Stop selling wolf tickets and challenge your spirit!
The nature of a thing dictates its behavior.
Strive to transcend before the end.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bees Dying: Malnutrition & Colony Collapse Disorder

Food Fight #22

What if a bird that eats worms, insects and fruit eats shrimp, bread and vegetables instead?

What if you take a chicken and feed it the nectar from flowers?

What about a polar bear whose diet is mostly turkey?

The bird, the chicken and the bear will be weaker, more susceptible to disease and not develop the way they should. They will begin to die from unusual causes. Their offspring will be born with deformities. The species will begin to die off.

This should tell us one thing. If you take a living creature's natural food and replace it with something it is not designed to eat, that living creature will be impaired.

When cells do not get the pure ingredients they need to function, something will go wrong if the deficiency lasts for an extended period. Add to that toxins organisms encounter. Genes will mutate. Immune systems will malfunction plus cognitive functioning will be impaired, thus basic abilities will suffer.

Now when it comes to bees, what if you remove their royal jelly, their pollen and their honey and replace these food sources with sugar and such?

Hmmm! You think any of this could help explain why bees are dying?

Food is not what you can eat. Food is what you were created to eat. If you disrupt the natural order, the only possibility is chaos.

Commercially-kept bees are dying because of a lack of food. Lack of food means lack of nutrition. Bees are also dying because of a lack of medicine that is built into the food they are not getting. Look at what is thought to be good about bee pollen and bee honey even for humans. How much more so for the health of bees themselves. Without their own foods in sufficient amounts, bees are unable to fight pathogens they naturally encounter. They are no longer able to fend off man-made toxins.

Bees are experiencing what is called Colony Collapse Disorder. It should be called, Man-Made Malnutrition & Weakened Immunity Due To A Lack Of Food Disorder.

It is not a stretch to see the similarity between many recent human malfunctions such as Alzheimer's in the elderly and the range of pervasive development disorders in the young that are exacerbated by improper diet and toxins. If Queen Bees are weak, how can they produce healthy offspring?

We cannot live without bees because we cannot stay alive without plants. As bees die, plants will have lower reproduction, thus there will be even greater food imbalances. This will lead to population reduction of most species due to starvation.

The crisis started yesterday and the acute stage is today. In a weakened state, it doesn't take much of a blow to be the final blow for a species. Will a food fight over food bees have first right to, be the final misstep to do us all in? Will bees dying, their malnutrition and their society collapsing accelerate mortality for nearly all life on earth?

An article from a beekeeper showing the tug-of-war between conscience and cost. I suspect this particular beekeeper's show-of-consideration-for-the-bee philosophy is in the minority.

Colony Collapse Disorder

Bees & Colony Collapse Disorder: CCD Revisited
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Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Lessons from Warren Buffet & Bill Gates

As earth turns clockwise, I ease into a counter move for the day as the promise of rain is close to returning to watering duty. The phone rings. I am pointed towards a program where I discover some useful lessons from an unlikely place - two of America's diehard capitalists.

Quotes, paraphrases and pieced together comments from the April 22, 2011 CNBC program, Keeping America Great, A Town Hall Event With Warren Buffet and Bill Gates facilitated by Becky Quick on the campus of Columbia Business School. [My comments are in brackets].

1. Marry the right person. Who you marry will change your aspirations. Who you marry will change all sorts of things. [Everyone you have relations with, affects you. Every person you interact with regularly will definitely have a significant impact on your life for better or worse. If you can't tell which it is, it's for the worse.]
2. Hold enough cash so no one can determine your future. [After that, invest the rest.]
3. Best place to learn ethics is in the home.
4. Do what turns you on. Do what you have a passion for. Figure this out as early as possible. You should choose your first few jobs that can expose you to the most to help figure this out, then pour yourself into your passion.
5. Try to live your life so nothing keeps you up at night.
6. From a long-term investing standpoint, a crisis can provide value opportunities.
7. It is a mistake to decide whether or not to buy or sell an investment based on what's happening today only. [Look for the long-term value potential.]
8. If you're a long-term investor, a terrible market is your friend. [This includes real estate and any other asset.]
9. K-12 education has not improved.
10. K-12 education is important to our economic strength. [To graduate a steady flow of workers to do the grunt work for capitalism.]
11. It is good for the world that some countries are not as dependent as they were on the U.S.[The U.S. has always been dependent on other countries.]
12. With great wealth comes great responsibility. [Remain aware of the true source of your wealth.]
13. His parents let him buy as many books as he wanted. [This is a good way to give your child a better life than you. Give them access to a means of learning so children can get their own better life.]
14. The most important thing to do everyday is to learn.
15. A mentor helped him gain confidence. People that believed in him provided a tailwind in life. [A mentor is anyone with your best interests at heart.]
16. He was lucky in terms of some of the people he met. [Meet, people.]
17. Every life is equal in value.
18. A group decision is to look in the mirror. [Look into yourself.]
19. Do what you would do without regards to money. [Money is just one of many resources. Most of us get money by trading one or more of our other resources to get money.]
20. Don't chase where the last dollar is being made. [Beware of making choices based on articles about the fastest growing careers or the best paying jobs. This leads you deeper into the neck of the capitalistic funnel. There is no light at the end of the funnel.]
21. [If you must work for someone,] work for someone or company you admire and that turns you on. [You agree with what they're about.]
22. Active investors, those willing to spend time learning, should look at as many things as possible to uncover opportunities and when value is found – act. [This applies to stocks, real estate, self-employment, someone else or any type of appreciating, life-freeing asset.]
23. You must find great investment deals yourself. The world is not going to tell you.
24. Don't pass up anything attractive today hoping there will be something more attractive tomorrow. [A bird in the hand...][Don't keep waiting for stocks and especially real estate to go lower. Don't keep waiting for next year, another election, political decisions or the unemployment rate to go down. Don't wait for those around you to agree with your decisions.]
25. If the reason for doing something is everybody else is doing it, you don't have a good reason.
26. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by what other people think. [Unless they are like-spirit driven.]
27. Have great people around you, think long-term and read a lot. [Read mostly what benefits you not simply entertains you.]
28. Seize the moments when you can. Doing so will significantly shift your life because not many of these moments come along.
29. Having sound principles takes you through everything.
30. He is able to make quick decisions now because of years of preparation. [Sooner or later we should be able to make quicker and better decisions due to experiences, continuous learning and greater reliance on the intuitive self. You can make better decisions by bettering yourself.]

A soft light rain nurtures the living. Some, long asleep, are being resurrected.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bobby McFerrin Made Me Curse, At First

Bobby McFerrin is a freakin' genius. He's been 'round long time but my discovery has not. Being familiar with “Don't Worry Be Happy” or a Cosby Show theme song ain't even a decent taste of his talent.

Observe these videos, absorb the playlist on this page and stroll through even more performances on Youtube. Now, the making of celestial sound...

1. Bach Ave Maria

2. Ave Maria again, but this time it's probably the best concert sing-along ever.

3. Thinkin' About Your Body

4. Turtle Shoes

5. Good Lovin'

6. A Piece, A Chord

7. Say Ladeo

By now, you know it wasn't Mr. McFerrin at all who made me curse. It was the surprising powerful impact of his purely filtered magnificence. I swore because I cheated myself for so long by being without this nourishing awareness and influence so easily within reach. How the heck can someone bring forth such sensational songs with only voice and body often making all or a majority of the tonal vibrations?

I take back what I said earlier. Bobby McFerrin is no genius. He's a wizard as in wisdom. No one creates magnitude of elemental good vibrations without their portion of divine spirit being aligned with what it needs to be.

I imagine myself smokin' a papyrus pipe, feasting on figs and Hapi water within the expansiveness of the Great Per-Neter while Mr. McFerrin, aligned with its apex and amplified by moonlight, becomes the notes of twinkling lights. He, carrying me along then leaving me to learn the histories and instructions lining walls and objects. I am educated by elements seeking to manifest through me and enrich the connecting chord.

Bobby McFerrin's emanations are matrimony of humanness and godliness. It is love chemistry borne of an almighty alchemist's formula. It comes together under a honeyed moon. It elevates joy. It invites inspiration. It embodies interpretation that evolves from truth. It is maturing transcendence of primordial language that nourishes every cell, every nucleus, every fiber of being alive in DNA and every particle of existence.

Bottom Lines:
Bobby McFerrin is beckoning us towards belief that it is “possibilities” that are as the cattle on a thousand hills on a trillion planets. No need to count blessings when you access this level of possibilities. You become the blessing. You become the ptahway to possibilities.

image: scicymatics1ks9.jpg,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Disrobe And Feel The Naked Truth

Are you unable to sense your true reflection? Have you outfitted yourself with philosophies not made for your spirit? Disrobe and feel the naked truth.

Disrobe and uncover your basic nature. Remove the philosophical garments of peddlers.

Disrobe of history based on a teensy weensy 6,000 years. Feel the caress of the first civilization upon your skin.

Disrobe of rhetoric that causes you to not question life after death or life before death. Feel the faith flowing throughout nature trying to bring you back into the circle.

Disrobe of fear that keeps you moving, yet right here. Feel the fullness of forward.

Disrobe of any relationship you cannot feel the mutuality you desire/deserve.

Disrobe of fully following any system with rules that makes you the tool. Feel your worth.

Disrobe of notions of happiness based on prices not everyone can afford. Be fulfilled.

Disrobe of anything that doesn't allow soul, mind or body to move freely. Be free.

Disrobe of these beliefs. You can always put them back on quite easily. If you remove them for even one minute, you just might get a taste of the rejuvenating feeling that comes from your spirit bathing naked in the truth.

photo: pillars of creation in eagle nebula, eso0142b,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Need To Be With Someone

universal connection

One of our most touted traits as humans is that we are social beings. However true this may be, we are spiritual beings first. If there is a common thread for the planet and even the universe, it is spiritual. The Ancients strengthened their awareness of this connection by learning more about the natural and supernatural worlds. They sensed, that despite countless physical differences throughout these worlds, there was a greater similarity beyond the visual. Therefore, their first need was not to be social and to be with someone. Their greater need was to remain interwoven with the common thread. Even if they didn't understand everything, the Ancients followed their intuitive sense that all things above and below share a spiritual heritage and thus a need to remain in sync.

Being aware and seeking harmony with the spiritual component of life, places us right in the path of our purposes and passions. The collision is unavoidable. This alone led the Ancients to the thousands of discoveries that allowed them to grow and prosper. These discoveries were not as much discoveries (humans figuring them out) as they were revealings (human mind maturing, expanding and evolving the more it became in sync with everything else).

This is still available to us today. The more time we spend strengthening our communication with the spiritual, the more we will receive revealings of potentials and possibilities. It will happen because we will become aware of why we are and who we are. The soul will no longer search for itself in someone else. Harmony won't allow it. The overwhelming and constant need to be with someone in order to feel complete will then find its rightful, less dominant, resting place. It will only rise when it is well with our souls.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Curb My Appetite - What For?

Food Fight #20

Weight loss efforts often involve attempts to curb the appetite. If I eat fewer calories, I will lose weight. Even better, if I can avoid an appetite in the first place. This usually works in the beginning but is not sustainable and, in many cases, unhealthy.

To have an appetite means to have a desire. An appetite for food is natural. A problem occurs when I respond to my appetite foodlessly.

The desire to eat is an opportunity to address a nutritional need. If the need is unmet, the appetite will resurface quickly.

Cells need a consistent supply of nutrients just like a car always needs several fluids. When something is running low, a signal is sent. A light comes on. My cells also need numerous nutrients to keep me performing at an optimal level. This is the only way I can be the best I am intended to be. When my cells are running out of nutrients, they send the signal for more. The neurons light up and a message flashes in my brain that it's time to eat. Rather, it's time to add nutrition. Just like a car, it needs what it was designed to receive to keep it functioning properly, otherwise it will definitely malfunction. I dare not try to operate my car with a low level of antifreeze, oil or brake fluid – not even for a day. Why shouldn't I treat my more complex and more important body with even greater immediacy and care?

Would I want to interfere with my car's ability to let me know that it needs more gas or oil or brake fluid? Nope. Likewise, why interfere with the appetite that there to tell me I need something important?

My appetite will vary. Why? Because my experiences vary. They are not exactly the same every day and I do not eat the same amount and variety of food every day. As a result, my appetite will be more or less from day to day. My appetite is the perfect flexible mechanism to tell me what I need and when. All I need to do is tune in to what it's telling me. I need to eat with a nutrient focus. When I do this, I get energy, healing and health. When I eat with any other type of focus, I get quickly fading energy, toxins and disease. I am lucky to get any nutrients. After this happens, my body still needs those nutrients it asked for in the first place and therefore continues to send the appetite signal as soon as the stomach has room. This cycle of filling the stomach but not feeding my cells is the problem. This is a major reason I overeat. I have responded to my appetite the wrong way. I need to curb myself instead of trying to curb my appetite.

I must first make sure I am eating food and not non-food. I must continue to add variety. I must drink water. I must have renewing sleep. My cells have a desire to do their job to take care of me. They need me to give them the rawest of materials. Once I do they will stop asking. My cells never want more nutrition than they need. This means my appetite will not cause me to eat too much or want to eat too much.

Here's the thing. I must reacquire awareness of myself as more than who I am and expand it to all that I am. I am more than name, rank, serial number and such. The cellular is another level of my being. The spiritual is yet another level. I am more than the mind and macrobody I tend to focus on. I must eat to fulfill every aspect of my being.

Contrary to popular notion, a “healthy appetite” is not “eating a lot.” Instead it is meeting the desires of the body in a multiple, beneficial way. When I respond to my appetite and eat as intended, food will taste good, fill the stomach and supply nutrients. It will also supply spiritual energy. My enthusiasm is rising toward my next appetite.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Card Addressed To Self

Woman embracing herself showing self-love

Love is the Original Virgin Essence.
It was signed, sealed and addressed to you from the very beginning. Upon conception, this love was sent (c-mailed, if you will) and married within your earthly form. Love is the same power that quickens you and the universe. Rather than wish for a love to “Be Mine,” know you already have omnipotence within. It is more than a sweet sensation. It is a completing saturation.

You were not created because someone had nothing better to do. Before any human had thought, someone was thinking of you. You were created because someone believed you were worthy to receive a spirit formed from original love. This spirit is what allows you to pursue your talents with passion. First importantly, it allows you to love yourself physically, intellectually, and even romantically. Yes indeed!

Better than a Valentine's Day card is the expression and appreciation of the love that has always been first, full and forever. Embrace your spirit and receive its loving messages and mentoring. When you long for love, this is the one you unknowingly but truly need. This is the feeling at the core of your being aching to release its abundance. This inner love will do what nothing else or no one else can do for you. When this love is the greeting to every day, you will always “Be Yours.”

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Killing Me Softly, Killing Me Sweetly

Food Fight #19 – Another Approved Weapon of Mass Destruction

Before now I had not heard the biochemical warfare connection to aspartame.

In other words, aspartame was considered strong and deadly enough and physically impairing enough to be used as a toxin against the human body. It made the Pentagon's biochemical weapons list. The attractiveness of kill-all-living-things biochemical weapons is their ability to be spread through an essential medium such as air, water or food.

This sounds like aspartame and a long list of other substances resulting from our advanced society. Yet we, the citizens of civilized cultures, are so savvy, we place more value on health care benefits than caring about the benefits of our food. We fight for rights to freedoms but not the right to free-of-toxin food. From one to six times every day, we voluntarily open our mouths and swallow pieces of toxins because they taste good.

Definition of Chemical Warfare.

Equal, NutraSweet, Sugar Twin, Spoonful, Canderel, E951, AminoSweet, Natrataste, Equal-Measure and possibly several other names exist for aspartame.

Such sweet-sounding names with a little-by-fatal aftertaste. "In 1991 the National Institutes of Health, a branch of the Department of Health and Human Services, published a bibliography, *Adverse Effects of Aspartame*, listing not less than 167 reasons to avoid it."(2) Be vewy vewy careful when you have a taste for something sweet. Months ago I wrote about the carelessness that led to killing me softly, now this has been killing me sweetly.

Are you still a true believer in the FDA and others you believe are out there looking out for your safety? Why isn't there an uprising in the medical community, those who take an oath to save lives? Because most are simply students of the system, plus it's not their responsibility to save us before the fact.

1. Read the FDA's original DISapproval of aspartame. .
2. NutraPoison Part I . (The study by the National Institute of Health essentially discredits the FDA – government outing government. It once again exposes the fundamental nature of government which is, the same lack of coordination that led to the failure to thwart “9/11,” also impairs the government's ability to always coordinate its coverups. This inability showed up 10 years prior to 9/11/2001 and is certain to be ever-rampant and pervasive today.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drop It Like It's Not - Right!

“What was the most popular name in the US for baby boys in 2009?” As I recall, this was the final question on Million Dollar Money Drop a few days ago. The choices were “Michael,” “Jacob” and “Ethan.”

The contestants were mostly certain it was “Michael” but I, the knowing one, was more certain than them. They and I reasoned 2009 was the year Michael Jackson died and the world loves Michael. I also figured I know a lot of Mike's and rarely ever hear the other two names. Jacob sounds Jewish to me and not everyone is Jewish. I could feel the heat in my cheeks, breast and forehead as I tried to send this instant message loudly through the TV.

The correct answer was “Jacob.” It turns out Jacob has been number one for the past ten years.

Here's the reality. It is possible to be certain you are absolutely right and that there's no way you could be wrong and be completely mistaken. Luckily this was just a game show. I wondered how often this could and does happen to me and others about things that really matter. I must be more careful, diligent, vigilant, aware, receptive, introspective and more open.

After coming to terms with how I convinced myself to be wrong, (luckily there were no witnesses) I reviewed how I ended up on the righteous road to self deception.

1. Yes I know a lot of Mike's but evidently I don't know everyone in the US and evidently not any of those born in the past ten years.
2. Not hearing something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
3. Jacob is more Christian than it is Jewish and Christianity has a long history of influencing baby names.

With these additional considerations in the mix, objectivity rises and the wrong answer becomes less of a certainty, less of a possibility. When it comes to real life, this makes it less likely to fall flat and hard when the richness of life is at stake.

Do you want to be right from the start or finally get it right? If you choose the former, you only give yourself one chance and even when it's time to move or change position, refusal to do so is as a stubborn mule – the bewitching of oneself into believing that resisting and holding fast to the spot is progress. I prefer to finally get it right no matter how many times I must change position.

When it comes to thinking we know something, we should regularly consider, what if we're not right? What are the other possibilities? Sometimes that raging fiery feeling of certainty we get when we reiterate what we think we know might just be a warning burning sensation telling us to drop it like it's hot. Additional information is an opportunity. The same instinct that minimizes physical harm by telling us to let go of something hot must also be allowed to save us from a longheld belief. We must reflexively and swiftly, drop it like it's not – right.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food Fight #18 - A Cellvolution!

Food Fight #18

It takes more than a resolution to have a healthy and prosperous New Year. We need to fight for our lives. This year, make a cellvolution!

This was written a few days ago: How Cellular Nutrition Is Important to Food, Diets And Dietary Supplements .

This was written one year ago: Food Fight: Fixing The Fight .