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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, August 31, 2015

Recycling & Writing On The Walls
Unity Consciousness #439


If you allow your creative processes, your sensing abilities, your ways of knowing and your thoughts to be marginalized by misapplied pieces of information, you will conspire with weaknesses.
Your being will burn and turn pale ashen.
Leaving you behind as the residue of slow-cooked corruptions.
But your once fresh sweet supple heart, because it slowly thickened and hardened in layers, will survive.
Now, only able to find redemption through those who search rubble for destiny partners.
They take the blackened treasure you are to walls of caves so you can speak for yourself.
Your essence translates into vibrations and then into writings.
Your truth lives on in another form.

Going Back To Spiritual Roots In Africa & Nature
Unity Consciousness #438


In 1992, a leader in The Russian Orthodox Church told Billy Graham ,if he was sincere about helping people, he would tell them to go back to their spiritual roots.

In other words, if religions were sincere about helping people they would tell them to go back to their spiritual roots. Health, strength and help cometh from our roots. These roots are in African spiritual traditions from which religions got bunches of information. Religions are not the spiritual roots of any person. Religion is a branch of spirituality. If everyone went back to their spiritual roots, there would be no more religion and everyone would be better off, just as the article rightly states.

Africa contains the roots of all people – spiritual roots, mental roots, emotional roots and physical roots. These roots are what will make the human family tree healthy again. To go even further, these roots are grounded in Earth and the other primordials and in the micro-elements. Our spiritual roots are planted in nature. Because nature sustains and contains all our roots, nature contains all the spiritual messages we need to follow. Nature is the context for spiritual content to know the Creator's intent.
”I'm homeward bound, got my head turned around.”
”To the place of my birth, back down to earth.”
From ”Going Back To My Roots” by Odyssey.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

6 Reasons Christianity & Other Religions Are Under Attack
Unity Consciousness #437


Christianity has programmed its believers to repeat that Christians and Christianity are under attack. This of course, is ridiculous. It is another trick by religions to keep people from looking at their behavior. Religions are still attacking Africans. Africans are now defending themselves. By necessity, defending self against an attacker means you must fight back. This is the “under attack” Christians and religion, in general, are claiming – seeking sympathy for being sinister. The victimizers are trying to transform themselves into victims in the same way religion pretends it is the highest form of spirituality.

Some Additional Reasons Africans & Others Are Fighting Back

(1) Religion has given Africans and others, Afriphobia. This disease causes hatred for all things African. It causes Africans to hate themselves so much that their savior looks like their attacker (Stockholm Syndrome). - which is why the slave mentality has replaced the enslaved mentality. Afriphobia causes Africans to be afraid of their own shadow – afraid of blackness. Afriphobia makes Africans afraid to show love to Africans who are being their natural African selves. Afriphobia is assisted by religion in teaching Africans to believe in all things negatively false about Africa and Africans and to disbelieve in all things positively true about Africa and Africans. Afriphobia causes Africans to value wearing or using enemy names, when it comes to designer drinks, clothes, cars and other fashions, fads, trends and follies. Afriphobia is contagious and has many other symptoms.

(2) Africans are finally beginning to realize this is an ongoing war and in this war we are basing our main strategy on a document that has passed through enemy hands. When an enemy distributes information to you during times of war, this is normally called propaganda but Africans call it religion because the enemy calls it religion.

(3) Religion hates our mothers and Mother and basically tells us our mothers ain't shit and their children (us) are cursed.

(4) Religion denies that its mother is African spiritual traditions and civilizations.

(5) People are fed up with information they've been fed since childhood because life experiences and history reveals we are spiritually sick by living on food that has been heavily processed into a nutrition-less mass and mess that requires us to mutate in order to digest it to just stay alive.

Meritorious Manumission & Interrelated World History
Unity Consciousness #436


Who doesn't know there has been thousands upon thousand of laws and practices against Africans, unlike anything any other group of people have ever faced or endured? Who doesn't know most of these laws and practices still exist and are in effect in one form or another? Though the appearance of some things have changed, the effect remains the same. The Maafa continues. We know this from daily living and from simply paying attention. No history or law degree necessary.

One of the tools still being used in this war against Africans is Meritorious Manumission.

This law was put into place in 1710 first in Virginia. The law granted freedom and/or other benefits to enslaved Africans who did one of four things: (1) saved/protected the life of a slave owner, (2) saved/protected the property of a slave owner, (3) invented something from which a slave owner could make a profit, or (4) snitched on a fellow slave who was planning a slave rebellion or to run away.

Today, we call these things “selling-out” or being an Uncle Tom. As one of the articles below reminds us, the twin sin of selling out is buying in.

Some of the behaviors of Africans that are the same as seeking Meritorious Manumission is being afraid to do anything to help themselves as Africans or being afraid to help other Africans or show love to Africans who love Africa (Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Black Panthers) or by sacrificing themselves and their people for money and other benefits or by playing it safe so as not to disturb the enemies. There are many more examples, but it is essentially allowing self to be used in the war as a black pawn against self, Ancestors and descendants by assisting the enemies. This is the same as being a lawn jockey in their businesses, communities and even in churches instead of making those places benefit Africans rather than just self.

One of the most dangerous ways Africans today are exhibiting a form of Meritorious Manumission is to continue to amplify the psychological warfare against Africans by protecting the honor of our enemies by minimizing their dishonor. This occurs by always seeking opportunity to say, ”Well, not all black people are good people” and even some in my own family do this and that.” Of course it's true but those Africans, unlike other people, have not formed a global system to harm all Africans past, present and future. As the saying goes, “there are bigger fish to fry and bigger fiends to identify.”

Blackonomics: Selling Out and Buying In

Dr. Claud Anderson - On the Firing Line with Questions & Answers

Dr. Claud Anderson - The Power of Blackness: Recapturing the Gifts of God

Dr. Claud Anderson - Inappropriate Behavior: A Road Block to Empowerment

Dr. Claud Anderson - The Exceptional People

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Dr. Joy de Gruy Leary

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Brief Worldwide History Of Spreading Disease
Unity Consciousness #435


Obviously our African Ancestors encountered sickness, otherwise there would have been no incentive to develop medical sciences. Fast forward to today and it is obvious there is a need in societies to continue to try to pretend Africans are genetically inferior and thus physically sicker. With just a little bit of paying attention and analyzing what is taking place and what is said to be taking place, it is quickly discovered that Africans are incredibly healthy under the challenges of circumstances. Ancestor Mama Henrietta Lacks proves that alone, on her own.

The following has been paraphrased from History Unit Part A – Study Guide from “”
When Europeans came to America, they brought diseases that killed a lot of the people who were already here before Columbus. Africans were brought to America to develop America because they were immune to diseases and worked hard.

When Europeans colonized Australia, many native people who were there first were killed by diseases such as smallpox and the advanced weapons such as guns.
The following is paraphrased from A Great Deal Of Sickness by Peter Dowling:
From 1788 to 1900, diseases were introduced into Australian Aboriginal populations during the process of colonization. Prior to contact with Europeans, the original people of Australia had endemic pathogens causing chronic diseases and limited epidemics. After early contact with Europeans, the original people suffered high rates of mortality due to severe epidemics of infectious and respiratory disease such as smallpox, syphilis, tuberculosis, influenza, and measles. Once the original people were institutionalized on government and mission settlements, they had a high level of mortality from the introduced diseases.

During the period of institutionalization infectious and respiratory diseases were responsible for over 50% of recorded deaths on 8 separate Aboriginal settlements in Southeast Australia. The major diseases recorded as causes of death were tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea and dysentery.
In the 14th century CE, the Bubonic Plague wiped out one third of Europe's population. The disease is spread through rodents and fleas

According to an article in The Atlantic Magazine:
”The Indians in Peru, Dobyns concluded, had faced plagues from the day the conquistadors showed up—in fact, before then: smallpox arrived around 1525, seven years ahead of the Spanish. Brought to Mexico apparently by a single sick Spaniard, it swept south and eliminated more than half the population of the Incan empire. Smallpox claimed the Incan dictator Huayna Capac and much of his family, setting off a calamitous war of succession. So complete was the chaos that Francisco Pizarro was able to seize an empire the size of Spain and Italy combined with a force of 168 men.

Smallpox was only the first epidemic. Typhus (probably) in 1546, influenza and smallpox together in 1558, smallpox again in 1589, diphtheria in 1614, measles in 1618—all ravaged the remains of Incan culture. Dobyns was the first social scientist to piece together this awful picture, and he naturally rushed his findings into print. Hardly anyone paid attention. But Dobyns was already working on a second, related question: If all those people died, how many had been living there to begin with? Before Columbus, Dobyns calculated, the Western Hemisphere held ninety to 112 million people. Another way of saying this is that in 1491 more people lived in the Americas than in Europe.

His argument was simple but horrific. It is well known that Native Americans had no experience with many European diseases and were therefore immunologically unprepared—"virgin soil," in the metaphor of epidemiologists. What Dobyns realized was that such diseases could have swept from the coastlines initially visited by Europeans to inland areas controlled by Indians who had never seen a white person. The first whites to explore many parts of the Americas may therefore have encountered places that were already depopulated.”

”In the long run, Fenn says, the consequential finding is not that many people died but that many people once lived. The Americas were filled with a stunningly diverse assortment of peoples who had knocked about the continents for millennia. "You have to wonder," Fenn says. "What were all those people up to in all that time?”
In 2015 CE, after oft repeated lies, now there's talk from worldwide disease spreaders of reducing disease-causing fluoride in water and poisons in milk. At the same time GMO is on the rise. The former is in hopes of saving themselves, the latter is in hopes of killing most nearly everybody else, including their podunk parasite puppets, which is why soy and corn were targeted first.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Immune System: An Allergy Is Cancer
Unity Consciousness #434


See, Adaptation, Mutation & Cancer | Expanded Definitions

An allergy stems from an immune system reaction to something in the environment that enters the body intentionally or unintentionally.
An allergic reaction is the immune system trying to protect our cells from a substance that goes against the immune system's current protection parameters. Because the body can learn to adjust to imbalance, sometimes the immune system will react negatively to helpful substances or substances that are not supposed to be harmful. The immune system will reject the good guys and welcome the bad guys. The immune system is malfunctioning because cells are malfunctioning.

What this means is that an allergen is not the cause of the problem and must not be our main and only focus. Cells in the immune system have been programmed incorrectly. This can happen when the immune system is trying to compensate for imbalance in other places in the body.

What we have not been taught is that all illness occurs at the cellular level and is due to cellular malfunction. Again, this is the definition of cancer. Secondly, because the body is equipped with multiple layers of protection and multiple layers of detection, repair and removal of malfunctions, many illness are related to immune system malfunction. The immune system is everywhere in the body. It is in every cell. From a small unit perspective, illness is due to cellular malfunction. From a larger system perspective, illness is due to immune system malfunction. These two areas are the backbone of health. It is not the heart or blood or many other areas we are misled to believe that sickens us.

The basic solution for what ails us is the same: Nutritions minus toxins equals improved health. As we address those two multi-item categories we will see improvements. Nutritions and toxins and health have been discussed at length.

An allergic reaction is the cell's and immune system's way of warning us of a deeper problem – that a fundamental imbalance exists. This means we are out of balance people.
It is not normal to be allergic to foods we should be able to eat and not allergic to things that aren't food.
It is not normal to be allergic to things in the natural world that are everywhere, such as pollen.

We gotta stop relying/trusting/placing our lives in non-solutions under non-holistic systems focused on treatments, over-the-counter cover-ups of causes and effects and are also focused on reporting pollen counts.

The body must maintain balance by using a high degree of nutrition against a zero to low degree of toxins. When the societal culture is calibrated towards imbalance, we learn generational habits that seem normal but are not.

An allergy is nothing to simply sneeze away and forget about. An allergy is not something to rashly decide a topical ointment is the solution. An allergy is not just something you have to live with that can't be improved with food-medicine.

The brains in our cells send messages in many ways. It's up to us to use the main brain to analyze these messages and take the necessary corrective health care actions for our overall health and well-being.

Unlimited Possibilities If You Were The Highest Power
Unity Consciousness #433


If you were the Highest Power, what kind of Creation would you create?

Remember, you are starting out as the only Being who exists.
You would have all power to define and design anything you imagine.
You can change all natural laws if you choose.

What would you create that does not exist?

What wouldn't you create that does exist?

What adjustments would you make?

Video to warm-up and transition into the idea: If This World Were Mine

Henrietta Lacks World History Science Poem
Unity Consciousness #432


History tells us, no matter how much assails us, Africans, by their nature, are the healthier people in genetic makeup and constitution. Africans weaken themselves by adopting non-traditional African practices that stray away from the teachings of the Ancients. I'm talking about the Ancient civilizations that were ancient before Kemet was born. History tells us, African blood from Henrietta Lack's HeLa cells, helps cure all people. In the same way, through understanding the metaphors, the many forms of Henrietta Lacks will help heal her original people who detoxify and follow the ways of her effectiveness.

Henrietta Lacks World History Science Poem

by Ancestors through Usiku

Cells from Henrietta Lacks is where this giant step begins
On her HeLa cells all modern medicine depends
Before HeLa cells it was difficult keeping cells alive
But now medical research and drug companies thrive
HeLa cells gave DNA research a firm foundation
Along with chemotherapy, the human genome and in-vitro fertilization
In 1954, three years after Henrietta Lacks died came the polio vaccine
But without HeLa cells it would have taken longer to complete that dream
The African woman is in everyone's blood
Henrietta Lacks cells are life rafts in a pathogen flood
To keep us above water a little while longer
As understandings coalesce in each child the stronger
Blood, water, son and daughter she purifies
Activates genetic expressions spiritual high provides
To expose and depose each leprous pathy
She overflows and rejuvenates as again will Hep-ur Hapi

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Helping Africans Escape Abusive Relationships With God
Unity Consciousness #431


Listen Africans! Regardless of what name you go by, it is inconsistent and insane to simultaneously believe a God who cursed you, your parents, grandparents and all your Ancestors by making you unequal on Earth is going to save you and make you equal in Heaven. This God is not on your side. This God does not love you. This is an abusive relationship. Been there, done that.

If this is the one and true God, it is better to be Godless and deal with reality, than only surviving by using a comforting, escape-from-this-world, non-realistic mindset to worship, praise, pray, march and place hope in – still clinging to heaven while still catching hell.

Heaven is a wonderful place but Heaven is here. Earth is both Heaven and Hell and it is what you make it or allow someone to turn it into on the basis of a book they wrote (until they prove otherwise, their actions speak louder than those written words).

These books of abusive love have no power. It is your “belief” in these books that gives others power over you. Your belief does not give you power in the relationship. Your belief does not give you equality, decency, respect, justice or peace. Stop believing in others and start knowing yourself and you will get your justice and your peace by stopping the minority from abusing power and having any power at all over you. See South side Of Heaven and Hell | Unity Consciousness #26.

You know you are in an abusive relationship when your God curses you and then says he loves you and you go along with it. Then, on top of that, your Earthly abuser looks just like the God who cursed you and you go along with that also. Your mind has been put in check by this God and checkmated by his supposedly favored people who are using a falsified and plagiarized book to tell you who you are. What kind of God wants these people in charge of the world with all the death and destruction to everything God created? Somebody is sick somewhere in this love triangle. This is the art of psychological warfare.

Remember Africans! You had full grown civilizations for tens of thousands of years before Cro-Magnon mutated into existence out of your blood. Your civilizations were based on civil behavior and a respect for the divine beingness in everyone and everything. This is your power and your love. The God who created you made you first and blessed you with blackness and all power and glory in Heaven and Earth. All this is not far off far away someplace else. It is inside you in the Ancestors that you are. You have all their abilities in your genetics. These abilities make 40 acres and a mule look like a penny with a hole in it. You don't need it to turn this whole thing around.

Get back into a relationship with your Ancestors and get the love you deserve through respect for all the people who gave birth to you. Honor your fathers and your mothers by listening to the wisdom of their ancient teachings. Nakupenda.

When Written Words Speak Louder Than Actions
Unity Consciousness #430


The best way to give words a louder voice than actions is to write the words down. In this darkest of ages, written words have been proven to be the best way to say one thing and do another. This is highly effective usually when a minority wants to “get over” on the majority.

Take the following steps and you can do it too.

1. Write it down.
2. Blend truths, half and halves and lies.
3. Include great fear and a great prize.
4. Claim inspiration and authority from a Higher Power.
5. Group the pages and glue them together.
6. Don't call it a book. A book is too plain a word.
7. Create punishments for thinking outside the book.
8. Prepare your target audience by miseducating in every way.
9. Malnourish your audience in every way.
10. Keep people so busy, distracted and focused on lower order needs that written words speak louder than conscience.
11. Preempt any claims against words that are at odds with actions by calling written hypocrisy, religion.
12. Reinforce the written word with the spoken word and moving picture words.
13. Always always cater to and play on the emotions.
14. In addition to writing one thing and doing another, make sure you have one set of meanings for yourself and another set of meanings for the majority.
15. Sit back and reap political and economic benefits from millions.

Making Nutritional Progress With Natural Peanut Butter
Unity Consciousness #429


In 2009, I began eating natural peanut butter. My first reaction to the taste was strongly negative. My brain translated the traumatic shock to my taste buds into “this stuff is awful.” I had purchased a 28 ounce jar. This fact, combined with my unwillingness to just throw otherwise good food away, worked to my advantage. My initial thoughts were to fight my way through eating the peanut butter and then not purchase any more.

After about the third try, I began to notice less of a negative reaction from my taste buds. My brain began to question my taste buds rather than question the peanut butter. Somewhere between the fourth and sixth try, I was feenin' for natural peanut. It was the first choice in the morning and last choice at night. I ran out of peanut so quickly, I purchased several jars at once.

Over time, the cells in our bodies adjust the best they can to whatever we give them on a regular basis. It also takes time for them to readjust. This understanding, just like natural peanut butter, is empowering.

Just to be clear, there is no such thing as a quick fix, one-part solution. At the same time I started eating natural peanut butter, I started taking in more water and other homegrown, fresh, uncooked food and eating less manufactured stuff. In 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months noticeable improvements in body functioning took place. There is always progression to progress. Sometimes it moves slowly, then fast, then slowly, then we move through stages.

Today, many foods that were strong of taste to me several years ago, I addictively consume in much larger amounts. A direct unexpected benefit has been the strong physical reaction my nose and lungs have within 10 seconds of being in the vicinity of household cleaners being used. I welcome a strong negative reaction to many more toxic things. My experience with natural peanut butter has helped my cells recalibrate in favor of what's natural.

Two Easy Ways To Mix Oil Back Into Natural Peanut Butter

Natural peanut butter is supposed to have oil on top. If it doesn't, something "extra and questionable" has been added to cause the natural peanut oil to remain bound to the solid peanut paste. Peanut paste plus peanut oil equals natural peanut butter.

1. "Store the peanut butter upside down for a week, so the oil traverses all the way through the jar and its contents, then turn it right way up for another week, and repeat again in each direction. Each trip through the jar mixes the oil with the solids a little more, and it's fairly homogeneous after four turns." (paraphrased from Seasoned Advice)

2. Watch the video: How to Stir Old Fashioned Natural Peanut Butter. A variation of this method is just to pour the oil into a clean plastic container or mason jar or any jar you can save that has a lid.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Is There Such A Thing As An "Appointed Time?"
Unity Consciousness #428


The short answer is yes and no. See, What Is Predestination, Fate & Determinism? | Definition
Unity Consciousness #427 which lays the groundwork for this understanding.

Yes, There Is An Appointed Time

Based on understandings of free will and destiny in the above and related articles, it is likely there is an appointed time for some things: things such as first humans coming into existence, the sun shining, the adjusting of rates of motion, the beginning of Creation and climates changing.

No, There Is Not An Appointed Time

The understandings of free will and destiny in the above and related articles do not support the notion of an appointed time for human transition into this life (birth) and out of this life (death).

Let's examine this from the death perspective.
If there was a predestined appointed time for death, the method of death must also be predestined. How can there be an appointed time without an appointed manner, place, etc.
An appointed time indicates there is no way to prevent death. No life can be saved from physical death.
Since it is unlikely there is an appointed time for death, it is also unlikely there is an appointed time for birth. Birth and death are the same things. See #122 and #123.

Under the notion of an "appointed time," humans seek to escape responsibility for death and responsibility for striving to understand things. An "appointed time" is another method of sweeping what we don't fully understand under a rug of reasoning. The details are neatly hidden under the cover term of "appointed time" so we don't have to analyze the details. We accept the meaning of the rug for the meaning of what's under the rug. For more understanding on this avoidance technique, search, luck, miracles, accidents and randomness.

What Is Predestination, Fate & Determinism? | Definition
Unity Consciousness #427


Although predestination is the same as fate and determinism, these terms are not used; however, all of the following, including #425 and #426, also applies to these terms.

What Is Predestination?

Predestination is pre-destiny. This means destiny has been determined beforehand.

Predestination Exists In Some Ways

Some destinies are determined beforehand as explained in #426.

Predestination Does Not Exist In Some Ways

Some destinies can be altered, thus, are not set in stone as explained in #426.

Predestination Always Exists

All destinies must exist beforehand before they can be fulfilled.


Predestination exists for all destinies but does not exist equally in terms of:
1. How long the destiny has existed.
2. How long the destiny will last.
3. The flexibility of changing the destiny.

The Case Against 100% Predestination

The case against 100% predestination (in all ways for all things in the same way at the same time) has been proven. Several additional points are still necessary.

(1) In order for 100% predestination to exist, the Creator must know everything in advance. First of all, the Creator is not all-knowing as explained in #420. Second of all, even if the Creator is all-knowing, just like you, once the Creator knows something, the Creator must take that information and understanding into account. The Creator must deal with it in some way. Predestination in a 100% way means, that despite knowing what the Creator knows, this Supreme Intelligent Being still decided to allow deities and humans to have free will while fully understanding when, how, where, who and why this free will would be used. This logic freezes at some point along the thought process because it contradicts many other understandings about the Creator and the collaborative co-existing nature of natural systems; therefore, this logic must be faulty somewhere.

(2) There is always the potential for a different decision to be made during every moment of life. Something started doesn't always have to be finished. Something not started doesn't always have to remain motionless. This gives you the opportunity to change all the way up to the last moment of having a thought, of making a decision, of acting on the decision and behaving based on the decision. This is why free will exists. This is why fixed and variable destinies exist. This is why 100% predestination does not exist. This is why Creation exists - because there is no 100% predestination. This is why,even after the fact, repentance and self-correction exist.

(3) If 100% predestination exists, you are a robot on autopilot and might as well do what you want to, do it everyone,..

(4) 100% predestination makes plausible deniability a valid excuse for everything. For everything you do or don't do you can simply say you were destined to think and behave that way.

(5) 100% predestination is the basis of the false notions of Manifest Destiny and the false curses in the Abrahamic bibles.

What Is Destiny & Purpose? | Further Explanation (Part B)
Unity Consciousness #426


You have multiple destinies. Many of these destinies exist simultaneously. Some are fixed. Some are variable. Your fixed destinies are listed in the previous article. Your variable destinies are based on your potential to fulfill the destinies the Creator needs. Because your destinies vary based on your potential, there is no destiny you cannot complete. There is no destiny too big for you. In this sense, all destinies are custom-made, even destinies that are fixed and shared by others.

Some destinies exist from the beginning of Creation. Some exist from the beginning of your Earthly conception. Some destinies come into existence at various points during your upbringing under someone else's care. Some come into existence at various points during your upbringing under your own care.

Some destinies will always be and some are only intended to exist for certain periods of time. There are even some destinies that exist during the time frame of one moment of interaction. In other words, not all destinies are supposed to be for a long time or lifetime.

As already explained, many of your destinies are shared destinies. You share destinies in relationships you have with families, friends, communal groups, nations, Earth, solar systems and other aspects of creation.

Who Decides Destinies?

If you had no part in deciding some of your destinies, you would not have free will and would not be responsible for what you did or didn't do.

The same things that influence, alter and limit free will, also influence your variable destinies. Many of these influences come from your decisions. As a result, you play a role in altering your destinies.

Some of your destinies are continuations of your Ancestor's destinies. This must be so because you are nothing more or less than a continuation of your Ancestors. Your DNA is proof. Do not be deceived and limit your Ancestors to a small number of people. Your Ancestors go all the way back to the first humans. Your Ancestors go back to all the creations which make up your matter and spirit. Your Ancestors go back to the Creator.

Because you can alter your destinies, your Ancestors also had the same potential and still have influence in this dimension. Some of your Ancestor's destinies are not supposed to be continued. Besides those clearly not in accordance with Maat are not to be continued at all or in the same manner as your Ancestors. You must know yourself to understand.

To be very clear, just because you can alter some of your destinies, doesn't mean you are altering them in the right way or the optimal way. Furthermore, just because the Creator redesigns your destinies based on your current potential, doesn't mean whatever you are doing and not doing is in accordance with those destinies. You must remain engaged in the process of knowing self to understand.

Do Not Confuse Destinies With Dreams

When dreams arise out of knowledge of self, destinies and dreams are the same things; however, when dreams are formed out of a mind manipulated by miseducation as to knowledge of self, far too often, dreams are not destinies.

Bottom Lines

It is possible to be aware of some destines and fulfill them and not be aware of others. So don't run around thinking that one destiny is the total definition of life. It is unlikely, life is valued based on an all-or-nothing, pass/fail scale. I suspect life will be valued based on your use of opportunities to increase understanding and do better as you know better. What progress did you make under the circumstances?

Once you come into the awareness of a destiny and begin to do what you must to fulfill it, you will be assisted by genius abilities within and their matching rhythms without.

Because all destinies are made for you, you have the abilities to do greatness as long as you develop the four inseparable aspects of self by getting the nutritions you need. Do not allow current suboptimal worldviews of what greatness is to lower the Creator's standard for greatness.

A destiny is not limited to one particular way of fulfilling it. In other words, two people with the same destiny can fulfill them differently. Do not allow the greatness of others to confine and define your paths to fulfilling your greatnesses.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

What Is Destiny & Purpose? | Definition (Part A)
Unity Consciousness #425


Destiny and Purpose are the same things and are used interchangeably.

What Is Destiny?

To do your parts of the process to help complete this cycle of the Creator's life and existence.

This means your life and your destiny are not for yourself but for the Creator.

You have multiple destinies. Every aspect of creation is multifaceted and multipurposed.

What Are Your Destinies?

(1) Do what you are designed to do. This means your life and destinies are not based on you but based on the Creator who designed you.

(2) Know Yourself. To do what you are designed to do, you must know yourself in the natural way you were created.

(3) Return understanding to the Creator. This is accomplished by doing #1 and #2 above.

(4) Teach Teach what you understand as you continue understanding what you are teaching.

(5) Do Maat by honoring responsibilities to the Rights Of Creation.

(6) Use jobs and careers to accomplish destinies by first understanding jobs and careers themselves are not destinies.

(7) Develop abilities, agilities, talents, gifts and skills so you can fulfill your destinies. Your life is not for the purpose of a personal legacy, honor, attention, glory, fame or fortune. Even though these things might be part of different parts of the journey, they are not supposed to be the focus and priority. As long as you have what you need to accomplish your destinies, you have enough.

(8) Work towards collectively beneficial purposes in two ways: (a) Within self, understand how to bring the different aspects of self into optimal functioning and (b) Without self, understand how to work with others optimally. This means you must assist others in fulfilling their destinies.

(9) The purpose of this journey is to find reconnections by finding the other end to what resonates within. It is the return journey home to oneness through the Spiritsphere. Another way of saying this is: "...human purpose is to realize union with the Supreme Being..." (a)

(10) Consciously change consciously. Change is one of your destinies. It is one of the few destinies that cannot be avoided. Because everyone and everything is changing, the Creator is changing. You are changing proactively and reactively, on purpose or off purpose. You are constantly being redesigned. Your understandings are changing. All these things mean your destinies are also changing, not necessarily completely, but sometimes they are. This means, no matter what, you always have destinies, even if your original ones were not fulfilled, there are other destinies for you to fulfill. Even if your original ones were fulfilled, there are other destinies for you to fulfill. Destinies are designed to always fit your current situation in order to move you along a path towards oneness. You have never wasted your life until you have given up the search for more understanding of self. You have never wasted your life until you decide you are never going to self-correct. All you have to do is begin the process of knowing self. Once you do that, then that starting point will be the same as if you started at any other point in your life. There are destinies for you to complete at any point in your life. You were pre-designed with multiple destinies because the Creator understands there are many variables in life. This is why Maat is both fixed and variable. This is also why your destinies are fixed and variable. Your fixed destinies are the same as mine and are listed above. Your variable destinies are for you to discover through the process of knowing self which includes help from your parents, family, ancestors, other teachers, nature, spirit and other sources. This you will understand more once you decide to become an Initiate of Learning. The Creator always has different and changing destinies for you because as the Creator evolves and the universe expands, the needs of the Creator change and you are needed to help the universe maintain the rhythm of change.

“Expanding Definition | Higher Purposes & Reasons”

(a) Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities," The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 74.

Holy Scriptures Defiled
Unity Consciousness #424


The human body is a temple and can be defiled. Earth is a temple and can be defiled. Both of these creations which came directly straight from the hand of God, have been defiled. The spirit of being civil has been defiled. So what makes you think a book which has passed through the hands of people over many centuries has not been defiled? What kind of people would defile how they live and would not defile bibles which tell you how to live in their defiled societies?

The Judeo-Christian Bible warns often about the word of God being defiled.

Why would you not question and analyze these scriptures?

If there is the potential for false prophets, there is also the potential for false scriptures.

The reason a false prophet has any chance is because he assumes just enough of the demeanor of truth and just enough of the words of truth but not the actions of truth or the nutrients of truth. He assumes the clothing and remains a wolf. He dons the respectable smiling face of Jekyll and does the despicable deadly deeds of Hyde.

2 Corinthians 4:2 tells you the word of God can be handled deceitfully, dishonestly and with craftiness.

2 Corinthians 2:17 tells you MANY corrupt the word of God.

These bibles tells you other things can be defiled such as polluting the holy Sabbath, the holy name of God and blaspheming the Holy Spirit. What makes you think the bible you use has not been been corrupted especially when it was an ESSENTIAL tool to justify the notion of chattel slavery. Every tool becomes a weapon against self when you don't understand its purpose or how to use it. Likewise every weapon can become a tool.

Remember, the best lies contain the most truths. Only by striving to understand which is which will you be able to get the best use out of these bibles.

Consider other viewpoints: The Concept Of Maat Understanding Alkebulan - Dr. Ben Jochannan.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I Love You, i love you With Mixed Messages
Unity Consciousness #423


There have been plenty sufficient evidences and reasons to bring into doubt and question the reliability of certain teachings many of us are still following. This is for those sincerely wishing to live in accordance with the Most High.

By definition, thinking is a process that includes gathering and assessing information. By definition thinking is an eternal revision and updating process.

Lower-Self Manipulation Of Scriptures

In addition to the numerous confusions written plainly in bibles, the explanations for the confusions are even worse.

First of all the bibles will tell you they are the original source of information from some god or prophet. Each bible is the only place you can find proof of this claim.

Second of all, each bible is supposed to be the inspired, holy, infallible writing straight from god.

Third of all, when you come across a scripture that says something as plain as day, you are then told you must go to another book for explanation. These other books are concordances and places that explain the original Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek word.

Fourth of all, these other books are not inspired, holy, infallible books. Even so, these fallible books are used to explain infallible books. Go figure. This truth eluded me for many years due to not being in the habit of thinking the way thinking is supposed to be done.

Fifth of all, these bibles are so confusing, people have to go to various religious schools to learn how to explain these bibles to you because god evidently didn't know how when he wrote it.

Sixth of all, in the title to this post, even though I use the same words, just because I capitalize or not, some people who use the method of explaining used to explain away bible inconsistencies, could easily say I mean two different things or something different than what I'm plainly saying. Stop falling for this okie doke.

What I'm saying to you again is at least be consistent in your thinking process. If you are going to accept a bible as the infallible word, then accept the entire thing as it is for exactly what it says. If you are going to allow someone to manipulate the meanings by using other dictionaries, then look up all the words in your bibles. Why is it only sometimes appropriate and necessary?

You are not supposed to go your entire life having someone else chew up your food and feed it to you so all you have to do is swallow.

I Love You and i love you With Mixed Messages, both give me opportunity and incentive to figure things out and become better.

Christianity, Judaism & Islam - Dr. Ben Jochannan LABELS: religion, critical analysis, consistent

Translating The Definition Of Translation For Africans
Unity Consciousness #422


Definition Of Translate

(a) Move meaning in one language to an equivalent meaning in another language.
(b) Communicate the same thing in a different way.
(c) Change form, retain essence.

Islam based their bible on Christianity and other philosophies. Christianity based their bible on Judaism. Judaism based their bible on African spiritual teachings and writings. Judaism did not translate their bible from the original texts. Judaism plagiarized. All of these bibles are subversions of spiritual teachings which have been further subverted whenever the need arises.

You must remember that religion is developed out of culture. Culture must come first. Judaism, Christianity and Islam did not have a culture that would have provided most of the information and stories in their bibles or the philosophies, values and admonitions. They still don't. No where in the brief history of their cultures do you find evidence of the teachings in their bibles that would have caused them to formulate religions that represent humane values.

In other words, a people must practice religion first, for a long time, before they actually create the religion.

You must remember that African high culture civilizations existed for tens of thousands of years before Cro-Magnon came into existence, thus, before there was any group of people on the face of the Earth except black Africans. All this took place before any history of the Hebrews, Christians, Islamists and their gods and prophets. Africans had the culture out of which their spiritual teachings arose. All other, much younger baby cultures, "borrowed" and hurriedly pieced together their cultures and bibles based on what their African parents created.

There are no physical evidences of other cultures that come close to comparing to African cultures. Africa contains the most compelling evidences of artifacts, bones, building, writings, etc. Most of the evidences religions have is based primarily on their books and then secondarily on evidences they have "borrowed" from Africa by claiming the evidences belong to them.

This is a translation of the manipulation interfering with your interrelating self with the rest of creation.

If you simply wish to use your free will to believe what you want, that's fine; however, if you are striving to know the truth, go back to the original writings and the original cultures that established ways of living and sciences and universities and much more so humanity could thrive and disperse itself across the planet. Without Africa there would be no people on the planet. If we set that fact aside for a moment, without Africa there would be no religions that even come close to what is contained in their scriptures. Without Africa, civilizations would be set back by at least 400,000 years, thus current societies would not have had the time to develop 99.99% of the intellectual knowledge in use today that arose out of an African maturation process.

All other groups of people have been in existence for far less than one Great Year, whereas African civilizations have been in existence for several Great Years. You Africans have seen the Cycle. You have lived it. Your stars, as always, are rising which is historically not surprising. Bathe and purify yourselves in your beginnings, so as antidotes are activated, you will not be found covered with marks of the mutated.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Number One Thing You & Everyone Else Must Learn
Unity Consciousness #421


Learn all things in relation to self.

You must connect information to the natural self, not the self man has constructed to tell you who you are. The natural self is the self that matches nature. Therefore, in order to learn properly and fully, you must connect this natural self to the information you are trying to understand so the understanding will rise up out of this nature because your nature is based on the understanding of the Creator. If you are going to understand information, you must allow the nature of the Creator to be the basis for that understanding. The nature of the Creator is your natural self.

The way you connect information to the natural self is to study how the information and you are the same. Find a common connection. Find as many as possible. Each connection you find will strengthen your ability to understand the information.

Learn to use as many of the 6 fundamental keys as possible as you are learning, especially as within, so without.

By learning all things in relation to self, you simultaneously take care of everything else you need to know, understand and do. It flows this way and follows through from inside you: Maat, nutrition, health, understanding, salvation, collective, ancestors, history, sankofa, greatness, resilience, knowledge of self... and all 64 basic needs that are spiritual.

Our master teachers tell us "knowledge is not something separate from self and is learned by being in a subjective relationship with that which is sought to be understood." In other words, you must be in a personal relationship with the information the same as you would be with a friend and get to know the information in relation to self the same way you get to know a friend in relation to self. Knowledge emerges out of the relationship by learning the information and learning self at the same time by learning the interrelation and interconnection between you and the information.

Knowledge is not something outside of self that you must put into your brain. Knowledge is brought out of your mind, spirit, body, emotions and DNA because your total being is based on the universe that contains all information. So find your connection to the universal, which is the natural, and find the same about the understandings you are trying to obtain.

Because current education systems do not teach learning in relation to the natural self, ignore their ways and learn information on your own the right way. As explained by our master teachers, the only true education is self-education. You must be self-taught. You must self-study by studying self, studying by yourself and studying with others who approach learning in relation to the natural self.

By learning all things in relation to self you are giving yourself the best opportunity to make the best decisions because you are already automatically connecting information and your understanding of that information to yourself anyway. The problem comes in when your understanding of self is based on all the ideas about self that humans have created that are not properly connected to your natural self. See #398.

By learning all things in relation to self you are being scientific in the true sense and practice of the word.

By learning all things in relation to self you are being optimal because your context is optimal. This means you and everyone else have within self, the optimal way to learn, know and understand. The Creator has made it so to give you an equal chance to get firsthand original unfiltered instructions - through the motherboard and genetic operating ecosystem of the Creator inside you.

By learning all things in relation to self you are accessing higher intelligence rather than the lower intelligence accessed when learning is not approached in relation to self. This is what makes learning and understanding more difficult than it is supposed to be and is one of the main reasons most people only use a small portion of their capabilities. You do not want to live your whole life being locked inside yourself.

By learning all things in relation to self you are doing exactly what the Creator is doing, thus you are becoming in every way.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Omniscient & All-Knowing Creator
Unity Consciousness #420


Because the Creator is Supreme and is the Highest, it seems to fit that the Creator must be all-everything: all-powerful (omnipotent), all-seeing (omnivision), all-present (omnipresent) and all-knowing (omniscient). Further scrutiny brings the all-knowing aspect into question.


This analysis presupposes the purpose of Creation is to provide understanding to the Creator so the Creator can better understand Self. This already means then, the Creator is not all-knowing.

We can look into this topic from above and below.

Heavens (The Above)

The Creator did not know Ogo/Yurugu would be the aspect to become power hungry and impatient to acquire the balancing understanding necessary to use power properly, thus create disharmony in the heavens. The Creator only knew this could happen - that power, misunderstood could be misapplied and power not understood could be under-applied.

The Creator is all-knowing in terms of the potential for things to happen.
The Creator is not all-knowing in terms of the when, how, where, who and why of all future events.
The Creator is all-knowing in terms of the when, how, where, who and why of events as they happen. This is true because the spirit of the Creator is everywhere.

Earth (The Below)

Creation started in the heavens. Then Earth and all within Earth were created. As above, so below tells us all other events happen the same way - first in the heavens, then, based on these energies from which Earth is fed, corresponding events occur in Earth.

Now, once the potential for something to happen manifests itself as a specific event in the heavens, the Creator then uses that understanding, to know with certainty that a corresponding event is going to take place in Earth. Even so, the Creator still doesn't know the exact details; however, as more events take place, the Creator is able to calculate probabilities that indicate with greater likelihood what those details will be. In other words, the Creator is not totally clueless and caught off guard because the Creator is able to constantly calculate and update everything taking place above and below in order to know as much as possible about what's going on inside Self.

In General

The reason we assume the Creator is all-knowing is due to logical error. We figure since we are beings and don't understand everything and the Creator is the Supreme Being of everything, the Creator must understand everything. Truth is, the Creator only understands much more than us, just as it is with our parents who remain in their process of becoming.

Another similar logical error is made when we conclude that if one or more things are true, then all things must be true. This type of logical error takes many forms and is responsible for many problems in our thought processes. This is the logical error described in the first paragraph. It is also the logical error that the baby and the bathwater metaphor warns us against making.*


(1) Just as there are different ways of knowing and different levels of awareness for humans below, so it is for the Creator above.

(2) If the Creator was all-knowing of every detail in advance, there would be no need for creation to simply play out what the Creator already knows and no such thing as free will but there would be such a thing as predestination because how could the Creator not predestine something the Creator already knows is going to happen and the Creator knew before the Creator created Creation?

(3) The understanding the Creator is gaining is part of the reason why everyone and everything is changing.

(4) It is obvious Jesus was not all-knowing unless he came out of the womb, fed and dressed himself and started walking, talking and knowing all there was to know about everything in his life. This is unlikely; therefore, Jesus (God) is not always all-knowing. If Jesus learned at least one thing during his lifetime in Earth, that means he did not know it.

*The error is made by concluding since the bathwater is no good and it's time to throw it out, that either whatever else is in the bathwater is also no good and might as well be thrown out also or the person does not take the time to check the bathwater to see if it contains something else and then assess that something else on its own merits, rather than assume it is no good just because it is in the bathwater and it has already been decided the bathwater is no good. By extension and expansion, we are able to also understand many other things such as, despite the dangers of swallowing the scriptures of religions as a whole, they still contain nutrients and should be picked through for those particular nutrients.

Monday, August 17, 2015

What Free Will Entails By Definition & Example
Unity Consciousness #419


What Is Free Will?

The ability to make a decision with or without sufficient understanding of the alternatives, responsibilities, causes and effects of each possible decision.

A person exercises free will when choosing to eat junk rather than food and vice versa. A person exercises free will when deciding what version of the Supreme Being to subscribe to.

For more understanding, see #398.

What Is The Purpose Of Free Will?

To allow creation, with fixed and variable abilities, to make decisions based on the fixed and variable information encountered which then provides the feedback of understanding to the Creator of how different aspects of self function under various conditions. This allows the Creator to work out weaknesses within self, thus also in creation.

Free Will Bears Certain Responsibilities

1. Continuously increase understanding. Free will is never free of this responsibility. Also, free will is always limited by one's level of understanding, because better decisions cannot be made without continuously gaining better understanding. Information alone is not enough. Possessing information is not the same as processing information.

"Make up your minds that you will rise to the knowledge of your soul. because of your ignorance you cannot decide between good and evil, you don't know whether you're doing right or wrong. With a greater knowledge of life you're able to appreciate all things around you.
- - Marcus Garvey Interview
2. You must question and analyze information because decisions require thought and thought requires analysis. Understanding comes from having freedom of information and then analyzing that information which activates understanding. This is the basic process a computer uses, a brain uses and the spirit uses.


Free will is not a substitute for conscience so that you don't have to consider the appropriateness of decisions. Free will is not a free pass. Just because it's your decision doesn't mean that you are the only one you must consider.

Free will must exist in order for other things to exist such as responsibility, judgment and especially understanding.

The best use of free will is to use it to gain more understanding.

Free Will Is Limited

There are varying degrees of limitation due to the following:

1. The ability to make certain decisions is influenced and affected by the free will of others and by all things whose energies influence the universe. This is universal karma. The ability to carry out decisions is affected by the same forces. For instance, you know you are limited by neighbors and human-made laws.

2. Information encountered and pursued.

3. Understanding. Since understanding affects decisions and no one has complete understanding of anything, thinking is limited, thus free will is limited also.

4. Information and understanding of the spiritual aspect of existence. Many decisions boil down to following either the higher spiritual self or the lower spiritual self.

5. The Creator, existing as One, also has free will and is part of the influences in #1 of this section.

6. Free will is limited by the combination of information and understanding about natural laws and agilities.

7. Free will is limited by both, an optimal worldview and a suboptimal worldview.

Why The Creator Does Not Intervene Immediately (Part E)
Unity Consciousness #418


These topics and concepts are discussed in greater detail here and elsewhere within and without.

Several Additional Equally Important Reasons

(1) If the Creator was in the habit of intervening, surely there are many times it would occur today, given the depth of craziness taking place in the world. The Creator would protect children, trees, bees and everyone from their own weaknesses and each other's weaknesses. Living would turn out perfectly without us having the incentive or putting forth the effort to make it so. There would be no point to living except self-gratification. The purpose of dimensions helps explain the main purpose of life and existence is to continuously ascend through higher levels of understanding.

(2) There is much less of a need for intervention when we are constantly being given prevention in advance so we can perform our own interventions.

(3) It is the job of Ancestors and other aspects of creation to intervene on our behalf if we honor and ritualize them.

(4) Amma's need for self-preservation guarantees the Creator is following the necessary process to take care of the sickness within creation.

(5) If the Creator was going to intervene, without allowing natural processes to take place, "evil" would have been corrected immediately in heaven.

(6) As aspects of the Creator and children of the Creator who have the genetics of the Creator, we are the Creator and can do our own intervening.

(7) Intervening too soon and too much nullifies and offsets free will, thus accountability, responsibility and the awareness of the causes and effects of our collective actions and inactions on our present reality.

(8) The Creator cannot violate natural laws in order to fix problems. Process must be followed in order to gain understanding. See #325, #326 and #331.

(9) Everyone and everything is constantly changing which makes intervention, not a simple matter because the act of intervention in the manner humans would like for it to happen, would create multiple causes and effects and change the dynamics of the universal plan for collective eternal benefit.

Why The Creator Does Not Intervene Immediately (Part D)
Unity Consciousness #417


These topics and concepts are discussed in greater detail here and elsewhere within and without.

The Collective Is More Important

Since collective benefit is a dominant theme of creation, collective benefit cannot be set aside in order to satisfy the needs of a few, relatively speaking, because the concerns within Earth are small compared to the universe.

The metaphor of Spider Solitaire also helps explain the countless collective considerations the Creator is constantly making and why the Creator does not intervene immediately.

Collective benefit significantly decreases the need for intervention. Under the natural law of collective benefit, the limitations of time are transcended, understandings are enhanced, self-corrections are advanced and fears, hates and other weaknesses are transformed before causing much harm.

Prayers are not answered according to humanity
But according to what everything created needs

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Why The Creator Does Not Intervene Immediately (Part C)
Unity Consciousness #416


These topics and concepts are discussed in greater detail here and elsewhere within and without.

Intervening Too Soon & Too Much Prevents Understanding

We understand the truism of teaching a man to fish versus handing him a fish. The same is not true for understanding. You can't hand anyone understanding. Each person must be taught how to seek understanding and then be allowed to practice and keep practicing and only get enough assistance and instruction to move forward a little. Intervening too soon or too much prevents the acquisition of understanding.

This is why the Creator does not intervene immediately or a whole lot, directly. We have all the resources, including reasoning ability to put them into use. We won't learn or understand if the Creator does too much for us. This is world history and world prophecy.

Self-Correction Is Part Of The Understanding Process

However, after a while, when one aspect of creation doesn't seem to "get it" and is not functioning properly, the Creator has built self-correction into the system at multiple levels. For instance, humans are able to self-correct, but when we don't, other aspects of creation will attempt to self-correct us, such as our own bodies, the earth, the sun, the water, the air, and the ecosystem in general. This is necessary because we are throwing all other things out of balance due to our imbalance. Eventually, when we continue to ignore the need for self-correction, we always self-destruct. Self-destruction always drags others easily into the pit due to their hearts also being hardened against understanding from simply following the depleters. This is the self-punishment portion of universal karma.

In other words, for the most part, there is no need for the Creator to intervene because most things have been foreseen and are built into the system in order that creation may work it out and thus work out understanding and salvation as a collective. All things being accomplished at the same time.

Adversity Has Advantages

The Creator understands learning and growth requires allowing and encouraging children to work through difficulty and adversity in order to learn how to never quit, retreat or sacrifice the abundance that lies within the process of overcoming challenges. Each time adversity is faced and overcame the benefit of another reference point is gained that explains the process to how you can do it again when faced with challenges in other forms. Love is not stepping in and always "saving the day" to shelter us from hardships and always making up for our failings individually and collectively by wrapping ourselves up and trapping ourselves in what is man-made by the inhuman. Until we come to this understanding, we seal our fate into the same pit.

Why The Creator Does Not Intervene Immediately (Part B)
Unity Consciousness #415


These topics and concepts are discussed in greater detail here and elsewhere within and without.

Understand The Need For Understanding

By understanding the purpose of dimensions we are able to understand the need for understanding. The primary job of humans is to know yourself, because knowledge of self is the primary purpose of creation. This knowledge is not for our individual sake but for our collective sake. Not the collective of humans but the collective of creation which is the same as the collective that is the Creator. Understanding is needed so the Creator in us as Many can unify all understanding of self as One.

In other words, creation is for the education and self-improvement of the Creator.

As understanding occurs, the aspects of creation that are gaining understanding expand and so does the Creator and so does the universe. This means the Creator then activates more power and releases it into the universe. This power is specifically available to those gaining understanding and generally available to creation to a lesser degree in the same way sunpower is specifically available to those who understand it and also generally available to everyone, but most of us use this higher firepower to a far lesser degree than is possible.

This alone should be reason and incentive enough to strive to understand the need for understanding. By combining understanding with just one or more of the sun, the moon, the wind, the water, the air, the earth, the chlorophyll and the melanin, etc. more power becomes available.

Understanding Is A Process

Understanding must go through stages of development within us. Understanding must also be connected to other understandings. These other understandings are those of our Ancestors, those that exist today, and those of our descendants. These other understandings are also those of all other people and all other aspects of creation, within self, within Earth and within universe.

Understanding is a continuous process. Sometimes understanding comes slowly, sometimes quickly, but always eventually to those who seek it steadily.

We must continuously review our experiences, recent and old, gain more information, analyze it, be quiet, be still, be persistent, be patient and keep living.

The main portion of human growth must occur in as many areas of understanding necessary for each person to fulfill their other destinies, in addition to acquiring understanding in order to fulfill the Creator's destinies. We are multi-capable and multi-purposeful just like all other aspects of creation.

It is very low level thinking to believe our greatest purpose is how well we can secure things for this lifetime.

Understanding Goes On And On Because Life Goes On And On

It is not possible for any human or humans to understand anything completely until the Creator understands everything completely.

As stated above and explained frequently, understanding is a never-ending process. It might pause, but it never ends.

There is always an area of understanding ready, willing and waiting for us. So when understanding doesn't seem to come in one area, move on to the next. This process, pursued sincerely as an Initiate always leads back around to understanding you need. You are being led the way you specifically need to go in order to move you from convoluted places into greater alignment with the Almighty and thus in greater unity in consciousness. All you need is one seed of truth and it will get you there if you are willing to follow its roots or its fruits, either way is the way.

Show Amma Some Higher Love
Unity Consciousness #414


Extension To Why The Creator Does Not Intervene Immediately (Part A)

Amma, the Creator has brought all things into being. This alone is a display of great love. We should be able to realize Amma's love for creation is greater than ours; therefore, so also is Amma's experience of our overcomings and succumbings. Amma gave birth to all and bears a mother's joy and pain. The Creator also feels the sickness of humans and the side effects human sickness has inflicted upon Earth, its other inhabitants and that is spreading outside Earth. As events are occurring, Amma is going through the process of understanding and growing in order to heal self, thus restore balance in Earth.

Meanwhile, instead of us humans focusing attention on getting some intervention love, we should appreciate the love we're already getting by making full use of it. Despite all else that's going on wrong, the natural world within and without is faithfully showing much love. This is Amma's endless love. Yet we don't seem to appreciate all this love just because everything in life and in the world isn't going our way, every minute of every day.

With this kind of thinking we doubt Amma's love and wonder why the Creator does not intervene immediately. We stay too long in this frame of mind because we are not constantly striving for understanding in order to bring this knowledge out of ourselves.

As many of us know, it is not reasonable to expect love without giving love, not directly back to Amma, The Creator, but to Amma in the form of self, inside self and inside all else. This is how we show Amma some higher love.

Perhaps we will begin to show Amma all the love she deserves once we grasp more fully the greatness of that love. Being prayerful and meditative will help.

Also, Ancestor Yosef ben-Jochannan explained great love this way through personal example:
"the beauty and pain I feel for Africa is no different than the love and pain a woman feels for her husband who is with her then suddenly taken away. The love she feels for her husband is no different than the love I feel for work I'm doing, the love for one's people is no different than what a mother feels for her child or a woman for her husband, for in either case, one is willing to put one's life as the ultimate price, the love a woman feels for her child must be returned to her by the African man."
From this we can begin to re-appreciate how much greater and how much higher and how much stronger Amma's love for creation is than ours and then begin the process of returning much more of the same. This is accomplished through greater understanding of why we came - into existence to know yourself and show Amma some higher love are the same thing.

Why The Creator Does Not Intervene Immediately (Part A)
Unity Consciousness #413


These topics and concepts are discussed in greater detail here and elsewhere within and without.

Remember The Time

Human individual time is not the same as Creator time. The Creator has an eternity to do what needs to be done. In other words, it is not that the Creator does not intervene. It's just that our lives during this stage of our journey is so short, that when we do not take into consideration the universal spiritual nature of our existence, we forget, that we are part of eternal time. This causes us to focus on the temporary nature of this lifetime, and thus, we reckon time in a small way rather than based on the inner-outerstanding that the Creator has forever time, which is why it seems to us that some things take forever.

Metaphors to understand all things are plentiful. When we're asking someone to do something for us or to respond to us, often the other person will say, "Give me a minute." This is what the Creator is saying to us because, to the Creator, one lifetime or several generations is not long, our lives are merely minutes in eternity.

As explained by our master teachers, as the world turns below, so does the wheel of heaven above. The energies and events happening on Earth right now started their journeys to Earth approximately 26,000 years ago. This is one Great Year ago or 1 minute ago, so to speak in the human dimension.

We must at least give the Creator a minute to do what needs to be done. In the meantime we and our ancestors and descendants have 26,000 years to do what needs to be done. During this time we must use persistence, then patience as we simultaneously expect the Creator will intervene because all natural things prove Amma is faithful.

Our human ancestors understood time and so do many alive today. They understand, that in the next minute of eternal time, the Creator's interventions will become more and more evident to non-Initiates and those at the Giri So level. All we need to do today, is to continue with persistence, then patience, thus intervening on our own behalf, while knowing that our lives are precious seconds that make all the difference in the current state of humanity and creation.

The significant difference a second makes or a portion of a second has been clearly shown throughout human experiences. So it is with whatever amount of time we have in this life.

Mutual Benefit Is Not Collectively Beneficial
Unity Consciousness #412


There are many ways to think about relationships. One way is "mutual benefit.” Are both sides of the relationship benefiting?

Even though mutual benefit seems like a good way to look at relationships, it's not. Mutual benefit is suboptimal. Mutual benefit is based on the considerations of two people or two groups. This makes this type of thinking the same as the destructive selfish philosophy of “to each his own.”

Under a mutual benefit approach, each person decides the relationship is okay as long as both of them get what they want.

This is the same as "to each his own" times two.

Mutual benefit is not a good way to decide if a relationship is appropriate when mutual benefit is the only consideration. Yes, use mutual benefit, but then take the crucial next step of taking into account collective benefit. Consider how does the relationship affect all other relationships and responsibilities each person has?

"it is not just what the individual wants to do, we are fighting a war..."
- - Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing

The Responsibility Of Mutual Benefit To Everything Else

What is mutually beneficial is actually much bigger than what is beneficial to just two people. It is bigger than family, group, nation, Earth, Universe and Ancestors.

All things and all relationships are supposed to be for the Creator's benefit; therefore, all relationships are supposed to be approached from the viewpoint of "Is the relationship collectively beneficial?"

Mutual Benefit Is Never Mutually Beneficial

When we exclude the collective in our decision-making thought process, we exclude ourselves. The African proverb, "I am because we are" holds true. It is not possible for mutual benefit to exist when collective benefit does not exist.

Both sides of the relationship will always be doing themselves a disservice and shortchanging themselves and harming themselves when the collective is not considered.

Collective Consideration

A good starting point is to consider the effects decisions have on the Rights Of Creation.

The ecosystem is based on collective benefit. Our bodies function based on collective benefit.

We are interrelated and interconnected for the purpose of collective benefit which is why our thinking must always encompass collective benefit

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Calm | Poem
Unity Consciousness #411


by Ancestors through Usiku

The Lord is nature
My strongest points
I remember them and myself at once
Ntchr helps me rise in understanding
Leads me to strive for still more ascending
To restore knowledge of myself
Across rivers of consciousness for unity's sake
Though I must transform every mistake
And weakness that leads to death
I fear no evil
For all is within me as I reformulate myself
Serpentine fire and ancestors strengthen me
Coiling and releasing abundant energies
Heru-Atum-Ra-Khepera follow me
We shall dwell as completion of the Perfect Black
Until another cycle continues its eternal track

Closer To The Original Lord's Prayer | Poem
Unity Consciousness #410

Closer To The Original Lord's Prayer

by Ancestors through Usiku

Our Maat-er and Ptah-er
In our inner heavens
Your kingdoms are again becoming
We follow thee the same
So hallowed your name remains
In all dimensions
Below in earth, above in heaven
Feed us understanding so we may be fed
And transform our weaknesses
So we may transform others misled
Lead us into the ways of completion
That we may deliver ourselves from evil
Feminine black energy waters
Is kingdom, power, and glory
Eternity Amen-Ra

How To Not Be Denied Anything In Prayer | Poem
Unity Consciousness #409

How To Not Be Denied Anything In Prayer

by Ancestors through Usiku

Rather than count your blessings
Count your possibilities
Then put energies into them
As much as you put into the unreliable

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing reminds us, the Creator is saying, I gave you everything to work with especially my essence, your melanin.

The Greatest Evil | Poem
Unity Consciousness #408


The Greatest Evil

by Ancestors through Usiku

Living self-defeated
Going through uncompleted
Not because you couldn't
Didn't seek what you needed

Divinity's Prayer: What The Lord Prays Souls To Keep
Unity Consciousness #407


Divinity's Prayer: What The Lord Prays Souls To Keep

by Ancestors through Usiku

Eyes on the virus
Eye on the highest
So nothing resold or renewed
Unfalse or untrue
Will get by us

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

21+ Signs, Signals & Prophecies Of World History
Unity Consciousness #406


These things are written to prepare the generations that are coming and becoming.

(1) ALL societies will continue to disintegrate.

(2) Aquaria and Cepheus will make sure America does not see three.

(3) Truths about the Fiblical Biblicals will become even more apparent at the Giri So level. This will break the final bonds of believers who are disbelievers, or at least break the hold for those who can be saved.

(4) In the next Great Year, Earth will expand again and give birth to itself. This is the new Heaven and the new Earth. It will be the result of a Golden Age and Completion. Thus, it will actually be an evolved Heaven and evolved Earth.

(5) Aquaria is the age of rehydration and purification. More land will become conducive to plants. Unseen seeds will continue to germinate in all dimensions.

(6) The African female and the female in general shall continue to rise and rule nations and one shall rule one nation under a groove of Maatian rhythm.

(7) Rains will increase.

(8) Meteorites will increase.

(9) Mutations will decrease.

(10) The lasts shall become firsts again.

(11) The colors will reverse. So-called Moses will put his hand back into his bosom and it will return to its natural blackness.

(12) The Pangaea will return. Africa will become the entire Earth again as it once was - Ta-Ntchr.

(13) Nothing of substance can be done or will be done about climate change.

(14) The Creator has reserve power. This is the black matter and black energy in the universe. This power is the Ancestors calling and bringing new creations and new abilities into being.

(15) Natural laws are changing.

(16) Since societies have not self-corrected in thousands of years, their fate will be in keeping with the Mark Of The Exhibited Beasts. It is already too late for repentance and forgiveness because the immune system of the universe has already been activated. T-cells and proteins from other planets are following the calling signals.

(17) Like Pharaoh in the Jewish-Christian biblical story, many more plagues will befall societies that they intended for others.

(18) The next time minimum wage is raised or lowered will be a sign of the end of the current economic system.

(19) The bonds of societies will prove themselves even more unreliable, money, military, technology, laws, fears, etc., and all guns. There will be great pain associated with each of the areas in order to separate reliance on them.

(20) The sun will continue to work its black rainbow magic. "For the Lord God is a sun and shield..."(Psalm 84:11. Sun worship will continue to be exposed.

(21) From the head to the tip end of the tail of what Km trails entail will prevail.

(22) We are the dinosaurs and cave people of past and future.

(23) High intelligence is being reawakened in those who are not resisting the preponderances of truths rising in their own consciousness and who are then moving towards the repentance of self correction.

(24) Restoring knowledge of self is bringing recognition salvation is nutrition.

(25) We shall reach the promised land by reawakening the promised land within to regain the promised land on Earth first for at least another 26,000 years.

(26) Those who continue to consume fruit without inspection shall increasingly succumb to the sickening aftertaste of fear. As always, you shall know them by their fear.

(27) Africans will reunite sciences for the rest of the world this century. A changing of the guard is a necessary prerequisite The agreement of all branches of science has already existed and still exists in places where Africans have not had their perceptions poisoned. A recent version of this scientific unified theorem already exists called GAGUT. This theorem was brought forth by an African and exists because the universe is based on a unified theorem. This same theorem is also known by Africans as Everything is Everything.

(28) The African female will unite all healthy people.

Saving Viable Seeds & Other Garden Variety Thoughts
Unity Consciousness #405


(1) There is a notion that viable seeds are those that sink to the bottom in water. This to not a 100% certainty. Save all the seeds. Separate the floaters from the sinkers and test it out for yourself. The worst that can happen is the seeds that don't germinate will become fertilizer.

(2) There is another notion that viable seeds are the plump ones and those that are not plump, are not viable. This is not a 100% certainty. Save all seeds and plant them.

(3) It is unnecessary to pull the bottom leaves off tomato plants when planting them deeply. Potatoes leaves are covered constantly when "hilling" and the plant does fine and grows roots along the vine just like tomato plants.

(4) When asparagus come out of the ground or when seeds sprout, why aren't they dirty?

(5) Osmosis and diffusion are the same things. When diffusion is occurring and we think there is no semipermeable membrane, there is a dimension, which is a semi-perceivable membrane.

(6) What we do know is that not all seeds that sink or are plump, germinate, so why make distinctions and throw seeds away without giving them a chance?

(7) If plants need sunlight for photosynthesis in order to make their own food, why did the God of some bibles create plants before creating the sun?

If You Love Yourself Set Your Ideas Free
Unity Consciousness #404


Just as it is in your relationships with people, so it is also in your relationships with ideas. Not all ideas you have are supposed to last a lifetime or remain unchanged.

You already know many ideas you had as a child are no longer appropriate?

Hasn't your ideas about mom, dad, family, life, living, eating, playing, etc. changed?

Don't you now talk to strangers? What was once a good idea ain't no more.

Many ideas we have, just like relationships, are just training for us to move on to other ideas and other relationships. Understand this and become unstuck. It's easy to become stuck when you choose ideas but the ideas don't have to choose you also. You just hang onto them because the idea can't say no to you. Been there, done that. Your ideas won't tell you whether or not they are appropriate for you no more than your clothes will. Fortunately, reawakening the process of knowing self, that started from Day One of being conceived and Day One of being born is still possible. This process will move you and your ideas forward into the proper relationship with them.

Love yourself by setting your ideas free so you can spend some time getting to know yourself even better. At least loosen up a bit. Hang out with some other ideas, platonically, no strings attached. If ideas you once had come back, they're yours and both of you will be even stronger; however, if those ideas come back in the same form as when they left, and you accept them as they are, even though you have grown and understand yourself better, love for the idea is greater than love for self.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Are Our Relationships Strongholds Or Chokeholds?
Unity Consciousness #403


It doesn't take long for many of us to realize that not all relationships are supposed to remain for a lifetime or remain unchanged. This is normal and healthy. Relationships are supposed to change.

The main reason relationships change is because both people are supposed to grow. Even when one or the other or both don't grow, their different experiences before and after they formed the relationship means that their relationship at any given point in time, will never be exactly the same.

Relationships change because everything else in the universe is always changing.

Holding on to relationships hoping they will last forever and never change is not good. False notions alter our behavior.

We must study and grow and allow our relationships the space to take their own shape, in their own time. When we do, we and our relationships become stronger. When we do not, relationships become something they are not supposed to be because we are not being who we need to be.

We must give our relationships room to breathe so our relationships can assist us in becoming our greatness.

Relationships can either be a stronghold or chokehold.
- - Ancestor Felicia Bush

Nutrient Cycle Of Life | Poem
Unity Consciousness #402


Nutrient Cycle Of Life

by Ancestors through Usiku

Consume fully
Sleep deeply
Awaken clearly
Separate expansively
Maintain connectivity
Contemplate both
And self additionally
Become trinity
Understand fully
Produce healing energy
Consumed fully

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Willingness To Understand | Poem
Unity Consciousness #401


Willingness To Understand

by Ancestors through Usiku

To extend thinking
To understandings
Through initiation
With keys in hand
For locks to open
To understandings
To expand thinking
Into willingness

Nutrition | Poem
Unity Consciousness #400



by Ancestors through Usiku

Imhotep is assisting Seshat
Tehuti is helping Maat
Reminding us what we forgot
Recentering the corner square
Within the ankh and cross
Realigning all power
Underused but never lost
Refuse man-made concoctions
Choose Supreme-made perfections
Sun-cooked and freshly bred
Not half-baked and polluted
Nutrition in the simplest
Is understanding self in the highest
Decide what enters the temple
Decide what does not

The Context & Conditions Of Success
Unity Consciousness #399


Just like any other idea you have, "success" must be put into a context in order to understand what success means.

What Is Your Context For Success?

Is it optimal or suboptimal? Does it include a natural world context, a historical context, a spiritual context, a gender context, a racial context, an ancestral context, a self context...?

You must spend time thinking about the contexts you are using to base your understandings on. What are these contexts? Where did they come from? Do you understand them enough? Will these contexts help you get to where you need to go? Do any of these contexts conflict with each other or your goals for success?

The Normal Context For Success Is Self

As you just learned, all understanding is based on understanding of self. Likewise, all success comes from this same context - self.

Whether you know it or not, everything you think about, do and understand you relate that information to yourself. This is a good thing because:
"Man in the full knowledge of himself is a superb and supreme creature of creation. When man becomes possessor of the knowledge of himself, he becomes master of his environment, the captain of his own ship, the director of his own destiny, the accomplisher of his own ends. Man should understand himself because man is full of knowledge and this knowledge is a gift of nature. When Mother Nature created man, she deprived him of nothing. He was given the faculty of understanding all things around him. This faculty for understanding has not been taken away from him. None of his senses have been taken away from him." (From, Marcus Garvey Interview )

What Is A Successful Context For Self?

A successful context for self helps you understand how you are connected and related to the whole human family, the natural world, all Earthly creations, all celestials, the universal, the quadruplets, the triplets, the twins and the One.

In ancient times, when everyone knew they came from the same family, humans were taught interconnectedness and interrelatedness. This is the only way humans were able to live for hundreds of thousands of years without destroying the planet and each other. This teaching still occurs in some places where the seeds of civilization are flourishing as models for success.

The context for self must look through this context which is the Creator's. This context is known by looking through what the Creator has created. The closest and best thing to use as a guideline is yourself.

Once your context for success is based on understanding self, then you can more efficiently work on the conditions of success such as getting nutritions.

The Power Of Context

A person who understands at the minimal level as an Initiate of Learning Self is better prepared to achieve success than a person who understands at the highest level through an educational context not based on self.

The reason is basic, Initiates learn from an inward-outward-within-without unifying perspective rather than approaching something to be learned as something outside of self. Success is the result of a personal growth process that is connected to that which was successful at giving you life and is successful at maintaining your existence. You will be on a more certain path to success as you understand more about the successes you already contain.

Success pursued through a self-understanding context brings rewards* that exceed any reward of success defined in other ways.

Even if you choose not to think about success in terms of understanding how you are connected and related to everything else, at least remember, "nothing matters unless you are successful at being a human being." (Rubin Hurricane Carter)

Choosing To Succeed Or Fail

*Be not deceived by thinking the philosophical does not translate into the tangible and practical. It is exactly the spiritual and conceptual that must come first and brings all things into being and has transformed matter into all forms you see right now and continues to change things. The rewards are spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and material.

Defining Moral Persuasions & Self-Revelations
Unity Consciousness #398


Beginning To Define Persuasion

First of all, no one can persuade you. The best anyone can do is invite you to consider another viewpoint and interact with that viewpoint, just as you would interact with a person you just met. You take your time to get the know the person. At a minimum you would listen and ask questions and try to understand what the other person is talking about. You would participate in the conversation by being fully engaged in dialogue. Afterwards, you would look into the information further. This is the best case scenario, the optimal approach. This is the approach you must take when you encounter a new viewpoint - an understanding very different or slightly different.

Moral Persuasion

Just like everyone else you are always persuaded by your own understandings rather than by the information itself. Even if you rely on another person or another source, it is your understanding of that person or that source that persuades you, not the person or source themselves.

Awareness of what actually persuades you is crucial because it affects all decisions. You are always in control of what persuades you because you are in control of your own understanding. It's up to you to gain sufficient understanding to make decisions. This is why it is necessary to assess information by putting the information through a thought process that will provide enough additional information to allow you to grasp the essential meanings above and below the surface.

It is your own understandings that persuade your decisions when it comes to moral issues. When it comes to matters that define your character, your understandings always lead you to choose either your conscience (higher spirit guidance) or your ego (lower spirit guidance). This basic choice of which spirit to follow is constantly being made. It's up to you to continue to gain understanings in order to know which spirit you are choosing to follow and why. This is accomplished by examining and re-examining your understandings and the understandings of others. Also use metaphor.

What Is Self-Revelation?

In simple terms, self-revelations come through nutritions. You must receive nutrition for each of the four inseparable aspects of self. Because nutritions are basic needs, nutritions for the entire self are achievable.

As you continue to get consistent nutrition for all aspects of self, your understandings will improve.

You will not only understand the specific information you are studying, but also related understandings will also rise from this ongoing process.

When you are focused on providing nutrition for your entire self you are engaged in the journey to know yourself. Through this journey, you will grow into knowledge of self, thus self-revelations will emerge in your consciousness. These revelations are simply the natural sensing abilities every creation has within itself. These revelations are understandings which will help you understand more fully which decisions are in accordance with the Highest Power.

First Summary

No one can persuade you to think or do anything. Your understandings are what persuade you.

Be careful of strong feelings. How strongly you feel about something is not a way to know if you understand it.

Understanding means the information makes sense in terms of the the natural world and in terms of the universal. It makes sense in terms of what the Creator has made rather than being based on what humans have made. When information is being understood, you will know how the information interrelates and interconnects with other information in nature and in the universe. It is this understanding that determines your moral persuasion. You will know you are on the right path of understanding when this understanding comes through the process of understanding self because you are nature and you are universal.

Be careful of simply being in possession of information. Just because you have information, can remember it and can talk about it doesn't mean you understand it sufficiently enough to make decisions that clearly define which spirit your decision is supporting.

Second Summary

In order to be healthy you must consider other points of view sufficiently enough to understand, where, how and why you differ and why these different understandings exist. You must understand the process of digesting information in order to get nutrition out of information.

It is always necessary to inspect understandings you currently have in order to update your understandings as you continue to live, learn and encounter information.

You cheat yourself if you don't understand something important to your life and you stop there.
You cheat yourself if you understand something important to your life and you stop there. There is always more to understand.
It is not enough to just agree or disagree. You must understand more about the information you are using that causes you to agree or disagree. You have the ability to understand everything you need to understand so you can recognize which moral spirit your decision is feeding into.

Third Summary

The Creator, who understands more than you, is still learning and still gaining understandings. Decide to be an Initiate of Learning and understandings will reveal themselves to you through you.

All information must be treated the same: information received today or since childhood, information from a book or from a bird, information from parents or from a drunk, information from those you respect and those you do not, information about self or about others and information gained through educations or through experiences. Make no exceptions of what information you analyze. Use the same measuring stick and process to assess information. Consistency in this manner will always reveal the understandings you need, no matter what path you're on, what starting point, what point of view and no matter what information you're relying upon. What matters is what thought process you're using to arrive at understandings and how consistent you are in using this process.

If you're going to question some information, question all information. If you're going to simply believe some information, simply believe all information.

You are the only one who can persuade yourself to think anything and to do anything. You persuade yourself based on what you understand. Whether you know it or not, all your understandings about anything are based on what you understand about yourself.

An Exercise To Help You Understand

Take one of your understandings and write it down. Summarize all the questions , reasons and sources of information that helped you reach this understanding. Now, do the same thing for an understanding that someone else has, on this same topic, that you don't have. You will soon discover how true it is that all understanding is based on what you understand about yourself.

Know yourself is both about moral persuasion and about self-revelation.

So What Is Persuasion?

In simple terms, persuasion is understanding yourself. What persuades you reveals what you understand about yourself.

For additional understanding, keep searching above and below and see also "Africans Who Remain Chained & Insane."