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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bambezela Africans! Remember Your Beginnings & Blessings
Unity Consciousness #781


(Part 8 of 8)

Bambezela - keep alive, sustain ; hold on, continue at work. (Zulu)

Africans Made The Best Deal

300,000+ years at the very top, then less than 3,000 at the very bottom and then back to the very top.
As said twice earlier, we knew the delights and difficulties of the deal and we still took it. (UC#774, UC#775)

And so now we move on to the tasks at hand.
First of all, we cannot continue a legacy of health and human beingness without reflecting seriously upon who shoulders we are standing on – the Ancestors. We must remain aware that we are Ancestors and we must include Ancestors in our thought processes and actions.

Baba Leonard Jeffries helps us re-member our beginnings, our blessings, our bambezela:

1. None of us are doing enough to make sure we fulfill our promise. We have a sacred mission and it's way beyond anything we can contemplate. Our responsibilities are way beyond anything you can ever dream of.

2. The world, the African Global community needs your blessings. We've been blessed and don't fully understand it. There are 100+ million Africans in Brazil and most do not have what you take for granted.

3. If we have a sacred mission and a meaningful struggle and if we are going to contribute to the African world, then we must plan beyond the thinking we have now. We have to go way beyond study.

4. Someone somewhere is depending on you to take the lead right now so they can take the lead later. Your turn and your time is now.

5. We can crawl, walk or we can move as if on a superhighway to the future we envision for our Ancestors, Ourselves and Descendants.

6. Your achievements and knowledge are not going to benefit our people until you combine it with others.

7. No matter how large you are thinking, it's not large enough.

8. No matter what you have achieved, it must be built on. To whom much is given, much is required. Only a fool thinks greatness is an individual thing. Likewise neither is falling and neither is rising.

9. An individual or small groups cannot do it. We must continue to combine and connect and function as greater and greater collectives as we reconnect our economics, politics and culture. This is not new. We did it for hundreds of thousands of years and have never stopped. The main difference is that the enemy's logic is in our minds. Once a critical mass gets rid of Enemy's logic, the Enemy becomes vulnerable because the power we were using to help the Enemy will now be used for ourselves.

10. No matter how many people you have touched, you are not touching enough.

11. The first people you should be touching is your immediate family.

12. You must strengthen yourselves in African traditions and then pass it on to your family, community and organizations.

13. You must Africanize your organizations and put African spirituality in your churches. Get images of the Enemy out of all these places.

14. Mama Africa and her Diaspora are depending on you to help free the African mind. This will help us understand how to take corrective actions to use our resources for Africa and for Africans wherever we are. This is something everyone can do right now to help African people build for the future so we can build momentum towards our return to our pure state of existence on Earth.

15. In order to do so, we must honor our foundations and we must continue to plant so we can nurture rebirth of the African mind, African values, African holidays, African understandings and African systems.

16. Contrary to how it may seem at the Giri So level of awareness, we Africans are moving closer to fulfilling the destiny of laying full claim to our birthright.

Now, more than ever, we must run more than we walk, resting only when necessary.
Ancestor Frances Cress Welsing re-minds us: “The Creator is saying I gave you everything to work with, including your melanin.” Yes, Africa and Africans have been blessed for almost the entire portion of human history.

African spirit and genius transcends all challenges, obstacles, barriers and adversities.

Nyame is faithful in her dealings in health and in sickness. This leaves no doubt, that as we transform ourselves, by adjusting our logic, we will transform this world away from societies of evil realizations and back to communal groups of civil realizations.

Bambezela Africans! Keep alive, sustain, hold on, continue at work.
Re-member your beginnings and re-member your blessings – both are tools and weapons.
The changing of the guard on Earth coincides with the celestial rising of Aquaria and Cepheus.
Climate is getting hotter which enhances the power of melanin. Now, even more than ever, we can make up a lot of time lost wandering in the desert of the Destroyer's logic of decrepit dreams.
If we are serious about being back on top, we must get back into black-ness and understand its essence.
We can use our DNA (Divine Natural Advantage) to put our melanin power together along with all else that supports it and cause events to speed up the more we function as an ecosystem within self and as an Ecosystem together – this focused, directed energy must influence the Greater Ecosystem because the energy has no place else to go but re-circulate as Universal Karma.

This is persistence.

[portions paraphrased with additions inserted and integrated]

Melanin & Human Beingness
Additional Notes & Understandings
Unity Consciousness #780


(Part 7 of 8)

Understanding & Eco-sensibility

Human beingness requires understanding. The greater portion of what “understanding” means requires uniting essences.
People lacking in Eco-sensibility are in a state of being that is not conducive to understanding because the process is estranged from knowledge of self, thus is aberrant. As a result, multiple catalyzing relationships conducive to understanding are inactive such as Photon, Photein, Carbon, Chlorophyll and Melanin. (UC#700)

As understanding occurs, the aspects of creation that are gaining understanding expand and so does the Creator and so does the universe. This means the Creator then activates more power and releases it into the universe. This power is the reserve power called black energy and black matter. It exists in all Universes. This power is specifically available to those gaining understanding and generally available to Creation to a lesser degree in the same way Sunpower is specifically available to those who understand it and also generally available to everyone, but most of us use this higher frequency firepower to a far lesser degree than is possible.

This alone should be reason and incentive enough to continually strive to mature in understandings. By combining understanding with just one or more of the Sun, the Moon, the Wind, the Water, the Earth, the Chlorophyll and the Melanin, etc. more power becomes available. (UC#415)

Thirst For Understanding Extends To A Thirst For the Sun

The need for Sunlight extends beyond Vitamin D and the physical body.
Emotion, spirit and mind also need Sunlight.
You want to feel the power and glory of Sekhmet-Ra penetrating your skin and awakening your melanin. This is a powerful, natural desire that needs to be fulfilled. It is just like hunger. You crave Sunlight because you need the Sun's nutrition. This nutrition comes in the form of Sunlight and is transformed by melanin back into the pure energy at the core of the Sun in order to nourish the Universe within. It is satisfying to be fed and nurtured by the Sun. It is comforting and relaxing. When you are getting Sunlight on your skin, all levels of your being are being Sun-fed directly by the Sun deity. You are a child of the Sun and descendent of the Sun. You need the Sun to feed you and repair you. This is why you want to get out and get some Sun in the same way you want to get some Food, some Air and some Water. (UC#278)

Melanin is a vita-min and an anti-oxidant and an organizing principle and a civilizing principle and a feminine principle and the principle of the creative process. All of these things support human beingness.
So now you understand the fundamental reason why Africa is the birthplace of civilizations and why Africa provided the supporting knowledge for civilizations to sprout outside Africa. This is confirmed by those outside Africa who said: “Always something new Africa brings.” This statement was such a common truth of a practical and common sense nature, so obvious to people before racism existed, that the Greeks turned the statement into one of their proverbs (wisdom teachings). The Greeks considered it wise to recognize African contributions. (UC#64)

Melanin Never Dies, It Purifies Itself

Everything turns black when matter “dies” and decomposes because matter is returning to its beginning state of blackness.

“...This suggests that the process of fossilization purifies melanin, whereas more labile organic molecules degrade and disappear. The astonishing stability of melanin, even over deep time, is likely a consequence of its biological role as an energy transducer. Protection against energetic photons (that is, blue and ultra-violet light), as well as quenching of free radicals, are possible because melanin can accommodate both optical and chemical energy and dissipate it as heat, thereby greatly reducing the rate of degradation.” [In other words, melanin is able to convert, transform and metamorphosize energy, thus aids in understanding one thing, multiple ways. Melanin is also responsible for the decreased signs of aging in heavily melanated people compared to less melanated people.]
”Molecular preservation of the pigment melanin in fossil melanosomes,” Authors: Johan Lindgren, Per Uvdal, Peter Sj√∂vall, Dan E. Nilsson, Anders Engdahl, Bo Pagh Schultz, Volker Thiel, Nature Communications 3, Article number: 824, 08 May 2012

Melanin Matters In Spirit & Matter
Unity Consciousness #779


(Part 6 of 8)

Melanin & Human Beingness

We now know melanin absorbs more energy and produces more energy. Therefore melanin raises vibrations and frequencies which allows you to use your genetic potential to a fuller degree.

Anything nutritious exponentially enhances melanin functioning. Exponential is more powerful than simply increasing.
When you eat healthier, you raise abilities multiple times more than the energy it took to perform the healthy act. For instance, getting Sun may seem like a small thing, but it is an exponential thing. Drinking water, eating plants and growing in knowing yourself will return to you much more than you put into it. This is nothing new under Herosunra. Does not the act of putting a seed in the ground always give you back more? Replant the seeds of your strength and watch what happens.
What melanated people have achieved in the past three thousand years alone since the sickening of humanity under Asian continent bred regimes is nothing short of spectacular. Without those contributions, the world would be much worse off.
Now when you consider what was achieved prior to the last three thousand years, you understand how the power of melanin goes far deeper than skin color.
Most melanated people don't understand their power. Most barely-melanated people are scared to death of this power because they can't figure it out and have tried everything and still can't do anything about it. For instance, they kill one hundred and one thousand are born.
For instance, two huge white male cop-outs weighing a total of over 400 pounds, having to use unnecessary force, and legal approval to assault a black female weighing 130 pounds, just to show how powerful they are, yet being so sick-spirited, admitting they were scared of the black female, yet making it seem like it's her fault for being fundamentally more powerful than the two of them put together with their laws and their other weapons.
Make no mistake. Many people experience many challenges. They endure and rise above those challenges.
Now, accumulate all those challenges and then multiply by them by some factor more than thrice and you will have what goes beyond beatdowns, Genocides and Holocausts combined. This is what African Blackness has experienced. And why not? Isn't blackness the absorber of all energy and all light and darkness, thus all misery and all plights. Doesn't the Mother go through all pains her children go through? Why wouldn't Africa suffer the pains of the world at the hands of her own children – the continents and islands that have broken off from Africa? This alone magnifies the pain because it is not so easy for the Mother Principle to tear herself away from the worst of her children in order to save the rest of her children who can be saved.

Human Beingness As it Manifests Through African Blackness Must Be Properly Understood

Because matter (the human form) is vibrating at a lower frequency than spirit, spirit must help matter return to a higher state of vibration in order for matter and spirit to function at their highest level of oneness. When spirit and matter are functioning at their highest levels of oneness, moundtains rise out of waters, per-neters rise out of deserts and Africans rise no matter where they are.
Innerstand blackness and her metaphors.
Understand that the greatness of Kemet is a very small amount of greatness compared to what was achieved in Africa before Kemet even existed.
Understand that the Kemites were not a new group of black people, they were the descendants of those who flowed up the Hapi River Valley from the foothills of the Mountains Of the Moon. The Kemites were the best of the best because they came from an ever-improving best of the best.
We are the descendants of all the Africans who flowed from that starting point. We are not just from West Africa and Ghana.

Africa Is The Nucleus Of Human Beingness

You must overstand that Africa is the genetic nucleus of knowledge for planet Earth. Africa and Africans hold the instructions for how the human species is supposed to be living. There is only one nucleus and Africa is it!
This is why, once we embrace our melanin and other powers, we will go ahead and complete the overcoming process that started from Day One.

The odds are tremendous but not as powerful as the Heru & Sekhmet within the healthy African. No human or human creation can stand that stands in opposition, though they stand together with whatever type of ammunition.

Health of the planet (peace on Earth and human beingness) has been once achieved. It has been re-conceived and the powers that will always be, are helping us re-achieve health by fueling us with all forms of energy that we are designed to absorb and decipher and reformulate. Us. We, the micro and macro image of the Divine Essence Of The Creator.


A little bit of focus goes a long way. A lot of focus takes us all the way.
Melanin is part of your African Blackness Inheritance. Use it collectively for Family who want to be their inherent best. Quit helping the patriarchal-led enemy groups bring their sick logic into reality.

It is the Spirit of blackness, melanin of blackness and female of blackness who will restore human beingness to this planet. It is those three, that trinity and that triple blackness who will bring forth within each person who embraces them, the full spectrum of knowledge necessary to do what we are still alive to do - restore civilizations from the deplorable state caused by the rapers of Ra's energy.

Closing In Again On Melanin

Skin color is the least of what melanin is, yet melanated skin is extremely powerful in maintaining and restoring health.
Understand that your melanin goes from your skin all the way through your body and exists on every level and is everywhere all the way to the inside of your bones and in your stem cells.
You are melanin in motion, blackness in motion, sun in motion, power in motion, energy in motion and spirit in motion.
This is true for every part of you spiritually, genetically, physically, molecularlly, cellularly, emotionally and mentally.

Listervelt Middleton Poem | Encyclopedia [Of Racism]
Unity Consciousness #778


“When we classify mankind by color, the only one of the primary races which has not made a creative contribution to any one of our 21 civilizations is the black race.” (Arnold Toynbee's Study of History 1934**)

The following correcting message, in poem format, was written in response to the above.

Encyclopedia | Poem

by Listervelt Middleton

Some of the biggest lies ever told,
Have been bound with leather, printed with gold,
Careful Black Child what you read,
Books are bags full of seeds,
Waiting for the place and time,
To sprout inside a fertile mind,
But vigilant eyes will pierce the scheme,
To deify the European
[through history and religion]
[twisting truth to fit distorted dreams]

A Much Truer Sense of History - Prof Ivan Van Sertima, African Egypy 5300 BC 30 BC

**Arnold Toynbee is clearly another of millions of idiots who rely on ridiculousness and belief. Even so, millions of others regard Toynbee as brilliant. Just search this person on the internet. At least they are consistent in their agreement to project lies by any means necessary. These lies were first published in 1934 by Oxford University and republished in 1987, despite the mountain range of information to the contrary. Lies are being repeated up to this very second...and counting...on you to keep believing....based on whiteness, based on their definition of “research” and based on lazy weak logic that is now the current post-modern standard for intelligence.

In March 1960, Crisis Magazine points out the fallaciousness of Toynbee's statements regarding the black race.

And again, a month earlier in February 1960 in Ebony Magazine.

But then again, in 2001, Time Magazine continues the lies one mo' 'gain, but mixes it dangerously with the sweetness of some truth – to keep your logic sick, but pleased (Just give me something to ease the pain and I'll accept the side effects.)

The above lies get clearly more ridiculous by the minute each time you take one more piece to the puzzle of logic and orient it the right way in relation to the Trueprint of Creation.
A beloved Greek, upon whom Europeans base their beginnings and their intellectual and “civilization” greatness is Plato. In his book of Laws, Plato said Greek education was for pigs and was unlike the education of the Egyptians [Kemites] which made children more alert, useful and made them human beings. Besides this point, Plato and many others went to the black race to be taught (up to this very moment) and have found it quite lucrative to steal the achievements (up to this very moment) of the so-called non-achieving black race.
Now how does a society of educated pigs build civilizations when human beings cannot (supposedly)?
Understand human beingness and you will understand.

We give thanks to Ancestor Listervelt Middleton for summing up the “Encyclopedia Of Worldwide Lies & Racism” in his own version of Encyclopedia.

“On The Origin Of Things”, by Listervelt Middleton

Granny Wisdoms | The Creator Wants A Strong Family
Unity Consciousness #777


In the evening hours after her 98th birthday celebration, Granny sat upon her royal blue throne, and with Ananse and Aso on her shoulders, she opened the calabash bowl and fed me.

1. God wants a strong family.

2. See your family at least every other holiday.

3. In order to live, you can't do it by yourself.

4. You need someone to encourage you.

5. Concentrate on yourself.

6. If you can help someone, do it, but don't let the other person carry you down.

7. Don't mistreat your child or your family for outsiders – outsiders got to go.

8. Gardening ain't that hard. Work the ground up then plant white potatoes in February, sweet potatoes in May and half-runners in June (2 to 3 per hole). Plant turnips deep to get bottoms. [Granny raised hogs and ducks up on the mountain.]

9. Don't be crazy about [those people] knowing they're against you. They'll come to your house, drink, laugh and go back and report on you. They're dangerous. Nothing but trouble. I don't fool with them.

10. One thing you got to get in your head. They run to your house and think you're ignorant.

11. When I was growing up, there was a little bit of freedom, but we don't have any now.

12. Nothing to do but live and try to help ourselves, hoping we don't go wrong.

13. Don't let anybody come between your transactions and plans for yourself.

14. Stay to yourself.

15. The most important thing about television is news about the world.

16. I thank the Lord for letting me see these days [35953 days]

Asante Sana, Ashe (ah-SHAY), Heka (hay-KAH), Hiao (hee-AH-o) Abosom (Ah-BO-som), Egungun (eh-GOON-goon), Nsamanfo (n-SAH-mahn-fo), Ancestors

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vibration Frequency & Involuntary Melanin Functioning
Unity Consciousness #776


(Part 5 of 8)

Vibration Frequency Of Energy In Motion

Energy in motion is converting, transforming and metamorphosing itself.
Energy in motion vibrates.
Vibrations have a frequency.
Frequency is based on how fast energy is moving and how often a cycle of energy repeats.

These differences create dimensions such as shape, sound, color, smell, and much more.
Dimensions allow things to be distinguished from each other. Creation could not exist without dimension.
We can detect dimensions using our sensing abilities but only to the degree our senses are calibrated to the frequency of the dimension. Therefore, even though air is filled with thousands of scents, we can only detect some of them. As we become healthier, thus raising our vibrations and frequency, we are able to detect a wider range of scents.

Also, even though air is filled with many particles and molecules, we can detect very few when we are not maturing in understandings.
Also, even though air is filled with many types of light vibrations, we can only detect a few when we are not maturing in understandings.

As energy slows down, the less information it can process and access within the genetic library, spirit web and physical Universes.

Raising Vibrations & Frequencies, Unlocks Genetic Potential

Understanding (knowledge of self) raises vibration frequencies.
Free will raises vibrations being moved by the higher-spirit of motion. (Free will lowers vibrations being moved by the lower-spirit.)
Any nutrition works towards raising vibration frequencies. Some of these are Sun, Water, Air, Earth and the other Primordials.
All of the elements in plant food, grown and eaten properly, raise vibration frequencies.

Involuntary Melanin Functioning

Melanin already vibrates in all people but in significantly different degrees. This is the involuntary (automatic) functioning of melanin humans cannot activate or deactivate but can influence for better or worse.
The differences among different groups of people and their involuntary melanin functioning shows itself clearly.
Involuntary melanin functioning allows stronger genetics to come out on top in the long run despite adversity. Involuntary melanin functioning is a support system that helps organisms get more out of resources, even when functioning under extreme suboptimal conditions.
It was involuntary melanin functioning that sacrificed its upper layers in order to preserve at least some of its lower layers. This is what happened when heavily melanated people got stuck in the Ice Age. Involuntary melanin functioning allowed that group to not become extinct at that time under those conditions. It was a short-term Band-Aid response that left those organisms vulnerable in the long term.
The Initiate will notice the contradiction. Why did involuntary melanin functioning fail the Ice Agers by having to de-form itself and mutate and make those humans incompatible for long-term survival?
Ice Agers can be saved if they do what it takes to raise their vibrations. This also involves being reabsorbed into the Seeds Of Blackness. This cannot be achieved while Ice Agers are still in forced desecration of the world. If Ice Agers and their widespread wannabes want to strengthen their involuntary melanin functioning sufficiently enough, they must surrender right now. Since doing what is right is not an option, they will not be saved because everything the Ice Agers and their wannabes have done and keep doing continues to weaken their genetic survivability and of many species on the planet. This is what has failed the Ice Agers – their primary use of free will – their lack of conscience.

Another example of involuntary melanin functioning is when humans lose use of one of their senses such as physical sight. Involuntary melanin functioning enhances other abilities in order to allow the organism the ability to not be “stuck,” frozen in potential with no way out. The key is the person must be willing to gratefully accept the new option abilities given by involuntary melanin functioning.
Ice Agers & Company, free willingly refuse to accept their options, thus they are “stuck,” frozen and will be melted and/or boiled as temperatures keep rising and nutrition/medicine assistance keeps arriving, along with some made-for-the-moment situational specialists. Heka Ashe

Voluntary Melanin Functioning

Voluntary melanin functioning allows humans to impact their involuntary melanin functioning based on the health of their voluntary decisions and behaviors.
Also, a person can use their thoughts knowingly (consciously) or unknowingly (subconsciously), to direct energies.
Both of these methods either enhance or diminish the amount of melanin that exists and its functioning.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why Ancestors Keep Choosing The Way Of African Blackness
Unity Consciousness #775


(Part 4 of 8)

“Black” and “Blackness” Personified

“In the SonghoySenni language the concept of "black" (bibi) or "blackness" (borobibi or kuurubibi) identifies the color and refers to people of African descent as well.” (1) In addition to those characteristics listed in UC#773, we add quality, durability and lasting color. Black and blackness will always be and because of the range of inherent nature, black and blackness will exist far greater in unobscured glory than not, and despite the overcasting cloudiness of misery, this resilient brilliance has always been plain to see.

For these reasons and more, it is natural to fear and envy blackness from a lower-self dominated mindset. Likewise then, on the other side it is natural to love blackness where both free will and the higher-self abide.

How We Came Into Being Again

“In the continuous cycle of Afrikan life, a human being is acknowledged as having come from the spirit world (the Ancestors and the source of life and being.) Spiritual reality manifests as human beingness. Thus, the Afrikan human being (Muntu) comes with a consciousness (Kra,). His or her destiny (Nkrabea) is carried within the Kra and contains a mission, a message, and intelligence. We who are Afrikan have chosen to be so. To choose to be Afrikan is to choose to fight for Afrika, otherwise, why come back? We believe each of us is an Ancestor returned. Rebirth into Afrikanness is, then, both a privilege and a duty. We achieve continued connection to the Afrikan family and we become part of the race army. As Afrikans, we have serious work to do. Being Afrikan is not meant to be easy.

The cycle is maintained through the progression of developmental stages. These stages represent ever-increasing levels and degrees of responsibility, participation and maturity; moving from birth through childhood, adulthood and eldership. Movement from one stage to the next is a “transition.” Understood symbolically, one “dies” from one stage and is “reborn” into the next. Birth, death, and rebirth form a cycle of growth in human beingness, in cultural beingness, and commitment. Life begins at the source of being, energy, power and reality, and returns to the source, to be reformed into new life, or, the alternative which would be ultimate disgrace, pain and failure; that is, to become totally disconnected from the cycle: spiritual and cultural “death.”

At each stage of our development as Afrikans, we become more knowledgeable. We become “bigger” as we become more spiritually powerful. Perhaps the most important transition that we will make is that between being an elder and becoming an Ancestor. The physical “death” of an Afrikan elder is not the end of the life of a Muntu, an Afrikan human being. If handled properly, it is the beginning of a transition to the next stage in human beingness. Our “Muntuness” takes on another more mature, spiritually and culturally powerful form. Physical death for the Afrikan is not the end of human conscious existence. We still are able to act with will and intent and to influence the physically alive world nation of Afrikan people. All cultural growth is focused on the achievement of becoming an Ancestor, who is capable of guiding, protecting and nurturing the Afrikan/Black race. This achievement is of extreme political importance. It is the warrior Ancestors who tell us where to go and what to do as a people. The Ancestors are in front of us, so if we are culturally and racially connected, they will lead us” (2)

Since Before The Beginning Began

To rhythms of continuous humming, we slept in clear black waters, as streams of consciousness relayed our experiences to each other. We marveled at everything. We couldn't wait to go back, to not-so-same places, knowing what we know now. Everybody had plans.

Then came the familiar rumbling, churning, thundering and igniting. We were surfacing and climaxing towards the threshold of another Creation. We heard the Word and came forth in a steady stream of creative explosions.
(Along the way, we thought to ourselves, “we would have fought for the right to be where we wanted to be.” The echo replied, “you will fight enough once you get there.”)
This we knew, but never in what ways and to what extent. This uncertainty became part of the challenge within the challenge- fear surrounding the obstacle and the opportunity.
Then we reached our destiny locations where we came forth from black heaven waters above and descended the spiral ladder through black heaven waters of African women.

Clearly, some who had been here before, chose not to return to this stage where free will had the greatest effect, applauding and heckling the loudest. As we looked around, clearly most of us did come back, along with some newcomers, for the encore. We chose human beingness and the tumblers turned. We then chose African Blackness to clothe our form to mirror the inner essence. The tumblers slid round again. As we stepped onstage under the sky of Nut, Ra Is Eternal kissed us non-stop until our Blackness was perfect. Then Moon came forward and pulled water from below to moisturize us as we slept during the evening of another first day on Earth.

Ra-Moon, skin, melanin and origin have held communion ever since. In them begins our strengthening.
This is the same ritual each time to remind us, conditions and potentials have changed but everything else remains dynamically the same, including the dualities of life – the joys and pains.

We began as before seeking knowledge of self in relation to all else and locks opened into smaller and larger expanding and contracting spaces. We flourished and, as always, extended the time until the living got so easy, the need incentive to get even better, demanded our decline.

As always, we were more prepared to endure the passage through valleys, deserts and pits of lower-self behaviors. Even though it might not seem like it, we are like the Seeds: Atum-Nu-Khepera-Heru. We, the multidimensional Ancestors are continuously and simultaneously, persistently, then patiently, reformulating. For this purpose we were born into human beingness as Africans. None of us would have been allowed to come if we were not capable of completing our purposes and destinies. We would have been overruled. We are right here right now for these very times and conditions with the Creator's blessing and greater faith in us to complete our mission.

And so now, with understandings of who we are re-nu-ed all the way back to clear back waters, we turn around, now fully unbound yet fully wound and awakened to what we must do.
We must use spiritual and physical Divine Natural Advantages of Higher-self and African-self to keep coming forth by day and by night through understandings of blackness into more understandings of light, despite the all-out efforts of darkness. A lesser opponent would not be worth the fight. This excites our human beingness, our spirit and our melanin. With our free will, this trinity can rise even higher to the occasion and make manifest their fullest expression. We have overcome darkness before many times. The same creative processes will again take the Destroyer down from lowdown. Salvation cannot be completed until lower-self is defeated. And because we the Ancestral Seeds of the Universe need salvation in order to keep living through Creation after Creation, we choose the Spirit of Blackness and the form of African Blackness as our first weapons of choice as we fight for our eternal lives.

(1) Maiga, Hassimi, Dr., “Conversational Songhoy [SonghoySenni] Language of Mali (West Africa),” New Orleans: Muhrem Books, 1996.

(2) Ani, Marimba, Dr., ”A Praise Song for Dr Frances Cress Welsing Our Race Champion”, paraphrased.

Why Seeds Keep Choosing The Way Of African Blackness
Unity Consciousness #774


(Part 3 of 8)

Why Choose African Blackness?

Because to be African is difficult, that's why it is an excellent thing as well!
Borobibitarey ga cendi, woo se a ga boori.

Borobibitarey means: the process of being African.

Boro: person
Bibi: black
Borobibi: blackness
Tarey: process (1)

Imagine this now in the fuller context of the process of being blackness, spiritness and wayne bibi – the essential goodness and fullest expression. This is what it means to be African.

Imagine this now in the fuller context of the process of being the Creator. To be the Creator is difficult, that's why it is an excellent thing as well!

Combine these two understandings and you have excellence in both physical and spiritual form. This is why we keep choosing the way of African Blackness.
Why choose to be fruit, branches, leaves or roots when you can choose to be the beginning, the birth, the origin, the Seed from which all else proceeds?
Because of the enormity of responsibility for laying the foundation for creations, the Seed must possess the potential for excellence in all ways, no matter what the odds are. The Seed must be tried, tested and found true.
Eternity, Universe and Humanity (civilization) must be Seeded with that which can withstand any shape, form or fashion in any combination. Such a Seed is the Creator's Higher Spirit and such a Seed is African Blackness.
This is why we keep choosing African Blackness because we have but one choice always, get understanding eventually and evolve or else you and everything built on and based on you – ceases to exist forever.
Fruit, branches and leaves can be weak and the the tree survive and come back. Trunk can be cut to the ground and the tree comes back. Roots can be snatched from their nurturing place and yet all hope is not lost.

The Seed is wise and so is the womb.
The Seed never lets it get this far without already having done something about it.
At the first sign of stress, the Seed from deep within, redirects resources and ensures some Seeds will survive.
These Seeds are dispersed, tucked away, preserved and hidden.
Earth has already plainly shown us this through metaphor.
We have some idea of how many Seeds there are in small amounts of Soil.
Earth is completely covered in and surrounded by Soil. Some of it has Air on top of it and some has Air and Water above it, some of it is Water and some is Air. Soil is multidimensional and so are Seeds. Spirit and Blackness is everywhere.

Each of these Seeds (stem cells) are capable of reformulating and being whatever is needed.

This is why Seeds keep choosing African Blackness because it provides the greatest opportunity for self-mastery.
Yes, there are lows but they are extremely brief compared to the extensive collective highs.
Yes, challenges seem to overstay their welcome but overcoming is always right there also, reaffirming, with persistence, then patience, the greatness within the Seed.

(1) Maiga, Hassimi, “Conversational Songhoy [SonghoySenni] Language of Mali (West Africa),” New Orleans: Muhrem Books, 1996., paraphrased

Monday, July 25, 2016

Blackness, The Essential Goodness Of Human Beingness
Wayne Bibi & Spiritness, Meanings & Definitions
Unity Consciousness #773


(Part 2 of 8)

Spirit Defined

“...spirit is the core, animating principle and energy - the essence and substance of all matter. Spirit is described as the basis of all existence, including what we see and do not see. Spirit is the energy and life force in each human being, which acting like a Divine spark, gives humans their beingness.” (1) Even so, human beingness can be lost in varying degrees due to lack of process.

“ be a human being is to be an unfolding radiating spirit who expresses self in an ongoing process of being, belonging and becoming through the complex experiences of culture. That spiritual energy, as it interacts with our consciousness, continues to evolve in ways that allow for insights into who we are at the core of our being, who we belong to, what power we possess and what possibilities we have to assist us in becoming a fuller manifestation of our divine potential.” (2)

“Being” is the state of having the quality of a living sun. It is to have an essence or substance that is an attribute of the Divine that transforms, but is unchanged and indestructible.
“Becoming” is to fulfill one’s destiny. It is the continuous movement towards realization of higher levels of potential.
“Belonging” is the condition wherein one is conscious of the state of being one with that which is whole. It is a condition wherein one is integrally and essentially infused or blended with that which is greater.” (3)

Spiritness Defined

"Spiritness" pertains to the condition of being a spirit (energy, power). When the person and/or community experiences continuity between the above, below, within and without, then the sense of human integrity is achieved. It is only when one has a sense of their own "human integrity" that one has the “instinct” to resist dehumanization or oppression as well as the capability to even contemplate and achieve liberation/freedom and know victory is certain.” (Wade Nobles paraphrased)

Blackness Is The Essential Goodness Of Spirit

From understandings regarding the twin power relationship, we already know one of the twin pairings is black & white – a necessary duality. From understandings of several sciences we already know, in terms of human skin color, black represents the original state of humans and health. We further know white, in terms of human skin color, represents the farthest away from the original state and health. We now logically move to another level of understanding where we come to know blackness as it is in the completeness of Universe and the African Utamawazo.

“For the Songhoy people of Mali, “bibi” (bee bee) means “black.” Bibi is never used to refer to anything negative or inferior.
Original human beings understood “Bibi” (black) means the essential goodness of things.
“Wayne bibi” (Wah-nay Bee-bee) means, “black sun” and “the fullest expression of the sun” and “the fullest expression of one's being.
Wayne bibi is when the sun is the brightest, most dazzling and most radiant. It is luminous, limitless and magnificent. Each son and daughter of Africa is a black living sun. The early formation of Creation bears witness.

“Hari bibi” (hah-ree bee-bee) means “black water” pure, drinkable water from the deepest part of the river. (3)(4)
Wayne bibi is blackness and blackness is the depth, essence, clarity and purity of a flowing being, a living being: spirit-energy-power in motion.

Clearly then, it is fitting to use “wayne bibi” to represent the concept of “Spiritness” in human beings.
What wayne bibi is, is what spirit is.
Wayne bibi helps us understand ourselves as being the same as always rising, setting and resurrecting living suns who go through continuous cycles of birth and rebirth as human beings. As we do, we have the spiritual and genetic potential that is as powerful as the sun.

When a person is in tune with their wayne bibi (spiritness), there is an innate desire for what is excellent, good and right for all life.
As a living sun, a human being expresses humanity and Divinity by hearkening to the magnetic pull away from mere animal/physical/material existence and toward that which is higher and spiritual.

As an understanding of wayne bibi circulates within us, there is a sense of inner power, dignity and peace of purpose. This is what helps maintain human beingness because we are connected to our essential goodness, our blackness of spirit.” (3)

Wayne bibi-Spiritness-Blackness is potent, potency and potent-iality of the totality of the Creator that transforms reality.

(1) Parham, Thomas, Ajamu, Adisa; White, Joseph, “Psychology of Blacks: Centering Our Perspectives in the African Consciousness,” Psychology Press, Oct 14, 2015, p. 40 paraphrased.

(2) Ibid., p. 48 paraphrased.

(3) Sangodare, Nana Ifagbemi, (Dr. Wade Nobles)”The African Meaning Of Human Beingness,” Afrikan World Analysis, Bolekaja Enterprises, July/Aug 2009, #28, pp. 36-38. paraphrased with additions.

(4) Shujaa, Mwalimu J., Shujaa, Kenya J., ”The SAGE Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America,” SAGE Publications, Jul 21, 2015, p. 16, quoted with additions.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alasaltarey Goyey, Human Beingness & Nganga
Meanings & Definitions
Unity Consciousness #772


(Part 1 of 8)

The Power Of Definition

“Power is the ability to define reality and to have others respond to your definition as if it were their own. The most important reality to define is the meaning of one’s own human beingness.” (Wade Nobles)

The Meaning Of Human Beingness Comes Through Socialization

In the SonghoySenni language, “the system of basic socialization organized by the Songhoy people of Mali, West Africa can be summed up in the following conceptualization: Alasaltarey goyey:
Alasal: Origin, essence, the human substrate, the basis
Tarey: Process, development, blooming, unfolding of the individual
Goy (goyey): The work (works), the proof, the deed, the social practice

In other words, Alasaltarey is a process of education, socialization and learning through which the human being apprehends her/his origin as a social being and discovers the world in order to better know self and serve humanity, which is the ultimate finality.” (1)

Now that we have this understanding, it is easy to understand why the humanity of many is terminally ill, irreversible and forever lost. Little to no understanding of origin and essence that facilitates service to humanity. Also little to no process connected to knowledge of self. As a result, thinking and behavior is helter-skelter self-destruction.

Even so, if the following statement is true: “when the student is ready, the teacher appears,” and it is, then that implies the workings of forces that transcend the physical dimension in which we exist.
Therefore, another statement must also be true: “when the student is sick, teacher becomes healer and food becomes medicine.”

Healer Of Humanity

“Nganga (Healer) (in-gahn'-gah): The Nganga (Healer) is one capable of activating the process by which the body (persons or community) repairs, cures or restore itself to health and well-being. S/he is one who restores the physical, psychic, social and cosmic balance and harmony in and between persons, people (community), nature and the Divine. The Nganga (Healer) serves as a powerful mediator between the visible world and the realm of spirit and ancestors. (Wade Nobles)

From this understanding and the first link under this heading, we can clearly see how suboptimal religions fail to do their job for humanity, but have not failed in their contribution to inhumanity. From understandings of Nganga surrounding us and which we surround, we can clearly see how components of Alasaltarey are being restored to overtake all resisters and deniers of human beingness during this final stage when upheaval and momentum seemingly favors The Destroyer.

(1) Maiga, Hassimi Oumarou, ”Balancing Written History with Oral Tradition: The Legacy of the Songhoy People,” Routledge, Sep 10, 2009 (Quoted with slight paraphrasing)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Don't Let “Research” Scare You Or Fool You
Unity Consciousness #771


Research does not mean, perform a massive search of information and once that's completed, you then have complete understanding of all information encountered and have it all sorted out and have it all fit harmoniously into all other information currently possessed and then at the end of such a humongous study project, you're finished trying to understand anything more on the subject, therefore the sensing abilities of mind, spirit, emotion and body can be closed for life. against gaining more understanding on topics already researched.

Search Comes Before Research

In order to re-search, a person must first search.
The good news is, you have already searched for the things you need to understand – however briefly – you have searched.
That search may have consisted of listening to and following the first source of information you encountered on the subject.

More good news is that research never involves starting from zero or from scratch.
You already have a basis of information and point of comparison.
By searching, you already complete part of the process of re-searching.

Truth is, you are continuously searching and researching.
In order to perform any task, your cells must search and research for information that instructs them how to perform the task. Even when it's a task you perform all the time, cells must still re-search and retrieve information. It happens quickly. You are searching and researching information all the time from the world inside and outside of self.

In other words, searching and re-searching is as normal and as frequent as lungs breathing and heart pumping.
There is no need to be scared of the word “research.”
You already know how to do it.
You've been doing it all your life and are doing it right now.

Just become more conscious of the search and research process taking place inside you.

Search & Research Is Not All There Is To It

First, search, then thought process the information, and then mix in more living, learning and researching and more thought processing.

What must be properly understood is that neither search nor research is anything magical, mysterious, hard or that requires expertise certified to be expertise by humans.
Both search and research simply mean to “seek and gather information.”
Anybody can gather information.
You have already been promised that if you seek you shall find.
This is why you must not be scared to search and research.
This is why you must not be fooled that search and research is all there is to it.

Information gathered must be continuously processed through a variety of ways, not just as a mental exercise but through all the ways that living takes place. In doing so, you are taking steps along the path of understanding.

So now you know, research takes place in stages over a period of time. Those stages are steps. The time period is for the rest of your life – not just your physical life, but your spiritual life.
Research cannot be completed in one physical lifetime – that's part of the reason why life is a continuous spiritual journey.

Re-Search Is Self-Education And Self-Study

To search and research and do all the things that go with them is to grow to know yourself.

Understand this clearly: Even if you think you are in a good place in any way in any area of life, the moment you stop searching and researching and doing all the things that go with them, is the same moment you begin to move away from being in a good place.
History, both past and present is overflowing with examples of this.

The more you search and research the purpose of Creation (you), the more you will recognize that the whole design, that you as a person is based on, is the result of search and research of the Creator's spirit as understanding has been gained and transformations of spirit and matter have taken place.
In other words, the Creator is continuously performing search and research and all else that comes with it. You are the latest result of that process. In the same manner, via the same process, so also do you evolve into becoming one understanding as the Creator.
Search and research are part of the process of salvation – the self-redemption of understandings.

Fear Impacts Thought Processes | Poem

by Ancestors through Usiku

Fear mutates into multiple terrors
Complicates every move you do and don't make
Duplicates, magnifies and compounds logic errors
Research leads to understanding
Causing fear and what fools, to dissipate

Friday, July 22, 2016

Cells, Amino Acids, Plant & Animal Proteins
Unity Consciousness #770


The constant lie about plant protein being deficient and humans needing protein from animals continues to be sold.

A protein is an assembled group of amino acids.
Amino acids are an assembled group of elements: Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), Carbon (C) and Nitrogen (N) and sometimes Sulfur (S). ( Note: amino acids cannot be the basic building blocks of cells because amino acids are composed of other, more basic building blocks.)
According to, here's a list of amino acids needed by human cells. I have added chemical formula components.
Essential Amino Acids That Supposedly Cannot Be Made By Human Cells

Histidine – C6 H9 N3 O2
Isoleucine – C6 H13 NO2
Leucine – C6 H13 NO2
Lysine - C6 H14 N2 O2
Methionine - C5 H11 NO2 S
Phenylalanine - C9 H11 NO2
Threonine - C4 H9 NO3
Tryptophan - C11 H12 N2 O2
Valine - C5 H11 NO2

Nonessential Amino Acids Which Is A Poor Choice Of Words Because Even Though Human Cells Produce These Amino Acids, They Are Still Essential

Alanine - C3 H7 NO2
Asparagine - C4 H8 N2 O3
Aspartic Acid - C4 H7 NO4
Glutamic Acid - C5 H9 NO4

Conditional Amino Acids Are Supposedly Sometimes Essential Because They Are Only Needed When Sick Or Stressed. They Supposedly Cannot Be Made By Human Cells Even Though Defense Against Sickness & Stress Must Always Be At The Ready And Even Though Cells Frequently Encounter Pathogens & Other Multiple Forms Of Stressors

Arginine - C6 H14 N4 O2
Cysteine - C3 H7 NO2 S
Glutamine- C5 H10 N2 O3
Tyrosine - C9 H11 NO3
Glycine - C2 H5 NO2
Ornithine - C5 H12 N2 O2
Proline - C5 H9 NO2
Serine - C3 H7 NO3

Plants Contain All Of the Above 5 Elements

Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulfur are found in plants. This is demonstrated in table format in Simple Nutrition | Natural Sources of Nutrients, Food Fight #59

Does it really make sense that human cells, even though they have all the elements to make amino acids, still can't. Many European scientists still say it's because of mutation and/or an evolutionary shift. OK, whatever.

Proteins are one of the main items cells use. You'd think the viability of a cell would not exist if it could not make its own proteins or amino acids out of the raw materials of elements. Cells can do thousands of things and yet not make the very items it needs the most because some scientists say DNA does not contain the recipe for those amino acids. That makes zero sense except as a warm up to the truth.

If logic tells you, you need the protein from other animals to build your human animal muscle, then the same logic should also tell you that you also need other nutrients from animals, in addition to protein.
Truth is, we do need the same things as other animals. We need the basic building blocks called elements and atoms.

As stated in previous messages, most of the animals that humans eat, eat plants. That's how they build their muscles.
Yet humans think humans have to eat muscle (meat protein) to build muscle. That makes zero sense.

When humans eat animal protein, it is broken down into amino acids before it enters the bloodstream and before it reaches the inside of cells. Cells then use the amino acid as is, builds a protein with it or breaks it down further.
When humans eat plant protein, the same thing happens.
Therefore, by the time both plant protein and animal protein makes it inside cells, you can't tell them apart because they are broken down into the same basic parts.

The Quick Fix Has Not Fixed Logic

If your subconscious logic is telling you, you can eat animal protein as an easier way to get all the protein your body needs, you are mistaken.
Your responsibility is to eat alive food. Alive means the food has been purely grown and is taken inside the body as soon as possible after harvesting with the minimal amount of processing. The amount of nutrients and medicine available to our cells is substantially increased when we eat alive food. For instance, a whole jar of homemade, homegrown apple butter is of lesser nutrient and healing value than fewer apples eaten straight off the tree. You will get more elements, amino acids, proteins and fiber and more.

Beating This Message Against Cell Walls In The Brain

To say a person needs to eat protein in order to have protein to build muscle is like saying a builder needs to start out with a assembled wall before they can build a house.

Many cells in the body are not muscle cells but they still need protein. Do they need animal protein?
In order for those other cells to function properly do we need to eat the parts of animals that contain those cells?

It is a faulty logic to say, human animals need to eat animal muscle in order to build human muscle.
It is accurate to say, human animals need protein, therefore humans must eat the things that contain the basic building blocks of proteins – elements, not amino acids
This then brings us to the need to understand the Primordials that existed in Preexistence – the same place from whence we were created.

The Constant Lie Plainly Exposed Again

The constant lie about humans NEEDING to eat animal protein has been mentioned on this blog about 4 or 5 times.
Even so, the beneficiaries of the lie have not stopped. The medical industry, the meat industry, the industry that sells anything based on its protein content and governments who control you through your logic that they gave you for safekeeping.
Be sure to understand that no one needs to focus on eating protein from animals or from plants.
Eat plant food that is alive and do all the other things that are nutritious to health and that's all there is to it.
”For over twenty years now, [European] scientists have [finally] proven that every cell in our body can produce any enzyme, hormone or protein it needs.”
(From “African Health History | Rebalancing By Remembering Nutrition”)

The second lie: Animal protein is superior to plant protein.
The opposite is true. Plants sustain life on Earth. Plants get their energy from the life-giving Sun. Plants combine that energy with life-giving Water, life-giving Air and life-giving Earth. Plants produce food based on the fundamental Primordials. Plants are closer to the origin of life than animals.

Update 01.02.17

Babies don't eat meat. They drink milk and eat fruits and vegetables and are able to develop their brains and muscles. Where are babies getting all that "complete" protein from?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lacking Fundamental Keys, Logic Goes Lymph
Trying To Unlock Understanding
Unity Consciousness #769


This message is a commentary on the article, ”Found: Vessels That Let Your Immune System Control Your Personality.” and the article it references, ”[European] Scientists Have Discovered Never-Before-Seen Vessels In The Brain.”

Fundamental Logic

The Lymphatic System works right beside the blood circulatory system and is the bridge between the blood system and cells.
Lymph fluid surrounds cells and makes up a portion of extracellular fluid.
Brains have blood vessels.
Brains have extacellular fluid.
Brains have cells surrounded by lymph fluid.
The brain and lymph system are connected.
The brain and the immune system are connected.

Only suboptimally trained scientists go around thinking for thousands of years that the brain is not connected to the immune system.

The Suboptimal Ignores The Following Logical Use Of Metaphor

Even if there are not dedicated lymph vessels to the brain, clearly then, the extracellular lymph fluid must get in and out somehow. Clearly, in the absence of lymph vessels, that transport system would be blood vessels.
Regardless if lymph and blood share the same highway to the brain, both the blood system and lymph system are still connected to the brain.
Isn't it possible for two separate roads to merge into one and then diverge again?
How in the world do European scientists allow the ridiculous, “flat earth type” notion that the immune system's lymph system is not connected to the brain? Is their misunderstanding of the blood brain barrier causing all the confusion?

When learning does not take place in relation to self and all else, that's how.
European scientists who study the body do not understand the Ecosystem of Earth and Universe.
European scientists who study the Ecosystem do not understand the same that is the human body.

I shouldn't be amazed but I am at the fact that out of all the European scientists over thousands of years, not one of them trained by their best schools and who became their brightest students and workers in what they consider to be a scientific field, could figure out how far afield of truth, their conclusion was.
Because they could not see it with their physical eyes or with their machines and because of sinkthink and because of their “unscientific” method of thinking.

The European discovery of lymph vessels in the brain happened in 2015, but due to European science operating in fragmented vacuums, most of their medical field didn't hear about it until recently. See “Structural and functional features of central nervous system lymphatic vessels”

This frequently reoccurring phenomenon of limp logic is sufficiently explained by UC#753 and in the definition of what science is.

John & Mark's Pension Play
Unity Consciousness #768


Act I

“The Wall Street Journal reported that Hostess Brands said it used wages that were supposed to help fund employee pensions for the company’s operations as it sank toward bankruptcy.
The Journal said it isn’t clear how many of the company’s workers were affected by the move or how much money never wound up in their pension plans as promised.” “It’s what lawyers call betrayal without remedy.”

1st Inspection

By now we should know the majority of companies promising pensions are morally bankrupt. Why willingly put money in their hands and hope they will “do the right thing” decades later, if the company is still around?
Newflash: Companies are doing the right thing. They are criminals and they're accepting money from those who willing put it in their pension plan hands.

Anyone fully relying on a pension or other type of check from any government beyond 2020 is living in downtown Illusionville. Governments have been morally bankrupt since the beginning of societies. These same governments tell you every year they can't balance the budget and they need more money and they will still have to make cuts. That's old game and about to play completely out.

Act II

“... employees, including public employees, think of themselves as protected by contracts that specify those benefits -- and according to the federal and many state constitutions, states are not supposed to make laws impairing the obligation of contracts.
Yet the equation of benefits with inviolable contractual rights is too hasty, both legally and morally. As a legal matter, many public-pension plans are in fact created by statute, and it is well established that what a legislature may do by law, it may also undo.”


John: Hey, Mark, when you cash your check why don't you give me X% and I'll match it with another X% and hold it for you and 40 years later I'll pay you a monthly amount for the rest of your life.
Mark, What's the catch?

John: There's no catch. It's a savings plan that allows you to prepare for retirement with pre-tax dollars and immediately double your money from the contribution I put in.
Mark: Sounds good!

John: You know what Mark, rather than you having to deal with this every month, it'd be much easier for you if you just sign this piece of paper that's worth more to me than it is to you so I can automatically deduct X% from your paycheck before you even see it. That way, you'll just get used to it.
Mark: OK!

John: I'll give you a piece of paper every so often showing you how much we each put in and how your money just keeps growing towards your retirement and financial security.
Mark: Thanks.

John: By the way, you can even put in more money if you'd like, which will make your retirement savings grow even faster and increase your monthly annuity.
Mark: Wow! Are you going to put in more also?
John: I'd like to but I legally can't.
Mark: OK.

2nd Inspection

John doesn't tell Mark that John and his legal and political partners can change the rules, deductions, fees and change how his annuity is calculated without consulting Mark. John also neglects pointing out that Mark's money is locked in as soon as Mark contributes it and can only be withdrawn by Mark under certain circumstances and even when those conditions are met, John will take Mark's money and loan it back to Mark and Mark has to pay it back.
On the other hand, John's matching contribution requires a vesting period of Xyears.
As expected, the hook is set and the greed of getting something for free overrides sensibility.

Mark's money is free money to John, that John did not work for.
Mark is trading the use of his money right now for the use of his money later. This is the same logic of letting go of a bird in the hand because you see two birds in the bush, that you might not catch, especially if you come back during retirement and expect hose birds to be there waiting for you.
John IS NOT matching Mark's money.
John is investing Mark's money and promising to give Mark a little bit of the interest income from Mark's money while John keeps most of the interest while having full control of the principal.
A pension plan is the exact same thing as private social security.*
The only difference is one is controlled by a company and the other is controlled by a government.
The same fiasco that is social security's growing insecurity is what will happen to pension plans. It has already happened as companies and governments go bankrupt and/or sell their companies and create the legal right to avoid paying as promised.
You can search and read all about this.

[Scene now shifts to the very moment you are reading this to help you understand this is happening right now today. This pension play is alive and unwell.]

3rd & Final Inspection

Pension plans were good for earlier generations because the number of workers contributing to the plan was greater than those leaving the workforce. This allowed a system that was broken from the start, to appear to be a good idea for workers. Workers have always gotten the short end of the deal.
Since the inception of pension plans up till now, societies have continued to decline morally, fiscally, culturally, infrastructurally and in physical health. All these things are just a small handful that drain resources and hasten total system collapse.

People who first entered the post-high school workforce after 1965 are in extreme jeopardy, if a pension or other type of check that someone else controls, is the main source of support.

More and more in the past few decades pension plans, deferred compensation plans, 401K plans, IRA's and plans by other names have been made more enticing to get you to put more of your current money in someone else's hands. People are encouraged to contribute the maximum and when they leave employment they are discouraged from taking their money completely out and when you do you get a huge penalty just because you want your money. Other tricks are used such as automatically enrolling employees and automatically increasing contributions especially by getting you to agree to contribute based on a percentage of salary.

*Under social security, John is forced to contribute a FICA tax towards his retirement of 7.65% and his employer supposedly contributes 7.65%. Out of these two contributions for all employees and employers, the US Government not only pays retirement benefits, but also survivor's benefits, disability benefits and medicare benefits. Basic math tells you that 2 – 4 = -2.
Social security and pensions are too far gone to fix. They are terminally ill-conceived. In order to prolong pension plans and social security, the only avenue is to increase contributions, and decrease recipients and benefits.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Remembering Self, Dismembering Suffering
Unity Consciousness #767


This post is a section of ”UC#765, Outro To Fairness”, that has been pulled out for additional emphasis.

Remembering & Dis-membering

A “member” is a “part.”
To re-member is to rejoin and bring together parts AND place in proper context and order.
To dis-member to is to dis-join and pull apart that which is whole and in the proper context and order. Dis-join-ted is the same word.
The wholeness of our consciousness has been dis-membered. We must re-member in order to restore the unity of consciousness of who we are. Remembering is becoming whole. This is the same as the process of becoming one within self which simultaneously brings us into wholeness with all else.
Other words that mean the same thing and represent the first side of the twin pairing are: re recall, recalibrate, relive, reacquire, repair, redefine, realign, restore, reset, rejuvenate and reawaken. Look up opposites to these words and their roots, i.e., look up reawaken, awaken and wake. In some cases it may be necessary to change the prefix, I.e, unalign, dealign, disalign, misalign, malalign (malign), upset, ill repair, etc.

Remember, whatever we forget, we also forfeit understanding of it. Suffering is directly related to a lack of understanding. Suffering is born out of a lack of understanding. Thus the need for understanding, the need to know yourself and the need to be in the process of unifying understandings (re-membering).

Remembering allows all the data and instructions in logic to be defragmented. This allows our thought processes to move from being discombobulated to being combobulated.

Sankofa & false notion is the same twin pairing as “go back and fetch it/leave the past behind.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Play On Words: “I Don't See Color” (Or Race)
So Why You Giving Me The Finger
Unity Consciousness #766


Person #1: I don't see color.
Person #2: What do you mean by that?

Person #1: When I see someone I just see a person.
Person #2: So you don't notice their color?

Person #1: No, I don't look at people that way.
Person #2: (shields one hand with the other and then extends one finger upward from the hand that's shielded) What do you see?

Person #1: I see a middle finger.
Person #2: How do you know it's a middle finger when the rest of my fingers are covered up?

Person #1: It's pretty obvious.
Person #2: How do you feel about it?

Person #1: (uncomfortable) What's your point?
Person #2: What color is my middle finger?

Person #1: (annoyed, but feeling open-minded) Same color as your hand.
Person #2: And what color is that?

Person #1; I don't know, dark brown, chocolate, black?
Person #2: What made you choose those colors?

Person #1: I'm looking right at your hand!

scrolls across the screen
Old Global Newsflash Rehashed: A main component of racism has always been denial based on color.

Person #2: (looking into the camera)
If you don't see color, then see my finger, see my thumb...
And whenever I see you coming, I'm taking evasive action.

Narrator: “I don't see color” is equivalent to saying “I don't see gender.” I just didn't notice you were a female so all my interactions with you were just based on you being a gender-less person just like me.


(scene shifts to Person #1 at home alone. Thoughts appear on screen)
“I'm in deep denial about what racism has programmed me to think, so I'd rather “blank out” color because it's color that's the problem, so if I just “don't see color” then hopefully people will believe the problematic thinking embedded in my logic, just goes away.”

Outro To Fairness & Unfairness
Why Twin Power Works As Needed
Why Twin Power Is What Life Is About
Unity Consciousness #765


(Part 26 of 26)

The power in this Universe is the Spirit of the Creator. Spirit is also called energy. All energy in this Universe is Spirit energy. It doesn't matter if it's real or unreal, actually exists or is perceived to exist. No matter what you call it, it is what it is. Spirit power has two aspects – higher-self spiritual power and lower-self spiritual power. Together, these two aspects (sides) of the same spirit form the twin power relationship.

Out of that One and only twin power relationship comes Many manifestations called twin pairings. Out of One twin power comes Many twin pairings. Many twin parings are listed in the original twin power message. Some of those twin pairings are listed below to again illustrate briefly why the twin power relationship works as needed.

Create & De-Create

De-creating is the same process as destruct, destroy, decompose, decay, dis-integrate, dis-assemble, de-construct and so on. Call it what you want to. (See further discussion on digestion.)

If Creation exists then de-creation must exist in order for re-creation to exist.
The ability to take apart what has been combined is necessary for us to digest our food.
We tend to focus on the de-creating that happens in a disharmonious way.
The nature of the twin power relationship ensures harmonious creation by the higher-self and disharmonious creation by the lower-self. It also ensures harmonious de-creating by the higher-self and disharmonious de-creating by the lower-self.

Without the ability to construct and deconstruct in varying degrees, the Ecosystem would not be self-sustaining because resources would become concentrated in one state of existence, thus there would be stagnation. Recycling would be severely limited because items could only be reused in their composed form. Energy would not be able to be converted from potential to kinetic because that process involves deconstruction.
The twin pairing of putting together and taking apart ensures there will be continuous cycles of reformulating resources into different creations. This is renewal of the learning process through combining/separating and connecting/disconnecting.

For the remaining twin pairings, the logic is the same, so the discussion that follows is more brief.

Female & Male

The Universe and life are in balance when the union of female and male exists. No species can renew itself based on the any other type of pairing.


In a self-evolving Universe of countless parts and pieces and data and instructions, there must be an organizer and disorganizer – a confuser and a clarifier – one who straightens things out and one who scrambles and tangles.

Remembering & Dis-membering

See, UC#767 for a full discussion.

Civilization & Society

Civilization is defined by civil behavior towards other creations. Civilization is a harmonious system within larger harmonious systems. Societies are the exact opposite but are necessary to help the Creator understand how the power of spiritual genetics combined with physical genetics function at the low end Thus the Creator is seeking to understand the worst case scenario of self without actually reaching the fullest expression of the lower-self spirit – death of Self.
At this point in the Creator's life cycle, indicators suggest the Creator has learned enough and has had enough of societies.

Potential & Kinetic

Energy must have the ability to exist in motion and also at rest. For example, the ability of humans to move from sleep to being awake is the same as potential energy becoming kinetic.

Positive & Negative

One of many ways to explain this dynamic is that this pairing forms a circuit (continuous loop) for the movement of electrons.
The Initiate will understand “continuous loop” is the same thing that has been mentioned or alluded to in all twin pairings.

Producer & Consumer

Earth and Universe produce an abundance because both are on an expansive trajectory. If there was no consuming or no over-consuming, producing and abundance would not be able to keep moving. All resources would move to one side and one state with very little back and forth movement. The Creator would become obese rather than an ever-developing being acquiring strength while maintaining rigidity and flexibility.
Conserving/wasting and treasuring/trashing are part of this dynamic.

Expansion & Contraction

Lungs, stomach, skin and cells expand and contract. So does RNA/DNA, understanding and health.

Give & Receive

Although it is better to give than receive, it is necessary to receive in order to continue giving.
Sharing/greed, altruism/avarice and donating/stealing are part of this dynamic.

Nutrition & Toxin

Yes toxins are a necessary twin power to ensure longer-term testing, strengthening and recovery (overcoming) of species over eternal re-generations. This the same as the antagonist that invades and the protagonist that saves the day.

Logical & Ill-Logical

If everything made sense to us all in the same way, there would be no problems communicating and little incentive to put forth effort to understand anything from a different angle of light. Humans would not be able to survive regardless of the nature of their logic. There must be mental obstacles in order to train and develop thought processes to their potential.

Peace & War

The twin power relationship is a continuous push and pull dynamic balance struggle. Each of the two aspects of Spirit are seeking fullness of expression using different approaches, advantages and disadvantages. This means war must exist - a spiritual war inside people and outside people. Then, as a result, physical war must exist – inside people and outside people.

War is an inside outside event. Attackers attack outside of themselves because they cannot win the war inside themselves.
Those at war with themselves and who cannot get themselves under control, seek peace outside of themselves by waging a “winnable” war with someone else.

The peace and war dynamic takes place in the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional and involves every creation in the Universe.
Do not limit understanding of peace and war to the absence of or presence of, “guns, bullets and bombs.” Those three things exist in the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions under many different names.
Every person is engaged daily in multiple levels of peace and war inside self. Most people are also under outside attack from other humans, even if it's from the delayed effects of human destruction of the environment.

This dynamic, like all others, is inseparable from the self-awareness/self-deception and conscience/ego twin pairings.


What kind of Universe would this be without the twin power relationship manifesting itself through all these twin pairings?
The need for duality answers the question.
The Universe would not exist.
The Universe is a classroom and you are a student constantly being schooled – about yourself.
You are constantly being taught by the twin powers according to their perspective of the Universe.
The exact same dynamic applies to every part of you.
You are the twin power relationship with spiritual genetic power and physical genetic power.
You are the manifestations of numerous twin pairings.
All of your relationships and all relationships in the Universe are based on the twin power relationship.
Again, Why?

Life and existence is about understanding how to deal with self (self-improvement).. As you move through that process, you begin understanding how to deal with more and more forms of self. As you continue to graduate into more complex dimensions of organisms, so also do you evolve in all ways. This is why there are multiple aspects of self, multiple levels of awareness and multiple ways of knowing, multiple places to get the same nutrition and same resource and multiples of many other multiples.

Based on understandings of the intricacies of the Universe within and without and how growth and development take place in evolving cycles, the Creator is a long ways from being new at this. This would not be possible without the challenges on both sides of the twin power relationship. This is what war is good for. And right now, war is fair, because war is what is needed.

Fairness Is Personal Growth Dealing With Unfairness
Unity Consciousness #764


(Part 25 of 26)

”It's no secret working on your inner self will give you the most opportunities and best chances to fulfill whatever you seek in life including dealing with all the unfairness.”
I (me as the collective of Ancestors in all dimensions) was able to withstand the shenanigans of racism for nearly 14 years when I was working for “the establishment.”
I met and exceeded the first assignment and the next and the next. To me it was routine process. Early on, I knew I was being sucked dry due to lack of leeway to be the best I could be and transform the position into the best it should be. Racism wasn't having any of that.

Just getting through days was more challenging than the work itself because dealing with grown brats who take turns “acting out” is an insane way to voluntarily spend precious moments of life.
After 14 years of slipping and drifting from my original focus, the racist collective (redundancy intended) regathered enough fabrication under a supposedly new administration to do what they called “termination” but which really was forced forfeiture and confiscation.

Needless to say, I was overdue on at least two levels. Even so, I considered this as unfairness while simultaneously realizing I was blessed.

Within less than 30 days of freedom, I realized how sick and weak I had become from 14 years of nonsense plus a lifetime of living and working and going to schools and daily living around people who live, eat and breathe self-hatred and desperately need to focus on others to try to escape their pains.

Bottom line: If I had stayed at that workplace for another year, I would have died. The immune system can only take so much. The climate was constantly getting more and more treacherous, because the people have never stopped being desperate.
Meanwhile, with rest, reflection and refocusing, I understood most if not all of the unfairness experienced in this life had resulted in a much greater benefit.
Secondarily I understood there is a purpose for unfairness that is necessary to test the greater potential against collective attack. Thirdly then, I finally realized those people helped me escape a death trap that I had not yet realized the urgency of the need to get the hell out of Hell.

I Have Reached The Point of Gratefulness

For liars, conspirers, colluders, personnel file forgers, assassinaters, eavesdroppers, envious, backstabbers, wolves in cheap clothing, fuming gators, knock you down crumb scrapers, illusion retirement waiters, wake up to reality too laters, capable of speaking up turned silent spectators, entitled to free coffee copers, job title status quoters, motion detectors, trap setters, baiters, suppliers, shooters and reloaders, freelance reporters, never took place evaluators, don't put that incident on paper, ambushers and the lying in waiters, lunch snatchers, chili cookoff cheaters, those who flunked as fakers, sellers of anything for paper, paycheck prostitutes, morally destitute, friendship forsakers, constant crime contemplaters, post crime perspirers, hate your abilities admirers, the go with the flow floaters, gloaters, propaganda promoters, high roaders, begrudgers, fact fudgers, investigators parked by neighbors, class ceiling protectors, self-hate projectors, decent person defectors, and many others who had to go and stay low to save one person.

More Stuff I Finally Understand

The lower-self and its followers, always must use many more humans to take out a human more on the side of the higher-self.

On the other hand, the opposite is also true. The higher-self needs far fewer humans to overcome the lower-self. For example, it takes many people to make a lie stick and only one person to unravel it.

Both the higher-self and lower-self do not force anyone to do anything, rather they wait for the freely willing.
Nothing is ever about one person. Everything is a test for everyone involved.
We must reach back to the previous message in order to begin to understand fairness/unfairness so misunderstanding does not hold us right in the places we need to move on from.

Where Do Fairness & Evil Come From? | Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #763


(Part 24 of 26)

For enhanced understandings, see the entire series from UC#740 to UC#764.
The message that follows mostly repeats what is found in the series but is not a summary.

Again We Begin By Loosening Logic By Questioning

Is racism the biggest crime of history or is it genderism or de-spiritualization called religion, called science, called education?
Or is it what humans do to other species, including Earth as a species of planets?

Is it unfair to have to search for understanding but every time you do, you find more of what you need you didn't know you needed?
Is it fair some can evolve while others devolve?
And that while some spiral back into control, others unravel straight out of control?

Is it unfair that Universal Karma is so slow to arrive that many won't recognize its culmination in this life?
Is it fair that once Universal Karma arrives, it is so slow to leave that it covers many lifetimes?

What We Already Know Fairness Does NOT Always Mean

Equal amounts, equal opportunity, equal treatment, equal justice, what people agree on, human law or majority rule.

What Fairness Is Based On

Purpose of Creation.
A long-term eternal context.
The collective, not individuals. The Creator, not humans.
The twin power relationship of the higher-self spirit of the Creator and the lower-self spirit of the Creator. The duality that defines life and existence is based on this twin spiritual power. It is also called complementary twin pairs and opposites and other names. It manifests as fairness/unfairness, good/evil, and so on.
Dynamic Balance between the twin powers. In an ever-changing universe, definitions must be fixed and variable.

Just as it is in African communal groups, fairness is based on, “to each according to need.”

Finally Definitions Of Fairness, And By Metaform Extension, Definitions Of Evil

1. Fairness is what is needed to achieve the greater good for eternity.

2. Fairness is the mixture of higher-self and lower-self influences necessary to ensure the collective achieves understanding, manifests it, overcomes challenge, unifies consciousness and becomes One.

3. Fairness is tender soft pleasurable love. Unfairness is tough hard painful love.

In other words, unfairness is fair if unfairness is what is needed. Fairness is unfair if fairness is not what is needed.

Human Role In Fairness & Evil

When the higher-self is chosen by free will to guide and energize genetic potential, we experience good, truth, love, harmony, rights, fairness...

However, when the lower-self is chosen by free will to guide and energize genetic potential, we experience evil, lies hate, war, wrongs, unfairness...

Has The Definition Changed Our Questioning?

Is it fair to the lower self to be on the short end of the stick such that the lower-self has to live an entire life cycle mostly on the bottom?
Is it fair for the higher-self and lower-self to both have advantages and disadvantages, but even so, the net effect always favors the higher-self?
Is it fair that we have free will which allows us to be good or unfair?

Where Does Evil Come From?

Evil comes from the Creator.
How can only good come from a Creator who created an entire Universe and then Evil just pops up?
We operate based on our genetic potential and free will. Both of these things we get from the Creator.
Evil is the Destroyer, the lower-self which is a necessary twin power dynamic to Good, The Restorer and the higher-self.

Various degrees of fairness/unfairness and good/evil will remain as long as the lower-self is not transformed. Another way to look at this is evil will remain as long as the Destroyer continues to be an unpaired executor of logic.

“It takes two to make a thing go right
It takes two to make it out of sight!”

(Rob Base)

Asante Sana Nyame, The Faithful Oneness Whose Preexistingness rising and falling everlasting, transfers understanding as I breathe birth waters and remember ME as I am.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Know Yourself As Creation
Through Expansion Of Mental Capability
Unity Consciousness #762


(Part 23 of 26)

Expansion Through Partitioning

Along with the upgrade in chromosomes discussed in UC#761, it is also necessary to upgrade the structure of the human system. This is to provide additional system resources to accommodate having an expanded genetic library and greater access to the Spirit Web.

Expansion Of Chromosomes, Expansion Of Mind

In So Dayi, a mind expanding level of awareness, there is also a partitioning of the mind that takes place. This allows the mind to simultaneously focus on more things at once without compromising tasks. This is multiple processing. It allows the mind to juggle and move around many pieces of data and instructions without the mind crashing due to insufficient resources.

A review of the computer metaphor in UC#753 is helpful at his point.
An understanding of the numerous computer-brain-mind metaphors throughout this web log will aid understanding.

An Upgraded Computer Enhances Everything

As your process of becoming unites you with new understandings, this leads to better use of current genetic potential and eventually to extra genetic potential.

An extra partition filled with extra chromosomes and data and instructions, allows for more thought processes of logic and more lucid dreams filled with messages. An extra partition provides the ability to do more things simultaneously in the foreground (consciousness) and background (subconsciousness) when awake and when asleep.
None of this is for personal pleasure. This has been explained by the purpose of Creation.
With any increase in any understanding comes an increase in power.
Once you accumulate enough understandings in keeping with Ecosystem Logic, the faithfulness of your effort is returned via Universal Karma to give you more ability; therefore, as always, all power and rights come with responsibility.*

Long before you reach the level of So Dayi, your genetics are being called up into more accessible layers, that allow you to become aware of the information inside you that is there to guide you and support your return journey home.

Your genetics and you are being called into proactive duty.
As you use what you already have and take steps along the higher way, you will be given exactly what you need to break your mind free from the matrix and ensure you make it all the way to the top of the root directory in the long-run.

None of this is mystery. This is exactly what has allowed human expansion (evolution) for the majority of history.
This is exactly what is taking place right now.
Higher spirit is undergoing expansion as the result of the process of digging deeper into itself into its library of resources and gaining understandings and capabilities and making new calculations.
It is up to you to persistently and patiently do the same in order to pave the way to receive updates and upgrades.

* Even before you get more ability, you are led "step by why-you-taking-me-this-way step," to the next understanding, which often leads through challenge (adversity aka the adversary who has many forms).

Know Yourself As Creation
Through Expansion Of Chromosomes
Unity Consciousness #761


(Part 22 of 26)

The Same Process Created You And Everything Else

By now you have probably heard and read some version of Creation. You can now begin to fundamentally understand the Early Formation Of Creation by understanding your own early formation.

1. You began with the process of the Early Formation Of Creation. This process began as a single-celled Creator who divided, multiplied and diversified genetic material into combinations of elements and cells – all of which together are called Creation or the Universe.
2. Now we fast forward billions of years to your human creation.
3. You began as two cells, egg and sperm, female and male.
4. These two cells had to become one cell in order to reunite genetic information into one complete set of genetics in order to form you. Why? Because one complete set of genetics is who the Creator is. One complete set of genetics is what the Universe we call Creation is. You are a mirror image of the Creator, Creation and Universe. Your process of creation must match the process of all Creation. You are more than just an image, you are a metaphor of what life and existence is.
5. Once egg and sperm became one, your early formation is the same process as the Creator's. Your single-cell divided, multiplied and diversified genetic material into combinations of elements and cells – all of which are called Creation or the Universe.
6. Though you are called a human being, you are more than that. You are the Creator Being. You are the Creator in human form. Everything in Creation is the Creator having a physical experience.
7. The purpose of Creation as stated in UC#748 is the same purpose of your Creation.
8. To know yourself you must be able to see the self in all else. The Universe that surrounds you is the same as the Universe inside you. A Human Being is a form of the Supreme Being. Human organisms live and exist inside the body of the Creator. Inside the body of humans there exists a living Universe of organisms.
9. The same two cells that formed Mama Nun and Baba Ptah, those same two gender cells, are the same cells that were egg and sperm before becoming reunited to become you.
10. The female chromosomes and male chromosomes in you are fundamentally the same as in atoms, planets, stars, plants, other animals, insects, microorganisms, etc.
11. This is why your context for life and existence must match the Ecosystem because it reconnects you fundamentally to the physical, spiritual and scientific because they are the same things. Ecosystem logic helps you know you are on the right track because it helps you know yourself.
12. As you continue to unite understandings at the fundamental level of self and relate that beyond your humanness, your process of creation at the chromosomal level responds to this knowledge of self. It feeds off this energy. As a result, your chromosomes continue to organize and update your genetic library. Your chromosomes strengthen and grow physically. Then your mind expands because the energy of understanding has no where else to go except into another dimension. In order to do so it must use genetic potential to create more evolved physical capability which matches the evolution in understanding.
13. ”In So Dayi a veil is lifted. Nun creates four more pairs of chromosomes within you. Just like all chromosomes, these extra chromosomes contain information, instruction and capabilities which are unavailable to those who have not reached this level of awareness.”