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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Segregated Black History, Segregated Outcomes For Children - While Christians Are Saving The World A Lot Is Changing But Nuthin's Changed

As Black History Month in America draws to a close, the need to restore this nutrition to all humans, remains. If it were possible to remove every trace of Black History, all humans and their footprints would also disappear. As it stands, the degree to which we have attempted such removal is the degree to which we wander aimlessly from a well-marked path and the degree to which children, following in our footsteps, suffer.

The following article is from "Forty Acres – Power And Justice" (Dated approx. 1983-1985) by Dr. David deBerry
The results of our thoughts confess our religion. - - Usiku

The freedom of our children is dependent upon our political engagement in the struggles for justice. We cannot ignore the world and still retain the ethical credibility of the Christian faith. To be a Christian is to love one's neighbor and that means making a political commitment to make the world a habitable place for one's neighbor. Gustavo Gutierrez said: "To know God is to do justice, is to be in solidarity with the poor person." And it is to be in solidarity with that poor person as he/she actually exists today -- as someone who is oppressed, as a member of an exploited class, ethnic group, culture or nation. This being true, a relationship with the God who has loved me, forces me to divest myself of my possessions. It universalizes my love for others and makes it gratuitous too.

Thus in 1863, [some of] the slaves were made legally free, as individuals, but the real question regarding personal and group power to maintain that freedom was pushed aside. Power at that time for a mainly rural people meant land and tools to work the land. In other words, power meant "forty acres and a mule". But this power was not made available to the former slaves and we see the results today in the pushing of landless farmers off the farms into big cities where they come mainly in search of the power to be free. What they find are only the formalities of unenforced legal freedom.

So we must ask, "What is the nature of the power we seek and need today?" Power today is essentially organizational power. It is not a thing lying about in the streets to be fought over. It is a thing which, in some measure, already belongs to Blacks and which must be developed by them in relationship to the great resources of this nation. Please note Black America, that your country has asked you to fight for opportunity as individuals whereas at a certain point in our history, what we have needed most has been opportunity for the whole group, not just for selected and approved Blacks.

Getting power necessarily involves reconciliation. Both the anguished cry for Black power or freedom and the confused emotional response to it can be understood if the whole controversy is put in the context of American history. We must especially understand the irony involved in American pride regarding their ability to act as individuals on the one hand and their tendency to act as members of ethnic groups on the other hand. In the tension of this part of our history is revealed both the tragedy and the hope of human redemption. No one achieves freedom through a mere moral demand for justice. [My emphasis] Whites knew that those demanding drastic reforms (radicals) could not force them to divest themselves of their own great wealth or even force the transfer of the necessary requisites to obtaining power to the oppressed.

In as much as, the assumption behind choosing the method of moral persuasion was that the oppressor was unaware of the depth of the evil of [human]racism. Also, that if its demonic consequences were revealed and acknowledged, the oppressor would be morally embarrassed and stop being racist.

Unprogrammed radicalization is this: Vincent Harding has correctly analyzed the Black problem and reminds us of how nearly impossible it has been for Afro-American rhetoric to be transformed into racial action. This action reminds us that those who control the systems of American oppression have consistently found ways either to cajole, co-opt, threaten or destroy a frighteningly large portion of those Black leaders who move against the status quo. They remind us that the system itself has managed to absorb just enough changes demanded to assuage the immediate hurts. Perhaps most importantly, they remind us that a rhetoric has not often been turned into action, because rhetoric did not become analysis and analysis did not develop program and program did not lead to insistent careful organizing of our people to effect radical change.

If Blacks, in their pursuit of drastic change had studied history, analyzed the reality of the situation and/or developed teaching and organizing styles of leadership, mistakes and nonachievement in regards to power sought could have been avoided. The same critique that Malcolm X made regarding Whites and their support of Dr. King is applicable here. To state the facts further, any movement of freedom and power that is dependent upon the oppressors support for its survival is doomed to failure.
Change is a force without ability or allegiance that merely follows the intentions of the strongest current. - - Usiku
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Natural World Context & Female Force And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 2)

Read Part 1 - ”All Ways To Communicate Begin With Definition & Context And So Begins The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 1)”

When meaning is taken out of context, it contributes to being out of touch with reality. As stated in Part 1, the natural world must be our main context for life.

Natural World Context

The entirety of the natural world (which includes Universe) is necessary in order for us to live. The meaning of life & existence must come from this source. This is how we gain better understanding of the Creator, through creation. The natural world was created first before humans. All was established. The human connection to the meaning of life & existence must go through the natural world. To attempt to go directly to God is to skip over that which is given for guidance.

Nothing humans create can provide this context unless it can be corroborated by the natural world. Nothing humans say, do or write can provide the context for the meaning of life & existence unless it can be corroborated by the natural world. Everything natural spirits say provides context for the meaning of life & existence.

Understanding or confirmation of life & existence does not come from humans. What we learn from humans we must double-check against the natural world. Our faith and benefit of the doubt must be given to the natural world whenever there is any discrepancy between humans and the natural world.

Everything Has Meaning

All matter in the natural world, including humans has meaning. Every compound, element, molecule, atom and particle has meaning. All ideas, thoughts, experiences and beliefs have meaning. It's up to us to live instinctively and go with the universal flow in order for meaning to stream into our consciousness across the semi-permeable membranes of dimensions.

Only by awareness deepening in natural world roots may we ascend to heights of heavens.

Only by a natural world context will the divine female force be restored to humanity.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

All Ways To Communicate Begin With Definition & Context And So Begins The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 1)

Basic Definition

A definition is “an explanation of the meaning of an idea, word or phrase.”

Expanded Definition

A definition is the meaning associated with anything. Every definition is relevant to two or more of our four developmental areas (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical). As we continuously experience personal growth, every definition will eventually expand into all four areas. This is in accordance with the process of maturing because an increasing awareness, increases reality, and thus, increases understanding of meaning.

A definition can come through any of the senses. A definition can be one or more images, sounds, touches, tastes, smells or thoughts. A definition can be any combination of these senses.

Simply put, a definition can come from anything we can sense and associate meaning. This includes our ability to sense balance, pressure, temperature, pain, motion, etc.

Definition also comes from the spiritual sense. This sense is resident in every cell in our bodies. It reveals itself as instinct, intuition and wisdom.

What The Heck Is Context?

A definition must have context in order to have its intended meaning and must have a reality-based context in order to have a reality-based meaning. This is why the the meaning of life & existence must be based on that which life & existence is based – the natural world via the universal via the Supreme Spirit – that is, if we want life & existence to have its intended meaning.

Context does three very similar things:
It provides the foundation and anchor that connects meaning to something larger or broader.
It identifies the circumstance and situation which allows meaning to maintain its true identity.
It provides a reference point for comparing meaning against current sensory feedback, related meanings and other meanings that may be affected.

If we do not use the natural world as our main context, our definitions will nor match the meanings of life & existence. Even if we stumble across some correct definitions, we won't be able to integrate them or reconcile them with the larger context of the natural world's laws and orders. As a result, life will have a lot of meaning matched with a lot of illusion.

A Good Life Requires Good Definitions

Definitions are the building blocks of our worldview. In the same way all matter is composed of one or more elements, all definitions are composed of one or more meanings. The right meanings are in harmony with the natural world.

For example, food is much more than just something edible and delicious to keep us physically alive. Food is natural and nutritious to help us thrive. Food powers every level and area of development. Whatever we endeavor, food makes us better.

We Need The Same Definitions To Send & Receive The Same Message

Definition is the same thing as meaning. Meaning is the same thing as definition.

If we only communicate with our own mind, it doesn't matter whether a definition is what it should be. It only matters when we try to communicate with other humans, other aspects of the natural world and with Supreme Ones. It only matters if we want to live as the Creators intended.

Believe it or not, all definitions we have about anything and everything have an impact on the meaning of life & existence.

In order to filter through these definitions and receive the right message we must start with the infrastructure of communication – context and definition. Since Creation communicates mostly on a spiritual frequency, we must only “lock in” definitions that resonate with our souls.
Whoever defines your definitions directs your cognition and determines your condition.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Worldview Definition, Nicolaus Copernicus & Round versus Flat Earth Thinking Remains

“Worldview is a culture’s orientation toward God, humanity, birth, death, nature, questions of existence [religion], the universe, and cosmos.”(1) And history.

During a brief period of recent history, some people were sure the sun circles the Earth and that Earth was at the center of the universe. It doesn’t, and we aren’t."

According to historical fact dodgers, Nicolaus Copernicus was the first person to figure out Earth revolved around the Sun. Mr. Copernicus was born 1473 C.E. Over 5,500 years earlier, the civilization of Kemet developed a solar calendar.

A solar calendar is proof enough they knew Earth is not flat and not the center of the Universe but there's more. The Dogon people knew of the solar system and specific stars also. The Dogon also established the University at Sankore Mosque during the 1300's C.E. teaching many subjects including astronomy that covered and integrated the worldview of Earth and Universe.

Kemet had a map of Alkebu-lan (Africa) in almost its current shape that dates to 600 B.C.E. Herodotus, who went to Kemet in 457 B.C.E., used a rectangular map. He thought the end of Alkebu-lan was the southern end of where the Sahara is. He, and the European branch of the Alkebu-lan family tree had no concept of the rest of Alkebu-lan. (2)

The Adams Calendar in Monomotapa (South Africa) at least dates to 73,000 B.C.E which is tens of thousands of years before Stonehenge.

Despite ancient knowledge Earth was round and not the center of the Universe and despite Greek and Roman students of ancient teachings, somehow a worldview developed that was quite different from reality. That kind of fundamental worldview difference remains in so many essential areas.

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(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” p. 135.
(2) ben-Jochannan, Dr. Yosef, “The Nile Valley Civilization and the Spread of African Culture,”

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Expanded Definitions: What Is Money? Quotes, Proverbs & A Joke.

Basic Definition

Money can be anything that can serve as “a medium of exchange that facilitates trade.”

Expanded Definition

Money is a standard measure of value that makes it easier to trade different types of resources. (From ”Expanded Definitions: What Is Time – Money? Keeping Track of Time & Climate Change”)

In other words, money is a temporary placeholder for the value of natural resources.

Money has no value unless there is a resource it represents. When a person works for money, that money represents multiple resources (time, energies, choices, beliefs, values, knowledge, talent, abilities). This is why businesses have departments called human resources.


1. You need money to live.
2. Money means success.
3. Money is evidence of the truth.
4. Money is power.


1. Money is a part of the economic system, resources are a part of the ecosystem.
2. You only need the ecosystem to live.
3. “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” (Dr. Booker T. Washington)
4. Success or failure depends on how well we use available resources.
5. The biggest part of how we make it hard on ourselves is to misuse and under-utilize our resources. In other words, you have not because you waste a lot.
6. “Power is not money but to define money.” (Dr. Bobby Wright)
7. It's possible to have money and still be in slavery because “slavery is when all life sustaining institutions [basic needs] are controlled by another group.” (Dr. Bobby Wright)
8. If anything, make money that makes you versatile, not servile.
9. Faith in money is a vice of the highest cost and ultimate price.
10. Money is a tool forged from resource, only a fool sees it as the only recourse.
11. Instead of saving money, we should be recycling money.
12. It's not possible to believe in anything greater and be limited by anything lesser.
13. You don't need a receipt to exchange a belief.
14. Money is expensive unless money represents the full value of the resources you trade to get money.
15. Wages are a wager.
16. “He that trusteth in his riches shall fall; but the righteous shall flourish as a branch.” (Proverbs 11:28)
17. Capitalism keeps you focused on its money instead of your resources.

If you employ your resources via true education - knowledge of self, self-study and independence of basic needs - life will no longer teeter on the narrow fulcrum of money but rest securely on the broad foundation of resources.

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Punch and counterpunch from a marital dispute:
Husband: “If I had the money, I’d leave you!”
Wife: “If I had the money, I’d give it to you!”

Friday, February 15, 2013

Expanded Definitions: What Capitalism Is - A Vampire In Transfusionist's Clothing

Capitalism In Theory

Capitalism is “an economic system which encourages capitalists” who operate based on individual abilities and naturally occurring supply and demand.

Capitalism In Practice

Capitalism is a system where privatization of resources is required (individual and corporate ownership). These resources are obtained by any means and at any cost, prepared for resale at the lowest cost and sold at the highest price to accumulate the most profit at the top for the few.

14 Main Components of Capitalistic Societies According To Ongoing History

1. Land, water and all resources living and non-living taken from colonies or people who submit under threat of war. Historian Eric Williams said “a huge amount of money was made by Europeans from their network of colonies. The transatlantic slave trade and plantation wealth were the major causes of the growth of industrialism and capitalism in Europe” and America.

W.E.B. Du Bois said,“Extreme poverty in colonies was a main cause of wealth and luxury in Europe. The results of this poverty were disease, ignorance, and crime.”
2. A mindset that dehumanizes life and uses guns, war and taking of life internationally and domestically.
3. Manipulative behavior. There are thousands of examples and practices past and present. Aspects of the legal are immoral while the illegal is less than enforced.
4. Psychopathic behavior - “violation of others, such as stealing or violence, and lack of empathy and remorse “ per

Psychopaths sin according to their own religion while claiming to possess the virtues of the religion. (See #25, ”Crime Defense 101: Inherent Rights – Doing The Right Thing.”)
5. Citizens who believe solely in “the survival of the fittest” theory. This allows subconscious acceptance that those who suffer and have less are not fit to survive (genetically inferior). This allows capitalism to consider itself blameless despite 1-4 above.
6. Consumers who are insatiable.
7. An education system whose major function is to produce workers to fill positions required by capitalists instead of an education system that supports individuals being their intended best.

Education, including college, is job training, which under normal circumstances is supposed to be a business expense. Citizens have been beguiled into paying for private schools and college without any guarantee of a job or job security.
8. An emotional tool such as religion that consents and/or remains silent. See also,”Day 4: Organized Religion & Nutrition.”
9. Voter consent year after year.
10. Malnourishment & toxins to keep citizens from thinking clearly. (See also, this article referencing brain fog.
11. A mentality that everything must be viewed as a competition and that competition is the best way to operate.
12. The illusion of liberty.
13. Plagiarizing, co-opting & rewriting history using multiple measures and venues. These lies misshape the psyche and provide a foundational basis for superiority, hatred and disparities.
14. A justification for war. This is maintained by always designating someone as the major enemy (Kemet, indigenous people, Japan, Russia, Black Panthers, Cuba, Black Wall Street,Terrorists and anyone who doesn't agree with capitalism, etc.) Without enemies or people to designate as savages, capitalism would be without a means to an end.

5+ Enemies Of Capitalism

1. Capitalism & justice have irreconcilable differences. This is why capitalism claims justice is blind. Not blind in order to be fair but blind in order to not judge capitalism itself.
2. Socialism (sharing). See also, ”Extremists For Love – President Obama's Second Inaugural Address, Dr. MLK, Jr., Sister Souljah & Jesus.”
3. Knowledge of self.
4. Knowledge of human history and the ancestors.
5. Equality, fairness, peace, harmony, order, truth, balance, reciprocity, and propriety.

27 Obvious Conclusions

1. “Capital” is derived from an early English word meaning “head, chief, ruler, leader. Since capitalism is capital + ism, capitalism is head + ism and mind-centered.
2. Since capitalism is head-centered and therefore absent of spiritual considerations, it is incapable of doing the right thing except as a means to perpetuate the wrong thing.
3. Since capitalism is headism, hedonism follows – greed and self-pleasuring.
4. Deficit, debt and living beyond what is needed are required for capitalism to exist.
5. Capitalistic societies cannot solve problems because capitalism cannot fix itself. Capitalism, with its Band-aid attempts, merely breaks large problems into pieces.
6. Profit, property and ownerships rights are superior to the inherent rights of humans and all other life.
7. Alkebu-lan (Africa), many other countries and many islands are still colonies of European capitalism as of 2013.
8. Capitalism is incapable of solving the world's problems because it created many of them. It creates problems, profits; offers a pseudo-solution, profits; and then profits on the enforcement end.
9. Capitalism is not an efficient or intelligent system because it seeks to maximize quantity of profits rather than optimize quality of living.
10. Justice is costly and slow which makes it only affordable to capitalists, therefore it is a system designed for their benefit.
11. Psychological imbalance fosters the crime of resource hoarding.
12. Resource hoarding fosters crime. The greater the imbalance, the greater the amount of crime and vice versa.
13. Win-win is not possible under capitalism.
14. Being number one and first in any and all categories is an obsession of capitalistic societies.
15. Capitalism can only serve the common good in direct proportion to the amount of resources held in common.
16. Whenever the word “privatization” is suggested, capitalism will benefit to a far greater degree than the public.
17. Since capitalism is headism, capitalists rob themselves of their own spiritual power, therefore they must take power from others.
18. Whenever cash is king, government is ruled by the financial industry. Banks are not too big to fail, they are too in control to fail.
19. Capitalism requires either invasion or strong arm persuasion (bully behavior) to obtain human labor and other natural resources for free or low-cost.
20. “World powers” of the past several centuries would not exist without the criminal behavior of capitalists. To put it in the most extremely nicest ways possible, capitalism is a cheater.
21. There would be greater balance in the world without capitalism.
22. It is folly to expect ethics, justice and inherent rights from psychopaths. See ”G-8/G-20, Groupthink, Morality Crisis.”
23. Religion and its missionaries have long since been a tool of capitalism's colonialism and imperialism.
24. Capitalism is heavily financed by taxpayers through various programs, stimulus, interest rate lowering, subsidies, incentives, the tax code, loopholes, tax breaks, tax credits, deductions, exceptions, grants, consulting, research, studies, aid and undersight.
25. Capitalism claims legitimacy based on the intelligence and work ethic of its followers. It also claims it is a system that rewards individuals based on the fruit of their labors; but, when we see, feel and taste this fruit, we know better.
26. Capitalism is full of shift. It enjoys enormous ill-gotten resource advantages and structural advantages within the system of capitalism then promotes ideas such as “free market” and “free enterprise.”
27. Capitalism uses the same M.O. It pretends to help, then sucks the lifeblood out of everything like a vampire in transfusionist's clothing.

Even so, the disequillibrium in the diaspora has not gone unnoticed because Earth and Universe are harmonious systems that tend towards the natural state of ubuntu. The immune system of the Universe has detected the viral microbial mindset and is now preparing the cure.

Since Maat has never been blind and her scales of justice not weighted by lawyers. Capitalism has been convicted in Universal Court of the ongoing rape and abuse of our mothers - Spirit, Earth & Alkebu-lan and their children. What we are witnessing now is the Universe converging and conspiring to restore natural law, natural order and thus, heal the world.

Not too long ago, in typical ill-advised fashion, capitalism decided the terms are “the one with the most resources wins.” I'm going with the Universe on this one.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Poem – Paul Leroy Robeson, Sr.: Speaking Of Genius

Paul Robeson Here I Stand Book Cover

Paul Leroy Robeson, Sr.: Speaking Of Genius

by Usiku

April 9, 1898 to January 23, 1976

During the 1900's in 25 languages he wrote, read and sang
Everything he did was powerful and highly acclaimed
Therefore the Feds went after his passport, money and name
Robeson was an actor, multi-sport athlete and in the Hall of Fame
A scholar, writer, speaker, activist, valedictorian and businessman
Who shone above terrorism's, human racism's, and discrimination's stain
And even as slavery still existed by every means, including chains
When speaking of genius, say lawyer Paul Leroy Robeson Sr.'s name

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Time & Mathematics – Converting Creator Time To Earth Time For Fun & Curiosity's Sake

One of the main reasons Earth Time is useful is that Earth's motions occur in repeated, predictable cycles which allows them to be counted and used in a standard system that includes clocks and calendars.

One year for humans is a tiny fraction of the lifespan of Earth. Without knowing for sure, let's say one Earth orbit/revolution around the Sun could be comparable to the minute hand of a clock going around once.

According to the Jewish-Christian Bible, when one thousand years go by for humans, only one day has passed for the Creators. I call this “Creator Time.”

We can now convert Creator Time to Earth Time and vice versa.

[1 day divided by (365 days x 1,000 years)] = .0000027 (this represents the portion of one day of Creator Time equal to one thousand years of Earth Time).

Since .0000027 is so small as stated in terms of a day, we convert this to seconds to make it usable.
.0000027 times 86,400 seconds in one day =.23328 seconds
.23328 seconds for the Creators is equal to 1 day of Earth Time.

A 50 year-old has lived 71 minutes of Creator Time, calculated as follows:
(50 years x 365 days x .23328) = 4,257.36 seconds. Then divide by 60 to convert to minutes = 70.956.

In summary, one year for a human is one hour for the Earth and 85 seconds for the Creators (365 x .23328).


Based on the above, how many minutes are in one Earth hour? Please explain.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Expanded Definitions: What Is Time – Money? Keeping Track of Time & Climate Change.

Earth Time

Time is the motion of cellular processes.

Earth is a type of cell in the body of the Universe.* Earth's cellular processes cause motion. Humans have chosen to measure time based on the motion of Earth in relation to the motion of the Sun. I call this “Earth Time.”

Individual Time

Each living being has its own motion, therefore its own time. I call this “Individual Time.” In other words, time is an individual thing. Humans use Earth's Individual Time to keep track of human Individual Time. We do this because the motions of Earth and Sun extend across the lifespans of humans and are more consistent than the Individual Time of humans. Using Earth Time as a standard measure of time makes it easier to communicate the idea of time among humans. As a result, humans use Earth Time to represent time for everything and everyone living, non-living, no longer living, organic and inorganic.

For example, when we speak of someone who has transformed from this state of matter to the next (died), we state how long they have been dead. This is Earth Time. We could not communicate how long the person has been dead if we used the person's Individual Time because their Individual Time has stopped and no longer exists.

Using Individual Time would be complicated. It could not be based on minutes, hours, days and years because these designations come from Earth Time. Individual Time would have to be based on each individual's progression through growth stages. This would complicate the ability to communicate the concept of time among humans. When a person died, we could only say the person died at a certain stage. We could not say how old the person was because the concepts of “age,” “young” and “old” are all based on numbers related to Earth Time.

The bottom line is, using Earth Time connects the inner motion of ourselves to the inner motion of other, greater, living beings. It also helps us become aware of their characteristics and qualities such as gravity, friction, magnetic and electric. Using Earth Time connects the human portion of the natural world to the rest of the natural world and natural universe as we journey through different states of matter.

The Speed Of Time Is The Speed Of Motion

Since time is the motion of cellular processes, the speed of cellular processes affects the speed of time. When the speed of Earth's or Sun's cellular processes change, Earth's Individual Time also changes. Humans adjust Earth Time when this occurs but most of us are unaware this happens.

We know living beings go through growth stages that are faster or slower than the stage before. This means Individual Time is not constant. For example, a fetus, a young child and a child experiencing puberty are moving at higher rates of speed than at other times because their cellular processes are in rapid phases of development. This means human aging occurs at different rates of speed during each person's life. We know this is true for many other beings such as dogs. Most life goes through fast and slow periods of development.

This also means Earth is likely to experience different periods when it's cellular processes change speed. As speed decreases, motion slows down and Earth generates less heat. Possible changes could be a colder climate, mini Ice Age or Ice Age. As speed increases, motion speeds up and Earth generates more heat. Possible changes could be a warmer climate, Interglacial Optimum or Desertification. Earth could also reconfigure itself.

Time also changes when a person drowns in really cold water because their cellular processes slow down. The person's Individual Time has slowed but not their Earth Time. If resuscitated, the person is actually younger than their Earth Time. This is not insignificant to humans because we keep track of smaller differences such as the time difference between multiple birth babies (twins, triplets, etc.).

Unfortunately, humans have learned to change the speed of cellular processes and thus speed up the development process of chickens, cows, fish, plants and other living beings. This is mainly accomplished by adding growth hormones or stimulating the release of growth hormones. This has high negative implications because, in order to maintain system integrity, balance and health, the entire system must adjust gradually or at least maintain its intended proportions. This is why many of these same “fast-tracked” beings must be given assistance to fight off disease.

Time Is Not Money

Earth Time is a standard measure of motion that makes it easier to communicate different types of motion. In the same way, money is a standard measure of value that makes it easier to trade different types of resources.

Cellular processes are a resource.** This makes cellular processes valuable therefore motion is valuable. Time represents cellular motion therefore time is also valuable because it is a resource. Time is not money. Money has no value unless there is a resource it represents. Likewise, time has no value without motion.

This is why we must not be preoccupied with Earth Time because it is how we use Individual Time that matters most. We must be careful not to refer to the passing of Earth Time as evidence of change for individuals or circumstances. We must also be careful not to rely on the passing of Earth Time to change most things.

We must not be preoccupied with money because it's how we use individual resources that matters most. We must be careful not to refer to the possession of money as evidence of success for the individual. We must also be careful not to rely on the possession of money to change most things.

If we do not develop a greater awareness of motion and resources, we will be limited by the illusion of time and money.

Time To Move To The Next Stage of Our Developmental Process

Time is motion and motion is a process. Since a process is a sequence of events, time is also a sequence of events.

Life also is a sequence of events that take place over a period of time. In other words, a sequence of events (life) occurs during another sequence of events (time). Since these sequences are motion, life represents motion within motion.

Furthermore, life for us on Earth does not exist without our cellular processes. Viewed this way, life represents motion, therefore life represents time. This means each life is time within time because we are motion within motion.

In summary, life is motion within motion; process within process; sequence within sequence; and time within time.

Reality expands at a faster rate than an increase in awareness. This is the best guaranteed return on investment we will ever find. We have the ability and responsibility to use what our senses know to deduce additional harmonizing knowledge. If we don't, we are not being responsible. For example, we know there's a difference in how different living beings experience types of light, sound, color, patterns, vibrations and scent. This must also mean, there's a difference in how different living beings experience types of motion. Different beings most likely experience time differently.

Humans must stay in motion according to their intended process of development in order to maintain the feel and rhythm of time and everything else in motion. This is the best way to keep track of time. If we do not, it's possible to be on time but not in time.

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*Once we make this connection and integrate it with the fact there are other solar systems and other galaxies, then we are able to recognize the likelihood of other cells like Earth.
**Giving cells everything they need to do their jobs, is a pretty good indicator we know what's best for ourselves and that we know what is valuable.

Asante Sana Tehuti, Heru and Maat, Seers of Enblackenment, Enlightenment and Truth. Yebo Ashe Yebo!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Expanded Definitions: Reality, Illusion & Delusion For Everyone

Pretending and make-believe nurture the imagination of a child. A child moves beyond uninvestigated belief and considers new information according to growth and development. Possibilities increase, supporting the imagination and vice versa.

When a child doesn't grow and develop and new information is not considered, the child's age increases but not awareness. Then, pretending, make-believe and uninvestigated belief nurture illusion. Possibilities increase, distorting the imagination and vice versa.

Reality is

an integrated perspective of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects. Maturing and evolving require increasing awareness in these four developmental areas. Anything less is less than reality. To be “out of touch” with reality, is to have a significant deficit in at least one area or combination of these areas. A deficit is significant if it does not allow the individual to live as intended.

Illusion is

the absence of reality. As a result, we are all in varying degrees of illusion depending on our personal growth. This will be the case until we see through the glass with enlightenment and enblackenment.

For example, the more we learn about history the less likely we are to operate using missing or inaccurate information. When we do not learn, we operate under illusion. We behave as sleepwalkers who, though not fully aware, are still able to do things. This pertains to developmental deficits in any subject in any of the four areas of reality.

Some Of The Many Ways To Distinguish Reality & Illusion

Reality is the pursuit of wealth, riches, security, satisfaction, relationships, fulfillment, peace, harmony, balance, happiness and health by using higher purpose, nutrition and all available resources.

Illusion believes prayer is the answer when prayer is merely the asking.

Reality respects natural law, order and inherent rights.

Illusion respects the human-made more than the Higher-made.

Reality knows rights in this world come with responsibilities to the universe.

Illusion expects things to get better without applying resources towards the process to get better.

Illusion is not realizing there is so much more to learn. Reality has learned, comparatively speaking, it is stupid.

Illusion has not reconciled why it's 180 degrees for one to turn around when one turn around is always 360. 180 is halfway and to go halfway around is to flip.

Reality recognizes the individual always puts the greatest amount of resources into what the individual considers greatest. Let me see...a couple of hours to God, no less than 40 to job and then I must set aside a gob of time, money and studying(planning) for vacation...

Illusion thinks a soul mate is something different than its own spirit.

Reality knows it was not fully a human being as it grows into its spirit being.

Illusion causes humans to consider themselves or other humans in possession of intelligence superior to the Supreme Way of ordering things.

Reality knows civilization is born of civility. In other words, societies without civility for all are not civilizations at all.

Illusion not only thinks civilization came first, but the egg also.

Only illusion can account for following the teaching of someone who said, “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races." (Charles Darwin, The Descent Of Man)

Reality is able to foresee Darwin as a biblical Pharaoh-type who spoke a self-fulfilling prophecy of upheaval and fulfillment upon himself and his worshipers.

Illusion makes you accept common ape ancestors but deny common human ancestors.

Reality recognizes there is something fundamentally out of touch with treating nature as something to go visit in a natural habitat instead of as family sharing the same home.

Illusion thinks it is possible to get fairness from someone who, without provocation, decided you didn't deserve it and, without remorse, repentance and restitution, says you now have fairness.

Illusion is about arriving; reality is about striving. In other words, illusion thinks there is an end; reality knows there isn't.

Reality always performs reality checks and self-assessments.

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Day 9: Harmony Is Energy Conservation
John Hope Franklin – Historian Of Truth

Friday, February 1, 2013

Patient-Centered Care, Hillary Clinton's Blood Clot, Concussion & An Insult To Common Sense

We are born with the ability to know when something ain't right, doesn't match and insults the senses.

First, The Summary

Per PBS News as reported by Hari Sreenivasan: “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to work today after a month-long health scare. She came down with a stomach virus last month that left her severely dehydrated. Then, she fainted, struck her head and suffered a concussion, and days later, doctors discovered a blood clot in her head.”

Now, The Rest

Ray Suarez of PBS interviewed Dr. Gholam Motamedi of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital regarding blood clots. The doctor provided a basic explanation of causes. The interviewer then said “Well, in the case of Mrs. Clinton, we know that during an earlier illness she became light-headed, fainted and then hit her head and concussed, Could it be a side-effect of the concussion?”

Dr. Motamedi indicated that concussion in an adult is actually not a known cause of blood clot and that to get a blood clot this way is very rare. He then went on to say, “I doubt it was directly related to concussion because in general it's not known to be caused by that.”

When I heard this on December 31, 2012, my immediate thought was, “but she fell and hit her head and then they found a blood clot in her head, why wouldn't it be related to the concussion?”

Watch the five minute, PBS Newshour segment, “Hillary Clinton's Hospitalization Sheds Light on Blood Clot Causes, Treatments” which aired Monday, December 31, 2012. Interviewer Ray Suarez of PBS and Interviewee Dr. Gholam Motamedi of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Finally, the Conclusion

Nowhere in the doctor's response to the specific question about Hillary did he consider case-specific information. This was not patient-centered but generality-centered care. Make sure none of your doctors are like this one.

Clearly, man-made “expertise” is not a good substitute for common sense and intuition. This is why the best healthcare in addition to common sense is getting nutrition, avoiding mind-centered living and being your own fight doctor.

In contrast to Dr. Motamedi, Dr. Keri Peterson, Internal Medicine, Lenox Hill Hospital states “from a medical standpoint, a concussion can predispose somebody to a blood clot, so it is very likely that the injury that she sustained earlier this month is the cause of this current clot.”(starting at minute 1:01)

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Additional Thoughts: If I am a patient with a doctor who uses this kind of reasoning and I go along with it, I should simultaneously throw up both my hands, holler and run butt-naked through the doctor's office just to confirm I must be crazy. I should also fully expect the office staff to merely say, "Would you like to make another appointment?"