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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Know Thyself, Self-Esteem, Health & Truth

Truth About Information & Knowledge

Turns out, all knowledge is information, but not all information is knowledge.
A critical designation that alters mental orientation and thought organization.

Knowledge is what is true. What is true is in harmony. Harmony is defined by ecosystems inside and outside of self. Each a continuation and extension of the other.
Knowledge is what is true about what is untrue, i.e., the truth about a lie. What is untrue is not in harmony. It harms ecosystems.

If I am not in harmony, I am not in enough truth.
I have information, but not enough knowledge.

Know Thyself, Know Truth

To know yourself requires truth of self, not information of self, not belief of self.
To know yourself requires knowledge of self. This truth about self is self-esteem.

What Self-Esteem Knows

The spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.
It cannot exist if one of the four aspects above is significantly deficient. This is why each aspect requires nutrition. Nutrition includes feminine and masculine energy. Nutrition also includes shared values with the Creator and creation. This is accomplished by valuing the primary value - harmony.
Abilities are given and developed to complement given purposes, not dreams. Sometimes they are the same thing but often they are not.

Self-esteem includes intimacy with the natural world.

It is power. Lasting power, overcoming power and becoming power.

Self-Esteem Is Not A Feeling

It is a state of awareness without a name given to itself. It just exists.
It is not the mind telling itself it has self-esteem.
Ask someone who has self-esteem and they will likely pause and probably ask questions because they haven't thought about it. It's just there.

Ask someone without self-esteem and the ones who immediately and emphatically say they have it probably don't. The answer was sitting right there in short-term memory. It was preconceived.

Someone who indicates they have self-esteem and that it's unshakeable and securely locked in place with no further effort won't have self-esteem for long, if they have it all.

An example why

Today's health can't carry you for the rest of your life. Neither can today's self-esteem (knowledge of self).
Each are part of the same ongoing process.
Though words are powerful, you can't talk yourself into health. Same goes for knowledge of self (self-esteem).
Health doesn't come from saying, “I am healthy. There's nothing wrong with me.”
Self-esteem doesn't come from saying, “I love myself.”

You must walk, run, work and fight your way through all terrain and obstacles to achieve and maintain health and self-esteem which are the same things because both deal with the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

The really great news is, since this is necessary, it is also entirely possible for everyone who continues to restore knowledge and get rid of information.

Self-Esteem Is In The Details

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Self-Esteem | Employer, Employee Differences Poem

Single Parents Coping Using Self-Esteem

Know Thyself Poem/Proverb

For more articles dealing with self-esteem, see keywords or search this blog.

Fuller Integration

For those studying how knowledge of fundamentals informs learning, review the following article that shows how knowledge in today's article comes from, and is supported by, the fundamental keys. 6 Fundamental Keys To Life & Existence. For an exercise to sharpen abilities for life, you could discuss this with someone and try to find the keys and extensions in this article. Another way would be to print the article and write the number of the key/extension where appropriate or copy the article into a wordprocessor and do the same.

POV changes intentional.

Friday, August 29, 2014

An African Safari In The Spiritsphere
Another Transition, Another Extension

The Journey Continues

Karibuni! (Welcome!) This blog is, and always has been, an African safari in the Spiritsphere. I just was unaware of this piece of information. This blog is for Africans, i.e., everyone. This blog is for those who do not consider themselves African but conduct themselves open-mindedly. My position on those who consider themselves non-African, yet open-minded, is this: All information points to human origins in Africa. A search of “Africa” on this blog alone should provide basic information and links for those who are just now hearing everyone on the planet is an African. To deny the likeliness of the truth of this information contradicts open-mindedness. It contradicts intelligence. Also search “history” on this blog for a more accurate perspective of Africa.

Complete perspective change for some things doesn't happen in a day. It's a process of transitions and stages, so come along anyway, unless your denial of Africa is a conscious or subconscious hatred for Africa and all things African. This would mean you hate me, our mother, our people, our Creator, humanity and you hate yourself. This mentality means you exist because of yourself, in and of yourself and by yourself, so work that craziness out by yourself.

If your denial of Africa and all things African comes from a place of fear and uncertainty because your identity might not be what you thought, then come along. We're going to work our way through this healing and revealing process. It is better to be previously lost than currently lost. The only way to change our lost status is to take steps. The steps we take on this journey can move us into a new awareness of who we really are. We will not be able to find what we are looking for in this life until we find ourselves.

Onward The Journey

The purpose of this journey is to find reconnections. It is also to find the other end to what resonates within. It is the path to oneness. Join we, if you realize, by necessity, there is no going forward without going backward. Sankofa!

On the way, we must travel through trees, webs and all the elements. As you can sense, this is not a tourist trip but a warrior workout – an all-in, all-within fight to set things right in the Spiritsphere. As such, we will learn to remember, stretch, break chains, retrain and do better thangs - as we learn and know better. We will grow beyond our self-imposed limitations acquired during years of mis-education. We will need nutritious relations with foods for every aspect of who we are. We must remove toxic relations. The willfully sick are not fit for this trip.

The self-determined will reconnect as we are doing right now. Right now, we are connecting to our created greatness in the nearest and farthest reaches of the Spiritsphere.

Join we, if you realize, by necessity, all roads back to oneness lead through the teacher within us – spirit of the neteru/nature. We must face it, embrace distanced truths and shake loose dangling lies until ancient roots harmonize.

We must travel back through self, through ancestors, through history, into Africa and into the Cosmos. We will retrace the same path blood and spirit still take to get here. The path is well-marked. The map is in many places, even encoded in our genetics 10,000 times over.

We cannot miss our destiny nation. We won't miss it as long as one foot follows the other and one hand joins the other in all right doings.

The Creator Is Expecting Us

The Mother/Father Creator is waiting for the prodigal ones to come home now. Big Mama/Big Papa have left the lights on. The lights will not go out upon this Earth until we arrive at the sun station. In the meantime, two more of our elders in the celestial council are taking their turns upon thrones of heaven.

Humanity will be reunited with or without you or me. Humanity will be reunited during the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren.

What will we do to prepare them for a very different world in which the most important things today will become the most trivial things tomorrow? This must come true otherwise the Creator becomes as counterfeit as authentic legal tender.

Swahili Words

karibuni means welcome to more than one person.

karibu means welcome to one person.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let Food Be Your Medicine | Let Medicine Be Your Food

This post is an expansion of 6 Fundamental Keys To Life & Existence.

Key #3 And Extension

Key #3: Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

Initial Extension: What satisfies also purifies.

Food And Medicine Further Extension

What merely gratifies or pacifies, clearly hides lies of what it does to insides.

We know this is true by two examples and paths of reasoning:
1. We take into ourselves stuff that tastes and feels good but we know ain't good. We know it mentally and we can feel it physically. Eventually we see what it does to us.
2. We take into ourselves, and allow others to put into us, human-made medicine that conflicts with food, other human-made medicines and other parts of the body. We accept the unacceptable and are obviously expecting health and healing to come by way of miracle.

As the above is true, so is the below:
To cleanse is to purify and to purify is to remove the impure - toxins. We cannot cleanse and purify ourselves with toxic food and medicine. The naturally higher state of existence cannot be restored by the naturally lower state of existence.

Who To Trust

By using examples and reasoning we should know:

1. Fools destroy nature.
2. Fools destroy food and medicine because they destroy nature.
3. Fools destroy health because they destroy food and medicine.
4. Fools destroy minds and bodies because they destroy what minds and bodies need to remain healthy.
5. Fools destroy lives because they destroy minds and bodies. (a)
6. Why accept food and medicine from those who destroy everything precious, vital and sacred?

Another way to come to the same conclusion: Since food and medicine come from nature, it is not possible to create non-toxic food and non-toxic medicine from a toxic environment and toxic practices.

Can Humans Create Better Than The Creator?

Who better to heal the sickness of something than the creator of it?
Food is the prescription to maintain and reclaim health. The Great Physician has already signed and intertwined this prescription into the Law Of Harmony.
Most human medicine from nature destroying societies is a side-effect laced Band-aid®, not a solution.
Human health insurance is supposed to be a last resort not a first choice.
Medicine is a co-product with food. The two cannot be separated. If they are, neither will be effective to accomplish their original purpose – to nourish and heal simultaneously. This is high efficiency because it comes from the higher consciousness of the Creator who perceived our needs during our creation.

Yet and still, we pay for food, pay for human-made medicine and pay for insurance when it's cheaper, healthier and wiser to grow our own food, get free medicine and free insurance all at the same time. All of them would be toxin- free as an added bonus.

What Food & Medicine To Eat & Take??

Before eating food, ask, “Is this good medicine?” Before taking medicine, ask, “Is this good food?”

Aspirin® From Plants | A Living Diet Kills Pain

(a) This example extends to relationships, families, communities, countries and globally. If we review examples and explore the root causes of things, we will know this to be true with plenty of evidence to spare.

Further Extension Of Key #3

Food and Medicine have a direct, fundamental impact on our behavior. Here are two explanations why this is true.

1. The health of minds affects the health of thoughts and the health of thoughts affects the health of behavior.
2. This is explained in more detail in the “One Example Of A Lack Of Physical Nutrition” section of Content Colonic | Cleansing Toxic Television Programming

Through this analysis of what affects our behavior, comes additional extensions:

1. We cannot act our age. We can only act our health. If our health is entrusted to fools, then we can only act like fools.
2. Everything we need is also fundamental to our nature. Our needs and our nature are complements. The two cannot be separated just as food and medicine can't. These things are fundamental. If we do not receive all the parts of what is fundamental to our nature, we will not be able to function in accordance with our nature because we won't have everything we need. We will display behaviors that are not as they should be.

Monday, August 25, 2014

HTML | Two Columns Side By Side In Blog Post
Simple, Quick, Easy

This is for the HTML-challenged who do not want to become experts. If you want two columns side-by-side in a blog post, here's one way. Click here for the finished product that opens in a new window. The code is below. The beginning and ending of this HTML does not include all of the text in the finished product above and below the 2 column area.

Each user of this code might need to adjust “width” and “margin.” Play with it as a draft and save often.

Don't know if this displays properly on any browser or device. Any suggestions to simplify or clean up this code are appreciated.

Now, here's the pure code for those who do not need all my text:

Here's an idea. Unless it's already being done, someone interested in showing Blogger to Blogger Love could create a website for “HTML-Challenged Bloggers” that simply provides the final code solution for the many situations that come up. Help and forums are good but a lot to wade through and work through.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

6 Fundamental Keys To Life & Existence
Ways Of Knowing

Fundamental Keys & Extensions

These are but a small portion of many original, fundamental keys. Even so, these six keys are exactly what we need to unlock our potentials. These “extensions” are derived from using the keys. The ability to extend knowledge into more knowledge is one of the main reasons we must use these keys.


1. As above, so below.

2. Know yourself.

3. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

4. Everything is free.

5. It takes a village to raise a child.

6. One in many, many in one.


1. As within, so without, As without, so within.

2. Know all else.

3. What satisfies also purifies.

4. Basically, resourcefully, naturally, yet nothing is free of responsibility.

5. It takes shared values to raise a village.

6. The singular and plural are in each other.

As you can see, "lucKY" is not one of the keys.

These six keys, in conjunction with self-study, give us entry to what is otherwise inaccessible.

Where Are These Keys? Where Are Our Keys?

Once again, we are reminded these keys are in our hands. Not only do we have the keys, we have the locks. These locks are in us. Now tell me, what else can be easier?

Yet, we linger outside closed doors and cry and moan and protest and hurt. Our children die and are dying. Those still with us physically are on their way to the level of deadness in us. Yet and still we devote several, precious natural resources to tithing, socializing and self-gratifying even though the return on investment to satisfy our needs and concerns, does its own testifying.

Instead, we must re-devote our natural resources to their maximizing which would move us beyond a stage focused on surviving and into higher consciousness where all else is ours for the realizing.

All it takes is effort. Simple, back-to-basics actions will turn the keys we have, inside the locks we have. Once we snap out of stupidity and take charge of what is in our hands, we will put key to lock, key to lock, key to lock... As these locks open, potential energy will be released in us, in Earth and in the Universe.

What will life and existence be like then?

Asante Sana, Sš3t/Tšw8t Ntr.
Ashe (ah-SHAY), Heka (hay-KAH), Hiao (hee-AH-o) Nsamanfo (n-SAH-mahn-fo)

Fundamental References:

Science Expanded | 6 Ways of Knowing

Giri So to So Dayi | Levels Of Awareness & Understanding
African Consciousness Ways Of Knowing

Day 6: Intuition & Wisdom Aligning, Ways Of Knowing

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Example-Based Definitions | Open-minded, Closed-Minded

Consider these example-based definitions of open-minded and closed-minded.

Open-minded means: Come on in. Stay a while. Sit down. Let's have a conversation. The open-minded entertain ideas and reflect on the experience. They do not make snap judgments. They explore evidence. They invite ideas.

The open-minded understand and acknowledge that their opinions are either substantiated or invalidated by the information and instructions used in their thought processes. The open-minded will adjust as they learn. They will change as much as they need to in order to get to where they are supposed to be. They understand the goal is what can help them grow. Open-mindedness includes the spiritual mind.

The open-minded never make final decisions or draw conclusions. All decisions, no matter how certain at the moment, are ongoing decisions subject to revision.

For the open-minded, their identity is tied to the truth. They fear not knowing the truth from never encountering it or encountering it and not recognizing it. This is why they will investigate ideas they encounter to hone and develop their ability to recognize truth. A different idea is a chance to get better by practicing their recognition skills. They do not recognize truth solely by how the idea feels.

The open-minded tend to be children who have not fallen prey to misconceptions of adulthood. The open-minded also tend to be adults who embrace the child in themselves rather than try to erase or replace it. They understand the essence of childhood supports adulthood. (See “child, children, childhood” this blog)

Closed-minded means: I'm busy. What do you want? I don't want any unsolicited ideas. No, I don't have time. My life is fine. Quit talking crazy and don't come back. The closed-minded shut themselves off from the world of ideas. They do not allow anything different to enter their personal space so there is no chance to meet an idea on its own merits. This limits opportunities and growth.

The closed-minded fight ideas. They usually stick with something because they have for so long. There are other reasons, but “how long something is believed or disbelieved” is a top contributor to closed-mindedness. The closed-minded believe it's about who's right and who's wrong.

The closed-minded barricade themselves inside a mental and emotional house.. They ignore evidence. The closed-minded do not understand or acknowledge facts or other sources of information or other contexts that invalidate their opinions. They believe their audacity trumps veracity. As a result,the closed-minded say one thing and do another because there is no continuous reconciliation process between thoughts and actions because there is no continuous learning, adjusting and self-correcting process.

For the closed-minded, their identity is tied to the idea. A different idea is a threat to their identity and creates an identity crisis, because if they, for one moment, consider another idea or portion of it to be a better choice, insecurity about who they really are rises up to protect them. This is fear in disguise.

The closed-minded tend to be children and adults who think being grown means they can make decisions on their own. In other words, they don't have to listen to anyone, not even their spirit. In other words, they can restrict or shut off the dynamic flow of information and be self-assured it's the best thing for them because they have the right to make their own choices. This comes from the fallacy of individualism in many societies that misinforms people their choices only affect them.

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Television Writers Influence Brains & Mental Illness

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Know Truth | A Child's Way To Grow, No Doubt About It

Truth holds up under scrutiny. Lie does not.

Process of Elimination – Investigation Of Lies

Truth can be known by simply exposing enough lies. Whatever discourages investigation and questions tends to be a lie. So I must ask questions and check out the replies until deeply satisfied.

Process of Confirmation – Investigation Of Truth

Truth welcomes and invites investigation and questions. Truth will not rest within me until I do enough investigation, research and questioning to verify it. Truth does not want me to accept it and have no reasonable basis why.

This is evident in the truth-seeking nature in children. This is a main reason they relentlessly ask “Why.” Children want to confirm the truth of their understanding down to the most fundamental level. They want to know so every building block of knowledge is secure within them. A child's default approach is not to grow into adulthood. No! Not at all! Rather, a child's default approach is to grow into knowledge of truth until self and all else are understood.

This is the way to grow. This is how to know truth. Become a child again in this sense.

If I have stopped asking for confirmation in this manner, I must already know all the truth there is to know.

If I seek truth a child's way, I will find truth – new truth and more of the same truth. Until I do, truth will keep confronting me by asking, “Are you sure I'm truth? How do you know? Tell me more than one way you know.”

Truth will supply several ways to support knowledge of it. Truth wants me to have no doubt about it.

A child's way to know truth is more fundamental than bibles and more fundamental than Africa.

What A Child Believes

Despite a child's tendency to ask more questions, a child is more likely to believe any answer. It's easy to get a child to believe in Kris Kringle, who should mingle, some form of God, (read more)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10 Reasons Comments Deleted, Removed, Ignored

A reader posted this comment:
I know you don't like my comment so you can delete it. No hard feelings. It's okay, I'm used to it. :)

Reasons Comments Deleted, Removed Or Ignored

On this website, where the purpose is to promote conversation and learning, here are some reasons why comments are deleted, removed or ignored:

1. Not on topic

2. Do not add to the conversation

3. Are excessive in some way, especially in an ad hominem way. For explanation of ad hominem, see comment on 36 Facts About Manipulators & Manipulation

4. Comments continue to draw only upon human sources of information which have no factual, verifiable basis. Not even from human experiences. Not even from natural world examples. The truth of these sources lies solely in the belief of the person who relies upon the information. This approach to thinking and understanding does not foster conversation, learning or personal growth.

5. There is no basis/viewpoint/approach/philosophy presented that shows how the person got from their comment, statement or information to conclusion. It does not need to be fully developed but at least make an attempt.

6. When asked, there is no basis presented for how a basis was formed or at least why one basis is preferable to another.

7. Comments constantly ignore/skip over what the article or other readers say and proceed to make statements without providing a bridge of thought of why one side of the bridge was chosen. This is the same as talking to someone and responding as though nothing else has been said or heard. It indicates a lack of self-respect and a careless, dangerous approach to decision-making. It is not the sign of a healthy mind.

8. Commenter constantly does not show any indication of crossing the bridge and checking out what the other person is looking at or providing a basis why that is unnecessary.

9. Commenter constantly shows every indication of wanting to make an immediate decision when they encounter new information instead of showing the willingness to let the information circulate through their system, digest it, investigate and compare and contrast information. See, Understanding Digesting Information

10. Comment contains statements mixed in that are best said when only two people are in the room.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Struggling To Understand, Understanding To Struggle

“In order to be able to liberate or fight or struggle you have to be able to conceptualize a self,” - - Sister Asiba Tupahache
Sister Asiba also said, “When I came to him for help, I said, Dr. Ben, my relatives were Indians. He said five words that I will never forget to the day I die, “That's their word for you.”

I said “oh, “their” and “you.” There's a separation. There's a difference. And then came the beginning of understanding self.”

Sister Asiba said at one point her group of people were called extinct. Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan said:

“I don't feel that one square inch of Africa belongs to any European or Arab. When the last African dies, only then shall we give up the right to get back that last square inch of African land and the last indigenous person has not yet died on this continent, in Canada or in South America and they cannot rest until the last piece of the last square inch of land or the last body and last breath of their people has been blown.”

Sister Asiba went on to say, “It takes a mental turnaround [from being told you're extinct] to realizing that you're not. That began her search inward.
“When you seek the source of truth, it hits you and nobody can ever change it.”

Note: All of the above either quoted or paraphrased from, Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan - The Real History of Kemet/Egypt, begins 1:10:30

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ankh Cross Connection | African Symbols

If I'm afraid of this:

Then I should be afraid of this:

Because of this (1):

And this (2):

But I should not be afraid of facts

"Back to at least 400,000 B.C. [long before Adam, Eve and JC] artifacts have been found. The most ancient of these artifacts, one of the most important in Egypt, is called the "Ankh," which the Christians adopted..." (From, The Nile Valley Civilization and the Spread of African Culture)

The cross is thought by many Christians to be a unique emblem of their faith. The fact is that this cross is of ancient Ethiopian origin. The Christian cross is made in the exact image of the Ethiopian tau. (Paraphrased from, Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization)


Followers of some bibles love the symbol of the cross but consider the ankh to be evil, pagan, primitive and African yet both symbols are written in stone on the walls of ancient buildings in Africa's Nile Valley. Both the ankh and the cross were taken from Africa. Both the ankh and the cross are still ubiquitous.

This is another reason why Africa is more fundamental than bibles. Africa, African civilizations and African contributions to those bibles, came thousands of years before any bible.

Why is this important to us? Why is it important today?

If we expect to succeed to our highest level of capacity, Africa must be one of the fundamentals used to get the most out of effort. The source is the purest and most powerful source. To be sure we're drinking unpolluted waters, we must go back ahead of those who came after us and are dirtying history with lies.

We must turn to ancient Africa and her wisdoms. Why? Look at it this way. If Africa's teachings were not good and powerful, the other civilizations would not have built their civilizations based on African civilization. They would not have stolen all of Africa's ideas. We Africans everywhere must recognize the treasure of Africa within us. As we connect more and more of our individual power with Africa's collective powers, we approach escape velocity from wayward societies and closer to our natural selves.



*Master Teacher, Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan also shows a video of the ankh and cross on a temple wall in Kemet(Egypt). When this is found again, it will be posted here.

Africa, The Holy Land, Spirituality & Religion

African Ankh & Female/Male Gender Sex Symbols Connection

Saturday, August 16, 2014

African Consciousness & Justice For All Is Optimal Theory Based On Optimal Practice

All behavior is an afterthought. Behavior comes after thought. To change behavior, thought must change. Thought exists under an umbrella of consciousness. To ensure awareness is extended to its fullest range, self-study of fundamentals, needs and resources is required, along with self-study of self. This only applies to those who seek the best way – the optimal way through spirit consciousness.

If our Higher Parent is spirit then all brought forth by this Spirit is also spirit. Since same begets same and every seed after its kind; then, more than the sum of our thoughts, we possess spirit consciousness. (From, Day 2: Reintroducing The Spirit Relationship)

It would be inconsistent for a human to be created as a spirit being but not have any ability for spiritual reasoning. ( From, Understanding Digesting Information)

A Definition Of African Consciousness

“Afrikan Consciousness may be defined as an African person's state of mind when s/he maintains intellectual vigilance as the proper posture towards all scholarship which ignores the truth of the Afrikan origins of spirituality and civilization.

Afrikan Consciousness is the transforming power which enables African people to capture the true sense of our soul. Afrikan Consciousness is when an African person becomes totally changed to a conscious level of involvement in the struggle for their own (and other's) mind liberation and empowerment.” (From, Ray Hagins: Christianity VS Afrikan Consciousness, minute 16)

Why Justice Cannot Exist In The World As Long As Suboptimal Thinking Exists

“Optimal theory posits the nature of the particular set of assumptions (e.g., about the nature of reality, knowledge, how one knows, human identity, what is of value), become the intangible force gestating consciousness giving birth to perceptions, thoughts, feelings, meanings, and subsequently behavior. These principles emanating from an optimal worldview become collectively implemented as social policies, laws, institutional practices and procedures. By virtue of its fragmented nature, the current dominant social reality constructed is prone to [human]racism, sexism, classism, ageism, environmental degradation, elitism, rankism, and is thus, termed suboptimal. A sense of self alienated from its interconnecting core and moral compass informs discontinuous and fragmented perceptions which will fuel thought, feelings and behaviors that extend all the way through to social policies, practices and procedures, and laws. Institutionally reinforced, the principles underlying a suboptimal worldview will make it virtually impossible to create a just, sacred, and sustainable world. The fragmented mindset prevents holistic, integrative thinking, and will reflect the incapacity for the higher stages of ego, moral, and spiritual development.”(1)

Cry Not My Sons & Daughters, Seek Maat And Restore Her Orders

For every evil design brought into the world through the human mind, there is an unjust spirit behind it. For every one of these non-complementary creations, an answer will come through the human mind with the just spirit behind it.

Let us not forget, though the pain is great, the evil spirit is small compared to The Creator. In fact, the evil spirit is smaller than humans seeking completion because the evil one never has and never will seek completion or be complete; therefore, the incomplete evil spirit only has access to a portion of his power. The evil one and his mutated minions cannot have dominion over the chosen ones who connect all available energies.

This must be properly understood. When it comes to properly aligned and combined energies, one plus one does not equal two. It equals more than two. Energies in harmony increase exponentially, what cannot be achieved individually. This is the promise of abundance. The promise of abundance multiplies numbers and magnifies strength.

Why is this so? When we use and combine energy in just ways we are giving to the universe. The universe receives it and draws from universal stores to return energy, which is always more than we gave. Through giving actions we receive what we need.

We are the only limitation to what we desire in realization. The just have the power over sickness. Sickness is no match for us and neither are the evil ones. They succeed because we do nothing or what we do is not informed by African Consciousness and Optimal Theory.

Sickness, left unchecked, always gets worse. Even so, the current generation of adult humans hasn't stopped The Creator from defeating Ogo/Yurugu/Satan. Victory over sickness has already been achieved in the heavens. As promised, the full dosage of cure is on its way. It has been written and Divine will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Do not be mistaken or shaken by thoughts of impossibility. Victory will be secured in those preparing through African Consciousness and Optimal Theory. Maat, Great Mother of Justice will do what she must to restore natural law and order. The destruction of capitalism is high on her agenda. All the primordial forces obey her will. Will we?

Will We Take The Actions Called For Within To Help Our Mother Win?

We must use our free will consciously. By doing so, in accordance with God's will, our thoughts and actions speak and bring into the universe, “Peace, be still! Sickness be healed!” We have the collective power. Call upon the names of our fallen ones, the now risen ones. Ask them to take your messages higher and higher, to the council of ancestors, to the deities and to the Divine One. Appeal to them to use all power to protect our sons and daughters. Ask them to speed up the coming new day and show us how to help in any way.

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Africa | More Fundamental Than Bibles.

African Consciousness Called Me A Stupid Nigga' And Thankfully So


(1) Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., “Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities,” The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 72.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Spontaneous Voyage | Next Location Unknown

This is a loose description of the course travelled on Writer's Whirlpool. In retrospect, I'm just becoming aware of themes, usually several at once, which emerged and primarily dominated and defined periods. This summary is from memory and sufficient for the moment without reviewing the past 380+ articles. There has been constant overlap and intermixture of most topics. This, as in ecosystems and as in lives, is as it should be.

1. General – Self-study, reassessment, resources, mix of hopes, dreams, talents, gifts and spirit talking.

2. Body – Nutrition, self-study, health and Food Fight series.

3. Mind – Critical thoughts, ideas, self-study, social issues, politics and economics.

4. Spirit - 12-21-12 shift, context, history, self-study, meaning, definition, purpose, ancestors, Africa and exchanging money.

5. - Transition within transition, respite, basic needs, fundamentals and self-study.

6. Emotion –Integrated throughout.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Creator God | List of Names & Summary

Summary Of Who Is The Creator?

1. Who Is The Creator? | First Basis Using Exodus 3: 13-15
We all have the same Creator. This is a fundamental commonality of creation.

2. Who Is The Creator? | Second Basis Using Creation
Since the Creator created all creation, humans have the same Creator as wind, rain, earth and sun. We have the same Creator as all existing in the heavens. We have the same Creator as plants, other animals, insects, bacteria and rocks.

3. Who Is The Creator? | Third Basis Using Genesis 1:27
God, as used by many, usually refers to male only. Creator, as used by me, always refers to female and male and spirit in one entity.

Expanding List Of Names I Sometimes Use For The Creator

...Abundant, Adro-Adroa, Altruist, Amma, Amen-Ra, Ancestor, Ancient One, Ankh Of The Covenant, Atum, Authority, Beautiful, Before & Forevermore, Creator, Creator God, Divine, Employer of Elements, Energy, Eternal Essence, Faithful One, First Eye, First Mind,Forever Young-Forever Old, God, Goddess Het-Heru, Goddess Nut, Great Giver Of Gifts, Great Natural, Great Strategist, Healer, Hapi-ness, Harmony, Higher Power, I in I, Judge Jury & Restitutioner, Justice, Lawgiver, Love, Manifest Essence, Master & Servant, Mother-Father, Mother Of Motion, Mother Truth, My Father & My Mother, Multi-One, Nameless & Uncreated, Nature, Natural World, Nourishment, Nun-Nunet, Nutrition, Nyame, One, One In All, Parent, Poet, Possibilities, Power, Ptah, Recorder of Deeds, Shakapanga, Soul Sister Brother, Spirit, Superpower, Supplier of Needs, Supreme Being, Supreme Spirit Being, True To Their Word, Triple Black, Truth, Uncreated...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who Is The Creator? | Third Basis Using Genesis 1:27

Read: Who Is The Creator? | First Basis Using Exodus 3: 13-15

Natural World Context

The natural world is necessary for us to live. Isn't it reasonable then, that the meaning of life must come from the source of life? The path to understanding the Creator is through creation. To know what anyone or anything is about, study their creations.

The natural world comes from the imagination of the Creator. The entire natural world is representative “of” the Creator. The entire natural world is a representative “for” the Creator. Human understanding of life & existence and of the Creator must go through the natural world. To attempt to go directly to God is to skip over that which is given for guidance and assistance.

What we learn from humans we must double-check against the natural world. Our benefit of the doubt must be given to the natural world whenever there is any discrepancy between what a human says and what the natural world displays. (Portions from, Natural World Context & Female Force) )

According To Some

God, the male Father, the male Son and the Holy Spirit created everything without a female. While designing creation, they decided to make male and female in plants, animals and insects. They decided to put male and female in the sun and moon and in planets such as Venus and Mars. Then this male trio created male and female in their likeness. Huh?

Genesis 1:27 says, “ So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Genesis 1:27 tells us the image of God is male and female. The natural world tells us the same thing. This is why, if we really want to get to the truth, we will go to the natural world to get firsthand information or for verification of secondhand information. Since God is both male and female, the Holy Trinity must contain a female.

Third Basis For Using The Term “Creator”

As shown overwhelmingly throughout the natural world, the coming together of male and female is the primary way life is created.

Humans are not only made in the image of the Creator. They are made in the family structure of the Creator. Mother, Father and Child. The creation of the universe and all it contains was and still is a joint male/female process.

The term “Creator” is used so as not to be confused with the term “God.” God, as used by many, usually refers to male only. Creator, as used by me, always refers to female and male and spirit in one entity.

Why should females expect equality on earth if there has been no Divine female representative at the highest level in heaven since the beginning?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Who Is The Creator? | Second Basis Using Creation

See Who Is The Creator? | First Basis Using Exodus 3: 13-15

Second Basis For Using The Term “Creator”

Since the Creator created all creation, humans have the same Creator as wind, rain, earth and sun. We have the same Creator as all existing in the heavens. We have the same Creator as plants, other animals, insects, bacteria and rocks. We also have the same origin as many vilified aspects of creation we label “pests,” “bugs,” “weeds,” “invasive species,” and “unintelligent.” Evidently we believe the Creator creates useless and stupid things.

We must remind ourselves of our created connection so we don't overlook who our relatives are and who our ancestors are. This consciousness, or lack thereof, speaks directly to our behaviors. Before there was a need for a savior, we were conceived by the same Creator.

Until we grasp this fundamental connection we share with all creation, seeking salvation through a savior is putting many carts before many horses. It is out of order. Why? It's because salvation comes through creation. It not only comes through creation but through the harmonious interaction of creation.

Why Different Creators For Humans And Non-Humans Is Unlikely

Ecosystems. That's why. Life and existence are based on ecosystems. Ecosystems are based on harmony.

All matter above Earth, on Earth, in soil, air and water and below them, is part of creation and part of the ecosystem. The ecosystem includes and depends on wind, temperature, humidity, gravity, rotation, revolution, volcanoes, moon, stars, space and Earth's cores. Humans are dependent on the interdependency of all this.

If there are different Creators who thought it best to separately create, then these Creators would have separated their creations and their ecosystems. Since this is not the case, one Creator for all creation is more likely. There must be One in charge of All for harmony to exist.

Is our common ancestry with the rest of the natural world true or not? Is our need to grasp this more fundamental than bibles?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Who Is The Creator? | First Basis Using Exodus 3: 13-15

In response to this comment on Africa | More Fundamental Than Bibles.
“Who is the creator that you speak about? Does he have a name? My God is the I Am, Alpha to Omega, beginning and the end. Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I could go on and on. Jesus is my Savior not my religion.”

In Exodus 3:13-15 of the Christian Bible, is a fundamental principle. The name of God is not the most important thing.

God did not answer the way Moses expected. First God said, just know I Am. I am who I am.

Next, God continued to address Moses' concern, but even so, God did it broadly. Tell the Israelites I am the God of all your ancestors and all of you.

Additional Lessons

God redirected Moses from a human concern over a name and said, first Moses, you need to be able to grasp that I am who I am, who I say I am and who I want to be. The Israelites need to be able to do the same thing. I am not tied to a name. I Am is not tied to a name. My identity is not bound up in names the way humans use names as proof of identity. Essence is more important, more proof, more authoritative and more powerful.

My essence is that I am who I am. This is what humans need to remember today. Even though many examples, experiences, occurrences, events and scriptures contain things that apply to that moment only, the fundamentals they contain are always applicable and effective.

Secondly, God said to Moses, answer the Israelites this way: Israelites, God is your God because God is the God of your fathers. If there is any doubt about this, God can't help us and we can't go any further because there is a fundamental separation.

Continue to say to them Moses, we cannot afford to have a misunderstanding of the essence, authority and power of who we call upon for help. In order for us to work together and get out of this mess, we must fundamentally be on the same page as we turn every page. We must have knowledge that God is capable of helping us in the way in which we need help and that we are capable of doing what God tells us to do in order to help ourselves at the same time God is helping us. There's a long way to go to get ourselves out of bondage and to where we need to be. There must be fundamental fusion, not confusion.

There must be fundamentals that are unshakeable in order to make progress. This is necessary to achieve success with quickness. This is the process to receive God's promises. Promises come through awareness and application of fundamentals established.

First Basis For Using The Term “Creator”

We all have the same Creator. This is a fundamental commonality of creation. “Creator” is a unifying term as we work our way out of the bondage of blindness that keeps us from freely seeing our essence. “Creator” is used in the King James Version of the Christian Bible 5 times.

Why Different Creators For Different Folks Is Unlikely

Based on the histories told by various branches of the family tree, it sounds like everyone with their separate Divinities and culture, simultaneously sprang up on Earth and each developed their own root system with all the basics for survival and civilization. These separate, different Gods and Higher Powers couldn't afford separate Earths for themselves and their separate people. After realizing they had to share Creation space, they agreed on natural laws of the ecosystem but not on rules of living for human interaction. Even so, not one of these Higher Powers opted to separate their people by having them live underwater, underground, breathe carbon dioxide or have incompatible reproductive systems. From, Day 8: Human History Is Revealing & Healing

Is there more than one Creator? Yes or no, explain fundamentally how this is so.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Africa | More Fundamental Than Bibles

This is in response to the article and comments at this link: Fundamentals | Always Applicable And Effective

Bibles Don't Harmonize

Bibles, of which there are many, are things humans create in their attempt to understand life and existence. Land, water and food are things the Creator creates. Nothing man creates can be more fundamental than what the Creator creates. Everything humans create will always be secondary and subpar to what the Creator creates unless humans create in accordance with the fundamental principle of harmony.

African Consciousness

Consciousness raising is also more fundamental because it moves us in the direction of our Creator. Despite all the countries that assume they have relevance, the African continent is more fundamental than them all. It is, in fact, still the richest in natural resources. It is, in fact, the place the Creator chose to bring humans and humanity into the world. Africa contains the foundations for all cultures and all civilizations before these offshoots went astray. Africa contains the foundation of the ancestry of every human that has ever existed.

A Little More About Bibles

Cultures, civilizations and humans were in existence for tens of thousands of years before any bible existed. Many of the ideas in today's bibles come from African thought. Some of these ideas are written in stone on the walls in Kemet and other places in the Nile Valley and throughout the Motherland. If there is such a thing as “almost heaven,” it was, is and will be in Africa. This is true because all things were once in order and will be restored to natural order. Order must exist somewhere, otherwise disorder would have consumed the world and itself a few thousand years ago. This order exists wherever creation is adhering to the fundamentals.

Back To Consciousness

Bibles and other tools/weapons have been used to block the fundamental consciousness that everyone is an African – from the blackest to the whitest and to every variation in between. Our greatest grandparents are African no mater who we are. Those parents were short of stature but tall of character. See, Spiritual Forgetfulness, Alkebu-lan (Afrikan) Amnesia and Crazy...

Through raising awareness, thus consciousness, we come to know ourselves. As we grow to know ourselves we grow to understand our parents, their parents and so on. This understanding keeps expanding and helps us understand the natural world and the parents of us all – The Creator. Knowledge of self is the saving grace available to us all.

When we heed the advice of our ancestors who told us often to know yourself, we are doing what is fundamentally important to this life and existence. Back in the day this was so fundamental, they wrote “know yourself” over the doors of temples. More fundamental than going to church is to go in search, of knowledge of self.

Having The Proper Identification At All Times

As a result of knowing ourselves we grow into our proper identity. Identity is also more fundamental than bibles. Most, if not all, individual and collective problems and crises, stem from identity crisis. This is true since without proper identification we lack full awareness of what harmony really is and what it takes to achieve it. In other words, until we know who we are, we cannot know who to get with or what to get with to form harmonious relationships within ourselves and outside ourselves. Until we know who we are, we cannot know what works for us or against us except through unnecessary trial and error. If we had the proper identification, we could properly identify all other things. We must get valid identification and carry it at all times or else remain self-arrested.

As has been said, the absence of harmony is a fundamental flaw. Without a substantial grasp of the fundamental of harmony, fundamentals in many areas, having nothing sustainable to inform choices which support them, must fall apart.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fundamentals | Always Applicable And Effective

Their execution may have to be reshaped but the principles for progress and health are timeless and powerful, no matter the year because the problems have the same fundamental causes.

Consciousness raising indeed is what is needed. Kwame Toure addresses this in the video, Converting The Unconscious To Conscious

History, created greatness, land, resources. Present understandings regarding these concepts, and more, are a matter of mis-education that is blocking the memory that is resident in our DNA.

In addition to what Brother Ture suggests, here are 5 views from others, including myself, that state fundamental problems and pretty much tell us, in essence, where the bulk of our focus should be.

1. “Many problems stem from land ownership and water rights. Land and water provide the ability to meet basic needs.” From, Our Fatal Flaw – The Absence Of Harmony. The Root Cause Of Many Problems.

2. Power is land and the tools to work the land. This idea is borrowed from Dr. David Deberry, ”Forty Acres – Power And Justice”

3. Willie Lynch adherents know what power is and how to get it, they say, ...”to master a human being, no matter what his race or color, all you need to do is to strip him of his identity, his land, the strength of his culture, and the memory of his ancestors.” In other words, take, mis-educate, then dominate." (1)

4. “When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the Land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught us how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible” (Jomo Kenyatta, former President of Kenya, African Nationalist and leader of the Mau Mau rebel group)

5. ”The white man is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably with his religion. We were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers and our clan can no longer act like one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.” (Achebe, Chinua, Things Fall Apart) and Family Relationships | Why Things Fall Apart And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8j)

6. Malcolm X has told us in “There's No Such Thing as a Non-violent Revolution,” that “revolution is based on land, land is the basis of all independence, land is the basis of freedom, justice and equality.”

What is more fundamental?

Update 5.26.17

What is more fundamental is spirit-soul. Call it spiritual only or soulful only if you choose. No matter what, we must increase our understandings of the spirit-soul aspect of self and the spirit-soul aspect that exists in all else. We can always begin within and by observing and listening. We can also begin with studying spirituality and its lesser form, religion.

What is more fundamental to help us achieve necessary understandings for our evolution, is understanding fundamental things such as origin, beginning, dimension... This reconstruction process of contextual framework allows everything else to logically fit into proper position and automatically simultaneously initiates the process of reconfiguring all other connections, until the importance of land becomes so brilliant, that it outstrips our glorification of money, just as we already understand the Sun is superior to all lights on Earth shining at once.

What is more fundamental is a steady, continuous improving integration (optimizing as opposed to maximizing) of all fundamentals.

(1) Brewer, Rose PhD, Associate Professor, African "American" [quotes added later]Studies, University of Minnesota, Minnepolis, MN, "Teaching and Critical Thinking: Implications for African "American"[quotes added later] Studies", , accessed 6/9/13.