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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Unity Consciousness #9 | Understanding African History Classics

“For my conscious being is involved in the struggle to teach African people how to think better of themselves through a knowledge of their role in human history. I have said many times, Africa is the world's richest continent. It is the prize for ALL the people of the world. All non-Africans downgrade Africa and all non-Africans crave to capture it.
Africa has had and still has, things the rest of the world want, think they can't do without and don't want to pay for.

Because they want to seize African people, they want to plunder Africa, they have created a rationale for so doing.

Africa has been under seige for over 3,000 years. Africa's enemies came from western Asia, mistakenly called the Middle East, for 2,000 years before Africa's enemies started coming from Europe.” -- Dr. John Henrik Clarke in the video, Teaching Afrikans to Think Better of Themselves.

Don't Hate On Us, We're Fabulous

We're all that we've got
And no matter whatever together we'll weather the storm
And meanwhile with all we got it might get rough but it's alright
Cause U-N-I-T-Y is all we need to get our R-E-S-P-E-C-T
And never G-I-V-E U-P
And keep your H-E-A-D U-P
And never G-I-V-E U-P
And keep your H-E-A-D U-P
And never G-I-V-E U-P
And keep your H-E-A-D U-P
And never G-I-V-E U-P
And keep your H-E-A-D U-P
And never G-I-V-E U-P
And keep your H-E-A-D U-P
And never G-I-V-E U-P
And keep your H-E-A-D U-P
-- Lyrics by Jaheim from the song, “Fabulous.”

Understanding Everything Is Everything

Understanding History Is Self-Respect Is Self-Esteem Is Knowing Yourself Is African Is Nutrition Is Salvation Is Eternity Is The Creator.
Insignificance Is Significance Is Insignificance
Interconnectedness Is Oneness Is Unity Is Intelligence Is Healthy

This article is largely excerpted from the teaching video referenced above.

Going Back To My Roots

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unity Consciousness #8 | African Promise To A Nation

This is a continuation of The System of Human Racism White Supremacy Series.

Another Exercise in Black Mental Health and Black Self-Respect

Per Master Teacher, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, here's an exercise we can all do as needed.

Hug yourself and say...
I love myself. I really mean, I love myself. I love my Black self. I'm asking the Creator to give me patience as I deal with myself and the weaknesses I've learned under The System of Human Racism White Supremacy, but I will be patient and caring.

Again, What Is The Goal Objective?

“Our future as a people is the goal objective. We have to get our act together beyond the individual self-satisfaction and see a nation, a global nation that we are supposed to be building 21st century. If we're not going to do that then we need to be satisfied with genocide.”

“Sometimes when we look at the magnitude of the problem, we can get discouraged, but when we see little children, it ought to motivate us to be determined that those children are going to have every conceivable opportunity. It should also give us heart that we can be who we are supposed to be.”

The System of Human Racism White Supremacy is 24/7 times 365 times a lifetime. Black people are being bombarded.” Yet, we achieve despite the odds. And yet our children are still being born full of promise.

As we keep removing obstacles we self-inflict, no matter all the other odds, by virtue of natural forces and Maat, we will re-assume our rightful place.

We Have Help

Climate change for the planet and for human beings is the direct result and the expected result of the natural world self-correcting. Natural systems always do this. This self-correcting is being assisted by the Creator, who is the The Great Natural. The sun, Heru is warming up to be the hero. Het-Heru, the mother of the sun is transforming into Sekhmet, the lioness heroine. She is preparing to devour and to launch arrows into the hearts of humans who attack the Creator by attacking creation.

We do not want to get caught up in this crossfire or become a case of mistaken identity which causes our helper to kill us also. This is possible if we are are looking, thinking, acting and living like the enemy. The greatest tragedy will be the innocent children who are following our misleading. The best way to prepare ourselves is by embracing all things natural, fundamental, foundational and nutritional. It is beneficial to affirm Scientific Admission #20, then be about the business of doing something about it. The simplest way to know what to do is in 9,999 out of every 10,000 instances, those who want to be healthy should do the opposite of the sick.

“We are going to win this war for justice on this planet and we all are going to be soldiers.”

Sons And Daughters, Seek Maat And Restore Her Orders

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

21 Behaviors To Counteract Human Racism White Supremacy
Unity Consciousness #7

21 Behaviors To Counter The System Of Human Racism White Supremacy

Since the foundation of this war is a systemized, institutionalized, government(citizen)-backed attack, the way to fight back, as Dr. Leonard Jeffries puts it, is a systemized response. The following list is a part of that systemized response. It is a list of behaviors to counter The System Of Human Racism White Supremacy per Neely Fuller. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has made additions to this list. Dr. Welsing calls this same list, “Exercises in Black Mental Health and Black Self-Respect In Building A Counter-Racist Community.” This list contains paraphrases, adjustments and other additions.

Per Dr. Welsing, “The behaviors listed below are very small and people tend to think they are not important but they are critically important in helping us transform the negative behaviors we don't even know we have internalized from The System of Human Racism White Supremacy.”

1. Stop name-calling one another.
2. Stop cursing one another.
3. Stop squabbling with one another.
4. Stop being discourteous and disrespectful to one another.
5. Stop stealing from one another.
6. Stop robbing one another.
7. Stop fighting one another.
8. Stop killing one another.
9. Stop using and selling drugs to one another. This includes legal drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes and other things that are clearly unhealthy physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally.
10. Stop making Back children think, that as children, they can be adequate mothers and fathers.
11. No marriage until at least 30.
12. Before marriage, each person should ask at least 200 - 500 questions of the other to aid in the process of discovering compatibility. Although each question can be answered by both people, no question can be duplicated; therefore, the total questions would be 400 – 1,000 between the two people. Write down the questions and answers and study them so there's no miscommunication. Ensure questions include the topics in ”64 Basic Needs That Are Spiritual.”
13. No sex until marriage. When people start out with sex, it creates the illusion of closeness and being on the same page.
14. No more than two children, no closer than three years apart so each child has a chance to get their emotional needs met.
15. Children have to be held and comforted when they need it or seek it.
16. Ensure children have a role model for their gender.
17. Start educating our own children.
18. Stop forming relationships based on “love” and form them based on whether you want to get together to produce and raise strong Black children to counter the System of Human Racism White Supremacy. If we begin to think deeply what it is we're supposed to do under the conditions of Human Racism, we will start exercising the self-respect muscle so we start respecting, one another and understand the coming together of the Black man and Black woman should be to oppose this war that is aggressively being waged against us.
19. Stop throwing down trash where Black people live, work and play.
20. Stop allowing Black, Brown, Red and Yellow people to be divided and conquered by the System of Human Racism White Supremacy. We are the 90% majority on the planet.
21. Stop pretending Human Racism White Supremacy does not exist. Post-racial does not exist.
22. Combine and conquer!

23. This is one of the details of #20. Stop putting work identity, work behavior and work interactions, above your African Blackness identity as you are dealing with other African Blacks as employees, customers, vendors.
a) ”Workplace Logic Is Usually Racist Logic, Phase One, Unity Consciousness #1140”

b) ”Beingness Versus Being At Work, Phase One, Unity Consciousness #1155”

24. Start learning more about “mental illness” and what “crazy” means.

Why numbers 10 thru 18?

We are engaging in serious business. The production of a Black child is serious business. That child needs as much stability as she/he can get.”

“We have to master the science of Black child production and development for countering Human Racism White Supremacy because this is a war.” To fight a systemized war against us requires a scientific, organized, disciplined approach. “Nobody is going to maximally develop us but ourselves. We want to perfect taking care of our children so they can be instruments for the production of justice on this planet.”

Why This List?

Although this has already been addressed in Understanding Human Racism White Supremacy Still Exists, here is another way to communicate the importance of practicing the behaviors above.

“The System of Human Racism White Supremacy has put us under hellish conditions for hundreds of years and we have been hoping they want to integrate us into the goodies. Now we're finding out, that's not where they are coming from. They are coming from save themselves and in saving themselves, they feel we have to be destroyed.”

"So we have to get an army of Black people who love and respect Black, love and respect themselves, treat themselves, and one another with respect so our children look at us and they see love and they see respect and they don't go around saying “I don't wanna be Black.” They start saying, “I'm Black and I'm Proud and Black is Beautiful because they see that carrying out in front of them.

That goes for all of us in how we are interrelating with each other and what we are teaching our children. When it comes to our cosmic assignment on this planet, God wasn't playing when Africans were made the parents of everybody. We've just fallen out of line. I'm sure the Creator is sitting back saying, I've given you everything to work with, now I'm going to see whether you're going to rise up to what I, the Creator, created you to be.”

(Five On The Black Hand Side by Keisha Brown)

19 Commitments To Combat Global Racism, Unity Consciousness #1736 - Sunday, September 15, 2019

Monday, October 27, 2014

Understanding Human Racism White Supremacy Still Exists
Unity Consciousness #6

Understanding The System Still Exists

The System of Human Racism White Supremacy is at the core of The War on Black Males, Black Females, Black Children, Black Families & Africans. This is true for all Africans wherever we are geographically and no matter any other affiliation, status or identity we have attached ourselves to.

This is true for the ex-con, the newborn, the student, the employed, the athlete, the entertainer, the famous, the Phd, the dropout, the hard worker, the lazy, those who do everything they are supposed to do, those who do everything the system wants them to, those who kiss Silly Illy Nilly Willie's wonka and do his dirty work, those with good credit, the entrepreneur, the billionaire, the pauper, those with “benefits,” those with retirement money, those working for the government, the veteran, the disabled, the physically dead, the unborn, those with numerous so-called friends, those who act like the enemy, those who look like the enemy as much as possible, those who worship with the enemy, those who worship a God who does not look like themselves, the elderly, the most law-abiding and the most devout religiously. It doesn't matter. We are all in the same one-sided war being waged against us. We are all targets of The System of Human Racism White Supremacy. This is old news. Experiences and examples by the millions attest to this. No one is immune from this nonstop, ongoing war. Yet many still refuse to acknowledge what is irrefutable despite the system of institutionalized bullets that are attacking and killing us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, politically and economically at an ever-increasing pace. This has all been and is still being foretold and shown by the fundamental references. This war is in keeping with climate change.

As has been explained many times before, this exact same war is also being waged against all those who do not consider themselves Africans. It is being waged against them in all the categories listed in the first two paragraphs. Since they are likely unaware, they are participating in the war against themselves and thus are committing suicide and self-genocide. Even those who are aware and are the instigators of the war, are killing themselves. This is why they are in a panic due to climate change. They keep doing the same behavior and expect things to change for the better. It can't. It won't – at least not in this fashion.

Non-African thinking people think their greatest hindrance to their survival is the African when the opposite is true. The only hope for all those who consider themselves to be non-African, is the African. This has always been true. The evidence has already been shown millions of times over in the humanizing and civilizing and educating of the entire planet. Search “history” on this blog alone and you will find sufficient proof.

The fact that Africans are the foundation of original thinkers, philosophizers and creators of most knowledge that is needful has already been shown in the fact that the overwhelming majority of needful knowledge is grounded in Africa. It is also shown by the fact that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all based on African spiritual traditions. Without the African, humans would be in the Dark Ages which is why Dark Ages have occurred in the past and why current societies, that assume they can exist without the natural influence of Africans, are actually societies that are in a Dark Age. This must be so when we have mistaken sickness for greatness, imbalance for intelligence, happiness for Hapi-ness and love for Maat.

We have further mistaken the current system of education as the key. This is contradictory to the results the education system produces. Per Dr. John Henrik Clarke, “education is for the purpose of training the student in the proper use of power.” Clearly, today, education trains us to abuse power by misusing power – our resources, our rights and our responsibilities. In fact, the current education system itself is an abuse of power. Why? It purposefully teaches all students to be less than they can be while claiming to do the opposite. Search “education” on this blog alone and you find sufficient proof.

The education system teaches us to believe in a contradiction rather than in what we know. For example, we know if roots are damaged or removed, a tree suffers. Yet, we damage and try to remove the African roots of the Human Family Tree and think we can survive. All people are a branch of the African Tree. This has been proven. Since all branches have been harming the African root, all people have been in decline – not just the African. This is hidden by substituting the abnormal for the normal, thus making us think things have gotten better and are getting better. Nothing can be further from the truth. In the face of all evidence to the contrary, the education system and all its accomplices, teaches us to accept the current state of the physical, be irrational and be emotional, thus we've been becoming mental rather than becoming spiritual.

Africa is the light of the world because Heru is the light of Africa. Through blackness comes light in both cases. Just as the sun contains a core of blackness for the solar system, so does Africa contain the core of blackness for civilizing systems, i.e., civilizations.

” war with Black America, indigenous America, and whoever it deems to be politically expendable non-white populations.”

Tackling a Racial Gap in Breast Cancer Survival

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Poem | Lady Restorer, Carolyn Ann Sharp Johnson

Communicating With Carolyn's Spirit As She's Transcending

Are you still wondering
as you're transcending
back through the African
where human life begins?

As your life is continuing
are you enjoying
meeting the Ancestors
and the rest of them?

Are you also missing
us as we're transitioning
mourning and celebrating
seeking rebalancing
what is without
and what is within?

In Living Awareness Of
Carolyn Ann Sharp Johnson.
This stage, nearly 60 years:
10-17-54 to 10-11-14
We are listening
through all ways of knowing
waiting for you speaking
to women, children and men.

Are you understanding
the best way of helping
this family mend
then blend again?

Help us with remembering
the important things
how to transform weakness
by strengthening
and through you
let our loving extend.

Her descent is Bryant, Hutcherson,
Sharp, Williams, Johnson.
(Lovingly submitted by her Family)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Poem Of Black Love, Relationships & Liberation
A Liberating Black People's Prayer for Justice & Peace

A Liberating Black People's Prayer for Justice & Peace

by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Thou who art Blacker
Than a trillion midnights;
Whose eyes shine brighter
Than a billion suns.

Thou whose hair doth
Coil tighter
than a
Million springs, radiating
All energies throughout
The universe.

We beseech Thee, One
And Only One
To give us total strength
to carry out Thy will for the universe!
To establish justice on
planet Earth
and live in peace.

Copyright © 1996 Dr. Welsing - All Rights Reserved

Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act

Poem | Strip Search Of Democracy, Monarchy Revealed

Monday, October 13, 2014

Unity Consciousness #5 | Seeking Understanding Honors Maat

Unity Consciousness #1 explains the importance of understanding. I return to this subject to review it and study it further to enhance my understanding of understanding.

Learning Comes Before Understanding

Just because understanding is the first part of Maat doesn't mean understanding is the first thing that happens when I encounter information. No, it isn't. Taking in information and studying must come first. Understanding often doesn't come right away; especially by simply looking, hearing, reading, thinking, feeling and waiting.

Understanding does not mean information I take in now is the information I am understanding now. Understanding requires continuous learning. Even if I am understanding something right away, it is due to what I had already begun to understand.

The Moral Of The Short Story

In the same way I must not focus on the finished meal while preparing the meal, I must not overly concern myself with understanding. Being aware understanding comes throughout the process is sufficient. Understanding will naturally occur if I continue to take in information and study. All bits and pieces of understanding from various areas of knowledge are useful in bringing forth understanding in any area.

For Now I Am Understanding

It would be nice if I could get understanding all at once, but this is not a realistic expectation nor something to be desired. The benefits come from going through the process, not from simply getting from not understanding to understanding. In fact, just wanting someone to supply an answer is a sure way to not know or begin understanding something. This is why I have had answers and didn't use them properly and still have some left on the shelf. Because the answer did not come through effort, it did not come with understanding nor did it come with significance. This must be acquired individually with guidance collectively. No one can pass it on to another person. If I simply am given an answer that I did not go through the process to acquire, then all I have is information. Giving me an answer, though it seems efficient, is only sufficient to leave me deficient in understanding, growth and development. Giving me an answer is a sure way to move me backwards from not understanding to thinking I understand which misleads me away from seeking. If I am told an answer, I must follow it up with the same thought process as if I did not have the answer. Going through the process will reinforce the answer. It will also serve as a double-check and confirmation to see if I arrive at the same answer. Doing this also helps the one, who with good intentions, was kind enough to provide the answer. As each person goes through the process, the opportunity for mistakes in the process to remain hidden are decreased. This helps the universe, thus I am helping the Creator. This must be so in accordance with Maat and since the Creator is interrelated in all things.

If I keep asking for answers, I am asking someone to feed me – something I can do myself. Therefore, I must quit seeking answers and seek processes. As Sister Marimba Ani tells me, "the process of learning is most important. The way I learn affects me deeply.” (1)

For Now I Am Understanding More About The Creator

Even the creation of the universe did not happen all at once. It happened as a process in stages. The Creator didn't create once and stop. The Creator didn't create for one week and stop. The Creator is creating right now because the Creator is still alive and experiencing the universe and expanding in understanding. The Creator is not sitting around waiting for us to get there or send up some prayers.

If I am to be as the Creator someday and be with the Creator always, I must do as the Creator always - seek understanding.

Seeking Understanding From Now On

Since there is no such thing as being finished with understanding, there is no such thing as “now I understand.” The only thing that exists is I understand, “for now” or I am understanding. Since I am understanding in part and knowing in part, I must seek understanding along with understanding the process of understanding. I must do so until I have made it through the last stage – if there is such a thing.


(1) The importance of processes is becoming clearer. I am now realizing, with ever-increasing clarity, the meaning of two often repeated sayings. One is about life not being a destination, it's how you get there. Another saying about giving someone a fish versus teaching them how to fish. Both are about the process. I didn't understand them then, as much as I am beginning to now. Processes are helping me understand a few more things such as: where in life “there” is, how to get there, who my teachers are and how to fish.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unity Consciousness #4 | Values Cause Failure Or Success

Before we seek to understand how values cause failure or success, we must look at where values come from.

Values Come Out Of Philosophy

This is expected since we've already learned Maat is a philosophy and Maat is where the African value system comes from.

According to Obenga, “Human beings always need to discern what is real, true, right, or lasting. Such insight is wisdom, because understanding what is true, right, or lasting necessarily elevates the mind. To philosophize was not just to speculate about life and reflect on nature, but also to be engaged with love, intense desire, and strong enthusiasm in the investigation of causes underlying reality in order to build up a system of values by which society may live.” (1)

This tells us, the only way to create a value system not respectful of creation is to have a philosophy that hates, has intense disgust and strong enthusiasm against the laws and orders of nature. This type of philosophy can only be developed through unscientific means.

Choose A Value System, Choose To Fail Or Succeed

A value system strengthens through respect. It connects people to an interdependency on resources the Creator has provided and to an interdependency on each other. Those who share this type of value system do not go outside themselves for what is necessary to maintain the value system.

Per Ancestor & Master Teacher Yosef ben-Jochannan, “The reason we are failing is because we have taken European values.”

He goes on to remind us, successes come “when the African man, woman or child, approach whatever they are doing from an African perspective.”

It should now be clear to every African, Maat is the way out of this mess. If this is not yet clear, as always, we must seek additional understanding. One way is by studying to show ourselves approved.

Refocusing Responsibility

Values cause failure or success. People choose values from their philosophy. People create philosophy from their understanding of reality, that is to say, what they either believe or know is true. Even after we account for all mitigating factors, people are still responsible for their failure or success.

Africans must examine who the philosophers are their values are coming from. If we don't know or don't want to try to figure it out, one thing we do know is our value system is not working out.

It's much easier to reset our value system to the African philosophy of Maat. We have to reset and reformat our computers sometimes, and having no other choice, it always ends up being worth it. We must do the same and reconfigure our lives, unless someone can provide a better option.

Related Proverbs:

Follow no one's advice or their ways, holidays, traditions, religions, educational teachings, social behavior, family dynamics and relationship ideas unless you also follow the philosophy of their value system.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Unity Consciousness #3 | Examining Value Systems

Examining Value Systems With All Senses

Morals, values and what people value, are all the same thing. They lead to laws in society. A society's laws must be filled with respect for all creation before it can be considered a civilization. A society filled with laws that dishonor the rights of creation is a society filled with dishonorable people, whether the people agree or not. (1)

People do not pretend to separate religion from government (Church from State), unless people intend to say one thing and do another.

Whatever changes “in form” in a society but does not change “in substance,” still reflects what the people want, i.e. for slavery to never go away even if it means all citizens must continue to be slaves. Another example of what the people still want is for truths to be delayed until the last day. A final example of what the people still want is for women to be first and foremost used in a sexual manner throughout society and especially how they are encouraged to dress and in the selling of products and services.

Whatever lingers in a society, legal or not, reflects the true intentions of the people.

Actions alone and inaction alone expose the true nature of a society's value system. Words alone and silence alone attempt to hide the true nature of a society's value system. Examples, experience and the results of institutions provide ample evidence of a society's value system.

Each Person's Personal Value Test

Which society has the same value system as me? Once I have an answer, I must check the value system I've chosen against the universal value system of Maat and the rights of creation. Are some changes necessary? Why or Why not?


(1) Once we reach a certain age, we absolutely know what our society reflects. If we do not, we have not matured sufficiently. If we have not matured as we should, we are becoming or have become stagnant. Stagnation makes us weaker and eventually sick.

All creation must remain in motion and go through the intended stages of change. Humans must stay in motion according to their intended process of development in order to maintain the feel and rhythm of time and everything else in motion.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Unity Consciousness #2 | Maat, A Value System With Rights Of Creation

Maat's Philosophy Doubles As A Value System

Maat is understanding, consciousness, truth, wisdom, balance, ecosystem, harmony, unity, reciprocity, justice, peace, righteousness, natural order, equality, health, fulfillment, Hapi-ness, security and more.

Ecosystem Of Values

A value system must work like a personal ecosystem if it is to be beneficial. There can be no conflicting values. Our value system must also work with the Creator's ecosystem. Doesn't this make sense, since we depend on the Creator's ecosystem?

Values Translate Into Rights Of Creation

1. To enjoy inherent rights established by the Creator.
2. Right to life.
3. Free access to land and water.
4. Basic needs met which include safety and medical care.
5. To be taught Maat.
6. Free access to nutrition that fuels knowledge of self so purposes and destinies may be discovered in order to live as intended.
7. To be free from intentional introduction of toxins and pollutions in any area of life and any aspect of life.
8. To understand we must change because change exists to benefit creation. If we do not change, we will still be changed. We will face the brunt and blunt force of change as opposed to experiencing a much smoother transition of change by moving with it as it naturally occurs, a little at a time in steps and stages. This does not imply all change takes a long time.
9. To be told truths in schools, in religions and by governing bodies. This would automatically eliminate cultures based on fear. Fear is mainly the result of thinking based on false notions and lies. Thus, fear is caused by our beliefs and not by our knowledge. Show me a fearful person and I will show you someone whose beliefs exceed their knowledge. The same is true of societies.
10. Free access to knowledge.
11. To be taught science.
12. Knowledge viewed as a collective resource.
13. Collective resources freely shared with all according to need without question or shame.
14. To be taught the right to make choices is not an escape route from responsible thinking.
15. To understand progress does not involve tradeoffs, side effects or create different problems.
16. To understand technology must satisfy Maat.
17. To understand the value of money.
18. To understand all rights come with responsibilities.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Unity Consciousness #1 | Understanding Maat Is The Way

Maat, pronounced (Mah-AHT), is an African moral philosophy. Maat provides the overall fundamental guidance for life.

Understanding Must Come First

Even though Maat contains several meanings, Maat is first, the "understanding" of things. We must start from understanding.

Understanding Requires Context

We must first understand in the proper context. This context is our relationship to nature, cosmos and society.

All information must be examined in light of each relationship. Once we understand very well how information relates to and impacts what we have a relationship with, then we can build our lives on some values.

Understanding Leads To Proper Decision-Making

When information is clear in our minds, then and only then, can we judge properly, in order to make decisions.

Everything else Maat is, comes after understanding. (1)

Once we understand the fundamental aspects of our relationships, we also understand the necessity of Maat in helping us honor those relationships. (2)

We must understand Maat, understand relationships and understand information to honor relationships. This is the same as living an honorable life. Honoring relationships promotes, supports and maintains unity. Maat is the way to complete unity consciousness.

(1) Paraphrased with additions from Ancestor & Master Teacher in an interview titled: Theophile Obenga On African History

(2) Paraphrased with additions from: Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, "Encyclopedia Of African Religion," (2009) p. 398.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Detailed Personal Preparation For Africans (2 of 2)
Shortages, Disasters, Climate Change & Global Warming

This is the continuation of Detailed Personal Preparation For Africans (1 of 2)

Some Additional Tips

1. Stop putting chemical poisons on your land. This will allow you to at least eat the dandelions.
2. Learn what else is edible on your land.
3. Plant some food-producing perennial trees, bushes, vines, herbs and vegetables right now.
4. If able to get food and other supplies at the last minute, first focus on the items in Part 1, then get durable fresh foods such as apples, then get foods that need refrigeration.
5. In situations with no electricity, rise and sleep with the sun to save candle power.
6. Start practicing doing things the natural “good old-fashioned” way just to see what it takes and what is needed. Remember, you already know these things from your ancestors within your DNA. This is inherited genetic memory. It is called instincts in other animals. You just have to awaken it and refresh it with practice and nutrition. All creatures are designed to learn and know how to survive in the natural world. This knowledge is recorded and passed on to offspring.
7. Watch and then practice some sustainable living. More information can be found at
8. Practice recycling and reusing more of the things you currently throw away.
9. Start returning as much as you can to the earth in your own yard to boost its ecosystem, thus fertility.
10. Cut back on consumption.
11. Start producing something you consume. Onions are easy.
12. Look at what you currently spend money on and cut back. Redirect this resource into preparation and independence.
13. Look at what you currently spend all your other non-monetary resources on and redirect these resources into preparation and foundational independence.
14. Live near family or hard core friends or make sure you have like-minded neighbors. Near is less than a 30 minute walk.
15. Remember the goals are to stay alive and healthy by focusing on nutrition, simplicity, efficiency and safety.
16. Remember who's in charge of Earth, life and existence.
17. Follow the rules of the Maker not the fakers.

Reminders Worth The Risk Of Being Redundant

We've already been shown thousands of times what happens when there's a food or water shortage. This has been ongoing in many places. This is how long climates have been changing. It didn't start when we started paying attention. Climate change started affecting first world Africa and other countries first because that's where the disruptor of harmony unleashed its ugliness outside of its origin. Both, the disruption of harmony and climate changes have thrown Africa and other countries way out of balance.

Yes it is all interrelated. This is how we know global warming is long in the tooth and nearing maturity. It is now reaching the people of so-called industrialized nations. Let's be clear on this. For decades, climate change problems have already reached industrialized nations but not most of the people because these nations have been stealing resources from first world countries. They have been stealing resources from others while killing resources and wasting resources in their own “progressive” societies. Now, there are no more worlds to rob so these nations are seeking to mine minerals from asteroids, the moon and from Mars. Everything fits the profile of an insatiable parasite.

We've learned to live with this disruption of harmony until it seems normal and the parasite looks normal. We follow the parasite's news and education programs. Look at these societies and worldwide social ills where basic physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs are not being met. This daily disaster is worsening for many even as many others are awakening. The deadly delay tactics nations have been using to shield preferred citizens from climate changes are getting weaker while climate changes are getting stronger. The laws of physics tells us what is going to happen.

The man-made systems are designed and destined to breakdown even without climate change. One or more of the production lines that bring us products and services are going to stop. The only way for this not to happen is for the disruptor of harmony to become sensible by regaining spiritual awareness. We Africans are not the preferred citizens of these nations but we are the spiritual connection. We are the salvation of nations. We are the beginners of nations, the civilizers of nations and the foundations of nations. We are the first human manifestation of the Creator of creation. So now we know why the likelihood of behavioral change for the better ain't going to happen by the problem causers. The truth is not in them; and therefore, neither is self-correction.

If we've made it this far and still trust and obey evildoers and poison spewers, we are deserving of everything dished out. Aren't we learners by example, heeders of signs and knowers of better who do better? Since Africans are, we should know what things we focus on during unsettling times and adjust our behaviors to reflect these things now.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Detailed Personal Preparation For Africans (1 of 2)
Shortages, Disasters, Climate Change & Global Warming

This fourth post in the climate change & global warming series mainly addresses physical climate changes.

We must specifically prepare for food and water shortages and disruption of basic services. Each person's philosophy will add, subtract, or change this list. Each person must take inventory of personal needs, special unique needs and family needs.

A word of caution. Personal philosophy will not change principles of nature and what is required to survive. We must guard against self-deceptive thinking trying to convince us we can live without basics just because we decide it's unimportant, nothing's going to happen and if it does, we have money.

We must delete from our minds all those images of the Red Cross, National Guard and local emergency services so as not to depend on something unlikely to be there for us Africans. Remember Hurricane Katrina and the lack of assistance from FEMA. Haiti is still in a mess despite billions of dollars given to nonprofits who are profiting. Remember all over the world those we are dealing with are taking us out rather than keeping us in.

Why A 60 to 90 Day Supply?

This U.S. government site says 3 days is being prepared. This goes against common sense of experience. But what else can they say? Tell us to be prepared for 3 months and have us sheep, panic? Instead we're told 72 hours to downplay the potential problems of global warming and to set us up to fail. Only those who do not understand the basic laws of nature will follow those who do not understand the basic laws of nature.

The 204 page, long version of this advice can be found by clicking here for a pdf file.It is useful and should be reviewed to become better acquainted with a variety of things to consider. No need to throw the bathwater out with the baby.

Whatever shortages occur will take much longer than 3 days or even 14 days to correct and return to “normal” levels, especially for wide scale shortages involving millions of people. Emergency services are only prepared for small scale problems. After all, people provide these services not deities. In these situations, it is better to have more than enough. Remember, during times of shortages, we will likely expend more energy and will need more nutrition.

Basic Needs For 60-90 Days Per Person

1. Overall water needs are 1 gallon per day for all uses. This must be supplemented by rainwater if we intend to clean our bodies every day. It is not necessary and should not be expected.
2. In addition to the above, bottled water x 6 cases; plastic bins to catch and store rainwater and food; 5 gallon buckets with lids to catch and store rainwater and to carry water from a creek/river and to flush toilets, buckets can also be used to store food or for doing work around the house; plastic 2-liter soda bottles for water storage.
3. Overall food needs takes into account partial sharing with the unprepared. Purchase products with the least amount of ingredients. Lower cost generic or store brands are just as good most of the time. Start buying more items when on sale. Purchase during holiday sales. Go to Dollar Stores, Big Lots and other lower cost retailers. Consider buying in bulk from shopping clubs for some items. Frequent flea markets plus yard, garage and estate sales.
4. This list focuses on items that do not need refrigeration. There are ways to keep items cool without electricity. Search this on the internet and YouTube.
5. Can food x 120. This is your foundation for nutrition. Beans and other seeds are best because they are high in nutrients and usually don't need to be warmed up. Buy all types of can foods that are seeds; Canned meat if we feel we need meat; Can opener non-electric; Dry beans, dry rice; Dry cereal like Cheerios or Raisin Brand that can be eaten without milk; Cereal bars; Oatmeal, grits; Nuts, popcorn; Peanut butter; Honey, molasses; Salt, pepper; Cooking oil; Olive oil, can be used like butter; Pancake mix complete (add water only) x 8, for a quick pre-mixed bread; Flour, yeast, cornmeal; Potatoes, hard melons, squash, pumpkins can last a couple of months or more unrefrigerated in cool dark dry storage; Food and water for pets to eat and be cleansed.
6. Coolers or some other type of insulated container or some other method to keep food cold so it won't spoil
7. Solar oven, basically a box lined with foil and covered with a piece of glass. Use with cast iron or clay pots for heat retention. Search on YouTube.
8. Dry firewood, Matches, cardboard, newspaper; Axe and saw; Plastic, tarp or a place to keep wood dry; Plastic Ziploc® bags; Aluminum foil heavy duty, aluminum baking pans and pie pans of various sizes have many uses; Cast iron pots and skillets of various sizes; Oven rack or rack from a barbeque grill and long-handled utensils to cook outside.
9. Unscented bleach for sterilizing water and many other uses; Gas can with at least 5 gallons of gas; Heating method or other ways to keep the body warm; Medicines and hospital needs; Toilet paper, paper towels; Soap, toothpaste, feminine products, contact lenses, extra eyeglasses; Candles, flashlights, batteries and extra batteries for everything that uses batteries; Radio and solar charger
10. Seeds to plant and land to plant them in or soil in containers; Tools for garden work, work boots; Canning jars x 6 dozen. These jars are for filling right now with homegrown or store bought vegetables. Also for preparing bean soups, chilis, potato soups, vegetable soups and canning in advance. Smoked meats can be added to the recipes. Will stay preserved several years.

Personal Questions Keep Popping Up

Do I have the ability on the first day of a food shortage to plant seeds to meet some or all of my nutritional needs?
What if it's not the right season for planting?
How will my needs change depending on what time of year it is?
Am I prepared to survive in a variety of conditions for a minimum of 60-90 days?
How am I going to wash and clean myself, wash/dry clothes and my dishes without running water or electricity (Washing dishes can be accomplished with a damp towel.)
What do I use electricity for now?
What am I depending on now that I can get from my own house, yard and abilities? This includes working with family and friends.
What if I can't flush the indoor toilet?
Where is the nearest natural water source?
What if I need to boil or sterilize water without the use of indoor appliances?
Am I using all my resources in a responsible manner to prepare to be self-sufficient?

Ideas from this website have been incorporated: Ready Nutrition and the 52 Weeks to Preparedness Free Web Series

Friday, October 3, 2014

Personal Adjustments | Climate Changes & Global Warming

I'm certain some of us have decided no personal change is necessary when it comes to climate changes and global warming. We're probably thinking there's a lot of talk about it but it's happening so slowly, life hasn't changed a bit therefore nothing will really change. They will take care of it and tell us what to do. We'll deal with it when the time comes.

Clearly, we've forgotten four lessons. First, waiting until the last minute when advance preparation is available is usually a costly mistake. Secondly, whoever we're depending on to help us through climate changes, don't know. Thirdly, changes are happening at a faster pace. Changes will continue to go faster until the climate has reached the level it needs to in order to heal itself. These are the baby steps with the giant steps yet to come. Fourthly, the natural higher order is more present, more powerful and more persistent than the natural lower disorder. We can't remain the same through climate change no matter how much we want to.

We must look to history. Look to science. Look at a wide variety of information sources. Look at the mess we've made. Somebody has to clean it up. The universe is gearing up and heating up for this task. Climate change is real, matrix or not. Only a lack of understanding can result in a no change solution to change. It's do or die. Do what global warming demands or else. It's that serious and that simple. The foundation of life, the environment, is transitioning and so must we.

There's no need to be scary acting. Get mad at miseducation, for a minute, then make some basic personal adjustments.

Adjusting Thinking

Start by studying the previous two articles and associated links:
1. For Africans, Climate Change Is A Good Thing...
2. Global Warming 2014-2015 For Africans

Asking Questions Precedes Finding Solutions

1. What are the likely effects of climate changes & global warming?
2. How will these changes affect us?
3. What are the things we absolutely need?
4. Will we still be able to get what we need as climate changes?
5. What can we do now to make sure we have what we need later?

These are enough to get started. Many more questions will come to us who sincerely pursue this process. Here's a hint. Money can be one of many useful resources in preparing in advance for climate change. Money will become less and less effective in dealing with climate change as change takes a firmer hold.

Make At Least This One Adjustment

Remember, those we depend on for what we need are crazy and dangerous. This is historical fact. Because they hate themselves, they hate us, nature and God. Because they are filled with hate, they are killing themselves, us, nature and God. Yes they are killing God. God is killed every time God's creations are mistreated or killed. By this alone we know a thorough stomping is coming for the Willies, the Whizzies, the Witches, the snitches and all the non-innocents who do not purify themselves with the nutritious.

As a side note, by now we must recognize all the human goings on in space are not what is claimed. These folks, who are scared of everything, are using those contraptions in space to aim at God's army that is amassing. Not only are they crazy for going against God but also for being emboldened by earthly battles against humans and nature. This is proof of worsening sickness and desperation, especially in light of the fact that their Father in heaven has fallen.. No more Yurugu, no more Ogo and no more Satan in heaven. They know this because they are no longer receiving his instructions and energy. All that remains is the global warming burning and removal of remains. We must not give them the energy of our belief in anything they teach or preach. Doing so only gives them relief and delays global peace.

Remember, climate change is for the purpose of bringing nature back to health - Earth's nature and humanity's nature. If those we depend on are dead set against Mother/Father Nature, then there is no way on Earth they will do anything to help us make it through climate changes. We must not believe anything they say or do for another second. Their lies are their truths. Do we need more proof? As Ancestor Kwame Toure tells us, “they lie all the time, not some of the time. If they ever tell the truth, it's the result of a double lie.”

Upheaval & Fulfillment

Also, we must not be deceived by Earth Time and Individual Time. Change requires processes and processes require the passing of time. Even so, the shift from 2012 to 2021 is near completion. Climate change is upheaval for those who are not prepared. It is fulfillment for those who are prepared.

So when that volcano explodes or that country implodes, we are already being warned in plenty of time. When the skies rain rocks and damns burst through locks, we will know the heavens tell the story before it happens on Earth. And when the social climate changes as the African female rises to nurture us back to health from the crisis, we shall call her Maat, Het-Heru, Nut, Auset, Soul Sister - but not Isis. The Madonna of us all will come bearing the Law in one claw and Justice in her southpaw. Will we be on the lookout or under the fallout?

Don't we know the Creator is the Faithful One and always warns, always provides signs, always sends messengers in various forms and always gives us plenty of time to change? Don't we understand the blessings of teachers and of advance notice? Don't we understand blessings can be taken away without a moment's notice? Okay then. Let's check and see.

Another Reminder From 12-21-12

Have we taught our children how to survive on their own or have we taught them how to survive together? The better lives we are preparing them for will be as useless as technology without an energy source. Those better lives will deteriorate like goodliness and physical health in modern times if our children are not learning themselves and natural ways. The only time we have is the choice we now face. (From, "Day 10: Rhetorical Learning Demands A Recount”)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Global Warming 2014-2015 For Africans
Beyond The Physical

The previous post explained why, "For Africans, Climate Change Is A Good Thing..."

This post goes beyond the physical changes of global warming.

Climate Change Affects All Aspects Of Self

Humans are part of the ecosystem. The changes in Earth, solar system, galaxy and universe are exerting their influences upon us. Global warming changes are not only affecting us physically but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This must be true unless we can separate the physical self from the rest of self.

In the same prayerful way as Earth, many are reaching out to the universe and are being met with assistance. They are awakening on one or more of these levels. This awakening and shift is worldwide and species wide.

Global Warming Is Changing The Status Quo

Just as global warming is the answer to Earth's prayers, it is also the answer to all prayers for justice, peace, harmony and resources for all. The way things are today is not how they're going to remain as climate change intensifies. We cannot count on all technologies, all systems, all essential products, all essential services and all we depend on governments for, to function as is and keep chugging along without problems. This is inconsistent with change.

Everything we trust that disturbs harmony is making the universe sick and will itself be disturbed. By necessity, the false notions within us are making us sick and must be disturbed. The climate changing within self is urging us to the recognition of self. Essentially climate change is saying, “Make the change to learn the knowledge of self, otherwise be unprepared for the new climates. If you can't handle the truth on Earth, you certainly can't handle being around God. I might as well put you out of your misery and get your stubbornness out of my system.”

Global Warming Requires Adults To Change

Though current adults may escape the full effects of this transitioning process, our children and grandchildren will not. We must learn ourselves and nature and teach this to our children. Those who do will be the seeds able to withstand climate changes and who will sprout new and true leaves. As always, those who are not prepared for their environment will suffer greatly and likely perish.

Look at global warming this way: natural settings are being readjusted to allow for the return to optimal living. Though climates are changing, the conditions for living fully are not – synchronization with natural systems. This simply means, as climates are changing, we must review and adjust all relationships. We must put them back into universal natural alignment. Anything we do that reconnects us to what is natural, gives us a greater ability to adapt to universal climate changes. We must take a good look at all our resources and detoxify the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit. If we try to face global warming as purely a head game assuming mental intelligence is enough to understand it and enough to deal with it, we will be unprepared. Why? First of all, the mind (one dimension) is being used to assess one dimension of climate change(the physical warming part). Secondly, a mental assessment and action plan have never been enough in a universe based on much more. Fortunately, climate change is part of the heating up process necessary for the melting process of all things foreign to our nature.

Climate Change Is A Calling

This recent awareness of continuous climate change is more than just an answer. It is a calling. The Creator is calling us to help make climate change happen faster. Calling us to use our inner resources and outer resources to change the climate within and the climate without. We have the same spirit energy as the Creator. This energy increases as we increase in knowledge of self.

For us who are receptive to Supreme Authority, receptive to universe, receptive to nature, receptive to truth and receptive to the authority that resides within, we must refocus and redirect our lives to match natural law and order. This is not complicated. If we simply get as much nutrition as possible and develop good habits, we will be taking care of the majority of what we need to do.

And to Maat be true.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For Africans, Climate Change Is A Good Thing
The Healing Process Is Quickening In 2014-2015

We Africans must stop choosing to be misled by those misleading.

Universal Perspective

The universal perspective is the scientific perspective. It is the African perspective.

Science that is not universal is false science. It is not the original and ongoing African science. Thus, it cannot explain climate change. It can only confuse.

Climate Change Reason #1

The spiritual force is a greater force than the material forces. The spiritual force is the greater part of our human being and it is the greater part of the Universal Being. A significant part of Earth is unhealthy and the universe is responding spiritually and physically. Earth has been sending out distress signals and the universe has been initiating climate changes. Climate change is the answer to Earth's prayers.

Climate Change Is An Ecosystem Change

The universe is the main ecosystem. Earth is a sub-ecosystem within the universe. There are at least three ecosystems inside which Earth is located – universe, galaxy and solar system.

Each of these three ecosystems by themselves – universe, galaxy and solar system, have a greater influence on Earth than Earth. Collectively they have an even greater influence. Earth's climate change is due to changes in these three ecosystems.

For example, let's look at the first and closest ecosystem Earth is a part of – the solar ecosystem. We know solar flares on the sun have increased. We also know coronal mass ejections have increased. The sun is over 99% of the total mass of the solar system. All the other planets and moons put together are less than 1% of the mass of the solar system. This makes Earth, miniscule indeed. If anything is getting hotter in the solar system, it's the sun. We know it's the sun that brings us our heat energy.

Also, our solar system is just one of countless solar systems in the universe. This means, even our sun is very small in relation to the universal whole. This is why we know climate change is universal. If the sun is getting hotter in a galaxy that has greater influence upon it, then the galaxy must also be getting hotter. If the galaxy is getting hotter in a universe that has greater influence upon it, then the universe is also getting hotter.

Earth's climate cannot change on its own. Earth's climate cannot change alone. In order for there to be climate change on tiny Earth, all the ecosystems around it must also be climate changing. Climate change is a chain of changes outside Earth causing a chain of changes inside Earth.

Climate Change Has Universal Implications

Obviously, since climate change is universal, climate change has universal implications.

What we are witnessing and calling climate change, is the universe converging and conspiring to heal the world in more ways than one. Yes, climates have changed in the past. Back then I suspect it was for planetary growth and development - evolution. This time around I know it is for healing first, then back to evolution.

African traditional healers, medicine women and medicine men, are preparing mixtures because for Africans, climate change is a good thing and the healing process is quickening.

Fundamental References:

Science Expanded | 6 Ways of Knowing

Giri So to So Dayi | Levels Of Awareness & Understanding
African Consciousness Ways Of Knowing

6 Fundamental Keys To Life & Existence, Ways Of Knowing

Day 6: Intuition & Wisdom Aligning, Ways Of Knowing

Only that which emanates blackness can repair and restore the universal order.

Research involves going to primary sources: spirit, natural world and ancestors. These are three primary keys to access genetic memory.