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In 1971 Neely Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Seventh Day – Death of Demons, Rebirth Of Families

Whose holy book does not speak of the destruction of evil? They all do.

Those with knowledge of self shall heed the many signs before this day. They will be the cure. They will have thought it, spoke it, consumed it, worked it, studied it, communed with it and called upon it. Being in tune with Earth and Universe they shall feel black matter surging. And when the sky parts, there will be exultation. The antidote's emerging, the last nutrient in the cure, will signal the Dark Age of demon beings is over.

All that remains is the sentencing to the final fate.

After no deliberation, from the belly of the beasts will come the voice of children who will speak as one.

“Filthy! Discharge!”

The Avenger will engulf you and sweep you out of here and into a black hole. Yes you will descend into blackness because you were born of a black womb. Never knowing harmony on any level in any way, during your grown up days, you, will, die, un, learned.

Immediately each beast will transform into its original unthreatened state - a family, extensive and whole. The family is the beast that always defeats what threatens its natural existence. Each nutrient supporting the other.

And on the seventh day, children will be born singing of the promises they helped create. All of them will be descending. There will no longer be any need for them to be concerned about defending. They will safely return to evolving because the one nation will be surrounded by nutrient-strong sentinels, watchers and gatekeepers. I will be there on the northern arc with the latest pair of blackness wings as freedom rings loudly once again from every motion of every being.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sixth Mark Of Exhibited Beasts – A Demon Being

Number six is the mark you answer to - your name. It the common name you go by when many of you want to come together and act like a gang. When the same things are done by other people in other places, you call it inhumane. Yes you, unashamed of your marriage to a national name will be marked and there is only you to blame.

And yet there were ways to avoid the beast's pure aim. Your voting record will be checked to see if you voted for the cure or the sickness to remain. Also, when it came to life in general, did you do better once you knew better? Did you self-correct? Did you change? Were you afraid of the truth and lied to disguise it as being afraid of change? Sadly, because of groupthink, the answers will not change.

There are so many names yet all will be marked the same. And since the first mark, my oh my how the tone has changed.

For this reason alone, despite the mission at hand, the beasts will weep because so many had so many chances to change. So many chances to rearrange, their DNA and change their ways.

There were so many messengers with warnings who proclaimed. Yet you hearkened to the weaker, the carnivorous creature. and not the sisters and brothers who offered nutrition in accordance with their duty as thy keeper to free you from Stockholm syndrome. You hearkened not to nature, the truth teachers of the physical world. You remained immature boys and girls – deformed by the malformed and unwilling to embrace health reform.

You did not learn that always, always, natural laws and orders and their opposites hold true to form. For instance, an escaped criminal can never be reformed and a bad marriage is never something to which you should conform because it can never produce a healthy norm or a happy home. You have given in and not only acquiesced to the hellions but have called the greater good the sin because you have made life all about taking and getting and not giving and asking. You selfishly and criminally and disgustingly follow the cheater. From this corrupt instruction can come only one kind of achiever – a self, and everyone else, deceiver.

Let's be real once and for all. The only thing that is ever on trial is truth. Every choice is a witness. Every decision is a vote for or against truth. Every life testifies and sooner or later each case will be tried. I in I ain't ever lied.

Since truth comes from the Supreme, when you judge unfairly you discriminate against what the Greatest has established.

Is there any need to say what is to come? Is there anyone who does not know that what is coming has been coming since the very first lie and the very first genetic malfunction that weakened instead of strengthened when it diversified?

It has been a long time coming but when it comes, what you have answered to is what you shall answer for. You will pay for your collective identity and your collective works. Since you are so emboldened by your chosen name, it will be carved into your bare bones by flaming stones. Yes, you will be stoned for every pebble of wrong. The charred indents of every letter will finally bring pride to shame. This is the mark of affiliation or guilt by arrogant association. It is the penalty for doing as diseases do. And so will be the sixth mark in the sixth moment. It is Divine judgment and always sufficient unto the day. This day is not yet over.

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Related Quotes:

”And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes.”

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fifth Mark Of Exhibited Beasts – Struck By Lightning Repeatedly

Number five will be clear once your genetic code is checked against the original, layer by layer. Those who swear up and down they're adults, yet continuously choose malnutrition in any area will be marked because this behavior weakens and then sickens the other three. It supports the disease already in the world.

The beast is also coming for those who have every opportunity to strengthen their genetic code but choose not. Disregarding what nourishes is like slapping away the hand of saving grace, therefore the other hand of mercy shall not be extended.

Everything knows within itself whether it is in a state of rightness or wrongness. You know. Up to now you've managed to dodge the rod, you, uppity one, who dare God to uphold the law. You must have demon eyes if you can't see the human side of what The Creator sees in precious lives.

Since you openly dare the Mother/Father you will be publicly flogged by electrical impulses because you have chosen the dare over the truth. As is fitting your perdition, and in keeping with the nature of a thing, not even you will be shocked by this treatment.

And so will be the fifth mark in the fifth moment. It is no doubt sufficient by itself.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fourth Mark Of Exhibited Beasts – Bloodbath & Pure Pain

Number four will be clear from sentences of life experiences read aloud. Your long rap sheet is more than half covered with “and so on,” “etc.” and “more of the same.”

Some will be marked for the first time, and as usual, the other marks will be added immediately.

You will be immersed in all the blood and pain on your hands. This is only the first part of the fourth mark.

Each time you ask for you or yours to be spared, you will retch the hot lifeblood you've diminished and then be forced to swallow this truth.

For all who've suffered for the beneficial reasons and justifiable reasons you claim, the pain of their blood boiling will erupt volcanoes throughout your arteries and veins. The sulfur that now has a chokehold on every cell will preserve you for the burning brimstone where the noxious dwell.

All your weapons that disappeared during the second marking will be brought back and used against you – from guns to institutions to decisions. You will feel. You will feel.

The beasts just gave me a look that said, “We got this! Chill!” I, with impatient learnderstanding, can't wait for the dreams I've seen in actual, natural things, to reveal a world healed. So yes, I'm ready right now for Maat to be fulfilled.

Your doctors will be allowed to assist you, if there are any left who will. Your own medicine just might save you since its side effects kill. But until, then, and as long as you remain, there will, always be, an unpaid bill.

This moment will last the longest because your calloused hardened calcified soul must be the example before the upheaval is final.

This because your primitive, savage ways have not changed since your Cro-Magon and Neanderthal days. You have twice appeared and are only once removed. The second reabsorption is nigh, yet it is not time for you to completely die.

And so will be the fourth mark in the fourth moment. It is no doubt sufficient by itself.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Third Mark Of Exhibited Beasts – Fears Multiplied

To determine who receives the third mark, the beasts will only need to feel for you. When they feel emptiness they will know they have found you. More of you will be marked for the first time having barely escaped the first two.

The beasts will increase your greatest fears. “The first shall be last and the last shall be first” will come true for the final time.

Bacteria will invade the few thoughts you have left and turn you into slaves due to your parasitic excellence. Ants will “take a pass” on this free labor because you know nothing about hard work and the common good but merely have an acquired taste to debase every place.

You will constantly think so-called weeds, pests and natural phenomena are all out to get you to steal yo' money. Money you use in place of self-esteem. You will even try to bribe the beasts to give you no marks. The price of greed is good. Though you have always paid for avarice you will now pay what justice insists. Still you offer to pay for a moment's rest when there is no lull to buy.

”I didn't know we caused so much death and destruction,” you will say in contempt even as you repeatedly push the powerless panic button.

The kids you funnelled into military will be suffering the same fate as you and too busy looking for the nonexistent DMZ, except those who await the order to defend honesty. Youth living precariously through old folk's misery are marching, demanding to know who's responsible for the psychology, subconsciously, to make them proud to be, murder's accessory. You will know what it's like when gunners you thought were supposed to help, don't show up and when they do, they come gunning for you.

You will know what it's like to holler and despite all this, you still despise those who realize, “this ain't livin.” It oughta be but it ain't time for you to die.

And so will be the third mark in the third moment. It is no doubt sufficient by itself.

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Trayvon Martin Paid Capitalism's Price

A mindset that dehumanizes life and uses guns, war and taking of life internationally and domestically.

It is folly to expect ethics, justice and inherent rights from psychopaths.

From, Expanded Definitions: What Capitalism Is – A Vampire In Transfusionist's Clothing

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Second Mark Of Exhibited Beasts – Mind Exposed

Number two will be as easy as listening. This will expose many more of you who have yet to lose your skin. The hollow sounds coming out of your head will give you up for dead. All your words will testify to your super unnatural actions.

Curious to know what went wrong, the beasts will crack open your skulls with Willie clubs you legalized for constant use. They will find malfunction after malfunction especially in the center. The female half and the male half are unable to communicate due to a crevasse. This is why coldbloodedness is your highest achievement.

The beasts will remove all knowledge gained from the original people. At once, everything you've created will disappear also, including the bulk of your language. Some words will be spared so all may hear you plead your case.

”I didn't know so much was stolen,” you will say.

The beasts, not used to perjury, will slash your tongue with Willie's knife.

You will swallow tongue and words until both are coming out the side of your neck, as is fitting. Trying to hide behind the disguise the internet provides will not save you.

Though you choke, you continue to “pommise two twell dwa twooth” but do not yet die.

And so will be the second mark in the second moment. It is no doubt sufficient by itself.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

First Mark Of Exhibited Beasts – Skin Removal

There is a beast for each of you. When the beasts come this time, it will be to mark you as exhibits for the final phase of the upheaval and the beginning of the fulfillment that restores all things. For the longest while, the Heat Speaker alone has been unable to correct the problem.

Number one will be the easiest because the beasts will only need to look at you. They will see you in all your shades doing what you do.

Your broken prize will be torn from you with talons and beaks. They will finish before you can speak.

The heat, having risen further, will cook your exposed lying flesh lying there blaming your skin lying back at you. You lie you fry. Even the steamy tears you cry will do as you, obscure the clear sky.

The flesh eaters, the scavengers and the decomposers will stay away and not save you. You shall not yet die. All afterlife parties will close until the stench passes, including heaven, but not Asamando.

And so will be the first mark in the first moment. It is no doubt sufficient by itself.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Definition | Natural Abundance & Altruism – Staying High

Defining Abundance & Altruism

Abundance doesn't just mean having more than enough, a whole lot and an overflowing cup. It also means always having what is needed, when needed. This includes the basic need to share.

Thus, when what is needed is always being met, it eliminates worry, concern, bad decisions and bad character over basic needs. It eliminates greed, hoarding and gluttony of all types, including “I'm saving all my love for you.”

There is no need for any being to be without the basics because whenever there is abundance and sharing, need will always be met because what we don't have other beings will share with us. We will always have food, shelter, clothing, enjoyment of inherent rights, fulfillment of inherent responsibilities, protection from harm and rising knowledge of self, thus the need to use capabilities as intended will also be met.

For what else shall we want? A better life cannot be had any other way and neither can a better world, a better tomorrow or a brighter day ahead.

Abundance, Altruism & Knowledge Of Self

Abundance without knowledge of self does not exist. Knowledge of self is a main component of abundance.

Altruism without knowledge of self does not exist. We must know ourselves in order to know what we need before we can give others what they need.

There is no knowledge of self without abundance and altruism.

Abundance, altruism and knowledge of self must tri-exist if any one of them is to exist.

Expanding Definition

As knowledge of self expands, abundance expands. This is how we have more. This must be followed by giving more. The net effect of this behavior is to use less for ourselves than we receive so we can give more. We must consume less than we contribute. This is what creates the extra and the enough for everybody else. All the while, there is still plenty enough to exceed our own needs. Everyone who lives in this fashion ensures their needs will be met and thus, becomes successful. This is verified by the countless examples of an Abundant Creator through abundant primary creation for abundant lives for all.

It's Spiritual

Since abundance/altruism is the example set by aspects and actions of the Supreme Spirit, life must be lived as intended - as a human being spirit in order to manifest a life of abundance/altruism. It is not possible to achieve highest ideas without highest guidance – spirit.

This spirit is something we already have. Spirit has been given to all of creation by the Greatest Giver. We must utilize this abundant gift in order to achieve the level of self-awareness altruism requires.

Universal & Primary Perspective

Giving and receiving are universal matters and must always contain universal consideration because they have universal impact.

The only reason any being has anything is due to what has been given. The Great Giver of Gifts has given us primary creation: life and everything that supports and maintains life, motion, spirit for life, spirit for intuition and wisdom, elements, natural laws, orders & systems, the non-human natural world, freedom, thought, creativity, genetics, capacity for intelligence, time and much more.

We are the benefactors of nonstop giving.

Related Proverbs:

Having begins and ends with Giving.

Abundance/altruism is not a part-time, sometimes state of being.

Nothing can be given that has not been received except that which is given by The First One.

We are the benefactors of nonstop giving in advance of performance and despite performance.

”For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:”

Related Ideas:

"Basic Needs & The "N" Word,” a poem from Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance.

If I give more than I take, I am a restorer. If I take more than I give, I am a destroyer. In fact, if I take to any degree, I am a destroyer. I must receive instead and use it graciously.

There is recognition of a shared existence with all things and that, what is common to support existence, belongs to all.

Don't we realize their spirit and ours are still uplifted by giving what is needed when it's needed?

At a minimum, I must give and receive in equal measure in order to preserve equality/balance/ecosystem/harmony/justice/peace/health/fulfillment/Hapi-ness.

For further self-study, search “share,” “shared” and “sharing” separately on this blog.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Is The Instinctive Love? Ants Know The 213

When their existence is threatened, ants always do three things:

Fight Back

Ants don't need a leader to tell them to defend themselves against harms.

Save The Children, Change The Future

Grab the children and move them to a safe place. The nearest one saves the nearest child. Every child is everyone's child.

Protect The Mother Of The Nation

The third thing ants always do is protect the queen mother without ceasing.

There's a reason why, from a high vantage point, people look like ants – we're supposed to act like them in so many fundamental ways. As above, so below.

Where Is The Love?

Video and lyrics of Where Is The Love? by The Black Eyed Peas.


Found Where Lost by Usiku

Earth provides protection and heaves
Others fill roles the way genetics read
The seeds contain all we need
Ready to grow 213
Safari to now since The Eve
The message clearly
Natural world already loves freely
Shift, re-awakening, gains speed
Child spirits lead this sequence
Purification, re-dedication
Instinctive manifestation.
Fire finds itself in our circumference

Related Ideas:

Those who love themselves live. Those who live, live for the greater good of the cosmic community.

This sense is resident in every cell in our bodies. It reveals itself as instinct, intuition and wisdom.

Living Instinctively, Pollination, Nectar, Pollen Food Fight #39

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meanings | Defining Love & Ain't No Love Lost

Ain't No Love Lost

“Ain't no love lost,” is one of those phrases that means the opposite of what it seems. It means all love has been lost. In other words, “ain't no love lost” is the opposite of “I love you too.” It is a nice way to say, “I hate you too.”

Sometimes it is used to a lesser degree to indicate not caring about what someone thinks or feels because it has already been established that two people or two groups of people don't like each other.

Sometimes when the phrase, "ain't no love lost" is used, the person means "whatever," "kiss my ass," "go to hell," "I don't give a damn" and other such phrases that mean I ain't got no love for you, thus, ain't no love lost. Ain't no love lost is a wake up call that says there was no love in the first place ever and there can't be love in the second place ever, which is why ain't no love lost because love was never found or around the relationship.

Ain't no love lost is the beautiful combination of two sentences. Love doesn't exist (ain't). Love can't be lost (no).
Or in another configuration. Love not found. Love not lost.
No love found. No love lost.
Or love ain't found. Love ain't lost.
This explains the emphatic sense of the double negative ain't no.

Ain't no love lost does not always have to be verbally said. Just look at the behaviors and actions of self and others and you will know when "ain't no love lost" is the message.

When someone says ain't no love lost or shows it in any other way, this not only means they don't love you but they don't believe you love them, never ever.
It means even if there was sweet love in the first place, that love has been replaced with such a salty sour distaste, that love is not considered to be lost. Instead, it is considered a big mistake that at least one party wishes never did exist because the memories can't be escaped due to ongoing pain and anger that continues to vibrate because there has been no healthy way used to help it dissipate.

Defining Love By Aligning Love

Those who know themselves love themselves. Those who love themselves live. Those who live, live for the greater good of the cosmic community. Without the greater good emanating from the first mind, it is impossible to live, love and know all that has been lost.

Love lost matters, bothers, hurts and affects all beings.

Related Proverbs:

Common sense complements the cosmic good.

Love lost finds us but has no intent to help us find ourselves.

Lost living as human beings will be restored to the overwhelming majority but only after the upheaval & fulfillment. Selah.

Ain't no love lost for an unbalanced worldview.

Related Ideas:

...a uniting and a oneness. That's what love is, ain't it?

Commonality is the bonding agent and love is the active ingredient.

...making ourselves better is the epitome of love making love... involves wanting for someone what we want for ourselves; and wanting it so much, we will give the other person what we have and do without because we'd rather suffer than see that person suffer.

...a relationship with the God who has loved me, forces me to divest myself of my possessions. It universalizes my love for others and makes it gratuitous too.

We cannot bring self-esteem into existence by strongly stating, “I love myself...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Definition | Intelligence Is Power And So Continues The Meaning of Life & Existence (Part 9b)

Defining Intelligence

Intelligence is effort applied towards health.

Intelligence In Practice

The intelligent practice health through good habits and self-study not by ignoring natural law or trying to beat or shortcut natural law or beat each other or by doing crazy stuff.

Intelligence In Context

Intelligence is able to communicate and have conversations.

Intelligence double-checks what it learns from humans against what is taught by the Creator.

Intelligence learnderstands only the natural contains the elements and information necessary to sustain and explain the meaning of a natural life & existence.

Intelligence can find its way home.

Intelligence Is Harmonious & Sustainable

Intelligence is much more than the mind's game. It includes physical intelligence, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence.

Intelligence learnderstands each cell in our bodies has a mind, memory, spirit, emotion, energy center, reproductive system and physical traits of its own. Each cell is a unit of life, entire unto itself yet totally dependent on everything else.

All of the senses and capabilities must be combined and work in conjunction in order for intelligence to exist. This is true because it is also true for health.

Intelligence is sustainable eating, living, thinking, being, working, behaving and dreaming. World domination does not qualify.

Intelligence Operates In Real Time

Intelligence that only comes from the mind is like inbreeding. It causes defects. Defective thinking will occur.

Reality is an integrated perspective of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects...To be “out of touch” with reality, is to have a significant deficit in at least one area or combination of these areas.

Intelligence Self-Corrects

Intelligence self-convicts and self-corrects. It looks for these opportunities.

When fools feel convicted they turn to emotions to deaden painful truth even though pain is a necessary part of healing and even though the presence of pain means something is wrong that needs fixing. In a way, it's like hitting the snooze button all our lives and ignoring the purpose of the alarm – that it's time to get up and do something

Related Proverbs:

Intelligence thinks responsibly because intelligence is power and vice versa.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Definition | Health Is Knowledge of Self And So Continues The Meaning of Life & Existence (Part 9a)

Defining Health

Health is knowledge of self.

Many sicknesses, illnesses and diseases are due to the absence of knowledge of self.

The only way to achieve health is by giving attention to our four basic inseparable aspects: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Most people know they cannot be who they are at their jobs. They cannot be their true selves. This means it is not possible to be healthy people if we cannot be our true selves. If we are in possession of knowledge of self (know who we are), we will not set it aside because knowledge of self is everything because health is everything. (abundance).

Once we possess everything, we will not trade it for anything less. We will have esteem for the value of self, self-esteem. Only the one who is Greater has anything to offer us in exchange.

Related Quotes:

“Man in the full knowledge of himself is a superb and supreme creature of creation. When man becomes possessor of the knowledge of himself, he becomes master of his environment, the captain of his own ship, the director of his own destiny, the accomplisher of his own ends. Man should understand himself because man is full of knowledge and this knowledge is a gift of nature. When Mother Nature created man, she deprived him of nothing. He was given the faculty of understanding all things around him. This faculty for understanding has not been taken away from him. None of his senses have been taken away from him.” (From, Marcus Garvey Interview )

”Know thyself is more than just an intellectual mandate. It is also about the innerworkings, outerworkings, interconnections and outerconnections of bodies, minds, emotions and spirits.”

Simply put, self-esteem is knowledge of self.

The health of parents extends to children.

Related Proverbs:

Health faileth, next the fall and pride cometh at the same time, often slowly, then all at once.

A good home is a place where knowledge of self is supported which helps clarify self-worth and all else worth having.

Know Thyself Poem/Proverb

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