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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, March 31, 2017

From Pangaea To Pandora & Native To Non-Native Plant Species
Unity Consciousness #970


In a particular geographic location, if a plant will grow and survive year after year, with or without human assistance, it is native.
In a particular geographic location, if a plant will not grow and survive year after year, with or without human assistance, it is still native.

What is native and non-native, invited and invasive, are temporary dichotomies.
This dichotomy is caused by the difference between human understanding of the partial, in relation to human understanding of the whole.
In other words, human understanding of First Truth and Second Truth in relation to human understanding of Zero Truth.

How Species Appear

A specie appears when genetic potential in that geographic location has found another way to express itself in relation to all other environmental influences (occurrences in relation to need incentive). Genetics begin to vary when potential meets need incentive meets challenge. These interactions are the beginning of a diverse range of processes which cause what is native to change significantly enough to be mistaken for something new that has its own origin without relation to that which came before. What is non-native is always the offspring of what is native. This we will come to understand more as we understand ourselves in relation to species outside Earth.
A specie disappears when genetic potential in that geographic location has not found a way to sustain itself in relation to all other environmental occurrences (influences in relation to need incentive).

Due to insufficient understanding of the previous two sentences, we humans tend to call a specie “native” or “non-native” when the genetics of that specie and the environment are not in optimal dynamic balance with each other.

In other words, species appear and disappear by genetic formula that is resident within each specie in relation to all other genetic formulas in the Universe.

Temporary Imbalances Cause Temporary Dichotomies

There will always be temporary imbalances because everyone and everything is always changing and because all things do not change at the same time.

All problems are caused by differences of understanding.
The current problems among humans is due to humans not yet adjusting sufficiently enough to restore their ability to live healthily with their own personal self, thus with their most recent family ties, thus with larger and larger family groupings, thus with all else.

Understand Pangaea & Solve The Pandora's Box Of Misunderstandings

All plants are native to all lands because all lands are pieces of Africa – the nucleus of the Pangaea.

All plants came from the same genetic tree, just like humans.
All plants, humans and lands came from one land mass, called the Pangaea.
The Pangaea started out much smaller, then grew, then separated by drift, uplift and downlift above and below water.
All lands are connected.
Land is only separated by water that fills very deep valleys. We call these valleys, “oceans” and seas.”
Land is buried under water and civilizations are buried under water, deserts and forests. Thus, there is a Pangaea of civilizations buried across Earth that are “missing” puzzle pieces which connect all people.

All land, plants, humans and other lifeforms, only became diversified after moving away from the originating point in Africa and then remaining separated for tens of thousands of years.

Humans, for the past few thousand years and up to today, mistakenly think humans, plants and other lifeforms are native to certain lands because we do not understand the Pangaea.

Thus we have opened the problematic Pandora's box of woe and misery (because woe is not whole and misery is not mystery.)

In other words, because we mistake the partial for the entire cycle, we end up with missing logic links. Thus “whole mystery” becomes “woe misery."

All because we want to be Native to some place without being Naga to any place.
All because we want to be function as part of different races and not as part of the same universal specie.
So we transferred these basic misunderstandings onto plants and other lifeforms and the Ages of human afflictions began in keeping with the cycle of nature..

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Water Breaks Freeze, Thaws Minds
Unity Consciousness #969


Freeze your mind and the rest will follow.
It is, “all in the mind” spirit-soul combined, entwined.

The human mind is a glacier. There is more beneath the surface in the subconscious than there is above the surface in consciousness – Comprehend reckoning and remembering all time.

Like a glacier, the human mind freezes, thaws.

Your mind is like water. Each molecule of water is a piece of logic is a molecule of water.
Whatever is true about water, is also true about logic, thus true about the mind.
Your logic comes together and goes through stages such as liquid, gas and frozen solid.
Your logic can be fresh and pure or polluted or salty. It can move back and forth between these two truths.

Your thought processes change. This has already been proven by your own personal experiences during this lifetime. Yet this process also takes place over the entire course of our continuous spiritual journey.
Water and logic give birth, and are always present at birth and death, the transition points crossing over the vantage point. In other words, the continuous spirit-soul journey we are on is one in search of understanding, thus is moving us between the point of view of First Truth and point of view of Second Truth, between first logic and last logic, between fresh and abundant water and polluted and scarce water. This is why there is an abundance of polluted logic. This is why the asinine and sublime are on opposite front lines.

Since water must break in order for birth to come forth, then so must logic break in order for the next manifestations among humans to take place.
The amniotic sac breaks the hold and a child is born into the world.
Amino acids break the code and either health or sickness unfolds and a new world order is born into the child.

Whatever is damming, holding back life, must break in order for the progress of the cycle to continue.
A significant change must take place at the double doors, the double gates.

Water and mind transcend time. Both existed before time began. The mind continues, the body ends. The mind appends to the next dimension and also through the next generation. This is what awakens and begins the melting, the transition, the renovation of logic and restoration of water.

Although your behind stays behind, your behind is here to both blind you and remind you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Reconnecting Dots & Colors Of Consciousness
Unity Consciousness #968


(Part 1 of 7)

When the brain is damaged, patients have to relearn things they once knew, such as talking, walking, etc. All of us who have been miseducated and malnourished have been brain damaged. I've been fortunate enough to begin relearning how to listen and count. By practicing listening for words and phrases that are similar to other words and phrases I've encountered, focus and attention span are improved. Also, as a result, the subconscious is improved, including during sleep. Together, these things help improve the ability to reckon. To reckon is to count because reckoning is how we put things together in relation to each other. Reckoning is how we add things up and subtract and multiply and divide. Reckoning is (re-counting). Reckoning is re-calculating. Reckoning is re-formulating thoughts. Same things.

The process of relearning how to listen and count provides opportunities to be more aware and careful as I am encountering information and comparing and contrasting and integrating that information into my logic library.

This process helps me be more mindful of one-sided points of view so I can connect them back to the two-sided vantage point.

Everything is connected to everything. All thoughts and all logic are connected to another thought or logic on the other side of the vantage point. Thus all pieces of information can be connected by drawing lines between them from one side through the neutral zone to the other side.
In the beginning of this process of relearning, recounting and reconnecting dots, it looks tangled and messy. It also feels this way in our thoughts. Then, as we remain faithful to the process, the spaces between linking logic lines shrink and the distance between each point are also reduced. What begins to emerge is not a bunch of dot points and lines, but rather, a larger picture. We can begin to see and reacquire larger concepts and relationships taking shape. We begin to realize there are different dimensions, levels and layers of understanding the same thing that overlap and fit right on top of each other. As we continue to augment, defragment, reorganize and restore points and damaged, broken and missing link connections, because we are expanding understanding by filling in the blanks, the lines get denser and blacker as all the colors of consciousness come back together.
This must be so. As we continue to travel and crisscross the same pathways, because these retraced connections are leading us back the way we came to this time and place in the human race, the layers pile up, add up, thicken up, strengthen up and blacken down to the root of matter and spirit-soul. Blackness is the origin, the genesis, the Archetype of colors, out of which all other varieties are differentiated. When consciousness is whole and healed, it will be black across all dimensions of thought, all dimensions of Creation. It will be perfect.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Insult of Sports Injury, Maximizing & Sharecropping
Unity Consciousness #967


In keeping with the shape-shifting theme of transforming involuntary enslavement into various forms of sharecropping* called willful employment, the American football and basketball industries, treat players as work horse machines that can be trained to play games to enrich and entertain in exchange for money and fame in the name of being tops in the game, but in effect, are actually being topped by the game.
*Everyone who works a mind-numbing job focusing on the money being lobbed instead of all the things being robbed, is forced to pay their masters (government) a portion of their wages off the top, sides and bottom, and then, continue to pay various fees, taxes and social security, whenever remaining wages are spent or assets are acquired, sold and retained (property taxes, insurances, recording fees, etc). This is trickery slavery under the guise of liberty. How can the rich not get richer under such a system.
If the fruit of labor is the receipt of money, and then I am forced to give a portion of my fruitful harvest money to those who did not work for it, then I am sharecropping in a different form. And if I don't pay up, everything is taken and I am put in jail. Sounds like master madman mafia tactics of the rich via wickedness.

Injurious Ideology

The expectations of American football and basketball players during the off-season, pre-season and main season are grueling. It is amazing there are not more injuries.
But contrary to what we might think, injuries are not that big of a deal for team owners. They do not view sports or the players through the lens of humanity. They view them as a commodity. Team owners are driven to create superwealth, superteams, superplayers, superstatistics, superfans and superpower. Risking injury is just part of the cost of doing business. They have insurance so they are not losing money. All bets are hedged. There is always a never-ending supply of great players to replace the injured or retiring. When one part (person) wears out, replace them with another and move on.

The sports industry is just like the music industry. They funnel creative genetic potential genius, retarded from other expressions, into less empowering industries for the profit of owners, agents, coaches, media, a wide variety of others and for the collective ideology. You can sing, dance, tell jokes, act and play sports for us or you can go to the military or you can go to jail or you can take “regular” jobs in our organizations.

Other Factors That Cause Injury

An enormous amount of energy is drained from players who are required to “talk” to the media and have other public appearances and placate fans whenever a fan comes up to them. All of this expectation and scrutiny also wears players down physically and contributes to physical injuries and overall health woes (which includes mental health, emotional health and spirit-soul health).
Now here they are, these sports players, just like us, worked to death and demanded of to death, but with a lot more money. Their weaknesses will be magnified, especially the weakness of non-sports logic.

Regardless if players love what they are doing and regardless of the money being made, the sports system is geared around “maximizing” rather than “optimizing.”
To maximize is to create imbalance, thus suffering and aberration. In sports, this manifests itself as injuries to the most important part of the equation – the players.

None of this analysis requires great amounts of thought. The rule always applies. Everything touched by the Destroyer will be suboptimized.
Another rule also always applies. When given a choice, societies (which are products of the Destroyer principle) always choose the worst option, the greater of the evils.
Anything you currently praise in societies is due to misunderstanding of a much better option.

There does not need to be as many injuries as there are in sports and there does not need to be sharecropping.

How do we twist our mouths and say we are in a free country when we need someone else's permission to do a whole bunch of things, including private and personal things, otherwise it's illegal. We need permission to come and go. We need to be certified and approved by these people in order to “make it.” We say we own property, yet we have to get permission to do most of the things on the property. Then we are forced to pay permit fees and be subjected to inspections and not allowed to do the work ourselves. Why? Because we are not in control of the neighborhood, community, council, county, State or country. As a result, Black folks should just stop it already considering themselves as citizens of any land where these things are taking place. America is one big prison, a criminal country.
Once we free ourselves from their logic, we will have arrived, then we can free ourselves from their rules. Then we will have made it. This is the only “arriving” and only 'making it,” worth living for because it is the only way health will be restored.

Riddle Me Stories Angels & Demons
Unity Consciousness #966


1. Are there any stories in any Bible that describes angels and demons having conversations trying to reach understanding?

2. Are there any stories about angels and demons talking about love, peace and harmony?

3. Are there any stories about angels and demons living in the same place?

4. Are there any stories about angels and demons giving a care about what the other one thinks?

5. Are there any stories where a pack of wolves went vegan?

6. Are there any stories where the virus that kills became the virus that heals?

7. Are there any stories where a parasite gave up the fight when there were still signs of life.

8. How long would a sheep last who ran around thinking, “you know, not all wolves are predators?”

9. What kind of relationship develops, when one who is mature in the ability to deceive, meets one who is immature in the ability to perceive?...when one thinks secure means the ability to conceive and the other thinks secure means the ability to believe?

10. To be continued...

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Basic Difference Between Point of View & Vantage Point
Unity Consciousness #965


For each of us, this spiritual journey begins from the same vantage point.* A vantage point is neutral. Until we learn through experience or we are taught otherwise, we perceive neither ad-vantage nor dis-ad-vantage, good nor evil, female nor male, black nor white.
As a result we do not attach good, male and white and neither do we attach evil, female and black until we learn it through experience or we are taught otherwise.

1. Is it true that good, male and white go together? Based on what information? Based on what point of view?**
2. Is it true that evil, female and black go together? Based on what information? Based on what point of view?**

Understand The Power Of Yourself & The Power Of Point Of View

Others are not strong because of the presence of strength in them, it appears that way because of the repeated reminders of the presence of weakness in us.
Others are not strong because of the absence of weakness in them, it only appears that way because we are falsely reminded of the absence of strength in us.

In other words, when we are reprogrammed to notice we have weaknesses and not notice our strengths, our point of view defeats us. How? Not being aware of strengths results in not using those strengths, thus our weaknesses are more pronounced in our own minds. This happens when we have lost the sense of balance that exists at the vantage point of understanding. At the vantage point we are able to understand both sides of logic and realize that all creations of the same type, of the same species, have the same potentials.

It does not matter what other people currently have or possess or what other people have done and are currently doing.
In a healthy scenario, what matters is the vantage point that is able to see both sides of Truth, thus start out from the neutral position. Then once we have made a sufficient assessment of both sets of information, we move towards one or the other, thus towards a point of view. Inherent in this process is the understanding that all points of view are supposed to be subject to continuous revision. If these conclusions and decisions are not revised, then we make a mockery of future learning, and future learning makes an example out of us.

All new information must be processed through the neutral vantage point so we can weigh incoming logic on a balanced scale. This is how we place things “in their proper perspective.”

Most of the thought process must take place at the vantage point and then, the results of that process will show us how the information fits into our point of view.

A vantage point is two-sided. A point of view is one-sided.

Be certain to understand that all information fits into all points of view.
In one point of view the information can be an advantage.
In the other point of view, the same information can be a disadvantage.
This is why we must be careful to not to take information that fits into one point of view and try to fit it into our point of view in the exact same way.

We Must Have A Two Truth Vantage Point And A One Truth Point Of View

Always returning to the vantage point allows us to remain aware of both sides of logic in an ever-changing Universe.
From the vantage point we can remain updated and, if necessary, make revisions to our point of view.

When we begin our thought processes from the vantage point, it is us who are the ones to determine what will be an “ad-vantage” and what will be a “dis-ad-vantage.”
We determine this when we decide which Truth will be our point of view.
Choosing the logic that supports First Truth is an advantage. Choosing the logic that supports Second Truth is a disadvantage.

In other words, African Black people have chosen Second Truth Destroyer logic which works to our disadvantage while at the same time we expect First Truth Restorer results, and we wonder why its not happening.
Again, why are we doing this?
Because we have the same point of view as the soldiers attacking us. When they say, “we come in peace,” we should hear, “we come to kill you.” When they say “democracy” we should hear “slavery.” When they say “American” we should hear “White People.” When we say “African-American” they hear “worthless savage animal non-citizen.” This is why white folks love it when we call ourselves African-American. When we say we are “African Black” they hear their greatest fear. And on and on...
Because humans are part of the interconnected Ecosysystem, the Creator has a backup plan to correct what we do not. As a result, the Truth is changing, with or without us – from one side to the other – from one point of view to the other – from Second Truth to First Truth. The spiritual energy waves, that support one point of view (truth) more than the other, are always changing. This also affects what strengths and weaknesses are more prevalent during the Age.

*This is true despite epigenetics. When we are born into this physical dimension, our default thought process is to learn, and ask why, until things make sense, not just based on what we're told, but also based on all information we experience. This is our vantage point when we are babies. We weigh information without choosing sides first, then develop a point of view. This is why, as children, we are inquisitive and ask a lot of questions and are constantly comparing and contrasting information, answers and responses until it all makes sense. We become stronger.
It is not until our questioning is diminished, weakened, beaten and educated out of us, that we then develop the bad, terrible, deadly, careless habit of taking information straight into a point of view rather than routing the information through the weighing on the scales process of the vantage point. We become weaker.
Epigentics kick in and add their ancestral information at the vantage point. However, if we skip the vantage point, epigenetics will influence our chosen point of view more heavily than normal because it appears to be the only logic that exists and there is no other possibility. There is always at least two points of view. Always.

Most of us grow up, going through a thought process that is at first balanced, and then becomes unbalanced at home, at school and in society. We move away from considering information on its on merits and move towards considering information based on someone else's point of view. Thus we lazily and habitually skip the extra effort required to think for ourselves at the vantage point stage and we just quickly rush to make decisions based on someone else's point of view. Thus our thought process does not include a critical analysis stage, it merely consists of choosing what we like and don't like. This is why superficiality and contradictions are rampant in this Day & Age.

Critical analysis is part of the digestion phase of processing information. When we allow someone else to do the analysis and we just swallow, it is the same as allowing someone else to chew food and then we put it in our mouths.

**In order to answer these question, we must use the vantage point. By doing so, we simultaneously answer both sides of the question. For example, if we have properly assessed information to understand what is “good,” then we will have also found out what is “bad.” If the same logic that helps us understand what is good does not lead us to understand what is bad, then we must return to the vantage point in order to understand why not. If we have reached the fundamental understanding necessary to understand something, then both sides of the Two Truths will reveal themselves. This will take place before we have chosen a point of view.

A point of view is not a matter of “right and wrong.” No, instead it is a matter of preference (free will). This is a matter of unity consciousness. The more discombobulated we are, the more we will choose Second Truth logic.

Additionally from another point of view, those who have succumbed to the European mistranslation of Christianity, must shake off those salvationless shackles. Why still believe in the curse of Ham rather than realize that throughout that subversion Bible, there were many people with many failings and 99% were White folks, yet today's White folks somehow claim to be the ones with the least amount of sin. If you're going to stay in love with Christianity, read it for exactly what it says and not for what any preacher tells you using theology degrees and concordances and Greek words and all other forms of adding to, what is already supposedly infallible. Why would God trust people with his word who do not keep their word? Why would God deliver us from evil through evil? Ask some real questions. The problem is not living in the hood of crime. The problem is trying to live good in a hookwinked state of mind. You still believe in a Bible whose title could easily be “Murder He Wrote.”
You must understand these people are Wizards of Oz, masters of illusion who rule through confusion. They need us to be confused in order to rule over us. They are not powerful in and of themselves. This is why we must work on straightening out our logic. Not just some, but all logic must be checked for errors. There must be significant logic errors for the state of humanity to be as it is and for us to trust what they say. Logic is flipped, stripped, missing, broken, disconnected, misconnected, tangled, mangled, frozen...Life is a test of logic.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Defining & Changing Channels Of Multiple Sleep Dreams
Unity Consciousness #964


Dreams consist of information which plays in our minds when we are asleep.
Dreams are programs of information.
Dreams are the interaction of information within and information without.

When we go to sleep, our spirit-soul is able to move information around to help us with what we need.
Since we contain an enormous amount of information, vastly more than our “personal computers,” the information being moved around is taking place in different channels of the mind, different pathways.
Multiple dreams are simultaneously taking place when we are asleep.

As such then, dreams appearing in the mind when we are asleep can be changed in multiple ways.
One of those ways is to simply change the channel.

When we change sleep positions, we change channels – dream channels, especially when we change from facing one direction to another between left and right and between face down and face up.
By doing so, we can change the dream we are watching.

We can also change the dream we are watching based on the amount of light and sound in the room or that we are able to hear. For instance, if we can hear rain, while we are asleep, it influences the dream taking place.
Our sensing abilities exist throughout our bodies in every cell. Our cells are still interacting with the environment when we are asleep. Just like other organisms, the human body is an antenna. It sends and receives spiritual energy wave vibrations. Thus, by changing the position of the antenna, we change the frequency of what is being transmitted.

We can also change dream channels based on the electronics that are “on” in the vicinity.
We can easily conduct experiments to test dream channel changing methods.

It is worth noting again that dreams come from information already in our minds and from outside stimuli, which includes what spirit-soul brings into our minds.

Dreams are never just for our viewing pleasure or terror.
Dreams are messages to help us achieve understandings. In many instances, our dreams are only as understandable as the health of our waking consciousness; however, on occasion, straight up clarity can come via a dream even when we are woefully weak-minded.

We must not dismiss dreams. We must continue to get all forms of nutrition so our dream function can function more and more optimally.

As we become more healthy (unify consciousness, mature in knowledge of self), our dreams will become less fragmented and will become more like a short story and then like longer stories. Our dreams will stop being like attention deficit music videos which change images every second. (This is done on purpose to limit our ability to focus).

It is worth specifically stating that dreams are the result of information in the cells of our body. This information must travel over spiritual and physical pathways in our bodies in order to come together and be pieced together in order to try to deliver a coherent message to us.
In other words, sleep dreams come out of the combination of our genetic library and the Spirit Web.

Information is being uploaded and downloaded between dimensions.

Until we get back into our whole minds, it cannot be stressed enough that dreams are based on all information we have inside us from our Ancestors and from us. All information, all knowledge, all experiences, all moments.

To imagine is to consciously dream.
To dream is to subconsciously imagine.
In the subconscious, whether or not we are asleep, spirit-soul is wide awake.
Therefore, the reason we are not wide awake to the communications of spirit-soul is due to broken, weakened and mistaken connections. between the dimensions of self within and the dimensions of self without.
Dreams are a necessary part of repairing, healing, fixing and restoring this process back to good condition.

Lastly, dreams are programming playing on Spirit TV.
Dreams are the telepathic vision of spirit-soul.
Human-made television is a lesser version of Spirit television.

Both dreams and television are for the purpose of putting information in our minds and rearranging information in our minds in order to influence us to think and behave in certain ways.

I Now Have A Misinterpreted Dream By Dr. King
(Dream Lovers Die In Their Sleep)
Unity Consciousness #963


Many of us think Ancestor Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s “dream” was for us to think the way we currently think, which is the same as the way we thought back then. We think Dr. King wanted us to dream and not revise the dream based on lessons learned. We think Dr. King's dream was for us to keep on trying the same methods of protesting and trying to “make it” in these societies, so that with each new day, we can be in a worse and more insecure situation than the day before. Yes, yes y'all, we have misinterpreted Dr. King most of all.

The first thing Dr. King's dream was dependent upon was for all colors of people to not act as racists, as haters and as evil discriminators.
Now since all groups of people are still acting racist against African Blacks, the dream is inappropriate.

The second thing Dr. King's dream was dependent upon was African Black people working together to demand humans do the right thing.

As you can see, Number 2 above must come before Number 1 above.

Since Number 1 has never happened and Number 2 hasn't happened since Dr. King, not only is Dr. King's version of a dream, inappropriate, it is suicidal to follow tactics based on a dream scenario, when all other groups are following tactics based on a nightmare scenario like Daffy Duck, it's mine, mine, all mine and like mad scientists who want to rule the world and keep everyone confined.

I'll say it again: The reason Dr. King was able to make that “Dream” speech was because black people were working together for the benefit of the African Black collective. Black people were not working together so other people can rise when those others are already above us and trying to keep us from rising. Dr. King was not able to make a Dream Speech because white people were working with black people or because white people wanted us to have “justice” or because any other group was trying to be decent.
Come on now people! A dream is not supposed to remain a dream. It is supposed to become a reality.
As long as a dream is a dream, we are still asleep and sleep walking and sleep working and sleep thinking and sleep living large-ly lost.

A Different Approach To Reach The Same Conclusion

Dr. King did not fundamentally have a dream.
Dr. King fundamentally had a purpose (destiny).

Dr. King was not about focusing on “I Have A Dream,” he was about focusing on “I Have A Destiny!”
When we focus on our destiny as African Black people, the way becomes clearer with each step we take that we already know we need to take. We know it because the African Spirit within us does not hesitate to show it.
This whole thing is not about us in the flesh being free but about our African Spirit being free which then frees the rest.
Now then, since we are spirit first and foremost, we must follow the destiny of spirit.

If Dr. King was physically alive today he would not be following his own dream.
Dr. King would not be talking about getting along with other people. He would have given up on that experiment in the 70's, the 1870's.

If we continue to follow the Dream Speech portion of Dr. King's destiny, without understanding and following the essence of that dream, then we have bastardized Dr. King's fundamental legacy and turned the dream into the horror movie sequel it was then and horror movie franchise it is today.

As part of the Dream Speech, Dr. King talked about the table of brotherhood.
As part of the Reality Speech, Malcolm X told us you have to do more than be at the table to be an American or to be a citizen. You have to enjoy the same rights as all other Americans. (As always, this analogy applies to all black people in all countries who have abdicated their African Blackness for some other national identity, including the disjointed destructive country identities of each country in Africa)

Dr. King was not hopelessly and forever in love with his own dream. He changed before and after giving that speech and could only say so much under the circumstances of those days and times. As Africans, we have forgotten how to speak and move in code, yet all other people are doing exactly just that using every form of slickery. And what do we do? We keep falling on our faces and behinds cause we don't seem to notice the okie dokes they speak and the false actions they carry out as merely a means to keep us believing in Dr. King's dream.

We gotta stop misinterpreting Dr. King's dream. We have to understand “down, distance and situation.” Dr. King said his dream was “deeply rooted” in the American Dream. Dr. King was talking about the essence of the USA constitution. He was not talking about the essence of white supremacy that dictates the way America functions. The USA constitution says one thing, while white supremacy does the opposite. All other groups jump on the American bandwagon that is running straight up the crack of African backs. Dr. King was not talking about the American Dream the way white people want the society to be. No, Dr. King was talking about humanity the way civilization is supposed to be. Dr. King was talking about the first true meaning of the words of the USA constitution. This is what Dr. King's dream is deeply rooted in. It is not deeply rooted in an America that considers her grotesqueness as greatness in a good way.

There is no humanity that does not honor African Blackness. There is no civilization that does not honor African Blackness. No not even in Africa.

The American Dream back then and now is the disfigured, worm infested, rotten fruit of the human dream. It is the worst form of human character. We are at the heights of human sickness – which is why climate is changing to deal with the infections.

I guarantee you today, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B DuBois, Harriet Tubman, the “Maroons” and many others are all on the same page. They don't have any delusions about some dream that has anything to do with white folks and their wanna be color cousins, changing their behavior for the betterment of the world.

If there is logic that tells us when and how to embrace a dream, then the law of balance tells us there is also logic that tells us when and how to let go of a dream.

Wake Up Black People Out Of The Dream State Of Mind Lest We Die In Our Sleep, Eyes Open, Minds Closed, Fast Track To Sheol

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Complete Invasion & Erosion Of Privacy
Prelude To Danger Signs Of The Times
Unity Consciousness #962


Despite the subtitle of this message, the prelude happened long ago before I was born into this dimension. The prelude is ongoing and continuous. The prelude takes place every day and every moment. All information serves as emergences to give us advance notification of what is happening and of what is to come.

Thus, what I'm saying is that the invasion and erosion of privacy started long ago in the USA and other like-minded societies despite their ethnic veneers.

50 days ago, I began a list to summarize all the “Danger Signs Of The Times” scattered through these many messages and that I continue to encounter. This list was started after many repeat flashes from recent and Ancient Ancient memory to the front lines of my mind, that now is the time.

Today, this morning, without conscious concentration, clearly-formed thoughts came to me that said smartphones, computers, televisions and anything that is electronic are being used to listen to us and to visually watch us and to track us and to record all of our doings. Do not mistake all of these hacking break-ins of business and government computers as outside jobs. Look at the list of companies that have been hacked. These people are making sure they have all of your information in order to pull a much bigger okie doke. They are using and claiming hackings as an excuse and to avoid responsibility.

There is no privacy on phones, text messages, email messages, internet surfing, television watching or in bank accounts, medical information, credit cards, debit cards or in your own yard behind a 6-foot privacy fence.
Using Google Earth people can look behind the fences of our homes.
Therefore, if such ability is easily and commonly available to all people, what do you think is available to some people who want to invade and erode your privacy and who have no respect for anyone in any area?

If you have any doubt this is true, keep drinking the Kool-Aid and you will be saved.
The past and present are full of evidence. What else would the future hold coming from those maniacally in control? The current regime is double doubling down on everything, which includes ensuring you continue to follow the script of the dream while ignoring the deceptions in government, in medical care, in your food and water, in the financial industry, in the retirement industry, in the astronomy industry, in the education industry, in the DNA Testing Ancestry Results...

Today, at approximately 1p.m., a person came up to me and said they were just talking to someone who told them that the government is watching and listening to us through our phones, TV's and computers. It doesn't matter whether your equipment is on or off. If it is plugged in, you are vulnerable. If the battery is in the device, you are vulnerable.

(Do you understand how unlikely it is for the same thoughts that popped into my mind today also be the same thoughts told to me today without any pre-conversation to bring up the subject? There is no such thing as coincidence and no such thing as irrelevant information.)

Towards the end of the brief conversation above, I also told the person I recently taped a piece of paper over the camera on my computer. The person said the guy she talked to also did the same thing.

Something is going on. It is the same something that has always been going on. As said many times before, the momentum is increasing.
Simply put, change is coming faster and faster as the transition from one Age to the next, takes place.
Changes are taking place rapidly such that there will be no time to respond in order to avoid or minimize the damage or to take advantage of opportunities.
All this is as it should be.
In addition to the obviousness of our experiences, we have been continuously told for at least the past 60 years in more and more clear terms.
Thus, due to our ongoing complete erosion of awareness and preparedness, we are also just going along with the plan for the complete invasion and erosion of privacy.
To solidify the stupidity of our thoughts and actions, we have become satisfied because we have “smart” phones and technology and access to the internet. We put up with drones and participate in having our own. Satellites are cameras which can see from great distances, thus listening from great distances is also possible. We are going paperless and allowing all our financial information to only be found in an electronic record. We are putting our information in the “cloud.” We are linking our phones to our email. We are doing the same things that causes animals to get caught in the same trap. The only reason to trap an animal is to kill it, remove it, enslave it or experiment on it.

The invasion and erosion of awareness, preparedness and privacy serves each of these four purposes.

3.8.17 Update

Within 10 minutes after publishing this message, I saw the following message in my inbox: ”Signs of the times as told by the earth and stars ”

Left & Right-Brain, Whole Brain African Psychology
Unity Consciousness #961


Left-brain thinking is said to mean logical and right-brain thinking is said to mean creative.
How is it that one side of the brain is circular and one side linear? One side intuitive, holistic, spiritual and one side analytical, logical, critical, abstract, objective? One side rote, routine and rigid while the other side is spontaneous, variable and flexible?

The left side of the brain takes care of analytical tasks, while the right side deals with emotional and interpretive responses. The right side of the brain draws conclusions from complex sets of information and puts them in context, aids strong communication skills and is able to function in a multi-interconnected interrelated network of people and information.

“Left-brain thinkers like to deal with words or numbers. They assess things in parts and are time-bound, while right-brain thinkers deal with pictures, assessing things as a whole and in relation to one another and are time-free.”

In keeping with basic sensibility and the teachings of Dr. Amos Wilson, as Africans, we are a two-sided brain people, whole brained, not left or right. What organism has two sides of a brain or only uses a portion of its brain or comes to think it is supposed to manifest more of one side of its capabilities as opposed to the other side of its capabilities? It doesn't exist except among humans taught by Europeans.

Just because the European worldview teaches one-sidedness under its Second Truth paradigm, doesn't make it true for those out of which Europeans came into mutated existence.

When it comes to the abilities that are said to represent the left-brain and right-brain, we already know each side operates based on genetics which is DNA which is information which is logic which is creative genetic potential genius. Therefore, simply put, all logic on both sides of the brain are fundamentally driven by the same structural components within us. Therefore, each of the abilities on one side is also on the other side. Furthermore, information that comes out of us, such as speech and actions, do not come out of one side, it comes out of the center, the central processing unit. It is an abuse of left and right brain dimensions to limit self to one side of a whole brain. It is an abuse of the gift the Creator has given us. “I was born with a whole brain and matured into using only half my brain. I grew out of knowing self rather than into knowing self. I got worse, not better. I was more optimal as a baby than as an adult."

So stop placing limitations on your abilities. Stop following your miseducated information. You have the abilities of both sides of the brain and can do what both sides do. You are a whole brain African, not a half-brain anything unless you don't claim your Blackness, your Africanness, your Genesis.

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Use your whole brain Africans! Reclaim wholeness with self, with each other and on the world stage.
As Mama Sister Nana Marimba Ani reminds us, we are only using 25% of our brains if we use European concepts.

How ya' livin' is how ya' thinkin' is who is teaching what you're hearing, seeing and experiencing.

Reviewing The 3 Greatest Fears Of Criminals
Unity Consciousness #960


Understanding the fears of criminals helps us understand their thinking and behavior, past, present and future. Fear is their guiding light. Fear is the main thing that controls them in every way, every second of the day. Anything that suggests otherwise is the okie doke. For criminals, fear is always a part of everything. When we come up with reasons for why criminals do what they do, we must not stop until we break it down enough to reach the underlying fear. When it comes to criminals, even their displays of joy, happiness and love, are based on fear.**

Fear #1 - Genetic Annihilation

Well, this is what happens to you when nothing is safe in your presence.
This is what happens when phenotype mutates from genotype.
All of the types within the organism, from phenome to genome, are inhibited in the First Sense and uninhibited in the Second Sense of the Truth.

Genetic Annihilation Discussed At Length

Self-esteem is emasculated.
The result is all kinds of isms such as genderism, racism, religion-sim, capitalism and whatever else moves Creation from healthy to unhealthy.
Dividing humans into “races” was a big mistake that now facilitates the demise of the criminal mind, thus all else entwined.
The black hole is dilating. We are in the midst of the labor pains for the birth of the new universal world order.
Self-destruction was the choice simultaneously made with the plans for each criminal society's construction. Thus the methods of self-destruction must be as civil or uncivil as the methods of construction. Demolition day is never gentle unless the parts are salvageable in their current form.

“Genetic Annihilation & The Spiritual War, Unity Consciousness #738”

“Icicle Cell Melanemia, A Positive Negative Test Of Albino Logic, Unity Consciousness #827”

”Invention Of Whiteness Ideology & Its Constant Negativity, Unity Consciousness #918”

Fear #2 - Loss Of Ill-Gotten Gains Of Money And Power.*

Criminals fear being run out of business, out of the country and out of existence.
Nothing is too bad for criminals.

Inclusive in this fear is the fear of having to “function” on an even playing field.
In the European utamawazo, life is about “competing” to win. They understand they do not have the ability to “rule terrorize the world” if all things were equal. This is why they use any means necessary to win, and in no way will ever play by the same rules. They feel handicapped and thus feel justified to not have things equal. In a twist of logic and transference, they project their feelings of inferiority onto others, thus make themselves feel superior. Just listen to them when they talk about crime. They leave out all their crimes, thus cause people to think that crime is what others do, and on the other hand, Europeans are the morally upright democratic police of the world, whose manifest destiny is to make the world a sicksafe place to live.
On the flip side of the script, the African utamawazo is about “cooperation” to evolve. This concept annoys Europeans because, under an evolutionary mindset, Europeans know they cannot fool people into thinking Europeanized logic is the way to go.*

Fear #3 - Being Caught And Punished

Every dog has his day and way and so does every Mut, Sut, Khut and pale fox.
The ears of the dog and eyes of the cat witness the slaughtering of the hog and rendering of the fat.
The dog is the knower and announcer of the inundation. When he is quiet, the battle and deluge ensue. The ape awaits.

In reverse, the end of sorrows is worse than the beginning of sorrows.

When you are a criminal, you will use any means necessary to not get caught. This includes the shootout at the end when surrounded and there is no way out of being holed up in cities sitting pretty.
A criminal is a soldier of the Second Truth who never ever surrenders or tells the truth except long enough to put you in another form of noose.

A criminal is the antithesis of a Samaritan.
A Criminal takes freely and indiscriminately without provocation or hesitation. A Samaritan gives freely and indiscriminately without question or application.

The greatest fears of criminals are inevitable. Fear comes with the “terror story” (territory) of criminals. Therefore, where there is fear in you, so also is there the logic produced by criminals to rob you of your genetic potential.

We are soldiers, each and every one. The command center is elsewhere.

*Acquired via manipulations, mayhems and murders of all types and forms in all dimensions that humans can affect.

**For instance, in societies, a significant portion of happiness is based on being able to have money to afford what is needed AND what is wanted. Happiness is based on having what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Therefore, the absence of money and the absence of more than enough money leads to unhappiness which leads to fear of being without money. This logic then produces behaviors that makes the acquisition of money a higher priority than relationships (because happiness and security are tied to money and the absence of money is tied to fear, thus happiness and security are tied to doing things that, at a high cost, prevent the absence of money).
On the other hand, a person with healthy logic realizes that civilization and thousands of generations of humans thrived without money and still do. The very thing shunned in pursuit of money is the very thing needed to have power, strength, happiness, what is needed and abundance (relationships that provide according to need in order for the collective to live optimally). This kind of logic is hated by criminals. This then should tell us to stop trusting or believing in anything that touches criminal hands. This means we must move quickly away from the ways of living these people have established to keep us working and worrying poor while they continue to take more. It is a losing system that leaves us highly vulnerable no matter how much money we have. We know this. This is why we still fear. No better off rich or poor because logic has not changed. I am now less vulnerable with less money due to the return to better relationships.

”Dr. Amos Wilson on Love & Self-Hate, Fear”

*”Plants Are Not In Competition For Nutrients & Resources, Unity Consciousness #319”

”Competition Sounds Good But Isn't Good For Life, Unity Consciousness #321”

”11 Ugly Truths About Competition For Life, Unity Consciousness #322”

Reasons To Support Michael Jordan's “The Ceiling Is The Roof”
Unity Consciousness #959


Just like Kyrie Irving, Michael Jordan has given us an opportunity to “think outside the box” but most of us have once again chosen our cardboard confines as a safe house from which to process information.
The “ceiling is the roof” is an uncommon statement coming from the mouth of humans.
When we hear information for the first time, it usually does sound “strange.” Doesn't that apply to all first experiences? I imagine this is part of the reason why babies cry upon first breath. Then, in short order, after multiple more breaths, they realize what's going on or at least have become less shocked by the sensation.

When we experience language and the experience is also flavored and colored by the reactions of other humans, our own personal reaction to the information changes for better or worse.

When it comes to Michael Jordan's statement, here's what we knew before he made the statement:
1. A glass “ceiling is the roof.”
2. In many buildings and homes “the ceiling is the roof.”
3. “The ceiling is the roof” in attics, lofts, cabins, sheds, tents, teepees, lean-to's, etc.
4. The ceiling of one floor is the floor of the floor above, thus “the floor is the ceiling.” [at this point in this discussion, truthseekers are nodding while resisters and deniers are shaking]
5. The ceiling of the Universe is also the roof.
6. If, in fact, we are living on the outer surface of Earth, we are living on the roof which serves as a roof under our feet, thus also a floor. The ceiling is the roof is the floor of the next higher level.
7. All roofs are ceilings. Just because we have an interior ceiling doesn't mean the outermost ceiling is no longer a ceiling. Aren't there multiple ceilings, floors and roofs in multi-story buildings?

The “ceiling is the roof” is not as far-fetched, ridiculous or laughable as it might first seem.
The ceiling is the roof makes more sense than “the sky's the limit.”

”Rounding Out Two Truths & Kyrie Irving's Flat Earth, Unity Consciousness #947”

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Soldiers Lose Friends & Enemies In Spiritual War
Unity Consciousness #958


Friends are just as dangerous in war as enemies.
How can this be?
The notion of what a “friend” is, is far too ego-strokingly seductive to our self-esteem to be productive.

We base friendship on who we like.
Who we like is based on our logic.
Our logic is based on information acquired.
Under healthy circumstances, this is as it should be, but right now, most of the information we use has been acquired from those who do not like us.

Consequently, we choose friends based on likes that the enemy likes us to like.

Consequently, we choose “feel good” friends that fundamentally do us no good.

The word friend has gotten us mixed up and messed up just as much as the word love and the word beauty and so many other words that we think are personal preferences, but are not.

In other words, we do not choose friends based on some unique individual set of criteria that we possess. Instead we are taught who to choose as friends.

Now it's time to reassess and simply get rid of both friends and enemies.

Skipping & Re-Flipping From End To Beginning

The designation of ourselves as “friends” is a recent term. It has come about at the end of this process and cycle of human experience.

In earlier times, we recognized life as being first and foremost a continuous spiritual journey.

This spiritual journey is not a walk in the park, stroll, cruise or a vacation.

It is a war.

War does not begin or end based on who we like and who we consider friends.
War is what it is.
War is spiritual, ongoing and nonstop. War exists every moment everywhere. There is no one and no creation who is immune from war and who is not always in the midst of war. War began in the heavens and we are smack dab in it, participating on one side or the other.

Mothers don't have children. Mothers give birth to soldiers.
Mother Frances Cress-Welsing reminded us of this.

Every person you meet falls into only two categories.
1. A soldier on one spiritual side.
2. A soldier on the other spiritual side.

Focusing on who is a friend and who is an enemy will cause us to be distracted fighting battles...while the war rages on.

War is not personal, it is Universal.
In the Universal lies the beginning and end of war.
Micro wars have friends and enemies. Macro war only has soldiers.
Soldiers don't give a damn if you like them. They only care if you are fighting the same enemy and not doing things to prevent others from fighting the same enemy.

Friendship is for times of peace, when we can actually relax and not be attacked in no way, shape, form or fashion.
Friendship is inappropriate while soldiers from the other side are in our midst acting like they are bullet-proof, teflon-coated, not guilty and unstoppable.

If you insist on using friendship as a main criteria, you will misidentify soldiers. All it takes is one misidentification to put an end to the tour of duty of a life you could have saved. Judgment day is everyday. Judgment day is not just about you and not about “biblical sins.”

For those who are still in love with friendship:
During times of peace, when there are no soldiers from the other side in our midst, everyone is a friend. Friendship is the reward, the payoff, for being a soldier.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Conspiracy & The Oscar For Most Fakery During Human History Is...
Unity Consciousness #957


3/2/17 Update Of The Previous Message UC#956

Don't allow yourself to get messed up by the word ”conspiracy.”
A conspiracy, as currently used, simply means there are two or more viewpoints and one side chooses to use the word conspiracy to describe disagreement. In other words, a conspiracy is a word used as ploy by those who are otherwise defenseless and are now desperate. The use of the word conspiracy is a form of plausible deniability. When in doubt and there's no way out, throw up both your hands and shout “conspiracy.” And do so with enough sarcasm to predispose the listener to self-doubt.

A conspiracy is a reverse form of calling something “a controversy” or claiming something is “controversial.”
When something is said to be controversial, it is an attempt to get you to not know what to think.
When something is said to be a conspiracy, it is an attempt to get you to think the person who used the word conspiracy, is telling the truth.

When someone sarcastically calls something “a conspiracy,” they are attempting to take reality and change it into the illusion that reality is unrealistic. This is a way of jumping out in front of the truth, as a way of acknowledging it, but then attempting to completely do away with the thought process that leads to understanding.
Due to past examples and experiences, the word conspiracy contains a lot of definitions and meanings. Each person, when hearing the word “conspiracy” automatically pulls up the subconscious suggestive notion that something called a conspiracy is usually false; therefore each person automatically hears logic inside them that says the person who just acknowledged that something is being called a conspiracy must be the person telling the truth.

The use of the word “conspiracy” as a defense only works on those who are prone to short-circuited thought processes and who do not recognize the tricks of trickery.
The one who uses the word conspiracy to say someone else is claiming something is a conspiracy is usually guilty.
Listen for the word conspiracy and you will see.
Also listen for the closely related word controversy.
A conspiracy requires conspiring. Conspiring means working together. Therefore, there is good conspiring and bad conspiring, good conspiracies and evil conspiracies. There are good and bad forms of all things, healthy and unhealthy.

A few days ago Jimmy Kimmel decided to continue to play the fool for the powers that be. He gave a silly explanation that there were two cards for every announcement and that somehow the second card for a different award ended up in the hands of Beatty and Dunaway while the original card was in the hands of Emma Stone.
Most people have seen the card that finally showed Moonlight as the winner. We can only assume that all cards follow the same format. The winner's name is on top in big letters and associated information is smaller underneath.
If Beatty and Dunaway had the wrong card that was for Best Actress, then the actress name would have been on top in big letters and that alone would have been enough for any sane person to recognize there was a mistake. Yet we are supposed to believe that both Dunaway and Beatty ignored the words “Emma Stone” and then read the smaller words underneath and announced La La Land.

Jimmy Kimmel used a basic formula in his followup to the lie. He told a joke, slid the lie in between and told a joke afterwards. The co-conspirators, the accountants and media have also followed up to try to make sure the lie sticks. This is always the process. They will tell as many lies as necessary before and after the fact.

One of thousands of examples of the extent these people will go through, in order to continue their never-ending storytelling was made harshly obvious during the September 11th Twin Tower fakery that cost people their lives in order to support the larger agenda.

The winner for best fakery during human history in a supporting role, goes to Europeans.

It is the only award that makes everything else make sense.

3/3/17 Update

You must understand that all things are interrelated and interconnected in a web of logic, motion, conclusions, beliefs, behaviors, actions and knowings.
All logic and all behaviors share two properties:
1. The logic and behaviors are the result of other logic and behaviors that justifies them.
2. The logic and behaviors are for the purpose of justifying other logic and behaviors.

Do not lose track of the chain of causes and effects.

How many times does a movie win Best Producer and Best Actress and not win Best Picture?
Let us just assume that the LA Times explanation of the process of how Oscar winners are selected is true.
How does the group of voters who overall did not consider La La Land as Best Picture also did consider La La Land as best in several other categories? The same people with the same viewpoints voted for all categories. It doesn't add up for a group of voters to overall select La La Land as Best Picture and Best Actress and Best Film Editing and Best... not also vote them as first place winners of Best Picture?
We are being told that Moonlight won by virtue of being assigned votes that were not first place votes.

Let us not assume that people who crave controlling the money and power that comes with “awards” would leave it up to chance and leave it up to a fair process for winners to be selected.
No, the Oscars is just like American national elections. The voting process for the Oscars is a veneer to appease the public and the real selection is made by another group in advance of the public election charade. The winners of national elections and the Oscars is not based on the candidates and published criteria. The selection is made for other purposes.
I'll say it again. How can a producer be best producer and not produce the best movie? How can an actress be best actress and not act in the best movie? How can a movie be best edited and not be best movie?
Your logic is being tested for congruency and registry errors.

”Moonlight/LaLa Land Oscar Controversy -- This is Why The Oscars Don't Matter”

3/8/17 Update

Do not think for one moment, black people, that your love for the TV show, “Scandal,” doesn't have anything to do with the movie, “Moonlight.” Falling in love with the okie doke of “Scandal” is one of many gullible encouragements that tells others a portion of us are willing to fall for anything and accept anything as long as we get praise, fame and win awards.

”Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: Scandal & Slave Movie Propaganda... ”