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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sinking Media-Filled Societies
Prepare To Evacuate Immediately Psychologically
Unity Consciousness #119


Sister Sophia Stewart asks, “How many times must your ass be roasted before you know it's on fire?”

Likewise I ask, How many times must your mind be assaulted before you know your entire being is under attack psychologically?

Societies Are Sinking

Just in case you haven't noticed, all current societies, pretending to be the main powers in the world, are sinking ships. It is not just America. They all have gaping holes in them. What applies to America applies to them all. These holes have existed from the start due to logic not grounded in the spiritual principles of civilizations. The holes have been patched and re-patched with banana peels. These societies have slipped further and farther off course. Forward motion does not always indicate progress at its best especially when societies are pointed in the wrong direction in the first place.

Media Onslaught

Just in case you haven't noticed, there has been a noticeable increase in the type, number and immediacy of media stories. This is psychological warfare to keep you from noticing the bigger picture. It is to get you to believe more information means things are getting more honest and better because you are are getting so much more information in areas and in ways you didn't before. No, no, no!

Purpose Of The Media

The purpose, as always, is to distract you and control you by controlling what you think by giving you what you think is truth and giving you what satisfies your curiosity for whatever.

Societal ships are getting lower and lower in the water while the few lifeboats there are, are being lowered. The ships are being purposely flooded with media stories to keep you focused on the flood instead of the signs of the exodus. It is no mistake many stories are now being “leaked” to the media. It is not your good fortune that information you used to never get, you're getting quickly. Most of it is small potatoes.

If you were really being told what you need to know, you would hear the fundamental truths about history. You would also be told the education system is mostly a failure. You would hear the same things about the food system, government, religion, law enforcement, military, justice system and all institutions. You would be told the culture is unsustainable.

This is not what is being reported in the barrage of 365/24/7 media stories. What is being told is for curiosity, entertainment and shock value to keep you off-balance, preoccupied and unable to analyze while lifeboats are leaving the ship.

Prepare to evacuate yourself. There will be no help from anywhere else. They haven't helped your ass in hundreds of years. Come on now. Nothing has changed. To each his own has existed from the tragic beginning of these societies and will until their tragic ends. Who believes in and pledges allegiance to these societies? Only those psychologically damaged and conquered.

Crazy Media Makes Others Seem Crazy

Media has made those who are preparing to evacuate seem crazy. Some are. Of course, as always, the whole “prepper-ish” movement, that goes by many names, is being bastardized by lies and commercialization. This keeps you and others stuck right where you are. You allow the “crazy” part to keep you from seeing through what you're used to in order to do what you need to. This is one of the basic psychological strategies used all the time on every topic.

No matter what we believe, our beliefs can not change the fundamental laws of nature and of systems. Shabby systems will fall apart completely.

There Are Many Ways To Tell Ships Are Sinking

It does not take a genius to know a ship is sinking. It does require you to use and trust your basic senses. Your basic senses are expert at detecting what is going on in the environment. Use them.

In the same way you can tell what the weather is right where you are and its changes, you can also tell the environment of the society you are in.

Focus in on the silent alarms and prepare to evacuate. The only public alarms will be the sounds of panic and chaos. History and what is happening right now provides enough evidence when just one needful thing is interrupted.

Climate Change Climate Change

Climate change has been said so much, it could begin to sound mundane.

Know this family: In addition to all the things societies are doing and not doing that must lead to greater and continued catastrophe, climate change ain't no play thang.

When climate changes in your body, you know something is wrong even before outward signs appear and you know you need to do something or it will only get worse. Climate change on Earth and climate change in the body are metaphors of each other. Know yourself and know all else.

Lifeboats And Life Vests Not Required

The natural and becoming natural are all that's needed to supply all basic needs.

This is only the first minute of the first quarter in this dimension of eternity. The momentum is shifting again back to the higher healthier self. The only way to lose is let your opponent define what life is about and let your opponent dictate the psychological game.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Supersymmetry & The Matrix
Unity Consciousness #118


Professor Sylvester James Gates, Jr. on Supersymmetry Theory (Short Version)

The supersymmetry video above helped confirm and augment recent studies and ways of knowing. The following additional thoughts came to mind:

Those honestly interested in knowledge should review:
(1) Key Definitions | What Is Science? Who Are Scientists?
(2) Expanded Definitions: Prehistory & Prehistoric Context

Until we respect the fundamentals and origins of any topic, optimal understanding will be as elusive as optimal use of a computer by one who puts components before the motherboard and one who gives credit to Bill Gates for the operating system.

This was demonstrated by the panelist who asserts that a mathematical equation is absent of time.

(1)This is not true as the equation is being performed or solved.  Motion must be involved as one works through the equation.

(2)This is true once the equation is solved if the equation is singular and not connected to anything, otherwise the motion in the equation carries through to the next.

(3)In other words, this is not true if the equation itself is repeating or part of a series of ongoing equations then motion, thus time does exist.

Therefore, to describe the world and universe in terms of mathematical equations is not disallowed on the basis of time because the world is based on processes and these processes must be following a series of equations in order for consistencies and patterns to be present, even with built in variability.  These processes, sequences and patterns are motion, thus time.

2011 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: The Theory of Everything (Full Version)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Is An Alien? | Goofy & Real Definitions
Unity Consciousness #117

Reprogrammed Definition

Whenever we hear the word “alien” many of us have thoughts of (fear, ugly, scared, another planet, unlike us, harm, kill, monsters, creatures, foreigners, can't communicate with). These are automatic meanings that have been reprogrammed within our genetic database by humans and mainly through books, movies and media. These inaccurate meanings interfere with the curiosity we should have for differences and replaces it with withdrawal into smaller and smaller logical worlds.

Goofy Definitions

Referring to humans who are supposedly not from the same country as ourselves as aliens is goofy.

Are plants and animals that live in the same country as ourselves aliens just because they are of a different species?
Should we call food that doesn't grow in our country, alien food?

Referring to living beings from planets other than Earth as aliens is also goofy. If aliens are those from another planet, how can humans from the same planet also be aliens?

Because we know everyone on this planet originated from the same country, Africa, before, it was called Africa, we also know no one on this planet is an alien no matter where they go. Human laws, borders and name changes don't make it so.

Because we know everyone in the universe originated from the same Creator, we also know no living being anywhere in the universe is an alien.

Real Definition

What we have become accustomed to calling alien is simply something we are not familiar with.
Familiarity implies recognition.
Recognition implies understanding.
Understanding implies connection.
Therefore, the real definition of alien is something we have not yet connected in our understanding in order to recognize as family.

The Making Of An Alien

Whether Martians, Maatians, Subterranean, Oceanian, flora or fauna, the only things that make something alien is logical corruption and knowledge of self-alienation.
He who decides to not unlock cells filled with keys, will create smaller and smaller cells without doors and without keys in order to feel comfy until the artificial matrix has no room left except for the superficial and thus becomes the official prison and grave.

The Creator Has Cancers & Cures
Unity Consciousness #116


Among the many changes occurring on Earth are higher temperatures in some places and lower temperatures in other places. Since Earth is a living being just as humans, metaphor helps us understand these simultaneous temperature occurrences are the same as Earth having both fever and chills - signs of sickness.

Who Makes Who Sick?

Since all things in the universe are taking place within the body of the Creator, a sick Earth and sick humans are organisms within the Creator that are making the Creator sick. Our sickness is part of the Creator's weakness.

Cancers By Metaphor

Earth is to the Creator as cells are to humans and other lifeforms. Sickness in humans stems from mutation. This is cancer. Sickness in Earth is also caused by mutation. This is also cancer. So below, as above allows us to reverse the metaphor by using reverse logic to reverse the A to B process of understanding to B to A. This tells us, if Creator, Earth, humans and cells are all part of the same metaphor, then the Creator also has cancers.

In cells, humans, Earth and Creator, mutations are causing cancers of all types physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These cancers go by tens of thousands of scientific, common and cultural names in Earth and in humans, their societies, cultures and institutions. For example, capitalism is one of those mutations we might not readily recognize as a form of cancer. It is a mutation of the marketplace.

Being Sure There Are Cures

Naturally, the Creator has cures. If the Creator cannot self-correct and heal sickness within self (the Creator's own body which we call universe), then neither can anybody or anything else. If the Creator cannot heal sickness of all types within self, then neither can the Creator help or heal the same in anybody or anything else. Land, air and water also could not be healed. Human beings would not stand a chance of self-correcting the human family.

We have seen evidences of healing and self-correction within self, other organisms and within Earth; therefore there must be cures on the universal level without.

If there were no cures to heal the sicknesses in Earth inside the body of the Creator, then the growing, life-diminishing cancers would eventually kill the Creator, just as it does in humans, Earth and other organisms as mutations multiply. Eternity would not be possible because the Creator would have a terminal illness.

Being Sure Another Way

Earth, universe, humans and cells are harmonious systems that are based on the logic of the Creator and connected by the same logic. If cells and humans have immune systems, then so must Earth and so must the Creator of the universe.

Cure #2

The immune system and self-correcting nature of cells in humans fix many mutations/cancers by repair, removal or self-destruction. These logical processes were established by the Creator. These processes are occurring within the cancer cell Earth has become.

Cure #3

Nutrition, with its medicinal properties, is already available for the giving and receiving. Additional forms of nutrition. containing specialized mixtures that specifically target cancer types in living organisms, are circulating through Earth's primary primordial systems. This is higher logic.

Since Earth, Air and Sun cannot be held back for long by lower logic, neither can Water, damned from its logical process of circulating in the body of Earth, be kept from its natural state of freedom. It must and will be released in order to help supply nutrients to the inner regions of Earth.

Cure #4

Radiation from the Sun will neutralize the mutated components within Earth. Anyone and anything that looks like, thinks like and acts like the mutated logic that cancer is, will undergo treatment, and if too far gone to be repaired, will be removed and recycled back into the primordials on Earth and into the primordials of the universe - black matter and black energy.


Cancerous activity on Earth and the increase in consciousness are indicative of a disease in its last days and cures on the way. By virtue of cancer's presence and activities over the last 3,000 years, the immune system has initiated multiple solutions, all of which have been evaded momentarily. This time around, the Creator is sending more specialized help as cancers continue to spread inside and outside Earth and especially inside and outside humans.

Humans are the main carriers of mutations. Climate change is aimed at us. The human species will continue to undergo significant change in the coming years; therefore, so will their societies. Whatever is not aligned with the higher spiritual logic of natural systems must not be relied upon. The lower spiritual logic of man-made systems that is based on disconnection from its complements, is almost completely out of time. Those who are “running” these systems and ruining natural systems do not have a clue what to do. Whatever they do will never help me or you. This is why we must not do what they do. This is Cure #1.

Your voting record will be checked to see if you voted for the cure or the sickness to remain.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Nature Of The Beasts Hasn't Changed
Unity Consciousness #115


The Nature Of The Beasts Hasn't Changed

by Ancestors through Usiku

The nature of the beasts hasn't changed
What seems different is more of the same
Due to what their basic nature seeks
To compensate for being mutated deep
They offer traps baited with sweets
Opportunities, so to speak
To help prey mostly, become the least
A way out to win what self-defeats
Beasts never ever offer relief
To those needed to supply the feast
To beasts, life force energy is meat
Suffering is consumed to produce more grief
With ancestral bones they pick their teeth
While next of kin compete at their feet
Rely on their killers for what they reap
Like livestock without their own feed
Await traps full of excess needs
Get caught up and expect release
From those who pray for souls to keep
Whose main concern is something to eat
Which costs more with a paid receipt
Truth is expensive and considered a treat
So real progress is a faithful leap
While past gains shrink in retreat
All this behavior will suddenly cease
When the sun turns 'round and heads east
Something only possible by faithful leap
So now we go, to those who know, and teach
Nature filled with lessons coded deep
Words spoken, we forget to speak
The all-seeing doesn't rule asleep
Through process comes refining techniques
By intensifying gaze, Amma rays streak
To the inner bellies of those who creep
The big black eye of the sky high priest
Ain't fooled by the nature exhibited by beasts
Who will be stung till they run into the streets
To crawl by nature and succumb to rising heat
Nothing in their disposals will help them in the least
Who will perish like parasitical fungal yeast

Universal Logic
Unity Consciousness #114


The thought process (logic) that the ability to think (logic) at some “high level” is the domain of the human brain is an extremely incomplete understanding of human abilities and functioning. It is also an extremely incomplete understanding of the abilities and functioning of all creatures and all creation.

Universal Logic

Since the universe is filled with processes, the universe is filled with logic. The universe is built on logic.

All life is able to thrive in a universe based on the logic of abundance because the logic in the universe functions mostly at a high level.

Since spirit is the highest unifier of all things, this logic, like all logic, is spiritual.

Logic is the thought process of Spirit.

Spirit uses logic to create logic to connect to logic and so on. Through spirit, logic and connection, the universe is interrelated, ordered and reordered.

This means life and existence, now and forever, has been, and always will be, a spiritual process, a logical* process and a physical process.

Exposing Artificial Intelligence

Humans are just one part of the logic of the universe. We are a subset of logic. We are not the complete logic of the universe. Human logic ain't even the “highest level” of logic among the created. In order for human logic to even begin heading in the direction of the highest, human logic must combine the highest forms of the spiritual, physical and logical. The ability to steal, kill and lie through the gills does not qualify.

An organism with “high level” thinking processes should be able to self-correct since the inability or unwillingness to do so is a foundational weakness that destroys from within. The greatest threat always comes from within and always in a foundational area most relied upon. Logic rising from such foundations will not survive the fall even if the physical does.

*Logic is the mental which encompasses the emotional.

Connecting Logic To Logic Using Intuition
Unity Consciousness #113


This is a continuation of What Is Logic?

Logic Connects

As we boil down, reduce and summarize the previous article, understanding rises:
Logic, a process, connects itself to other processes (logic).

Brain Logic Connects To Machine Logic

Humans use brain logic to connect to computer logic. We combine and align our thinking with the computer's thinking to accomplish something.

Logic in a computer is directed by its software which includes the operating system. Logic in humans is directed by its DNA & RNA which is present throughout all the body's systems because DNA and RNA are present in all cells.

For more on the brain-computer metaphor, see ”Brain-Mind-Spirit Computer Comparisons”

Intuition Is Logic

Simply put, intuition is a form of spirit communication that transfers understanding from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind.

Intuition is a process. Intuition is logic. Intuition is subconscious background logic. Intuition is the logic of the Creator that came with the brain computer's operating system. As a reminder, every cell is a living organism and contains a mini-brain computer and a mini-processor of logic.

Just as in a computer, there are many processes going on in the background (subconscious) that influence and communicate with processes going on in the foreground (consciousness).

In the brain, the subconscious mind is a dual processor with the conscious mind. The subconscious mind assists the conscious mind; however, the subconscious mind has more processing power than the conscious mind. It also makes use of more information more easily than the conscious mind. The subconscious and conscious minds are designed to work together and not compete or conflict.

This is a metaphor to remind us how human logic is supposed to connect with the Creator's logic present in the natural world inside us and the natural world outside us and not conflict.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Is Logic? | Definition
Reasoning With African Philosophy
Unity Consciousness #112

There's More To Logic Than Human Logic

Logic is not limited to humans or the human brain. Logic exists anytime and anywhere a process exists.

A process is two or more steps which moves or attempts to move something from one place, state or condition to another.

Definition Of Logic

Logic is process. Logic is any process used to manipulate and/or discriminate. Logic is anything that describes a process such as: plan, formula, recipe, instructions, directions, steps, programs, blueprint, method, procedure, system, birth, digestion, decomposition, photosynthesis, cosmosis, comparison, breathing, walking, reading, raining, germinating, living, dying, copulating, Earth rotating, seasons changing, etc. The process can be short, long or any length in between This means all processes are examples of logic.

Logic is used to figure something out, calculate something, compute something, understand something, accomplish something, convert something or transform something. Most of this is the kind of logic we are used to thinking about as logic; however, every thought, every decision, every action, every behavior and every motion are examples of logic.

Logic uses information from all the senses, the body, the brain, the spirit, the emotions, within the person, outside the person, outside Earth, what's visible and what's not.

Logic does not imply something is right or wrong or makes sense or no sense. Logic is simply the process that moves something from A to B or attempts to do so.

Reasoning To Logical Conclusions

Although logic includes the process of human thinking, it is much simpler than that - it is process. Logic is more widespread than human logic because it is in use throughout creation. Because of its simplicity and its ubiquity, logic is much more complex than human thinking ever could be.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

African Utamawazo | Survival Toolkit For African People
Unity Consciousness #111

African Utamawazo*

Utamawazo (oo-tah-mah-wah-zo) is a Kiswahili term that refers to the cultural worldview of a people based on their original essence. Worldview determines how people are socialized to perceive, think and experience the world. Worldview establishes the basis and context for meanings and understandings. Many Africans have been taught to experience the world from a viewpoint contrary to their essence. Worldview shapes people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Africans are at a disadvantage in all these areas which includes a psychological disadvantage due to not matching our approach to life with the essence of who we are, our basic spiritual needs and our genius. For Africans, getting back to our worldview, our Utamawazo, is necessary for our survival.

The African Utamawazo is comprised of the following six parts.

1. Nature Of The Universe (Cosmology)

The universe is a creation of the Supreme Being. It is a divine, harmonious system where everything is interdependent and governed by a natural order. Humans are organically related to all things in the universe. The same forces and natural order that permeate the cosmic universe permeates the life of people.

2. Ways Of Knowing (Epistemology)

Ways in which we are able to sense and know things are not limited to space, time and the five senses. Spiritual means are also available such as divination, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, dreams and intuition. These are just some of the ways of knowing knowledge about the past, present and future. Knowledge is obtained through active participation and experience with the universe.

3. Nature Of Reality (Ontology)

Reality has a spiritual basis. Knowledge is connected to reality through the functions of the Supreme Being, Deities, Ancestors, human beings and spiritual energy permeating the entire universe. There is both a spiritual and physical basis to reality. Scientific explanations based on Western thought are only able to partially explain the nature of reality because science that only examines and accounts for the physical and the visible can only explain the “how” of reality. Western science does not answer, at all or sufficiently, other essential logical questions such as who, what, where, when, why, etc.

4. Value System (Axiology)

The Utamawazo is governed by the divine laws of Maat which are exemplified through examples in nature. Human relationships are characterized by communalism and harmony with nature just to name a few. The relationships humans have with other humans and with nature are essential to defining what it means to be a human being. What a human being means also involves participating within a communal group and pursuing one's destiny while maintaining good character. In other words, just because we are homo sapiens does not mean we are human beings. Ancestors are honored and elders are respected. All adults are responsible and held accountable for all children.

Being part of a communal group allows resources to be optimized and it also supports both the group and the individual when difficulties are encountered. Communal living supports ubuntu and avoids the pitfalls of “do what you want to” (to each his own).

5. Process Of Becoming & Ultimate Purpose (Teleology)

The Utamawazo is concerned with human transformation and spiritual enlightenment that transcends physical desires. Human development involves:
(a) a sense of “self”, which provides some understanding of individual identity of one's spirit, mind and body
(b) form, which outlines identity and marks the point of distinction
(c) order, which defines natural connections to the communal group and separation of identity from the communal group while remaining connected
(d) motion, which implies a changing nature and
(e) direction, which identifies individual purpose and mission that is in keeping with the main purpose for all creation – to become one again with the Creator.
Humans live through a series of repeating life cycles that represent the soul's journey of development towards and away from unity, perfection and completion.

6. Health & Sickness

An understanding of what it means to be healthy or sick must take into account the spiritual and physical factors that influence health & sickness. Health requires a balance in life among all aspects of the person (spiritual, physical, social & mental) and with the environment and with the universe. A person cannot be healthy if there is an imbalance in any of these areas. All people have self-healing power in their DNA.

Culture Explains & Education Teaches Which Lives Matter | Definition

Humans must stay in motion according to their intended process of development in order to maintain the feel and rhythm of time and everything else in motion.

Most of the above quoted and paraphrased from:
Neville, Helen A; Tynes, Brendesha M; Utsey, Shawn O; editors, "Handbook of African American Psychology,", Google ebook, SAGE Publications (Nov. 11, 2008) , p. 49-52.

*The Utamawazo (worldview) is born out of the Asili (origin, essence, seed). The Utamawazo is to the Asili as the mature plant is to the seed. The Utamawazo is a fuller expression and development of the Asili.

Monday, January 19, 2015

What Is Luck? | Dumbed-Down By Luck | Definition
Unity Consciousness #110

If we misunderstand what luck really is, our thought processes can be dumbed-down by luck every time we use the word.

Definition Based On How “Luck” Is Used

Something happening or not happening that can't be explained because there is no obvious immediate cause that can be connected to an effect.

Reminder Of The Interrelatedness Of All Things

All things that happen and don't happen are related. All things that happen and don't happen are the result of something else and also the cause of something else. This “something else” is always more than one thing. It is a series of events, actions, decisions, inactions and processes. Whatever happens or doesn't happen at any given moment was set in motion long ago and is affected by all things up until the moment it happens or doesn't happen. After that, what just happened or didn't happen joins all other things in motion to add its effects to the universe. All things are interrelated and their effects are ongoing. These effects can be altered by new events, actions and decisions but the universe is always forever affected.

Actual Definition Of Luck

The actual definition of luck can be stated several ways:
1. Luck is justification for not understanding enough causes and effects.

2. Luck is a substitution for the inability to make a logical connection between effect and cause. Luck replaces working backwards and thinking backwards to earlier causes and effects.

3. Luck is an acceptable excuse for not using logic. Luck seeks to explain current effects without accounting for past causes. This means luck is a dismissal of the continuous interrelated nature of the universe.

4. Luck is a quick attempt to explain what is not readily understood.

5. Luck is a way to claim to know the cause of something while admitting not knowing. Instead of saying “I don't know” or “I can't explain it,” the person is essentially saying, “Since I don't know and can't explain it, I know what, it must have been luck and that explains it.” In this regard, luck is a finely crafted piece of trickery.

6. Luck is a way to package misunderstanding neatly and nicely so it doesn't have to be looked at closely. Luck is an escape route from having to figure things out – why things happen and don't happen. Luck is an escape route from consciously dealing with uncertainty.

7. Luck is a bluff. It expresses confidence in knowing what the person has no confidence in knowing, i.e., “I'm not certain why something happened or didn't happen, but I'm certain it was luck.”

8. Luck is an illusion. To explain things as luck is the same as using illusion to explain reality. It is the same as counting on illusion and discounting reality.

9. Luck is a substitute for conscious proof of truth.


Luck does not exist. In reality, there is no such thing as luck, Nothing happens for no reason and all things can be explained and understood. Every cause leads to an effect and every effect comes from a cause.

If we use luck to explain away what we can't explain, we will end up being dumbed-down by luck and miss opportunities to train our brains to reach for understanding and grow in unity consciousness.

All Understanding Is Family Interrelated

Expanded Definitions: Reality, Illusion & Delusion For Everyone.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Do Not Ignore The Logical Use Of Metaphor
Unity Consciousness #109

Logic of Metaphor as used by Dr. Marimba Ani.

For purposes of this article, metaphor, symbol, analogy, allegory, proverb and example are interchangeable as well as other types of figurative language.

The Creator teaches by metaphor. Metaphor is a way to teach using the abstract to get to the exact. Metaphor is a way of transferring meaning and understanding of one thing to another. This allows us to maximize learning. Once we recognize similarity and interrelatedness between two things, all we have to do is understand the first thing and then we can understand the second thing more easily and more quickly. Metaphor makes this possible. Metaphor trains us in the recognition of repetition. This is a metaphor for the repetitive dimensions of the Universe. This reinforces the need to respect the interrelatedness of all things. This is why, as we gain fundamental understanding of ourselves, we can know other things by association. The Universe is built on a fundamental foundation. All creation is simply a different representation of the same thing.

To say this another way, in order for metaphor to be of the most use, everything learned must be understood fundamentally. We must be able to connect whatever we learn to at least one fundamental common denominator.

That denominator is spirit - the first metaphor - which shall be hereafter referred to as the highest unifier. We already know this due to the numerous ways spirit can be expressed in nature without calling it spirit but we know it is spirit. Spirit is the metaphor for mutuality, commonality and equality. Spirit is the metaphor of metaphors. Spirit is a part of all inspiration which appears in many forms yet needs no translation. Spirit is the motherboard that connects all things because spirit is the one thing in all things.

Since the Creator teaches by metaphor, as children of creation we must not ignore the logical use of metaphor in knowing what we need to know.

Not only is it logical to use metaphor, metaphor is logic. Reason within and compare the thought process when using "logic" and the thought process when using metaphor.

The logical use of metaphor allows us to relate the caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly to ourselves in order to teach us about necessary change. By logically applying metaphor, we can learn from the busy bee, busy ant and busy beaver.

Through plants we learn struggle makes us stronger and encourages us to reach deeper, wider and higher in order to reinforce the genetic chain as it gets longer. This is the metaphor to the metaphor through the metaphor.

The natural world is a metaphor for school, college, library and teacher just to name a few. The natural world above, below, within and without contains lessons on all subjects for all levels of students. The natural world is Metaphor University.

Metaphors allow us to make connections in ways that are more easily understood. Metaphors allow truths to be transferred directly from the Creator to each person, without human filtering, tampering and misunderstanding. This is why we must use our natural world teachers and even moreso when our information has come from, and still is coming from, societies obviously confused. Do not ignore the higher self trying to explain through metaphor what metaphors are here for. The metaphor is the horse's mouth.

Everything is a metaphor, and for everything, there are multiple metaphors. Re-cognition grows as knowledge of self unfolds into unity consciousness where everything is everything.

Who Purposefully Ignores Or Neglects Metaphors?

The logical use of metaphor is not easily accessible from the lower self because the lower self does not acknowledge the unifying spirit and the universal language of spirit. Those who do not recognize spirit or neglect growing in understanding of spirit will be likewise limited in the use of metaphor. These people don't know how to reduce the fractions of creation we are, to our highest fundamental common denominator. Therefore, things do not add up and problems cannot be solved. Once more, this is a metaphor.

We Are Metaphor – All of Us

Nature speaks to our four basic aspects with energies, rhythms, pacings, demonstrations, analogies, similes and allegories.

Education Is The Key, Education Is Not The Key

The Idealist & Materialist Both Rely On Spirit & Matter
Unity Consciousness #108

In partial response to, “Materialist Philosophical Inquiry and African American Studies.”

Idealism and materialism are not mutually exclusive. They are mutually dependent.

The starting points of the two approaches are less important than the unifying points before conclusions are reached and actions taken.


All people have a spirit and are guided by their spirit. The difference in the spiritual nature displayed is due to each decision made to listen to and give nutrition to the spirit's higher self and the spirit's lower self. These two represent the range of the same spirit.

Those considered to be idealistic in nature are dominated by the higher self context for life as they interact with matter (the material and physical). They also use science, logic, reason, rational thought, data and other ways of knowing.

Those considered to be materialistic in their nature are dominated by the lower self context for life. They do not acknowledge spirit even though they are using it unawares.* They rely on brain power as the main power.


The history of Africans is conclusive. They used, emphasized and combined these two approaches as evidenced by all the rational thinking that led to calendars, sciences and spiritual practices brought forth through Africans and in use worldwide in one form or another.

In all groups of people there are idealists and materialists. We must not limit ourselves by choosing one or the other, instead we must combine the best of both approaches. Just as with spirit and matter, one without the other is incomplete and so it must be with the idealist and materialist.

One thing is certain: we cannot use the same thinking that got us into a situation to get us out of it. In other words, we cannot use the same set of spiritual and material values we have been using. If we stick with the same set of values we must at least rearrange them, otherwise we will only get more and less of the same. Sumthins' gotta change.

*Therefore, everyone is spiritual.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Seek The Better Way | Poem
Unity Consciousness #107


Seek The Better Way

by Ancestors through Usiku

To do wrong is to disrupt Harmony
Within, without, above, below
When I become aware
Rhythm must be repaired

To do right is to restore
Even for wrongs not responsible for
The right thing to do ignored
Hinders more than the wrong before
But to do better delights every neter
Rebalances heart with feather

To know better and not do better
Incurs a greater penalty
Because it turns down opportunity
Lays to waste mercy and grace
Challenges reciprocity
And disrespects Mother Harmony

To do better, I must think better
To think better, I must seek the better way

...we will learn to remember, stretch, break chains, retrain and do better thangs - as we learn and know better.

The World Is Not A Better Place | Poem
Unity Consciousness #106


The World Is Not A Better Place

by Ancestors through Usiku

Not since European domination
No such reality exists
Except in a self-created bubble matrix
Societies based on injustice
A minority behind world conflicts
Only those who have slipped
Further away from unity consciousness
Stepped off the cliff
And gone deeper into the abyss
Of darkness and sickness
Will still resist after reading this
But not after reflecting upon it

The World Is Not A Better Place Since European Domination, Unity Consciousness #44

8 Ways To Solve “If A Tree Falls In A Forest” Riddle
Unity Consciousness #105

The riddle goes something like: If a tree falls in a forest and there's no one around, does it make a sound?

Of course it makes a sound.

How Do You Know?

This is the usual follow-up question. Each of the answers below are sufficient by themselves to answer the question completely.

1. The same way you know it fell.

2. Ask the person how do they know the tree fell. If the person says they saw it fall but are asking you since you didn't, then say, since you were there, you do not need me to answer something you already know.

3. Ask the person how do they know the tree fell. If they say they didn't see it but it was standing when they left and on the ground when they returned, ask them again how do they know it fell? Their answer to your question is also your answer to their question.

4. Ask the person how do they know the tree fell. If they say it is obvious that a tree once standing and now on the ground must have fallen down, then you say, obvious also is the making of a sound by a tree falling down even if there is no one around.

5. Ask the person how do they know the tree fell. If they indicate they know it fell even though they were not there, then remind them they are relying upon natural laws (science) in posing the question, then so can you in answering the question. If natural laws hold true in the presence or absence of a person when a tree falls, it also holds true a tree will make a sound in the presence or absence of a person.

6. Ask the person, “Does a sound being made depend upon it being heard?”
The second part of this, just for fun is, if the person if goofy enough to say “yes” to the first part, then ask if they heard you talking about them yesterday.

7. If you want to have even more fun with the person and they say they didn't see the tree fall down, ask them how do they know the tree didn't decide to lay down or someone else didn't lower the tree gently to the ground? These questions are as valid as theirs.

What I just realized is the main thing this riddle depends on - getting the unsuspecting person to accept apples and oranges as the same thing. If a person accepts the premise of the riddle which is part of the question, and then tries to answer the riddle without using the same premise, to analyze the riddle or the asker of the riddle, the person will be unable to solve the riddle. The person will allow themselves to be tricked by the riddle and by the asker because if a premise is valid in posing a question but it is not valid or not used in answering the question, an attempt will be made to answer an apple question with an orange. This always makes no sense.

To say this another way, an orange answer is the correct answer but not in the context of the question. The question tries to confound by adding “if no one is around.” The asker reinforces this by asking the same thing another way: “how do you know?” The answers above avoid both traps of accepting a premise that applies to a question but is then not allowed to be applied to the answer.

This riddle involves more intentional deceit than the chicken and egg riddle.

8. Ask the person, this two part question: “Are human ears the only ones capable of hearing sounds?” Are human ears the only ones that matter?” If you reach this point with the person and they answer “yes” to either question, you will already know to just walk away.

Solving Chicken & Egg Riddles Using Trinity & Unity
Unity Consciousness #104


Fragmentation and miseducation creates riddles and contributes to them remaining unsolved.

When it comes to which came first the chicken or the egg, of course the chicken came first.

In the same way females must exist before males, the chicken came before the egg.

In the same way parents must exist before children, both a hen and a rooster came before the egg.

Who Created The Chicken?

This question only confuses those without acknowledgement of the Creator and without unity consciousness of interrelatedness and without a basic understanding of science. It confused me for the longest. I was taught to think in fragments and so I did.

To go one step further:
In the same way female, male and child make up the Holy Trinity, so also do the hen, rooster and egg at that level of existence.

More Trinities

All mother, father and child combinations in any species. Therefore, the Holy Trinity is magnified throughout creation.

Since each living cell contains female, male and spirit, each cell also contains Holy Trinity. There are trillions of trinities within humans and other living organisms.

The unholy trinity is me, myself and I.

Women, Females & Girls Of World History

Auset, Ausar and Heru are the Holy Family and Holy Trinity.

8 Ways To Solve “If A Tree Falls In A Forest” Riddle

That riddle was solved, now it has evolved.

Cognitive Tracks Poem
Unity Consciousness #103


Cognitive Tracks

by Ancestors through Usiku

Instead of switching to new cognitive tracks
You stick with the odds instead of facing the facts
Afraid of starting over you mentally divert
Making things worse saying, “I'm not hurt”
Creating more shame from easy come and go fame
Answering stupid questions like “what's my name?”
Keeping busy with head hanging down
Elbows and knees scraping the ground
Jumping for joy each time another is found
Asking traveling companions, “how you like me now?”
Each one jumps off as courage goes soft
And attention is brought to what ride sharing costs
Still hungry for love and alone in the dark lost
Satisfaction is guaranteed a long ways off

This is a follow-up to Meanings, Definitions & Locations Of Love before the part where we start to turn our thinking around and get on the right track towards freedom.

Fulfilled Yet? Are Men Necessary? Masculine & Feminine Energy

Change Your Mind Sometimes

Friday, January 16, 2015

Meanings, Definitions & Locations Of Love
Unity Consciousness #102

Perhaps the difficulty with finding love is defining love. This truth insists I slow down and retake another version of the same test as I seek ways to explain this best.

The difficulty regarding love does not lie with “finding” love, it lies with “defining” love.

Defining Love By Process Of Elimination

In a malnutrition state of mind, we define love using junk food information fed to us by unhealthy societies. We go about trying to find something (love) from something that is lost itself (society).

We use movies, school books, “holy” books, other books, magazines, newspapers, songs, internet and television. We listen to others who get their information from the same places.

Wrong Way
On some roads there are signs that say “Wrong Way.” These signs are also on the road to finding love. Due to misinformation, what is wrong has become so common, it seems normal and right. Also, even when it feels wrong, since most people are taking the same route, it must be right.

No wonder we look for love in places and in people that are wrong. The places and people are not wrong themselves, just not right for us because we do not complement each other based on who we are at that time.

From Other Relationships
We sometimes define love using the teachings of well-intentioned others who have learned bits and pieces from trial and error. Getting the definition of love from other people's relationships is the long way around which requires multiple times around. It is also an uncertain way. Other relationships are secondary sources of information about love. Understanding the exact nature of the many interrelations involved in someone else's relationship is not an easy thing to achieve; therefore, understandings obtained from secondary sources can mislead - not always, but if we rely on them, we must proceed with extreme caution.

Searching For Love In The Dark
Searching for something without knowledge of what it is, is the same as trying to find something in the dark. When it comes to darkness caused by lots of misinformation, there is no adaptation to it, only mutation and variations of mutations. The ways we go about finding love and defining love get more abnormal and more unhealthy. This eventually leads us to places where our behavior reflects the desperation and frustration of the thought processes we are using.

Even so, we keep searching in the dark, because we still don't know there is a much better way. We keep bumping into others doing the same thing and assuming they must be right for us because they're available and because they agree.

Since we are both still in the dark, we stumble through a relationship bumping heads, toes and hearts against each other. We return hurts in exchange for receiving pains. What is still not plain is who's to blame.

If one of us was right and looking for love using the light of knowledge, that person would have gotten out of the way of the person looking for love in the dark. Since neither of us got out of each other's way, both of us must have been looking for the same thing in the same way. Each of us was on the wrong two tracks at the same time and place and thus, we met and agreed to a slow collision course of values. Each of us tried to move forward in the same way we were already headed when we met, while trying to stay connected and in the same place.

This, of course, creates the predictable common situation where one or both of us try to change the other around to our flow. This means we try to change the other person's behavior which means we try to change the other person's thought processes.

Change does not happen without force. Thought processes only change through higher self manipulation or lower self manipulation. Since our relationship is in an unhealthy position due to junk food information, which feeds the lower self, this indicates what type of manipulation is usually taking place. Trickery is used to try to get what can't be obtained normally because the conditions are not conducive to finding love.

Love & Success
When trying to find love in the dark, feeling lost is more likely to be found than finding love. The likelihood of “falling into” love is the same as the likelihood of “falling into” success.

We are psychologically tricked by words that sound beautiful but are opposite to the meaning the word should convey. “Falling,” in many ways, is not a good thing and is more associated with making a mistake, something we'd rather not see happen and something becoming less than what it was.

The word “ falling” is the wrong match for love. More appropriate words are “rising,” “growing” and “maturing.” Maturing in love. How about “maturing with love?” This conveys the ongoing process and responsibility to grow and develop in healthy ways.

Souls Don't Mate Without Light
Though we physically mate in zero to low light, our souls need the full light of knowledge to breed.

If we go about finding a soul mate without knowing what a soul mate is, the only thing we can expect is miss, miss, miss, hit, miss, miss, miss. Based on this example, we only have about a 1 in 7 chance of finding love when we seek it without knowledge, since there are many more misses out there than hits. The exact probability is much lower.

Symptoms Become Noticeable During Teen Years
We are supposed to learn who we are from Day One, not once we become teenagers. I suspect this has a lot to do with problems associated with this growth stage. We reach a physical age of decision-making without the corresponding spiritual, mental and emotional maturity we should have in some areas. We have not been taught.

From teenagerhood and on, we start looking for someone who is meant for us, for life, before even knowing what we're meant to do, in life. Finding love heads in the wrong direction from the start. We continue to use modified versions of this starting point as we get older. We keep using different versions built on a weak foundation of understanding what love is all about. It's time to demolish all misunderstandings and start over.

Defining Love By Process Of Unification

Understanding what love is starts with getting to know ourselves first. Love is a complement to self.

Since knowledge of self is learned through the process of freedom, Love comes out of freedom.

Freedom is the source of the meanings and definitions of love because knowledge of self is the primary source of understanding everything else. Knowledge of self is the light to use when looking for love.

Locating Love By Process Of Interrelation

Freedom comes into existence through knowledge of self. Knowledge of self comes into existence through freedom. Love comes into existence through both. As we find either freedom or knowledge of self, we will also begin to find the locations of love.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inequality By The Numbers On The Psyche
Unity Consciousness #101

First Attack On The Psyche

In some societies based on inequalities, one way inequality is justified is by the numbers.

“It's what the majority wants and votes for,” they will say. This is a sweet sounding lie to self in order to distance what is right from personal values and move it to a matter of a vote.

This allows those greater in number to deny those smaller in number. It allows those greater in number to live with themselves despite the contradiction between the moral and the actual. It allows individuals to shift responsibility to the group yet not feel responsible for pledging allegiance to the group.

Second Attack On The Psyche

To further twist the inequality deeper into the psyche of the outvoted, those greater in number establish charities, programs and other such concoctions under the pretense of caring for those fewer in number.

Since it would be more helpful to all to vote against inequality, this ploy of kindness is actually psychological warfare to create an unhealthy dependence of the denied on the deniers and of the lied on to the liars.

Here's what is clear. If those greater in number were a justice loving people, they would fight for the rights of the few. These societies would self-correct. Most of them can't because they have birth defects.

Third Attack On The Psyche

Also, another layer of inequality is established to make sure what is given by charity or social program is taken away on the same basis – money. Equality only becomes possible momentarily for the few who have money. Therefore, the few are outvoted again by dollars and again by the numbers.

There are even more layers of attack than this.

The Skinny On Equality

Equality requires respect. Respect for others requires self-respect. Self-respect requires knowledge of self. Knowledge of self leads to universality of self with all else.

Therefore, the skinny on equality is simply universality not verbally but tangibly, completely and immediately.

Consciousness of the oneness of origin and oneness of history is critical to achieve this reality.

Sustainability As An Add-On

Sustainability cannot be added-on to inequality (except in this article:). Those who claim to do so are insane and playing mind games. Sustainability is not a one-item, one area thing. It is not just about the physical ecosystem. It is also about the spiritual ecosystem and more. Sustainability physically requires a sustainable value system.

This means sustainability in societies that are sustained by inequalities is a sham and a shame and is another attempt pretend to care about something not seen as an equal – the environment.

Inequality Is Taught At Home Because It Is a Form Of Violence

Inequality, psychological warfare and insanity are obviously taught to offspring, otherwise inequality would have died off by now or be drastically lower. Instead, inequality is getting worse because it is being maintained generation to generation. Inequality is being passed down as the most precious heirloom of these societies.

For this reason, do not shoot your mind with the bullets of psychological warfare by going along with those who say, “things are getting better.” This is not supported by the numbers; therefore we must not support this lie by the psyche.

We must fight back with nutrition. Nutrition is ammunition against all ills.

Definition | Violence Begins At Home

If this was not true, they would vote discrimination out of office, but they don't.

And yet there were ways to avoid the beast's pure aim. Your voting record will be checked to see if you voted for the cure or the sickness to remain.

How I Found Freedom
By Process Came Definition By Poem
Unity Consciousness #100


How I Found Freedom

by Ancestors through Usiku

Develop mind so what I have in mind will develop
And what I'm hoping, matches what I put in motion
Nutrition and rest combine, all toxins decline
Honor Ancestors all the time, to amplify powers divine
Inherent in all abilities is creativity
This freedom given freely is my responsibility
Use the ability to change, transform, transition
And live as intended to accomplish my missions
Use higher self to discriminate and manipulate
Once I know better, not hesitate to correct mistakes
Question to understand more of what I'm here for
Which liberates consciousness from limitation
Especially self-gratification
All purposes have interrelation
Experience life for Creator reunification
Since this is the essence of existence
Use more nutrient strength to further reorient
Base fundamental decisions on the freely given
Consciously work with the ecosystem
To be naturally free, naturally be
Get physically grounded spiritually
In one human origin and one history
Then expand consciousness universally
To recognize every aspect of creation is family
Then combine difference and commonality
In concert with creation produce harmony
Use separation without disconnection
Practice, study, practice to develop discipline
Freedom is about self learning
Leaving completeness and returning
Same as the process of becoming
Words in stone liberate what confines
Know yourself and all else aligns
Individually and collectively
Freedom is an extension of me
Freedom is not tied to issues legal or moral
Freedom is chained to behavior that's optimal

"Everything that touches your life, worth your time and your money, must become an instrument of your liberation or be thrown into the ashcan of history." - - Ancestor John Henrik Clarke

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Freedom Bubbles Always Burst
Unity Consciousness #99


Freedom to do anything is right for those who agree to it and are able to use the freedom within their context and their confines while not allowing its use to escape their confines.

If this is done, then freedom exists; otherwise, once whatever is done gets into the universe, natural laws and the Rights of Creation apply. Simply put, freedom only exists within harmony.

Therefore, there are no absolute freedoms that are not respectful of the universal effect every action and inaction has on every aspect of creation.

Also, even if one person lives isolated from everyone else, that person will still affect everyone else because everything escapes into the universe.

Whenever we live in a mental bubble mindset, and create a world of freedoms without responsibility to harmony, the bubble always bursts.

This is what is happening around the world as worldviews run into each other.

These freedom bubbles have risen so high in the esteem of those within them, they are desperately fighting against inevitability. Nothing will cushion the fall. Worldviews and mindsets are clashing, bursting and crashing.

No one can be free who goes against created nature and purpose. This, of course, also applies to countries.

Climate Change Bubble

The second thing that is the result of worldviews clashing and bubbles bursting is climate change. Human worldviews are clashing with the Creator's worldview. The Creator is using the universal army of the natural world to defend the freedoms of all nonhuman creations who can't protect themselves against us. In addition to what's happening on Earth that we notice, there are things happening we don't notice. Also, the sun is gearing up along with many other armies outside of Earth to do battle against the infectious diseases on Earth. If you have any thoughts of humans preventing climate change, you are in a bubble that is disregarding the Creator's intention that all creation lives freely. The natural world has always shown humans who's in charge but since we have ignored hundreds of years of hints, the Creator is going to settle things once and for all. Climate change is going to be just like pushing the reset button to the last known good configuration - when we put the natural world first. This is the same as saying putting the Creator first. In the bubble we are in now, we believe we are putting the Creator first. Good grief!

Women, Females & Girls World History
This Is All About You!
Unity Consciousness #98


This is all about you!

You are what the world needs most.

You are what the modern (man-made) world fears most and hates most.

You are the initiators of creation. Don't you know that by now? Look around. Examples in the template of creation above and below abound. The natural world within and without is where truth is found.

Through you comes human nations because through you came all primary Creation.

The largest portion of the Creator is female and spirit.

The largest portion of earth is water which represents spirit which when water breaks, out comes creation.

You are the watery womb and the cosmic plasma womb. Can't you feel it?

The largest portion of every child is female due to the egg being 2 to 3 times larger than the sperm. This is a metaphor that shows creation of life by the Creator and by other creatures is mostly made of the female essence.

Males come out of you, not the other way around. Females must exist before males and so it is with the Creator.
At this moment there are females and males who are denying this fact. Even though we know women are the ones who give birth, we deny that males comes out of females. At the same time we don't even question somebody telling us that a woman was created by a rib bone from a male. We believe this even though we have never seen it happen anywhere. We deny what we have seen, a male coming out of a woman during childbirth. Women are the metaphor for the Creator.

Your image has been removed from the Trinity to diminish your Divinity.

You are not to be subservient to males because that which creates (females) can't be lesser than that which is created (males).

You are the throne and the power behind it. The male sits there by your permission.

The male is your helpmate. He needs you to survive.

If there were no more females, males would die out. If there were no more males, the original Creator genes in you would change and produce children and more males. You have already done this to initiate Creation and you, being the child of the Creator who most resembles the Creator, can do it again in human form.

Human origins on Earth are traced through you because you are the connection to the Creator on High.

It is feminine energy that provides energy to every cell in the body through the mitochondria which represents female power.

It is the motherboard in a computer that all things are connected to. The motherboard allows all things to communicate and receive power. This ability operates at the highest level through women, females and girls who are increasing in knowledge of self. This consciousness is what is missing in the world.

You represent the higher self portion of spirit, males represent the lower self portion. This is why the lower self dominates Earth because males dominate Earth. Males are sexually oriented and worship you as sex objects when you are supposed to be worshiped as spiritual beings.

You are spirit, males are matter; therefore females are less physically-oriented than males, even when both are suffering from miseducation.

For these reasons and more, males feel inferior to females.

When you are in touch with your female energies, misapplied or not, you can control males and children.

Nature listens to you because you are Great Grandmother Nature, The Uncreated & Preexisting to which there is no equal.

For this reason, you are under attack in every possible way by your male grandchild, Yurugu/Ogo and his followers. You are first attacked through the male, then you are attacked through your children and then once you have been sufficiently discombobulated and used against males who are out of favor and against your children, you are attacked directly and further disrespected and made to feel grateful to those who attack all of Creation.

This is what's happening in the world.

This is all about you!

What are you going to do?

1. Who Is The Creator? | Third Basis Using Genesis 1:27

2. African Female Honored In Spirituality, Not Religion

3. Binary code is the basic story of creation.

4. Environment & Ecosystem | Children Fighting For Our Future

Random Signs Of Insanity & Of The Lower Self
Normalizing Psychological Warfare
Unity Consciousness #97
Things That Compliment & Complement Confusion


This ongoing list will show numerous things societies treat as normal that are really signs of insanity. Normalizing abnormal behavior is feeding into the lower self nature of the spirit. These things keep societies weak and sick. It creates a foundation of tolerance for what should be intolerable. From this mutated foundation rises other societal constructs and allowances that can't help but also be further signs of insanity.

Several items could be added daily but only those randomly encountered will be added and only those that seem to have broad application, no boundaries and no borders – just like the spirit of insanity.

1. No Pants Day aka Show Your Ass & Crotch For a Smile & A Laugh Today Only But Don't Stare At My Ass When I Have My Pants On, You Pervert You. Societies have gone from being clothed to wearing underwear at the beach called swimwear to nude beaches to topless to cleavage to daisy dukes to skintights to mini to sheer to no pants and next to naked nonstop. Also compare this to pants sagging.

2. Gardening Permits - Here is a prime example of a symptom of sickness treated as a sane approach; therefore the solution, rather than being a solution serves as a disservice to a basic spiritual need and as another vote towards dissolution of the society for trying to legislate a right of creation. Can I grow vegetables too, and how would I go about getting permission to do this?

3. Stoned Crazy DEA - According to the DEA, rabbits getting high are a major concern for allowing legal marijuana farming. I wish I could make up stuff like this. The DEA calls their statement fact and science. Okay. I guess that's why all those animals eating coffee beans can't sleep at night and all those eating poppy plants and other natural excitors are just standing around unphased by human activity.

4. The Building May Topple But Cause No Harm - According to those paid to lie, an earthquake might exceed the design of a certain nuclear power plant building but there is no need to worry about the reactors in the plant. In other words, the building would suffer structurally, but no equipment in the building would be harmed. The story unskillfully avoids addressing whether people in the building have any chance of surviving.

5. We Continue To Want Social Security Without Social-ism - Truth is, social security in any form depends on the Maatian purifying principles that underlie socialism.

6. Still believing humans originated from somewhere other than Africa and less than 10,000 years ago and that they were pale-skinned. - Ethiopian fossil could be from oldest known human species. For decades, scientists have been searching Africa for signs of the earliest phases of the human family, during the shift from more apelike Australopithecus species to more human early Homo species. Until now, the earliest credible fossil evidence of the genus Homo was dated to about 2.3 million or 2.4 million years ago.

Now researchers have found a human fossil in Ethiopia about 2.8 million years old.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Beyond Black History Month To World History Unity
Essential Understandings Of Human Beginnings
Unity Consciousness #96


As reminded by our Ancestors, once we get proper identity, one of our biggest problems regarding unity will be solved.

Every person must decide to pursue the reunification of the human family or decide to sit back and watch the annihilation of the human family. It is a certainty that the latter decision will be lose-lose for all humans. Humans are the last of creation in this dimension of the universe. The universe will not allow the last to destroy all else.

Human Beginnings

Though the human form was last, it has been around for millions of years based on skeletal remains found in Africa. All people alive today originated in Africa. Africans are the parents of every group of people. All people, red, yellow, black, white and brown are African.

There is no factual way around this evidence unless a person claims a birthplace somewhere that has never been found. In other words, if your genealogy, ancestry, family tree, ethnic tree, country tree, cultural tree, religious tree, indigenous tree or any other tree relating to how you as a person came to be, if that tree stops outside of Africa, your tree has no roots. This is understandable because, there is only one human family tree and that tree is rooted in African soil multiple times as different forms of humans evolved in Africa. In other words, all groups of people outside of Africa are branches of an African tree, the one and only human family tree. There is no such thing as “races” (plural).

Early Days

Our African parents, being fruitful, multiplied. The family grew. These parents, having no other people to teach them how to raise kids or how to do anything, looked around to what was already there. They looked to natural world examples and learned. These physical and spiritual teachers of the natural world taught genius-level courses 24/7/365. That's all they do because it matches the abilities of the student in us. Back in those days, knowledge grew. Civilization grew.

Finally, some children were ready to leave home. They took with them the knowledge that was freely shared and nobody owned. They established homes outside of Africa. They went to Western Asia first and kept going. Due to natural circumstances, variations of appearance and culture developed over tens of thousands of years.

Family members returned home from time to time and exchanged knowledge with groups still in Africa. They intermarried. Family members from home visited families outside of Africa and exchanged knowledge and intermarried. Family members outside of Africa visited each other, exchanged knowledge and intermarried.

Eventually, more family members left Africa and went to Europe. These Africans, who were the first to inhabit Europe, were as melanated as their parents before the Ice Age gripped Europe and stripped the melanin from more places than skin. It was a survival mechanism but still a mutation.

Meanwhile Mama and 'em back home in Africa were thriving. In a land of abundance, their focus was not limited by surviving, they were deepening and they were rising all the way down the Nile Valley and from East to West.

House In Turmoil

Somehow, family members outside of Africa lost awareness of where they came from. They returned home and attacked their family. The first ones to do so were the first ones to leave – those who were in Western Asia. Then those from Europe did the same thing. The children took over the house in many parts of Africa.

This is where we are today. Sibling rivalry all over the world is what is taking place. Siblings who have lost their identity and respect for home and creation. Whatever is guiding the thinking of any person or group of people that is attacking other people or attacking creation, that thinking in no way should be followed. It will kill us all if we do.

No philosophy or value system that is healthy has to trick you into following it by changing or withholding information. It does not have to scare you. It does not prevent you from questioning it.

Understand this family: The whole basis of learning, knowledge and truth is inquiry which means asking questions. Asking questions is logical. You cannot achieve high intelligence without asking questions. Babies and children remind us of this all the time. Questioning things is the universal right thing to do. Ask the Creator in you to show you if this is true. (See “Prayerful”)

Parents & Children Need A Butt Whooping

The children of the world, the Europeans, are in charge of the human world, not by high intelligence but by low intelligence which always comes with deceit and other forms of violence. Many other family members are fighting it out for second and third place and so on. The African family is upside down. The children are running and wrecking the house, called Earth, like some crazy hellions. This is happening in every country that considers itself “modern.” Generation after generation of children are repeating the same mistakes because they are following the bad advice of their parents. Each generation digs a deeper grave for the next.

Africans, the parents of the human world, must set the world back in order. Every African is needed. If you currently go by another name, you must acknowledge your African descent and help fight in this Great War. Return to your roots. We must stand up to our children. They can't whoop or kills us all. We are billions, they are millions. We must seek the guidance of our Ancestors. And yes, we must listen to the parents of our parents, if our closest parents have lost their way. Seek the elder knowledge within which knows the difference between right and wrong. Nature is the template for civilization.

What If We Don't

Life and existence is bigger than human children and human parents. All other species must live here on this Earth also. It is their birthright. They were here first. If Africans, who acknowledge their African descent, do not set the human house back in order, the parents of Africans will. These parents, as a group, are the natural world powers.


The main impetus of climate change is our natural world parents gearing up to restore natural order by transforming disorder. This is necessary because we follow fools and their false powers of money and weapons and machines and education and so on. Everything we believe in that has led us to this place will be erased. Seeds who are syncing with the natural world and regaining their sense of direction and finding their way home will survive this final upheaval. In harmony, this planet can and will support billions more along with the billions who will be restored from memory. Seek nutrition.

Go back home, where you belong.

”Family Planning Developments, Self-Esteem And Abuse & Neglect Context.” A rampant fundamental form of neglect is not teaching a child who they are.

Ancestor said, "Why, you left your mind in Africa." To this I will add, we also left the strongest connection to our higher self spirit in Africa.

How About Some Nutrition, Please
Unity Consciousness #95


Similar to Paula Abdul singing, “how about some information, please;"
the body ecosystem is saying “how about some nutrition, please.”

Straight up don't fail me
Do you wanna make me, wait forever
Don't you know
All I need is nutrition
Come on, just feed me
I can bring everything together
Don't you know
All I need is nutrition

Music Video with lyrics to ”Straight Up” by Paula Abdul

What feeds the mind, also feeds spirit, emotion and body.
Feed 'em to freedom.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cry Freedom Haiti, Cry Freedom With Me
Unity Consciousness #94


Cry Freedom Haiti

by Usiku

Cry Freedom is how the earth shook
Long before a quake made buildings melt
Cry Freedom was the stance warriors took
That the French and whole world felt

Music video: Garçon Solide (Strong Man) by Erol Josué

Je suis Haiti!

12 Little-Known Facts About the Haitian Revolution

Speak Freely Only If You Have Weapons
Unity Consciousness #93

Speaking freely is not so guaranteed and not so free. A little more than one year ago, President Barack Obama alluded to this in his speech at Nelson Mandela's Memorial Service. Beginning at approximately the 14:20 mark, President Obama said:

1. "Around the world today, men and women are still imprisoned for their political beliefs..." [America has over a million people on their “terror” watch list. This is not the behavior of the powerful, it is the behavior of the petrified.]

2. "There are too many leaders who claim solidarity with Madiba's struggle for freedom but do not tolerate dissent from their own people."

The above is from, Political Prisoners Of Democracy – The Angola Three In Louisiana

Also, let us not forget that many countries sanction other countries they disagree with. This creates hardship and harm for innocent people. This is violence. All because of different points of view. They also kill them outright directly and indirectly through fostering and funding local wars.
It is a certainty that France is a party to the sanctioning of many countries because most countries follow the head American domino. Ask Haiti who the terrorists are. Read the article and associated links referenced above and remember, that to some people, free speech means having weapons to back it up and stopping others from having free speech.

In America you have to get permission to protest against the government even though it is supposedly a guaranteed right of the First Amendment. When you do protest, with nothing but posters and voices, the police come out with all sorts of weapons as if they are in a war to the death. The police then violate rights and act aggressively and look for any excuse to unleash their terror on citizens exercising their right to free speech. This happens in many of the countries today some of us treat as good examples to emulate their way of life, thus their way of thinking and behavior. In our quest to survive we assist in our own demise.

These brief reminders are so Africans do not get caught up in discussions and decisions using the viewpoint of those who are working against freedoms worldwide and targeting the most melanated. They are killing innocent people who are simply trying to live. They are killing people quickly and slowly. Do not expect their media to tell you what you need to know.

Poem | Strip Search Of Democracy, Monarchy Revealed

Apples, Oranges & More Media Mind Games
Unity Consciousness #92

Most of the time, when analyzing the behavior of career criminals, the same conclusions emerge:

1. Criminals are either using lower self intelligence OR
2. Criminals are highly deceitful OR
3. Both, since the lower the form of intelligence used, the higher the form of deceit needed to compensate for what the lower self cannot create and vice versa.

The media, a career criminal against all people and all creation, is guilty of the above.

Invalid Comparisons

The media uses a basic form of the psychological mind game by making invalid comparisons. The media presents the issue in the following manner and in doing so, turns one of the apples into an orange right before your mind while getting you to believe they are both still apples:

A. The decision to use Freedom of Expression is a right (Apple) and is always the right thing to do. (Apple)
B. The decision to respond to the use of Freedom of Expression is a right (Apple) but is not always the right thing to do. (Orange)

To say this another way, one person who exercises a right is said to be right but another person who exercises a right is said to be wrong.

As a result, certain rights are prejudged to be more right than other rights. Certain people who use rights are assumed to be right no matter what, while others are automatically wrong.

How can one right be right and another right be wrong?

This only happens when lower self discrimination is used. Therefore, if there is a limitation as to how a person can respond who has the right to respond, then there must also be an equal limitation as to how a person can use a right.

To this point, there still might be confusion as to whether if's okay to kill someone for what they express? This is not the fundamental issue. The fundamental consideration is whether or not the use of a right infringes upon the rights of another.

Variations & Mutations From The Apple Tree

As long as there are different worldviews, there will be apples, apple varieties and oranges. Comparisons between different worldviews must be understood as such.

Humanity started from one tree and one worldview. Through the course of time and disconnection from the source, the worldviews no longer in Africa began to show variations, which is okay because they were variations of the same thing. These variations held true to the fundamental aspects of the original DNA. However, some worldviews began to show mutations, which is not okay, because mutations diminish what it is based on. Mutations do not hold to the original DNA. Mutations are destructive and are doomed to self-initiated extinction.

The original worldview is the universal, natural and spiritual. This is the only thing that sustains ecosystems. This is what is displayed by the Creator and thus must be the context for healthy living since it is the context by which creation was created and is the foundational motherboard all is connected to. The Creator's Worldview is the only way our interrelating, which is unavoidable, will be civil – not civil in a tolerance sense but civilized in an evolutionary sense. All freedoms and rights humans have decided amongst themselves are a threat to us all if they are not respectful of the Creator's worldview.

There will always be conflict and calamity when rights are not connected to each other in the interests of harmony. This is the sick part of history in a nutshell. It is caused by disconnection from nutrition and connection to toxins. This causes mutations. Mutations alter the unifying principles of creation to suit its own purposes. The freedoms and rights we must hold to above all else are the Rights Of Creation. Among these are the higher self spirit, the natural world, nutrition and the return to our roots of human origins so we can heal from the root up.

Quit following those who are not headed in this direction.

14+ Understandings About Freedom Of Expression
Unity Consciousness #91

From the definition of Freedom Of Expression, several things are better understood.

Several Understandings

1. When humans express themselves, they use Suboptimal Freedom Of Expression. This is the same as “to each his own” which is in direct opposition to getting along with anybody.

2. When human beings express themselves, they use Optimal Freedom Of Expression because they are maturing in understanding the interrelatedness of all things.

3. Nothing can be absolutely guaranteed by human decree. The only absolute thing we have is spirit and increasing knowledge of self. The next closest thing is the natural world within and without.

4. Those who use Suboptimal Freedom Of Expression, and yet, expect it to be absolute and guaranteed are expecting the impossible.

5. The Creator is the only one who has the right to do absolutely anything and everything at any time and no one can do a damn thing about it.

6. The Creator could absolutely slap us all down right now but doesn't, even though the Creator has the absolute right to do it. We are given leeway. This does not mean it's okay. It means we are given opportunity to self-correct and make up for any negative effects and deficits.

7. Based on #6 above: Not all rights are wise to exercise at all times.

8. Every thought, decision and action causes an effect on the universe.

9. Every non-thought, non-decision and inaction causes an effect on the universe.

10. Everything we do or don't do has a corresponding comeback (karma, kismet) in a manner more abundant than what we did or didn't do.

11. If we can do whatever we want to, so can other aspects of creation; therefore, sooner or later, an aspect of creation is going to do something in response to what we do or don't do.

12. The right to make a decision does not make the decision right.

13. Freedoms are always connected to responsibilities. It is a package deal. (See The Rights Of Creation)

14. Expressing the genetic instructions of the higher self is Optimal Freedom Of Expression. It is optimal for individuals and for the collective. Again, this is the mystery of history, reality and prophecy.

Is there one freedom or one right which overrides or supersedes all others and still not disrupt harmony, i.e., allows optimal expression for every child of creation?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Critical Mistakes & Freedom Of Speech Or Expression Definition
Unity Consciousness #90

What Exactly Is Being Talked About?

It is always helpful, when considering a topic, to define the essential terminology. If you do not, although you are using the same words, the meanings could differ between you and another person or as used in the media.

Even if you and another person don't agree on definitions, at least be clear about the definitions each of you are using. Also, when listening to the media and how they use words, terms and phrases, you must obtain a clear understanding as to what the words mean to you and what the words mean to the media. You can tell the definition the media is using based on the context the word is used in. Often the story will lead you to other places where the meaning of the word originates. For instance, stories in the United States about freedom of speech or expression will often lead you to the Constitution. Seekers of truth will check the meaning as used in the story and the meaning of the word from a more original source.

Do not fall asleep mentally in your critical thinking. Do not develop the bad habit of hearing a word, and then skipping over it and assuming the word is being used in the same way that matches your definition of the word. This is a critical mistake. Pun intended.

What Is Freedom Of Speech Or Expression?

In general, freedom of speech or expression is the right to say or express what you want to, when you want to, any way you want to.

Since we know there are limitations on what you can say or express and when and how, we should also know, the type of freedom of speech or expression humans talk about is not an absolute (guaranteed) form of freedom of speech or expression. When humans use the words, “freedom of speech or expression,” it always comes with exceptions.

To simplify and clarify the term for this definition, when freedom of speech or expression is being talked about by humans, it will be referred to as “Suboptimal Freedom Of Expression.” This term is used because when humans define things in terms of a human-only or group-only perspectives, it is always suboptimal. Similar terms, related to suboptimal, are words such as: abnormal, individual, divisive, fragmented and human.

Absolute Guaranteed Form Of Freedom Of Expression

The absolute guaranteed form of freedom of expression can only exist when there is the ability to exercise absolute power such as by the Creator in a Creator and creation relationship.

Therefore, when freedom of expression is being referred to as it relates to the absolute guaranteed form, it will be referred to as “Optimal Freedom Of Expression.” Similar terms, related to optimal, are words such as: normal, collective, cohesive, whole and human being.

Importance Of Critical Thinking

You and I are reminded of the importance of critical thinking, thought, reflection and analysis several times in the ”Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought.”

A fuller discussion of optimal and suboptimal may be found at ”African Consciousness & Justice For All Is Optimal Theory Based On Optimal Practice”