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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Technology Definition & Space Travel Freedom
Unity Consciousness #902


A recipe, method, gun, horse & chariot, motor vehicle, airplane, fulcrum and lever, religious textbook, sleeping, DNA, words, finger, cell, atom, rock, paper, scissors, spirit-soul, water...
What do these have in common?

They are all examples of technology.

Lo and behold! Some people want you to think they created technology.
They want you to think early humans, who are their Ancestors, did not have technology – the Ancient Ancients started out with nothing and ended up with nothing. They want you to think that they, the humans who just got here yesterday in human history, figured out everything, created technology and saved the world from a miserable state of living. Good grief gullible belief!
They want you to think technology means human-made machines.
They want you to think a “society,” something which is suboptimizing by nature, can produce technology that is optimal and do so even moreso than a “civilization,” something which is optimizing by nature.
They want you to think people of today have an improved quality of life because of human-made technology, even though the majority of knowledge in use today, came from humans way back in the day who supposedly didn't have the intelligence to create today's technology, only the intelligence to create the information upon which today's technology is based. Huh?

Technology is everywhere. The closest place, yet so far away, is within. All primary creations are technology.
Plants are technology. Earth and Sun are technology.

Technology is creative genetic potential genius. Technology is logic. Technology is skills, gifts, talents and abilities.** Technology involves process and motion, thus repetition. Technology is the Big “T,” the Creator, TC, T'C, Architect, Archi-tech, Archi-type, Archetype, AT, A, T, AT&T, ATI, AAT.

At least those self-deceiving people got one thing right - Technology is where it's AT.

Human-made machines are just one form of the use of Creator-given technology.
Human-made machines are not the ultimate epitome of what technology is.
What the Creator creates is the ultimate epitome of technology. How can we be educated and not understand this? How can we have self-esteem unless we know, as organisms, we are all about technology and nothing but technology?

The optimal use of Creator-given technology is not for humans to make machines.
The optimal use of Creator-given technology is human ideology in harmony with non-human ideology.*
Ideology is the result of understanding. Understanding is the result of health. Health is the result of knowledge of self. Knowledge of self is the result of nutrition. Nutrition encompasses all else. All else is necessary to create challenge to meet the need incentive of the purpose of Creation.
In other words, the optimal use of the Creator's technology is the process of becoming Many with the Creator....then Few with the Creator, then Three, then Two, then One, then Zero with the Creator.
This is simultaneously an individual creation and multi-individual creation (collective) process.***

When we humans are in low high intelligence mode, we are able to understand and blend technology within, without, below and above to transcend dimensions of separation and mend disconnections until we reach the beginning of where we extend and expand in all directions from infinity to infinity as continuous evolutions of technology.*

All this is to remind you, you are already in possession of the best technology possible. The difference is how well you are optimizing your technology, which depends on how well you take care of it which depends on how well you understand who you are.

All this is to say, since you already have the best technology possible, you are already equipped for space travel.

I went to Argentina twice last night. First time with a rainbow tanned friend with moonglow within. We emerged in a block building beside a black river running low and a forest suffering. It began raining and we mixed it with flour and egg, fried it for eating. Seeds into Seeds. Second time returned to North America holding two Nile River flowing devotions, Tesh and Tekhi, fresh and salt, desired and sought, purifying and preserving, cleansing and seasoning, seeking mixture on different sides of the same great ocean, strong and weak energies dynamic balancing me long time a ways from either shore, perpetually in the river of understanding needing more to evolve source code equation with technology which is what two truths are for.

*Human-made machines are simply one of many means to a never end.

** This is why technique goes with technology. Technique is merely optimizing a set and series of motions to go with another set and series of motions to produce the desired result.
***In other, other words, the optimal use of the Creator's technology is for everyone to leave home and help support each other in doing so, flourish, then falter. Get lost. Then for everyone to find their way back home and help support each other in doing so. All along the way, overcoming challenges, maturing in understandings, sharing understandings and returning those understandings back to home base to assist current and future generations, so we can all be reformulated for another round of life. Each round, absent of past misunderstandings and/or containing access to the knowledge base to optimally handle misunderstandings. Repeat continuously. This is salvation.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trump Shock Circus & Rodeo Is Another False Narrative
Unity Consciousness #901


Trump Shock Circus & Rodeo is another false narrative to throw you off.
It is ridiculous to be shocked that Trump has been selected president of America.
If you are older than 30, it is immature – 35 if you're a late bloomer.
Even so, Trump Shock is indicative of two things:
1. a false narrative and
2. living at the Giri So level of awareness.

Overall Note: America is a proxy for Europeans worldwide and the continent of Asia. Everything said about America is true of the rest of the wannabes.

False Narrative

The repeated “Trump shock” media references worldwide might mislead you to think Trump's selection is also shocking to white folks. To believe that is to believe in the subtext of the false narrative. White people know what their second truth intentions are.
Donald Trump is the revealed face of racism. KKK with hoods off but robes on.
Hillary Clinton is the hidden face of racism. White supremacists with hoods on and robes off.

The Republications are revealed racists. The Democrats are hidden racists.

When Obama was selected, even though he was the public face okie doke of the Democratic Party's hidden racism, that was just too damn much for white folks to take. They went and bought more guns. White folks went out and bought more guns, not because Obama or black people threatened to kill whites, but because white people are crazy and know they are guilty of pure sickness.

White people, who are of supposed "higher" civilized stature, can only think of guns when they don't get their way. Their barbaric nature comes through again even beyond the barbarism of racism.
A nightmare to them is any semblance of black power.
In the true sense of “nightmare,” a nightmare is the kind of black power you don't want to mess with – Big Black Mama and her coronal mass ejecting Suns and their khemfolks the elemental ones.
White people are guilty of racism and are extremely worried about what black people are going to do once we get back in power, something which is coming soon to a solar system near you fueled by universal karma.
In the meantime, before black power reaches that level, white people are afraid blacks might get some equality and take back some of white folks stolen resources and privileges.
White people helped Obama get selected so they could get more money and power not so blacks could get more money and power. It was either Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin. Voting for Obama/Biden was not a vote for a change in racism. Your friends, the media, made sure you understood just the opposite of what really happened. They painted a racial tolerance picture when they should have painted a picture of whites wanting more money and power and less of the same for everybody else.
Any president of an America that is still based on the European Utamawazo who tries to be equal, would be the same as Akenaten trying to restore the original trinity of son-female-female to a Khemet whose priesthood is dedicated to the father first lineage of Amen-Ra, Ptah-Ra, Amun-Ra and Atum-Ra.
Akenaten and his son, Tutankhamen (Tutankhaten) were poisoned and so have many lives been lost and potentials poisoned to protect inequality. White people have poisoned so much they have stared to back off on the poisons that are killing them in cow's milk and in other places.
The epidemic number of physical sicknesses, some of which are called cancer, are the direct result of racism which is a cancerous ideology.
America Marries Color - Sike!
Nothing expresses dysfunction more clearly than the on again/off again marriage of America to Color. Though they join hands, make plans and have relations as woman and man, America repeatedly leaves Color at the altar.
We have moved into a discussion of color because all roads in America lead to and from money and power through color racism and genderism.
If white folks can't live in a world where they get to be the criminals in charge who go free, while imprisoning everybody else, then everybody else has to die. They got you thinking ISIS and Boko Haram are the biggest terrorists. Most wars now and then are terrorists fighting terrorists. America, Russia, Ukraine, France, China, North Korea, Israel, Pakistan, India and on and on are terrorists. All of them are places where racism exists. All of them are always always engaged in internal wars and external wars. These countries have never not been at war, never at peace, never in harmony, never at optimal. For instance, America did not have a Golden Age. They had a Fool's Golden Age built on information stolen from Egypt and on the inventiveness of Africans in America.

African blackness represents the original first power of humans. This power is proven over many Ages up until the present moment and is just at the moment in remission due to our division but can't remain that way for much longer because the need incentive is creating the necessary challenge to make a return to Africanness our only alternative.
Since spiritual driven disconnection is the major inhibitor to black power, all other groups do their best to get us to feel like we are a part of their collectives, groups, organizations, sports fan base, geographic locations, religions, they can siphon our power in the same way America and Asia are sucking on rich teats of Africa. We, like them, lack self-esteem to the point that anything is good except Africans for Africa.

Summarizing The Pretense

America will always be full fledged racist until either white people or black people get professional help, not professional in the societal sense but professional in the primitive primordial sense. This applies to all other groups in America. Special mention to Hispanics who think their numbers is making them secure yet their spirit and intentions are making them just as insecure as whites during this period of human history when the double Age changeover is moving back in favor of the First Truth of Africa. Hispanics, Arabs, Chinese and others who think they are next in line to rule the world or America in the next 25 to 36 years are mistaken. What Akenaten was trying to do is what is now going to come true.

In keeping with the shift of consciousness, the ever-increasing awakening of consciousness, white people in the form of popes and presidents began apologizing for slavery. They were pretending.
They selected Barack Obama as president. They were pretending.
They have been showing more images of black and white couples. They are pretending.

Trump is the result of America saying, we are no longer going to pretend. We are tired of pretending and why should we? We are in charge and there is nothing you can do about it. We will kill you to remind you. You need to pretend, not us.
Making America great again is about not pretending just as it was prior to 1865.
Not pretending during Black Codes and Jim Crow.
Not pretending during school desegregation and Civil Rights.
Then since the 1970's kinda pretending for about 40 years.
And now since the gig and jig is almost up, Trump brings America full circle before the age of 3. He is George Washington.

The difference is, during the days of George, spiritual energy waves were in favor of the construction of America.
Now, during the days of Donald, spiritual energy waves are in favor of the demolition of America.
It is ironic and poetic that “making America great again” is exactly what is needed for America's demolition by any number of things foreign and alien to them.

All of this applies to all nations.
This is why the foundations of Earth are being shaken. Earthquakes are telling you that. Earth is shifting at the foundation because spiritual foundations are shifting at the meridian pole and equator equinox, thus the foundations of human world powers is being uprooted and reminding us that we are totally beholden to what Earth does, not the other way around.

Giri So

The only people who are truly shocked are those whose level of awareness is at the Giri So level and didn't, until now, even realize at least some of the above is what's really going on.

Trump is another wake up call to those who can be awakened out of the "Civil Rights are possible in America" false notion belief.
Trump is a loud trumpet, off key but on point.
If you cannot be awakened by Trump's trumpet, oh well.
The trumpet is telling you to stop believing in what you hope for and trust in what you know – what has worked for Africans in the past, being one in the same as what has worked to bring civilization to humanity.

The trumpet is telling you that working as a collective in conjunction with the more powerful non-human natural world is the best security because that is the only power always stronger than humans.

Trump is also a trumpet call to all racists to come out the closet. For this we are grateful. Perhaps now we'll act like we know we are in a war and who the enemy is.
Trump is America personified and in the flesh.
What America does, has not been shocking since their first murder on this land of those who thought they were friends. The American Circus & Rodeo did not begin with Trump but he is a harbinger of its end.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Prison Free Without Freedom
Unity Consciousness #900


(Part 3 of 5)

(Part 1 of 5) The Problem With White People, Unity Consciousness #891
(Part 2 of 5) The Problem With Black People, Unity Consciousness #892

Living Moving Forward In Reverse

Right now we are living moving forward in reverse. We know this is true just based on a health perspective. Pick one area of health or two or more. Also pick one area of health that is non-human. It doesn't take long to recognize not only has human progress been regressive, so also has been the health of Earth and other internal creations.*

We are in a vehicle where the seats (context worldview) are reversed. The rear window appears to be the front. The rearview mirror now behind us to the left, is out of sight and mind. We've heard of such a thing as history but have no idea as to the current importance and purpose of history or “the past.”. We are moving away from our future, forward in reverse running into our past thinking a different outcome is going to take place doing the same things cause we don't recognize what we're doing is what we already did. We don't realize we are doing the same things so the only thing we are doing differently now is being unaware we are moving into the past, mistaking it for a future that has little to nothing to do with the past. Since we are mixed up in logic we are messed up in behavior.

We are meeting every version of our former selves, alter egos now called “races” and ethnic groups. We are all versions of each other. All people have red, yellow, black, white and brown in them. This must be so since all people are versions of the original.

And now we are at the turning point between the Ages, when seats begin shifting back into original position. It makes for much easier driving when spirit-soul, body, emotion and mind are aligned, especially since they are inseparably entwined during this lifetime.

Freedom Now Ain't What It Used To Be But Is Where It Has Always Been & Has No Plans On Moving

Let us be perfectly clear once and for all about this thing called freedom.
White people did not emancipate or give black people freedom anywhere on Earth or at no point in history.
Has it ever occurred that 5 children, the oldest being 5, have significantly schooled parents who are 95?
How can children understand the concept of a decade when they have barely learned to count and are not yet 10 years old? Likewise, how can any group on this planet claim to understand the Ages when no group/race is yet 1 Age old except the black African who is several Ages old? (several x 25,920 years)
There has been no physical, cultural, intellectual or spiritual liberation of black folks by white folks or Chinese, etc.
White people are the recent ghosts of African Past, showing us what happens when first become last and first things become last things and priorities are reversed. Indicative of this is far too many believe opportunity is in coming to America when instead it is in returning to Africa.
Other groups are always in between what is said about the two extremes of black and white. When humans forget our past, we meet our past in the future by living moving in reverse. We can't go forward forward towards evolution until we go back to crossroads and choose a different path. Of course, there are many crossroads, one for each of the major decisions we've made.

White people must take a different path other than the one that led to skin depigmentation. They must cross the canyon of color in order to get back to the crossroads. The canyon was a ditch when they came to it but they wanted to be the only ones on the other side so they dug it deep and are still digging.

Black people must take a different path other than the one that led to spiritual disorientation. They must cross the river of understanding between spirituality and religion in order to get back to the crossroads. The river was a creek when we came to it. We are seeking the blood of a white person to make us whiter than snow when what we need is black waters to restore us to the essence of being wayne bibi whole. Instead of white as snow we need to be as black as the carbon coal of our spirit-soul which transforms itself into Moon of Night and Sun of Light. This twofold nature of blackness is the cycle. Not understanding this, so many of us wanted to bathe in the creek, we have faithfully widened it, increasing the distance between belief of self and knowledge of self, making it easier to forget purpose. The creek is not deep. We could walk through it but have yet to see any point to it so we keep hanging on to a distant shore like puppy love unfulfilled that is interfering with our ability to form a healthy adult relationship with our spirit-soulmate of African spiritual traditions. We are in love with candy and out of love with fruit. What we are sure of is what we feel and we make that the biggest part of what we think. We feel, we believe so we think. Very little is what we know because we have learned from those who know very little.

When We Were Free

Right now we are prison free without freedom.
Human beginnings came out of paradise in Africa. Two truths took place. Some black Africans went to cold as hell and lost physical sight of themselves while some black Africans remained but lost spiritual sight of themselves as they moved away from the balancing point of the spiritual-emotional-mental-physical equator.
All other groups of people who say they are not black or white listen up! You are versions and combinations of black and/or white, thus then so also does everything apply to you in the same way. You are not immune from anything. Everything applies to you in some way.
All groups have gone from personal prisons in logic due to disconnection of understandings to physical jails around the world and now in Africa.
Much has to go wrong and linger on with the human socialization process and all human supports in order for corrupt logic to go undetected, uncorrected until behavior distorts.
Dis-connections from what dis-torts leads to connections to torts.
Unless quickly deleted, logic once completed must be repeated, leading to retorts. Each go round, torts contort leading to all sorts of revolving door courts attempting to correct effects of course without resolving from causing source.
This is why the societal brand of freedom is associated more with remorse than rejoice.

Humans were free before the first human divergence began from black African into white African (European) and then into all other groups.
Humans were free before the first human divergence began from African origin into Africans based on location and other variations.
The human family was free before we left Great Grandma's home and began to roam and forsake shoots of truth we were civilized on.
Until humans regain a sense of that kind of freedom, we will only have free will:
1. without the sense of direction to use free will to again make freedom real OR
2. unmake the logic that makes prisons real.

Prisons are not normal or healthy. As long as physical prisons exist, we can be certain, emotional, mental and spiritual prisons exist for those not in physical prisons. That's what leads to physical prisons. We are prison free without freedom. We know this because the Rights of Creation are imprisoned.

* The coronal mass ejections of the Sun are direct response abilities to human irresponsibilities, not just humans now but also the human logic we are continuing now that we shouldn't. The Universe is a self-sustaining ecosystem because the Universe is the Eternal Creator. We already know the Sun is a purifier, pur and fire, pure fire. The Sun is part of the mechanism to heal Earth and repair internal organisms or initiate their removal.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Institutionalized Racism In Sports, Media & Life
False Narrative Of Racism As A Sometimey Thing
Unity Consciousness #899


While racism continues to plague, the true narrative about racism in every phase is avoided like the plague.
It is likely I could put the key to a treasure inside one of these messages about racism and most people would never find it because they avoid messages about racism, which is proof enough of being infected with racism and affected by racism. It is one thing to be the source of a disease and the same thing to be the transmitter of a disease. It is equally the same to be the denier of having a disease while displaying the symptoms and having the symptoms without recognition of the disease from which it stems.

Many people, aided by the teachings of daily media, are unchanging maintaining a false narrative of racism as a sometimey thing.
This is evident every time someone or the media asks, “Do you think it was racism/racist?”
This is not a proactive question. It is reactive.
It is not a question in search of complete truth. It is a question seeking to support upside down truth. The truth of the criminally insane.
The question, “Do you think it was racist/racism,” is usually in response to a black person hinting at racism but hesitant and/or afraid to call it racism.
The other person, usually a member of the racism collective, then begins their usual method of making the racism seem improbable and merely an excuse black people use even though racism is an excuse murder cultures use to justify their behavior.

White people don't call their behavior racism, they have all kinds of nice sounding words for it, so when black people call it racism, white people get all uncomfortable, nervous, indignant, passive aggressive and active aggressive. One of the first things they do is try to outsmart you with their weak reasoning. Denial is happiness. They don't want to hear they are racist sick so they try to make the person who is calling racism by its true name, sound and look bad. Laughing at someone else is the best medicine they got. Then they also try to make the black person who suffered a racist act also responsible (for instance, their belief that every black person killed by white people in uniform was due to their being wrong and the white murderer racist being right; therefore they sleep with guns under their pillows at night).

Answering By Way Of Same Is Same

“Do you think it was racism/racist?”
When an event takes place, a situation, an experience, that involves a female claiming unfair treatment and the offending party is male, do you think it was genderism/sexist?
Nobody asks this question with incredulity. Genderism is a fact of life. It is institutionalized and supported by the institution of media in the representations of women.
How is it then, in a global system of racism and in societies based on racism and in societies still maintained based on racism, that racism, as an explanation for events, situations and experiences that unfavorably impact the targeted group, is the last consideration and least likely possibility?
How in the hocus pocus refocus locus?

In a pervasively racism infected society, shouldn't racism be the first question rather than the avoided question?
Isn't genderism/sexism the first or second thing that comes to mind when a male and female are involved?
Then why isn't racism the first or second thing spoken of when white and black are involved?

Because racism keeps repeat programming the false narrative that racism is a sometimey thing.
This false narrative is being carried out by the molder, maintainer and mouthpiece of racism – the media.

Repeating Points Said Elsewhere

1. Racism is a collective thing that expresses itself through individuals. You cannot properly assess a situation without assessing both the person as an individual and also in terms of the collective. Clarity comes quicker this way as to the nature of the situation.
We automatically go through the thought process at least twice when male and female are involved. It is a good thing to consider more than one collective associated with the people involved. Consider collectives both people are a part of and collectives only one is a part of. This allows contradictions to stand out.

2. A person cannot be racist as an individual. An individual merely carries out the will of the collective.

Collective perspective forms collective behavior which is carried out by individuals, even when in a group of individuals.
What is racist a little (as in one person) is racist a lot (as in the collective).
There is no such thing as a little racism or an isolated act of racism.
Racism is global, not local.
In other words foolish black people, if you think you are finding less racism in America, look around in Haiti, Brazil, Africa and India, etcetera and you will find where the racism shifted to. On top of that, if you really think racism is not damn near impossible to avoid, all you are doing is playing non-stop racism roulette with reasoning.

Don't be fooled because the media you choose to tune into is not telling you somebody is dying or suffering. The job of the media is to deform you by informing you to mislead you.
The media is the enemy's tool and weapon.

3. Racism doesn't change because it puts on clothes and leaves the house. Racism is very much naked beneath the exterior veneer of racists. Don't let the covering they use to fool you, fool you. In other words, just because a person puts on clothes does not mean they stop being naked racists. Racists keep it real. They stay true to racism reality while pretending not to. When racists talk about truth, honesty and keeping it real, they don't mean the same thing as the people they're attacking.

4. Sports, media, religion and other areas are just as racist as the external military called military law enforcement of racist laws and just as racist as the internal military called police law enforcement of racist laws.
Racists try to shift hide their intentions behind what is legal and criminal and religious, which favors them, because they determine what is legal and criminal and we are following what they think is religious. Racists are the same ones who also enforce and adjudicate legal laws slanted toward their version of rightness which means black is left out. Of course then black people are criminals even though whites commit the same or worse crimes impacting more victims. Do not have a discussion about racism using the context, worldview and definitions used by racists. It's a trap. You better mix in a whole lot of optimal theory and African Utamawazo.

5. If your society denies and detests its Africanness of origin and culture and genetics, it is racist.
If your society practices evil discrimination against darker-skinned people, it is racist.
For instance, Canada is racist, Cuba is racist, China is racist, Australia is racist, the Hutus were racist against their other half, the Tutsi.

6. In societies based on the genderism logic of male superiority and female inferiority, of course genderism is involved.
In societies based on the racism logic of superiority of lighter skin and inferiority of darker-skin, of course racism is involved?

Racists Don't Want To Get Rid Of Racism, So They Create The Illusion In Words That Racism Is A Sometimey Thing Even Though Not A Second Goes By Without Racism Being Obviously Present

The only way to get rid of racism is exactly the opposite of what is taking place in societies worldwide.
Racism is eradicated by recognition, acknowledgment and continuous major significant commitment to replace racist logic with accurate information while simultaneously ceasing and desisting all racist actions coupled with reparations. When school textbooks are fixed, then perhaps racism is on the way out. When religious books are fixed, then perhaps, when media stops promoting pretend analysis over critical analysis, then perhaps racism might switch from being 24/7 full throttle to 24/7 throttle up because there are still the other major areas of racism and there is still the need for the full range of nutrition before racism takes one step back. Malnutrition is the reason for all conditions, just as all sickness is mutation is cancer. Understanding the fundamental nature of a problem is solution answer.
Racism is a terminal disease that requires significant treatment and surgery to cure. It doesn't just go away. It must be forced out with something stronger.
As long as racism is the major context and major content, racism is the norm, not the exception. Sports, media, religion and education are some of the tools of racist deception.
The existence of racism is not validated by racists or subject to debate, discussion or conversation with racists. What are the chances a criminal is going to admit to a crime by self and those like-minded? This doesn't even happen when criminals are caught in the process of committing the crime and in possession of stolen goods. What are the chances, when you are smelling gas all the time, and some people are getting sick and something blows up, that the cause is not related to gas? Racism is just like that.
Racism is not colorless and odorless so don't doubt your senses because you are constantly smelling racism.
Note: It is impossible to have a conversation with a dishonest person. So what kind of relationship can you have with them?
Strangely enough, a lot of us are in trusting relationships with racists and their ideologies.

The Buddy Buddy Racism of Sports & Media

Sports media likes to say referees are human when they make mistakes or judgment calls. However the human aspect of those same referees is said not to be a factor when they enforce rules differently for black quarterbacks versus white quarterbacks. In those instances, the referees are being professional, unaffected by their human nature.

Do You Think it Was Racism/Racist Is A Ridiculous Redundant Question In Societies Based On Racism

Racism doesn't sleep, take vacation or ease up. Racism is a devourer. It is never satisfied. It actively and aggressively seeks prey by way of direct and indirect sneak attacks. It is a stalker and parasite of life. If racism does not inflict harm it cannot feel good about being sick. I don't feel good about myself but at least I'm not black. Look at those black people, don't look at me being ugly, don't look at what I'm doing to black people. Look at the effect not the cause.
Racism does not have an on and off switch it flips.
Racism does not apply sometimes and sometimes not.
Racism always expresses sickness.
Racism fights to live, breed and exist. It is a deadly virus.
Racism is constant, continuous, non-stop.
Racism has two truths: alive and well or dead as hell.
The current status of racism is easy to tell.
Those claiming to can't tell racism by its smell
Their sensing abilities are maladjusted
Their spirit and intentions can't be trusted
Except as the kind working hoping blackness fails
Doubling down then and now because blackness prevails
Troubling global square at final corner coming back round
Apt original down under quaking making up over ground
Actions evasive entrap in secure hiding in plastic cases
Strong smell of death creeps from pores like sieves
Racism is so pervasive, breathe, and there it is
Hanging out every place health is trying to live
No place where there's air, racism has not impacted
Culture clubs called societies ensure racism is normative
Such that rights of creation are summarily rejected
Dismissed without notice by what's commonly accepted
All decencies evil assails
All you need is one good sense
Racists exhale and we inhale, forced to take a swig
Having to deal with their waste thought behavior products
So we can survive by moments and afterwards try to live
Lord gnosis only those with perfumed noses
Keep preaching believing the false narrative
Hoping the foul source of racism is concealed by clothes
Think they are well with funky brained pale tall tails
Corruption inside boxed in dem outfoxed cells
Misdirected defective perspective of themselves
Decayed gratification based on miseducation
Ideologies grow tumors strong until event horizon
Then slowly and all at once shutdown begins
Something for which there is no stopping
Unless plug is pulled on racism, reboot system
Restore to last known good configuration
That would be pre-European dilution
That would be pre-African migration
Sickness bred is always self-destructive
Can't seem to get that through their heads
So the entry point is the other end instead
Mutations always mutate and bite the hand that fed
Racism, now called terrorism, is no different

Friday, December 23, 2016

Pagan Practice Contradictions Of Buddhism & Hinduism
Judaism, Christianity, Islam Included
Unity Consciousness #898


(Part 3 of 3)


1. The black race is the most ancient, and Africa is the primordial home. It is certain that the black Buddha of India was imaged in the negroid type, in the black negro god, whether called Buddha or Sut-Nahsi. The features and the hair of Buddha belong to the black race, and Nahsi is the negro name. (BB 18/30)

2. Modern students of Buddhism, who are also Masons, have found the most striking likenesses between the rites of Buddhism and Masonry; not because Free-Masonry is a direct survival of Indian Buddhism, but on account of their common Kamite origin (Kemet, Egypt). (NG2 66/74)

3. Buddha in China is Yu, Fo, Fot, or Boud, whose great work was the dividing of the land into nine parts after the deluge, which is identical with the work of Ptah, who founded the Put circle of nine gods upon the waters that were thus limited to one quarter of the four. (NG2 67/75)

4. The Sanskrit “J” represents an earlier “K” just as Jina, the “overcomer of all things” a title of Buddha. Jina, the victorious, triumphant, represents the Egyptian Kan or Kanu, the brave, able, victor. The root on this line is found in the Egyptian “Kef.” Kef or Kep was the most ancient mother of life, the Egyptian Eve. Now Kef means the mystery of life related to the mystical water; it is called the mystery of the Nile, of fertilization, and fermentation. (BB 244/256)

5. If Buddhism could but explicate its own origins, it would become apparent that it is both natural and scientific. But the blind attempt to make the Buddha historical in one personality will place it ultimately on the same level with historical Christianity at the bottom of the ditch. “(AE1 431/441)

6. Nirvana was not the conception of Buddha or anybody else; it is not identifiable as any one’s idea or doctrine, but belongs to the mythical origins about which the modern student of religious dogmas and ideas literally knows nothing, who begins with this or the omer “Buddhist conception” unwitting that it is an ultimate deposit, the last result in an extended series of pre-historic developments of primitive thought. All other methods of explaining the past in the present will soon be superseded by the evolutionary one, and those who cannot show us how the extant results of the past were led up to, must now retire as teachers who have had their day. Everything has been led up to, Nirvana included. (NG2 89/97)


1. Adima appears as the first man in India, as well as in Jewry, because both are independently derived from the common source in Egypt, where Atum is not only the first created, but self-created. Adima has for consort an Eve in India, as in the Genesis, because the original of both is the Genitrix [genesis, origin], the goddess of the Great Bear, and mother of flesh (Af), as Aft in Egypt. We shall find two or three Eves in Africa. (BB 145/157)

2. The Hindu does not eat the cow, the Jew does not eat the swine, and this is because these represented the Mother as a Totemic sign, and the typical Great Mother in the Mythology. “(AE1 82/92)

3. There is no trusting the märchen in their Greek or Hindu, Hebrew or Christian guise, without comparing them with the originals.“(AE1 352/362)

4. Hetep had been the heaven of Abydos, of Annu, Thebes, Memphis, Hermopolis, and other cities on earth, and now it was the heaven of eternity, the heaven of spirits perfected; also the heaven of Chaldean, Hebrew, Hindu, Japanese, Greek, and all the others who repeated the astronomical imagery and founded their religious teaching on the wisdom of ancient Egypt.“(AE1 384/394)

5. When we have collected and correlated the legendary lore of many nations, and can read the symbols in their primal significance, and reconstruct the myths, we shall find, at the head of all, the mythical divinities of Egypt as the oldest things extant ; that is, these personifications embody the earliest configurations of human thought, and are provably of Egyptian origin, and traceable in other lands by their nature and in many instances by name. Words will help us much, but the divinities more. Through them we can get back to the primitive types which culminated in deities, and the dumb symbols of early expression that have been exalted to the status of religious doctrines and revealed dogmas, and prove that these types, the fossilized footprints of the past, are neither Roman, nor Greek, nor Hindu, nor Semitic, but identifiably Egyptian. (BB 369/381)

6. The mystic “Aum” of the Hindus is a formula of the Trinity in unity now summed up in Vishnu. (NG1 538/556)

7. ...the same story is told in the case of the Hindu twins, Krishna and Balarama, who correspond to Jesus and John. . (NG2 457/465)

A Reed Basket Of Other Points

1. Some most precious remains of the primitive wisdom now extant outside of Egypt are preserved by the oldest races of the world. Much of the matter is found among the people of the Polynesian islands. (AE2 548/12)

2. The Chaldean and Hindu legends know nothing of human sin as a cause of the deluge.
[All religions came from the same source yet some do not mention human sin. The notion of sin should be investigated by those who believe they need to be cleansed of sin by a savior for salvation to get to heaven and that is life's ultimate purpose and meaning. If the means is to justify the end, the both must match origin -human origin, which is African, thus, since Africa is the origin of human spirit birth on earth, it must be the source of teachings to help us find our spiritual bearings, which is why all religions are based on African spiritual teachings but have debased those teachings and replaced them with lies of all sorts, which is why humanity is way off course.](AE2 559/23)

3. On Christmas Day when the Christ, the Buddha, or Mithras was born, the birth-day of the Sun in the Winter Solstice, the constellation of the Virgin arose upon the horizon; she was represented as holding the new-born child in her arms, and being pursued by the Serpent which opened its mouth just beneath her in the position of being trodden under-foot. The symbolism was applied to Isis and Horus in Egypt; to Maya and Buddha in India and China; to the Woman and Child in Revelation, to Mary and Jesus in Rome; and is still to be read in the signs of heaven, where it is old enough to prove a unity of origin for the several myths.(NG1 311/329)

4. No matter whether these teachings are called Illuminatist, Buddhist, Kabalist, Gnostic, Masonic, or Christian, the elemental types can only be truly known in their beginnings. When the prophets or visionary showmen of cloudland come to us claiming original inspiration and utter something new, we judge of its value by what it is in itself. But if we find they bring us the ancient matter which they cannot account for, and we can, it is natural that we should judge it by the primary significations rather than the latest pretensions. It is useless for us to read our later thought into the earliest types of expression and then say the ancients meant that! Subtilized interpretations which have become doctrines and dogmas in theosophy have now to be tested by their genesis in physical phenomena, in order that we may explode their false pretensions to supernatural origin or superhuman knowledge.(NG1 318/336)

5. The Nail in the palm of the hand never meant the crucified Christ, Buddha, or Witoba, except to the ignorant A-Gnostics. The four nails are equivalent to the sign of regeneration or gestation. (NG1 438-9/456-7)

6. The Chinese system of “Fung-Shui,” or the “Breath of Nature” said to have commenced with the “Absolute Nothing” out of which the “Great Absolute” was evolved, begins phenomenally with the “Two Truths” of Water and Breath, corresponding perfectly to the Water and Breath of the Egyptian Mâti, Water, or Shui, for Shade and Light. (NG1 399/417)

7. The primary nature of the zodiac signs determines their Egyptian origin. No serious student of the subject can doubt that the Arabic, Chaldean, Hindu, Chinese and Greek systems of ancient astronomy were derived from a common source. Egypt alone is known to be old enough to account for that unity of origin. (NG2 214/222)

8. The lunar race of Yadu was identical in the Hindu mythos with the lunar tribe of Judah, in the Hebrew. (NG2 442/450)

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Pagan Practice Contradictions Of Judaism & Christianity
Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism Included
Unity Consciousness #897


(Part 2 of 3)

Going Along With Current-Day Religious Definition Of Pagan

The pagans were the followers of Horus.
Horus is one of the Gods who Jesus was modeled after. (BB 305/317)

Since religions of today like to call Egyptian religion heathen and pagan, we will go along with them for now and just list some ways these religions are contradictions of First Truth.

1. The Christian cross existed before Christianity. The Christian cross existed before Egyptians created the original version of Christianity. The Egyptians took their spiritual practices and put them into an easier to understand form for the Greeks and Romans during their invasions of Egypt. The Christian cross is Egyptian, thus pagan and heathen. (NG1 433/451)

2. Ancient Egyptian imagery had been continued by the Christians who knew not what heathens they had been all along; heathen in origin, doctrines, and typology. When they did wake up to the facts, one by one they tried to get rid of the proofs, or keep them concealed. A lot of these facts are hidden in the catacombs of the Roman Christian Catholic Church. By this then we know the mountain of secrets Rome has hidden underground must crumble under its own weight and not just some papal paper apologies. (NG1 442/460)

3. As Emerson said, “a good symbol is a missionary to convince thousands.” When Europe was first converted to Christianity, it was by making use of the same symbols that were hallowed to the "Pagan" Cult. (NG1 11-2/29-30)

4. The “Pagan” imagery was not even taken intelligently, it was only inherited ignorantly. (NG1 451/469)

5. In the information hidden in the catacombs of Rome is shown the remains of the "pagan" past taking life as the divinity of the new. The young priests of the "pagan" gods wore a diadem, or bandeau around their heads. This was copied in the depictions of Apollo (wreath) and of Jesus (crown of thorns).(NG1 497/515)

6. The halo of Christ is the glory of the sun god seen in his phantom phase when the more physical type had become psychotheistic. Hence, it is worn by the child-Christ as the karast mummy. It is the same halo that illumined Horus and Iu-emhept, Krishna and Buddha, and others of whom the same old tales of deliverance and redemption were told and believed. (NG2 481/489)

7. The Christ is a popular figure of “Pagan” origin who in human form was the portrait and image of a dozen different gods. (NG1 480/488)

8. How was it then that the religion of the ignorant overturned and superseded that of the learned? One explanation is because the ancient wisdom had been concealed; because the mysteries were confined to secrecy; because the hidden gnosis was only communicated in secret, and the initiates received it under the seal of secrecy. The religion or mystery was doomed to die of the secrecy in which it had been self-enshrouded. It was buried alive with its own seal on its own mouth. It was an unpublished religion. And when the new sect put forth the same dogmas, doctrines, tenets under the same types, accompanied by the same rites and ceremonies, they became the first publishers of the ancient religion with a new interpretation of the Christ made flesh. (NG2 497-8/505-6)

9. The ark that rested on Mount Nizir in the Babylonian legend, or Mount Ararat in the Hebrew version, and on Mount Manu in the Hindu account, is described in the Ritual as the “ship of Ra” which attains “the highest place of the ark in heaven,” with the mount of glory for anchorage and the pole for mooring-post. (AE2 553/17)

10. A Hindu who was shown the symbolical pictures of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with their respective man, lion, ox and eagle, explained these in accordance with his own system of divine totemism as the avatars or Vahans of the four evangelists, because they represented the universal types of the four quarters. (NG1 414/432)

11. When the story of the Christian Messiah was first told to the natives of New Zealand, the missionaries and the Maoris were equally amazed to find the likeness of Jesus to the character of Tawhaki, a Messiah already known to them, of whom the selfsame incidents were related as those now retold of the later Christ. The connection between Tawhaki and Osiris (or Horus) is shown by his death having been effected by the reptile gods, the Apophis and conspirators in the Ritual. The Buddhist is able to prove that the history of Jesus is one with that of Buddha, called Gautama. This is not mere parallel but identity. Such history cannot be personally true twice over, once in India and once in Judea. Not was the gospel narrative drawn from Buddhist sources any more than the Buddhist was derived from the Christian. Both had a common origin as mythos, but not as human history. Astronomical mythology claims and accounts for thirty thousand years of time at least; and this alone goes down to the source of the whole matter; this only can explain the relationships found on the surface by an original identity at root. The transformation of the ancient religion into the new was made with sufficient secrecy to imply consciousness. The sloughing was chiefly out of sight, but the real truth of the origins must have been concealed among the secrets of the management in Rome. (NG2 498/506)

Religions Pagan In African Origin | Introduction
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
Unity Consciousness #896


(Part 1 of 3)


Despite the original definitions of the words heathen and pagan, African Egyptian spiritual practices became known as heathen, pagan, satanic, animism, animal worship, polytheism/monotheism and much more, even though current-day religions are all based on African spiritual traditions, mostly by way of Egypt, the blossom and seed disperser of human civilization genetics.
Current-day religions have turned the true part of African mythology into a lie while turning symbolic parts that didn't happen to humans into truth as if they were human history. Instead of representing facts and events true to the metaphor as natural events described in human terms (personification), religions have turned descriptions of natural events into actual humans and actual human events. Religions have created human history out of the history of elements, stars, planets, moons and scientific principles, characteristics and descriptions of the natural world that were described in human terms as metaphors and proverbs and longer metaphors called allegories and parables. Current day religions have untwisted the twisted and twisted what does not go together. They have taken the watered-down religion handed to the Greeks and Romans by the Egyptians and watered it down beyond any recognition of its true flavor. They have taken the original in bits and pieces and reassembled them into configurations that only make sense when belief is superior to knowing.

All of this has resulted in many manifestations of supersickness. It has caused everyone to be afraid of their African shadow and look upon their Ancestors with disdain while looking at an African everyday in the mirror and following and praising African thought everyday in the multiple constructs of religion and society and culture and traditions and language.
All of the world's people are Africans with the worst case of amnesia in human history.


Let us at least understand all these religions have exact similarities, strong similarities and slight similarities to “pagan” practices conducted by people who were worshiping gods in mixed metaphor form long before current-day religions came along and took what they respected, used it, abused it, disrespected it and then caused this “pagan” source of their religion to be rejected in the minds of the sheepish collective who are domesticated animals who need to be taken care of by handlers.
These religions are power hungry to control the minds of many, thus money and power in the world. That's all. That is their purpose. Their purpose is not to help you get to a good place. The purpose of religion is to serve the Second Truth. The Second Truth is about Destruction. Doesn't that match the nature of religions? Telling you foolish things such as the three sons of Noah and his wife turned out to be different races, one white, one black and the third one became half of each (semite and gentile). One favored, one cursed and one representing the nations who can be saved if they follow the white way. There is a whole lot of “funny” business going on in bibleland.

Back to the overall point.
We must conclude the origin of all religions, due to their similarities to so-called “pagan” practices and to each other, have one origin. This African origin of all religions is only viewed unfavorably today because these religions are recent and without historical foundation except in what is Egyptian and African. At some point you must also conclude this is to be expected. All things that were African first in the world had to become last. America was destined to be first by virtue of being last along with the Israel, America continues to nurse.

Africa was first in respect among all nations and only recently became disrespected due to the sickness of recent Ages. The waters of Aquaria are setting the stage to wash this infection mutation sickness away and flush the system of deluges and delusions via its own set of deluges. Trump is a pawn of the dawning of Aquaria. Get it re-twisted. Reconnect the celestial to the terrestrial and spiritual to the physical. All of us are pawns more of one Age than the other, be it Aquarian or Piscean and Kephean or Jackalan. Reckonize the stars for the energy centers they are, personally influencing us universally from afar. The Ages are constellations of spiritual energy waves.

What must finally be concluded by truthseekers is that not only do all these religions claim to be of different origin from different gods and prophets, they also share striking similarities to the “non-religious” Masons/Free Masons and symbolism used by governments worldwide and primitive cultures and maligned “third-world” cultures.
People in their high falutin' perception pollutin' “first world” countries are doing the same things as those supposedly impoverished.

All these current-day groups, religious and otherwise, claiming to be ancient, ain't.
They are only ancient to the degree of their connection to their African Ancestry.

If these religions claim to be ancient, they are unable to provide any ancient evidence to substantiate this claim.
Current-day religions are groupie groups. They are cults. Their cultures vary in ideology only to the degree of each group's self interests, level of misunderstanding and commitment to the weaker spiritual nature.

These religions are in no ways Universal as in wholeness promoting, thus are intended to mislead the spirit-soul of believers from knowing the complete truth of self, thus keep followers following in a controlla status of darkness, while claiming to lead to freedom by way of some kind of brand name light source while omitting the fact they emitted from blackness and that Light, by necessity of natural scientific order, also comes out of Blackness of Night – for the human species, that would be Africa.

This is the origin and nature of your religion, yourself and your life as already proven multiple times in multiple ways within these pages of exploration.
Humans are Africans operating based on confused logic. We, in the form of Ancestors and parents, did not know better then, but this is now.
You, in current form or through your descendants, will be restored to Africa because Earth must be restored to health.
If not, then all that if left, is or else.

Note: The cycle of establishing the conditions for challenge has been completed. Understanding being the principle thing to gain has been the principle thing lost. Africans were first to develop amnesia and lived for a period of time when their main challenge was their own forgetfulness regarding knowledge of self fueled by spiritual disorientation. We know what happened next. Asian whites have developed the same amnesia during the Piscean Age and have lived for a period of time with amnesia being their main challenge fueled by skin depigmentation. We know what will happen next. All other groups have developed forgetfulness of who they are fueled by a combination of spiritual disorientation and skin depigmentation. This has occurred between disconnection by black Africans and white Africans.
In keeping with the spiritual then physical reversal, black Africans will be the first to regain sense of self and then all others will follow during the Aquarian/Kephean Ages, with whites being last and continued “victims,” as were the Africans, of their own self-imposed forgetfulness.

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Heathen & Pagan Misused & Abused By Religions | Definitions
Unity Consciousness #895


Definition of Heathen

A heathen is a person who lives in a heath.
A heath is desolate, barren, unproductive wasteland that is undesirable, infertile and unfit for cultivating crops or livestock.
To call someone a heathen is merely a geographical reference of a type of terrain or soil. It does not describe the type of person or their beliefs.
A heathen is not a person who is good or bad until humans associate and attach that meaning to people from a certain area or type of land.
Since there are areas of undesirable land on nearly every continent, including various types of deserts, all people living on those lands are heathens.

Back in the day, as a result of living in a heath, the person was generally poorer than those who did not.
A heathen then became associated with being poor. In the years since this second meaning of heathen was attached, many other meanings became associated with heathen. Basically any behavior or belief considered negative, uneducated, unsophisticated, uncivilized or despised was called heathen. Heathen became completely associated with a type of person rather than a type of land. Of course, one of the more common negative misuses of heathen was someone who did not practice the same religion, especially used by Jews and Christians to designate non-believers in their stolen religion.

Definition Of Pagan

A pagan is a peasant, poor person, someone who begs. Praying and begging mean the same thing and come from the same Egyptian words, Baka, Beka, Bekking.
A pagan is also a servant, labourer, worker, employee.(BB 305/317)

The use of the words heathen and pagan are misused and abused by religions just as also are the words goy, goyim and gentile.

Kwanzaa's First Family Reunion Spoken From African Blackness
Unity Consciousness #894


Here I am in this land, labeled America, a fragment still virgin according to the celestial. I am walking down a country road with a newly discovered family member. We meet some people he knows from earlier ago. He is related through a maze of marriages. They speak of their last family reunion.

I wonder if I am also part of my fellow traveler's extended relations. I begin to question the woman he is speaking with. He leaves us in conversation. We continue walking and talking out in the open as younger ones follow along listening. I keep trying to figure out exactly how she is related to my brother friend, so I can figure out how I also fit in. I question, she answers. After several times through this pattern, the clarity we are both seeking seems to get more convoluted and farther away. We have gone through marriages, connections, cousins, in-laws, neighbors, friends and “play” kin.
Finally, this country woman, sensing the never-endingness of our exchange, states in plain fashion to complement her natural style,
”It doesn't matter anyway, we are all African from the same family.”
She spoke the seed of civilizing logic – Kwanzaa in a nutshell.
She spoke first truth to overcoming enslavement of the mind and estrangement of spirit untwined.
At that exact moment, literally, actually and physically, the Sun shone brighter upon us black people down in the valley beneath the trees in the shadows of mountains, clouds and obscuring identities.
All of us standing on that dusty road went from good-looking to simply beautiful. We were restored to water-bred virginity by zeroing in on infinity.
Despite the varying shades of skin and degrees of understanding, that one understanding of family caused African blackness to reign supreme.

This understanding of the First Family to which we are all kin, is something I am hearing said more and more.
Because it is being spoken, it is no longer in theory, but in practice.

The restoration of consciousness will not be stopped by those who don't get it or reject it.
A new reunited extended family is being reformed in blackness, which on Earth is African and in the Universe, is the first Truth in the Waters. Blackness is Preexisting in the Universe, thus in the Creator. Night is always existing, Light is created by Night. On Earth, this preeminence of blackness has an African birth. Consciousness of the First Family is being reborn first and then colors will reverse along with all else.

The First Family Reunion came out of theory and into practice because Ancestors are speaking and more of us are listening, even ones who have become citified and misidentified.
As we continue to connect awareness of our common Ancestry, we, the Ancestors, will be reunited in our present form.

The clarity of understandings we are seeking on all levels is only as far away as African blackness is from consciousness.

Here we are in Africa. Having made this connection to a spontaneous ongoing First Family reunion on Earth, we have now been invited to the larger one being held on the Galactic Sun.
We are heading back the way we came and telling everyone who already knows, they are welcome to come.
Right now we are still living in the chill of Great Year Winter but the Great Age of Spring is marching closer to the equinox of a new epoch.

I'm not sure where the brother I started today's journey with walked off to, but I am sure I'm more fully connected to the relationships I need to and yet all of creation awaits the same awakening that reorients human participation.
The feeder roots of understanding tapped into the main root and we are firmly planted in a worldview of African Blackness.
We are becoming more primitive and primordial and evolving into our elemental nature as Nguzo Saba and Akhemu-Seku (the seven never-setting stars in Ursa Minor Constellation representing the seven elementals).

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Expanded Definition Of Zero & Multiplying By Zero
The Same As Infinity & Universal Reckoning
Unity Consciousness #893


It is somewhat redundant to say universal reckoning. Reckoning that is not universal, is always partially universal, satisfying only one of Two Truths. This automatically limits the use of creative genetic potential genius. The ultimate quest of humans is to mature in understandings and return that improvement to the universal from which we came. The scattered approach of the most recent Age has strayed off course due to seeking the fullness of an ending source without being connected to the fullness of the beginning source.

Zero Expanded Definition, A Continuation

This expanded definition is a continuation of the definition in messages beginning with UC#887, also knowable by keying in on Zero.
Zero is the beginning, origin and seed of Creation - the foundation, the base from which growth takes place.
Zero is the beginning totality and the ending totality.
Zero is infinity that expands itself into all numbers that we also call infinity.
To say “Zero to infinity” is to also say “infinity to infinity.”
If the Creator is the beginning and the Creator is infinite and the Creator is the Alpha & Omega and the After & Before, then also infinity must be the beginning of all things and infinity must be the ending of all things.
0 to 0.

Nothing versus NO-thing

“Nothing,” as used nowadays, means to not exist, nonexistence and disappearance.

NO-thing, means NO-thing exists. NO does not mean none. NO means none and all. NO is the beginning of all things out of which everything comes and the ending of all things into which all things return.
NO-thing is the Creator. The Creator is the beginning. The Creator is Zero.
Therefore, Zero is always something. Zero is never nothing but always NO-thing.
Some things do cease to exist in their current form, but their fundamental, primitive, primordial components always exist.

Multiplying By Zero Does Not Equal Zero, As In Nothing Exists

If it really is true that Zero means nothing exists, then it is not possible to multiply something that exists by something that does not exist such that the result is for that which existed to no longer exist.

For instance, how can 1 x 0 = 0? Does 1 tree x 0 = 0? What happened to the tree? The tree existed before multiplying by Zero so why does it become Zero and disappear?

If you exist, how does multiplying yourself by 0 make you turn into 0 and go out of existence?
Multiplying by Zero does not equal Zero, as in nothing exists.

Now we reverse the equation and start with Zero.
How can 0 x 1 = 0 make any sense? Start with nothing and multiply it by something and end up with nothing, even though part of the equation is something. Huh?
Nothing x something = nothing? This cannot be. It is an indication of partial logic which indicates something is being left out of the thought process equation.

Taking The Spirit Of The Matter Back To The Beginning

If matter cannot be created or destroyed, then how is it possible to multiply something that exists and turn it into nonexistence and then call this nonexistence, Zero?
Likewise, if energy (spirit) cannot be created or destroyed, then how does spirit multiplied by Zero equal the “nothing exists” kind of Zero?

What seems most likely is matter and energy can't go out of the Universe because the Universe is the Creator and the Creator is the totality of existence such that all things exist within the Body of The Living Organism Creator.
Therefore, matter and energy can be transformed but not turned into nothingness. Truth is, matter and energy can become more visible and less visible but cannot disappear into nonexistence, but it can return to its pre-existing state. The unseen, hidden and invisible exist and exert influence just as much as, and possibly even more than, the seen, revealed and visible.
The existence of something is not limited to the range of utilized human perception. This we already know based on what other creations are able to perceive that humans cannot and by what we are able to perceive with tools, devices, machines and other forms of technology.
We also know this based on the differences of perception among humans. The lack of perception by one human does not necessarily disallow the perception by another human and the perception by one human does not necessarily allow the perception by another human.

So it is also with our perception of Zero.

Zero Holds The Full Range Of Perception

All things came out of Zero and are contained in Zero and return to Zero.
Zero is a container of value, a place holder of value and a summation of value.
Without Zero, counting would go from 1 to 9 and that's it.
How could we go any further?
The only way would be to repeat 1 to 9. Even so, there would not be any way to accumulate numbers and total them beyond 9. We could have 9 groups of 9 but would not have a number to represent that total. That total would not be based on 81 because 81 is based on 0 (8 x 10 + 1)

When Zero is the beginning of reckoning, everything changes.
The limited becomes limitless, un-limited, on-limited, NO-limited.
Reckoning by numbers expands to reckoning by numbers as a numerical set of metaphors by which we can understand all things always in all ways, forms and dimensions.
When 0 is at the beginning of reckoning, 0 is reckonized as the emanator of value that it is.
0 is reckonized as the container of all values.
We kinda understand this in terms of money when we wish for as many Zeroes as possible after the number.

Zero Is A Master Metaphor

Zero as circle, elliptical and egg is a master metaphor.
Since the concept of Zero has been extremely skewed under the influencing Star Constellation Ages of Second Truth and the agents of this weaker aspect of Spirit, we will continue to make extra logical use of metaphor which contains the whole Truth (First Truth & Second Truth).
When we multiply any number by 0, we are multiplying that number by a Zero which is so much larger than any other number, that the result of multiplying by Zero is simply stated in terms of Zero since Zero becomes the largest portion of the result (product, sum, solution).

For instance, when multiplying a blueberry by a watermelon, the product is best stated in terms of the watermelon because the alteration of the watermelon's flavor is not easily detectable which then makes the blueberry seem to disappear into nothingness even though it is in the watermelon.
Blueberry x watermelon = watermelon, is the same thing as saying:
1 x 0 = 0.
This is exactly what happens when we multiply any number by Zero. Zero is so immense that all other numbers are minuscule by comparison and are absorbed into Zero. The simplest way to describe the product of multiplication by Zero is to call it Zero.

Any Number Multiplied By Zero Equals Zero Requires Expansion Before Contraction

It is not optimal to say any number multiplied by Zero equals Zero and leave it at that, unless we have also understood what Zero is and means to a fuller extent. Currently we only understand the nothingness aspect of Zero and even that is misunderstood. Within this message and recent messages we have been expanding our understandings of Zero.

Let's try one last example and make it personal.
We have previously determined that Zero is the beginning and the Infinite; therefore, 0 is the Creator.
Let us further assign “You” as the 1, the something that exists.
So we start with the equation of 1 x 0 = 0 and then we make substitutions.
1 x 0 = 0 means 1 x Creator = 0.
1 x Creator = 0 means 1 x Creator = Creator.
1 x Creator = Creator means You x Creator = Creator.
You are the blueberry, the Creator is the watermelon.

1 x 0 = 0 because 1 becomes absorbed into 0. 1 does not cease to exist. 1 continues to exist in a different form and/or awareness.

Any number and anything multiplied by Zero is the same as multiplying by the Creator, the totality of all that is, something so huge that the product of multiplying by Zero is always 0.
Double-checking using the largest number: The product of infinity times infinity is infinity but it is also Zero since infinity is Zero.

Finding Everything That Disappears Into Nothingness & That Comes Out Of Nowhere

We have now come to realize, nothingness is NO-thingness. We also understand Nowhere is NO-where.
NO-thingness and NO-where are equal to the Creator, thus Zero.
So now we know what happened to the tree that was multiplied by Zero.
The tree, just like the blueberry and just like you, when multiplied by Zero, becomes absorbed into the product of Zero, the Creator, the Universe. The universe is the dominant identity of everything in the first place and the last place. Zero is a symbol metaphor of the Universe. Zero is not an empty number.
Zero is the Universal Solution of all Equations.
The Universe is the First Truth and Second Truth, the black and white, the strong and weak, the good and evil, the Moon and Sun and all other twin pairings of the twin power relationship.
All contained in Zero.

Zero Is A Mathematic Double Tactic

Zero represents duplication/reduction, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division expansion/contraction, extension/retraction, complexity/simplicity and more.

Once 0 duplicated self into 00, this Universe became possible.
Thus, multiplication by Zero simultaneously moves us in two directions which are the Two Truths of Double Zero. As a result of this motion, we move from beginning to end and from end to beginning. This motion takes place in the continuous circle cycle of life. We move around the circle in perspective just like stars changing position. This allows us to achieve the 360 to 365+ degrees of knowledge by viewing the Universe from different angles. It allows us to see ourselves coming forth as procession and going back as precession like the starchild each creation is.

In the Universe, Zero is repeated in everything. When multiply something or ourselves by Zero, identity becomes transformed into the larger collective identity of Zero. Consciousness becomes reduced to essence and expanded to potential. This simultaneous occurrence is the effect of Zeroness.
The process of becoming Zeroness with the Creator is a step beyond Oneness.

Our continuous spiritual journey is a journey back to Oneness of consciousness and then Zeroness, the final step and first step of self and all else. We must go through the stages. Stages brought us here and stages will lead us back.

Since Zero is both the smallest and largest number and every number in between, Zero allows small numbers to not forget their potential and large numbers to not forget their essence and all numbers to not forget their family basis. In other words, Zero allows individuals to remember and connect to the enormity of the potential in them, not as a slogan or nice saying to believe in and think positively about, but as reality that already exists because the individual exists. Likewise, Zero allows collectives, such as humans, to remember and connect to the enormity of the essence in them thus to each other and every aspect of creation.

Zero in the beginning is the total. Zero in the end is the sum.
Our reckoning of things must continue until we reach the sum total of Zero.

When we multiply by Zero, we are not only applying the logic of communalness, collectiveness, harmony, unity, Oneness, and Zeroness, we are also encompassing their opposite complements.
This is why, during shorter periods of time, it is necessary to maintain the perspective of the Zero beginning and the Zero ending so as not to view the much shorter short-term with a weightiness inconsistent with its place within Zero.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Problem With Black People
Weaker Truth Reveals Stronger Truth About All People
Unity Consciousness #892


(Part 2 of 5)

The same potential, that mutated into white skin, is still evident in African Black genetics. It just manifests as a different type of mutation in black people.

The Problem With Black People

The number of black people still in love with anti-African and anti-human beingness ideologies, such as religion, proves just how far from optimal an aspect of African Black genetics can be pushed, and yet, the organism still survives despite malnourishment, malfunction and de-evolution.

A lack of understanding the changing spiritual climate is enough, by itself, to put any human in jeopardy.
Imagine lacking spiritual awareness and then for a few thousand years, beginning in Egypt, being imprisoned by others who are physically weaker.

Spiritual disorientation is the primary cause of the issues black people face. The ongoing Maafa and the extent to which it has occurred is a side effect of our spiritual defect and ancestral memory disconnect.

Black people have the greatest, deepest sense that the spiritual is real. This is why we readily attach to religion and hold on for dear life, contradictionless, seeking happiness. We crave the spiritual to save us, because we know the spirit-soul is the greater part of the whole. However, due to the severing of the umbilical cord from the birthplace of historical and ancestral memory, we don't know what spirituality really looks like, so we choose weaker forms, called religions, thus all else continues to suffer.

The mental, emotional and spiritual follows and the mental, emotional and spiritual suffers. Our spiritual cancer causes mental cancer, emotional cancer, physical cancer and behavioral cancer.
Black people should expect what is taking place to continue, yet we somehow think our connection to religion will somehow make it different in a better way for us.
There is no evidence to support that kind of thinking, yet we keep spiritual hope alive via religion given to us by those with ice cold hearts and ice cold hands. We expect to get First Truth results from Second Truth practices.

Yet, despite the craziness, here we are, still here, worse for the wear but inherently stronger, even though yet to use that strength in the optimal way because our religion is steadfastly in the way.

Survival through religion comes with significant cost. Additional dysfunction is generated in the mental, emotional and physical and becomes generational. This applies to the group overall.
Malfunction in any area of self affects all areas of self. Malfunction in any area has the potential of causing additional genetic malfunctions in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. And it does.
In other words, all it takes is one area of weakness or vulnerability and the entire organism is in jeopardy. Areas once strong do not remain that way for long if weakness is not self-corrected. The books, “Things Fall Apart,” and “Two Thousand Seasons” describe this tragedy beautifully. They describe the fundamental principles and process of how anything, no matter what it is, falls apart.

For the sake of the religious, black people do not operate as a group because the religion demeans their blackness and/or their Africanness and teaches them to view everyone under a religious designation or as God's children while being under attack by groups who don't give a damn about the religious affiliation of black people. White Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus kill Black Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.

The religions black people follow teaches them to set aside, deny and accept blackness as a curse while all other groups in their wars against black people consider all black people to be one and the same.

Via spiritual sickness in the form of religion, black people voluntarily maintain the maximum position of vulnerability and weakness of logic: hands up, don't shoot; bent over, not too hard; and on knees, may I have some of my stuff back please.

Because The Bible Tells Me So Is All Black People Know

Nobody believes the contradictions in bibles as much as black people do.
We refuse to admit religion is a weapon of war white people and others use to harm us.

Here's the even crazier part. Many Africans know the truth of their religions yet they continue to believe due to weakness in other parts of self. Black people know their religion is spiritual junk food, but have become so addicted, that their minds, emotions and bodies are not strong enough to help them kick the religious habit.
So we black people just go on sticking with religion as a sick form of stability due to familiarity.

A little bit of study will tell black people that the birthplace of humans is not in Asia, rather it is in Africa.
It will become clear that “Adam & Eve” were black people.
It will become clear that God is female first and male second.
It will become clear that religion has a whole lot of information out of order; therefore following such logic must result in black lives in constant disorder.

Black people who stick with religions got some self-hate going on to some degree.
Black people ain't trying to function as a collective on a black African basis but we keep on trying to be part of some national collective that is anti-African in practice. The nationals in the countries where we live don't give a damn about your nationality.
We keep on trying be a part of some political group, sports fan base, career group and all other types of collectives instead of Africans for Africa.
We are no longer black or proud.
A religious shroud.
Our spirit-souls have been given over to a religious ideology meant for those who are dead people walking. And we play the part as well as anybody could.

As long as black people won't let go of ideologies given to us to hold us back, so also must follow how we think and act. We must then act exactly like our enemies because we are using their information. We must harm ourselves while not doing anything to fight the real enemy.
Religion is a deep sickness when you take it to heart the way black people do.

Needless to say, black people have never stopped believing in the superiority of others over themselves. Black people are in agreement with this fundamental falsehood by virtue of being in possession of the ideologies of others and by rejecting African ideologies.

The ideologies of others beat black people down spiritually long before other groups come around and take shots at us mentally, emotionally and physically.
The ideologies of others do the same thing as religious missionaries. They set us up for the kill.

Spiritual disorientation absolutely is at the root of the problems black people are encountering.

As long as religion exists in our lives that does not have a deep African origin historical reference to counteract the negative effects of the religion, black people ain't ever going to be healthy and never going to be “right.”
It is not possible to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy when you are fundamentally spiritually sick due to corrupted genetic logic.

So now, what must be the solution?

Black people must learn to read.
We must find out who we really are and the whole truth about world history. Sources unlike those that miseducated you must be used. If you decide the primary use of free will be as a truthseeker or Initiate, you will reap greater benefits as you re-plow fields of perspective. Dormant seeds will be exposed to the light of day causing germinations in unexpected expected ways. Study must take place in all the different ways that study consists of. First and foremost to ensure the most optimal course, the student must understand all study is the study of self; therefore all information must connect the student to the originating source of self in human form and the originating source of spirit-soul. Simply put, in order to heal thyself, a context, worldview and definitions that are different than the ones that sickened you, must be used.

Clearly, if you want to hide something from black people, put it in a book and their religious training will keep them from doing any critical thinking.
Black people must align body-mind-emotion in order to heal the hurt and pain of the spiritual sickness.
Black people must get the full range of nutrition.
As long as black people continue to hold onto religion and claim they are not spiritually sick, they will also remain sick in the head, the body and the emotions.
Black people will continue to be in possession of the weirdest sickest intention of not only harming self just as others are also harming self, but also helping others harm self by adopting the ideologies of others intended to harm black people. This cannot be said enough until it is no longer needed to be said.

There is no getting around the truth of how harmful religion and other ideologies we love to claim, are to black people. Black people don't get this part because those ideologies teach black people to set aside the black collective, the main source of black protection and black power.

Others got power because they are functioning more as a collective, not completely. Black people don't got power because we are not functioning as a collective. Others don't love each other and are not unified except for the purpose of money and power. When it comes to us functioning as a collective we refuse to “fake it until we make it.”

As long as black people direct the primary use of free will to choose religion over African spiritual traditions, black people will also do many things, perhaps unawares, that invites others to deny black people every human right on the basis of their Africanness alone. When the main thing you need doesn't matter to you, then that thing will be used against you. And it is.
Until this is straightened out, black people will continue to act like well-behaved lunatics.
Simply put, because black people have twisted religion into a false sense of health, so also have they twisted all other identifiers into a false knowledge of self.

Note: As stated in Part 1, this entire series still applies to all other groups who consider themselves neither black or white. You just have to understand where in the human process you fit. Then you will have a more accurate context for the overall dynamics of the primary malfunctioning agents of your group that has you working against your human beingness.

Special Addendum

Wake up black people!
You are living in a world where you are the only group who think of “democracy” and “justice” and “rights” and “religion” as the primary considerations. To white people, whiteness is their primary religion. Same is true for other groups. Their ethic group or national identity or culture is more important than their holy book religions that you share with them. Megachurches and rainbow churches are a trick of the enemy by number and color. No other group of people will ever behave in the true sense of the words we believe in. Black people are purists in beliefs that are universal, but are neglectful in being purists in the process that allows belief to mature into knowledge of the universal as it applies to experience. We crazily put more faith in the theory of our beliefs than the actual results from thousands of years and what is still obviously the mindset of other groups. Do not be deceived by the few. Look at the collective and what they are doing to the black collective. If you are out for self, go to hell. Other groups are purists in non-universal beliefs. Wake up and recognize the world you are in so you can know the only way to change our situation is to change your thinking to the kind that reminds you, you can't be friends with those who hate blackness or Africanness. They are smiling faces who are experts in pretending. Ancestors and descendants are calling AND ancestors and descendants are screaming.>

2nd Special Addendum

White people do not know more than black people and neither does any other group. What they do know is that they are being deceitful and black people don't know it.
When it comes to any area in life, biology, carpentry, business, governance, language, math, engineering, family and so on, no other people on this planet know more than black people.
Black people are using a faulty thought process that leads to false conclusions.
It is false to connect the position of others to their exhibition of higher intelligence.
Truth is, the current position of others is due to their willingness to deceive you and work together to do so, and if necessary, to harm you by any means necessary.
In order for other groups to be up, blacks must be down. This is what they know and black people don't.
We kinda know, but refuse to trust the reality we know because we believe the expectation of ideologies we have never seen come true. We justify not listening to common sense for the weakest present tense of sustenance.

It is true what Ancestor John Henrik Clarke said: “You can change your position without changing your condition.”
Black people are going along with deceptive logic given to them by others that has them focusing on position: “look at how far you've come,” when our condition has not changed for the better. Black people can't get a better life until we get a better logic. Black people must think communally. Black people must think individually collectively and collectively individually. Blacks can only profit through collective benefit.
”If the European was religious or democratic for 24 hours in the true sense of these words, the European would be finished.”
The European cannot afford to practice religion or democracy as it is written and stated because it would not allow them to maintain money, power and control over the world. It would not allow them to lie, steal, kill and practice racism.
Nevertheless, black people could not be enslaved today if we did not embrace religion and waste enormous resources in participation. We are enslaved by choice. The moment we begin to let go of religion and seek understandings of Ancient traditional Africa in any and all ways, we begin to travel the road to freedom. We begin to restore the foundation of civilization for the entire human population. As our Ancestors have said, it was up to us in the first place as Parents of the Planet and it will be up to us in the last place to put the Human House back in order. Whether we understand it or not, our children (entire world) need us and are waiting on us to do what Parents are supposed to do. Even though they are acting out and working against us, they really want us to snatch them up and whip that ass and dare them to strike back. The world needs us to reestablish that authority. Like us, they are crazed, confused and acting out of fear and desperation willing to attach themselves to any sense of connection due to malnutrition, of which, miseducation is one part, of which, religion is a significant part.