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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, June 30, 2017

Traveling Back With Homo Sapiens: Phase Zero
Unity Consciousness #1053


We've gathered and lashed branches together along the way. We've come to a much wider and longer crossing – not a crossing from side to side but from end to beginning. On the banks of this river of understanding, we untie our life bundles and arrange them by size and strength. Out of which, we craft one raft. As we set off up south on the Nile, we are magnetically drawn from Zero to some number to be determined.

We are leaving behind modern day skeptics who continue to attempt to cross vast rivers of understanding via leap frog and walking on water.
We are leaving behind those who cling to eroding shores of ill-matched ideology sticks. They will not switch contexts, for fear of being re-knewed in Beginnings. The primal fear of the unknown once known, still strong.

Now Is No Longer The Time For This

Since we now know everything in the Universe existed for an incredibly long time before humans came into existence, it should be automatic that we question a lot of notions we hold.
For instance, how could Earth and everything in it be created in 7 days?
Wasn't there several versions of humans who existed before homo sapiens?
Why do bibles indicate the first humans were homo sapiens who immediately knew how to cultivate plants, animals and a complete language?

A core problem of human confusion is the inability to recognize the truth.
Of course we can't.
We keep relying on anything and everything except the original source – the natural fact of what naturally takes place when human ideology is removed.
A core problem of human conflict is a lack of understanding of who we are.
Of course we don't know!
We are currently operating under the false impressions of less than 8,000 years of history.
Not only that, that extremely tiny bit of history is severely manipulated to represent a very small group of homo sapiens who think their origins are in Asia.
To continue to think humans originated anywhere outside Africa is to also think food originates somewhere outside earth – not Planet Earth, but the soils of earth and water.
No, food does not originate on a human-operated farm. Ask any non-human you meet.
No, humans do not originate out of books filled with human ideological beliefs, no matter how amazingly great and sweet the sound. Humans originate out of natural fact.

Since we don't even realize our thinking and natural fact don't match, we make them equal by ignoring all logical rules because we okie doke ourselves with grandiose degrees from colleges and schools, even though that learning keeps turning our choices into belief-based faith, so much so we can't see through the smoke of being educated fools who languish by doing good in secure enslavements of anguish unable to distinguish between weapons and tools.

In order for human understandings to travel full circle around the circumference of Zero, we must return to the source of life in water, earth, wind and fire. Whatever is the source of life must also be the source of healthy understanding.
Now comes the Great Mother of the Waters, Aquaria with Aquarius manifesting in the background. Now comes Kepheus the wind. Now comes rising fullness and renewal of fire in Moon and Sun. Now comes desert Earth, thawing from dormancy to quench with bursts of birth. Each being reborn coming in multiple forms. (UC#890)

Note: A coinciding contributory reason that explains why we are using only a small portions of our brain universe is that we are only using a small portion of information in our genetic library and a small portion of world history and a small portion of information readily available in the natural world. Thus, the statement, “as below, so above, so within, as without,” expands as follows: The more we incorporate the full range of natural fact, the more we will understand and the rest will follow. And again, expand to Zero and reduce to Zero, then re-expand to being human a second time, frees Divine.

Zero Beginnings: Phase Zero
Unity Consciousness #1052


Before there is any number from one to infinity, there is Zero. Everything is everything without distinction, delineation, demarcation, differentiation, denomination, division, dimension or degrees of separation.. There is no duality, binary, law of opposites, biune being, twin powers, two truths, twin pairings, balance, dynamic balance or gender.
During this phase, the Creator is neither female nor male, good nor evil, etc.
Although there is no initial awareness of the Creator by humans, what I call Zero Beginnings, early humans will eventually call the Great Mother.

From Zero Beginnings, everything has always been everything. Everything still is everything. It's just that we no longer have complete understanding of this natural fact because we have lost touch with Zero.

The Origin of All Things must contain all things.
The Origin of All Things must produce all things.
The Origin of All Things must manifest all forms of truth.
That Origin is Zero. (UC#946, UC#887, UC#890, UC#893)

As we recapture a better understanding of the evolution of human understanding, we must keep several things in mind, in addition to the previous message:

1. Since the Universe is not based on humans, to achieve understanding of anything, we cannot rely solely or primarily on human understandings disconnected from Zero. In fact, optimal understanding of any single thing cannot be achieved via one source and one way of knowing. Understanding requires layering metaphor upon metaphor upon metaphor....This is so because everything is a metaphor of Zero Beginnings; therefore, everything is a metaphor of everything else. In some way, shape, form, fashion or function, everything is everything.

2. This process of putting human understandings back together again is far more involved than that of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again because we must attempt to describe what was going on using words and understandings that did not exist back then. Therefore, we must always remain mindful of not allowing our current perceptions to lead us astray by improperly influencing the actual conditions that existed during previous times. Even so, we must still use what we understand now in order to make reasonable inferences when necessary. Also, the then, must be tied to the now, when the need impresses itself.

3. Way back in the ancient days, there wasn't any menu of human-created ideologies to choose from and simply believe in. By the grace of circumstance, human thoughts were based on naturally occurring events of all perceivable aspects of nature. The primary focus and learning apparatus for humans was what was physically happening with them and around them.

4. Eventually humans took what was seen, revealed, perceived and tangible and then conceived and figured out what was hidden, unseen, not perceived and intangible.

5. Divine beings, spirits and souls were not part of the earlier formation of human understanding. It took a long time to reach that point.

6. Since initial understandings were based on what was shown, what was shown was what was known. The approach to learning used by early humans came as a recent reminder from those Ancestors who said: “You don't snatch no knowing out of the yet unknown! You reach knowing by matching what is known and what is shown in all zones. You absolutely cannot reach sufficient knowing via the human construct alone.”

7. Humans didn't even know they were humans. They didn't start out having names for themselves or other aspects of nature. Humans did not start out thinking about oneness, universe, supreme being, salvation, spirituality, religion, love, equality, justice, morality, decency, conscience, free will, rules, laws, letters, words, writing, language, etc. Human understanding developed out of what was seen, what was available and what was needed - the most basic physical needs only. (AE1 34/44)

8. The problem-solving evolutionary process early humans used by reconnecting dots and putting a gazillion puzzle pieces of information back together, as you can imagine, took a long time, and it is still going on right now, even after multiple times of humans messing up what was already in its proper place, for example, the. current worldwide miseducation of the masses.

9. Spiders rebuild often destroyed webs, ants pack up and move when we disturb their nests and humans also rebuild as part of the natural genetic resilience inherent in all things.

10. So we start over from Zero – and as the Ancestors have said, each time we start over, we do so from a higher, more qualified Zero; therefore we are more proficient and efficient.

Human Understandings: A Retrospective Perspective
Phase Zero
Unity Consciousness #1051


Everything humans do and don't understand about Nature (everything tangible and intangible in the Universe), humans have had to piece together (re-member) after the fact – long after the natural fact. Human understanding is fundamentally a retrospective perspective. As humans, we are playing catch up to what has already happened in the Universe and is happening in the Universe. This is so because humans were not created until a long time after all else in this dimension was created. The more we understand, the closer our current thoughts match what has happened, is happening and will happen. However, the more we misunderstand, the farther away our current thoughts are from what has happened, is happening and will happen.

Without human awareness of such a thing as “the scientific method,” humans were still practicing the scientific method. Experimenting and testing via the scientific method came first, then theory was developed to explain it. This is opposite to the way humans operate today. We allow theory to dictate what, how and why we experiment and test. Early humans, those closer to the root of our ancestral tree, formulated theories after they had experience. In contrast, today we look for evidence to support what we think. We start with a solution and create a problem by forcing information to fit what we think.

Regardless of humans taking an optimal or suboptimal approach, human understanding still evolves and de-evolves through phases just like everything else in the Universe. There are many ways to describe these phases. We shall use a numerical naming of Phases to help us organize understandings. In addition, it is important to incorporate the following complementary descriptive list of phases that we already have and will continue to encounter throughout this journey.
1. Pre-human
2. Very short humans
3. Imitation of nature that led to sign-language
4. Fear, then better understanding of nature's powers (the elementals)
5. Spirituality/spiritualism begins as animistic spirits. Spiritualism/spirituality is part of the description of all phases that follow.
6. Totemism. Spirituality/spiritualism evolves to include ancestral spirits.
7. Fetishism and development of true mythology (astronomical celestial: stellar, lunar, and solar) humanized but not as historical
8. Eschatological (Egyptian Theology)
9. Theology based on Nile Valley derived information (religion containing fragments of truth, but presented as totally historical fact when the mythology it is based on, was not historical fact). Spirituality/spiritualism de-evolves to represent a human historical God who existed in the flesh.
10. Development of untrue myth (legend/fable/folklore/fairy tales/superstition/illusion, delusion, balls of confusion) (AE1 26/36)
11. Restoration of foundation.

These descriptive phases do not match the numerical naming of Phases, but are taking place simultaneously. No phase after Zero, no matter how described by numbers or words, is isolated and limited to itself. These phases cross over and continue into other phases. They mix and merge, separate and diverge in any number of combinations. Despite the range of information presented, these understandings still amount to a general and partial overview of the evolution of human understandings.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Joshua/Hoshea, Son Of The Waters Of Nun
Unity Consciousness #1050


See, ”Black African Joshua, Jehoshua, Leader Of The Israelites, Unity Consciousness #474”.

In Egyptian texts, Shu is the personification of breath. He is portrayed as the great leader of the people to the promised land. In Judaeo-Christian bibles, Joshua also led the people into the promised land. One thing we've learned for certain during this safari in the Spiritsphere, is that the Egyptians were not copying off of Semite Jews and skeptical Greeks and Romans.
Since we have plenty of world history information to support the previous paragraph, it is not difficult for an open-mind to come to the realization that Shu is Jo-shu-a.

In the Egyptian account, Shu is not a real person. He is the personification of breath, air, wind, spirit-soul; however, when this information was copied, the breath as Shu was turned into a real Hebrew person. There was no such person as a Hoshea (Y’hoshua, Joshua) who led Israelites to the promised land. This has also been sufficiently proven through many messages using bible verses found in the Christian and Jewish per-versions of Egyptian Texts.

Note: I am using the word Jews in the current day mutated sense. The real understanding of who the Jews are has been discussed.

Note: The act of copying is not the issue. It's the lack of attribution and remuneration.
Also, as said elsewhere, all creations in the Universe are supposed to share information and be educated as to its proper use. When people encounter each other and interact there is supposed to be and has always been information exchange.

Shu & Joshua Had The Same Sidekick

Anup, the jackal, is the seeing-eye guide dog who assisted Shu on his journey of hardship through the desert wilderness of Amenta.
Caleb assisted Joshua. Caleb, in the Hebrew language, means dog.
Caleb is also another make-believe person.

Double Character, More Double Trouble

In UC#474, we knew there was something not quite right about Jewish Joshua. He has a double character, just like Shu. Another coincidence that isn't.
In the first character of Joshua, he is called Hoshea, the son of Nun. In his later role, Joshua becomes the upholder of Ihuh and his change of name is connected with the change in character. The name of Joshua contains the name of Ihuh united to a word signifying assistance, help, lifting up, and upholding. This is the same as Shu who is the uplifter to Ra the solar god. Ra is Ihuh. In Shu's second character, he became the leader of the children of Ra (Is-RA-el-ites). His name was changed to Io-Shua (Io-Shua is Jo-Shua). In this second character Io-Shua (Joshua) (Oshea) proclaims himself to be the supporter of Ihuh. (AE2 662/126)

In the Christian Bible, Joshua says, “ for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
In this exact same verse in the Jewish Bible, the word is “Adonai,” instead of “Lord.”
Adonai is the Egyptian Aten. Aten became Atum-Ra who is Ra who is Ihuh. This is typical of many changes in all cultures that have taken the original and made many changes and now claim the changed version as self-created original creations of their culture. (AE2 561/25) and (BB 314/326)

And now we again see why bibles, scriptures, holy books and other such religious writings are so confusing when you really investigate, question, compare, contrast, get a second, outside opinion and try to match things up – these books start out by being contradictory and inconsistent within their own pages. Not only do they contain a mere fragment of the original story, parts of the story have been switched around so much and changed and misunderstood in the first place such that the only saving grace to get you to participate is faith.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Waving In The Waters Of No & Yes | Definition Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1049


“No” has already been sufficiently explained in the previous message UC#1048.

Oscillation (back and forth motion) shows negation whether made with the head or the hand or by water. Shaking the head from side to side means negation and no. The essential feature is the waving or wave, which imitates the wave of water of the hieroglyphic no.
The corresponding motion is the one that indicates yes. Nodding (waving) the head up and down indicates yes because it is a wave rising up above the water.
Additionally, a side to side motion is horizontal or aligned with the equinox, thus means even, neither, none, no. An up and down motion is vertical or aligned with the pole or solstice, thus means odd, either, one or the other, high or low. (NG1 23/41)

In an imaginative sense, I reach the word Yes through Ses. Ses is breath. Thus water and breath are no and ses. Breath is the result of heat in water that causes a cloud of mist to rise, like Yeast. (NG1 148/166; 148/166; 256/274)

In a linguistic sense, Yes comes from an earlier Gese. Taking the G as equivalent to the KH (Eg.), we find the scattered Khi, S, and F, which can be traced back to an ideographic khif, all meeting once more in the Y, and the Y we are taught is Greek, the F is Old French, and the G is Anglo-Saxon. (BB 141/153)

Ia is Yes, in Egyptian (Eg.). Ia, the sign of assent and assuring, can be paralleled by Hes, to obey, be obedient, which goes still farther as Kes, to bow, bend down, be abject. Here are three degrees of Ia, Hes, and Kes. Ia with a mere nod of assent, Hes a bow of obedience, and Kes to bend down abjectly and entreat. The English Y like the J is not a primitive, and was preceded by the G or K. As said before, Yes was the earlier Gese. Yes is also Ges or GlS, as an oath. (BB 147/159)

Reckoning Waters Of Nun & Nnu | Definition Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1048


As we learned in UC#1044, Archetype is the circle and total of all beginnings consisting of the two truths and how they cross (connect, intersect, interrelate). Spirit-soul is the energy component of the Archetype. The other component is matter. Matter begins as liquid and solid.
Water is the primary liquid matter of the Archetype. Within water is solid earth, but not Planet Earth, rather earth as soil. This earth contains the solid component of all matter. Thus the term “Planet Earth” is misguiding since all planets and other celestial bodies are made of various compositions of Earth.

The idea of Nun was conceived by humans, thus Nun is the intellectual starting point of understanding the creation of the world and nature of the Universe. After hundreds of thousands of years of observing life on Earth and in the sky, water was viewed as being primary. Massey states water was not the beginning of the heavens and earth and that dry earth always existed. This was addressed in the previous paragraph.
See also UC#1034 under the third Massey heading, for related discussion, (AE1 281/291)

I say there is a sustainable basis of logic to say everything came out of water. I also say, based on the ginormous amount of reliable information that came out of Africa, which comprises at least 98 percent of all human knowledge in use today, that Africa is the best source for understandings regarding life and existence, though not infallible, still far more reliable than what we presently misunderstand. Most of what has taken place in the past few thousand years has been disfigurement, variation and recently, reclamation, but very little new realizations relatively speaking.

Location Of Nun

Nun is everywhere. It surrounds Earth and Universe . It is dark matter and dark energy. Nun, in two or more forms, is inside Earth and inside all other creations.
Nun was first discovered locally in the environment coming up from below, it was further understood through humans and other creatures, then Nun was imaged in the sky. The source of water underground naturally suggested the idea of a primordial deep, an unfathomable gulf, a bottomless pit. This was then applied to the point of beginning in the lower Nun or firmamental water where the abyss was figured in the southern constellations from a vantage point in the Great Lakes equatorial region of Inner Africa. The Southern Fish constellation (Piscis Austrinus, or Piscis Australis) is figured as the bringer forth of water—that is, of life or of Horus the fish from the abyss. (AE1 282/292)

There are two waters actual in external nature. Water that rose up in the fountains, wells, and springs of earth was personified as Apt or Hathor. Water that fell in dew and rain from heaven above was personified as coming from the Tree of Nut. (AE1 285/295)

Nu, Nun & Nnu

Nu, Nun and Nnu, Nunu are the names of water. These names are also synonymous with and interchangeable with “negation,” “is not,” “no,” “not,” “none,” “without,” “en,” “Enti,” “Nuti,” “Han,” “An,” “Nin, “N,” the fish, infant, child” “the flow,” “time,” “left,” “dark,” and the first of any two things. The first is always negative to the second. Now we know. NG2 275-6/283-4); (NG1 23/41; 151/169; 277/295; 399/417; 400/418); and (BB 94-5/106-7; 233/245; 293/305)

Related Words: entity (two in one), ninny (child)

”N” & “Z” Words | Nature Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #946

Sifting Through A Lot Of Negativity

We must be certain to understand No does not mean nothing exists or nothing is going on. Rather it means there is no distinction, no dimension and no separation.

NO is the beginning of all things out of which everything comes and the ending of all things into which all things return. Some things do cease to exist in their current form, but their fundamental, archetypical form of Nun always exists.

Nun is a passive phase, condition, place and point of conclusion and commencement. Nun denotes existence in the negative condition of water or the firmaments considered as water. Nun, is the negation out of which creation came and comes. Nun produced the first seven elemental powers. Thus, now we come back around to repeat the fundamental nature of duality: anything that is one of two things must also be a form of the second thing. Anything that exists in two or more parts, must rely on the other parts for definition of itself, otherwise no part can exist. The moment a difference exists, the opposite complementary difference also exists. As soon as love exists, hate exists. As soon as weakness exists, strength exists.
Now, as a result, we are reminded that Nun water is not negative because of itself, but only in relation to other things. Water is negative in relation to breath. Water became negative when breath was created. Before breath was formed out of water, water was not negative.* It was what it was or in the first person, I am that I am – because in the singular state, there is nothing to compare to. When One becomes two and they are separated in logic and not viewed as forms of each other, we begin to lose more than awareness. (NG1 23/41; 399/417;) and (BB 346-7/358-9)

*When positive does not exist, negative cannot exist. So in human terms, there is no person who is all good or all bad. If there is nothing bad that can be said about someone, then there also nothing good that can be said. Where there is good, there must also be bad. This example applies to all forms of the two truths.

Nun Brings It, Nun Springs It

Nun signifies to bring. From the beginning in Inner Africa, Nun was heaven personified as the bringer of the water and the breath of life. Nun is the mother of the all divinities, deities and all that exists in spirit and matter.
Nun is the source of new water, fresh water, renewing, cleansing, purifying water. In Africa, Nun is the Inundation of the Nile. The Milky Way is the celestial White Nile of the Nun. (NG1 151/169; 400/418; 500/527;) and (BB 197/209) and (AE2 550/14)

The primordial life-spring that causes springing into life out of the lowest point of animated existence is Nun. (BB 346-7/358-9)

Nun is either both or neither negative and positive, mother and father, male and female, darkness and light, black and white, good and evil, angel and demon, god and devil, healthy and sick, truth and lie, wet and dry, cold and hot, etc.
Therefore, as the Universe continues to go through cycles of development, at different times during each cycle, different portions of the Two Truths become more dominant than its counterpart per dynamic balance. For example at first it was the mother principle, then mother and father principles, then father and mother, then father. This is true of all truths. (NG1 500/527;) and (AE2 557/21; 560/24)

According to the Memphite Theology on the Shabaka Stone, all things were in harmony in the waters of Nun: spirit (energy), matter, female, male, atoms, molecules, elements and more. At that point in the cycle, Ptah was called matter, spirit (energy), male and land. Ptah is the conversion of potential energy in the waters. The other part of the Creator is the waters of Nun. Nun is spirit (energy), matter, female and water, energy at rest, dormant, asleep. Nun is the soul of water, the soul of life in water, spirit-soul in water. (AE1 121/131)

More Negative & Positive

Nun also has the meaning of preparatory, to be defiled, abject, miserable, defect, want, wretchedness and ill. This is they period of 5 days flow of menstruation when intercourse is unlawful (tabu) and prohibited. Childbirth is negative. The hare symbol signified uncleanliness during the open period of purifying.

Nun also means positive at the dawn of womanhood puberty, which was the time of welcome and festive rejoicing. The hare symbol signified to be open to lawful intercourse. NG2 275-6/283-4)

Water & Breath

Water was personified as Nun (Aquaria/Aquarius). Breath, air, wind was personified as Shu-Anhur (Kepheus). Breath is the child of Water as is all things because all things are born out of water. Water is both Mother & Father of Breath. Since water is first and breath is second, water is the negation of breath and of all else. (BB 346/358) and (AE2 663/127)

Breath, or vapour, is a secondary condition of water in the form of mist. Heat is a means of converting water into breath or vapour. It was said water was converted into breathing life by the Mother when in heat (ovulating), or gestating, i.e. life-making.
The characteristics of Wet and Heat were personified as Uati. Further naming continued. Wet, the dewy red of dawn, was called Tefn while heat, the burning white of day, was called Sekhet. (NG1 148/166; 532/550)

”First Place Birthplace Underworld Of Water, Definition & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #1037”
When each person reaches the fourth level of awareness, (So Dayi), a veil is lifted. Nun creates four pairs of chromosomes within the person. Just like all chromosomes, these extra chromosomes contain information, instructions and genetic potential unavailable to those who have not reached this level of awareness.
By this we are not surprised because we know there is a Universe within.
The pineal gland-organ is shaped like a pine cone and floats in fluid. This is the analogy of the waters of Nun giving rise to the “moundtain” of Ptah.
Therefore, the pineal gland-organ is an analogy for the Creator within, living within us as both spirit-soul and matter in the same form as in the beginning of Creation.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ace Card | Poem
Unity Consciousness #1047


Ace Card

by Ancestors through Usiku

The Ace card is not a face card
In your face played so hard
Blood and water don't turn it purple
The Ace in the deck isn't miracle
It's the element fundamental
Every card played is life
Complements of the Archetype
The dealer of liquid stars
Who reconfigures reality virtual
The Ace card is the base card
The zero in the circle

Monday, June 12, 2017

Reckoning: Illusion & Reality Of Growing Knowing
Unity Consciousness #1046


I can hear Granny's and Uncle Jesse's two truth voice coming around the mountain up from the double source.

You don't snatch no knowing out of the yet unknown!
You reach knowing by matching what is known and what is shown in all zones.

You absolutely cannot reach sufficient knowing via the human construct alone.
To do so is to attempt to breed a seed-producing seed without the seed.

To do so is to attempt to create a tree out of a branch without Earth, Air, Water, Fire assistance.
Same goes for the breed of thought that has no appreciation for the relationship of itself to the all else of growing ways of knowing.

This is why One Knower had to become Many Knowers.
This is why One Grower had to become Many Growers.

This is why One knowing had to become Many knowings and One growing had to become Many growing.
This is why Many ways must unify themselves back into One in order to know whether it is reality or illusion your thinking grows.

Reckoning: Two Truths Of Skeptics | Definitions
Unity Consciousness #1045


To be skeptical does not mean to doubt or to choose whether or not we believe something.
To the contrary, to be skeptical means to examine, verify, and bring out understandings of that which was hidden and had escaped previous notice. (BB 226/238)

The word Skeptic is derived from the Greek, “Skeptikos” which is an examiner, and inquirer.
Skeptic is also derived from the Greek, “Skeptomai which means “I look, I examine.”

Now notice the difference in the following definitions:
In Egyptian, Skhep is to clear up, enlighten, illumine, render brilliant. (BB 225/237)
In Egyptian, Skheps are the learned, teachers, enlighteners. (BB 223/235)

The Greeks were not examining for the purpose of understanding, they were examining for the purpose of finding fault, discrediting and doubting.

Skhep is a form of Khep, the womb, thus the place of all beginnings, thus the Archetype.
To be skheptical is to be Kheptical. Aware of the circle and the elliptical. The total.
To be skheptical is to seek to understand more, not to understand less than when we started.
Each time we encounter information, and are simply doubtful, disbelieving and do not seek to understand more, we end up understanding less than before we encountered the information.
How is this possible?
When we encounter information and do not begin to answer the questions that come up, we are stagnating and eventually devolving. Stagnation is a loss of motion momentum towards maturing in understandings. Questions and doubts are okay and good, they provide the energy for further inquiry. When we discard that energy and do not inquire, we lose that energy and end of understanding less because we have not yet learned to seek understandings.
Skeptic does not mean him who doubts, but him who investigates or researches as opposed to him who asserts and thinks that he has found. - - Miguel de Unamuno
Amen Brother to Sister Amenet

Reckoning Archetype & Archaeology | Definition Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1044


Achetype is Ar + che + type. Ar is the circle and the total. Che (Chi, Khi) is the cross of the two truths. (NG1 444/462)

Arche is the chief Ark-type.
Ark is also the sign of the circle and cross, birthplace outlet, time, rule.
Arche means all beginning. It means life, existence, space, time, matter, energy.
Archetype is the end all that begins all.
Archetype means the first of everything, not just the first of its type. Archetype is the first of all firsts. Therefore, many archetypes we talk about today are actually sub-archetypes, partial versions of the Archetype.
The Archetype is the beginning of all reckonings.
There is Only One Archetype. Archetype is singular.
When we encounter one form of the Archetype we must find the other forms that add up to the total Archetype.

For instance, Archaeology is supposed to be the study of the physical evidence of the Archetype found on Earth. Archaeology that does not connect understandings to the first people and first continent in Africa, is significantly insufficient. Same applies to Anthropology.
Archaeology (Archeology) that does connect understandings to the first people and first continent in Africa, yet does not explain how those archaeological findings were born out of the first people and first continent, then that information is significantly insufficient and out of order. Same applies to Anthropology.
Archaeology that explains how it originated from the first people and first continent, yet does not explain how it originated from the natural world of Earth, the natural world below and the natural world above, then that information is significantly insufficient. Same applies to Anthropology.

When we do not have the beginning context of Archetype, then there is no basis whereby all things can always make sense and function at any time in any sense of order, sustainable order or regainable order. Without circular sight of the Archetype, Chaos diffuses through many dimensions. (NG1 423/441); NG2 271/279) and etymology 1 & 2

Spirit-Soul Is The Star Archetype

The circle and cross are the physical Archetype and spirit-soul is the spiritual Archetype They are one. Where there is one there is the other.
A star is the combined two truth Archetype. A star is both ark and spark. A star is the (sp)ark of the covenant between Creator and created. The Creator gave of self in order to duplicate and become Two, then become Many (Us).
The spark and ark in everything in the Universe is connected to the Archetype through stars.
If we are not able to perceive the same physical essence and same spirit-soul essence in all things, our reckoning will be missing the essence of the Archetype. We already know most evil discriminations are the result of not understanding other Creations are the same as us and have the same Rights of Creation.

Energy (spirit-soul) and Matter are the common denominators of all Creation. This is Reckoning 01. Energy and Matter are the two-part Two Truths of the Archetype. We already know this in regards to Science. All we need to do is connect a fuller understanding of Science to a fuller understanding of Archetype.

When we understand any aspect of Creation sufficiently enough, that aspect can serve as the Archetype for us (thus know yourself and know all else). Until that time, we must add understanding from many aspects of Creation until we are able to conceive the whole of all beginning.

If we are not going to use self, we can use Earth as a sub-Archetype in order to reach understandings of the Archetype. This is so because Earth is a more easily identifiable ark than perhaps smaller aspects of Creation.
Wherever we are in the world, if we sufficiently understand the natural world where we are, we will be able to understand the Archetype. As a result, we will be able to understand the sub-Archetype called humans and the world history of humans.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Reckoning: What Reckoning Is | Definition & Notes
Unity Consciousness #1043


Reckoning has already been explored in about a month's worth of messages.

Reckoning is reckon-izing is recognizing is re-cognizing is recogntion is re-cogntion is re-cog-nition.
A cog is a part of a wheel that helps the wheel turn in relation to other wheels. A cog is a tooth in the wheel. The wheel is a circle. Re-cog-nition is awareness of each part of the wheel in relation to the whole wheel in relation to all other wheels. A cog is both a part of the wheel and the whole wheel.

Recognition is awareness of part of the circle in relation to the whole circle in relation to all other circles.
Reckonition is awareness of part of the cycle in relation to the whole cycle in relation to all other cycles.
This, my friend, is reckoning.
Reckoning is the combined awareness of all things in all forms.
It is, in fact, re-collection of perfection.

At The Cross Again

The most sacred cross of Egypt is the Ankh, the sign of life and much more. The top of the Ankh is the Ru, set upright on the Tau-cross (letter “T”). The Ru is the oval, the mouth, the door, the gate, the opening, the place of outlet from within the circle. The Ru denotes the birthplace in the northern sky. From out of the Ru in the northern heaven, the goddess of the Seven Stars, called the “Mother of the Revolutions, gave birth to time in the earliest circle of the year.
The human-made sign of this heavenly circle is the earliest shape of the Ankh-cross, a mere loop which contains both a circle and cross in one image. This loop or noose is the symbol of a period, an ending, a time and one revolution. This loop represents the circle made in the northern heaven by the Great Bear, earlier known as Kepha, the Hippopotamus. Therefore, the loop or Ru at the top of the Ankh represents the northern birthplace of time.

The noose is an Ark or Rek type of reckoning – a symbol of the vagina, woman, all beginning (Arche), time and rule.(NG1 423/441); NG2 271/279)

The Kher, Kheru or Rekh is a dual sign of the cross and circle. In an abbreviated form, Kher is Ker is Kr is Rk. Kher and Rekh interchange as meaning “word, voice, speak, announce, declare.” Rekh, in a diminished form of meaning is “Logos” is “Logic.”
Also Ker or Rek, is the circle, circuit, course, course of time or turn round. This is identical with the Ark, a period or cycle of time.
The Kr and Ark, signs of the Cross and circle, or the Crossed circle, likewise correspond to the Kr symbol as the basis of the word Kronus for time and chronology for time order of events.
The Great Bear Constellation makes an annual circle in the northern sky. Rk or Kr, is a circle, course of time and the course itself. Kr is also the root of many words such as course, circle, cross, karest, christ, occur, care, core, court, courtesy, reckless...(NG1 444/462); (BB 50/62)

Reckoning is recognition is re-kr-nition is rekh-inition.

The most ancient type and generator of the human race in Africa is named Khebma. This word modifies into Khcb and Kam as names of Northern Lower Egypt. The Ari are the children, sons (a plural of Ar, the son/sun) of Lower Egypt. The Ari are the seven branches of people who came out of Lower Egypt pelvis and crossed the Great Green Sea (Mediterranean) into Europe and other parts of Asia and became known by other names. The Ari, in one rendering, are the seven Kabiri, answering to the seven sons of Mitzraim (Kam, Kheb, Khebma), These children who came out of Lower Egypt and populated Asia are the Ari, the children of Kam, the black Arians. The Kamari or Kabiri in India, Wales, or Scotland and the Laps (the Sabme) are the children (Ari) of Kam. So are all other groups but there are other words and ways that show their connection to Mother Africa, many of which have already been expressed throughout this African Safari In Spiritsphere aka the return journey home where we belong. (BB 455-6/467-8)

Reckoning and recognition is Sankofa.

Note 1: To hang someone with a noose is to use the symbol of the vagina, womb and woman that brought you into life and that is the beginning of life to end life. Though this evokes images and emotions, it is not different than drowning in water, which is also a vagina, womb and woman that brings forth life. It is also not different from other forms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual death and lessenings of life.

Note 2: So yes, in the beginning was the Word and the word is God. The Word of God is the Rekh of God, the recognition of God through the reckoning of God through all there is within the circle, not just from the mouth of humans.

Note 3: We are careless because we are ker-less in awareness.
We are reckless because we are rekh-less in circumference.

Note 4: Ruti means race or rekh. Therefore, since rekh represents the beginning and the whole, everything in Creation is one race and one ruti (ru, root, circle). Only in the weakest form of understanding does race come to mean what it does today. Only in the context of mental illness, is it possible to conclude today's way of thinking is healthier than Ages before. Those who do are rekhs in occident waiting to become wrecks of accident. (BB 455-6/467-8). When reckoning is not feeding understandings, all manner of cancers provide the answers in toxic environments.

Note 5: Let us not miss the simple message. The only way we are able to recognize anything is to recognize the parts, then put the parts together into a whole and relate that whole to another whole. For example we recognize words because we recognize the letters (parts) combined with each other (whole) in relation to another whole (language). This process is true for everything we recognize using one or more of our sensing abilities, whether or not we are aware recognition is taking place.
We must mature in our recognitions until it becomes one with reckoning.

Note 6; Reckoning is reckoning is re-cognizing.
In the word cognizing, we see organizing.
Things and ideas can only be recognized based on how information is organized. Everything you recognize or not is due to how information inside you is organized. If your information is fragmented and/or corrupted, so also will be your cognition and recognition.
Now, many of us love to boast about being organized. That is an empty statement. Everything is organized, even that which is disorganized. It is possible to feel organized but yet be organized in a weak way. Just because your organizing matches the current flow of the status quo is no reason to feel good. All of us must go further and farther into matching how we are organized in life, in our thoughts and in our actions in relation to how all else in the non-human world around us is organized, operates and functions. That is the larger story and the greater part of reckoning.
Ancestor Kwame Toure told us if we do not organize ourselves, conditions will always organize us. This, of course, is the hard way, but it is the way most certain when all other influences trying to organize us, are unable to gain our recognition and cooperation. The last two sentences are mainly in regards to the collective and to a much lesser degree to every individual.

Note 7: In these later years of human existence, we have found ourselves in love with logic rather than in rekh of self. We are confused by the treason of reasoning without the seasoning of reckoning.

Note 8: Our perception of time and chronology is supposed to reflect the Ark, Ankh and all beginnings. Our perception is supposed to include the whole reality, be holistic. Our perception of time is not just supposed to be a number and measurement. Our perception of chronology is not just supposed to be a list of events. Both of those are near lifeless understandings. And we wonder why we suffer from “hunger for life” pains/pangs and can't explain.
Yes, time is a kronology of motion, a chroni-cle of the cir-cle of events, a cycle of events. But those events include spirit-soul events, mental events, emotional events, social events, cultural events, economic events and all other forms of events, all joined and attached to actual factual events. In other words do not allow the abuse of facts and statistics to limit your full reckoning of what has, is and will take place. Do not allow the tricksters to limit your discernment of the mixture.

Seeking within Self, Initiates you, Renu's you as Student Adept. Teacher ISA, already here in all else, appears to help karrekh yourself.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Through The Spheres | Poem
Unity Consciousness #1042


Through The Spheres

by Ancestors through Usiku

Asleep nestled in fulfilled Waters
Dreams of ease comfort me
But based on need I challenge my order
The eternal way demands tests much harder
To continuously evolve further and farther
I'm the Only One without any help
My lone choice is to clone myself
Into Sister, Mother Daughter and Twin
My truth now doubled from preexisting
Differentiation and separation
Allows me to develop specialization
Seven parts of me I bring forth
Elemental powers of life force
Four at the corners hold down court
Transformers of me as Zero Sum Source
First change is from water fish
To versatile amphibious
Tadpole fused with spirit-soul
Leapfrogs to become moonsoft globe
Now positioned in time and space
My list is long, no time to waste
Strong and weak I must investigate
Recognize and optimize if I am to remain great
I change from Ibis into Hawk
Climb the mountain but do not walk
Two sets of wings I don't invoke
I ride the arc in an ark that floats
The oar as paddle and father figure
Contributes but wants credit much bigger
Information now becomes much more disfigured
About life, death and salvation
Free fall begins when balance swings to masculine
Truth by metaphor is mistaken as human history
Ways of knowing are closed off to only one
Only what humans from humans can learn
Very little is checked, questioned, confirmed or discerned
Until I reach into the kettle and feed myself
Eat from the field rather than the shelf
Digest in silence and stillness
Slowed motion, less noise, clears the void
Allows messages to reveal this:
All problems are manifestations of combinations of fragmentations
Causing abuses of power, knowledge and diversification
Due to false education and false identification
So I contend to dismantle and reassemble what is rent
Reacclimate and reorient until it is self-evident
Weakness is a form of strength when enough understandings are absent
Strength is a form of weakness when enough understandings are present
The only person, place or thing that can be beat is to complete
By transforming winning out of self defeat
Now that I've reset the context and definitions I'm using
I look from right to left and height to depth
Into mirror images of me in all else
See many forms of two truths of myself
Decipher genetic code unlock the rest of my wealth
Convert potential into kinetic genius
The weight of everything I push and lift
Move back into Khaos from confusion
Expand understandings into all drought-infested spheres
Where liquid essence now diffuses and reappears
Completing the reversal and the shift
Again adrift on memory bliss

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Earth Is The Mothership Reconnection
Unity Consciousness #1041


(Part 5 of 5)

Summary Reintroduction

Earth was imaged as a Child born of the Waters of Many Names. As Child, Earth is the Messu. When Egyptian mythology was terribly misconstrued, Earth was misrepresented as an actual historical human Messiah called Jesus.

As a Child born of Water, Earth is also the birthplace of Water, thus life; Water births life. Water births Earth. Earth births Water. Earth births life. Earth came out of the birthplace, source and womb AND Earth is the birthplace, source and womb. Therefore, the Child is the Mother and the Mother is the Child. They are each other in different forms, stages and dimensions, layers of contexture.

Since Earth is both the Child of Water and the Mother of Water, Earth is also the Great Fish.

Through a detailed study of Khaos/Chaos, we now realize Khaos produces Mes and Messu while Chaos produces mess and Messiah.

The Waters produce life in all forms. One of these forms is Earth. Earth then reproduces waters in many forms. These waters reproduced by Earth, then reproduce life in many forms.

All life on Mother Earth is connected to the life that gave birth to Mother Earth, the Waters. Earth is the ship in the Waters and our connection to the Great Mother. Knowledge of Earth is the way to everlasting life because Earth is everlasting life who is born of everlasting life. As we reconceive Earth fundamentally, then we shall also re-knew self.

Earth is a fundamental elemental, all-amenta-l power. Earth is an element and is composed of elements. Earth is also the producer of elements because Earth is a star.

By name, Earth contains Ar as in Star. Earth contains Art as in Urt, the Great Mother birthplace. (AE1 436/446)

Earth is an ankh and a nuter and one of the four cornerstones of the cross in the circle.

I repeat, Earth is a Child floating in the Waters and is also the Mother of those Waters. In other words, Earth cannot be born of Universe as if they are two different things without genetic connection. A child is the same species as the mother. The Universe is also an Earth, just as Earth is also a Universe. We know this because, even we as humans have inside us multiple Universes and Earths. Everything in the Universe is a form of Water. Earth is both Mother of the Waters and Child on the Waters and is our ship/ark on the Waters. Earth is the Mothership Reconnection to restore our logic, thus health, thus restore us to our everlasting life condition resident in our inherited genetic material that came from the ever-coming one called Earth and the ever-existing one called Universe.

Earth connects us to all else regardless of our level of awareness.

So by extension, we are children of Water, Universe, Earth, Stars, Elements which is why we are each one of those life forms and everyone of those life forms combined.

So by extension, if there is a Uni-verse that unites and unifies all verses, then all else is also a verse. Earth is a verse and so are we and so is all else. We are all verses, scripts, pieces of logic, data, forms of 0 and 1 in the Creator's Supercomputer Musical.

So by extension, when we use the term “versus,” rather than “verses,” it contributes to disharmony within, then without. Neither Khaos nor Chaos can be manifested, if not first expressed and rehearsed and fully experienced as an inward thought before becoming an outward thought.

Getting More Grounded

A huge number of ideas and ideologies have come into flower during the past few hundred years of invasive, sill pervasive, colonization of information, thus health.
Now, imagine how many ideas were produced in a minimum of 51,840 years by Africa as expressed through the Egyptians. This does not include the information produced by the Ancestors of the Egyptians (the Mestraeans and Auritae and others) who lived for hundreds of thousands of years before Egypt was born out of the Khaos of the Tuat via Lake Puanta via Nyanja Ya Tanganyika via the Nile River.

So as we continue to uncover, rediscover and encounter layers and layers of ideas put forth by the Egyptians as groundwork for the rebuilding of foundations, we must not limit our understandings to the time reference of how societies operate today and their brief stay on centerstage. We must expand understandings to the root directory context of ideas that goes deeper into the grounding and reconnecting of life in Earth.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Difference Between Underworlds: Tuat & Duat
Unity Consciousness #1040


(Part 4 of 5)


The Tuat is the underground birthplace of life when life is conceptualized as being born of water. This birthplace was imaged by the abyss, the well, the gorge, the secret source and sacred place of creation inside the womb of Mother Earth. Therefore, the Tuat is Heaven below; therefore, Heaven below was recognized before Heaven above, because of the life-giving water, soil and plants that were seen to come up out of Earth below.
The original orientation of the fundamental key is: as below, so above; as of water, so of air; as of liquid, so of solid; as of preexistence, so of presence of mind (pre-sense of mind). And yet we still expect to have presence of mind and leave behind the past of what preexisted these current times. (AE1 338/348)

The Tuat is located in the Lake of Puanta. The Tuat is identified as the secret source of the Nile and source of food because edible plants such as papyrus shoots grew in abundance in the water at the Great Lake Tanganyika source of the Nile.
The Tuat is the habitat of the dragon of abundant water called “the crocodile coming out of the abyss.” It is also the lair of the Apap-monster, the fiery dragon of drought, of whom it is said by Shu, “If he who is in the water opens his mouth, I will let the earth fall into the water’s well,” being the “south made north, or the earth turned upside down.” This tells us, from time to time, our orientation flips just as the magnetic pole of Earth also flips. That our logic script is flipped is again confirmed. (AE1 278/288)

Tuai means day, time, morning, the morrow, two halves.
A day* consists of two halves of a circle, cycle:
Tuat means to cross under and is the dark half domain of the Moon.
Dag means to cross over and is the light half domain of the Sun. (BB 158/168)

By expansion, “at the cross where I first saw the light...” is a reference to the Sun's daily emergence from Amenta at the crossing over point from Night to Light. It is also a reference to the spirit-soul's crossing from Amenta at the crossing over point from death to rebirth. “...Where the burdens of my heart rolled away,” is not about Jesus removing sin from humans on Earth.” No. It is about the element of Night transforming itself into the element of Light as part of the Universal cycle of life that is part of every life cycle of all life forms.

Duat As Place of Dead

Northwest Asians (Europeans) anointed themselves as experts on Egypt, called themselves Egyptologists and proceeded to confuse the nature of the Tuat.
They called the Tuat, the Duat, and described it as only the underworld of the dead, when it was also the underworld of the living. They described it as Hell when it was also Heaven. They described it as the end when it was also the beginning. They described it as the tomb when it was also the womb. They described it as the Lake of Fire of Damnation when it was also the Lake of Fire of Sa-elevation (Sa-lvation).

One of the ways Euro-Asians described Egyptian cosmology was: “The Egyptian cosmos consisted of a divine realm in the upper sky; the earth, with Egypt its center; and the Duat (or Dat), the underworld that was to become the realm of the dead.” (Handbook of Egyptian Mythology, Pinch, Geraldine, p. 61/77)

Duat As A Place of Living & Dead

According to the Encyclopedia of African Religion, the underworld was known as Tuat or Duat in Ancient Africa. It was the residence of the spirits and the abode of souls belonging to the deceased. Africans regarded the Tuat as the place Ra passed through after he, in the form of the sun, set in the evening sky. It was one part of the three part division of the cosmos by Africans: Pet (Heaven), Ta (land), and Tuat (Underworld). It was also a place where the unrighteous, those whose souls were heavier than the feather of Maat, could be banished to a terrible fate. However, the Tuat was principally the place where the ancestors enjoyed immortality. (Asante & Mazama, 683)

*Societies that came into existence after Egyptian civilization, also suboptimized the understanding of what a day is. Day consists of two parts. We know this because there are 24 hours in a day; however, we call 12 hours of day, daytime; and then we call the other 12 hours of day, nighttime.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Water & Tree Of Life: Ash, Sa, Sap
Unity Consciousness #1039


(Part 3 of 5)

The Persea fig-tree, named the Ash, is one type of tree of life.
Ash means wet, life and water of life. Ash is an emanation, emission and creative substance of life that applies to both principles of life (water and breath).

The sap of the Ash tree is a form of liquid essence of life.
Sap means to spit and evacuate. When Ash wood is heated on one end, sap comes out the other end. (BB 137/149, 205/217, 254/266)

Sap is rooted in Sa. Sa means spirit, soul, basis. birthplace, origin, to return, come back again, heal. In other words, Sa is the soil of spirit-soul that forms the basis of all things, permeates all things, gives birth to all things and heals all things.

Sa is a magnetic fluid that was known to Africans a very long time ago before anyone outside of Africa could even begin to consider themselves ancient. This magical fluid of Sa was able to be imparted from one mortal to another by the laying on of hands or making passes with the hands.
The Sa was also a sort of “ichor” that circulated in gods and glorified souls of perfected humans. These spirit-souls could transfer their SA to mortals, and thus give health, vigor and new life. The gods themselves were not equally charged with Sa. So they shared SA with each other. The transfer of SA from immortals to mortals was most easily accomplished in the temples. Any person could squat at the feet of the statue of the god with their back to the statue. The statue then placed its right hand on the nape of the person's neck, and by making passes caused the fluid transfusion. By transmitting their Sa of life to mortals, gods continually needed a fresh supply. There was a Lake of Life in the northern heaven, called the Lake of Sa, where the immortals went to draw the magical ichor and renew their energies. (AE1 175/185)

Lake Of Sa Is The Lake Of Fire (Kindler & Rekindler Of Sparks)

The Lake of Sa is a lake containing the water of life for rejuvenation, healing and birth of spirits as germs (seeds.) Thus, the Lake of Sa as water, is also the soil of spirit.
The Lake of Sa is a lake of spirit, magical fluid, baptism (wASH away), purification and immortality. The Lake of Sa exists in Heaven of Eternity above and Heaven of Eternity below (Earth of Eternity in the Underworld).

With all we know about Sa and Sap, it is easy to understand words such as tap, taproot and watertap in relation to water and liquid, and in relation to phrases such as “tap into” and “sap strength,” “tap into.” Many other words are related from Ash & SA but are not within the scope of this mes-sa-ge.
Secondly, by extension, trees are like straws that use their venous motives and arterial motives (xylem and phloem) to suction Sap of life (water) from the Underworld Source. Likewise, all plants and all other vehicles that produce other Saps of life (plasma, wine, nectar, honey, light, air, mes, oil, blood, milk, juice, Sa, hesmen, semen, spirit-soul) also use pathways that transport Sap from the source within the giver to the receiver.