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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, December 30, 2013

Complete Protein | Plants Not Animals. A Sensible Approach Without Blood From A Turnip

Food Fight #56

Proteins Not Required

Humans do not need to eat meat to get protein. Humans need amino acids. Plants make all of the amino acids we need.

In a letter to the American Heart Association, John McDougall, MD, states: [paraphrased]
Any single one or combination of unprocessed complex carbohydrates provides amino acid intakes in excess of the recommended requirements. Therefore, a careful look at the founding scientific research and some simple math prove it is impossible to design an amino acid–deficient diet based on the amounts of unprocessed starches and vegetables sufficient to meet the calorie needs of humans. Furthermore, mixing foods to make a complementary amino acid composition is unnecessary [in order to obtain a complete protein].

Forget What The FDA Says

The FDA says yes you do need protein but it's really not that important so, no, it's not necessary to put the information on food labels except in a few limited special circumstances. Protein information is not required on food labels most of the time per Guidance for Industry: A Food Labeling Guide:

[paraphrased] The Percent Daily Value for protein is not required unless a protein claim is made for the product or if the product is to be used by infants or children under four years of age.

The FDA's reason for not making protein labelling mandatory is quoted as:

”Based on current scientific evidence that protein intake is not a public health concern for adults and children over 4 years of age, and because of the costs associated with a determination of the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), FDA has determined that declaration of the percent of the DRV for protein need not be provided when a claim is not made.”

So what's the fuss among all of us about making sure we get complete proteins and that we need to make sure we eat meat to get proteins? Thanks FDA for reminding us no matter how much sense something makes, dollars and cents always rule the day over knowledge and sense which is why the food system is screwed.

Don't take my word for it. Here are several more reasons to not listen to the American citizens who collectively are called the FDA but who are really just a bunch of people doing a morally-reprehensible job and on behalf of the public supposedly, and using taxpayer money to do so. See all the FDA article links found at, Arsenic & Rice | Ant Sense, Common Sense & More FDA Nonsense, Food Fight #54

Protein Intake Is Not A Problem

The adequacy of plant-based diets in developed and developing countries as sources of protein and amino acids for human subjects of all ages is examined. Protein quantity is shown not to be an issue.

This information says when it comes to plant-based diets, nowhere in the world is protein intake a concern. Quit worrying people. Quit worrying vegetarians and vegans about what frigging fools say. This information comes from a May 1999 report by the U. S. National Institutes of Health titled, “The nutritional value of plant-based diets in relation to human amino acid and protein requirements.”

Fruits & Vegetables Have Complete Proteins

Per the McDougall Plan as quoted in the Vegetarian Guide, “common vegetables have much more protein than you need, and contrary to popular myth, they're complete proteins as well.”

Nuts, Seeds & Beans Have Complete Proteins

The United States Department of Agriculture states when it comes to making sure animals get their protein, the food of choice is soybeans. So why do humans turn to animals to get proteins when animals are given plants to get proteins? The USDA states, though poorly worded:

“Processed soybeans are the world’s largest source of animal protein feed [protein feed for animals] and the second largest source of vegetable oil.”

Read more at Food Fight With Seeds.

Why Animal Protein As A Requirement For Humans Makes Zero Sense

Many have been misled to believe since humans are animals and have muscles and those muscles are made of proteins then we must eat animal protein to build muscle. Let's test this theory. Human blood is also made of protein (hemoglobin), so therefore we need to drink animal blood in order to build human blood, especially since we all know you can't get blood from a turnip. Can you imagine right now those who still believe we need to eat meat to get protein are causing the price of animal blood to skyrocket?

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Friday, December 27, 2013

D.O.N.T S.C.A.M, | Genetic Code, Scientists Discover Nothing

Scamming The General Public & Scientific Public

D.O.N.T. S.C.A.M or Don't Scam, stands for “Discoveries Of New Things Scientists Claim Are Made

Scientists Claim Discovery Of Genetic Code

“Another code within DNA has been discovered by scientists -- a finding that the researchers say sheds light on how changes to DNA affect health. Since the genetic code was first deciphered in the 1960s, scientists have believed it was used solely to write information about proteins. But this new study from University of Washington scientists found that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages. One language describes how proteins are made, and the other helps direct genetic activity in cells. One language is written on top of the other,[my emphasis] which is why this other language went undiscovered [by Europeans] for so long, according to the report in the Dec. 13 issue of Science.” (1)

The “doctrine of discovery” strikes again.

Today's scientists tend to discover what is already known. They tend to discover old news. Compare the December 13, 2013 report issued by scientists with the one below written 7 months earlier on April 25, 2013.

Where Are These “Other” Genetics Located?

Our mental, emotional and spiritual genetics are located in the same place as our physical genetics – throughout the body in every cell. They are intertwined and layered with our physical DNA. Where else could they be? We are alive throughout on every level because our DNA is alive throughout on every level. Each cell has a mind, memory, emotion, spirit and physical traits. (From, Definition: Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7f))

WE Discovered Genetic Code Long Ago, Not Today's Scientists

Now you know who discovered what. We discovered another genetic code long before these so-called scientists. This information was shared with me by spirit, ancestors and natural world teachers.

They teach, know yourself, thus you will know all else. We discovered genetic code because we grew to know we are the genetic code of humanity.

The following is a brief look at DNA and genetics in a way that's not promoted to the public so a better understanding of ourselves is obtained.

Nutrition Reprograms Genetic Instructions

In order to be properly functioning living beings we must have properly functioning genetic instructions. Nutrition feeds our cells, thus it feeds our DNA. All forms of nutrition feed our cells and our DNA. What we learn goes into and is recorded in our DNA. What we think comes out of our DNA. These genetic instructions play over and over again. All of our physical responses, mental responses, emotional responses and spiritual responses are predictable because genetic instructions repeat. Our DNA is the backbone of patterns of thinking and patterns of behavior. Significant and sustained change must be recorded and repeated by our DNA. This is only possible through processes that provide nutrition and avoid toxins. (From, Content Colonic | Cleansing Toxic Television Programming)


Information from today's scholars, researchers, scientists and other so-called experts must be taken with grains of smelling salts, critical thought and historical context. For European scientists to continue to claim discoveries of things others already know is unscientific – because it is untruthful and untrue to the comprehensive/harmonious context of the natural things it attempts to study. Understandings of life, existence and components small (DNA) and large (human organisms) can only be properly informed via a natural world perspective which, by its own nature, means a universal perspective.

Today's scientific thinking is flat earth thinking, limited at best. It is not the bastion of knowledge it purports itself to be. To the contrary, it is the bastardizer, fragmentizer and narrowizer of knowledge. Enough is enough of scientists claiming they discovered stuff. Don't Scam the people! Your game is old. Your news is late. You don't even know DNA is alive, yet you say it directs genetic activity and cellular activity. Huh? Search and read some of their explanations. It's mind-bogging.

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Alpha Thalassemia and Beta Thalassemia are caused by mutations of different genes, yet they are named similarly. Beta Thalassemia and Sickle Cell are caused by mutations of the same gene, yet they are named differently. Sickle Cell is placed in a separate category all by its lonesome. What is the medical purpose of such a clear inconsistency? Could this simply be an honest medical or scientific mistake nobody has caught for decades? (From, Genetic Determinations: Sickle Cell Anemia & Thalassemia, Same Terminology Context As Twice Before And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7a))

Nutrition From The Past

The body has been constructed from what parents ate and what the individual eats. Every part of the body requires nutrients to construct it properly in appearance and properly in soundness. For instance, skin is a bunch of nutrients and bones didn't form today. Both were formed from what was eaten in days past.

Past nutrition is stored in cells and all body structures because cells and body structures are made of nutrients. When those structures are replaced/repaired, they are broken down and what can be reused, is reused [zero waste principle.] A nutrient eaten long ago can be used today just like materials from an old building can be reused.

We've learned the body will manufacture certain nutrients if those nutrients are not eaten. The body is only able to make nutrients if the components (other nutrients) are already in the body. (From, Temples Built With Cellular Nutrition. Food Fight #41)

We have the ability and responsibility to use what our senses know to deduce additional harmonizing knowledge.


(1) Scientists Discover Another Genetic Code (MedlinePlus) and
Scientists Discover Another Genetic Code (HealthDay)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Working, Winning & Approval | The Difference, Mathematically Speaking

Gaining Access To The Formula

Upon seeing others gain access where I could, but could not, I presented a question to my brain computer, Why can't I enter?
You must work first, came the reply.
But I am working as hard as I can.
Study to approve yourself a winner.

I didn't know what to say to myself since I thought I was talking about access and working, not studying. I couldn't make the connection between working and winning. What is the difference? I wondered. My mind read itself and answered. What is the difference.
I don't know I finally said.
How can you not know when you just said it and I repeated it?
I was still stuck, but silent this time.

WHAT is the difference my mind echoed.

Think about it in mathematical terms. Questions can be translated into formulas and can be approached scientifically.

The question, “What is the difference?” can be broken down into three parts. What | is | the difference.
What is unknown and is therefore “X.” Is represents “equals.” The difference is also unknown so is the same as X.

Thus the formula becomes, X = The Difference

Simplifying, Expanding & Transcending the Equation

To move through this equation, replace the unknown X with what it represents. It represents the first question posed, Why can't I enter?
Thus the formula becomes, Why can't I enter = The Difference.
Once I figure out why I can't enter, I will know the difference and vice versa. This answer has already been provided in the first two responses above. I can once again replace the left side with that information.
Working + Studying to be a winner = The Difference
Since I am the one who must work and I am the one who must study then the equation can be simplified further to I + I = The Difference
Since I must do two things I must divide my energies, therefore I + I are really percentages of my total energies and the equation becomes %I + %I = The Difference.
Since the left side of the equation is me in total then the two percentages of me must equal me. The equation becomes I = The Difference.
What is the difference? The difference is I. I am the what and I am the difference. I am the difference.
I am why I can't enter. I am why I could but could not. Children will get this quicker than most adults so have their flexible, open, receptive minds process it and explain it.

More On Working & Winning

I am the difference between working and winning. Since I am the same person whether I am working or studying then there is no difference between working and winning. This is true because I am the difference and there is not supposed to be a difference in me just because I am working or studying to be a winner.

It is possible for me to make the mistake of trying to be two different people - one when I'm working and one when I'm studying and trying to win. If so, my two energies won't be complements or enhance each other. In fact, one will subtract from the other which will reduce the difference I am able to make. I become my own house divided.

In other words, work that does not help me make the difference I am supposed to is a negative. Studying that does not help me be the winner I am supposed to be in order to make the difference I am intended to make, is negative learning that will cause setbacks by degrees.


Since I am the difference and the difference is always equal to my self-work (work on my self) and my self-study, then I can make my own difference. I can make the difference I make, whatever I want it to be. I can make my own access because I become the key to the door I want to enter. I become the door as I become the purposes I am here for.

By studying and working to be a winner, I gain access to self-approval because by doing both, I will know within myself I am doing what I should be doing. No one else need acknowledge it for it to be real, true or valid. This is self-approval.

When is a worker who completes tasks not on task?
When is a winner who scores points not on point?

Going Farther By Going Further

Manifest Essence has nothing to do with career, job, occupation, what is done for a living or the type of work I choose.

Many more begin counting all their resources and abandoning other measures of success. And through the spirit being, a life of meaning follows, according to plan. The host of voices grow and blend into a cadence already in progress - elements forming numbers in Divine Order counting all things from 1 to 11 to 22 to perfection. (From, Epilogue: Back To Plan A)

Time & Mathematics – Converting Creator Time To Earth Time For Fun & Curiosity's Sake

Saturday, December 21, 2013

African Consciousness Called Me A Stupid Nigga And Thankfully So

To defend a lie you must attack a truth. This is not an outward motion.

From Conscience To Consciousness

Years ago, I heard Elder Dick Gregory speak in person. I came prepared with my upwardly mobile cultural conscience. When I left, all I had was consciousness.

I sat proudly in a room pulsating with anticipation to hear Elder speak. I sensed, like me, it was the first time for many. Being business-oriented, we had paper and pen at the ready. I'm sure Elder must have made some opening remarks, but the first thing I really heard was, “Y'all some stupid niggas!” He said this as he stared down the audience, pointing his finger at each side and especially, it felt, at me.

The energizing pulsating turned to ricocheting shockwaves. Eagerness became uncertainty. A few people left. It seemed like minutes before Elder spoke again. It was a few seconds. During that nervous pause, part of me said leave and part said stay. ”Didn't you come to learn something?” my spirit asked.
Yeah, but...
”But what? Your feelings hurt?”
Before I could answer my spirit continued. ”Why should something you don't know offend you? One of the doors to learning opens into what you don't know. Don't react, listen. When an Elder speaks, listen.”

Time slowed down even further and this proverb came into my awareness: “fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Since I preferred not to be stupid and a fool on the same day, I stayed. Elder told me one reason for my stupidity was in the most important areas of life, I was listening to people stupider than me. Long before Elder finished, I began saying to myself, “I am a stupid nigga.”

It was refreshing. All it took was willingness to listen. I realized listening is self-respect because, by listening, I give myself an opportunity to learn, thus improve.

In The Days After

I began studying more – more but not a lot. Years passed and I progressed ever so slowly. I remained sufficiently stupid to make many missteps. Basically, I was stupid enough to try to live a complete life without complete nutrition. I was stupid enough to not use all my resources or even know what they were.

Somewhere along the way, in a moment of clarity, I realized that like a plant, I must have all the elements for growth at the same time in order to flourish. This information came just a little too late or did it?

I couldn't fully address the problem of stupidity because I was married to it. In 2009, stupidity filed for and deceived an immediate divorce. I celebrate February 27th as a personal holy day of liberation from agreed upon incarceration because I was nearly completely dead and didn't know it until I took a fresh look at possibilities. To be liberated from anyplace where what is presented is the opposite of what is true, is a blessing indeed – even if to set things straight requires an escape from the confines of my own mind. ”Yes, yes! Now we can move forward more swiftly,” my spirit said.

I hadn't heard this voice so clearly in quite awhile. For acknowledging my critical condition of stupidity, though I'd been told, and for a willingness to devote myself to learning, I was rewarded with this insight: The first bit of wisdom is self-given and comes from expecting to be student, accepting teachers and respecting lessons.

Elder As Teacher & Doctor

To be mad at the teacher for a tell-it-like-it-is lesson is to be mad at the doctor for a diagnosis in language I can understand. I don't need a doctor who hints at the problem. Neither do I want a teacher who doesn't tell me what I need to hear due to worrying about hurting my feelings while watching me live stupidly. It has been much easier to get over feelings of stupidity than it has been getting over difficulties self-imposed by stupidity.

Afrikan Consciousness

It took until I began this article weeks ago to realize, Elder Dick Gregory spoke from the overwhelming power of Afrikan Consciousness. This awareness came not from the passage of time alone but through the ongoing process of self-study.

Per Hagins, “ Afrikan Consciousness is the transforming power which enables “African” people to capture the true sense of our soul. “Afrikan” Consciousness is when an “African” person becomes totally changed to a consciousness level of involvement in the struggle for their own (and other's) mind liberation and empowerment.” (See, “Definition | Consciousness & Communal Family Values And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8i)” and UC#282, “Consciousness, Conscience, Ego, Morality, Immorality Definitions”)

Put In Check

I'm thankful spirit checked me before mind and emotions wrecked me. I now realize Dick Gregory was the voice of African Consciousness that day. It was the voice of all my ancestors who needed to wake me up in a hurry. I'm glad they decided against. “Please wake up and listen son.” It would not have been sufficient to wake me from my middle class malaise. Elder was right. In the most important areas of life such as spirituality, education, health, family, raising children, relationships, finances, use of abilities and resources, etc. I was not only listening to people stupider than me but who also display anti-God behavior.

Learning After Learning I Was Stupid

Illusion is not realizing there is so much more to learn. Reality has learned, comparatively speaking, it is stupid.
The cause of most stupidity is mis-education.
The most avoidable cause of stupidity is self-deception. This is because self-deception believes there is no reason for self-correction. What this also means is, since stupid people have a tendency to deceive themselves they also have a tendency to deceive others. Learn this one lesson and life will improve.
Uncorrected ignorance mutates into stupidity.

Stupidity didn't exist until learning froze for thousands of years. When it thawed it saw the great amount of ignorance it had accumulated. It chose to be lazy and not begin learning again to remove its ignorance. Instead it chose to try to acquire knowledge by theft. This approach did not reawaken learning the natural way and thus, what would have been temporary ignorance, calcified into stupidity. In other words, stupidity is the result of a frozen mind.

No one is born stupid. Stupidity is the loss of knowledge of self.
Smartness and genius are not rare. What is rare is to be incapable of smartness and genius.

“Try to become something that you're not and lose the essence of who you are.”
- - Dumb Donald (Fat Albert, the movie)Read the entire article here.

Despite having achieved more than the average polar bear, according to this society, I was never in the middle class or any class for that matter. That's how polar bears view the world. No other bear but them is a bear. I was stupid for not knowing this. I was stupid because evidence for ages has shown this is the mindset that always is the polar bear's top consideration all the time no matter what they say, how much they smile or what they do in the short term.

Love always tells you what you need to hear even when you're not ready, because, if love waits for you to be ready, you never will be. Love must act with conviction, else it ceases to be. This is an essence of African Consciousness.

Love does hurt more when it must inflict pain to save loved ones from themselves. Elder's love for me is an extension of his African Consciousness. He knew he had to get me to confront the truth. His love hurt him because he knew he could only tell me and I would have to do the rest. If he could have made me un-stupid he would have. Love wants to do for another what the person can't or won't do for themselves, but it can't. This realization of the limitation of love, as great as it is, hurts like hell because it is facing the hell of a loved one hurting that love alone can't remove.

Going through pain is often the shortest path between sickness and health.
The choices I make to listen and not listen can be the difference between feeling stupid for the moment and being stupid forever.
How stupid do I have to be, in order for me to be the weakest link in my ancestral chain. All of their knowledge is within me. All I have to do is know myself in order to use it.

“Anyone who doesn't appreciate Africa is an ignorant man and an ignorant woman.” - - Ancestor Brother Kwame Toure (minute 40:50)

We must Sankofa. As Malcolm X said, “Why, you left your mind in Africa.” This is true for every person who has ever been born on the planet. It is very stupid to not honor the fullness of your heritage. It doesn't matter what you look like.

Private Confessions

The day Elder Dick Gregory spoke, I was fortunate the part of me that said leave (mind and emotions) did not prevail. I was fortunate because mind and emotions are co-conspirators of self-enslavement when they operate without consulting spirit. Mind and emotions hold a lot of folk down who are being held down.

My good fortune awakened me, some, but was obviously still not enough to totally rouse me from being tired, weak and unaware. This feeling was confirmed by a spirit communication from Elder himself who said, “I already told you, you were stupid. You have to be a stupid nigga' to get fired during Black History Month and by people stupider than you. The ditch, the blind and your stupid black behind go together.” (The resonating quality of that shockwave reversed the crack in the Liberty Bell.)

It was a double-barreled truth against which resistance was futile. I had no defense. That did it. I had to once again confront my reality. To get unstuck I had to revisit Elder teachings. I then had to go to a private place. It was Creator, ancestors, spirit and me. I told the truth about not living up to my capabilities. I asked for additional help. I promised to avenge my stupidity. This time it was not only refreshing, it is freeing.

The divine natural advantage is now working for us since I am no longer working against it by working for and with my adversaries. I've refreshed the screen and regained senses of the polarity between solutions and problems. The script has been re-twisted and re-flipped. Tight are the coils which receive light signals to release anointing oils even unto their innermost counterparts. I know there's a war of many battles going on which explains the ongoing sneak attacks against us and our relations. I now have a pocketful of rocks, a slingshot, much better aim and my choice of targets. It is proper to return the favors of enemies. They continue to use female prostitutes, with the malignant form of stupidity, as proxies. Stank nasty, quit calling me.

We will achieve what we are intended to achieve to set things right. Sirene Oshun and Obatala are settling into their places upon blackened stools as stewards of black matter. Ra is sharpening, honing in on the horde and awaiting the order to rain additional nutrition and medicine to bathe and purify millions of children and release pinpoint photon arrows against the peons.

To all my people who are willing to acknowledge their stupidity: What shall prevent us now from becoming who we were and who we are pre-designed to be?

Additional Information

Listening For Understanding

Don't April Fools Yourself

”Extremists For Love – President Obama's Second Inaugural Address, Dr. MLK, Jr., Sister Souljah & Jesus.”

Health & Nutrition: Information Stupid

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Definition | Mis-Education Discombobulation And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8k)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Content Colonic | Cleansing Toxic Television Programming

Nowadays there's much talk about becoming more health conscious. This has risen to the point of talking openly about colonics. Obviously there's no limit on what we'll discuss so it's past time we begin talking openly about cleansing our minds of television content and similar toxic influences. These influences have made us catatonic in spirit, catatonic in analysis and chronic in self-harming behavior.

This becomes even worse when we overindulge in television and/or use television as a main source of information. Both are huge mistakes. Those of us who have followed this series of articles on the topic of television are now more aware that television presents more misinformation than information. Even so, our minds will receive it and sooner or later, believe it. This is why TV repeats it. A misinformed mind will become unhealthy and an unhealthy mind will continue to operate in that state unless it is cleansed of the falsehoods that cause self-destructive behaviors.

The appropriate response to self-destruction is self-improvement. One way to approach and achieve self-improvement is through the concept of nutrition.

One Example Of A Lack Of Physical Nutrition

Iron deprivation actually reprograms the metabolism of the entire cell. Without this nutrient, there is a complete reorganization of how cellular processes occur.

If this is the result of the lack of one physical nutrient, imagine the effects on the brain and thought processes when we don't get mental nutrition. Imagine if we lack both physical and mental nutrition. Now also imagine, if at the same time we are also exposed to toxins. It won't take long for health to become impaired. Thus thinking will become impaired because the brain is unable to function properly in a low nutrition and/or toxic environment. Since the brain can't do its job, choices and decisions and behaviors will be negatively impacted. It is difficult to escape these outcomes once the conditions are in place. It's impossible when we don't know this is happening or we refuse to do any type of self-assessment.

Self-Reprogramming First

Self-improvement starts by doing what we can do on our own. Stop the inflow and exposure to toxins by turning off the television and keeping it off for longer and longer periods. Stop paying the pusherman by canceling cable and satellite programming. Strongly consider getting rid of the mostly destructive device altogether.

After these steps, even if we don't know what else to do, where to start, what to think or how to feel about certain aspects of life & existence, we should be able to improve our physical nutrition, mental nutrition and spiritual nutrition.

No one can manipulate us when we have nutrition. Nutrition helps us discern information. Nutrition strengthens all senses. The presence of nutrition and the absence of toxins is the basic formula for health, and of course, success.

Nutrition Reprograms Genetic Instructions

In order to be properly functioning living beings we must have properly functioning genetic instructions. Nutrition feeds our cells, thus it feeds our DNA. All forms of nutrition feed our cells and our DNA. What we learn goes into and is recorded in our DNA. What we think comes out of our DNA. These genetic instructions play over and over again. All of our physical responses, mental responses, emotional responses and spiritual responses are predictable because genetic instructions repeat. Our DNA is the backbone of patterns of thinking and patterns of behavior. Significant and sustained change must be recorded and repeated by our DNA. This is only possible through processes that provide nutrition and avoid toxins. We can do a self-colonic of our minds by cleansing it of one of the toxins we are exposed to – television content.

Professional Reprogramming

The hard drive of our minds came from the manufacturer – the Creator - then our parents, family, friends, teachers and many other influences started sending information to our hard drive. We can restore our minds to original factory default settings by using the master programmer – spirit. Spirit is the professional we need and is freely given as the the average person's expert and personal assistant to life & existence.

We must once again practice being spirit listeners. Once we allow the voice, teachings and guiding influence of our expert, our spirit and our professional to start reawakening the correct programming, then more and more things that are toxins to us will become easily detectable. What will we then do?

Additional Benefit

Once we begin to get professional help to cleanse our minds, this proper programming will help us avoid the common mistake that comes from an automatic emotional reaction. Our now healing minds, will no longer be as susceptible to emotions that hinder self-improvement. Thus our minds will seek truth and not seek to find fault with the messenger in order to justify ignoring truth. We will accept truth even if we don't like the truthbearer. Our minds will no longer be susceptible to believe hyped up emotions that are fearful.

Respect For Elder Guidance

Wisdom is spiritual intelligence. When we compare wisdom to human-conferred degrees, we will always respect knowledge that comes through spiritual intelligence, that is, if we have cleansed ourselves of harmful viruses. The ability to have humility provides the blessed awareness that spirit knows more than even our ancestral brains contain. If we are to be better and do better, we must always defer to and always confer with the elder spiritual aspect who wrote the programs that run the universal ecosystem.

Finally Getting A New Television

The natural world context can help us once again start receiving the guidance, instruction and advice on life and existence. The natural world is the default spiritual teacher. Communing with these ancestors can restore our programming to the correct Telepathic Vision that is also Total Vision.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Television Writers Influence Brains & Mental Illness

Brain Distortions

Most television content entertainingly provides incomplete and inaccurate information. This makes it possible to have head-on collisions without knowing it. Television content enhances the distortions of unhealthy, malnourished minds. It contributes to mental illness.

How The Mind Operates

In the rooms and records of our memory, there is always a comparison going on of what we see/hear/experience and don't see/hear/experience. From this pairing of present and non-present information, we draw conclusions, formulate opinions, construct beliefs and decide behaviors.

Yes, we automatically infer information from missing information. We subconsciously fill in the blanks with a basic logical statement that says, “if I see/hear/experience this and don't see/hear/experience this, then what I see/hear must be true and the only thing that exists.” This is faulty logic and faulty thinking. It leads to this:

Each group of people portrays history as if they each sprang up separately and on their own, apart from Africa. Many people think they know their heritage and say they come from such and such country but never do they say they came from Africa. It is faulty logic to think a branch can spring up without a trunk and roots. All evidence says we are one people. The human race started in Africa and was highly civilized in Africa. Yet, these same people think it's logical to say, we all have common ape ancestors but deny we all have common human ancestors.

The Mind Seeks Information

The mind is an information gatherer, processor, sorter and storer. It receives information all the time from the senses and from its surroundings and interactions. This is a tool for survival and evolution. Unknown to many of us, our entire being seeks wholeness. The mind is no exception. The mind seeks wholeness of information. The mind seeks to take whatever information it receives and orient it with the other information it has.

Incomplete Information & Distortion

When the information doesn't fit due to being incomplete, the mind will fill in the gaps the best it can – with inferred and assumed information, right or wrong.

A healthy mind will seek additional information inside and outside of itself. It will review, observe, read, study, investigate, compare and contrast information. This has been discussed in Inherited Self-Esteem Hand-Me-Downs, Habits & Peer Pressure Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7e) and in Definition, Understanding Learning's Association With Breathing, Motion & Infinite Possibilities And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8f) and in Google Alerts & Information Research and in Understanding Digesting Information And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8h).

An unhealthy mind will limit the search to itself or not seek any additional information. It fills in the gaps by deciding what it knows is all there is to know. This is similar to inbreeding. It results in defective decisions and defective behavior. Also, an unhealthy mind will often hold one or more beliefs that are in conflict with each other, yet the mind will not be aware of it. This has been discussed in Day 1: Mind-Centered Living & Disability and in Choice & Decision Analysis | To Each His Own – An Escape Route From Responsible Thinking and in Poetry Included: Right by Default Of My Own

Conflicting Information & Distortion

When the information doesn't fit due to being in conflict with information already in the mind, a healthy mind will always seek additional information and re-check information it already has. An unhealthy mind will shut down and summarily reject the information that conflicts with what is already thinks. It does so, because new information might be more accurate than what it has and thus it would have to either do some work to revamp itself or put in a lot of effort to resist the truth and still maintain living as if living without incorporating truth, is okay.

An unhealthy mind is too weak, tired, lazy, busy, afraid and hedonistic to revamp itself or resist truth, thus it will quickly convince itself that what it already knows is good enough. An unhealthy mind convinces itself information it has been using is right just because it has been relied upon for so long. This has been discussed in Definition: Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7f) and in Definition | Mis-Education Discombobulation And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8k).

Irony of Distortion

As discussed earlier in this series, an unhealthy mind that is being subconsciously influenced by false television content is unaware of this. Yet, when it is being shown, told or experiences truth, it is keenly aware because truth always resonates. An unhealthy mind consciously does all it can to quickly shut down resonating truth. It often does so with thoughts that minimize the truth. It also uses pre-programmed excuses that have been passed on by others who are experts at dismissing truth. All this effort is used to avoid the effort and conflict of conscience stated in the previous section and in the previous article.

Question Why

Why is truth encountered consciously less inviting than falsehoods encountered subconsciously?

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Television & Remote Mind Control

What Grown Ups Know About It

Maturity is limited without knowing this:

Those who have colonized lands murdered men, women and children to get lands have long since invaded TVland with the same callousness for inherent rights. In the war for the mind, there is no DMZ. Nothing is demilitarized. Everything is on the line. From the front line to the back line there is no neutral zone where war is off-limits. There is no safe zone. No, not even in your own mind. There's a reason why a TV program is called a program.

Weapon of Mass Destruction & Mass Instruction

The only way masses can be controlled is through mass control mechanisms. It is impossible to control masses without purposefully planning to do so. Television is one of the main mechanisms used for mass destruction and mass instruction.

Television content alters reality and teaches you to behave in ways to support the altered reality. One of the areas of instruction is social behavior and relationships. Right now, it has you all confused about raising children, raising yourself, personal relationships and notions about dating, love and romance. Where else did you get these ideas? Someone else? Where did that person get them?

At the same time television content is confusing you about love, it is teaching you about hate. Television content first must teach you to hate yourself in order for you to hate others who ain't done a damn thing to you. One who believes they are better than another must hate who they are because, in order to have that fatally flawed perspective, they must go against their nature and hate the truth because nowhere is their superiority supported except in their own criminal intent-filled mind which then needs a discrimination-based society in order to create its own evidence. Television content is one of the tools used to twist the truth to make haters feel better about themselves.

Television tells you what you should be thinking so you can think no one is telling you what to do. It is unwise to attempt to relax and enjoy yourself in front of such a device.

Lethal Weapon: When what you watch on TV begins to matter. (10:56)

Who Taught You to Hate Yourself? (9:59)

Malcolm X - Who Taught You To Hate Yourself (5:00)

You Have Been Programmed To Self-Destruct

Sick people use television content like a life-draining parasitic cancer that multiplies and invades to colonize the healthy minds of you - man, woman or child. The purpose of this type of programming is to turn your mind into a tool for self-destruction.

Each television program has specific purposes. It will succeed if you let it run, unchecked and unsupervised by total awareness. A mature person knows this and does this. This is reality TV. Why? Because when we are aware, we are being activated by the true telepathic vision that incorporates a harmonic worldview which helps us see things as they are on more levels – the seen and unseen intent of television content along with the visible and invisible effects upon minds, perceptions, preferences, choices, decision, actions, behaviors and societies.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Television & Cancer Comparison Essay

Definition of Cancer

Cancer is a mutation of a gene that alters genetic instruction in a non-beneficial way. Non-beneficial mutations cause components within the organism to function in diminished ways and in ways harmful to itself.

This is what a lot of television content does. See other comparisons in “Related Posts” below.

As said in yesterday's article, “a lot of television content functions as “soft” terrorism that functions as a slow, underhanded, less shocking lethal poison that hijacks the sensibilities in order to reverse reality and illusion.” In other words, television content functions as a cognitive cancer because it causes a malfunction of thought processes that permeates life to one's own detriment.

Just like cancer, often, the victim thinks everything is okay and normal while illness is accumulating in the person's life. Nothing's wrong with me they say. I can make my own decisions. They have not yet realized what is influencing their thoughts and how it relates to behaviors. They rarely notice the damage until late in the game. Few will ever know the cause.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Television, Terrorism & Hate Crimes

Television content contributes significantly to the following:


Terrorism is the use of violence as a means of coercion for political purposes. Television content manipulates thoughts to alter perceptions, thus behavior. This is mental abuse. Mental abuse is violence. Manipulation is also mental abuse. You already know this when it comes to child abuse and domestic violence. These crimes are forms of mental abuse and manipulation to maintain control over another. Television content does the same thing but the control sought is to influence behavior to maintain the current political status quo and class structure (haves and have nots).

A lot of television content functions as “soft” terrorism, a slow, underhanded, less shocking lethal poison that hijacks the sensibilities in order to reverse reality and illusion.

How can television content, manipulation and abuse not be violent when someone is attacking your mind and your spirit and your emotions? The purpose of these attacks is often veiled in an ulterior motive sort of way. The purpose of these attacks is to get you to act willingly against your own best interests. This is terrorism. This is television.

The irony is, those who commit such acts are also acting against their own best interests and the best interests of their descendents. Treble damages are accumulating unto them under the majority worldview - the spiritual/harmonious/karmic.

Another Way To View Terrorism

Television content contains so many factual errors, a sane person, one rising in knowledge of self, will quickly conclude someone is up to terror bull. TV content is filled with a profusion of misdirections and mis-educations to support the current craziness. It is filled with historical inaccuracies and current event inaccuracies to the point, any truth encountered, must have gotten in by mistake. It is evident television, due to its large imbalance of good content to bad content, supports most of the major problems in existence today.

Hate Crimes

An excerpt from Study Perspectives: Later Stone Age:

Yet, everything else about these people and their cultures associated with this and other sites built by original people (black-skinned) is not taught and honored as a matter of fact, especially in school textbooks, religious bibles, movies and television. In fact, nearly everything about the people and the cultures who built things of universal value, is marginalized, minimized or vilified – this is an ongoing hate crime against humanity.

And from, Day 8: Human History Is Revealing & Healing: Truth is, every branch of the human family comes from one rootstock. Historical representations that deny or ignore this fact, fuel superiority, hatred and disparities.

More On Terrorists & Terrorism.

The epitome of terrorism is the systematic poisoning of minds which leads to disharmony in general and racial disharmony specifically. This is what fosters terror in the world.

Note: In today's world, the meaning of terrorist is someone who is your enemy. It also means someone who doesn't agree with the current political and economic system or one of its supporting institutions. I guess this is why Nelson Mandela was a terrorist according to the U. S. till 2008. In his later years, Madiba was more of a friend to the discriminatory South African and U. S. Governments than he was to his own people.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Political Prisoners Of Democracy – The Angola Three In Louisiana

What's Most Important Is Not On Television

Via the powerful influence of television content, we believe we know a lot about a lot of things, when in fact, we only know a small portion about a little bit from a minority worldview.
(From, Television & Substance Abuse)

Under attack and don't know it
In a war and don't know it
Perhaps because, TV hasn't shown it

Here's a perfect example:

Lack Of Television Coverage

Hauling Up The Morning With Herman Wallace

Ancestor Herman Wallace can now help us more in the fight to restore civility to society.

Political Prisoners

All of us are subject to be political prisoners if we speak too much against injustice. Speaking freely is not so guaranteed and not so free. President Barack Obama alluded to this in his speech at Madiba's Memorial Service beginning at the 12:40 mark when he said, two things:

1. “Around the world today, men and women are still imprisoned for their political beliefs...”

2. “There are too many leaders who claim solidarity with Madiba's struggle for freedom but do not tolerate dissent from their own people.”

Listen to the entire speech here.

This is history and is still the current status quo national policy in a world that television and other media tells us is a global society. This is used to falsely imply ubuntu, but has nothing to do with it. Nothing's changed except forms of oppression. Colonialism and enslavement have been replaced by capitalism and a supporting cast of institutions that make inhabitants dependent on these oppressive regimes.

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Crime Defense 101: Inherent Rights – Doing The Right Thing

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Television Content & Substance Abuse

Television Content Is Substance Abuse

Television content is a designer drug that limits our ability to assess what “substance” is. It shapes the perceptions which control our behavior. Therefore, most television content is a controlled substance. If we indulge in it, unaware of the effects of the content we're absorbing, we are engaging in substance abuse.

Producers Are Pushers

Television producers are part of the content cartel. They are so deceptive, they offer content for free, get us hooked so we'll demand the right to have access to the programming and gladly pay for it via cable, satellite, pay-per view, etc. and then discuss which content pusher is best and which drug is best. That's right. Our minds end up tripping in lala land from the effects of TVland.

It's worth mentioning again, we pay for this recreational drug use and yes, it does fill in empty spaces for the moment but there's always the crash and always the need for more sensationalized content. Thus, in addition to the regular goofiness we've become so accustomed to that it no longer satisfies, there's content like false reality/true illusion television, the Boston bomber marathon coverage, sports fights and the breaking news/exclusive report syndromes. In the meantime, we're still craving satisfaction and searching for it in illusionary places where only the hallucinogenic form of happiness exists.

You can be certain, most homes that contain paid for poison are suffering from multiple-channel-program-perceptions about themselves and the world. Entire families are hooked on delusional drug content. This is also true of families who use drugs broadcast freely and received via antennas and digital converters.

Effects of Substance Abuse

Via the powerful influence of television content, we believe we know a lot about a lot of things, when in fact, we only know a small portion about a little bit from a minority worldview.

Mind-Centered Attack

Because the content cartel uses television as a device to distribute mind-controlling and mind-altering substances, it is most effective on those who are mind-centered.

When we live in a mind-centered way, we leave little to no room for our greater spiritual selves. When we do allow room, it is momentary. Therefore, since the mind is the control center, the mind is the battleground. Ephesians 6:12 does not apply. The battle is in this realm only, limited humans versus limited humans.

Be not deceived. All that is said about television is true of movies, radio, internet, newspaper, magazines, encyclopedia, books, bibles and textbooks.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Television & Food Poisoning The Poison Apple Way

Aren't we health conscious? Then how can this consciousness exist while unaware of the subconscious effects of television?

Comparison To Food Poisoning

Prudently, we throw away any physical food that has the slightest chance of being tainted with food poisoning. However, we don't seem to mind repeated mental food poisoning. We hungrily ingest television content as if it were a basic need. This exposes us to the ill effects of watchulism, a thought-hijacking germ that incubates rapidly in a low knowledge of self environment. We do not seek medical attention. Thus we are slowly put to sleep to reality.

Television is a very effective poison apple. In fact, the ratio of poison to apple is so one-sided, television is mostly, apple-flavored poison.

A lot of the poisonous context is mixed in with some good content. Our sense of what is helpful/harmful has been so reprogrammed to favor the germ, we can no longer distinguish the good portions of television content from the bad.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Essay & Comparisons | Television Content & Nutrition

Nutritious Or Toxic?

What enters the senses will either help or harm. It will be nutritious or toxic. If we cannot clearly identify the nutrition content of television content, it is more than likely toxic.

At a minimum, we should always do a quick benefit/detriment analysis. We should be able to identify things we are learning/confirming and whether or not those things are helpful or harmful. We must be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking there is anything innocent or objective on television. All content has intent.

We must also be careful if we use television as an escape, to unwind, as entertainment or as a time filler. There are no time fillers that are not also mind fillers. Likewise, there is no such thing as television content where thinking is not involved. We are always thinking, even when sleep. If we are not aware of this, then we are also not aware of the effects of television programming on our subconscious thoughts, waking minds and sleeping minds.

The Power Of Television

As with all technology, its use determines its usefulness. Television could be used to enhance life but due to the preponderance of toxic content it contains, it limits life.

In other words, television is a powerful tool. It is so powerful it is being used to get us to pay a lot of money for the device and then a lot of resources for other things. It also gets us to exchange value for the privilege of certain programming.

Many of us are paying for the weapon, the ammunition and repeatedly aiming it ourselves. We are committing mentacide and spiritcide in the name of something supposedly beneficial, helpful, informative, truthful; therefore supposedly nutritious.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Essay & Comparisons | Television & Telepathy

Comparison To Telepathy

TV is Telepathic Vision.* Television can send someone else's vision to our minds telepathically. The actual physical television set is just the way the information is received into our homes. Most of what is sent via television is in the subtext. It gets into us subconsciously. Television puts someone else's thoughts, ideas, viewpoints and opinions into our heads whether we're willing to admit it or not.

The Subconscious Barrier

It is a certainty, many of us who are being programmed subconsciously will adamantly deny this is happening. In other words, for some of us, it is easier to be programmed subconsciously than to consciously step outside of that programming. Our thinking is being controlled from behind the subconscious barrier.

Vision versus Vision

Whoever creates something has a vision for what is created. When what is created does not follow the vision of who creates it, only problems can ensue for the creator. This is what happens when we, who are created by the Creator, allow the telepathic vision of others to supersede the Creator's vision regarding ourselves and other beings, therefore interrelatedness, and thus, also life and existence.

Television Content

What is television content? Content is any image or sound during any second the television is on. This includes all programs, commercials, infomercials, news, public service messages, game shows, award shows, talk shows, dating/relationship shows, talent contests, shopping channels, home channels, creative channels, sports, nature shows, parades, cartoons and anything that shows up on the screen or comes through the speakers.

Content is not only what is shown and heard but also what is not shown and heard. This will be addressed in detail in a future essay. Content includes all details, shapes, sizes, colors, sensory information, words, gestures, representations, props, backgrounds and settings.

As long as we naively expose ourselves to these images and sounds, our minds will be susceptible, gullible and misdirected away from the discovery of our true spiritual paths.

*The source of the phrase,”Telepathic Vision” is unknown.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Poem | I Need A New Television

I Need A New Television

by Usiku

No matter how I change the settings
I keep getting what I’m getting
Mental fillers in stereo
Netting me less than zero
In my personal growth
The thing I need to watch most

What's good fundamentally
Is unnoticeably absent from TV
My misfortune is my good reception
That contributes to my poor perception
When it comes to what's on screen
Nothing is as normal as it seems

I linger until critical thoughts are numb
Can't figure out who I've become
Or how I sprained my channel thumb

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