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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Coping Out | How Not To Cope | Poem
Unity Consciousness #69

How Not To Cope

by Usiku

When offered vest, rope, or life boat
Not even reach or think
Place all on the basis of hope
In just a single book somebody wrote
As if it were a thought-free ride
Intended to be plausibly denied
As long as "I know" and it feels good inside
Even though facts can't be verified outside
Who wrote and who spoke

Even so, I still feel justified
Life and pages bound will sink
But remains will float
Yet my pain will not subside
Because of the one thing I did decide

Africa, The Holy Land, Spirituality & Religion

How To Get Past Fear

Without Holy Books, How Else Can We Know?

”What Is A Religion | Definition”

A Bird Follows Me And Now I Know Why
Proverb Poem Of Understanding
Unity Consciousness #68

A Bird Follows Me And Now I Know Why

by Usiku

A bird follows me with damaged wing
Badly in need of healing
Both bird and wing
Neither no longer “becoming”
Unable to fully express being
The bird snaps at me for attempting
To do a little wing doctoring
This happens when much suffering
Is paired with lack of understanding
Even so, the bird can still sing
Though wing and self need repairing
To restore bond of inner and outer things
Which compels me to stop merely feeding
Because though I'm handing
The bird is not reaching, barely opening
Thus I adjust listening and teaching
To the bird's needing
To be unbound from the ground
And false notions weighing it down
To develop foundational hungering
That fuels healing and flying
That won't allow limping along and getting by
But feeds the longing with what satisfies
The truth of self is where reality lies
And also strength and the wherewithal to fly
A bird follows me and now I know why
The only thing that can't be saved
Is that not given a hard enough try
Effort must come from both sides
I followed the bird towards understanding

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Meet Me At The River Of Understanding
An African Proverb
Unity Consciousness #67

You can't cross the river from far away. Neither can someone standing by the river help you across unless you meet them by the river.

No one can help you come from far away to the other side of something (understanding), unless you move and travel in the necessary direction. When you are close enough to the river of understanding to touch it but can't seem to figure out exactly how to get across or where the best place to cross is, then, you can be helped.

In the same manner, no one can get another person across from one side of understanding to the other, unless the other person is right there, ready and willing to cross.

So meet me at the river of understanding and be prepared to paddle your own boat because each boat only holds one person at a time.

Emlanjeni (Meet Me At The River)

Claim A Criminal, Save A Family
Unity Consciousness #66

This is a follow-up to ”Who Are The Prodigal Sons & Daughters Of Africa?”

How crazy would it be for a victim to claim a career murderer-criminal psycho-sociopath as their brother or sister if it wasn't the truth? What purpose does it serve the victim to lie about who their family is?

Not only would a victim not claim a criminal as family who is not family, a victim would not claim they gave birth to someone who hates their guts. The victim would not claim to have given birth to someone who is 24/7 attacking them, if it were not true.

As has been written about several times on this blog, all people have their origins in Africa.

Black Africans are under terrorist attack and siege by many groups around the world. This is clear, this is experience, this is critical analysis, this is understanding, this is true.

Due to the recent 3,000 year history of attacks against the Black African and our homeland, there is no reason for a Black African to lie about the origins of all people and claim them all as lost brothers and sisters.

If you conclude, I, a Black African, have a good reason to lie about who my family is, then you must also conclude you have the basis to declare me insane.

Believe me, when I am listening to my lower self, I wish to God it were not true, but then the higher self kicks in and tells me what is true is true and must be properly understood for the common good, sisterhood, brotherhood and childhood.

It is imperative Black Africans claim all other groups of people on the planet as family – prodigal or not and the worst of the worst or not. This may not save some family members but it will bring healing and help save the human family, therefore, it will begin to heal and save all the other families of creation that have been victimized by humans.

Let me be clear to you Black Africans. This does not mean go around trusting other people and treating them as you would a friendly family member until their behavior immediately and over the long-term says otherwise and is absent of all malice in all areas of human activity. Family members must prove they want to be a part of the family, via their behavior, otherwise, do not get tricked by little niceties. Do not get tricked by behavior in the short-term. Do not get tricked by behavior that extends to you or a few but not to all. Do not get tricked on one hand by something good, while their other hand is weilding a backstabbing knife against you and your family.

I say this, because this trick is being played right now to try to get us to not press forward for full societal change. Pay attention as history is attempting to repeat itself(for the umpteenth time) by the shape-shifting behavior of criminals and the ignorance of victims that has now become stupidity on our part if we fall for these same old tricks.

Analysis, Understanding, Experience: A Critical Quick Look
Unity Consciousness #65

How can there be understanding without analysis?

Is it possible?

Is it also possible... have understanding without seeking?

...seeking without striving?

...striving without determination?

...determination without analysis?

Analysis is critical to understanding.
Experience is part of critical analysis. Leave out experience and leave out a critical part of analysis and understanding.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Semper aliquid novi Africam adferre | Greek Proverb
Always Something New Africa Brings
Unity Consciousness #64

Aristotle, a Greek who lived from 384-322 BCE, wrote "it has passed into a proverb that Libya is always producing something new." (1)(2)

This was a common Greek saying. This is of no surprise even when the brief history repeated on this blog is reviewed, it is clear, the origin of newness for the Human Family Tree emanates from the root – Africa. Please note that “Libya” was one of several names used by Africans to refer to the entirety of Africa per Ancestor Yosef ben-Jochannan.

Significance Of Proverbs

A proverb is a simple and concrete saying, popularly known and repeated, that expresses a truth based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity.

“Always something new Africa brings” was such a common truth of a practical and common sense nature obvious to humanity at that time, it became a Greek proverb.

Truth About The Truth

The truth is older and more powerful than America is as a country. The truth is older and more powerful than European colonization of information. The truth is older and more powerful than Europeans as a people. The truth is more powerful than Africa because the truth is more fundamental than even Africa. Those connected to that which is fundamental and foundational are equally as powerful. Nothing can stop the truth from flowing. It has always flowed throughout the non-human natural world. Only behind walls of human books has truth met resistance and been slowed. Humans have difficulty knowing the truth because we only look on levels where truth has been slowed – where truth is believed to be known but not known to be shown. We've been taught this limiting behavior via the false notion that humans are the epitome of creation and among humans, the European version of the African is the epitome, thus the expert. Never have so many lies been packed into so little.

Truth Of The Matter

Even in the one place truth has been hindered, it will find its way through. Truth is spirit in its highest form, books are matter, which is spirit in a lower form. Spirit is not confined by matter. Spirit defines matter. If truth can set you free, then truth can surely set itself free. The resistance against truth recorded in books and transferred into minds via education, is being dissolved, like paper in “a liquid,” like the thirst for truth on either side of thick books and like rivers behind concrete walls. Many man-made dams and mind-made damns are leaking and weakening. Those downstream of the flow of truth must take heed and seek the higher ground of higher self knowledge of self.

Greek Society Struggled With Truth In Many Ways

Despite acknowledging Africa as the source of newness, Greek society couldn't handle the truth in other ways. Some Greeks who had the true form of education from Africa, were punished, killed and made examples of for using and spreading this teaching. This created fear, which is a disincentive for healthy growth, thus evolution. As a result, the majority, now in a temporal mindset, changed the moral priority from willingness to die for the truth to simply “just let me live and live a lie.” Hapi-ness from the free flowing spirit of the river of truths within and without became substituted for here-and-now happiness which is being alive and successful at surviving at a slower rate of dying. Again, Greek culture formed the basis for present day callousness-towards-the-truth cultures.

Pythagoras, the oldest of the so-called Greek-thinkers was a student in Egypt [Kemet] for several years. He was exiled from Greece when he started to teach what he had learned. Socrates was persecuted for teaching “foreign ideas.” Plato was sold into slavery. Aristotle was also exiled. (3)

From this account of Pythagoras, I suspect it was later Europeans who falsely gave Pythagoras credit for the Pythagorean theorem which he obviously learned through his studies in Kemet since Imhotep used a2 + b2 = c2 (the run to rise ratio) in building the step pyramid hundreds of years before Pythagoras was born.

Aristotle Admired The Truth

Aristotle wrote: "At first he who invented any art whatever that went beyond the common perceptions of man was naturally admired by men, not only because there was something useful in the inventions, but because he was thought wise and superior to the rest. But as more arts were invented, and some were directed to the necessities of life, others to recreation, the inventors of the latter were naturally always regarded as wiser than the inventors of the former, because their branches of knowledge did not aim at utility. Hence when all such inventions were already established, the sciences which do not aim at giving pleasure or at the necessities of life were discovered, and first in the places where men first began to have leisure. This is why the mathematical arts were founded in Egypt[Kemet]; for there the priestly caste was allowed to be at leisure.” (4)

Truth Is Its Own Conclusion

The force of truth is building up pressure and is about to break loose upon the entirety. No one drowns in truth except those weighted down by lies and who refuse to remove and let go of them in order to rejuvenate and float naked in the naked truth.

Always Something New Africa Brings

by Usiku

That always something new Africa brings
Is like the dormant baby giant germinating
Again, again and again
That fresh smell is truth emanating
We, the Africans, shall ingest our fill
Eat seeds of truth daily, they are as pills
Those who will, will be healed
Those with senses sealed and who conceal
Will harvest that stored behind seals
Seven of them will be revealed
Search from here further still
Those of melanin chlorophylled
The pain of everything killed
Will engulf those who remain ill
Order will be restored and joy will build
When upheaval ceases and all is fulfilled

The Light Of Truth Is Despised Only By Those In Darkness Because It Is the Height Of Their Understanding And Because The Light Of Truth Exposes Their Ignorance, aka, The Uncoverable Nakedness Of Nonsense


(1) van den Heever, J. A., “Out Of Africa There Is Always Something New,” Department of Zoology, University of Stellenbosch, Accessed 12/27/14,
(2) Talk: Latin Proverbs, Accessed 12/27/14, Wikiquote,
(3) James, George G. M., "Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy," The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2009) eBook, p. 8 (originally published in New York by Philosophical Library in 1954).
(4) Aristotle, “Metaphysics” Translated by W. D. Ross, Internet Classics Archive, Accessed 12/27/14,, Book I, Part I.

You Are The Promised Land
Unity Consciousness #63

Whatever it is you’re going through
However hard you think it is
It’s not the Middle Passage
It’s not slavery
It’s not even walking to Canada
Listen now and don’t forget
You are somebody’s freedom
You are somebody’s future
You are the promised land

Excerpted from “On The Eastern Shore” a poem by Kate Rushin
This excerpt is as heard on WNPR’s Weekend Edition, Saturday, August 28, 2004 as read at the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival at Hillstead Museum in Connecticut

You are the promised land because behavior that matches the Creator's is salvation - not only for yourself.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Who Are The Prodigal Sons & Daughters Of Africa?
Unity Consciousness #62

The Mother/Father Creator is waiting for the prodigal sons and daughters to come home.
On December 5, 2013, Nelson Mandela made his transition from this dimension into the next. Five days later, a memorial service was held during which President Obama spoke.

At the end of NBC's broadcast, Brian Williams said:
”...the First President of The United States, of course, who can also be called, a son of Africa...”
This, of course, is a lie. All American presidents have been sons of Africa.

Despite historically documented facts that all people have their origins in Africa, this statement by a “respected” national journalist, continues to prove nothing has changed. Media and reporters don't give a damn about truth. What the status quo needs is what is reported. We must know this by now and stop sucking up what is reported. Since the status quo is Human Racism White Supremacy And Other Discriminations, the media continues to prove it has pledged allegiance to the lower self that lives on and breeds lies.

There Is No Escaping Africa

Every person, citizen, ruler and president whether red, yellow, black, white or brown have their origins in Africa. The majority of every person's ancestors are black-skinned and African.

Without this knowledge of self in each person, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve worldwide peace because there is no fundamental unifying factor representative of the higher self. The fact that we are all of the same species, homo sapiens sapiens, is not good enough. If it was it would have surely worked by now.

According to history, the majority of the lands outside of Alkebu-lan were first inhabited by their black-skinned Ancestors and many of the societies were started by or benefited from these indigenous people. These indigenous people migrated from Alkebu-lan directly to these lands or indirectly from other migrants who had left Alkebu-lan many years before. These prodigal countries of people foolishly refuse to retrace their path to our homeland.
It sounds nice that we are all created equal and we should treat each other with respect but those incentives are forgotten at the first sign of stress. We need something more enduring. That something is the awareness and acknowledgement that we are all family.

Even Kid President has sense enough to ask, ”Aren't we on the same team?”

Those who refuse their foundational African heritage, refuse to be healed and refuse to re-fuse. Do not believe or listen to anyone who does not acknowledge their African heritage. A denier of truth is a liar at worse or a scary sick person at best. Either type of person is prone to violence from the non-physical to the physical.

This type of person resists the strong force that has the power to bring us together until the person becomes the weak force that pushes and pulls us apart. Those who refuse any historical truth, also refuse the Spirit of Truth, therefore salvation. Their behavior has made it so. Yet many refusers of truth here and now expect to be accepted into an afterworld of truth.

The Solution Has Already Been Shown

Let the daughters of Maat, with the full force of feminine energy, reclaim the prodigal sons with spiritual medicine. (From ”Occupy Harmony, Racial Solution Is Spiritual Power & Repentance”)
Resolute and esteemed she comes,
To restore elder knowledge in the prodigal young

An African Safari In The Spiritsphere

Prodigal means wasteful. To me, this means wasteful of our basic needs. What else is there to waste that isn't basic?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Education Is The Key, Education Is Not The Key | Poem
Unity Consciousness #61

Education Is The Key, Education Is Not The Key

by Usiku

The main thing about Yurugu's sickery
Is it can only survive on trickery
Thus the unhealthiness of many societies
Teaching education is the key
The key to what?

Tricking citizens into slavery?
For a better life
Seeking basic needs ignoring basic needs
Maximizing income, minimizing outcomes
As dependents, expecting annuities
Retiring into delayed awareness of poverties
The worst is yet to come for this type of security
Societies built on this kind of education
Have foundations that support being weakly
Using many contradictory philosophies
Such as education is the key
And the best things in life are free
Yet the best education costs money
And everything you are taught you need
Comes with a cost. price, tax and fee
Education is not the key to liberty financially
Few can figure this out literally
Due to being taught how not to think critically
But to rely on some expert person as the key
Their education supersedes sensibility
This type of educational programming limits ME
Therefore education is the key to controlling me
While extolling the virtues of me, me, me
Knowledge of self holds keys to set me free
From wages doing Yuruguian activities
To stages of becoming mature spiritually
Which is the key to world peacefully
And the key to living eternally
All other creatures live intuitively
Yet we are the intelligent ones supposedly
Education is not the key

Per Dr. John Henrik Clarke, “education is for the purpose of training the student in the proper use of power.”
African culture, as the hidden key to our educational excellence.

Know yourself and know all else.

How To Never Lose Keys Again

Using ways of knowing and applying keys, unlocks analogies.
Nutrients are the keys to the process of life.

The African worldview is key.
What blackness can do, its creations can also do, especially creations which are blackness in their core being.
"Key Definitions | What Is Science? Who Are Scientists?"

In honor of the daily birth, life, death and resurrection of Heru, the prototype for Jeru of Jerusalem, the prototype for Jesus. Heru, the light of world is the light of blackness of the solar ecosystem. Heru is the original Jesus, both the son and sun of blackness through which light is brought to the world. Heru is the child that is born to parents Auset and Ausar. Auset is the prototype for Isis and Mary. Ausar is the prototype for Osiris and Joseph. Auset, Ausar and Heru are the Holy Family and Holy Trinity.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Spiritual Grounding | Finding Foundational Self & Voice
Unity Consciousness #60

Finding self is to be conscious of the foundation of self. “Finding” is a form of “found” and “found” is part of “foundation.” Finding self is foundationing self. Also, since foundations themselves are intended to be what is solid, secure and reliable and also built upon that which is solid, secure and reliable, many physical foundations are attached to earth (ground). This means the finding, foundationing process of the spiritual self is the same thing as a grounding process.

As I began finding myself
I began finding my voice
I found myself
Reviewing each decision and choice
Because what I had relied on was one thing
But my foundation was something else

Foundation Of Self Is Spirit

1. Spirit is the professional we need and is freely given as the the average person's expert and personal assistant to life & existence.

We must once again practice being spirit listeners. Once we allow the voice, teachings and suggesting influence of our expert spirit professional to start reawakening the correct programming, toxins will become easily detectable. Can our choices remain unchanged if we have changed? Can all our choices remain unchanged if we have grown? Can our foundational choices remain the same if we have changed fundamentally? Can we be grounded if our foundation is built upon what humans have written rather than what's written throughout the natural world within and without?

2. Whoever does not know they are a child of the Creator born through the womb of Africa is malnourished. Knowing the place of your ancestral birth, helps you find your way back to the place of your spiritual birth. A well-grounded desire to return to the place of your spiritual origin is not separable from a desire to return to the acknowledgement of your Earthly ancestors and origins. Spiritual grounding tells you the spiritual self is part of the total package of self which includes the physical, emotional and mental.

All people are a branch of the African Tree physically and spiritually. (From ”Spiritual Forgetfulness, Alkebu-lan (Afrikan) Amnesia”)

3. 64 Basic Needs That Are Spiritual

4. Every person's day is filled with numerous decisions that come down to deciding the same single thing over and over any way you look at it: which spirit/self/road to take.

5. Everything created has life, spirit and mind of the Creator. (From ”Spirit Know Thy Self To Exit The Matrix”)

6. Africa, The Holy Land, Spirituality & Religion

7. Without the balancing influence of feminine spiritual energy and thought process, civilization cannot exist, only stifling societies. (From Expanded Definition | Bi-Polar Thoughts, Normal Behaviors)

8. African Female Honored In Spirituality, Not Religion

9. If you are not represented at the highest levels in the heavens of your religion or spiritual philosophy, neither will you be on Earth. If there is no above, there can be no below. (From ”Definition | Gods, Goddesses, Africans & Females Of Thought”)

10. Who Is The Creator? | Third Basis Using Genesis 1:27

11. Religion is the codified, formalized and dogmatized version of African spirituality. (From ”What Is A Religion | Definition”)

12. Teaching Proverbs | Animism Definition Rejected - African Spiritual Practices Accepted

13. Religion | Are Africans Getting Their Money's Worth?

14. Health is a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional system...the only way to have health is to take care of the entire inseparable self (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional). (From ”African Health History | Fundamental & Comprehensive”)

15. Practicing these fundamental principles will result in right alignment of self as sacred spirit. This protects and supports health and well-being. (From, Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought)

Have we taught our children how to survive as individuals on their own but not how to survive together? Those “better lives” than us, we are ill-preparing them for, will deteriorate from inadequate construction on foundations, shaky like ours, to foundations that completely fall apart for them if our children are not grounded in learning their spiritual foundational selves and foundational natural ways of living grounded in earth, Earth and Universe. The only time we have is the decision we now face. (From, "Day 10: Rhetorical Learning Demands A Recount”)

Work through the choices with the #1 expert.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Why The Best Choice Does Not Seem To Step Forward
Unity Consciousness #59

This is a follow-up to Quick Decisions & Definitions | Choices & Options Never Equal

Know Yourself & Know All Else

The best choice DOES step forward but if you are not in pursuit of your better self, the ability to recognize the best choice is diminished; therefore you may or may not recognize it.

What you always do recognize is the choice which is more like the self you currently are or were at the time of the decision.

What Choices Do To Get Your Attention

Since underlying every choice is the higher spiritual self and the lower spiritual self, they both will support a choice and push their candidate forward in a “pick me” sort of way. The choice supported by the higher self is always the best choice and always stands out. However, if you are not in tune with the higher self you will lack depth perception and not be able to tell that one is ahead of the other. Then the next best way of deciding becomes listening to the information you've been receiving outside of self. In many current societies most information supports the lower self and works against knowledge of the higher self and entire self, thus even the lower self is not recognized as being the lower self, only as self, and often as the entire self.

Know yourself and know all else.

Don't Be Closed-Minded Any Longer
Unity Consciousness #58

This is a follow-up to Quick Decisions & Definitions | Choices & Options Never Equal and in reference to this quote:
All other decisions built upon that foundation will be made better (more secure) or worse (less stable) based upon the soundness of that underlying decision.

Spirit Is The Building Inspector

Unlike human building inspectors who shut down or condemn buildings not up to code, The Spirit building inspector encourages the inhabitant to work on the building while still living in it.

The Spirit tests the soundness of each life. The Spirit checks to see if the life constructed meets the purpose the life was provided. What is that purpose? It is “to become one with God” as taught by Seshat/Tehuti. This requires thought and action to become one with God because it is behavior that matches the Creator's that is salvation.

The Spirit of Truth compares the person's life to this purpose. Even if the person doesn't, Spirit checks decisions to see if these decisions meet the building codes of Maat. The Spirit, Maat & Seshat/Tehuti's principles are here to help us keep our lives focused on its highest purpose. Building inspections are a constant reminder to get the house temple entrusted to us, in order, before the weighing of the heart. There is no house that does not need attention, renovation or upgrades.

A person can try to avoid an inspection report by shutting theirself into their mind. Even so, no matter what, the person quickly finds they have locked themselves in with what they are trying to escape – The Spirit of Truth which is the Conscience of God, The Creator.

Since more time is spent developing avoidance justification explanation techniques, rather than on knowledge of self improvement, the temple house begins to fall apart, down around and on top of the person. A person who knows theirself would not allow this to happen because the person would then know that confidence in a shaky foundation does not make the foundation any stronger. The person would also know the biggest friend and foe to foundation and salvation is self. The person would put continuous emphasis on self-improvement to avoid taking the word of the Spirit of Untruth (lower self) who never wants to take a good look at self.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Quick Decisions & Definitions | Choices & Options Never Equal
Unity Consciousness #57

Choices are two or more things different enough to lead to fundamentally different results.

The significance of this must be properly understood.
A decision involving choices leading to fundamentally different results means all decisions based on that decision will be fundamentally affected. Why? Because subsequent decisions are resting upon and relying upon an underlying decision. All other decisions built upon that foundation will be made better (more secure) or worse (less stable) based upon the soundness of that underlying decision.

What Makes Choices Different?

1. Insufficient information.
2. Different results (outcomes, effects, consequences).
3. Insufficient understanding of 1 and 2 above.

The reason there is a need to make a decision involving choices is one or more of the three reasons above is true. If all three were not true, there would be no need to make a decision. There would already be sufficient information and understanding at the first moment when faced with choices. You would immediately recognize which one was best and would simply accept the evident choice and not have to figure anything out. To state this another way, if sufficient information and understanding existed already, the difference would be so clear, the best choice would step forward and basically choose you. How can this be?


The reason for a decision-making thought process is to help the choices reveal their fundamental differences and make it easier for you to recognize which one fundamentally fits you.

Choices are not as much about making a decision as they are about taking the choices through the decision-making thought process. A decision-making thought process is one that allows discovery of information, results and understanding so the choices reveal their fundamental differences.

A proper decision-making thought process involving choices never ends up in a toss-up, a close judgment call or in not being sure. This is impossible. Why? You can't start out with things fundamentally different and end up concluding the decision involving them is not fundamentally different. If you do, there's something wrong with the decision-making thought process itself or something went wrong during the process. Go back and start over. It is the only way. Especially when results are not what they should be.

A legal system is a decision-making thought process and you see what happens when any part of the process, the information or the understanding goes wrong.

Fortunately, each person can put their decisions on the witness stand as many times as necessary and retry choices based on new information and understanding, until nothing but truth remains. There is no statute of limitations.

More Definitions

Choices and alternatives mean the same thing.

Choices and options are not the same thing. Options mean one or the other can be decided upon without changing the results fundamentally. An option means either one is okay. Hamburger compared to apple is a choice. Fruit compared to vegetable is an option.


Decisions involving choices require more of a thought process than decisions involving options.

To know whether a decision involves a choice or an option, look at the potential results. If the results are fundamentally different, choices are involved and time must be taken to go through the thought process to reach a decision. If a decision has already been made, you can change your mind in the present and realign the past with the future.

All Decisions Are Based On One Decision

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kwanzaa & Karenga | Unity Consciousness #56

The purpose and basic benefits of Kwanzaa have already been stated in ”Kwanzaa, A Matter of Principles & Black African History.”

I am reminded of an article a few years back that said Kwanzaa was whack. Kwanzaa is still under attack like all things African Black.

Kwanzaa is not about Maulana Karenga. Neither was the Civil Rights Movement about Rosa Parks or Dr. King. It is inappropriate to mix the person with principles of Kwanzaa that are helpful to Black Africans who are without African traditions. We cannot afford to be discouraged away from what we have that moves us away from a foreign culture and towards our own.

One Example

The Nation of Islam has been more beneficial to our people than Judaism, Christianity and many other religions. It is not the total solution for our people but it has helped a lot of our people.

At a minimum, the Nation of Islam is no worse than Judaism, Christianity and other religions. At a maximum, the Nation Of Islam has taught many practices of self-sufficiency behavior we need and should follow. Also, they teach history like it was, not the way the European world wishes it could have been. Many have learned more of the truth of history via the Nation Of Islam than they have in any school or any religion.
The Nation Of Islam has and continues to be an important transition back to our full African spiritual traditions which is where African people are headed.

Those who speak against Kwanzaa on the basis of Karenga, should be just as fervent in the demolishing of every unholy holiday Black Africans worldwide are following because European culture is doing the same thing. These holidays are not doing a thing to strengthen Africans in any way, especially in the essential way - knowledge of self.


Kwanzaa is a transition and stepping stone back into our full Africanness. To disassociate from Kwanzaa on the basis of Karenga would be the same as not loving a child born of imperfect circumstances. What kind of people would have nothing to do with a child born of a crackhead mother who was raped and murdered someone. The child is not responsible for what the mother did, and is worthy of the rights of creation and must be loved if we are who we say we are. So also must we continue to show Kwanzaa, the African love it deserves. After all, don't all our beautiful black children remind us of home?

There Are Other Principles

42 Declarations of Innocence or Admonitions of MaƔt

Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought

21 Behaviors To Counteract The System Of Human Racism White Supremacy

More principles will be encountered through self-study.

Tweet This | #$$MattersStopSpendingHelpCrippleTheSystem
Unity Consciousness #55

In addition to what people are already doing, we must attack one pillar of the foundation of this global system of sickness.

This is accomplished by reducing spending to the bare minimum. All holidays and other days the system promotes should be boycotted. This is a long-term, several year commitment, just like the bus boycott Mother Rosa Parks helped spark. Read about what they did to implement and carry out the boycott. The boycott was also economic in nature.

In addition, we must support our own businesses that have what we need and start businesses where there is a need.

We must implement those things put forth in A Good Offense.

Hitting Them Where They Feel Pain The Most

1. Focus on boycotting national businesses that depend on our money the most. Boycott means stop spending. It does not mean protest or picket. This time can be used studying.

2. Local groups of activists and community members can target certain local businesses.

3. Individuals can review where money is spent and reduce or reroute those monies.

If we keep spending money the same way, we will be counterproductive in dismantling the system.
Spend our money in places where our faces aren't seen as disgraces.

Who Can You Trust? | Unity Consciousness #54

Which of these scenarios is still more likely to occur, in general, in proportions that don't match yesterday's or today's reality?

1. Two white people are talking. One says, “You know you can't trust black people.” The other person looks dumbfounded for a second and says, “Of course not!”

2. Two black people are talking. One says, “You know you can't trust white people.” The other person immediately says, “You can't trust all black people either and you can't treat all white people the same and there are bad black people and there are good white people and black people just need to...and black people don't wanna...”

More often than not, what exists is a group of people who generally distrusts a group of people who generally trusts them and defends them and prosecutes themselves.
This psychological imbalance can only lead to advantages being taken in interactions, I.e, “let's just say this or tell them this and they will believe us.”

Even on the internet when things aren't right, you get warnings such as “this website is untrusted, are you sure you want to proceed, doing so can cause harm to your computer.” Another warning is related to the digital (spiritual) signature or certificate can't be verified. The website is blocked to give the person a chance to decide if the risk is worth it.
My guess is that most people don't go further after receiving these warnings. I'm not sure why some people, despite warnings, continue to trust interactions that have proven untrustworthy, that contain that hidden, sneaky virus or program that causes undercover damage that, once noticed, it's too late.

The first question that should be asked is “Who Should We Trust?”
No matter what the answers are, we must always question most those whom we trust most or whatever we trust most. We must question until the responses match the results we want for all of us worldwide. Promises ain't good enough. Now is not soon enough. Dr. King already explained “Why We Can't Wait.” Every wrong must be righted.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How To Never Lose Keys Again | Poem
Unity Consciousness #53

This is an extension of Nutrient Definition | Ingesting, Digesting & Outgesting

How To Never Lose Keys Again

by Usiku

Everyone has a set of keys
To open things and gain entry
For every key there's a lock
For every lock there's a key
Everyone's keys are identical
Except those for specialized abilities
A duplicate set is held in memory
With ancestors in the genetic library
It's easier to open locks with keys
Without keys there's unnecessary difficulty
To never lose keys again is simple
They're connected to basic needs

I can make my own access because I become the key to the door I want to enter. I become the door as I become the purposes I am here for. The key and the door become one through the unity consciousness process of knowledge of self.

Further Extensions

Based on further understanding of how nutrients recycle, the ecosystem is comparable to a circulatory system. What we put into the system will make its way back around to us, our descendents and our ancestors. From this nutrient of understanding, more knowledge grows...
Nutrients Of Knowledge
1. The ideas of karma and kismet are not philosophical masterpieces of thought, they are simply describing the basis of what an ecosystem is and how all things within it recirculate in a continuous process.

2. Whatever exists is simply a form of what existed before it and will exist after it.
For example, the “present” is a form of the “past” and a form of the “future.” Apply this key to the past and to the future to get more of the basic need for understanding.

Nutrient Definition | Ingesting, Digesting & Outgesting
Unity Consciousness #52

A nutrient is something needed for healthy functioning.

So what does “functioning” mean? Functioning is basically about process.

A nutrient is something needed for a healthy process.

Example #1 – Fiber

Fiber is a nutrient.

See, Fiber: Fact & Feeling - Food Fight #21

Example #2

Nutrients are not as elusive and complicated as we've been mis-led and mis-fed to believe.

See Simple Nutrition | Natural Sources of Nutrients, Food Fight #59

Example #3

Since nutrients are what is needed for healthy functioning, nutrients are the key ingredients of life. Nutrients are the keys to the process of life. Nutrients are fundamental to functioning in life.

See 64 Basic Needs That Are Spiritual

Example #4

Oxygen is a nutrient.

Example #5

As a result of the photosynthesis process, plants release oxygen into the air. Oxygen, in this case, is plant waste. This plant waste is the main regenerating source of the oxygen animals such as humans breathe.

The waste of one process becomes the nutrient of another process. This is not magic; it's ecosystem basics. Waste is always a nutrient in the first place. Everything is a nutrient. In the current configuration of the universe, everything is needed for a healthy process.


Nutrients for the body, spirit, mind and emotions all support the basic process of ingesting, digesting and outgesting.

Ingesting is receiving what nutrients became
Digesting is sharing so growth is gained
And health is sustained
Outgesting is giving all that remains

Everything Is Everything

Cycle Of Hunger & Sickness | Definition By Poem
Unity Consciousness #51

Cycle Of Hunger & Sickness

by Usiku

Ignoring what's suggested
Nothing new requested
More of the same ingested
Understanding still expected
From deficiency of what's digested
Feeling full but not satisfied
Thought process untested
Growth process self-arrested
Still congested, still uninterested
To fill void and heal parts infected

We hungrily ingest television content as if it were a basic need.

Lack of nutrition, which includes knowledge of self, swings the balance towards the lower self.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Coming Forth Of An Ice Age & Cold-Blooded Culture | Poem
How White People & Current European Culture Were Born
Unity Consciousness #50

Culture Explains & Education Teaches Which Lives Matter | Definition
To expect Europeans living in an Ice Age culture, to operate as if they lived in a tropical country would be not dealing with reality. To expect the lifestyle of a man in the Ice Age to have the same moral values compared to a man coming from the sun climate would be opposite to reality.

Coming Forth Of An Ice Age & Cold-Blooded Culture

by Usiku

The world was once 100% Black African
Civilization and evolution were intact and on track
Not a single white person to be found
Because not a single Black African
Had yet to lose their bearings
And in the process, become ice bound
As temperature went way the Hell down
The level of vitamin melanin dropped
Feeding the higher self, stopped
Abilities of civility were blocked
Out of order came disorder and kaos
Values and morality turned upside down
Surviving was extremely harder than it is now
But most things are still switched around
Ice Age distorted the natural balance
Warped sweet souls into salty pretzels
Even shrank the carbon inside pencils
Hummingbirds still act like attacking vultures
Taught this behavior by an Ice Age culture
But because they were born out of us
White people are Africans on a humbug
The lower self is still on top
Having no respect for Mother Maat
It's about more than a skin color mutation
The Ice Age altered spiritual orientation
The truth is an insult
To lower self intelligence
What's been happening is the result
The natural world testifies as evidence
The only hope is spiritual medicine
Knowledge of self is soul's salvation
To free the ice bound from self-destruction
Without the light of blackness, there is only darkness
And the cold within unbearably thick
Like the nature of the culture that exists

As we study into the kosmos
We know and we are getting close
Beginning to melt are castles of ice
Global warming feels nice

On The Origin Of Things | Poem

Monday, December 15, 2014

Definition | Discrimination Decisions & Spiritual Orientation
Unity Consciousness #49

Definition Of Discriminate

Discriminate means to divide, separate, differentiate, distinguish, draw a distinction, tell the difference and tell apart.

Creator Of Discrimination

Based on this definition, as is the case with manipulation, the Creator is also a Discriminator. The Creator divided self and created all this.

The Creator and everything the Creator created has the ability to discriminate. Everything created has life, spirit and mind of the Creator. Creation discriminates as a necessary part of existence everyday, all day.

Discriminating Between The Two Main Types Of Discrimination

I have used good/evil to draw a distinction (discriminate) between types of manipulation. That was then. Now those terms don't seem to fit. Neither does it seem appropriate to describe discrimination in terms of positive/negative, harmful/helpful, desirable/undesirable, necessary/unnecessary, beneficial/non-beneficial, weakening/strengthening, sickening/healing, restoring/destroying, healthy/unhealthy and just/unjust. To use these terms is to assign a name based on my understanding of the effects or results of discrimination.

For the moment, I will use terms associated with what I understand to be the cause of all discrimination.

Spiritual Orientation

The terms I will use associated with the cause of discrimination are “higher self” and “lower self.” These two are what are referred to in common usage as the high road and low road.

Thus we can say, one type of discrimination is guided by the higher self, which is the same as taking the high road when faced with a decision. The other type of discrimination is guided by the lower self, which is the same as taking the low road when faced with a decision.

All Decisions Are Based On One Decision

Every person's day is filled with numerous decisions that come down to deciding the same single thing over and over any way you look at it: which spirit/self/road to take. Each time this decision is made, so also is the decision how to discriminate.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Three Dimensions Of Decisions | Making Necessary Adjustments
Unity Consciousness #48

Combining Dimensions Of Decisions

More frequently than we may be aware, the need arises to revisit conclusions and decisions. This is in keeping with a healthy thought process and in support of our desire to be healthy and open-minded. The thought process and open-mindedness are dimensions of decisions.

Role Playing: Believer & Doubter

Another dimension of decision-making, or another way to assist our thought process, is to role play. Within the one mind we have, become both believer and doubter. Each person explaining, each person listening, each person asking questions, each person following the first two dimensions, each person concluding and deciding based on evidences. Each person understanding this process can sometimes take days and months. Since this role playing is within self, most other biases and reasons we use when the information involves another person can be minimized, even if not completely eliminated. This should assist us in thinking more clearly.

Wraparound Thinking

In order to wrap our thinking around something other than what our minds are already wrapped around, we must first loosen our minds from what it is already wrapped around and allow space for the other thing to get in and have enough room for sufficient movement and consideration. This has been explained in ”Understanding Digesting Information.”

For example, in order to see how something fits or feels in our right hand, the left hand must let go of it so it can be placed in the right hand. It can then be moved back and forth to compare, contrast and do other analysis regarding which hand seems to be the best fit or if both hands are good fits or if neither now seems to fit.

An example from this blog, and the co-catalyst for this posting, is the notion of a 3D world.

Current Conclusion

Yes, three dimensions exist. Yes, five dimensions exist.

If I am to be true to the thought process and the notion of open-mindedness, I must follow the rule that no decision is ever final and unchangeable. Therefore, I have reviewed my former decision regarding a 3D world and now conclude Earth is both 3D and 5D and more. There is more than one possibility to describe Earth in summary, from the Big Blue Marble to all the ways we marvel. The difference in this decision and the previous one is due to the dimension of my awareness/consciousness.

This consciousness re-minds me, things sometimes are “either/or,” and sometimes “both” and sometimes “but” and sometimes combinations of these and other possibilities.

The more we expand consciousness through the process of study, which is the process of knowledge of self, the more we come together in unity, and in consciousness.

Black African Unity Begins With Knowledge Of Self

Africans Must Study To Win The Great War Against Racism

Beliefs can solidify and become restrictive shells.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Definition Of Culture Explains & Education Teaches
Which Lives Matter
Unity Consciousness #47

Definition Of Culture

"Culture is the vast structure of behaviors, ideas, attitudes, values, habits, beliefs, customs, language, rituals, ceremonies, and practices peculiar to a particular group of people which provides them with a general design for living and patterns for interpreting reality.” (1)

Culture gives meaning to reality, correctly or incorrectly. Culture has the power to compel behavior and the capacity to reinforce ideas and beliefs about human functioning. Culture is the invisible medium in which all human functioning occurs. Patterns of behavior are born out of culture because culture shapes patterns of thinking.

Nothing human happens outside of culture; therefore nothing humane or inhumane happens outside of culture.

Culture is to humans as water is to the fish. Culture is our total environment. Educational content and teaching methods are born out of culture. Culture is the invisible dimension of all educational content. Therefore, just as the nature of the water (salt, fresh or polluted) influences the reality (survivability) of particular types of fish, so too do different cultures, influence the reality of particular groups of people.

Since culture is like our water, humans who are not in the appropriate cultural environment they were designed to thrive in, will act inappropriately and fail to thrive just like "fish out of water." (2) Thriving is not to be confused with “making it” or succeeding in a suboptimal environment.

Once we understand the dynamics of culture, we see, it is not something we can add on to what we are doing. Culture is the total human process. Everything we do comes out of culture. (3) Culture emerges out of knowledge of self and knowledge of self emerges out of culture.

Culture Is Everything

Infusing into educational content, the worldwide experiences of Africans from ancient to present times, is important because it situates us irrevocably on the stage of Humanity. For Africans, studying and having knowledge of African contributions, consciously reaffirms our meaning as humans. For those who do not acknowledge their African descent, and want to support humanity and Africans in any way, you also must study and share our ancient and ongoing contributions to civilization. This will help say to the world, “our lives matter” and will help save physical lives. This knowledge of Africans, and of yourselves, is a necessary step before attempting to “save African souls” because it is actual everyday, all day conscious behavior that is salvation for everyone.

Culture is the core and fundamental quality of human beingness and becoming, (4) a process of transformation, (5), which is either assisted or hampered by the educational process.

By infusing the missing African component of world history into education, we, and the world, reaffirm the inalienable right of African people to:
(1) exist as a people
(2) continue to contribute to the forward flowing process of human civilization
(3) shape and share world reality in response to our own energy and spirit.

Infusing African culture and contributions into the content of education is only half the charge. African culture worldwide must be infused into the intent of education. (6) This is only sensible since Africans started the first education systems.

Character Is A Part Of Culture

Character is the mark of someone or something which signifies its distinctive quality. Character is the complex of mental and ethical traits marking a person, group or nation. It is the detectable expression or evidence of the processes which control the transmission of one’s hereditary information (ancestors) and nature. A person's character is indicative of the past within them. This is another reason why the past always matters.

Educational content must be infused with the character of Africans in order to stimulate and reinforce the growth and development of African mental and ethical traits (character). (7)

Education Resolves Violence

As a result of cultural infusion into education content and intent, all people will be able to honestly see African culture, as the hidden key to our educational excellence and accomplishments in civilization [This is already known and acknowledged by those who transform people into puppets and is also known by some of the puppets themselves.]. Through a re-education process, all people will be able to see Africans in the pure light of humanity, and no longer through the obscuring darkness of miseducation that sickens minds and spirits at the same time. (8)

Africans are the hub of the human ecosystem and the hub of humanity. This is why lower self dominated people (those who try to dominate others) must attack that which is most unlike them. That which is most unlike a thing is its greatest threat. Therefore, humanity must be attacked in order to make what is horrendous look good. To the degree the lower-self accomplishes this task and to the degree we assist, is the degree to which everyone loses their humanity because sickness, violence and the lower-self knows no boundaries and is coming for everyone by attempting to cut off the source of humanity and civilization that came through and out of Africa and Africans worldwide. If there is civilization anywhere, it is the result of African culture. Thus, to attack African culture is self-admitted, direct evidence of the lack of civilized behavior, thus civilization.

A Disregard For Life Is Taught At School

Violence Ends At Home

(1) Nobles, Wade W., “The Infusion of African and African-American. Content: A Question of Content and Intent,” Accessed 12/12/14,, p. 12.
(2) Ibid., p. 1 [quoted and paraphrased]; (3) Ibid., p. 3; (4) Ibid., p. 4-5; (5) Ibid., p. 6 (6) Ibid., p. 4-5;
(7) Ibid, p. 5. (8) Ibid., p. 7.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Plausible Deniability Definition & Examples
Unity Consciousness #46

General Definition

Plausible deniability is another version of escape route thinking to avoid responsibility. Plausible deniability is just an easier way to lie. There's no need for an actual alibi. All that's needed is to claim not knowing something and then that claim itself, becomes the alibi.

Legal Equivalent Definitions In Layman's Terms

Plausible deniability takes many forms, it means:

1. Being able to say you didn't know when you should have known, even though it was expected for you to know.

For example, Saying “I didn't know the gun was loaded” and avoiding partial or full responsibility for pulling the trigger just because you didn't check to see if the gun was loaded, even though checking is always the responsible thing to do.

Being guilty of irresponsibility for not safeguarding a gun that is then taken and used to cause harm. The irresponsible person who did not safeguard the gun is able to avoid full or partial responsibility just because they didn't give express consent to take the gun and didn't know the gun was taken and it was actually someone else who pulled the trigger.

2. Being able to avoid full responsibility based on lack of knowledge of an event, even while being responsible for fostering and/or supervising the conditions for something of that nature to happen. The person is able to remove themselves from legal responsibility by having one or more degrees of separation from an event that happens as a result of the conditions.

For example, the American injustice system plausibly denies it is racist and instead it was the evidence and Grand Juries of citizens that were the reasons neither Darren Wilson nor Daniel Pantaleo face legal punishment for murder in the first degree and are instead free as they can be and continue to get paid by our money. The injustice system is an extension of the people's morality; therefore it also denies having any responsibility while fostering the conditions for such decisions.

To make sure no one is responsible, the citizens then say the system worked and we didn't make the decision. The people who are not in the the system and the people in the system toss responsibility back and forth continuously like a hot potato until our focus is purposely distracted elsewhere, i.e., the visit of British royalty to America during heavy protests and discussion against racism.

3. Being able to purposely not ask any questions and purposely avoid knowledge of details and then being able to claim lack of knowledge as a basis to avoid responsibility.

4. Plausible deniability is the slickest form of using an escapegoat (spelling intended). When there is no escape route or escapegoat, plausible deniability creates a fictitious escape route through a fictitious escapegoat. The fictitious escapegoat is the guilty person but a version of theirself that didn't know.
In the other versions of plausible deniability, the person comes nowhere near admitting responsibility. In this version of plausible deniability, the person says, It's true, I should be responsible, but since I didn't know, I'm not." By admitting to something, the person also creates fake credibility which falsely implies everything else they say must be true.

Now, with this setup in place, the guilty person who had knowledge of something is able to use plausible deniability to create a hologram of theirself that didn't know and project that image into the real world so that the hologram that didn't know stands in front of the real person that did know. No one else can speak for, or question the hologram except the person who is claiming plausible deniability. This ensures a clean get away every time, even after being caught.

The use of plausible deniability is also the advice one friend gives to another in the song, “It Wasn't Me” by Shaggy ft. RikRok.

From this, we can see, plausible deniability functions like a corporate veil for individuals when no corporation is involved. A corporate veil and plausible deniability both provide a defense using something that doesn't exist and only exists legally for the purpose of allowing the guilty to know, when-all-else-fails-to-cover-my-butt, there's still a legally guaranteed way to avoid responsibility. The criminal injustice system, aided by other institutional conspirators, looks out for its own.

Plausible Deniability As Personal Self-Defense

Individuals, who are not in any legal trouble also use plausible deniability to lie to themselves to avoid feeling convicted by decisions, beliefs and behaviors. This is done to protect fragile self-esteem built on false notions from miseducation. This self-defense is used because the person knows, if they internally put their decisions, beliefs and behaviors on the witness stand, these things don't stand a chance to hold up in this court where the conscience of the Creator is the presiding judge; therefore, the person avoids scrutinizing themselves. This is accomplished by avoiding any information that even hints at the need to re-evaluate beliefs. The information and/or the source is avoided, quickly disregarded, attacked or all three.

When An Individual Uses Plausible Deniability Within Theirself:

1. It is to offset feelings of false notion futility. The person realizes the false notions are “not all they're cracked up to be” but even so, rather than admit it, the person decides it's better to live with contradictions than to have to do anything about them. Since the person must reject the truth, this leaves the person no choice but to treat the truth as something ridiculous and silly or as something that is a personal attack on their identity; therefore, anyone who tells the truth can be harmed and it's perfectly okay and recommended to do so because its self-defense.

2. The person does not have a firm foundation of truth to stand on, so the person needs to believe something is true despite insufficient evidence and also simultaneously believe something is not true, despite the preponderance of evidence.

Because the person has purposely avoided studying theirself and other information that leads to knowledge of truth, the person, if need be, is hoping to claim they didn't know. This allows the person to live with theirself without self-correction.

3. Plausible deniability allows a person to sleep at night by claiming they didn't know this or that about a society even though the person's thoughts and behaviors supports this or that.

4. Plausible deniability allows a person to know a cause produces a first effect and then the first effect produces a second effect. Even so, the person denies the main cause has anything to do with the second effect. This is most often used against Africans by those who seek to maintain oppression over the entire self. This is also most often used by Africans to totally blame themselves and totally excuse others. Africans are the only victims of crime that go through this double-debilitating, double standard.

In the same way the use of man-made chemicals and medicines cause increasing dependency on them, the use of an artificial alibi such as plausible deniability automatically increases the need to use it more. There are always diminishing returns to incorrect behavior. Here's why. Avoiding responsibility does not resolve contradictions or conflicts. It merely prevents individuals and societies from maturing in the direction of civility. No responsibility, no civility.

When positive force is not applied towards change, negative force directs change and pulls individuals and societies with it, in retrogression away from progression. Forward negative motion results in backwards motion. Because there is motion and movement, a false understanding of “getting somewhere” occurs despite increasing amounts of negative behaviors and usage of plausible deniability.

Plausible deniability, whether legally or personally applied, is part of the supersickness of psycho-sociopathy and part of stupidity.

Plausible Deniability Is Not Universally Accepted

Plausible deniability is fancy language to avoid chastisement, admittance, repentance and penance, but not punishment. Even though plausible deniability helps people seemingly avoid responsibility, all things bear witness of themselves and all things set energy in motion that eventually returns to its origin.

Update 6-20-16 Simplified

“Plausible” is just a legal term for “believable.”
Thus, plausible deniability is believable deniability.
Less is required to “believe” something than it takes to “know” something.
As long as you can get people to believe there is a different legal basis for deniability that is based on the lesser standard of belief, then, even when you know someone is guilty, the person is only judged on the belief that a reason exists to believe the person is not guilty. Of course, anyone who does not want to be guilty can come up with a reason why they are not. It is believable that a reason exists, but it is criminal and inhumane to make the belief that a reason exists, the legal basis to determine guilt. That's what plausible deniability does. It insanely creates the perfect escape route from what is sanely inescapable.

Plausible deniability is for those who prefer to hide delusions under the illusion of rightness. That rightness being defined and created by the law the delusionals create to make their abnormalities seem normal. This is the essence of most laws in societies. Plausible deniability is used to stroke the power of delusional egos who don't want to come anywhere near conscience.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought
Unity Consciousness #45

"...Tehuti, the Kmtian (Egyptian) sage, known as Thoth by the Greeks, detailed the aspects of being that must be mastered in order to achieve the highest stages of human development; they are known as the Ten Cardinal Principles. (1)

Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought (Summary)

1) Cultivate the ability to distinguish between the real and the unreal.
2) Cultivate the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.
3) Learn to be free from resentment under the experience of wrong.
4) Learn to be free from resentment under the experience of persecution.
5) Believe the truth can be found.
6) Believe the truth can be lived.
7) Have faith in the ability of the Higher Power to teach the truth.
8) Be devoted to the purpose of realizing union with your Divine Creator.
9) Learn to control your actions.
10) Learn to control your thoughts.

Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought (Detailed)

1) “Cultivate the ability to distinguish between the real and the unreal. This mandate requires us to think for ourselves and question for ourselves. We must learn to think critically and deeply, strengthening our reasoning abilities so we can get beyond “either/or” conclusions and can understand “both/and.” That which is unreal tends to be illusory and temporary and will, upon awakening or enlightenment, disappear or dissipate. That which is real tends toward the everlasting and eternal. In a social context such as ours, where the highest value is placed on appearances, material gain, and consumption, the potential for deception and the distortion of reality will be great.

2) Cultivate the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. The development of our capacity for moral reasoning is critical for our good health. We must identify and articulate the standard of ethics governing our moral conscience and behavior. We cannot rely on the standard of ethics of a society whose development from the beginning has been based on theft and the terrorizing of others for personal gain. Africans in America have brought the United States a long way by leading the fight for equal civil rights under the law; we cannot lose sight of our historic role.

3) Learn to be free from resentment under the experience of wrong. We must not judge by appearances, rather, we must look beyond appearances. Looking with only the physical eye, it may appear the universe is not just. The universe is governed by the law of opposites, and all life processes are conducted based on the principle of duality. In other words, in order to know good, we must also know what is not quite as good. To know life, we must know death, to know male, we must know female and so on. When challenges, which may involve struggle or sacrifice, come, we must not be resentful, but consider them as special opportunities for the exact growth we need to achieve mastery and the highest good.

4) Learn to be free from resentment under the experience of persecution. Practice forgiveness for your own sake. When disagreements occur, assume a lack of information is motivating the other party rather than mal-intent. Our ancestors understood no one has the power to steal your joy, peace of mind or opportunity to realize your greatest good, unless you give it to them, because no one can control what you think or feel but you. As we maintain our power, we realize there is no reason to be resentful. The universe is just. Everyone reaps what they sow. Our challenge is to sow only good and therefore, only good must return to us.

5) Believe the truth can be found. Seeking truth takes courage and trusting, that what will be found, will be sustaining and “the truth.” We must seek the truth. Commit to finding out the truth, develop the ability to discern through multiple dimensions, reason, intuition, insight, revelation, and sensing. With the goal of gaining knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, ask the universe and the order and laws of the universe require we be answered.

6) Believe the truth can be lived. Faith in ourselves to internalize the truth we find, and sustain our choice to live it, is invaluable. Should we get off track, we must forgive ourselves, master the lesson to be learned, then get back on track, being clearer, stronger, and more committed than ever before.

7) Have faith in the ability of the Higher Power to teach the truth. Be mindful of where, and in what, faith is placed. All that is, is faith, our positive belief in it makes it so (even if later found to be in error, it was “real” at the time). Belief that there is an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Creative Life Force, whose nature is love, the source of all good, means everything must be in Divine Order. We must trust that Force in us, to lead us to our highest and greatest good.

8) Be devoted to the purpose of realizing union with your Divine Creator. Consistent and persistent critical self-reflection and self-examination are imperative. Life is about lessons leading to the achievement of a greater and higher good. In the African cultural tradition of wisdom and deep thought, the purpose of life is to become one with God. This process of deification could take many lifetimes. With each incarnation we choose, with the Creator and our Guides, exactly what context and experiences are needed for us to grow closer to realizing this objective. Devotion to this process will yield mastery and mean, upon achieving conscious union with God, we would not need to return to earth. We could choose to return to help others or move on to another plane of existence. Whether or not we believe as our ancestors did, let us be devoted to whatever life’s purpose we have identified.

9) Learn to control your actions. Think before acting. None of us is yet perfect, though striving, so there will be times of acting from other than our Higher Self. Let those times be lessons for growth. What we think and feel are reflected in our behavior. Others may (mis)interpret our actions based on what would be true for them, but checking ourselves for internal congruence between our intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions is most valuable. This ability requires us to stay in touch with our heartfelt feelings and bring them to conscious awareness, so unconscious emotional issues or unresolved conflicts do not drive our behavior. Let the habits we create be good ones, helping us achieve optimal health.

10) Learn to control your thoughts. We must be as selective of the thoughts we let into our consciousness and find a home, as we are of the food we put in our bodies. We must become consciously aware of whatever it is we are assuming is true about life, knowledge, the universe, or whatever, because these assumptions shape the parameters of our thinking and our conceptual system. Thoughts are things. “As a man thinketh so is s/he.” We can best control our thoughts by making sure our assumptions are conducive to and congruent with the values and beliefs toward which we aspire and desire to create using wholesighted (inclusive of heart, mind and soul) reason. Every thought that crosses the mind you need not own, but develop the cache that allows you to treasure most thoughts. Whatsoever things are good… think on these things." (2)

Practicing these fundamental principles will result in right alignment of self as sacred spirit. This protects and supports health and well-being. (3)

(1) Myers, Linda James, “Our Health Matters: Guide To An African (Indigenous), American Psychology And Cultural Model For Creating A Climate And Culture Of Optimal Health.” Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Commission on Minority Health, (2003), p.26. [Mostly quoted with minor changes. Summary, headings and formatting added]
(2) Ibid.
(3) Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities,"The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 76.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The World Is Not A Better Place Since European Domination
Unity Consciousness #44

European domination is not only carried out by Europeans, but also by other wannabe, act-a-like, dominator nations who have a chronic case of Big Bully Stockholm Syndrome. European domination is not the equivalent of rightness or higher intelligence. Anyone can do what they are doing if anyone chooses this path.

What is this path? Lie, cheat, steal, kill, repeat, lie, cheat, steal, kill, repeat... This is historical from world domination's conceptual inception to this very instant. Far too many in the world, all of whom are victims in some way, exhibit the same behavior as some Africans who highly esteem societies built upon the victimization of creation.

Nothing can continuously damage its own foundation and stand for long, no matter how much patchwork is performed.

It is insanity to behave in this fashion and insanity to hold this behavior in high esteem. It is insanity to believe behavior that is destructive to the world can somehow construct the world into a better place. To reach this conclusion, one has to have a very brief thought process based on fear and uncertainty and only one source of information - miseducation.

Sickness Is Domination

European domination can be likened to what occurs when a harmful virus invades the body and takes over. The virus, through various ruses, gets the upper-hand on health and gets the body to produce more viruses. European domination has caused this type of sickness in the body of human beings. No one would be insane enough to claim a virus is a good thing just because it is presently dominating the body. Neither should we give praise and try to copy the behavior of a sickness that has changed a lot of human beings into half-human beings and a helluva lot more into the lower form of humans who are not being nothing like the Supreme Being. This sickness produces two conditions:

(1) The half-human beings who feel inferior to the humans because the humans are “in charge” of the body and are hogging a lot of its resources. They do not feel inferior to the human beings, instead they feel they are better off than the human beings because the human beings are not acting like the humans. This type of thinking is based on the virus' point of view that sickness is health because the virus has to validate itself. This is the main way the virus tricks people into keeping the virus alive by which they themselves are victimized. The virus “allows” people to have just enough to stay alive and never enough to help them realize, that they are not in control of everything they decide, there is only one choice, choose sides, low or high spiritual tides.

(2) The humans feel superior to both the half-human beings and the human beings simply because they are “in control” and as far as they can tell. no one can remove them from this position.

Truths About European Domination

(1) Attempts to destroy all basic needs necessary to be a human being.

(2) Teaches people nice sounding statements, like "To each his own," in order to make each person feel proud to be divided and conquered. “To each his own” is in direct opposition to unity, family, community, civilization and Great Mother Maat. This undermines cohesiveness, stability and respect for other created beings, thus it undermines the ability to co-exist as equals. We wonder why and talk about everything but the underlying cause of domination at the root of several layers of causes and it goes deeper still.

(3) Claims higher intelligence but can't find its way hOme.

(4) Doesn't match Superpower behavior. The Creator is the only Superpower and Highest-intelligent being, if world domination was the mark of greatness, the Creator would do it.

(5) Behaves as a destroyer. To give more than take is to be a restorer. To take more than give is to be a destroyer.

(6) Even outer space is being polluted while Earth is in the midst of multiple environmental crises. What happens when multiple components of a system are stressed? The system or it's stressors must fail. If European domination wins, we all lose so we'd better help the universal ecosystem overcome. It is our only chance to survive. To do otherwise is to live a lie and sacrifice all for minimal needs to stay alive.

There is (1) longing for basic needs inside hollow Babylonians
As babies, arrested for possession of Afroconium
There shall be no tricentennial for destruction
Or hangers on who praise and emulate doers of wrong
All 7 and we shall surely watch and help them fall
Like precariously perched dominoes one and all
By their own alignments their alliances will topple
Facilitated by their allegiances
The Universal Court Of Appeals will settle all grievances
When primordials converge and one succumbs
So will all who stand for, and speak well of, domination
(8) Problems are increasing worldwide. How much critical thinking does it take to realize we're following a losing strategy? Technology is not an advancement, progress or an improvement to the quality of lives, if it involves tradeoffs, side effects or creates new problems. How can this add up to a better world?

Technology is simply people attempting to copy what the natural world is already doing. Only those who rely on lower intelligence, can't figure out what nature is doing, and copy technology in such a way, it harms the natural world infrastructure. Lower intelligence does not know how to be in a healthy relationship with anything or anyone. Only those who are sick themselves want to be in a relationship with them.

(9) Education is the same thing as nutrition. Knowledge does not diminish knowledge. Education is not supposed to have negative side effects. Yet, for most of us, the more education we get, the less knowledge of self we have. In that respect, babies are more knowledgeable than scholars. This is why babies are arrested.

(10) All of these societies are built upon the body of knowledge brought into the world through Africa and built and sustained using her other resources as well. European domination is a get-rich-quick scheme. Where's the higher intelligence in stealing resources and making others have to work to get money to buy the resources back?

(11) Other giants once dominated Earth and were wiped out, just them. Perhaps those dinosaurs stepped on one too many, because they could and get away with it, for a minute.

(12) Justice can't exist alongside European thinking. European domination is the axis of the Global System of Human Racism, White Supremacy & Other Discriminations that exists. To continue to compare the behavior of self and the behavior of others to European thinking and behavior as if it is the norm, is to continue to give energy to the virus that will eat us alive, from already infected insides, because it is there, it has found a place to thrive, and by going along with it, we help it multiply.

Clearly, the answer is No, the world is not a better place since European domination. Only those who have slipped further away from unity consciousness, stepped off the cliff and have flown deeper into the abyss of matrix, darkness and sickness will still resist after reading this, but not after reflecting upon it. I've been there.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

64 Basic Needs That Are Spiritual | Unity Consciousness #43

Basic needs are everything we need to live as intended. Since basic needs are met fundamentally through the natural world which is created by the Creator who is Spirit, all basic needs are supplied by Spirit. Furthermore, we are spirit beings on spiritual journeys. Therefore, all basic needs are spiritual basic needs, in essence, and not just of a physical nature.

Spiritual Basic Needs

0. A Two Truth vantage point and a One Truth point of view. Circular orientation to duality.
1. Abilities
2. Abundance
3. Africa
4. Analysis
5. Ancestors
6. Asking
7. Body (A physical body for this stage of the journey)
8. Black energy
9. Black matter
10. Blackness
11. Change (includes evolution)
12. Children
13. Civilizing principles of matter (Spirit, carbon, melanin)
14. Clothing
15. Communal living
16. Creativity
17. Creator
18. Culture
19. Discipline
20. Elders
21. Energy (From the spirit to animate flesh and other matter)
22. Energy (From sources of nutrition)
23. Female/male pairing
24. Freedom in union
25. Fundamental keys and ways of knowing.
26. Genetics and other inheritances.
27. Giving
28. Higher purposes (Includes bringing forth an abundance of divine creations)
29. Home
30. Identity (Includes knowledge of origin)
31. Influence
32. Interrelatedness
33. Knowledge Of Self (Includes all needful knowledge to live life by, to perfect abilities and achieve happiness, fulfillment of destinypurposes and love.)
34. Land
35. Learning (Includes experiences of self and others)
36. Maat (duality)
37. Manipulation
38. Memory (Maintaining the past and the future in current memory)
39. Motion
40. Natural world as an ecosystem
41. Natural world as the only source of resources
42. Natural world as the means to know the Creator and connect with the Creator
43. Nutrition (From sources of nutrition)
44. Organization
45. Organizing principles of matter (Spirit, carbon, melanin)
46. Process. For example: (oneness, separation, connection, knowledge of self, oneness) and (thriving, oppression, survival, resistance, resilience, triumph, thriving) (1)
47. Protection from harm
48. Receiving
49. Reciprocity
50. Relationships
51. Rights of Creation
52. Seeds and more.
53. Self-study (Independent and joint)
54. Sharing
55. Shelter for the entire self.
56. Spirit as the essence of the Creator
57. Spirit as the primary universal language so all other universal languages may be understood and properly used.
58. Teachers who embody their subject.
59. Thought (Including introspection and reflection)
60. Thought process using a natural world context
61. Time
62. Truth (Includes knowledge of self and higher purposes)
63. Understanding
64. Zero waste
65. Help. Each and all of the above means we need help. Help is the essence of the meaning of all of the above and is what interconnection, interrelation, communal, ecosystem and many other words mean in their essence. Help each other, help your self.

Every person has all of these spiritual basic needs. If a need is not being met by the higher self in the optimal way (Hot), it is being met in one of two ways:
1. By the lower self in the suboptimal way (Cold) (Creates clear contradictions within and without.)
2. By the higher self and lower self in combination (Lukewarm) (Creates cloudy contradictions accompanied by the lingering feeling something's not right, but often, for various reasons, the contradiction is not corrected.

When the lower self is used to meet a spiritual basic need, the basic need goes by a different name. All of these names are the same as the problems we currently face and these are responsible for preventing societies from becoming civilizations.

For example, the higher self did not have the abundance of the natural world during the Ice Age and could not get the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical nutrition it needed. The lower self dominated. Greed replaced abundance and human beings became humans.

The lower self is only focused on minimal needs. Its focus is on surviving and food, shelter and clothing. The higher self is focused on all it needs and focuses on thriving.

The higher spiritual self and the lower spiritual self are in contention of the being they are both within. This is what is taking place in each person. Lack of nutrition, which includes knowledge of self, swings the balance towards the lower self. The presence of nutrition, which includes increasing knowledge of self swings the balance back towards the higher self. This tug of war battle, in each person, is similar to the battle in Earth, in the heavens, in the universe and in the Creator.

The Creator is sending nutrition to Earth to heal Earth. All the changes in the universe, galaxy, solar system and in Earth's climate attest to this. I hope some of this is for humanity to regain unity consciousness. This hope is not to be relied upon however, since it would amount to an extra dose of mercy, grace and blessing after we've wasted so much of it already. To put too much hope in the fact that help is on the way is to tempt the Creator into becoming an enabler of weakness in the lower self – the very thing the Creator is trying to prevail against everywhere.

Many of us already know we need to get more nutrition and yet we refuse to do so though the means to get more nutrition is ours for the accepting and the seeking.
Everything we need is also fundamental to our nature. Our needs and our nature are complements. The two cannot be separated just as food and medicine can't. These things are fundamental. If we do not receive all the parts of what is fundamental to our nature, we will not be able to completely function in accordance with our nature because we won't have everything we need. We will display behaviors that are not as they should be. This has been proven in the Creator above and the necessary steps to transform the lower-self have been accomplished. Who will be among those to take the necessary steps right now to help the Creator transform the lower self in Earth below?
(1) Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities,"The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 68.