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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Programming Dreams Day & Night 24/7/365
Unity Consciousness #996


As promised by the Ages of Aquaria and Kepheus, information is becoming clearer and clearer. One of those areas is dreams, both sleep dreams and waking dreams.

In an overall sense,
To imagine is to consciously dream.
To dream is to subconsciously imagine.
Everything about us and about the Universe is based on programming, including our dreams.

Sleep dreams and waking dreams do not operate independently of each other.

As we learned in previous messages, all information we encounter is consolidated and integrated into our information database.
Therefore, when we are awake and we talk about dreams of what we hope to achieve in life, those waking dreams come out of the information in our information database. It can come from no other place.

Information goes in, dreams come out. The sensing abilities of each of our cells records information, stores it and our main brain puts it all together and out comes thoughts and many other things, including dreams. We must also remember our information database is vast and includes all the information of our Ancestors.

Since the Universe is based on programs and programming, and we are inside the Universe, the Universe is continuously trying to program us to follow the optimal dream path and the suboptimal dream path. Both forces are at work.

In other words, we do not just come up with our own dreams. Dreams come out of the information we were born with and every bit and byte of additional information we have encountered, which has also been stored in our genetic library.

In other words, dreams are the result of the process of cause and effect, which is the result of programming.... and so is everything else.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Similarities & Difference Between Algorithms & Programs
Differences Due To Tendencies Of Thought Processes
Unity Consciousness #995


Two of the many reasons we have a tendency to skip over things: (1) We think we already understand or (2) We think we don't understand enough to bother trying.

Tendency is habit. Habit is logic. Logic is process. Process is program. Program is a set of data and instructions, otherwise called information. Data and instructions are bits and bytes. Bits and bytes are genetic code. Genetic code is genetic potential.

Genetic potential exists everywhere in the Universe, thus so also does genetic code, bits and bytes, data and instructions, programs, processes, logic, habits and tendencies.

There are a range of tendencies that cause us to give them different names and subsequently forget they are fundamentally the same from the same Source. Some of the reasons there are differences in tendencies is due to (2) having a fixed or variable nature, (2) being more easily and quickly changeable and (3) having varying durations.

Society has become more computerized during recent times because everything that is not created by humans is already highly computerized. The Universe is computerized. Humans are computers, not just in the brain but in the whole body and whole being.

If our brain can be likened to a computer then all the systems of the body can be likened to all the systems of a computer. Spirit-soul is the power source, the energy.

It is in these moments we must struggle against the tendency of the open-minded door to want to close.

Since everything is tendency, everything is genetic potential. Nothing can exist that did not have the potential to exist. If so, then the ecosystem is a computerized system of tendencies. If so, Creation is a computer network, complete with servers, Wifi, internet, ports, gateways, connections, passwords, input, output, uploads, downloads, etc.

In other words, computer code is the human attempt to replicate the workings of genetic code.
This is why computers and DNA are being merged to increase the memory capacity of machines.
In computer language, genetic code is a program, algorithm, application, app and script, etc.
Everything is based on genetic code, program, algorithm and script, including hopes, dreams, inspiration, imagination, creativity, talents, etc. Everything tangible and intangible, everything seen and unseen.

This brings us to our main point: there is no difference between an algorithm and a program in a computer, in us and in the Universe.

Now that we are armed with this point of view, when we review websites that talk about the difference between a program and algorithm, we have a vantage point to see and understand the differences are differences in a lesser sense but not differences in the greater sense.
It is said there is a difference between a step-by-step process and set of instructions.
It is said there is a difference in regards to size.
Many of us accept the explanation that programs are larger and more complex than algorithms, thus they are said to be different without accounting for how they are similar.

A more complete analysis reveals the following understandings:
1. Programs consist of a set of algorithms.
2. Algorithms are very small programs.
3. Algorithms are the building blocks of programs.
4. Programs, algorithms, applications, app, scripts, viruses and any process and set instructions are all the same thing.

This is the same metaphor as the progression from atom, molecule, compounds, cells, organs, systems, organisms.
This is the same metaphor as proteins, amino acids, elements, atoms.

For extra learning, review a list of basic computer terminology and ask yourself in what way do humans do the same things. Several of them are easy to see. Get with the program. Don't freeze up, crash or shut down.

”Computers, Robots & Algorithms Everywhere, Unity Consciousness #977”

Thinking Is Logic: Linear, Circular, Curvilinear
Unity Consciousness #994


”Fixations: Nitrogen, Legumes, Fruit & Vegetables, Unity Consciousness #979”

Linear Thinking & Holistic Thinking

What has been described in the message above is an example of linear thinking and holistic thinking. It is also an example of “either/or” thinking compared to “both” thinking. A tomato is both a fruit and vegetable. This is easily understood by understanding the identifiers humans use for themselves. Despite the many identifiers humans attach to themselves, we know that not only are we each identifier, but we are also simultaneously two identifiers and three and many more, even though those identifiers are different words, sound different and seem different.
So it is with humans, tomatoes and all else. We must use linear thinking to understand the parts and also use holistic circular thinking to integrate the parts into the whole and understand the whole. Linear thinking is more suited to the short-term and fragments rather than the long-term whole. This combination becomes known as curvilinear. Our thought processes must employ the concept of two truths, one of which is the vantage point.

Other examples of the two truths are scattered thickly throughout these messages, throughout our bodies and throughout life. Linear and holistic are one example of the two truths. Once we again become acquainted with the two truths concept, we will much more easily understand the linear and holistic. All ways of knowing must be employed in the process of learning. One of those ways, which we have been programmed to ignore, is to learn from lies and learn from that which we disagree with and from that which is suboptimal.

”Universal Worldview: The Flip Side Is SubOptimal, Unity Consciousness #213”

”Twin Context Of Time: Repetitive Circular & Non-Repetitive Linear, Unity Consciousness #637”

”Final Thoughts About Time & Our Motions, Unity Consciousness #643”

''Epigenetics Of Ethnic Group Thinking Of Human Sub-Groups, Review, Critical Analysis, Blending & Clarifications, Unity Consciousness #921”

”Left & Right-Brain, Whole Brain African Psychology, Unity Consciousness #961”

Accused, Accuser and Accusation
Unity Consciousness #993


”Diluted Samples: Another Polluted Example Of Status, Unity Consciousness #990”

If you say or write something publicly about someone, you can be held accountable for slander or libel.
Yet, if you say the same thing via a court document or police report, it can be published without any corroborating evidence. Whether or not it's true is determined years later during a trial. Long before that time, the accused loses.
The person who makes the accusation, even if proven false, is generally not held accountable.

Shouldn't there be a period of time when public information is not made public? Shouldn't there at least be a preliminary investigation and accumulation of verifiable facts before court and police filings are made accessible to the general public?

If this were to happen, then, when the media hears the news and pursues the accused and the onslaughter ensues, the accuser is not allowed to turn the tables and become abuser, instead there is a reasonable amount of facts to compare to what the accused has to say.

As it currently stands, the accused has to give verifiable answers to unverified accusations.

Many Unequal Distinctions

Why does someone convicted by the courts of murder and who has done the time deserve a second chance, yet, someone convicted by the public of domestic violence and who has done the time, not deserve a second chance? Isn't murder, domestic violence?

The number of unequal distinctions which are treated very differently is mind-boggling. If we just narrowly focus on the area we call crimes, obvious contradictions jump out.
1. The murder of a police versus the murder of anyone else.
2. The abuse of an animal versus police abuse.
3. Battery by one gender versus battery by another gender.
4. Videos of police officers committing crimes are justified and videos of non-police officers committing crimes are crucified.
5. Too many of us have an “I don't break the law mentality” because we comply with what society calls illegal drugs, foods, products, other substances and services, yet, most problems in society are caused by 5. legal drugs/medications/treatments, foods, products, other substances and services.
For the naysayers, one notable example is PTSD created by what is deemed legal in America.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Quarterback Smarterback
Unity Consciousness #992


A continuation of “Abolish MVP, Hall Of Fame & Contradictions, Unity Consciousness #988”.

What quarterback has ever won a game without the defense also winning the game?
In any sport, we acknowledge a player's success also depends on the right system and supporting cast.
Yet some folks continue to elevate the quarterback position in American football to be the single most critical piece and no other position comes close.

I contend that a good team with an average quarterback will have more success than an average team with a good quarterback. It's basic math that tells us this. A good team has more players performing at high levels who can make up for some of the quarterback's deficiencies. On the other hand, if the quarterback is the best player, the quarterback cannot make up for the deficiencies of several players. Multiple examples are clear such as the great catch by a Patriot receiver at the end of the game in the last Superbowl. There are thousands of examples. In basketball, we see it clearly when players miss free throws. It changes everything.
We sometimes acknowledge a coach's success is dependent on his players.
It has been proven that Kareem, Erving, Kobe, Lebron, Olajuwon and Michael could not win championships without several other players and a whole bunch of moving parts, including bench players. Remove one piece and the whole thing wobbles, teeters, falters and often falls apart and short.
We acknowledge all teams must have a core group of players.
Yet, we want to anoint Tom Brady as the hands down best quarterback because he was the quarterback of multiple Superbowl winning New England Patriot teams.

Let's put Tom Brady on the Cleveland Browns and change nothing else and then see how great a quarterback he is.

Why hasn't Tom Brady won every Superbowl and every game? Is he the reason for their winning and not the reason for their losing?

Any person who pays attention to any team sport knows every play and every position matters on and off the field.
When it comes to quarterbacks, we all know, that if not for great receivers, there would be no great quarterbacks and no great teams. We all know that if not for some pass catches and dropped balls or a good block or missed block or good offensive, defensive or special teams coordinators, equipment managers, trainers or field goal kickers, that the entire game changes and so does the narrative of teams and so does the narrative of quarterbacks.
Quarterbacks are not an island, especially not Tom Brady. He is the beneficiary of being in the right place, right time when everything worked out right.

In regards to the success and failures and greatness of individuals compared to the team, Russell Westbrook is 100% correct.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Plant Food | Mother's Milk Of Light
You Are What You Eat – Part 2
Unity Consciousness #991


Part1 - “Stars Make Photosynthesis Possible & Automatic, Unity Consciousness #983”

In order for life in the cell to be fully and truly what it can be, life in the cell must unite with life. Of course.
Photosynthesis is the reunification of life across dimensions. Life as light from the Sun's cell, reunites with life in the plant cell.
Life goes into life divine times.
Eating is part of the synthesis process.
Plants eat life as light and synthesize light (photosynthesis) (photo is light and synthesis is synthesize).
Photosynthesis transforms life in one form into life in another form.
Photosynthesis transforms celestial life into terrestrial life.
Photosynthesis transforms life from the third dimension into life in the sixth dimension.

This is why one of the foundations of life on Earth is plants.
In order to function in the best condition possible, we must eat food that has the most life in it.
Food from plants serves that purpose for humans. Plants contain the Primordials of water, air, sun, earth and spirit-soul. You are what you eat.
Humans must eat as much food as possible, straight from plant to mouth in the shortest time possible with zero to little processing and toxins.
When we eat, we eat in the present in the moment; therefore, what we eat must contain life in that same present and same moment.
It is less nutritious to eat food that had more life when harvested. Life diminishes in food (1) when grown with toxins, (2) when grown in unhealthy soil, (3) as the time from harvest to table increases and (4) due to processing, especially cooking unnecessarily or improperly. Most of the food we eat has suffered all of these consequences. Thus the food we eat is past the prime of its life. As a result of the chain of cause and effect, we are then next in this chain of life consequences that the food has encountered. The diminished life in the food we eat translates into diminished functioning for our cells..and this is where cancer dwells.
Humans are in a current state of rampant illness because we are not eating life in the present. We are eating things that have far less life in them than their full nutritious, healing genetic potential, thus, we must eat more to get energy. Furthermore, it takes more energy for our bodies to process dead food than live food. As a result, the net effect of us eating dead food is that there is little to no nutrition energy left over to repair and heal our cells. The little bit of nutrition we do get is used up rapidly for current waking energy needs.

We are eating life in a form that is toxic to our cells and all we have to do is listen to our cells telling us the truth – we are sick.

Light from the star child called Sun, comes from the Mother Star deep in the galaxy's black hole.
From Mother to Star to Earth to plants to humans and other life forms. This is the chain of life because it is the evolutionary chain of ancestry and descendancy.

Light is like milk forming within the Sun.
Plants suckle light and live.
A child who drinks mother's milk will develop properly because mother's milk contains more than meets the eye. And so it is also with light. Light contains more than just visible light and provides nutrition to the plant in multiple forms. And again, this is why, when we eat live food from plants, we get the same benefits plants get from light and the same benefits as if we were getting that pure nutrition of mother's milk straight from the Sun. The relay of life continues as intended.
Life goes into life divine times.
If this chain of life is unbroken, all things will live healthy lives because the full life force of one lifeform, passes into the full life of the next lifeform and so on.
This cannot be stressed enough. Humans are eating food that is in a stage appropriate for life forms that feed off human waste. This is why toxic germs, parasites and cancers are thriving in our bodies because we are eating what is life to them but not life to us. Also, since all cells are fundamentally the same, when cells do not get what they need they will mutate in order to feed off what they are getting. In other words, cancer is a nutrition problem.

Deeper Into Dimensions

There are dimensions of light. There are dimensions of life.
All life forms are dimensions of the Creator.
Light is the soul of life from the Creator being sent from the celestial dimension of heaven to the terrestrial dimension of heaven.
Plants are primary in capturing the soul of life in the form of light and reuniting (synthesizing) it into the plant's life as a temporary dimension for the soul of life to express itself.
Photosynthesis is a process of unifying the consciousness of the soul of life as light with the consciousness of the soul of light as plant.

The food chain is a life chain.
Each link is part of the link before it and after it. Thus, also, by association, interconnection, interrelatedness and continuation, each link is part of all other links in the chain. Each link is actually all other links at different stages of the cycle of life.*
This is why we must at least be aware of the dimension before us and after us. If we did, we would know humans are out of order and causing a kink in the chain that is interfering with the orderly movement of life through all dimensions on Earth. As a result, the chain beneath us has moved partially up beside us and is eating us, because what we eat as food, is already in a state that is more like waste to our cells than it is food.

We must understand the toll it takes on our bodies when our cells have to sift through all the garbage we eat in order to extract some nutrition, some energy and eliminate all the extra waste.
These conditions prematurely wear down our cells due to the continued low nutrition/high toxin imbalance.

For instance, this has been proven by the effects of alcohol on the liver, yet we pretty much accept drinking alcohol as being no big deal to our health. Weak thinking is directly due to weak nutrition. The health of our thought processes is directly related to the health of our cellular processes.

* If life, cycles, then the soul of life must also cycle and light must cycle, just as we know it does based on our daily observations of Moon & Sun. This again is another way of knowing Moon is the dark phase of starlight and Sun is the light phase of starlight.

Diluted Samples: Another Polluted Example Of Status
Unity Consciousness #990


The term “diluted sample” is another polluted example of words being used to do the okie doke switcheroo script flipping I gotcha programming on your main brain.

A diluted sample is a urine sample that contains too much water as determined by the NFL as to how much water an athlete should piss out in the morning when being tested for banned substances. In other words, players are being penalized and their character questioned because they drank, what the NFL considers to be, 'too much water.”
When the athlete peed in the cup, their urine sample contained a lot of water, therefore the NFL considers this suspicious behavior to the point that the athlete is treated as if a banned substance was found.

Because the banned substance test used by major league sports is inadequate.
As a result, instead of the sports league and the test designers and administrators admitting their tests are weak and insufficient, they shift the blame onto the athletes. The NFL says, it's your fault for drinking too much water. Don't drink a lot of water, it will mess up our otherwise very reliable tests.”
According to the NFL, drinking too much water is too much like cheating and trying to hide something.

The NFL, with the assistance of the media, calls having too much water in your urine, “testing positive.” He tested positive for water. What would they call it if he drank milk, coffee, soda or juice? Is that suspicious also?

The NFL would be better off testing the water for chlorine and fluoride, both of which are unsafe to consume, but the media helps us believe what the money and power want us to believe.
On one hand, we are supposed to believe labs can test drinking water and find substances down to parts per million and parts per billion, yet labs can't test a cup of piss because it has too much water. Doesn't a sample of drinking water taken out of the water supply, when tested, contain almost 100% water? Are we supposed to believe it's possible for urine to contain more water than drinking water? Somebody's lying somewhere or everywhere.
The media says what the status quo wants the media to say because the media is a subsidiary branch of the status quo, thus on their privileged payroll, yet, we the sheeple, keep on accepting what the media parrots, without questioning or analyzing the basic premises the media promotes.

Only in a sick culture can you be blamed for drinking too much water and it never cross the minds of most people that that's just weird.

As expected in the case of Jabrill Peppers, the media questions the veracity of the accused instead of questioning the credibility of the facts of the accuser.
Whatever happened to first ascertaining the validity of the claim before holding someone's feet to the flame?

We should know by now, that if sports leagues were really concerned about stopping illegal behavior, they would check all the moving pieces associated with the sport.
As it stands, they do a lot of focusing on players instead.

When it comes to banned substances and athletes, do you really think money and power has no influence on those who take the samples and test the samples?

What place in America, where money and power is involved, is free and clear of illegal activity in multiple areas of the operation? Law breaking exists in government, courts, police, religion, medical, business, sport, entertainment, food and on and on.
America is a nation of laws on a need-to-shape-shift basis. America was a nation of laws during its first two forms of slavery and America is still a nation of laws during its current form of slavery (sharecropping). Laws and rules are never about right or wrong or guilty or innocent, rather laws and rules are about weapons and tools. Thus, the game is about control over fools (believers in a law or rule).
This is what gains and maintains money and power and is what the NFL is about first and foremost. The NFL is not trying to protect the integrity of the sport. They are trying to protect the integrity of criminality. So don't let their words fool you or the words of their cosigners in crime.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Abusers Of “Ignorance Of the Law Is No Excuse”
Unity Consciousness #989


A common trick of those with criminal intent is to try to catch people up by employing “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

Without analysis, it sounds good but is sinister.
For example, in America, most communities have thousands of laws. When you combine all the communities and then add in the county laws you get thousands more. When you add all the laws in a particular State, you get thousands upon thousands more. When you add the federal laws you get thousands more. These laws cover every aspect of life.
Who among us know all the laws they are supposed to follow?

In what area of society is it realistic to know tens of thousands of laws?
Do we know all the medical laws and medical jargon? If not, we have no excuse?
Do we know all the get-politicians-elected laws? If not, we have no excuse?
Do we know all the education laws? If not, we have no excuse?
Do we know all the food laws? If not, we have no excuse?
Do we know all the employment laws? If not, we have no excuse?
Heck, even attorneys specialize in portions of the law and do not know all the laws.
Most people who are lifetime sports fans, don't even know all the rules. The referees and judges don't even know the rules.

You would think public servants would serve the public by establishing a mechanism to keep us educated about the law. Why is there non-stop news and weather and junk TV and not a single channel dedicated to constantly educating us about laws we are not supposed to be ignorant of?

As you would suspect, the biggest users of the “ignorance of the law is no excuse” mantra, are the police (internal military).
The law is their whipping stick and their protection when they apply the law against some and not against others.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse” is a way to claim plausible deniability that evil discrimination is being practiced.

The police don't even know all the laws. They only know the ones they choose to enforce.
Based on the number of errors judges make in court proceedings, clearly they either don't know or don't follow all the laws.

Not enough of us realize most legal laws are written with intent to confuse and abuse most of the citizens. Laws are for slaves whose greatest hope is Jesus saves.

In most societies, it is intentional to keep people ignorant of the law.

Society and culture is structured to keep citizens narrowly focused and unable to integrate understandings of all the fragmented laws that are in contradiction to each other and that work to their disadvantage.

Lawmakers and enforcers are ignorant of universal laws they don't know exist or don't think apply to them.

Abolish MVP, Hall Of Fame & Contradictions
Unity Consciousness #988


(Part 7 of 7)

In a healthy world, the MVP would be the team.

We currently live in a world of rhetoric where words do not match actions.
We love to talk about there is no I in team and sportsmanship and being a team player, yet we come up with accolades and awards that promotes an individualistic mindset.

It is better to talk about the Lakers, Yankees, Celtics, Canadiens and Steelers rather than the individual players.

MVP & Hall of Fame designations do not serve the purity and integrity of the game but it does serve the purpose of special interests.

MVP & Hall of Fame designations do not uphold the highest philosophies of life such as harmony, ecosystem, collective, team, community, communal, ujima, ujamaa, harambee and ubuntu.

MVP & Hall of fame designations are suboptimal expressions of how sports should be administrated Just think about it. Somebody else gets to vote on the worthiness of a player's career.

Optimal thinking teaches us there can be no individual without the collective and there can be no collective without the individual.

If it applies to one, it applies to the team. If it applies to the team it applies to each team member.

In sports, it doesn't help that many contracts include incentives that are individual based rather than team based.

Bottom line is the money and the power, the power and the money.

Designations such as MVP, Hall of Fame, all-star, sixth man, most improved player, coach of the year, etc. all benefit individuals.

This is also a way to create and control a “who is the greatest” narrative, even when not warranted.
This is also a way of creating all sorts of categories for record-setting and writing history through a manipulation of numbers and establishing tiers of accolades, thus tiers of rewards are justified.

One of the most recent abuses is the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick individual anointings. Neither would be anywhere without the other players and coaches and front office, etc. Everybody knows no one in a team sport can win or lose the game by themselves or win or lose the game on one play, no matter at what point in the game the play takes place, including the pregame preparation.

Every team member is an MVP and the Hall of Fame is the path we walk together.

Voting Is Not The Most Powerful Tool
Unity Consciousness #987


What people do before and after elections to hold politicians, governments and public employees accountable is much more powerful.

Voting is just a reminder of what we want and that we will do something if we don't get what we want.

Action comes first, then voting, then action comes third.

Voting is the smallest portion of the process.

Russell Westbrook Is 100% Absolutely Correct
Unity Consciousness #986


“We're in this together,” Russell Westbrook said.
Instead of the media accepting what he said, their media mob mentality bully mentality continues.

Let's just say the media has the right to ask whatever question they deem appropriate. If so, then those being asked also have the right to respond in any way they deem appropriate.
Based on historical and ongoing examples, the media doesn't like it when they don't get their way.
The media has an unrealistic fraternity just like the police who “protect their own,” right or wrong.
The media is one of the most unbalanced perspective groups of people on this planet. They continuously try to justify their behavior of asking mostly asinine boring ridiculous questions under the guise of “legitimacy.” This is why the media is so desperate in trying to find a different story and angle. This is why there is always a pouncing and feeding frenzy and overdoing of any story line outside the usual.
Proof: On, the media labels Russell Westbrook's comments mentioned above as a “rant.” and do not label their continued insistence to get a response as an “attack” or “harassment.”
Instead the media goes on to try to create confusion and division, by saying Westbrook treated teammate Steven Adams like a toddler.

First of all, Westbrook is the leader of the team and it is appropriate for Adams to defer to Westbrook just as it would be appropriate for Westbrook to defer to Billy Donovan, the coach.
Second of all, what Westbrook and Adams did is exactly what should take place in any healthy relationship. For example, parents. What one parent says, speaks for both parents. It is a child mentality that goes to the other parent, in hopes of getting a different answer. It is a child mentality that seeks to get her/his way by dividing and conquering the parents. It is a child's mentality for the media to not like the answer given by one person in the relationship and then go to the other person.
When one adult parent speaks for the other parent, that does not mean the other parent is being treated like a toddler.

It is inconsistent, a contradiction and counterproductive to expect players to function as a team on numerous levels, even hang out together sometimes after games and practice, but yet expect them to function without the team mentality, while still in the team setting. An interview is still the team setting. It is an extension of the playing field, the arena and theater of operations.

The media wants to wear the hats of questioners, referees, arbitrators and debaters of the full range of media theater. They want to be in total charge of their place of work, thus self validation. The media wants to be the sole determiners of what is legitimate and appropriate in the media space and furthermore want their assessment to supersede what is legitimate and appropriate in the human being social behavior space.

The media praises the players and Memphis Grizzlies coach Fizdale for supporting each other, despite Fizdale “breaking the rules” by challenging the credibility of the on-court referees. On the other hand, the media begins their discrediting campaign against players and teams who “stick together” and “break the rules” of how the media thinks you can respond to them, because, after all, the media is just “doing their job.”
And what a pack mentality, alpha individualistic, low scholarship, high memorization of facts, fragmented thought process, erroneous conclusion, job it is in service to the status quo.

Max Kellerman, seconded by Molly Qerim, on ESPN's First Take on 4/24/17 was absolutely correct in his assessment of what Russell Westbrook said and did.
All is not lost.

Not Impressed By The Media: The media has the illusion that just because some of us might want to know something that that translates into a right to know. This is paired with the illusion that just because they ask a question that that translates into an obligation to answer the question. The media loves to keep asking the same question and keep trying to ask the same question in different ways and keep trying to lead people towards certain types of responses. In many instances, their interviews are more like interrogations and setups. In most instances, interviews are a poor method of getting to the heart of the matter and bringing forth understanding. Interviews should be more like conversations where both parties have the right and respect to ask and answer questions. It does not work well when one person can just ask any question and not be held accountable for their logic and for what comes out of their mouth and not have to face questions themselves. We learn best through dialogue and conversation rather than monologue, coercion and rather than a mentality that says, I'm going to make you either answer my question or I'm going to make you look bad for not doing so.
Far too often, a microphone is used like a gun, “comply with my questions, or else.” Who really enjoys a bunch of microphones being shoved in their face and a gang of people pressing you?
Everybody knows, that regardless of what you say or don't say to the media, the media can make it seem any kind of way by what they choose to publish and the parts they point out, highlight, focus on and repeat. The media is always looking for ways to extract something without giving “in-kind”ness back, absent their editing, spin and influencing commentary.
The media expects people (athletes in this case) to just give them content without the media having to give up any respect. The media is quick to point out athletes are obligated to talk to them per their player contracts. And the media sucks players dry with a ridiculous number of interviews per week, mostly repetitive drivel. It works best when its win-win and mutual respect. Respect can only be ascertained on a relationship by relationship basis. There is not one type of relationship and there is not one type of respect. Whatever two people agree upon in the relationship is what it is.
Like all things human generated, media reflects human behavior. There are thousands of media outlets who need content everyday of the year and they are competing with each other to differentiate themselves, thus get viewers/listeners, thus get adverting dollars, thus fund their payrolls. Do you think it is first and foremost about journalism, or professionalism or good, honest reporting? No, it's always the money and the power – at least it's that way in the more popular media outlets. Follow the money trail and you will find where Second Truth prevails.
Bottom line: The media covers who they want to cover. They don't like it when they need the person being covered more than the person being covered needs them. The media only wants to cover famous people, stars. So then, by giving these people preferential attention and coverage more than they would to us “no-names,” the media automatically must defer to those famous popular people and give them preferential treatment. The media wants viewers to fawn over them and give them preferential consideration, yet the media doesn't want to fawn over famous people and give them preferential consideration.
Newsflash to media: It's the nature of the relationship. It's unequal.
The media, being second-most in the relationship with famous people, shows their mean streak when the media doesn't get what the media wants.

By The Way: The NBA administrative group controls its narrative. This season, 2016-17, the NBA has decided to rebrand itself in a reverse KFC kind of way, by having the media refer to the NBA as “the Association..” This phrase is being used far too often this year for it to have originated from the media.
The NBA muzzles players and coaches by fining them for speaking ill of the NBA, especially the referees. In doing so, the NBA is trying to hide one of its biggest flaws, its officiating, which of course speaks to its administration.
NBA is No Balance Allowed.

By The Way Part 2: The media is like a middleman who convinces (tricks) the people on either side that a middleman adds value, when, in fact, the middleman only makes things more costly. The large group of media we call 'mainstream media,” could reduce its information output by 50% and we would not notice it or miss it. This would be partly due its value and partly due to other media quickly filling the void.
Secondly, the media is like the people under the stairs. They've been there so long you think it's normal and that they're holding up the stairs, thus a structural necessity.

Star Power Profusion, Attraction & Illusion
Unity Consciousness #985


(Part 6 of 7)

Earth revolves around a star. This means the activity of all life forms on Earth revolves around stars.

Zodiac signs are based on stars. We refer to the zodiac daily and during seasons and when years change and when we talk about our personalities (I'm a Taurus. I'm a Gemini.).

It is an inescapable urging that humans need to gravitate to and revolve around something. Not just any ole something, but something we think is bigger than us, bigger than life and beyond our full comprehension and abilities to achieve.
This need exists because it is the yearning for the total self that helps ensure the seeking, searching and striving to fulfill the need incentive.
We are parts of the whole. The whole is greater and the whole draws us to it. The need to feel whole and be whole drives us to that which is greater. It is the yearning for the returning to home.

This is because our spirit-souls are used to it because our spirit-souls are bigger than life in human form.

The problem humans have today is that we are now using humans as the model of what a star is rather than using our parents, celestial stars, as the model to aspire to and emulate their power, behavior, elements, characteristics and principles.
We are using human stars and human popularity to try to find our way.
All of this has led us to the present-day heights of the de-evolutionary phase of logic that causes us to gravitate to and revolve around people as stars in the worldly, societal, disconnected-from-the-ecosystem, sense. Our logic is restricted to a constricted matrix which is a very small and deformed portion of the whole.

Movie stars, sports stars, stars for whatever reason, all-stars, superstars, etc. are all on our radar more than Stars in the sky and stars within.
We know more about human-created stars than we do about the Sun, Moon and the countless other stars within our view and that we already base so many things on.
A clear problematic effect of this disconnect is that we do unhealthy things in deference to human-based stars and popularity because we forget we ourselves already are stars of divine caliber, genetically speaking, in all aspects of our being.

Even those of some religious persuasions, worship human-based star gods in contradiction to the Magicians who studied and used stars to guide understanding to the First Truth of the Spirit-Soul Matter.
Also, those of some religious persuasions are far from understanding the star as the child on top of the Christmas tree, the supporting Mother-Father and Ancestral family that branches in multiple directions. The Christmas tree is a symbol of the individual and the collective AND a symbol of the collective and the individual.*

Yes, we are shining stars no matter who we are. Because we have forgotten ourselves, the celestial stars are shining bright for us to see who we can truly be is who we are originally.

*Thus, since the star sits atop the tree, the star is the pole star in the pole position. Throughout the Ages, pole stars change position such that each of the elementals have their turn sitting atop the tree during the Great Year. In other words, where humans use the star atop the Christmas tree on a yearly basis to signify the birthday of Christ, it is more of a designation of the star atop the tree on a Great Year basis consisting of several Ages, each having their own Pole Star and that signifies the birth of a New Age. Thus a change of rulership, change of guiding light of the world, change of guiding philosophies.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

What Is A Food Desert? | Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #984


"Food desert,” as currently used, is ill-advised terminology used for the express purpose to make some people feel bad in the ongoing psychological warfare portion of the spiritual war.

Just because a community has a grocery store, large or small, with the healthiest food on the planet does not mean that community is not a food desert.

Just because food is brought into a community and is widely available, does not mean that community is not a food desert.

First Truth is, 99.9% of the communities in America are food deserts because these communities do not even produce 10% of their own food.
Yes, most of the dollar rich communities in America are just as much food deserts as the dollar poor.

This is made clearer through example: Just because water is trucked into a dry desert does not then make that desert disappear and become nonexistent. The bringing in of water does not change the status of the land.
Same is same when it comes to food deserts.

Poor people are people who have poor nutrition.
Nutrition of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The term, food desert, as currently used, is yet another backdoor ulterior motive shape-shifting way to mess with your mind and program you to think you either do or don't live in a pathetic sad empty barren hopeless resourceless place you need to try to escape, the projects, the ghetto, the hood, the south side, the west side.

”South side Of Heaven and Hell, Unity Consciousness #26”

”Minimum Wage Is Psychological Warfare, Unity Consciousness #70”

There are many types of food, many types of nutrition and many types of deserts.
For example, most of the so-called modern world is a civilization desert. Most humans live in a knowledge of self desert.

Can you think of other types of deserts existing in the world?

”Definitions & Meanings Of Sahara, Desert By Meaning But Not By Name, Unity Consciousness #915”

Likewise related: The term “convenience store” or “C-store” is used to mean a small store, sometimes with a gas station that is jam packed with mostly quick, ready-made, non-fresh edibles and junk food.
Truth is, all markets, food stores, grocery stores and stores in general, whether internet based or brick and mortar, are convenience stores because they are convenient because they have what we want.

If each person planted food in their own yard, food desertness would be reduced. If just 1 out 4 yards in communities contained perennial and annual food plants, that community would significantly reduce it's food desertness.

Stars Make Photosynthesis Possible & Automatic
Unity Consciousness #983


(Part 5 of 7)

Because stars are generators of life and spark AND because Earth is created from Suns AND because all that is within Earth is created from Stars, photosynthesis is made possible.
Photosynthesis is light synthesis and life synthesis.
Photosynthesis takes star energy and converts it into a form that can be used immediately or stored (preserved). This allows Star energy to be transported throughout plants. When that energy is needed by the plant, it is converted back into the star energy spark that fuels the combustion of life processes. This is the same form it started out as, before it left the star.
Light is a transfer mechanism for spirit-soul energy.
Photosynthesis converts light into an intermediate form called sugar (glucose).(do not be deceived by psuedo-scientific terminology: starch, carbohydrates, fat and protein are forms of sugar in more complex, slow-release preservable storable forms) This is why we crave sweets. The craving goes deeper than our mouths and stomachs.
Respiration converts sugar glucose back into spirit-soul energy and sets free the elements (nutrients) to support cellular process and our 64 basic needs that are spiritual .

Mother Sun sends life sustaining energy from within, through space and into the Universe to feed her children who circulate around her.

As a partial summary of the process, plants use photosynthesis, respiration, hydrolysis, glucose and ATP to get energy.
Humans use respiration, hydrolysis, glucose and ATP to get energy.
All life forms use respiration, hydrolysis, glucose and ATP.

Plants perform the photosynthesis first stage of the process for humans to get energy.
When humans eat non-plants, plants still perform the photosynthesis first stage and animals perform the second stage.
Plants perform the first stage of the process for most life forms to get energy.
This is why, without plants, we'd all be dead, in a dormant state of rest, in decomposed potential energy form.

Plants are foundational.
This is why, when we talk about energy, we should be talking about Stars and plants more than oil, gas, electricity etc. in their current forms.

This is why we should not be wasting time on confusions about plants.

This is why it is an abomination and aberration of logic and behavior to have an abundance of grass where there are no animals that eat grass.

This is why we should move away from a bunch of landscaping and hardscaping that unnecessarily reduces plant life diversity, therefore reduces the viability of, thus threatens all other forms of life diversity. If what is growing on “our property” is not edible for humans, pets or other life forms that we want to be on our property, then why are we growing it? If the dominant reason is for visual appeal and ill-perceived curb appeal, then that says a lot about our cultural health. Why wouldn't we plant perennial food trees, food shrubs and food groundcovers that increase in value each year?

Humans are the intermediate stage of the evolution of Creation and are the present missing link to how the Universe thinks.

Note: It is also possible for non-plant life forms to conduct photosynthesis through their skin using the melanin form of chlorophyll. This process provides some, but not all needed nutrition for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Melanin and chlorophyll are each other.

Yes, You Are What You Eat

What you are made of is what feeds you.
This must be so.
What you eat must be compatible with your genetics.
If it is compatible then it must be the same.
When you eat, you are consuming cells, DNA, atoms, genes, protons, neutrons, electrons, etc. You are consuming the building blocks of Creation. It doesn't matter how it looks when you eat it. It matters what it breaks down into in order to be used in thousands of ways in your body. Glucose, fruit and vegetables are the same things.

Humans and all other life forms are stars and are fed by stars in different ways and in more ways than one.

This then is yet another way of knowing that meteors, asteroids and comets, because they feed Earth, are pieces and forms of stars.

See also, ”Plant Food | Mother's Milk Of Light, You Are What You Eat – Part 2, Unity Consciousness #991”

Star Sparks Fuel Production Of Elements
Unity Consciousness #982


(Part 4 of 7)

The potential for spark is in every part of the Universe. One of the ways humans create spark is by striking a match. Striking a match turns the potential energy of spark (a match) into kinetic energy of spark (fire on the end of the match).

Stars are the matches of the Universe. Stars are continuously providing spark and igniting processes.
Some stars are at a greater degree of motion and some stars are at a greater degree of rest. Thus there is variation in their degree of flame, hotness, heat, light, color and current influence.

Stars are the drivers, generators and producers of resources in their most basic form.

Stars Are Element Factories & Element Manufacturers

Since stars are nuters, they are sources of unlimited power. We already know this about one of our Stars, the Sun. We already know this about other stars. Our Sun is over 99% of the total mass of the solar system (star system, Sun system). We are because the Sun is.

If humans really understood life, we would have no problem honoring that which gives and sustains life. This includes many things such as water, plants, womb, Sun, etc.

All things are built using building blocks. Some of the earliest creations of the Universe are building blocks called elements. Elements are to stars as amino acids are to proteins As such then, stars are the ribosomes of the Universe.
There must be an above to every below and a without to every within. Everything is a mirror and everything is a metaphor.

Stars reproduce elements. Stars are element factories. Stars assemble elements.
As an overall collective and as constellations*, stars are constantly producing and manufacturing a fresh supply of all elements to circulate through the cycle of the Universal Ecosystem.
Because stars are of water, stars are just like water. Stars produce energies and elements that heal, kill, reveal, purify, initiate, negate, etc.

We are not just talking about the physical aspect of stars or just the basic periodic table of elements.
Elements are not just Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, etc. Elements are any item in the Universe or any combination of those items. Elements include items such as atoms, cells and organisms such as humans. Every person is an element. Elements are also any set of conditions and any combination of the fixed and variable and the seen and unseen.. Elements include mental, spiritual and emotional elements.

Since stars are foundational generators of all that is, stars are also seeds and stem cells (tem cells)..
There are many many stars in each of our cells. This is why the number of stars in our Galaxy and in the Universe is as the grains of sand.

Since stars are spirit-souls, stars are responsible for making sure all elements exist in the Universe to fulfill the need incentive. Stars are able to fulfill this responsibility because they are tem cells that contain the totality of genetic potential in concentrated, less differentiated, form. In human terms, we would say stars are the brawn of the Universe carrying our the instructions, work and production. The brains being that which gave birth to stars, the womb of the black hole. In the fullness of reality, stars are both brains and brawn.

Whatever element is needed in any size, number, power or combination will be generated and orchestrated by stars.
As discussed elsewhere, the Creator is re-solving the equation of the Many in order to bring the Many back to Oneness and then Zeroness. The cycles of stars, which explains the coming and going of Ages, has proven this without fail. Emergences are converging and accelerating in keeping with the Universal rhythm.

*This includes constellations that include the moons within a solar system. In other words, there is a star constellation within our solar system that consists of the Sun and all moons. There is a Sun and moons eco-sys-tem in conjunction with the Sun and planets eco-sys-tem.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Stars Are Spirit-Souls Of Life Called Khabsu
Unity Consciousness #981


(Part 3 of 7)

A star is the soul of life in darkness.

Souls On Fire & Fiery Spirits

The Ancient Ancients called stars by the name of Khabsu. Khabsu is the elemental power of darkness that was considered divine and imaged in the deity Sut, the firstborn of the Spark-bearer. Khabsu is the evidence for a soul of life in the dark. Thus, spirit-soul and star are synonyms and share the name of Khabsu. All stars are Khabsu in addition to the other names we give them.

One of the meanings of Khabsu is fire. Thus, fire is the element in darkness. Fire is a divine element as is Water, Air and Earth. A star is evidence of the power of darkness. Light is the evidence that the soul of life comes out of darkness. Darkness preexists and spirit-soul coexists in darkness.

Darkness gives birth to stars, fire, life and spirit-soul.
This makes it possible for all that is contained within darkness to be made manifest in different dimensions in different forms. Darkness said, “Let there be Light!”

As light comes out of darkness, so also does Day come out of Night. Hot comes out of Cold. Heat comes out of Wet. Dry comes out of Wet. Land comes out of Water. Water comes out of Land.
There is Fire in Water and Water in Fire. Sun comes out of Moon, both of which, are stars. (AE1 122-4/132-4)

The Universe is dark matter and dark energy, full of darkness and full of spirit-soul. Where light penetrates not, darkness fills the spot and exists on top. Where light shows, darkness does enclose and supports below. Thus, where there is one or the other, there is two-fold.

Khabsu is fire power. It is just one out of the seven elements which makes up the total being of humans. (AE1 127/137)

As we unify earlier understandings, we come to realize a star, as spark and spirit-soul, is an Ankh. Thus a star is a sign and symbol of the ark of the covenant between Creator and created. A star is the spark of the covenant. Spirit-soul is the signature, the sign of nature. Spirit-soul is the evidence of the common bond of all things through the basic duality of the two truths. This is what humans and other creations contain. This must be so. If not, then there is not one origin, one genesis or One anything. In order for all things to unify, work in harmony, reduce to one, combine genetics and consume each other in order to live, there must be a common denominator, a common generator, a common basis upon which all things sit and a common source from which all thing emit.

Two Steps Farther & Further

1. We must remember the Universe is created from spontaneous combustion, from spark. All creation is the result of spontaneous combustion. All creation is the result of spirit-soul star power within. There must always be a spark available in order for creation, creativity, imagination, process and logic (thinking) to take place.
Spark is ubiquitous in the Universe and so are stars and so are spirit-souls. There is no-where and no-thing that does not contain spark. We must stop being deceived by the suboptimal worldview that limits spirit, soul or spirit-soul to just humans, and in some cases to a select group of humans and that limits perception to the organism as a whole and ignores the cellular, the atomic, the elemental and the essence. There is absolutely no place in the Universe spirit-soul does not exist. As we learned above and through our exploration of the early formation of creation, existence of all things comes in two or more forms. There is the spark of spirit-soul that is active and in motion in kinetic form. There is also simultaneously, the spark of spirit-soul that is at rest in potential form.

2. There is a reason why we close our light-seeing eyes when we sleep. We must shut out the light in order to activate our night-seeing eye. We must return to darkness which is the birthplace, rejuvenating place, renewing place and rebirth place for spirit-soul, mind, emotion and body. We must return to a state of lesser motion in order to allow for defragmenting, organizing and consolidating. Knowledge of self takes place in both Night and Light. In both places there is spark in two reciprocal parts.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What Is A Star? Expanded Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #980


(Part 2 of 7)

Reconnecting Dots & Colors Of Consciousness, Unity Consciousness #968 (Part 1 of 7)

Words Derived: star, start, spark, ark, arc, art, mustard, spurt, star disk (asterisk), Ra, Ar, Ire, fire

Related Concepts: illumination, light, ignite, ignition, igneous, inspire, kart, hot, heat, spicy, car, care, karest, Christ, har, harmony, Sa, Sa-Fire, sapphire, photosynthesis, hydrolysis, mister, master, ester, esther, easter

The “S” in Star

“S” expresses both the oldest birth-place and the eldest born (first born), thus mother and child. (BB 5/17)

The Birth-place in time would be the beginning of a Cycle, to which the number 666 related.
666 is the number of the Second Beast (the eldest born) S S S, or Su Su Su, is also the “name of a Man” as a Pharaoh... (NG1 366-7/384-5)

The Greek “S,” like the Coptic, has the numerical value of six. As an ideograph, this is Ses (in Egyptian), whence the phonetic “S” retained that value. (NG1 366/384)

Some of the symbology of “S” is the seat, the deep and the snake serpent. (BB 96/108) (BB491/503)

In the hieroglyphics , the goose and jackal supply a form of the “S.” (NG1 45-6/63-4)

The “T” in Star

The “t” in star is one of the symbols representing technology.

One of the symbols for a star is an asterisk. The aster-isk is the star disk. The star disk is the Sun. The star disk is any star. An asterisk *, is a combination of the double Cross ( “t” and “x”).

The Tau cross T, our letter “T,” is connected with the number 9. The “T” is also a numerical three, a cross of three-quarters instead of four, and so becomes a figure of nine months, or nine divisions of the twelve which were completed by the three water signs, or the abyss in the north, represented by the 0 of the ankh-cross.

In the hieroglyphics, the jackal and perch are found as forms of the “T.” “T” symbols in the hieroglyphics include the snake, bird, and beetIe. (NG1 45-6/63-4)

The “S” & “T” in Star

“S” and “T” are forms of each other and represent duplication, duality, twinness. This is why the snake wraps around the pole and tree. The 'T” is double in the hieroglyphs in the hand and female breast. This duality is figured in the Cross Tau, or “T” which is equivalent to Tta, i.e. Theta in Greek, and by the “T” being a plural terminal. It is the same with the “x” or “K.” This was the principle of our letter formation, visible in the “V” and “Y,” and continued even in the double-looped cursive lower-case “f,” the cursive capital “L”and in “S” or “Z.” (NG1 283-4/301-2)

The “AR” in Star

First we must review what a Nuter is.
1. A nuter is a representation of power and the unlimited.
2. A nuter is a representation of a repeating period, phase, stage or cycle of time in a continuous process.
3. A nuter is an aspect of the non-human or human natural world.
4. A nuter is considered divine and can also be a divinity or deity.
5. A nuter can be a person.
6. A nuter has a foundational meaning of being of water, from water, by water and [return]to water.
7. A Nutr must convey the two truths – that which is and that which is not, the Preexisting state and the Existing state, the After and Before, Origin & Now, Beginning & End...

The eyeball or pupil of the eye is a Nuter because it is a mirror in which an image was reproduced. (BB 94/106)
The eye (Ar) is synonymous with conception, making the likeness, repeating, thus in Egypt, the eye was a symbol of the Child and the Year as the Eye of Horus, and of the repeating period as the Uta, the symbolic Eye of Taht which indicated resurrection and renewal, like that of the new moon. For this reason, “UTA” means salvation, going-out, to be whole for ever. AR is an earlier name of the child and the mother as the total which is the nuter which became the Kar and Har. The earliest name of both is Khept. (BB 248/260)

The companion to Uta is Uat. Uat means both heat and wet, both elements being represented by the Genitrix Great Mother Uati; they are the Two Truths of the Water of Life. The water was converted into breathing life by the Mother when in heat, or gestating, i.e. life-making.

Uati, is the fiery serpent of the Sun, thus, Uati is the spark who gives birth to sparks such as souls, stars, moon, etc.

The Great Mother, as Uati, divides in the two characters of Tefn and Sekhet, who represent the two elements of wet and heat; the dewy red of dawn, and burning white of day.

The star is the ankh and from a distance is a round smooth circle and a pointed object because it is both a circle and also a combination the cross of “T” and “X” (the asterisk, the sun disk, the solar disk).
The star is both 6 and 9 in duality and also 3, 6 and 9 in trinity. The 6 and 9 form the circle and has been represented as the yen and yang.
A star is the embodiment of the Two Truths in multiple forms. This is why the star is an ankh. A star and ankh are primary forms that contain multiple dimensions of the two truths.
A star is an all-seeing eye.
A star signifies a period of time and a cycle. We already use stars for this purpose. We must expand and use stars to help us understand what is going on in Earth and Heaven. We must use stars to help us understand spiritual energy waves as we transition from one Age to the next.
Yes, stars have everything to do with who we are and our daily lives, but so much more than current day grade school explanations of the zodiacs and horriblescopes.

A star is the All in All, thus a star is a symbol of salvation. This we already know based on our own star, the Sun. Thus once again we can see how very appropriate it is to worship the Sun because the Sun is a symbol of the Creator. A symbol that no human has created or messed with. Remember, a star is the mirror image of mother and child or more specifically Mother of the Universe and Child of the Universe or more specifically Mother who created the Universe and Child who created the Universe.

In the hieroglyphics the Ibis which cries “Aah-Aah” and supplies the type of “Aah-ti,” became finally a phonetic “A.” Additional signs of the letter “A” are the eagle and a bird of the goose kind, thus a star is the golden egg laid by the goose. Additional signs of the letter “A” are the fish, frog and beetle. The “R” is a. lion; later this was the phonetic sign for “L.” (NG1 45-6/63-4)

Stars Start Sparks Because A Star Is A Spark

Stars are the start, thus stars are the spark. Not just the spark of heat and fire but also of wet and water.

Stars sparkle because they are sparking, arcing, arking.
Stars sparkle because they are generating and releasing energies in the creative process, thus stars are the epitome and embodiment of all creative processes.
Sparking is twinkling. Sparkle sparkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

A twinkling sparking star is always arking up the right tree of genealogy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fixations: Nitrogen, Legumes, Fruit & Vegetables
Unity Consciousness #979


Some of the most overused and abused words are nitrogen-fixers, legume, fruit and vegetables.
We are so fixated on these words, we have confused ourselves to the point that a recent commercial continues the trend by stating a peanut is not a nut.
Of course, when I looked it up, just to see what the internet has to say, it says a peanut is a legume.
Oh yeah, the mysterious elusive legume family.

Truth is, a legume is just a sub-sub-sub classification.
A peanut is a nut and a legume.

Further information on the internet states that a peanut is not a nut; however, a peanut is a fruit.
Based on this logic, then a legume is a fruit.

What is a legume? Some say a legume is a dry fruit. Some say it is fruit inside a pod.

Again this brings me to the point of nitrogen-fixers. Legumes have been anointed as the nitrogen-fixers of the world. This is quite ridiculous. Many more plants fix nitrogen. Also, many other plants and all plants perform fertilizing services to the soil ecosystem, thus eventually to themselves.
We know this in a roundabout connective way, because even lightning fixes nitrogen and some bacteria fix nitrogen. Legumes are not the only and best nitrogen-fixers in town. Furthermore, by reason of extension, if there is a necessity for nitrogen to be fixed by multiple components of the ecosystem, then there must be multiple components fixing other nutrients.

Why are we not talking about phosphorus-fixers or potassium-fixers or micronutrient fixers or trace mineral fixers? You can be certain that plants, as one of the anchors of life, are contributing to the transformation of most of the nutrients in the soil.

It's time for us to stop the information confusion.

We have fallen in love with words such as legume, nitrogen-fixers and protein, just so we can sound like we understand more than we know. We have taken an a la carte approach to consciousness. All of this is ridiculously, so modern in a miseducated way.

When we keep saying a tomato is not a vegetable, it's a fruit, we are splitting hairs. The distinction between what is a fruit and vegetable has been made bigger than the actual difference.
Even so, despite similarities and differences, all vegetables are fruit and all fruit are vegetables.
All of it is plant food and food from plants.

The words, fruit and vegetables, are just words that serve to confuse us more than to help us understand we are splitting hairs unnecessarily, improperly dividing the word of truth.
This is why, despite supposedly being more educated, we are still malnourished.

It matters not what is a fruit or a vegetable. It matters that we eat as many parts of the plant that are edible. We don't need to eat a wide variety. We only need to eat a handful of choices in season grown properly and prepared properly. Understanding this will help us stop paying high prices for things out of season because we think we need them.

So now we come full circle in logic. To state a peanut is not a nut is about as wrong as stating a pineapple is not an apple.
Relatively speaking, the differences are minute. If we focus and magnify these differences, so as to consider them significantly or totally different, we are living proof that our fixation is goofiness.

Replanting A Gardener's Golden Grail: Nitrogen-Fixing Fixation

Food Fight With Seeds. Food Fight #23

See also “simple nutrition plant”

In a related insanity, we love to talk about mammals as if that's one group, yet we know there are many mammals that are non-human and mammals that live in the water such as whales. So whales, cows and humans are mammals but a tomato is a fruit and an eggplant is a vegetable and a whale is not a fish. A whale is more like a human than a whale is like shark. Huh? Our categories and classifications do more harm than good to our understandings.

“The largest pool of nitrogen available in the terrestrial ecosystem is gaseous nitrogen from the air, but this nitrogen is not usable by plants, which are primary producers. Gaseous nitrogen is transformed, or "fixed," into more-readily available forms such as ammonia through the process of nitrogen fixation by natural means, especially by microorganisms (prokaryotes) in the soil. Ammonia can then be used by plants or converted to other forms.”

Monday, April 17, 2017

Racism Salvation
What Can White People Do To Save Their Souls
Unity Consciousness #978


After listening to a video titled, “Battalora and DiAngelo (The Fear of White Men),” I followed the advice of one of the speakers and “googled” the following:

what can white people do

DiAngelo asks white folks to consider this question, “What [is it] about my life [that] has allowed me to not know what to do about racism?”

My take on this is that racism is so akin to sin that doing something about racism is akin to salvation.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Of Computers, Robots & Algorithms Everywhere
Unity Consciousness #977


Most information from humans is trying to program us, for or against something.
All information from non-humans is trying to teach us both.
As we already know, a brain is a computer.
As we have come to understand, cells are also computers.
As we have come to expand, we reckonize Earth must also be a computer since Earth is a cell, thus a brain.
As we continue to expand these understandings, we come to see the Universe is a computer that was designed and programmed by the Technician & Webmaster.

So now, as we focus on humans, we must not miss the point that we are computers who are made of computers and we are nested inside multiple dimensions of computer systems (computer ecosystems).

The Universe, the macro, is just like us, the micro.
The Universe within is a microcosm of the Universe without.

We are composed of hardware, software, programs, data, information, logic, bits, bytes, binary code, 0's and 1's, scripts and all those other things in computers, computer networks and the internet, etc.

It is exactly true that our scripts are flipped, corrupted and infected. Not only our prescripts but our postscripts, subscripts and conscripts.

It is exactly true we are programmed.* Programmed is not just something that sometimes happens. Everything about us is a program. Just because there is leeway and flexibility (free will) does not mean it is not a program.

If we are programs, we are algorithms.
If we are algorithms, we are robots, machines.

We are robots with fixed programming and variable programming.

It is helpful to all learning that we will ever do in this life, once we find at least one metaphor that applies to all things great and small and we dig deep into it and continue to develop understandings using the metaphor.

As discussed elsewhere, human creations in a suboptimal environment of education and understandings (uncivilized societies such as America and their worldwide wannabes) are woefully inadequate and mostly non-synergistic with non-human created creations.
For instance, so-called “smart” phones are computers. Smartphones are another attempt to reproduce the computerized systems already present in the Universe. Smartphone systems also already exist within humans. One of the short lessons to this understanding is that the original non-human created smartphone technology is being restored and returning to its optimal state. This is why many creations have already, are and will continue to manifest “incredible” displays of genetic potential. This is nothing new. It is renewed.
The macro universe is optimizing. The micro universe is optimizing. For hundreds of years now, during this current cycle, there is an ever-increasing awakening of elation and trepidation. Elation by components on one side and trepidation by components on the other side as awareness increases of what is taking place. Computers need energy before they can function. We can wait for the output or we can look at the input in order to understand. We can look at the first stage and form or the second stage and form. The first form of energy of this Universe is spiritual energy waves. Those who are elated are understanding these waves well in advance. Those who read the physical signs are becoming aware of more but do not understand nearly as much. This is why they are fearful and are doing an enormous amount of things to try to “survive” what is flowing through the network. All that is taking place is an attempt to either get with or go against the inevitable changes taking place in all dimensions in all systems. In other words, to the degree we are seeing things taking place by those following the script of Second Truth, things are also taking place, to an even greater degree, to more than offset the machinations of Second Truth logic. Once a virus has taken over a computer, it is convinced of its superior position and surprised at how easily and quickly it is lost, slowly at first and then suddenly, all at once.

*One form of programming is studying. Whatever we experience that is repeated many times is programming. When we listen in class, read the chapter, do the assignments, we are programming our logic.
Another form is advertising. That is why advertising is repeated a zillion times in video, audio and print. Your mind is recording all of these pieces of information faster than you realize it's happening.

All forms of information and stimuli our senses encounter, influence us.
Every bit and byte of information, no matter what and no matter how brief, is recorded in our memory.
All information in memory becomes part of our programming.
One way to test this is to leave music or television playing while you sleep. Try to recall your dreams when you wake up and you will realize some aspect of your dreams was influenced by what you were hearing. Our senses never sleep and even when we are awake our senses are recording things we are unaware of.
This is why there is big deal when people use subliminal messages in many areas of life.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Climate Change Adjustment Process & Heirloom Plants & Seeds
Unity Consciousness #976


”False Positive Climate Change Out Of Non-Blackness Control, Unity Consciousness #936”

”From Pangaea To Pandora & Native To Non-Native Plant Species, Unity Consciousness #970”

1. When an organism migrates, or is moved, from one climate to another, genetics must recalibrate. This process results in a change in how genetic potential manifests.

2. Even though an organism stays put or migrates or is moved, climate change of Earth is always taking place, thus there is continuous recalibration of genetics, This adjustment process is optimized the more in touch with the ecosystem the organism is. If the organism, such as humans and human pets, are in artificial environments and have suboptimal habits, genetics will become out of sync with the ever-evolving adjustment process of climate change.

Climate change is an adjustment process. Climate is adjusting in order for other genetics to adjust in order for the balance of all organisms to adjust.
The environment is adjusting all elements and all formulations.

The natives are restless and the non-natives are their altered egos.

As alluded to, but not stated specifically, heirloom is the same as native, thus, heirloom genetics change. If an heirloom plant or seed is grown in a climate that closely matches the one it came from, then it will take fewer generations for that variety to become completely acclimated. Do not just think that an heirloom is an heirloom in the sense that it will immediately be perfectly acclimated. There will be an adjustment process and then a continuing adjustment process.

Cosmetics Making Up & Messing Up The Skin We're In
Unity Consciousness #975


How did we come to the point that, humans, mostly women, put cosmetic makeup on our skins in order to look good and presentable?

If you wear cosmetic makeup for vanities sake to reach some artificially constructed standard notion of prettiness, then this message is for you. On the other hand, if you wear cosmetic makeup because you think you have a skin problem that needs correcting, then this message is for you.

Skin is an organ. All organs are composed of cells. Therefore a skin problem that needs to be covered up is an attempt to cover up the real problem – organ failure and cellular malfunction.

Cellular malfunction that shows itself through the skin is not limited to the skin.
Skin problems can also be simultaneously affecting energy levels, headaches, ability to think clearly, ability to sleep, and on and on.

Only more nutrition and less toxins can fix skins problems and help us look better, look younger and live longer.
What happens to us as we grow up from beautiful babies and into teenagehood and adulthood that causes us to have to wear makeup? Do we get uglier? Of course not. We get unhealthier – in our thinking-which then of course leads us to becoming unhealthier in body, emotion and spirit. Societies filled with this kind of thinking are Last World societies, not First World. The prevailing preponderance of education in a country from all sources tells the truth about the health of all things in that country. A country cannot exceed the bounds of its education. It can only breed what its education feeds.
I'll say it again. A skin problem is a warning of a deeper problem.

Our ready acceptance of cosmetic makeup in order to look better and healthier is one of those things that must be reconsidered. No, it is not a personal preference that is six of one and a half dozen of the other. It is the same as choosing between smoking and not smoking.

Partial Summary

A skin problem is an immune ecosystem problem which is an organ problem which is a cellular problem which is an unhealthy condition within our cells.
Skin is the tip of the iceberg that gives us an indication of all that lies underneath the skin.

Inside each of our cells there is an ecosystem. Groups of cells form another layer of ecosystems called organs. Groups of organs form another layer of ecosystems called systems. Groups of systems form another layer of ecosystems called you or your body. If, on any level, a significant portion of these ecosystems are unhealthy and unable to function properly or repair themselves, then, because those cells are unable to perform optimally, there will be internal and external symptoms and internal and external consequences – internal and external causes, internal and external effects.

The promotion and use of cosmetic makeup has led us to dangerously believe that skin problems are not a big deal healthwise and all we have to do is pretty ourselves up by using makeup to cover up what's coming up out of our cells. (ugly in, ugly out)

Note: As discussed elsewhere, this toxin avoidance message applies to most things we voluntary put on our skin in the name of personal care products. It is amazing what we've become that we “know” so much about externally based personal care and yet we know very little about internally based personal care. If we reversed this information deficit, we would need far fewer personal care products.

Millions of women worldwide do not wear makeup. Why not? How are they, along with the men, able to look shazam good, healthy, younger and live just as long as folks in derogatorily named “developed” countries.

This just came to mind. Why do men in a country such as America, not wear cosmetic makeup to look good? Are we just automatically as pretty as we want to be? Do we not have skin problems? Do we not age? Do we not get dressed up and go to work or to special occasions? Is culture the culprit?

What kind of culture is so made up with makeup that we are messed up?

Seriously. Think about it. If it is possible to put gels, creams, ointments, lotions and patches on our skin that can help or heal, then the skin is also an entry point for things that can harm or make ill. What makes us think cosmetic makeup or other personal care products just sit on the surface of the skin and that's as far as they go? Clearly, what comes in contact with the skin can reach our blood stream and deepest regions within our cells.
Start reducing what you put on your skin.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

One And Done College Basketball Athletes
Unity Consciousness #974


Good for them!

Some high school basketball players skip college altogether, yet are viewed favorably. Shouldn't they be called 'None & Done?”

When any person devotes a bunch of time and other resources towards developing a skill, why should a person not monetize those abilities at the earliest opportunity in order to earn a living via the honest route?

The main reason most of these players are in college is to play basketball and make money for the colleges. It is not to get a college degree. Please.
The colleges understand this, which is why these players are given many “leeways” that non-athlete students do not get. Get over it!

Many of those who are against “One & Dones” are haters of elevators.
The rest of those who are against “One & Dones” are those who are mad their pockets can't get pad(ded). These people don't like the fact that they can no longer make money off of the really good athletes who decide to turn pro. Those athletes who decide to take their talents elsewhere and to no longer be controlled as college property. Property because they are bought and paid for by athletic scholarships so they can work for the colleges in the college basketball entertainment business. In return, these highly talented athletes are given room, board, status, frivolities, “get out of jail free” cards and other stuff we can't talk about.

If your thought process about any individual's behavior never takes into account the two forms of control (money and power), then your thought process is incomplete.
If your thought process about what is going on in the world, never takes into account the two forms of control (money and power), then your thought process is incomplete.
If your thought process about what is going on between people* or groups of people, never takes into account the two forms of control (money and power), then your thought process is incomplete.
*for instance., With the assistance of many liars, James “Cry Baby Boy Brat” Dolan's continued assault on Charles Oakley

Do not make the mistake of thinking the National Basketball Association is separate from the College Basketball Association. Each is a stage and form of the other. To consider professional sports as separate from college sports would be the same as mistaking the education system in a country as being separate from its legal system. They are all interrelated institutions working together and supporting each other. Do not be distracted by their dysfunction. Though all these institutions are dysfunctional, their main function of working together to maintain money and power for the relatively few, is still intact.

College basketball is the farm system for the NBA.
College basketball is the greenhouse nursery for seedlings to develop before being planted on the plantation of the NBA.
For non-athletes, college is the farm system for corporations and governments (the workplace).
College is the greenhouse nursery for seedlings to develop before being employed in the field (the plantation).

Most college basketball players have the goal of making it to the NBA, yet, most college basketball players understand most of them will never make it to the NBA. Any college athlete who does not make it into the professional ranks is given a college degree as a consolation prize, a parting gift. “Here, take this piece of paper and try to convince someone to hire you based on skills extremely common in the workplace than the skills of NBA basketball players. Here, take this piece of paper and work for 45 years and only perhaps make what an NBA player makes in 1 or 2 years.” Why would anyone put that piece of paper, called a college degree, first? Especially when there's a better way, a better option, a better choice to make money, which is the purpose of going to college in the first place?
So when all the stars align for an athlete to make that climb from the first rung of the ladder to the fifth rung of the ladder, why not take that One & Done giant leap instead of taking baby steps?

Go ahead and jump out of the college line where you make NO money.
Jump into the NBA line where you get PAID to play!

We are told the reason to go to college is to get a good education. That's a big fat white lie.
I must now repeat an earlier point: The reason any person goes to college is so they can make more money.**
The reason to go to college is not to get a degree and be “educated.” The only people who believe this are those who are drunk on miseducation. On this point I was once an alcoholic.

If a college student can get their money via the sports route rather than the paper route, then more power to them.
College basketball players who choose to be One & Done are athletic entrepreneurs who should be applauded for developing a product (themselves), bringing it to market, showing proof of concept and then selling to a higher bidder.
College coaches do this. Nobody questions the sensibility of their logic for going where the money is. Why not? Because most college coaches are good ole white boys. On the other hand, the majority of the One & Done basketball players are young black men.
Play on players!
Don't be mad at the players. It's the NBA that's willing to pay these players to step away.
If colleges don't like it, then colleges should pay athletes and then perhaps more of them would stay.
The NBA is poaching players away from college and it's legal.
In the game of money and power, somebody's gotta win, somebody's gotta lose.
Basketball players are waking up and taking back some money and power. It's a new day for how the game is being played.

**The reason to go to college is to also get you to pay for training. It is also to get millions of people to pay tens of thousands of dollars each to support a business (the college education system).

College athletes just might be smarter than non-athletes. Athletes don't pay to go to college like most of us. Then they have the opportunity to go in a career where they get paid a lot more than most college graduates.
The competition to become an NBA player is far less than the number of college graduates competing for jobs. Sounds pretty smart to me to be an athlete, especially a One & Done athlete.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Diffusion, Osmosis & Balls Of Confusion
Expanded Definition & No Difference Between
Unity Consciousness #973


Diffusion is the process of balancing.
Diffusion moves resources from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. Diffusion is sharing, altruism, redistribution.
Diffusion is a continuous balancing act and re-balancing act. Therefore, diffusion is dynamic balance.**

Diffusion is dispersion. The ability of diffusion to achieve balance varies in the short-term and long-term and in the micro and macro. As a result, although diffusion seeks balance, there is often saturation of the previously low concentration area and emptying of the previously high concentration area. This is part of the process that then causes the saturated area to begin diffusing into another area and then that area diffuses until imbalance is not as significantly concentrated in any area. An example of this is when it rains heavily during a short period of time.

Plants practice diffusion. Roots absorb nutrients in the soil and diffuse these nutrients throughout the plant. Likewise, other parts of the plant diffuse nutrients back into the roots, which also diffuse nutrients back into the soil.

Absorption is diffusion.
Drinking is diffusion.
The sharing of thoughts and spreading of ideas are forms of diffusion. Reading someone's mind is diffusion.

Osmosis Is Diffusion

Osmosis is diffusion. Osmosis is not limited to a fluid, liquid or water and neither is osmosis limited to a semi-permeable membrane, solute or solvent. Osmosis is more expansive, thus inclusive.
Osmosis is the same thing as diffusion.
The movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane is just one form of diffusion. The movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane, although called osmosis, is just one form of osmosis, because Osmosis is Diffusion, which is the larger category describing movement from areas of high concentration to low concentration until balance, saturation or emptying is achieved.

Here's what happened: Current day “scientists,” do not understand microcosm (self) as it relates to macrocosm (all else). As a result, they have taken one form of diffusion and called it “osmosis,” while at the same time, calling all other forms of diffusion, “diffusion.” This is the difference between the two. This is inconsistent and creates confusion. There are many forms of diffusion involving many substances, elements and dimensions (membranes). Osmosis, in the mistaken sense, is not thought to be diffusion. Osmosis in the correct sense, is not one form of diffusion, osmosis is all forms of diffusion.
Your skin is a semipermeable membrane. When warmth or cold from your body moves through your skin and into the skin of another person, osmosis has taken place and did not involve water. Osmosis is not just about water. There are many forms of osmosis because osmosis is diffusion. Osmosis seeks to redistribute something that is too high in one area and move it into an area where there is less. This is the same thing as diffusion. Osmosis and diffusion are synonyms and should be used interchangeably.

More Examples

Eating is diffusion.
Marinating or brining meat is diffusion.
Soaking is diffusion.
Allowing something to cool down or warm up is diffusion.
Ice in a drink is diffusion.
In many instances, infusion is diffusion.
Dehydrating and rehydrating are diffusion.
Heating is diffusion.
When you heat a pot or pan and put water or oil in it and then put food in it, heat diffuses into the pan, into the liquid, into the food and into you.
Migration is diffusion.
Breathing is diffusion.*
Raining is diffusion.
Condensation is diffusion.
Sweating is diffusion.
Sun shining is diffusing.
Radiation is diffusion.
Passing gas is diffusion.
Spreading butter on bread is diffusion.
Clothes on a clothesline is diffusion.
Allowing refrigerated items to come to room temperature is diffusion.
Gossip is diffusion.
Light is diffusion.
Lightning is diffusion.
When you plug a device into an outlet, electricity diffuses along the wire and into the device.
The reason you get a shock when placing your finger or an item in the outlet is electricity diffusing into the item and then continuing into you Diffusion can only take place between two things that are connected.
Planet Earth is a ball of diffusion.

Reckonize yourself as also being a ball of diffusion and a lot less like a ball of confusion.

*Breathing is triggered by the diffusing exchange of gases.
**Diffusion is energy in motion. Diffusion is perpetual motion. Since all things are in motion and always changing, there are always imbalances to confuse and diffuse.

For Additional Study:
Sometimes diffusion involves climax. (The breaking point, the release point of something that builds and then moves from one dimension into another dimension, from high to low intensity).

Diffusion is logic. Diffusion is process(es).
Diffusion is not just physical. Diffusion is spiritual. Spiritual energy waves circulate by diffusion. By this then we know the high concentration of harmful spiritual energy in the human race will be re-balanced by any means of diffusion necessary in order to overcome all the means of confusion being used to try to make sickness great again.
No greatness, good or bad, can withstand the advancement of diffusion.

Osmosis is Cosmosis and Cosmosis is Diffusion.

Diffusion is Different Fusions trying to work out the dynamics of diversity so life has no conclusion.