"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

Continuously nutrition pieces of your minds and health must follow.

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Individual & Collective Greater Good | Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1089


Question; How to maintain beingness when different, sameness, individuality and collectiveness are necessary to complete the course?

Answer: Use Optimal Theory as a context and redefine all keywords so they are more in alignment with the stronger healthier meanings of Sign-language.

Intro To Individual

Every part of the word “individual” means duality which means collective.
An individual is a separately distinguishable part of a whole.

Sameness Is To Different As Collective Is To Individual

The problem we have with understanding the words individual and collective is the same problem we have with understanding the words different and sameness.
We don't understand how these two sets of duality work together, under what conditions, and according to what cycles.

Body Metaphor

Body parts are different, yet they are the same body.
Body parts are individual, yet they are the same collective.
The same hand of two people is used to shake hands but the opposite hand of two people is used to hold hands. There are times when differences function differently and times when differences function the same. There are times when individual parts work together in the same way to achieve the collective goal and there are times when individual parts work together oppositely to achieve the collective goal.
In a pure sense, one hand does wash the other; however, "hand" is a metaphor for the collective since the hand is a collective of five fingers. It shows us the individual and the collective can never be separate except when both are defective. In an impure sense, it's you scratch my back, I'll scratch your back. That's mutual benefit, which is suboptimal. In a pure sense it should be each according to need according to whoever can assist. In this way the system of abundance remains open rather than closed by only helping those who directly help you.

Ecosystem Metaphor

Since the body is an ecosystem, we can use the larger Ecosystem as an additional metaphor. All the individual parts of the ecosystem of Earth are the same thing as the body of Earth. All the individual parts of the Universal Ecosystem are the same thing as the body of the Creator.
All ecosystems (bodies) are based on difference, sameness, individual and collective.
Each different individual part does what it's supposed to do for the same collective benefit.
When each different individual part does not work together for the collective greater good, dysfunction takes place. Ultimately, the culture of the Universal Ecosystem Collective has the greater impact on the level of and form of function and dysfunction. This is true in all dimensions in the long-term; however, smaller collectives such as humans have a greater impact in the short-term.

During different cycles, differences and individual parts become more prominently expressed than others. Each difference has its time, then it changes, just as it does with stars.

Apples and oranges are different and the same. Fruits and vegetables are different and the same. Female and male are different and the same. Food and medicine are not different. This logic applies to all differences and to all things said to be individual.

Going Back To The Reality Of Individuality

Individual means to divide the dual.
An individual is incomplete because an individual is one part of other collectives. This is why “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

For example purposes we will only focus on a few of the collectives within human individuals.
For every difference an individual perceives self to be, the individual must also recognize the other parts of that collective, in order for the individual to move back towards beingness and wholeness. This is the process of putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again within self. Each individual must recognize self as both female and male and as both child and parents and as both being of one group and also of all groups. These are first level dualities. Once any of these understandings are achieved, the next level of understanding becomes accessible. For instance, once an individual understands self as being both female and male, that duality becomes One, and then that One becomes recognizable as part of yet another collective. The person become more able to perceive self as human and as Nature. Going through the process of unifying consciousness of the collectives we are part of, moves us towards optimal functioning and Oneness. Recognizing self as female and male allows me to function as male when that difference is necessary and also function as the union of gender when sameness is necessary – which is almost all the time. This is how individuals, in pursuit of satisfaction, achieve it for the collective greater good within self, thus automatically for all else. As described before, the collective greater good cannot be achieved by focusing on it as an end result. Zillions of differently same individual processes must take place and come together to contribute their energies towards the collective greater good.
In other words, the collective greater good is not achieved by talking about love, forgiveness and coming together. That is deception. No, rather the collective greater good is achieved in zillions of ways each day, within, then without. If these smaller processes are not taking place to assist individuals in their quest for beingness wholeness, then the collective greater good is not the intent of that culture.
From this understanding we are able to recognize natural law at work: when the collective greater good is not taking place, as it never has in America, then we know the majority of citizens are also dysfunctionalized by being institutionalized. In their too-far-gone crazed minds, the greater good means physically standing up for a flag and an anthem while simultaneously beating, killing and enslaving with both.
Those who work against the collective greater good must work against themselves to a much greater degree in order to spew forth enough extra energy to have a significant impact on the collective.
For instance, genderists, racists and murderers must hate, poison and kill off the female, African Black and life within self, in order to eject the energy to do the same outside of self. We know this is true because we know we must love ourselves before we can love others. This reminder helps us remain clear-headed when dealing with unhealthy people so as not to be okie-doked thinking those who are intent to remain in the deep cesspool of self-destruction, in order to destroy others, have any desire or ability to ever do anything for the collective greater good. On this same note, it's foolish to think racist females can be partnered with for women's rights and that that supersedes their racial perceptions. No, the only thing that supersedes their racial perceptions is your self-deception.

Darkness and Light exchange places slowly, and then all at once, every moment, day, year and Great Year. Even so, the changes are always noticeable.

Individual Further Defined

Part of the word individual comes from Vidua (Latin) which comes from Uta, Fut, Futa, Khut, Kef and Kheft (Egyptian).
Vidua means to divide for certain reasons, while still functioning as a whole, according to the need incentive. (BB 227/239)
Ua is both the birthplace and that which is born out of the birthplace.
“Indi” is likely derived from enti.
Enti (Hen-ti) is the name of existence. Ti is two or double. Ti-enti [enti-ti] is dual existence consisting of Two Truths. (BB 347/359)
Enti (Nuti) means two forms of the waters of all beginning. Three sets of those two forms are water and breath and also water and blood and also blood and milk. These two forms, truths and dualities allow existence to come out of the waters of preexistence. It is the process of creating individuals; therefore, what it means to be an individual does not originate with humans. (NG1 151/169)

Some other words expressing the totality and duality of individuality: identity, potential, identical, different, entire, authentic, incentive, essential...

In other words, when healthy logic exists, individual does not mean by yourself, single, on your own, all alone, or “to each his own.” Individual means difference and sameness, individual and collective. Individuals are supposed to seek re-connection and re-membering with the rest of self which exists in different forms everywhere. Only when we are in an unhealthy suboptimal cycle of logic do understandings regarding difference and individual become problematic cancer-causing agents on all levels. We must recognize the times according to the Signs-language is expressing throughout all dimensions of human and non-human Nature.


There is no escaping the collective. In all ways, the collective and individual are influencing each other. No one and nothing has its own little world. We already know individuals have always been more reflective of the collective they identity with, than the individual is reflective of independently-arrived-at individual choice. See recent messages mentioning culture and/or behavior.

As we regain the proper context, definitions and meanings, we still must decide to change our behavior based on new understandings. This does not happen automatically. That would be too easy, robotic and compulsory. No, even when in possession of better or worse information, we must still make voluntary conscious choices to change or remain the same. This closes the escape route of “I didn't know,” because knowing is not a guarantee of doing and choice is not entirely based on information from without. There are other ways of knowing something. There are other portions of our sensing abilities that tell us what is right and wrong.

The Team in Ecosystem and Self-Esteem

The main human problem can be viewed as a miscalculation of self-esteem. We don't understand the “I” relationship to the “tem” (item, ecosystem, team, twotality). We are basing our relationships on partial, incomplete, erroneous, fragmented subgroups, subsets and subtotals of information.

Our teamwork philosophy needs a lot of work. Our teamwork philosophy suffers from the same weakness because we do not transfer the teamwork philosophy used in sports, to other collectives that have greater impacts on the well-beingness of the collective greater good.

All of this stems from misunderstandings regarding difference, sameness, individual and collective.

Because all systems are teams, the ecosystem is eco-assist--team.

Thank goodness Moon, Sun, Water, Blood, Breath and Earth, who are different individuals, do not have the human dimensions of emotion and free will to complicate the fundamentally simple such that these Primordials would misunderstand their differences and then seek to dominate existence to the detriment of self and all else.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Different & Difference | Definition & Meanings | Short Version
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1088


A Different Kind Of Difference – Optimal Meaning

We recently learned Iu and Ju, as in Jupiter, means the dual one (two in one and one existing as two).
Part of the originating root structure of Iu and Ju is Tseb, Tsef, Djef and Dif.

It's now easier to understand why the word, “Difference” makes sense as a comparison of two things.

Although difference begins with the comparison of two things, we know difference also involves all other combinations beyond two. This also makes sense, since it takes two to make three and three to make four and so on.... (NG1 521/539)

There is a long list of words expressing the initial duality of Different, such as An, Anti, Apt, Bi, Bo, Ceph, Cepha, Cephas, Cepheus, Deb, Def, Der, Deus, Dev, Di, Dib, Dif, Djeb, Djef, Djer, Djeus, Djev, Djib, Djif, Djindja, Djoser, Djovis, Doser, Dovis, Du, Duti, Dyas, En, Enti, Entity, Iu, Jeb, Jef, Jer, Jeus, Jev, Jib, Jif, Jovis, Ju, Jupiter, Heb, Hebt, Hef, Heft, Hep, Hept, Hepti, Keb, Kebt, Kef, Keft, Kep, Keph, Kepha, Kephas, Kepheus, Kept, Kepti, Kheb, Khebt, Khebta, Khef, Khefa, Kheft, Khefti, Khep, Khepsh, Khept, Khepti, Khufu, Kof, Kofa, Kufa, Ma, Maat, Maati, Maatiu, Maatui, Mat, Mati, Me, Nai, Pa, Seb, Sebti, Sef, Sep, Septa, Sofa, Suti, Ta, Teb,Tef, Tek, Teka, Tekh, Tekhi, Tep, Tes, Tesh, Teus, Ti, Tiu, To, Tseb, Tsef, Tsep, Tu, Tui, Twa, Twi, Two, Twy, Tzeus, Ua, Uat, Uati, You, Zeus, Zoser, and many more. (NG1 522/540)

1. Duality does not just mean two things that are compared. Duality means two things that together form a whole. This is expanded in the Nile Valley Theology that tells us all things share 8 principles and characteristics. These eight exist in 4 groups of two that form a whole. Therefore, whenever we use the words “difference” or “different”, no matter what the items are, we are talking about things that are part of the same whole.

2. There cannot be three or more without two (duality). There cannot be two without one. There cannot be one without zero, the container of all possibilities.

3. Everything is based on two as the way of moving from preexistence into different forms of existence.

4. The recognition of difference is verification of sameness.

5. Difference without sameness is insaneness, little by little for every difference misunderstood. This occurs because information is mismatched in logic which interferes with the self functioning as a non-contradictory whole within and without. For example, trying to breathe water and drink air would be problematic for humans if we recognized the difference, but didn't know how to interact with and apply the differences for optimal health. This tells us that problems are caused by improper understandings of the relationships of things. This is caused by degrees of estrangement from Nature which causes drifting into reliance on interpretations rather than on translations. Thus, the nature of our relationship with anything depends on the understandings we associate with each thing. Meanings, definitions and context are the difference, which is why everything human and non-human Nature is all about meaning, definition and context.

6. Duality means difference. Duality is what initialized creation. The existence of duality means the existence of both are necessary to create reality, but the absence of one or the other creates illusion.

7. All of the words in the rudimentary list above are different in appearance, form and function; yet, they still have the same fundamental meaning, which means all of this language must come from the same Source, which means all of this language must all work together and be part of the same Sign-language whole – the understanding of which results in no difference of all and no sameness of all, just be--ing--ness.

8. Duality means sameness. Sameness and difference is the duality of duality.

”Where Do Fairness & Evil Come From? | Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #763”

”Trinity Of Rhythm | Differences We Have In Common, Unity Consciousness #349”

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I Am Difference & Circumference | Poem
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1087


I Am Difference & Circumference

by Ancestors through Usiku

Thinking I'm all this and that
Then reality intervenes
Identity crisis attacks
What doesn't add up with math
Now I am doubling back
Remembering I am natural fact
Versatile mother, father, child
Uniformly diverse
Universally dispersed
Phenomenal due to phenomena
I am concentrated light
Darkness in flight
Water and flame
Djindja unchained
Weak and strong
Spirit and flesh Primordial bones
Circular with cornerstones
I am what I was to be
Moment by moment eternity
Creativity refined nativity
Totality and potentiality
Singularly plural
Changing yet unchanging forevermore

I am each dimension breached
Every mirror image reached
Preexisting concealed
Becoming existence revealed
Always where I am
Doing what works
Instance and circumstance
Sameness and difference
Maintaining my worth
Rising in place, then birth
Above mountains at the summit of Earth
Continuing being at this elevation
Weighted on depth of foundation
Unless culture is used to confuse
Causing me to seek elations
Of structurally sound views
Without Nu or Maatiu
Building self-esteem things
Bigger than I, you, me and we
Making it making it worse
Until misplaced is birth
I am succumbing then overcoming
By principles of natural force
Reversing course
Re-turning difference into circumference

I am confidence and fear
Southern fish, northern bear
Daydream and nightmare
All forms of basic needs
Maker of altruists and thieves
I am purified and stained
Unlimited self-contained
Both sides of anything claimed
Crazy and sane
The worst and the best
Beautiful and ugliness
Essential goodness, essential evilness
Starting point and conclusion
Scarcity and profusion
Mandatory and one's own choosing
Passive and aggressive
Dominant and recessive
Jagged and smooth
I irritate and soothe
Vilified and glorified
I am undead and nu-alive
Knowledge and belief
Awake and asleep
Giri So and So Dayi
Combination lock, skeleton key
Clarity and confusion
Reality and illusion

I am cell, chasm and bull
Tomb, solstice and mule
Minuscule and immense
Bland and intense
Offense and defense
Enigma I am anima
The Ujima of all schema
Up and down evolution
Genetic problem, prophetic solution
Separation and unification
Spontaneous calculating
I am science, starry-soul and nature
Completely technology nomenclature
Toxin and nutrition are litmus
For my health and sickness
All else is my self witness
What I love and hate to mention most
In this spiritsphere of personal growth
I am a work in progress
Beingness continuous

Awakening From Sleep Talking Language Communication
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1086


All of these messages can be summarized as coming to bear upon our understandings of origin and foundation.

Phase Zero is the origin stage, the Asili, the preexisting source seed essence egg.
Phase One is the foundation stage, extracting, expanding, unzipping and unpacking files.
As this is taking place, lines of communication must remain intact among all components.
So it is also with all components in all dimensions. As one of those dimensions, humans must be able to understand the fundamental language of communication, its context and logic, so we can reconcile the operating system of self with the ecosystem.

We must understand human language is an extension of previous languages that are still operating inside us and outside us. As evidenced by human relationships to self and all else, clearly humans, no matter their cultural language, are suffering from broken connections and multiple other error-causing conditions.

Brief Example Of Sleep Talking Communication

Language is English-language.
Context is Euro-American culture.

Brief Example Of Awakening Communication

Language is English Language being modified, revised and retrofitted back to original meanings from Nile Valley languages.
Context is African Utamawazo.
Definitions and meanings are revised to their healthier forms and include, but are not limited to the ideas embodied in asili, optimal theory, twin powers, two truths, maati, spirituality, freedom, justice, equality, democracy, religion, prehistoric, primitive, sign-language, ecosystem, time, life, death, love, basic needs, salvation, nutrition, genetics, genetic potential, metaphors, ways of knowing, levels of awareness, dimensions, process, science, information, media, education, know yourself, world history and hundreds more.

All of these components are building blocks of communication just as much as are letters, words, numbers, symbols, images and any other information received through any of the senses. It all matters. It all figures in and is used by us to communicate inwardly and outwardly. Everything affects how we communicate and how we understand information.

What's Communication Got To Do With It?

It is not difficult to understand how the two forms of communication above will produce opposite outcomes.
Sleep talking will produce outcomes that are self-defeating whereas awakening will lead to self-completing outcomes.

As is true of all messages, this brief example applies to all people in all cultures who are not communicating in a healthy way with the operating system of self, Earth and Universe. It is worth repeating that it also applies to Africans in Africa who continue to follow the weaker ways.

Misunderstandings at the fundamental level of Sign-language have a snowball affect on body, mind, emotion and spirit-soul functioning.

Everything functions and dysfunctions based on communication.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Jinja, Uganda Means Rock? | Brief Critical Analysis
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1085


(Part 4 of 4)

According to the Ugandan government website:
1. The origin of the name “Jinja” comes from the language of the two peoples (the Baganda and the Basoga) who lived on either side of the River Nile. In both languages, “Jinja” means “Rock.”
2. The area was called the “Place of Rocks” or “The Place of Flat Rocks.” The word for stones or rocks in the language of the Baganda is Ejjinja (Plural Amayinja), and in the Basoga dialect this became Edinda. The British used this reference to name the town they established – “Jinja.”

I Say: Language contains more than one meaning per word. Jinja absolutely means more than “rock,” because we can see that the word, Jinja and Ejjinja are clearly forms of Djindja.

The way the Ugandan website reads, it sounds like, prior to the British, the place was just called “the place of the rocks.” this makes no sense if the words Jinja, Ejjinja, Amayinja and Edinda were available within the language and much simpler to use while still conveying the same meaning.
Furthermore the website states the word for rock is Jinja in both languages when singular, but spelled differently when plural. Even if this is accurate, it should be clarified or omitted since the singular Jinja is name of the area.

3. The Ugandan website goes on to say: Before 1906, Jinja was a fishing village that benefited from being located on long-distance trade routes. In most of Africa, rivers like the Nile hindered migration, this explains the ethnic boundaries along the Nile as one moves north from the river’s source on the northern shores of Lake Victoria.
4. However the area around Jinja was one place where the river could be breached due to the large rocks near the Ripon Falls. Here, on either bank of the river, were large flat rocks where small boats could be launched to cross the river. These rock formations were credited with providing a natural moderator for the water flow out of Lake Victoria. For the original local inhabitants, the location was a crossing point, for trade, migration and as a fishing post. This might explain why, despite this barrier, the two tribes have very similar languages, and the more powerful Baganda had an enormous influence on the Basoga.

I Say: How can Jinja benefit from being on a long distance trade route, yet, that same trade route, the Nile, also hinder migration?
Rivers facilitate migration.
The ethnic boundaries along the Nile are explained by human behavior and British and other Asian continent invaders who divided the territories. The ethnic boundaries are not explained by a non-existent inability to migrate due to being limited by rivers.
Clearly, if the two groups on either side of Jinja were able to intermingle from side to side, then it's not hard to walk or float down the river and migrate little by little.

The second paragraph admits boats were available. Although the boats are called small, the boats were as large as they needed to be for their intended purposes.
Secondly, the continued use of British names such as Ripon Falls and Lake Victoria is criminal in the most sacred of places.
The Great Waters is Nyanja ya Ukerewe, not Lake Victoria.

Ripon Falls, was named by a Britisher, John Speke in 1860-63, after the second Lord Ripon of Britain.
The continued used of “Ripon Falls” kinda sorta indicates Africans had no name for it after hundreds of thousands of years and didn't even know it was there until John Speke discovered it. Thank God!

It sure sounds like, before the British arrived, Jinja was a village and after the British arrived the place became a flourishing town, just like all the islands and continents which were improved by European invasions. Was this another one of those upgrades in civilization?
Overall, the Ugandan website reads like a British delusional promotional piece that they improved life for the disorganized villagers who didn't even think to call the place Jinja and didn't know how to make it down the river until the British sailed up the river.

What Else Is Associated With “Rock?”

It is possible the continued usage of the Englicized names is intentional to preserve the Asian delusion until the appointed time. Jinja or Djindja does sit in the vicinity of one of the sources of the Nile's powerful flow of energy and nutrient outpouring. As such, Jinja could be viewed as the “Tser, “the sanctuary, temple, palace and seat or throne of the rock of the horizon that sits in the waters. (BB 72-3/84-5)
Ser is a most ancient and universal root for the rock. Whether a divine or human title, “Ser” or Sire, means the chief, arranger, placer, disposer at pleasure. The title of the king of the Kheta was SIR; Assyrian Sar; The Seren and Serene (Highness) are diminutives of Sir or Ser. [when we change Tser into Djer, we are close to Djoser, a king of Egypt, of dual nature] (BB 214/226; 422/434)
The Ser or Tser as the rock of the horizon was also called Ser-en-Tep and the Tep Hill of upper heaven. Its location was at the initial point, where the solar ark rested in the birthplace of the beginning. (BB 452/464)
Ts in the form of St means to stand, sit or stay which is imaged by the rock or stone representing fixity as types of “Set.” (BB 170/182)
Tes is the dense, hard rock (BB 283/295)
Tu-t means rock, mountain. (BB 78/90)
Baa means stone, rock, solid substance or salt. Bay-salt is called rock-salt. (BB 379/381)
Bekh is the rock. Bak or bake is to encrust. (BB 379/381)
Pekh became Bekh is the feminine birthplace and abode, the Bu, But, Buto, Beth. (BB 384/396)
Bekh or Bekha is the solar birthplace or land of the birth of the sun represented by the Hill of the Horizon, the Tser Rock, stationed as a figure of the equinox. Since Bekh is a form of Pekh, the earlier forms of the words are Pekh, Pu, Put, Peth, Pekha and Puto. (BB 384/396)
The Bekh represented the hill of burial on one horizon and the resurrection on the other horizon. (BB 385/397)
Kar is the underworld, underground enclosure, a chest, sarcophagus, coffin, tomb, hole, passage, prison or cataracts of water underground. (BB 398/410)
Karas, a place of embalmment, a chamber for the mummy. (BB 398/410)
The Car stone is a rock, but the full form of the rock, as Craig or Carragh, includes the Car (Kar) of the Akh or dead. In that case the Car-akh and Car-rekh have the same signification, as both the Akh and Rekh denote the dead. The Rock is a worn down Caraig of the dead. In Egyptian Ruka is to hide, to stow away in safe secrecy. (BB 398/410)
The Kep is a concealed place, sanctuary, abode of birth, is Cave in English. The Messu (Messiah) is born in a cave of the rock or mountain. (BB 420/432)

Jinja, Uganda, you are right there at the source of spiritual power and must be held to the highest of standards. For you and everyone else who has even the slightest sense of their Africanness, the fullness of that same power is right below the surface in your genetic potential where the secret of your success lies. It is buried treasure.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Logical Origin Of England & English-Language
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1084


(Part 3 of 4)

English-language is a branch of Sign-language. The existence of English-language is proof of its roots. The current condition and usage of English-language is proof of its disconnect.
Western Asia (Europe) has branded and marketed itself as the epitome of humanity in whiteness, in English, in government, in capitalism and the dollar, in education, in liberty and justice for all rich whites, in democracy, and so on. These items, faster than actually possible, becoming more Supreme than their origins,

Human origin is the result of process, sequence, growth, development and evolution. Same is true for language. There is one origin for humans and one origin for human languages. Both of these origins come from the same place.

No group of people or language, inside Africa or outside Africa, has a non-African origin.

Origin Of England & English

Around 10,000 BCE some Cro-Magnons (cold-bleached Africans) went northward and became Scandanavian and German. Then, some of the Germans varied their identity and called themselves Saxons. These Saxons went westward into England. In England, these Cro-Magnon-German-Saxons encountered African-Negroid-Kemite-Egyptians and African-Negroid Kemite-Egyptian-Phonecians during the 18th Egyptian Dynasty. During this time, before Christianity, an African vocabulary was transformed into what is now called ancient Saxon – the parent of English-language.
(Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, 19) and ”Black History Fact: The First Inhabitant of Europe was a Migrating Black Person”

In addition to many other meanings, the word “ankh” is also used to describe an ethnicity or geographic location in the Egyptian Texts. An “Ankh,” is a native of a district. The district itself would therefore be Ankh-land [land of the Ankhs].
England has been the Ankh-land ever since it was named Inis-Prydhain by the Kymry [black Africans]. Inis and Inch are identical with Ing, Eng, or Ankh, and the island is the Ankh-land, the Inch-land, Ynis-land, or England, because it was the island and the land of the Ings, which name was afterwards turned into Angleland.
[Now we can see how the Saxons, who arrived in Ankh-land or Angle-land became Angle-Saxons then Anglo-Saxons – they were half and half, never completely white but initially the Englanders were black before the Saxons arrived.]

What Is Perfect English?

Like a lot of civilizations started by black-skinned Africans, England has now come to claim a historical origin based on the surface features of its most recent inhabitants, but not on the fundamental genetics of Englanders or the clear blackness of its original inhabitants. This is true of civilizations worldwide who have slid into societal moldiness.

The evolution of language and other aspects of culture follows the same type of process as the physical development of a group of people – it takes a long time and must have an origin outside of itself – from other humans or from non-human Nature or both.

Various sources tell us English-language originated out of Roman, Greek, Latin, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabic, Proto-Siniatic and several other wordplay shenanigans. This is what happens when everybody's trying to claim credit for something great and the main criminals are encouraging confusion.

If we search each of the 7 names above separately, for example, ”what is the Phoenician alphabet based on,” we will be led down many roads that never make it back to Africa.
It is impossible for all people to originate in Africa and for civilization to originate in Africa, and all religion to originate in Africa, and yet, the language of all people, not originate in Africa.
When we understand process, sequence, growth, development, evolution and metaphor, we do not always need to know all the details, dates, names, countries and events in order to understand what is what.*
The metaphor for human evolution holds true for the metaphors of civilization, culture, religion and language.
Deep African roots have spread worldwide and resurfaced as seemingly new trees. Those of us today born of these trees, have no choice but to think the tree is self-originating because we really don't understand the fundamental parts of world history, origins, genetics, Nature, metaphor, logic and their interdependent relationship. We somehow think we can all exist in all these cultures as people with all these separate origins and somehow that all makes sense, yet we think we should all just get along with each other.

Even if a language can be said to originate without African roots, tell me what is that language based on? What is the fundamental basis of meaning that forms the letters and characters of the language and gives the language its meaning? If you tell me anything other than Nature, then therein lies the problem. Is English, Roman, Greek, Latin, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabic, Proto-Siniatic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Punjabi/Lahnda or any other language based on Nature? If so, what is the history of that development that caused you as a people to abandon your ancestral African language based on Nature and then develop your own language based on Nature?

The Process Of Origin Holds True For Everything

The process of origin holds true, even for everything Africans claim to be the originators of.
Although Africa is the place of human origin, no African can claim to be the originator of Africans and no African can claim to be the originator of anything human. Human genetics, culture, language and spirit-soul awareness originate in Nature and therefore existed before humans. Mother-Father Nature is the originator., thus neither humans nor Earth are the only offspring.

Process and metaphor are one in two who hold true.
Nature is ancient compared to humans who are young just as Africans are ancient compared to all others who are young. What shall the young produce that is not born out of senior soil?

The irony of European Oz-like wizardzy, is that speaking “good” English actually means speaking perfect Egyptian – Mdw Ntr; therefore, ain't nobody speaking perfect English, and if they were, they would know to call it Mdw Ntr.
In other words, English-language is very imperfect Sign-language, thus, as proven by cultures who use English-language, a very imperfect understanding and relationship exists between the nature of self and the nature of all else – yet English-language has trained us to call our disconnect, “highly civilized.”.

English-language is a recent simplified corrupted version of Mdw Ntr just as Judaism-Christianity-Islam is a recent simplified corrupted version of African mythology. All languages, religions and cultures outside of Africa are recent, relative to those inside Africa. This is so because all people outside of Africa are recent compared to the length of time people, language, religion and civilization have existed inside Africa. No matter how large a timeframe found to exist or claimed to exist for a group of people outside of Africa, it only enlarges the antiquity of that which preexisted inside Africa.

Revisiting one of the messages above: We must not allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the common tactic of inundation of information. We must focus on the fundamental aspects. This will prevent us from being tricked by all the talk surrounding Colin Kaepernick so we can remember the issue is still racism. The problem is not what Kaepernick did, but what the terrorist collective is still doing worldwide.
By focusing on fundamentals, we will know human origins, language origins, genetic composition and many things are still being repeatedly lied about to keep us dancing in the wrong direction to weak logic.

Practice the logical use of metaphor. Ask questions of the logic being encountered. Compare all logic to something else human and to something else non-human to see if there is consistency of the fundamental issue.

If we don't repair our thought processes, we will continue to make decisions based on sources and “experts,” Thus all we will be doing is choosing who we believe in. rather than understanding the information based on self and all else. This approach is a lack of understanding the strength of our genetic potential. Most of us know we have some kind of strength, but most of us don't know that strength applies to all aspects of self, even if right now, it is not currently being manifested. Get nutrition.

Follow the process listening lays forth. In the meantime, since we are being sent several messages by the racism collective, let's send several back, starting with boycotting the NFL for this entire season regardless of what they do. Boycotting is more powerful than voting or protesting. Secondly, stop supporting traitors, parrots, puppets and the fearful.

*Something does not have to be proven to the Nth degree, or proven the same way, in order to be proven sufficiently enough. We've proven the same things over and over under different topics. Then we've proven it again under the specific topic itself. For instance, the origin of language has been proven under the origin of humans, under the origin of civilization, under the origin of religion, under the origin of science and under the origin of mathematics. At this rate, it will take several more generations to try to straighten out and debunk all the lies, topic by topic as a whole and then individually. At some point we must become more efficient so as to “kill multiple birds with one stone” because right now we just need more people to just stop “drinking the spiked punch” and to start cleansing themselves of toxic European concepts as Dr. Sister Nana Marimba Ani has told us.
Come on now people! The necessity still exists to talk about the origin of English, yet we already know the capital of England in America (Washington D.C.) is based on Egypt (Kemet). If America is still being based on Africa, then you know so were many other societies such as England and Greece and Rome and Chaldea where Abraham of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim Bible came from.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jinja, Djindja, Django | Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1083


(Part 2 of 4)


According to the video of the song by Fuse ODG, “Jinja” means to give excessive energy to a person or situation, especially through dance.
Pronunciation: /ˈdʒɪndʒə/
Likely Spelling Variations: djinja, djindja, djandja, sinsa, sansa, sisa, sasa, tsintsa, tsantsa, tsitsa, tsatsa kinka, kanka, kika, kaka, tekiteka, tekhitekha

Meanings Re-Presented In Jinja

Represent means to re-present the same thing in another form. Letters are a form of re-presenting Nature's Sign-language.
So now we work backwards to show what jinja re-presents.

DJ Re-Presents TS

Jinja is an abbreviated form of Djindja.
Dj re-presents the earlier double consonant sound Ts. "T" became “D” and "S" became “J,”
Ts re-presents two forms of Sut, the letters used to re-present the elements of darkness (off, no) and light (on, yes).
"T" and "S" are forms of each other and re-present duplication, duality, twinness.
Both "T" and "S" are part of the re-presentation of stars, thus Ts or Dj is the spark energy that brings into existence and sustains life processes.

The Ashanti word “Oji” is re-presented as Ts, Tch, Tsh, Ts, Tk, Th, Ds, Dsh, Dz, Dk, Dj, and other sounds. In Egyptian it is represented by Tek, Tesh, or Tes In English, it is T, K, S, Sh, Ch, G, J, etc.

"T" Re-Presents

"T" re-presents tep (top) and tepht (depth) since the moon star of darkness rules the depth of the circle while the sun star of light rules the top of the circle. Both the tep and tepht are parts of the circular enclosure, "T" also re-presents the first or number 1.

Additionally, at the next layer or dimension, Tep is 1 and Tepht as Dep is also 1 while Tef is 2. Tepht and Dep are the English depth and deep.

Tepht is Mother in first spelling and Teft, the Mother, in second spelling.
Tepht contains female and male then divides into Mother (Tep) and Father (Tef), both of whom exist in the womb to bring forth creation.
Tepht is the mother of all while Tep/Tef is the mother/father of flesh (af) born on top (ap) of the circle of Earth.
Tep re-presents “Ap” and is a form of sap, the liquid essence of life. Thus, this liquid energy found in many places, originates in the womb of Universe, Earth and wherever creation takes place.

On the Egyptian monuments, the snake is re-presented by an accented "T" which is also the double sound of Ts or Dj (Coptic Djandja).

"S" Re-Presents

"S" re-presents stars, since both darkness and light are ruled by the stars of moon and sun. "S" also re-presents second or number 2.

Additionally, at the next layer or dimension, Darkness and Moon are 1 while Light and Sun are 2.

"S" re-presents the snake.
Snake re-presents the oldest birth-place (mother) and the first born (child). Thus the snake is two-headed as TS or DJ. (At this point, we have found yet another way of knowing all those Asian continent mis-re-presented images of animals with more than one head or with parts of different animals, including part human, are not scary monsters at all. They are merely showing combinations of the elements, principles and characteristics of Nature.)

“S” as star also re-presents the mother/father of the elements of wet and heat.
The mother/father is not only shown as a generic snake but sometimes also as the fiery serpent of the Sun. The mother/father is the spark who gives birth to sparks called stars in the form of moons, suns, planets, souls and more.

Since “S” becomes “J”, Dj or “J” is also identical with the crocodile’s tail used to represent Ka, Sa and Tsa.

Duality of An & Tek

Duality is expressed throughout the word djindja. Not only in Ts and Dj, but also in each letter itself there is duality. Twinness is also expressed by the word “in” or “an” found in the middle of djindja. “In” is a form of “An” which is a name of Maat, the two truths. Yes it does take two to tango, but it only takes one to django.*

As shown in the third section above, Dj and Ts are re-presentations of the earlier Tek, Tesh and Tes .
Tek is (T + Ka). Teka means to cut, join, touch, attach, adhere, mix, multiply, cross, twist, intertwine.

Tek in the form of the Great Mother (Tekhi) & Father (Tekh) is the goddess and god of the first month and of all months.
Tekhi signifies a supply of liquid, to supply with drink and the Nile inundation that reached Egypt during the first month of the year. On the grand scale, Aquaria is the first month of the Great Year.
In keeping with the truth of twoness, that which is part of a duality, also has within itself, other dualities, that may or may not become physically separated. This is true of zero and everything that follows. Tekhi also divides into two as mother and mother, mother and daughter, sister and sister.

Teka and Tesa means touch which is the name of the deity of emblems, symbols and amulets used to help humans maintain a sense of being in touch with a power, presence or deity or spirit-soul. In other words, the duality of Tek, in the form of Teka or Tesa means to stay in touch with Ka or Sa – spirit-soul energy of a stronger nature than humans. This unites with the concepts of Beingness and Djindja Energy.

Duality Of Tes

Although Tes re-presents the Mother, Tes also re-presents the Father.
Seb, the Father, when written with the Tes sign is Tseb. When written with the Coptic Djandja, it is Djeb. When divided, the original word yields both Seb and Tef as two names for the star.
Seb, the star, as Har-pa-ka is the Egyptian Jupiter. Jupiter is a star as are all planets.

Djeo means life, soul, or divine essence and is pronounced, Jeo (Jay-o), which modifies into Jo which is the equivalent of Iu which means to be dual. Iu is identical with the Ju in Jupiter and Juno.
Jupiter comes from Iu-pater from Djovis-pater from Djovis in Latin from Djandja in Coptic from Tsef or Djef in Egyptian. Jupiter is a planetary star of the double horizon, the morning and evening and of the top and depth.
Although the paternal father element dominated, Seb was also simultaneously the mother, thus Seb was the Iu-pater, the dual one.

Jinja Re-presents Djindja Energy

Djindja is the dual energy of everything in motion (dancing). Djindja Energy is the energy of Universal Energy of Beingness.

Djindja Energy is energy from the mother/father of all that is without and energy from mother/father of flesh within. In other words, Djindja Energy is the totality of energy.
Through the dual processes of diffusion/absorption, Djindja Energy moves us from darkness to light in one sense of evolving health and from light to darkness in another sense of evolving health.
In the strong form of Djindja Energy, it's the non-human stars of Nature that are out front and center stage in human awareness. However, in the weak form of Djindja Energy, human stars are used as guiding lights of logic. These two forms of stars, the strong and weak, dance the universal dance of the flow and ebb of beingness. Of course we know the dance has been one-sided at the micro-level where humans exist, but the larger balance is bringing the smaller balance back into balance via external and internal climate changes because Djindja Energy is everywhere and is part of the dance.

Jinja is described as “excessive energy” because jinja energy is really Djindja Energy.
Imagine if you could put all of the energy from one year's worth of food into your body right now. Not the physical matter of the food, but the energy by itself. You would be full of so much energy, you'd feel hyped, high and excessively “wired.”
In the fullness of the concept, jinja is a dance of liveliness because it seeks to re-present the energy of beingness. Unknown to users of the word, Jinja is talking about capturing the energy of everything that dances and re-presenting that energy through the dance of one or more humans and then spreading that energy to others. Jinja attempts to re-present in the flesh of one or more humans, the energy of everything in the universe. That's why it seems excessive, but is not, and is rather along the lines of abundance.

By heeding the signs of stars (non-human and human), it is possible to tell what time it is universally according to the Star Ages (Stages) of energies re-presented in numerous forms in non-human and human nature. Djindja Energy is continuously reconfigured via alignments of stars.
DJindja Energy manifests as Sign-language which leads us to the left and home and to the right and wrong and then the other way around.

(BB 146-7/168-9; 157/169; 352/362; 470/482; 491/503)
(AE1 294/304; 306/316)
(NG1 254-5/272-3; 520-3/538-41; 509/517; 541/549)
”SA | Spirit-Soul Basis of Understanding & Contextual Healing, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #938”
”Khefa or Kefa | Great Mother Basis of Understanding, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #941”

*Django, as in Django Unchained, is a message to us, as is all information from all sources in the Universe.
Nothing that happens is unannounced. Django Energy is energy of one side, either strong or weak, that has been pent up and is now being released. The energy is being released worldwide from both sides. The movie is necessarily limited in its re-presentations but the fundamental powers and principles are there. The behavior of all the characters in the movie should be extrapolated into the human population in all societies. In one sense, the Django that is unchained is once again removing the hoodie covering worldwide genderism, racism and other evil discriminations. In another sense, the Django that is unchained is the antidote to sickness, the avenger through multiple forms of Nature, the easiest of which to notice is the Primordials. There are multiple signs in Nature and in humans and in human societies that reveal the unchaining of Django. Likewise, although Django re-presents and upsurge in one-sidedness of the weak self-destructive force, Django also re-presents an upsurge in the strong self-corrective force and its manifestations in Nature and in humans, thus in their societies. The weak force has the temporary upper hand, but in a few years, equilibrium will be reached, then everything will flip.

We know these things through understandings of this message and related links. We know this even if we only focused on the section about “Tek.” Tekh-Tekh means revolt, shudder. Tekh-Tekh is the same as Dj-Dj but the spelling indicates a doubling of one particular type of energy. Tekhi/Tekh is all about water and the liquid essence of life. Tekh-Tekh is tick-tock as the reckoning of time gets louder as time runs out.
We know this as spiritual energy waves approach crescendo, awareness changes levels and Django becomes Djindja since “G” is “J” and “O” is “A.” The interchange of vowels has already been shown through Djindja and Djandja and through our exploration of the meanings of numerous words, one of which is the “N” word.

We must stop consuming information and thinking that it's only what we notice it to be.
During all forms of enter-tainment, entrainment is also taking place.

Silent D

I suspect the silent “D” in django, adjudicate, adjective, adjust and other words is an attempt to silence and remove the word-sound-power of the letter “D” which is “T” which is “K” which re-presents the first one as the dual one, but when separated as “D” and “J,” then the “D” represents feminine energy. Secondly, the silent “D” silences the First Truth. Both of these silences are in keeping with the reconfiguring of genetic potential by the Star Ages that has resulted in the removal of the female in the image of the Supreme Being and silenced human females. What this has effectively done is establish the Age of the Father and the Last, a doubling down of weak energy. And this is why there are so many forms of sickness.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Beingness Dances To Universal Rhythms
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1082


(Part 1 of 4)

Beingness dances.
Beingness dances for the simple reason that beingness is spirit-soul in touch with the Universal whole. That knowledge, at the elemental level, is motion, vibration, rhythm.
Spirit-soul is knowledge and knowledge is spirit-soul.
Therefore, beingness dances because spirit-soul moves in sync with spirit-soul. Motion moves in sync with motion. Vibration moves in sync with vibration. Rhythm moves in sync with rhythm. Universe moves in sync with universe. Partial moves in sync with whole. Zero in sync with One with Many.
Beingness also dances out of sync and off beat to the weaker motions (rhythms, vibrations, actions, thoughts, logic, miseducations, beliefs, vices, cultures, etc.). Be no longer deceived. It is possible to simultaneously move in sync while off beat and also move out of sync while on beat in different parts of self in relationship to all else. There is no better example of this than permaculturalists who are still just as racist as the collective who are divorced from Nature by voice and choice. This is so because the numerous permaculturalists I've encountered are only in sync with the rhythms of portions of physical Nature and not the larger, more universal concept of Spirit-Soul Energy as the ultimate description of Nature. Don't let the green group fool ya.

The Universal Dance of Beingness starts out as one Creation under a groove, then the groove becomes two – on beat and on beat, on beat and off beat, strong and weak, both feet and left or right foot, flow and ebb, knowing and amnesia, etc. Then the groove continues to duplicate itself into more forms, going from two to three to four to five and so on.
It is not hard to recognize that if my spirit-soul grooves to # 2, #5 and #9, while your spirit-soul grooves to #1, #4 and #8, that we will move differently.
We will also likely not understand why we each move the way we do. We are trying to dance together to different portions of the same song according to the remix in our logic. This is so because we are not cognizant of the whole universal rhythm or universal dance, thus we don't understand enough of the fundamental parts that make up universal rhythm, thus we mis-take our portion, our small sample as the universal rhythm. To the degree we can get others to do the same, willingly or forcibly or manipulatively or reluctantly or desperately, then that must be the universal dance.
This is why knowledge of self is knowledge of the universal whole, and is not some human-limited version of wholeness called culture, called the American Dream, called democracy, called justice, called religion, called fairness, called harmony...
No! Harmony is not all things or all people doing the same thing. Harmony is most people and most things doing different things on the surface while doing the same things fundamentally at deeper dimensions according to the stronger sense of beingness.

Disharmony is a misconfiguration of the above according to the weaker sense of beingness. This disfigurement and dysfunction causes us to put more emphasis on the surface as priority rather than the fundamental. This affects all areas of life. We put more emphasis on how food looks and tastes that the amount of nutrition it contains at the moment of consumption. We put more emphasis on being female or male than the fundamental purpose of male and female – perpetuating the spirit-soul life within self by perpetuating the well-beingness of the communal collective.

In other words, harmony is a byproduct of knowledge of self. You cannot achieve harmony directly. Harmony automatically appears out of the process of knowledge of self which is a process of collective work and responsibility (Nguzo Saba).
Therefore when countries such as America, talk about harmony, togetherness, love, peace, brotherhood, goodwill, diversity, multicultural or anything of that assortment, ignore them and do not trust them. In fact, distrust them even more. It's always a setup for more abuse.
Why? Because America is still doing everything it can in tens of thousands of ways to perpetuate evil and to ensure there is only suboptimal knowledge of self which requires opiates and aberrant behavior to fill in the blanks.

Until all humans have the first level of basic needs and until all grown folks recognize DNA Testing Results are lying to them, there is no chance of moving closer to harmony. And that's just a little bit of what it's going to take.

Behaving In Harmony Requires Understanding Nature

It is not possible to understand how and why humans move (think, act, behave, function) without also understanding how and why Nature moves, thinks, acts, behaves and functions. Nature is the leader, the teacher, the Mother, the Father, the Expert on all subjects.
If we understood Spirit-soul, Energy, Motion, Nature or Sign-language, we'd understand our genetics a whole lot better. Then we would not be so susceptible to being played, by rhythms of division that move us away from synthesis, and according to the Bible of Weakness, moves us towards moshing, pitted against self and all else, and willing to pay for it.

Knowledge of the Universal Whole (Self + All Else) helps me understand I am starting the dance on my left and moving backwards and clockwise, while you are starting the dance on your right, moving forward and counterclockwise. Each of us moving in partial rhythm, but not in sync with the whole self or with each other, yet, amazingly still in sync with larger rhythms because we are both reflecting strong and weak motions.

Dancing requires series and cycles of movement. Dancing requires back and forth, up and down, life and death, joy and pain, love and hate, greed and altruism. All of this is part of the Universal subplot. It is the challenge of the spirit-soul as it experiences existence in different forms such as Earth or water or humans. What is happening to humans good or bad is happening a lot more to genetic potential to Nature to Spirit-Soul to the Supreme Beingness. “Human” is merely a name used to identify our particular combination of the forms of Spirit-Soul. Yes it's real to us and yes it matters but the main goal is the perfection of our portion of spirit-soul that ensures evolution of the Supreme Beingness. The hardest part for humans is to not allow the human form of existence to overshadow and delay the evolution of spirit-soul.

Feminine and Masculine Energy

We are dancing to the imperfect beat imperfectly, even as the perfect beat is playing perfectly.
A series of processes over a period of time is required to reach better understandings.
Understandings such as realizing gender re-presents spirit-soul as two beats of one rhythm, two forms of one form. Gender in physical form is female (negative-positive) and male (positive-negative), but gender at the level of spirit-soul is energy in and energy out. Both female and male energy represent energy in and energy out in different forms and at different times during the rhythm of the universal dance. In other words, spirit-soul has no gender. Each person has feminine and masculine energy. Because these two energies are present and function as one within our genetics, we are genderless in spirit-soul, mind and emotion but have been traumatized (culturized and socialized) to dance to the rhythm of physical gender more than to the dance of spirit-soul. This is happening because this is the last stAge of De-evolution, even as it is also the first stAge of Reconstitution. These are the most vulnerable of times for spirit-soul in all forms.
For the first 10 to 13 years of life, humans are supposed to learn about our spirit-soul, mind and emotion in relation to all else before we learn about our gender being important. The gender portion of humans is so tiny, it is supposed to be treated the same as the physical variation (called race) among humans. Gender and “race” are such small differences for much larger purposes that transcend the human dimension. Among humans, contrary to popular belief, gender and “race” are not large differences, that are themselves, large purposes.

We can understand that skin color, ethnicity, culture, ways of worship and all of the identifiers that are our biggest hurdles, are simultaneously tools and weapons - some being misunderstood and used at the wrong time in the wrong way while others are simultaneously being understood and used at the right time in the right way. This group of identifiers rarely remains on one side of the equation, thus, even though gender may be used appropriately at one time, it may be used inappropriately at another time.

Likewise then, we can take all of the major differences we perceive as important, and understand them better through the Universal Dance of Spirit-Soul Beingness which is Knowledge Of Self (KOS) which is the Universal Dance of the Kosmos. Knowing your energy is key.

Form Of The Dance

Everything is a form of Spirit-soul, Energy, Genetic Potential, Nature and Sign-language.

Humans are a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form....
We ain't who we think we are.

We are recombinations, reformulations, variations of genetic potential as physical matter which is animated by genetic potential as the energy of spirit-soul. We are fundamentally one thing in two forms dancing as two things in one human form.

A work of art is not the materials or the name given to it. A work of art is clearly the energy and essence of the creator of that work of art. That remains even though the name and understanding may change. If the work of art is viewed as mostly the physical first, then its benefit becomes lethargic, lifeless and only a shell of its beingness. So it is with the human form.

Human gender is a form of rhythm art combined with color rhythm art combined with other rhythms of art and so on until you become who you are on the surface even as who you are fundamentally also exists outside of your awareness. Thus the surface, since it is your main awareness, becomes the self-esteem you dance to, even though something much larger and more worthy to be self-esteemed, is true. And so the disconnect between the two shows itself through and through.
If you encounter a work of art without benefit of understanding the work of art in relation to the artist and the artist's intent for what the artwork communicates, then appreciation and understanding can only be at a surface level and subject to the distortion of interpretation and belief speculation. This is why, the Universe (Nature, Creation) as a gigantic puzzle art form is based on metaphors to provide multiple versions of the same message being communicated in various forms. In order to know self and to know the Creator, we must translate from Nature's Sign-language.

As said before, all of us have the genetic potential to express or not express whatever any other human has the ability to. We are not beyond our primate genetics and we are not above our human genetics. All genetics have the potential to manifest all fundamental, motions, powers, principles and characteristics of Spirit-Soul.

Beingness is dancing...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Just Believe & Be Deceived By Dinosaurs
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1081


For anyone who bases their thinking on belief, rather than knowledge, their context about dinosaurs must come from the movies, telepathic vision and religion.
This type of basis as a context for thinking is laziness and weakness in regards to critical analysis which means its habitual in that person's life.
It is a further indication of being scary-minded, thus afraid to think outside the current junk drawer of broken logic. You don't what it is, how to use it or if it's even useful, but you hang on to it because you have it. So you wait for the culture to tell you what to do, thus what to think.

Only One Reason Needed To Know Dinosaurs Existed

Dem bones. Dem skeletons. Dem fossils.
Some people say the bones are fake.
Yes, it is true that people lie a lot and make fake things.
It is unlikely those people are able to lie about dem dinosaur bones and place them all over the earth and bury them and leave them for others to find and just be really that good at it, no not with that many bones of that size, but yes with religion and other ideologies that rely on human words as evidence but not on the harder to lie about evidence of natural fact. What is the reason people would fake a bunch of dinosaur bones? Show me the connection to that type of fakery helping the status quo maintain money and power. You don't need to accept any human interpretation of dem bones as to what they mean or how old they are, you just need to know the bones exist in order to know some different looking creatures existed. Perhaps if you let go of religion for a moment, you could understand dinosaurs are real. Perhaps if you understood all humans used to be dwarfs (so-called pygmies), then you would understand that the way things are today is not the way of all times. The context of today's societies is not the context for understanding life and existence. You must Sankofa understanding by going back and back and back to extract understandings from all the places logic went off track. The process that led us to today must be reversed, context by context, definition by definition, meaning by meaning, ideology by ideology, conclusion by conclusion. This is how the script is flipped and re-flipped.

Sign-Language Contains All Signs For All Times

Everything in creation is used to communicate messages, in clear or confused form or combinations of both. Spirit-soul is communicating to spirit-soul in all forms of Nature, healthy and unhealthy. As such, since these are the times when we are paying more attention to the unhealthy as credible, the unhealthy framework is being used to communicate to us what we should otherwise be getting through the healthy.

One of those unhealthy ways being used is to send healthy messages through popular people (an opiate).

This has always been taking place but is becoming more evident through popular sports and entertainment people. Here are just a few of the many who have been used to communicate healthy messages to us: Muhammad Ali, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Jordan, Kyrie Irving and Kanye West calling former President Little Bush, Jr., a racist (a duh moment).
These people have caused us to revisit and rethink many ideologies that bring forth understandings when scrutinized.
The most recent call for us to question ourselves and our beliefs is whether or not dinosaurs really existed.

Again, the main purpose of these messages being sent to us by spirit-soul is to remind us to continuously investigate and update our beliefs so we can move towards knowledge and secondly to remind us that belief is insufficient as a conclusion and is only sufficient as a starting point of inquiry and thirdly to remind us to rework our thought processes to make sure they are thorough enough so conclusions and decisions are based on more of the total rather than the partial.
In regards to this third point, many us don't bother to think because the self-doubt miseducated into us by culture, causes us to think we can't know everything, therefore we can't possibly know, therefore we must rely on others, a human “expert.” A critical understanding is that although there are a lot of things to know, these things are all metaphors, therefore, once you understand the metaphor in one form, you can vastly improve your ability to understand the metaphor in other forms. There are more ways to know something than the one way we are currently using. We can understand a heckuva lot more than we do right now by learning the logical use of metaphor. This will lead us to also understanding all things through self and all else. All three together will bring us to stronger understandings.
(1. the thing you are seeking to understand, 2. self, 3. Nature). All three in relation to each other as metaphors of each other.
Even if we skip all of that metaphor stuff, we should at least be able to understand what is more likely and what is least likely and give reasons why on both sides.
Because we are all starting from different angles of light (orientations to the whole), what might be clear to me from where I stand might not be clear to you from where you stand because the landscape of logic we both have is different. Each person must work through their logic, bit by bit and layer by layer. For one person, religion might be in the way, for another science might be in the way, for another fear might be in the way. There are many contexts, definitions and meanings that pave the way and contribute to our logic, so what the components are in each person's logic is up to each person to figure out by checking out other people's logic and their own logic against Nature's logic (Sign-language). Everything is being explained to us in Sign-language logic, proof, fact, evidence, natural fact. We can call it whatever we want, but we must not rely on human spoken and human written words only. We gotta use multiple ways of knowing and all forms of Sign-language inside us and outside ourselves because everything in the Universe is a metaphor of Nature, which is all we need to know because that's all we are. Understand yourself and understand all else.
Understand that you are drawn to accepting or denying logic for a reason. What is the reason for each of the major pieces of logic you accept and deny? What is it about you or in you that makes a particular logic agreeable or disagreeable?

For example, I found the logic of religion agreeable and the logic of spirituality scary, pagan, primitive and demonic because I grew up being taught by religion how to view the world, thus myself.
I now find the logic of religion disagreeable because it disagrees with Nature on far too many accounts when the information contained in religious doctrine is compared and contrasted with natural facts that can be known in other ways, rather than in a religious book. On the other hand, spirituality that is Nature-based, rather than human-based, moves us much closer to healthier truths. Spirituality solves a lot of problems. Spirituality does not require me to go to a fancy building (church, mosque, synagogue, temple) one or more times per week and pay and pray for help, forgiveness and salvation.
It would be interesting to find out if anyone in any religion can show me how their religion has made the world a better place, thus maintaining harmony of the beingness of self with the beingness of all else. I am ready to hear from Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and any others.

All Messages Have Purposes Beyond The Messenger

Messages are not about the person. The person reflects the message but the message reflects all people and all Nature. Messages are more about the culture that led the person to communicate that particular message. Messages are also about the being who is spirit-soul trying to find ways back to beingness, even when the way is unhealthy. In other words, messages from humans transcend the person and rather go back through culture to the Universal spirit-soul. Messages come from Nature as a whole, not from the individual. Humans are not originators, we are duplicators, repeaters.
Now review the recent messages sent to us through popular people and read the message as if it is coming from Nature.

Focus on the message, not the messenger.
Who cares what you look like or what I think about you, just give me the message being sent to me through you from Nature to tell me something the spirit-soul of Nature outside of me knows the spirit-soul of Nature inside me needs to know. It's okay if I ignore you but not if I ignore the message. Unknown to most of us, spirit-soul inside us uses the Spirit Web to upload and send messages into the Universe and the Universe returns search results by responding in multiple ways. It's up to us to accept and install the download so it can be processed further.
Remember, all messages, no matter how large or small, sent through humans are also being sent to us through non-humans but most us are not ready to observe and listen.

As a result of what we just realized, we now know that messages being sent to us through popular people are not random or disconnected from each other.
More and more information is coming out of Nature faster and faster to help us repair broken logic and to tell us who we are to help us return to beingness, to health.
Flat Earths, aliens, dinosaurs, “the ceiling is the roof,” spirit existing in all matter, rNA/drNA are alive, cells are not the basic unit of life, every human is 100% genetically African, humans evolving from apes and the female aspect of the Supreme Being are warm-ups to help us loosen our desperate grip on beliefs because many more “unbelievable” things are about to be revealed in forms that will render belief or disbelief useless, worthless and suicidal. Nature's Sign-language from all dimensions is in multiple processes of coming together to make noticeable what is already taking place beyond the Giri So level of awareness. We are being given chance after opportunity after blessing to rethink what we absolutely know is broken, but we've accepted the lie that “it's the best alternative.”

It's one thing to say I believe or don't believe something.
It's the opposite thing to say I know or don't know something.
If I “know” why would I say I “believe,” or I “think?”
When belief is used, it is an easy way for people to hide behind and rely on personal choice as a defensible reason for logic.
When knowing is used, the person must come out in the open and rely on information that others can access in one form or another in some way or another. There is always more than one way to know and they must work systematically with each other, with self and with all else. All must fit into an ecosystem of logic in order to make eco-sense. Eco-nomics are supposed to make eco-sense. A clear indicator of belief-based human cultures is their broken relationship with the ecosystem where every decision is based on the human justification of progress, improvement, jobs, etc. for humans. That logic, and its believers, are now going the way of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were dominant. They could do anything they wanted to do. Nothing could stop them – except Nature. Nature brought us into this world and Nature always takes us out, even when it's Nature in the form of the weak, corrupt, sick, mutated force in human murderers. Nature in the form of slow, then sudden climate change is doing an uncountable, unstoppable number of things. Two of these things is moving Cynosura (Wepwawet) from the throne so Kepheus can take his place. The opener of the way in the womb is giving way to the child being reborn through the way. Mama Aquaria is in labor pains. Don't we know it.

Be neither afraid nor confused
Nature has handled giants before
It's called the deluge
Ask the dinosaurs
Ask all empires that are no more
Their religions no longer adored
Salvation is changing as stronger truth renews
Jackals, wolves, foxes and dogs are messengers and clues
Revealed to Initiates for tools as star power changes rule

Essential Goodness, Aliveness & Addictions
What I Need Is Something Different
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1080


I fall asleep. I feel heavy, restful, rejuvenating. I feel asleep. I am dreaming quiet sound and still motion in zero rhythm.

Addictions arise in the absence of the essential aliveness that I am, so I need a substitute. I need more, more more a, b, c,...xx, yy, zz....what I need is something different....I want the food, the clothing and the shelter....they sell broken dreams that can't help me...

”1 Giant Leap, What I Need Is Something Different” (Version 2)

And I begin to rise awake. I feel awake but groggy, so I hesitate, slide backwards as I wait. This process repeats for several takes until slowly bit by bit and suddenly all at once, I feel good alive as asleep and awake switch sides of the Truth. The horizon and poles are dynamic balancers and magnetic challengers of all crossroads of culture and choice, no and yes...

”1 Giant Leap - What I Need Is Something Different [Feat. Speech & Boots Riley] ” (Version 1)

”Working with People Food Addiction Its Root Causes and Possible Pathways to Recovery ”

Everything happens quickly, it just takes a long time to develop.
Everything is right there and nowhere to be found.

”What About Me? 'Wanting' (TFF Documentary) by One Giant Leap”

”Eckhart Tolle's Secret to Happiness in 3 Words | A New Earth | Oprah Winfrey Network”

“Addiction Solution From Eckhart Tolle.” ... the reason I seek out drug-induced highs is because I am not in touch with myself and the “aliveness within me” so I look for substitutes.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Beingness, Opiates, Essential Goodness & Natural High
Expanded Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1079


(Part 2 of 2)

Essence Of The Human Conundrum & Challenge

How to maintain beingness not of Earth, but present at birth? How to maintain beingness throughout our continuous course as we move farther and further from the Source? How to maintain beingness as we deal with mixtures of principles and force? How to maintain beingness when individual choice repeats the collective cultural voice? How to maintain beingness when difference, sameness, individuality and collectiveness are necessary to complete the course?


Beingness is spirit-soul unfolding, awakening, coming out of hiding, interacting, revealing, being born again moment by moment,. becoming, uninhibited and in touch with being Nature (genetic potential) in the making. Maintaining this essential goodness requires continuously maturing in knowledge of self in relation to all else, not just to the unchosen human culture we're born into. Spirit-soul is energy that feeds mind-body-emotion. The process of maintaining beingness returns eternal energy to spirit-soul.
Beingness unifies knowledge that has been fragmented across dimensions without and within in many variations of Sign-language. As this occurs, we are regaining our eco-sense, fulfilling stronger destinies (purposes) which includes helping others do the same. In the significant absence of beingness, we fulfill weaker destinies (purposes) and help others do the same.
Beingness is the essential goodness that breeds and maintains the sense of euphoria and utopia.

Beingness is not human beingness. Beingness is universal because it applies to spirit-soul and genetic potential and knowledge of self. All creation has beingness. Human beingness is simply beingness in human form. Human beingness is part of the larger concept of beingness. Human beingness is to beingness as self is to all else. Human beingness is the micro while beingness is the macro. Human beingness is part and partial while beingness is whole and complete.

Beingness Is A Primary Need

Even when a culture is not primarily focused on maintaining beingness, the need for beingness still exists at deeper levels of genetic potential.
As healthy ways submerge, unhealthy way emerge. Numerous examples show how humans attach themselves to things, money, power, other people and belief-based ideologies in order to have a sense of beingness, belonging and becoming. Without a sense of beingness, there is a loss of the euphoric and utopian high that comes along with it.

The balance of our optimal and suboptimal identifiers of self determines the balance of the healthy and unhealthy ways we seek to satisfy our primary need of beingness. These identifiers are culturized into us.

The Stronger Healthy Way - Knowledge Of Self

Babies are born with the strong healthy sense of beingness – the natural high that comes from being grounded in the know.
Over time, the baby being is still able to maintain a natural high as understandings and uses of genetic potential expands. Spirit-soul remains in rhythm with the Universe.
In healthy cultures, knowledge of self in relation to all else is a paramount pursuit that everything in the culture is dedicated to ensuring every person achieves.

The Weaker Unhealthy Way - Opiates

Because beingness is a continuous process like breathing, there is a little bit of the sense of utopia, thus euphoria, in all healthy expressions of genetic potential. We call this sense of utopia and euphoria by other names such as pleasure, satisfaction, gratification, contentment, joy, delight, happiness, goodness, elation, accomplishment, validation, cheers, applause, approval, acceptance, fun, delicious, decadent, excitement, romance, orgasmic, thrill, inspiration, appreciation, praise, accolades, encouragement, acknowledgment, respect, success and so on.

One way the natural high of beingness is replaced is through the use of opiates as substitutes for the natural high of euphoria and utopia.

An opiate has many more forms than just as a pharmaceutical prescription drug. An opiate is anything, anyone and any ideology in any form through which we seek satisfaction that is not breeding or maintaining beingness. An opiate is also anything that is a distraction that is not breeding or maintaining beingness.
This includes, but is not limited to, relationships, food, drink, alcohol, smoking, sex, entertainment, sports teams, popular people, religion, job titles, possessions, stuff, things owned, suboptimal identifiers, the legal but imbalanced and any unhealthy approach to feeling good and satisfying basic needs (including self-esteem).
Truth is, everything we do is an attempt to fulfill the basic needs of beingness, of spirit-soul of genetic potential. We don't understand this because our language, thus culture, has failed to be what beingness needs it to be.

Despite the power, prevalence and promotion of opiates in unhealthy cultures, opiates still provide watered down temporal satisfaction compared to the eternally satisfying sense of euphoria and utopia.
This is why opiate use must be constant and always increased in strength, thus becoming addictive. Thus the being becomes and belongs to the opiate. In contrast, in a healthy culture, the being becomes and belongs to the natural high of knowledge of self expressed through use of genetic potential.

Take A Good Look At Yourself Through Your Culture

When culture is primarily concerned with the “human” aspect of existence, rather than the “being” aspect, baby beings are lead astray from beingness and towards identity crisis. This crisis lasts longer than it has to when we cling to culture as if it's a life raft in a sea of uncertainty. This sense of uncertainty is caused by our over-reliance on contradictory self-destructive human constructions and too little reliance on knowledge of self and the rest of Nature. Why wouldn't there be constant uncertainty in humans-are-dominant-type cultures, when those cults consider to-each-according-to-need and other harmonious ideologies, as threats?

Most, if not all, human unhealthiness is due to varying degrees of loss of beingness.

Culture socializes, teaches, educates, programs and traditionalizes us how to be or not to be in touch with our essential goodness.

“Human” is just a physical form of genetic potential (Nature).
It is the spirit-soul that is the being.
The physical form as human, rock, planet or atom is for the purpose as being a vessel in which spirit-soul can travel and mature in knowledge of self.


1. In most cases, things we do as “hobbies” or “interests” are better indicators of what we should be doing. This is why, in unhealthy cultures, hobbies and interests are valued less than “what we do for a living.” Devoting energy to hobbies and interests is the same behavior we displayed as children when we explored interests freely because we were not handicapped by the unhealthy way of meeting basic needs. Hobbies and interests feed energy to our beingness, becoming and belonging. In healthy cultures, hobbies, interests and earning a living are one because the culture is structured to ensure earning a living and learning being, are the same things.

2. The sense of euphoria and utopia can also be obtained through things that are painful, hurtful, etc. It depends on each person and where their level of health is. For instance, in unhealthy cultures, the overwhelming majority of people take pleasure in harming others in some way. Evil is good and necessary in order to satisfy the need for beingness that is nowhere near being understood to be beingness. America and other such corrosive cultures are prime examples of how the collective currently in military control, sustains themselves on harming others because their perception of the parts and the whole is dysfunctional, thus, their actions circulates and recirculates energy that is miserable.
The satisfaction these people get is an opiate-derived feeling, thus, since bad behavior is rewarded, it is constant, always increased and is addictive. Like addicts, they are in denial. An opiate kills while it thrills – numbs while it dumbs.

3. ”How One Man's Mutant DNA May Help End the Deadly Opioid Crisis”
Though the article provides information regarding the ever-increasing opiate crisis, the title of this article is indicative that nothing has changed except a worsening of the same. Due to culture and the broken Sign-language they are speaking, these people think the problem is DNA at the physical level, when instead, the problem is DNA at the mental, emotional and spirit-soul level that has an aversion to knowledge of self as Africans, Primates, Nature and firstly as Spirit-Souls who have manifested themselves as humans.