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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food | About Eating Plants For Life

Food Fight #53

Plants For Humans

It takes life to sustain life; however, the life in a live animal or fresh kill is not the life that sustains human life. Human life is sustained by plant life.

The Backdoor For Carnivores

Here are a few backdoor reasons why the overwhelming majority of food humans eat is supposed to be live plants. Plants don't run or hide. Meat eaters (carnivores) need to have an aggressive, predatory and attack mode nature. This does not sound like the intended nature of human beings. Animals intended to be meat eaters do not cook their meat.

Other Plant Eaters (Herbivores)

Grazing animals cannot maintain health on dead plants such as hay. All grazing animals must eat live, freshly grazed plants to be healthy. Animals given hay must also be given supplements. Perhaps this is the reason why billions of humans are malnourished and need supplements, vitamins and fortified foods - what we eat is not alive.

Supreme Plan For Plants

The Supreme Being covered Earth with plants. Eating has been made simple. Most food from plants does not have to be cooked. The parts of plants we eat have already been cooked by the sun. This is of no surprise because plant eaters (herbivores) do not have to cook their food. What is the intended food for any animal, including human animals, will not have to be cooked a second time. Also, live plants do not need salt, pepper, other seasoning, salad dressing, pots, pans, dishes or recipes – just pick and eat, like other grazing animals and like the primary herbivores we are. This is when the flavor of life comes burstin' through!

Life For Life

In order for one life to sustain the health of another life, the life that is consumed must contain equal or greater life. In other words, live plants are either equal to or greater than human life.

Also, plants that are no longer alive in this dimension cannot transfer life into humans, thus, plants whose lives have been transformed into a dead state can only sustain life designed to live on what is dead (decomposers and scavengers).

The overwhelming majority of the human diet should be live plants and not dead plants, cooked to death plants, dead meat or poisoned meat. Most health problems are traceable to diets that do not contain enough fresh plants, too much meat and too much other stuff. The more we consume the wrong things, the more we will continue to suffer from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual malfunctions due to not eating for life.

Plants Are Meat

According to the Christian Bible, Genesis 1:29, “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

Related Proverbs:

The healthiest eat plants at their liveliest.
Just because we can doesn't mean we should. (Often said by many others).
If it smells like death coming out, it was dead going in.
Inferior cannot sustain superior.
Life goes into life divine times.

Related Quotes:

If we feed plants fertilizer, we will eventually eat it.

Our main job and duty is to respect Earth, plants, seeds and all that supports their health. Respect for Earth is self-respect. Self-respect is food for life.

There is an abundance of iron in the natural world in plants. When plants are grown as intended and eaten as intended, we should not be deficient in such a fundamental and widely available nutrient.

Do I realize fiber in plants also feeds the good bacteria in my colon?

Humans cannot create Spirit life or Earthly life. We cannot create any of the fundamental components for us to exist or continue to exist.

No plant growing in unnatural conditions will have the nutrients it should – even though it appears as expected.

Did the Supreme Being make it easier for honeybees to get proper nutrition than for humans?

7 Bizarre Foods That Involve Eating Live Animals

The Top Ten Most Animals That People Eat Alive

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Understanding Digesting Information And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8h)

Read Part 8g - Learnderstanding Like A Baby's First Breath Is Exhilarating And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8g)

pineal gland Pineal Gland

Expecting Too Much Too Soon

Expecting understanding from information before taking in the information is like trying to get nutrition before eating. Expecting understanding without allowing time for digestion is the same as expecting to immediately get the full benefit of food as soon as it is swallowed.

It Takes Time for Digestion & Understanding

Digestion begins the moment food enters my mouth yet I cannot hold food in my mouth and expect complete digestion. Understanding begins the moment information enters my mind yet I cannot hold information in my temporary memory and expect complete understanding.

Food must enter my stomach and intestines, get broken down further, get absorbed into my bloodstream and then reach my cells. Information must reach other parts of my mind, get broken down further, get absorbed into my stream of consciousness and then reach my subconsciousness.

Once food reaches my cells, some of it needs to be broken down even further. It takes time for complete digestion.

Once information reaches the longer-term parts of my mind, some of it needs to be broken down even further. This happens with intuition and wisdom. It takes time for complete understanding.

Improving Understanding

As food passes through my digestive system, my body automatically releases enzymes to assist with digestion. Understanding also requires catalysts to help in the process of breaking down information.

Additional learning is a catalyst to help understand what has already been learned. See the expanding definition of understanding.

Melatonin from my pineal gland helps quiet my basic mind so the spiritual mind can get full access to the information. Melatonin helps the basic mind disengage and rest while the body is also resting, especially during sleep. This is why it is a natural inclination to say, “Let me sleep on it.” I am actually saying, “Let me take my basic mind off of it and allow my spiritual mind to also digest it and then inform my basic mind.” My spiritual mind should also be engaged and working simultaneously with my basic mind during waking hours. Since I am out of practice allowing this to happen, I must spend waking time in silence and stillness and communing in order to retrain myself to listen to my spirit. It often takes many many days of additional living for some decisions to become clear and information to be understood. During that time I must continue to learn.

Remembering My Spirit Capability

It would be inconsistent for a human to be created as a spirit being but not have any ability for spiritual reasoning and the ability to use the spiritual as a way of knowing. It is consistent for a human to be expected to be a human being spirit and also have the ability to always get understanding from spirit in order to always exist in a state of accordance with Manifest Essence.

Related Proverbs:

Unlike opportunity that opens windows and knocks on doors, understanding beckons from inside out into the universal.
The only thing that prevents understanding is already knowing.

Related Quotes:

No need to worry sister; the spirit has an immune system of discernment that works with the stream of consciousness to fish out foreign substances. No need to worry brother; that which should not be absorbed will pass through like fiber but will aid the workings of the mind.

...there is still a continuous need for nutrients. Nutrients are still needed for growth, learning, development, sharpness, daily activities, metabolism, digestion and maintaining health.

Appreciation slows us down. It causes us to chew more and allows time to drift, reflect and absorb the life forces that are saturating our senses and capable of satiating our souls.

Vitamins, calories, fat, etc. are the minutia. Too much of this type of information has come between us and our spiritual intelligence when it comes to knowing what to eat.

Without hesitation he gave a very thorough explanation of the meaning he absorbed.

Each person understood in their own way
Appreciating, absorbing, appreciating. increasing awareness, increases reality, and thus, increases understanding of meaning.

Image of Pineal Gland from Melatonin Research

Read Part 8i - Definition | Consciousness & Communal Family Values And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8i)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plants & Proverbs: Application & Effects of Fertilizers, Soil Amendments & Natural Sense

Read the first part, Growing Food: Green Thumb Not Required

Applying A Growing Perspective With Proverbs

It is inconsistent to attempt growing, developing or raising anything without also growing, developing and raising ourselves.
A dynamic thing cannot come out of a static thing.

Instead of approaching gardening from the narrow perspective of “growing food,” it is helpful to expand the perspective to “getting back in tune with the ecosystem.” We can do things to help the ecosystem in our yards, community and wherever we are during each day by simply remaining aware we are in the ecosystem and part of the ecosystem. Everything we do and don't do has an impact. We must do nothing to harm the ecosystem and do whatever we can to assist it in regaining its harmony quicker. At a minimum, we must contribute and use equal measures in order to preserve the balance of our personal impact upon the ecosystem. At a maximum, we must restore more than we consume because we are responsible for our ancestors as well as our descendents. That's the whole point of being connected. We benefit from those who come before us and after us and so must we make recompense for them.

Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

First of all, soil is a living organism composed of gazillions of living organisms that feed gazillions of living organisms in the soil and above the soil, including bacteria, beetles, birds, bees, butterflies, dogs, cats, fish and humans.

We must always remain aware of the threat of taking shortcuts and doing things that only create the superficial appearance of gardening success. Here's just one example: Miracle-Gro® is not a miracle, it's a tragedy. “Fertilizer,” good ol' NPK, bypasses several natural processes and in fact, poisons the soil. A lot of fertilizer is wasted and gets into the water supply and/or builds up from the initial immediate toxicity to soil health to severely toxic levels. Truth is, in the ecosystem, every naturally occurring thing, including every part and byproduct of humans, feeds and nourishes something else.

Fertilizer is not to be confused with soil amendments such as decomposed household/yard materials (compost), undecomposed household/yard materials, leaves, straw, grass clippings, paper, cardboard, sawdust, wood chips, manure, bone meal, blood meal, sand, etc. A soil amendment is something that helps restore soil health. It is also something that must be broken down by another living organism or by natural processes before it can be used by plants. Soil amendments provide nutrients to plants slowly and do several other good things for soil, thus for plants and all other life. Soil amendments feed plants the ecosystem way.

Fertilizer does not need any life in the soil in order to be used by plants. Only plant roots are needed. This is why those who depend on fertilizer will cause their soil to become more and more infertile and will always have more and more “pest” problems and watering problems. On the one hand, fertilizer allows plants to grow but is similar to human junk food. On another hand, fertilizer is promoted as a good thing but it pollutes soil and reduces soil health which is needed to support the health of plants. Just like humans, plants need natural food to be healthy. Fertilizer moves soils toward being sterile of life, thus hostile to plants. Fertilizer is an unnatural soil amendment and therefore has the opposite effect of soil amendments.

The easiest and simplest thing to support the soil ecosystem in urban and suburban environments is plant material (starting with leaves, grass clippings and other so-called yard waste), things made of plant material (compost) and the manure of animals that eat plant materials. Plant material already contains the nutrients to grow plants. When plant material is placed or left on the soil, it decomposes and releases those same nutrients for other plants to grow.

Applying Natural Sense

Earth is self-fertile. This is easily evident in places where humans do not add fertilizer, yet growth always occurs in alleys, between and beside roads, forests and any place uninhabited and uninhibited by humans. The only reason earth has lost her fertility in some places is due to an imbalanced ecosystem. This is why our efforts must be on ecosystem balance to allow earth to do what she's supposed to do – supply a complete growing environment, free of charge but not free of responsibility.

We must not attempt to grow food using practices out of sync with the ecosystem. If we do we are welcoming the unnatural and saying good riddance to natural elements, natural soil viability, natural soil fertility, natural nutrients and natural insect management. Just like a fast food diet, using fertilizer is the same as trying to get health by doing unhealthy things.

The less we take out of our yards, the less we have to add. The less we kill in our yards, the more will grow. The less we disrupt, the easier it will be for the rest of the natural world to recalibrate balance.

Everything we do and don't do affects the health of plants. The conditions plants grow in affects our condition. If we feed plants fertilizer, we will eventually eat it. Of course we will. Plants take it into their bodies and so will we. If we amend and strengthen the health of the soil, we amend and strengthen our health times four.

Related Proverbs:

Though it is said, “pride goeth before a fall,” health goeth first and only returneth after natural sense.
May our ways be as the Master Gardener who bathes roots in the byproducts of gazillions to keep them pure.

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"Skeletal Existence,” a poem from Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Learnderstanding Like A Baby's First Breath Is Exhilarating And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8g)

Read Part 8f first - Definition, Understanding Learning's Association With Breathing, Motion & Infinite Possibilities And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8f)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]


I am now aware learning is always taking place. I will no longer wait for information to be pushed at me by others. I will not wait to encounter information randomly. I will continue seeking the information I need. I will continue seeking more information on the information I already have.


Learnderstanding, like breathing, is a constant necessity. Learnderstanding and breathing are both, two-part cycles. Both parts of the cycle must continue existing in order to sustain ME (Manifest Essence). The two parts of learnderstanding are learning and understanding. The two parts of breathing are inhaling and exhaling.

Learning First, Understanding Second

Learnderstanding does not mean what I learn now is what I understand now. Most of the time what I learn, I will understand later but only if I continue learning. Understanding is most often a delayed reaction to learning.

I must not concern myself with understanding. If I continue to learn, understanding will come. I must not try to understand something before learning it or considering learning it. Understanding comes after learning. I must continue learning to understand what I learned many moments ago, sometimes even many years ago.

When I do not understand something it means I have not yet learned enough about it and/or I need to continue learning overall in many areas of life. All pieces of learning from various areas are useful in bringing forth understanding in any single area.

Breathing & Learnderstanding Simultaneously

A baby's first breath is one of learnderstanding. The child inhales (learns), then exhales (understands). That first inhale is a built-in, genetic reflex to initiate the life-sustaining process of breathing. Along with that first exhale comes the revelation of understanding within the child. One cycle now complete, the child feels better and another cycle and then another. Learnderstanding is taking place.

First Breaths Are Exhilarating

I am genetically designed for learnderstanding. I get excited when I finally understand something. I cry out with joy, even though it is mostly silent and usually a YES!

Even so, the process of learnderstanding, just like breathing, is exhilarating.

The child becomes immediately aware the act of inhaling is activating and enlivening all other processes and bringing new awareness. Awareness informs the child of additional capabilities of lungs and breathing. The child tries it out and releases the primal cry of the birth of understanding. From that moment forward, the child craves the inhaling/learning and relishes the exhaling/understanding. The child lives to do both every moment. The child is aware of this. This is the near constant joy evident in the child. It is not clueless innocence or having no cares. It is the basic desire to never lose newfound exhilaration.

Every moment is our first breath—it is that vital, that important—the right here, right now.

Related Quotes:

1. Right now is the best time to be living - not because of the circumstances but because you were chosen for this time. Right now is the best time to be living because this time is the same as any other time - full of resources and possibilities. For you and me, right now is the only time.

2. The reason we live and breathe must not be for imitators of love & happiness.

3. Physical food also includes the amount of rest we get, the air we breathe and sunlight.

Read Part 8h - Understanding Digesting Information And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8h)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Definition, Understanding Learning's Association With Breathing, Motion & Infinite Possibilities And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8f)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]

Learning's Expanding Definition

Learning is absorbing information, then adjusting, adapting or reinforcing behavior.

Information includes experiences and comes from primary creation, secondary creation, self and others.

There must be a change to a choice and behavior as evidence of learning OR there must be reinforcement of a choice and behavior.

Changing or reinforcing is always taking place. There is no such thing as useless information. All information is influencing. Sometimes the change or reinforcement is deciding to listen to, not listen to, believe or disbelieve the information source, its subject matter or its subject. Most of the time, changing or reinforcing is occurring on the subconscious level below awareness.

Learning requires acquiring information and taking action but learning does not require awareness I am learning or awareness I am taking action. Sometimes the action is a choice to change (do something) and sometimes the action is a choice to stay the same (do nothing).

I have the genetic ability for learning. I am learning a lot of what I am putting my mind to.

I am learning everything I am putting my mind and spiritual mind to.

Understanding's Expanding Definition

Understanding is an initial or confirming awareness of the nature of something or someone.

This is achieved by recognizing differences and similarities compared to other information. It also involves recognizing positives and negatives compared to ME (Manifest Essence); therefore, I must have self-awareness. Understanding comes from weighing these differences and using what naturally rises above the other.

Understanding requires evaluating new information and reevaluating previous information. Sometimes this analysis leads to new awareness and sometimes it strengthens previous awareness.

Understanding always includes age-appropriate intuition and wisdom. Understanding always includes utilizing the intuition and wisdom of others in the communal family (parents, caregivers, siblings, relatives, friends, elders, ancestors, the rest of the natural world and the Divine Beings).

Synthesis Of Learning, Understanding & Breathing

Learning and understanding do not happen at once, nor are they ever complete. It is only possible to learn and understand in the moment for the moment. The very next moment I must resume learning and understanding.

For example, I am breathing right now but I can't breathe in advance to cover moments from now or the rest of my life. I must breathe moment by moment. The same is true for learning and understanding.

Also, I can learn without understanding but I cannot understand without learning. This means there is always only one of two things happening: learning by itself OR learning and understanding together (learnderstanding).

Some Learnderstanding

I must use cues from the natural world.

The genius of combining form and function is not a recent discovery. I am a human in form but only a human being when I am functioning as intended - as spirit.

My wants are rejoining the stream of necessary primary things, in keeping with being chosen. No longer is cash the king, popularity the queen, misleading education the key to living, or a search for progress being made in places it has never been seen.

Staying In Motion With Learnderstanding

Learnderstanding is a process taking place during living. Living is a process taking place during time. Time is a process. Since process is also motion, learnderstanding is really motion within motion within motion.

Associating & Adjusting

I am breathing, using my first and last. I am breathing, connecting the two. Living is this way, bunches of motions.

The meaning of life & existence is expanding, simplifying, matching ME - motion within motion within motion within motion within motion within motion within motion within...breathing is essential...motion within...learnderstanding is increasing...motion is never-ending...

Life is about making associations, adjusting, staying in motion and becoming eternal expansion - infinite possibilities.

Read Part 8g - Learnderstanding Like A Baby's First Breath Is Exhilarating And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8g)

Related Quotes:

1. Since this mindset makes us think we are already in control and thinking for ourselves, then investigation, analysis, examination and critical thinking regarding “what is what” seems redundant, without benefit and unnecessary.

2. Children want to learn who they are and what they are capable of.

3. Nature speaks to our four basic aspects with energies, rhythms, pacings, demonstrations, analogies, similes and allegories.

4. ”Our degree of awareness must equal or exceed our intended level of development based on age” and available resources.

5. Even if we don't know what to do, where to start, what to think or how to feel about certain aspects of life & existence, we should be able to improve our physical nutrition and spiritual nutrition.

6. The way my life changes depends on what I'm learning.

7. Finding reliable information is all about nutrition.

8. When a child doesn't grow and develop and new information is not considered, the child's age increases but not awareness.

9. Don't inhibit yourself by stubbornly or fearfully holding onto a set of beliefs that are not working for you.

10. As I mature into adulthood, I should be able to loosen my grip on beliefs that were simply given to me.

11. Disrobe of these beliefs. You can always put them back on quite easily. If you remove them for even one minute, you just might get a taste of the rejuvenating feeling that comes from your spirit bathing naked in the truth.

12. The sooner you begin to loosen and readjust your personal settings, the sooner you will begin to change and the sooner things will begin to change.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Definition: Articles About Creativity, Analysis Of How Creativity Fits ME And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8e)

Read Part 8a first - Definition: ME, Manifest Essence, Human Being, Wholeness Synonym And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8a)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]

Creature Of Creativity

The Creator is a spirit of creativity. I have this spirit. Creativity is mine by nature. Not only am I a creature of habits, I am a creature of creativities.

I am so much more than designations such as someone's child, sibling, friend, parent, spouse, neighbor, job title, group affiliation, ethnicity or national identity. I am a living being whose spiritual and physical DNA is a system that operates on the principle of learning, adjusting and adapting. Creativity is in my genes.

As I use more and more of my power, this built-in creativity can't help but show itself.

Creativity Is Elemental & Fundamental

Creativity is an elemental essence of the Creator's spirit. Spirit is the unaccounted for element on the Periodic Table.

Everything is composed of elements. Every composition is temporary and always changing and transitioning. I am the same as these elements because I am composed of nothing but these elements.

Expanding Definition Of Creativity

Bringing something new into existence is a byproduct of something else. Creativity is first and foremost about learning. Learning is newness and newness releases creative energy.

In its truest sense, learning is the synthesis of human intellect and the spiritual intellects of intuition and wisdom.

Creativity Is Learning Is Changing

Change comes from learning and learning is a creative process. One of the greatest abilities I have is the ability to change. This is the opportunity to remake, reorder, reinvent, recreate and reestablish my life. The way my life changes depends on what I'm learning. Learning is part of my first nature. I am learning to be creative to be myself.

Primary & Secondary Creation

Primary creation is everything created by the Supreme Being. These are things such as spirit, elements, matter, the natural world, life, anything that supports life and inherent rights. All basic needs are primary creations. So are freedom, thought, creativity, learning, etc.

Secondary creation is what a human and a human being creates. I am a re-arranger of primary creation. I simply change the form or combination of elements.

Divine Creation & Spiritless Creation

Anything created by the Supreme Being and a human being is divine creation.

Nothing a human creates is divine because a human is not a human being spirit. This is not divine. A human is not strongly connected to their spirit which is the essence of the Supreme and therefore cannot manifest divineness. Human creations are spiritless. This is true no matter how magnificent the creation may seem. Neither accolade nor praise can transform the spiritless into the divine.

Creative Abundance

Earth and universe contain enough elements of primary creation to support all living beings. There is enough creative spirit for all things to be as intended - their best. This means there is enough room for everyone to be creative – as intended.

For the All-Powerful One, abundance is a matter of fact simple thing. I am filled with this spirit of abundant creativity and surrounded by it. Abundance is supposed to be mine because an abundant creative spirit is mine in an abundant world and universe.

I am out of touch with myself if I think the Greatest Giver Of Gifts who created every good thing wants to withhold the riches of goodness, primary creations, from me. I am misaligned if I think the spirit environment I was placed in, to live (the natural world), is for the benefit of the spiritless humans aka heathens, hellions, devils, demons and witches. No, it is for the chosen one, ME and my creativity.

My creativity allows me to do all the basic things any human can do. I can also be a human being by using the extra capabilities I have in areas specific to my spirit's purposes, my experiences and the influences of my ancestors.

At Last, The Primary Consideration

Life is not mainly about anything a human or a human being creates. Life is about what the Creator creates – the harmony of primary creations. Since I am a primary creation, my creativity is also supposed to be harmonious with primary creation. This is accomplished through knowledge of myself which is accomplished through nutrition.

Because knowing myself is the same as knowing my origins, creativity is a pathway to better understanding the Creator, creation, the natural, the universal, the meaning of life & existence, my global family and all other primary things.

I can know these things because I can do this thing: return to my original state of learning, changing and creating by following the genetic guidance of my spirit. Doing so is a divine gift, ability, right and responsibility.

Just like creativity, all the things that come with it fit ME perfectly. Teach the children these things.
For your encouragement, Asante Sana, Nana Baffour Amankwatia II

Read Part 8f - Definition, Understanding Learning's Association With Breathing, Motion & Infinite Possibilities And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8f)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mini-me & The Chosen One And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8d)

Read Parts 8a - 8c first - Definition: ME, Manifest Essence, Human Being, Wholeness Synonym And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8a)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]

What Happened To ME

ME must be fed in order to have energy to guide how I live my life. My spirit can be stagnant and weak or it can be active and vibrant. It all depends on nutrition.

Nutrition for any living being can only come from what its life is based on. Since human spirit is Supreme Spirit, I can only receive spiritual nutrition from things manifesting the same Supreme Spirit.

Nutrition From A Supreme Perspective

Manifest Essence wants to express itself through ME. That's right! Manifest Essence (spirit) wants to express itself through ME (a human being spirit.) There is no other way for my spirit to express itself. Spirit must eat spirit food in order to thrive.

ME or mini-me? (Choose no more than one)

Manifest Essence has nothing to do with career, job, occupation, what is done for a living or the type of work I choose. It could and it should but just because I am doing well or highly achieving in any field of human endeavor is not an automatic verification I am being ME. Just because I receive no man-made accolades doesn't mean I am not measuring up to ME.

Manifest Essence has everything to do with a human living according to spirit. I must live according to the natural world context I am a part of. This is the true Manifest Destiny.

I will know if I am being ME by my fruit. Am I treating other spirits as spirit and the rest of the natural world as no less than human? Am I a friend of a crackish economic model, thus, my own best enemy of ME?

Have I decided to set aside my true pursuit and settle for just being me? If so, this me is merely my human form, the basic capabilities that come with it and the human things I choose. This is mini-me. I've forsaken my greater, excellent, more powerful spiritual characteristic (ME). I've settled for the human characteristics I'm able to choose. I only consider self-desires when deciding how I use my capabilities. Mini-me is nothing to be proud of.

In order to be my very best, Essence must Manifest.

The Chosen One

When I am being ME, I am reflecting both my divinely given characteristics and my personally chosen characteristics. When I am a human being, I am being spiritual. As a result, personal choices will also be spiritually defined and aligned.

My hoping and dreaming will develop from my spirit. Hopes and dreams will not come from what the human-defined world has to offer as choices and possibilities. No, instead, hopes and dreams will come from what I have to offer the world - because I am chosen – chosen to have Manifest Essence and manifest it. I am chosen to be ME and to receive the fullness thereof.

Asante Sana Tehuti/Sš3t, Ascendents/Descendents Ashe

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Valentine's Day Card Addressed To Self.

Reference: Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) p. various.

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Sustainability, Harmony & Anti-God Behavior And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8c)

Read Parts 8a & 8b first - Definition: ME, Manifest Essence, Human Being, Wholeness Synonym And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8a)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]

An Unsustainable Worldview

There exists among some, a worldview which states everything is for the benefit of humankind, including other humans. If this worldview is correct, it would simultaneously state, humankind is for the benefit of everything (See Part 8b). Since it doesn't, this worldview is unbalanced in God's all-seeing eyes. Secondly, this is clearly a weird relationship because it's one-sided. Thirdly, it goes against the principles of descendency and eldership.

Effects Of An Unsustainable Worldview

Most of what comes from unbalanced humans, must, by necessity of their imbalance, have a similar effect upon the natural order. This acts as the the principal headwind to any living being because living beings need balance (harmony). This is true because the very basis of being alive is balance. There must be order and balance to sustain life systems in living organisms.

An unbalanced worldview is also the principal headwind to any human attempting to progress as a human being. A human being needs access to the fullness of Earth because a significant source of nutrition is there. A human cannot be in harmony without access to motherbirth Earth. Without the power of this nutrition, there is malnutrition on every level. This weakness will beget weakness. Substitute nutrition and impurities will lead to deformities in human behavior which breed relationship disease on an interpersonal and societal level. Inherent rights will suffer including self-imposed harms that seem beneficial. Only the Supreme Way of the Supreme Being is sustainable.

Sustainability Test

If I give more than I take, I am a restorer. If I take more than I give, I am a destroyer. In fact, if I take to any degree, I am a destroyer. I must receive instead and use it graciously. This is true for any relationship. This is true for the relationships among mind, body, emotion and spirit. Because unbalanced behavior works against Supreme intentions for the universe, this behavior is anti-God.

Imbalance Is Anti-God

As said in Part 7f, “when organisms are in a state of malnutrition for too long, the basic response to negative influences is to adjust and adapt until the imbalance seems normal, especially generation after generation.”

When this takes an additional downturn towards severe spiritual malnutrition, human behavior becomes bizarre. Humans, already existing in a state that is anti-God, take the next step and challenge God. As a result, humans behave as if they have unseated the Divine on the right and left hand. From this position, humans see themselves sitting in the center position – the Supreme Seat. Soon there is no longer Nun/Atum/Maat or Ausar/Auset/Heru or spirit/mind/body or visible/unseen/invisible. The new trinity becomes me/myself/I. With the coup now complete, God becomes servant/tool/weapon. Ashe is replaced by cha-ching.

After this set of unsustainable conditions are superimposed on the world at gunpoint, there can only be exponential growth in foolish behavior. Since this foolish thinking comes from the belief that it is supreme to the natural order, it decides to reorder a few more things.

For example, though the original people were made in the image of God, foolishness remakes God, moves the Holy Land, gives history a makeover and maintains the assertion that power can exist and be maintained without harmony. This while clearly showing and saying, “I need guns to power my freedom!” Obviously cash is not king.

With the whitewashing so complete, even upon itself, this behavior maintains the primary fatal flaw that says, with human technology and intellect, there is no need to obey the natural workings of Earth, Universe or even the basic human physical construct. This is like trying to stare down the sun, fill a black hole and create life-sustaining conditions on the moon or Mars while destroying life-sustaining conditions on Earth.(1) If this ain't anti-God, I don't know the Supreme Being.

Quit Playing With Sustainability & God

Not only must I quit playing God, I must quit playing with sustainability. There cannot be efforts that support sustainability unless these same efforts support individual sustainability. I am playing with God if I try to respect Earth without respecting all individuals Earth sustains. This is also true in the reverse. If I disrespect Earth, I disrespect every living thing on Earth.

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(1) This is the same way infection and cancer spread in the human body and in other living organisms – suck the life out of one cell, then move on to the next.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Occupy Harmony, Racial Solution Is Spiritual Power & Repentance And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8b)

Read Part 8a first - Definition: ME, Manifest Essence, Human Being, Wholeness Synonym And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8a)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]

Harmony Is Power

When I am being ME, I am harmonious with all else that is being ME. Being in harmony is being in full power mode. Harmony is power because harmony is the connection to universal Supreme Power.

All power requires connection. Harmony is my link to be in sync to receive this power. I must maintain and support this connection. This requires full nutrition which includes communing with the Divine, the rest of the natural world, ancestors and with my purposes and talents.

If all of this is not true then I can't make use of all my potential because I am not connected to all possible power. I'm not giving my all or receiving all there is. I am doing myself a disservice. I am cheating ME. I dishonor the Great Giver Of Gifts.

Racial Disharmony, One Cause

Everything was created for multiple usefulness, purpose and service. In order to have the right to participate in this process, I must honor the process of natural law and order. I must give of myself in order to receive for myself. What I give must support the things I use. At a minimum, I must give and receive in equal measure in order to preserve equality/balance/ecosystem/harmony/justice/peace/health/fulfillment/Hapi-ness.

This is the basic barometer for all of life's actions. I must realize though, if I behave in this fashion I become an enemy of capitalism. This is not a casual statement. The results of capitalism, attest to this fact. These extensive results reveal capitalism's intentions regarding ME.

Since I am naturally designed to seek balance, an unbalanced system must actively do numerous things to keep me off balance. Only when I exist in a state of imbalance am I able to exist with imbalance (capitalism). My imbalance matches capitalism's imbalance so it seems right to mind and emotions but body sometimes and spirit always know sumthin' ain't right.

Capitalism must keep me from being ME, essentially by interfering with knowledge of self. The system must treat ME adversarially because my nature is opposite to the nature of the system. This is the basis and instigating force of racial disharmony.

Broad Example

Racial disharmony is not caused by one branch of the human family tree acting inhumanely against another branch. This is merely a symptom and intended consequence. Racial disharmony IS CAUSED BY one branch of humans actively keeping individuals within their branch, off balance, thus out of harmony with the universal, the rest of the natural world and each other. In this weakened, off-center condition, these individuals can only manifest their humanness and not their spirit essence (there's no connection). This individual disharmony must, and does, lead to disharmony in relationships of all types. Racial disharmony is a symptom of individual disharmony. Individual disharmony is a schism-based illness that creates other schisms outside of self. This is what fosters terror in the world and all negative “isms.”

To be clear, the only way to be in agreement with capitalism's non-inclusive, non-universal nature is to be in disagreement with the knowledge of myself, which, even on an individual level, is, by nature, inclusive and universal.

And another thing. Racial harmony will never be solved by discussions between branches of the human family tree. It will not be solved by pacifying gestures or man-made laws.

Racial disharmony is a contagious infection that is only able to take hold when lots of humans are spiritually malnourished. If only a few were infected, the health of the group would override them. Yet, infection cannot exist unless it is introduced and allowed to remain. Capitalism was happy to oblige. Yet, infection cannot grow or spread to other individuals and generations and then to other branches of the human family tree's body unless it is fed. Capitalism happily feeds the infection continuously, 48 hours per day, double-time.

Historically Correct Example

The only way to effectively infect an entire tree from one branch is for the infection to travel to the trunk and then get dispersed to the other branches and the roots.

The conditions for racial disharmony were sown first within one branch (European) and then directed at the trunk (African). Africans are connected to all people genetically (physically and spiritually). This makes Africans the best mode of transmission of an infection to weaken humankind and then allow invaders/colonialism to wreak havoc with the human family's body. Now I know why what has happened and what is happening must happen.

Remember, an infection also infects its place of origin. This is why, Europe had and still has many conflicts along racial lines. This infection was the basis of Naziism. Now infected, other branches of the human family tree, fight each other at the subbranch level also (Hutu/Tutsi, Republicans/Democrats, Upper & Middle Income/Lower Income, Indians/"Untouchables", Sharia/Non-sharia, European Jews/Original Jews, Chinese/Tibetans, Christians/Muslims, Catholic/Protestant, Shia/Sunni, Orthodox Jews/Secular Jews, humans/human beings, etc.

So, though it is popular and seemingly profitable to direct injustice at members of the trunk, it is in the best interests of every branch of the human family tree to eradicate this behavior from themselves and its negative effects on the trunk because this is the only way to save any and all branches.

Nature is self-healing. Leave the trunk and its roots alone for a season and it will heal. This, of course, is capitalism's biggest fear. As a result, capitalism influences infected branches to keep offloading their poison into the trunk causing both ongoing genocide and suicide. Remember this impact from Part 4? -

“...if it were possible to remove every trace of Alkebu-lan (African) History, all humans and their footprints would also disappear. As it stands, the degree to which we have attempted such removal is the degree to which we wander aimlessly from a well-marked path and the degree to which children, following in our footsteps, suffer.”

Solution Is Spiritual Medicine, i.e., Harmony

Racial disharmony is spiritual cancer. This world needs spiritual medicine. Pure doses must be injected into the trunk of the tree. Those who acknowledge their Africanness are doing this themselves again as always, but for quicker results, others must desist with dispensing poison. We want our sh*t back too!(Racial disharmony remains where there are ill-gotten gains. Repentance is the action of recompense, not apology.)

It is a natural fact, when the trunk is healthy, all branches are better off. Let the 99% embrace the female force of feminine energy because Maat means what she says. Let her daughters reclaim the prodigal ones.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Definition: ME, Manifest Essence, Human Being, Wholeness Synonym And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8a)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as “I” in this article.]

It turns out, the identity I commonly refer to as (me), is not (ME). ME is Manifest Essence.

(ME) Manifest Essence Defined

Manifest Essence consists of characteristics inherited from the Supreme Being as Creator and from the Supreme Being as specific aspects of creation (Water, Earth, Sun, Air, bird, tree, etc.)

Since the Supreme Being is spirit, all that is inherited from and created by the Supreme Being is, in Essence, spirit also. My Essence is spirit.

When I am being ME, I am being spirit. For humans, the short definition of ME is: a human being spirit.

In one sense, Manifest Essence is the portion of the Supreme Spirit within all creation. In an additional sense, Manifest Essence is a life that exhibits this spirit. Manifest Essence is both, always combined.

What Does It Mean To Be Spirit?

It means being the Essence of what I am intended to be. I am supposed to be spirit and I am supposed to be human. In order to be both, I must embrace them both as a human being spirit. This is an ongoing choice. It is not automatic that if I choose to manifest my spiritual essence one moment, it'll show up in my actions the next moment. I must always be aware of choosing being spirit. It is a constant choice to be ME.

Am I Human?

The basic reason I know water is water, tree is tree and bird is bird is each of these creations look and act like what they are. They live, function and operate as divinely intended. Their identity, after being defined by God, is supported and maintained by their behavior.

As human, I am created in the image of the Supreme. I am also given the active spirit of the Supreme to guide me from within so I may be a human being. Human is not where I want to be. I want to be a human being spirit. A human being spirit reflects the combined look and actions of the Supreme. When I am being spirit, I am manifesting (making evident) the Essence of the Creator. When I am being spirit I am being ME.

Manifesting My Manifest Essence Is Necessary For Wholeness

The Essence of the Supreme Being is goodness and harmony. Every orderly thing depends on this and hinges on this. A good, harmonious life depends and hinges on my human and spirit characteristics functioning together, on the same page, at the same time. These two parts must coexist as human being spirit and as spirit being human in order for wholeness and a whole person to exist. Spirit is my "better half."

I must be ME to live fully. I must be ME to live correctly.

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Reference: Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) p. various.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Fulfilled Yet? Are Men Necessary? Masculine & Feminine Energy

Food Fight #52

“Are men necessary?” This question is still being asked. The short answer is no and yes.

No, Men Are Not Necessary

Only nutrition is necessary to live as intended.

Yes, Fulfillment Requires Masculine & Feminine Energy

In addition to the male necessity for procreation, there is another primary reason men are necessary. Masculine/feminine energy is a Supreme principle, earthly principle and cellular principle. In these three areas, both masculine and feminine energies are necessary for balance, harmony and just relationships. For females and males, balancing force/energy can come from a parent, caregiver, sibling, relative, friend, ancestor or deity.

Romantic Relationships

I suspect asking whether or not men are necessary has more to do with romantic relationships, love, happiness and satisfaction than it has to do with anything else. These perspectives should help us move towards fulfillment.

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