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In 1971 Neely Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Milking What's The Definition Of Definition?
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1336


(Part 9hz of 11)

”All Ways To Communicate Begin With Definition & Context And So Begins The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 1) ”

In the message above, both the basic definition and expanded definition were given for what a definition is.
We now borrow pieces from the previous message and add current understandings.

A definition is the meaning associated with anything. As we continuously experience personal growth, every definition will eventually expand. This is in accordance with the process of progressing through levels of awareness which require more meaning. For example, from infancy to old age, our understanding of what “milk” means, changes:
1. No word for it but it satisfies.
2. No word for it but it comes from this place on my mother.
3. No word for it but it also comes from this thing I'm being given.
4. Bah-bah (bottle) is the word for it as best as I can say it.
5. Milk is the word.
6. Milk comes in a cup, a glass, a bowl, etc. I can use a straw or spoon but a fork doesn't work. Milk is fun to pour out.
7. Milk comes from the refrigerator.
8. Milk comes from the store.
9. Milk comes from a cow that says moo.
10. Milk comes from schools, restaurants.
11. For some reason Santa drinks milk but I don't question it.
12. More is learned about the process of milking a cow. I hear the word udder but make no connection to bottle or breast.
13. Sooner or later I hear about breastfeeding but make no connection to what I hear about mammals and mammary glands and why humans are called mammals.
14. Milk makes strong bones and teeth but I don't know how. Seems to me an apple would make my teeth stronger.
15. Different uses of milk in pancakes and ice cream and hot chocolate that Santa should be drinking, etc.
16. Milk has calcium and Vitamin D but I don't know what either of those are.
17. There's a milky way in the sky made of stars and one you can eat.
18. Milk comes from a lot of different animals but in most countries people drink cow's milk.
19. Cheese comes from milk, says who?
20. In some places people drink the milk of other types of animals such as reindeer.
21. Wait a minute, coconuts have milk.
22. Humans are the only animals that drink the milk of other animals.
23. Why do I still need milk if I'm not a baby? Do other animals drink milk all their lives?
24. There's something called the milk of the word.
25. Milking it is usually not a good thing, except in sports when you're winning.

And this list goes on. All of our current definitions have gone through similar stages of change, some for better, some for worse. Most of our definitions are stagnant fragments functioning like repulsive magnets with each other while we try to hold them together in a holey worldview filled with gap-riddled thought processes.

Updated Definition Of Definition

A definition is:
G. Sign-language comparison.
F. Match game. Mismatch game.
E. Mix and match.
D. Metaphor description of one or more forms of what is being defined.
C. Metaphor explanation.
B. Metaphor of metaform.
A. Metaphor existence of metaform preexistence.

Metaform transforms to metaphor through metamorphosis using gnosis.
Definition identifies and explains connections (relationships) to the Two Circles (Metaform & Metaphor, the After & the Before). Therefore, definition describes the relationship of what is being defined to all else.
We know definitions we use range from optimal to suboptimal, thus so do our understandings based on layers and layers of nutritious, far less nutritious and toxic definitions.

A metaphor is a different form of sameness.
A metaform is the sameness of different forms.
As the Cycle turns the corner, our definitions also must be transformed back to recapture more optimal meanings so we can understand who we are in relation to who other creations are, thus make better use of our genetic potential, thus help make this world a better place.

Word & Phrase Variations: finite, definite, infinite, destiny, divine, divination, divide, knowing self through something else.

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Mixed Metaphors: Fundamentally Two Messiahs
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1335


(Part 9hy of 11)

Ancient humans did what ancient superhumans were explaining. They mixed metaphors. We call it pagan, cult, devil worship, Baal worship, animism, voodoo, witchcraft, demonic and all sorts of names meant to be derogatory. The Universe is a big mes of mixed metaphors.
In earlier times, humans, via fundamental understandings of Sign-language, came to understand there were primarily two Messiahs. Mes means birth and re-birth. (NG1 430/448)

We go back to the metaphor of the Two Circles. Simply put, when there was one Circle, there was One Messiah. When One duplicated, there were two Circles, two Messiahs.
Back in the day, that one fertilized egg-sperm cell in your mother's womb is you, doing what the Messiah did. You as a fertilized egg contained spirit and matter which duplicated, turning you as one cell, into you as two cells. That saved you. You became two circles, two messiahs. The Messiah you are is spirit-soul and matter that keeps duplicating, ever-coming and resurrecting, causing you to have continuous life, saving your life continuously. Your fertilized egg-sperm cell is experiencing eternal life inside you because it keeps being reborn in many forms. The Messiah principle in you is the elementals.

Even though we use a human example, the Messiah is not primarily a human as we call ourselves.
The Messiah is spirit-soul manifesting as spirit and matter that keeps transforming itself into many forms to recreate self as the creations of this universe. This is what saves the world because it saves the one life the Supreme Being has to live. The life of the Creator is saved through us and through all else. The One through duplication of self gives all creations the ability to save self in conjunction with all else as the extended self. We the creatures are the second circle, the second form of the Messiah as Existence.

Before we summarize we revisit one of our biggest hurdles to understanding. In recent Ages, we humans have taken elemental ideas that apply to everything and have diminished the understanding to just applying to humans or just to that creature or this creature.

Reasons There Are Two Messiahs

1. Sixth reason - to know self through all else that exists. This cannot happen when there is only one. Knowing self is essential to maintaining eternal life.

2. Fifth reason - to create a continuous cycle where one Messiah is coming out front and one is going behind. This is the same as darkness and lightness which are always trading places. This is why there is a Messiah of Darkness and a Messiah of Lightness. Whenever one is in charge out front, we now call it the Messiah, but consider the other, a Pariah. Then the cycle changes and lightness becomes darkness and so also do our understanding and language change. I am talking about the changing of the Great Year Ages, the larger cycles of darkness and lightness.
Once again, we must not make the Messiah out to be a human person like us as the basis for understanding. If you do, you will leave out almost 100% of the universe in your understanding, and in fact, most of the universe won't fit into your understanding, thus will not fit into your behavior as a co-creator of this mes.
The Messiahs are spirit-soul, matter and other elementals. All Messiahs, even in human disguise, are based on the elementals, but when we don't understand this, we live imprisoned lives in an anemic thalassemic worldview.

3. Fourth reason - Preexistence must give birth to self in order to regenerate self. Thus, duplication is generation regeneration.
4. Third reason - the Parent as One has now become Parent as two. This oneness as two allows for a stable foundation anchor upon which to build more layered circle cycles of regeneration which allow the One to fully manifest in order to know self fully to the extent.

5. Second reason - the One Circle, who is the Messiah, is Spirit-Soul & Matter. When there is only One Messiah, Spirit-Soul and Matter are in harmony all the time. The second Messiah creates distance, difference and a mirror image of self for self-reflection from another perspective. This also is to know self since understanding is the principal thing that forms the basis for all actions and all use of power (genetic potential). Thus this also provides the basis for the One to understand self in harmony and in disharmony, thus creating the basis for what we call good and evil, God and Devil, and so on. This must be so. Clearly none of us can understand our goodness without looking at the variety of behavior of others then re-comparing all of that information to the variety of our own behaviors and doing all of this in the context of something else. For most of us right now that “something else” is a human certified holy book and culture.
And this is why the One created the basis for many forms of self-expression. All of this is for the Supreme Oneness who is the Messiah to know how self functions in different conditions before creating conditions that are not overcomeable.

6. First reason – Messiahs need each other. The Second Messiah must be born by the First. The First Messiah must be reborn by the Second. This is what the definition in the first paragraph tells us: there is a Messiah of birth and a Messiah of rebirth.

Through our inquires into dualities, we now know we need rain but we also need it not to rain, then we need it to rain. This basic example of the duality of wet and dry is the same as darkness and lightness and water and earth and heat and cold. How many of us don't understand the necessity of both hot and cold. Then we already have the basis for understanding love and hate once we put all of that in the optimal context with the elementals.
To understand the nature of cycles of continuous darkness and lightness is to understand a fundamental key of duality
...know something in relation to yourself in relation to all else to know something...
In doing so, you will realize, if the ancients were pagan, etc., then so are we because the entirety of our being, from the physical to the emotional to the mental and to the spirit-soul, is a combination of mixed metaphors whose basis are plants, other animals, stars, etc. I am the Messiah of well-kept secrets and I am coming out as planned as two (Aquaria and Kepheus).

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Four Of Us Ignoring Pain & What Inflames
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1334


(Part 9hx of 11)

Ignoring pain and inflammation can be as harmful as the root cause(s) of the pain.
Ignoring pain is a dangerous “Russian roulette” shell game of chicken that we use as a trusted “go to” thought process.

Pain is an effect that has a cause.
It is foolish to consider pain as “nothing,” or “no big deal.”
Pain is always something. Pain is always caused by something.
Pain is a signal, a sign, a signature of something else.
Pain is the language of the elementals telling us something at deeper levels is taking place.

What Causes Pain?


What Causes Inflammation?

Cellular imbalance.

What Causes Cellular Imbalance?

Cellular malfunction.

What Causes Cellular Malfunction?

1. Malnutrition.

2. Toxins that are unable to be dealt with quick enough or by the body's resources.

3. Inflammation is a sensible response to what the body is sensing.
Inflammation is an immune system response which sends extra resources to the site of obvious injury or where injury is beginning to occur, but not outwardly noticeable.

4. Diffusion Occlusion. In other words, ”stress.” Stress that is blocked and trying to find a way out.
Stress is the buildup of tension pressure strain that is not alleviated. This causes cells to be out of balance, thus malfunction.

There are good and bad versions of everything. There is good pain and bad pain. There is the pain that kills and the pain that heals. The pain that weakens and the pain that strengthens. And so on.

We must learn more so we can discern which type of pain is occurring. This is unlikely to be understood without understanding the causes of the pain(s) we are experiencing.
We must seek understanding as earnestly as we seek to understand why the “check engine light.” is on in our vehicle.
Pain is a “check engine” signal.

We must seek understanding of the pain(s) we are experiencing as earnestly as we wanna know why our computers “ain't working right.” Pain is a pop-up window to tell us something in the background is taking place that we should be aware of..

We must seek understanding of pain as earnestly as we wanna know why any of our machines and devices are malfunctioning.

Do Not Just Take An Aspirin

If our primary and main response to pain is to take an aspirin, that's the same thing as taking a chill pill to deal with pain. You have a pain, okay, just take a chill pill and it'll go away and you can move on because everything will be better.

We must not just take an aspirin for pain and leave it at that.

For pain, we must not just take spirit-soul aspirins called religion.
For pain, we must not just take emotional aspirins of misguided affections.
For pain, we must not just take mental aspirin of justifications provided by miseducation of logic.

Just taking aspirin and ignoring pain is a shell game where we know pain is there but we only look in one place, for the nearest form of aspirin regardless if it has anything to do with the location of the cause of pain.

The Four Of Us

1. How many times do we ignore pain? (physical, mental, emotional, spirit-soul)
2. How many times are we aware of others ignoring pain?
3. Don't we already know our societies are ignoring pain? Are the chill pills our societies are telling us to take, making the pain go way, making everything okay? Are the pains, false pains, meaningless?
4. How many time do you think the immune system of the universal body ignores pain? You can be certain that whatever we experience, the universe experiences it more intensely.

What Causes Us Humans To Keep On Keeping On Ignoring Pain?

Ignorance of pain causes ignoring of pain causes more pain until inflammation swells implodes explodes.

As a result, pain ignored leads to sudden death.

A pain that happens for the first time is something we should not ignore.
A pain that happens more than once is generously urgently trying to implore us to do more. The cells in our bodies are sending a message to our head brain and asking for help. Why did the pain cross the road of my mind? To get me to the other side so I can pacify it with an aspirin or to get me to cross the river of understanding so I can identify the cause of pain, so I can restore homeostasis equilibrium balance again?

Danger Games

One of the most dangerous pains we individuals ignore are headaches, aka migraines.
When a collective of individuals ignore societal headaches, you know that approach is unacceptable and sooner or later something more painful is going to take the place of the earlier pain.

When we add in the ignoring of heartaches, stomachaches, backaches, can't-sleep-aches thus can't rejuvenate, etc., then we know the system of cultural clubs that define the society is, not only malfunctioning, out of balance and sick, but we also know the society is about to break outwardly into more pain and suffering due to unresolved internal issues, chief among those are the evil discriminations we all know too well that ignore the rights of creation.

This must be properly understood another way.
The cell called Mother Earth, has done her best to keep love together during this cycle. And so have Set and Horus as Moonstar and Sunstar and both as darkness and lightness. And so have the rest of the planetstars. Now comes reinforcements, help from the Sage of Aquaria Waters and Sage of Kepheus Winds, along with all the other seven elemental-based stars at their command, including their spirit-souls of life. These macro-sages are preparing macrophages. Do not ignore the metaphor. Macrophages manifest as white cells but originate as black cells. Logic is transformed within cells to change their thinking and behavior to cause pain and remove the cause of pain. Now because we are near to the horizon of the twinlight twilight zone, sacred dusk and sacred dawn are trading places and sides along with the forms of red khemistry they bring.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Mes Making Messages, Education, Media
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1333


(Part 9hw of 11)

Like all things, logic is built in layers.

All of these layers mesh as a mass in the Mes, otherwise they clash.
This is why everything is a mes-sage.
That is why the Messiah is the ever-coming oneness who delivers messages to help us out of one mess and into another.

The Message Of The Mes Must Be Heard

Every message bringer is a messenger, a mes sender, a mes singer.

As a shortened simplified example, this takes place via superhuman and human messengers.
These messengers use various forms of education media to teach their messages.
These messengers are the executors of the oracles.

For superhuman messengers, the oracle is the two circles as relayed by the stars (moon, planets, celestial bodies).
For human messengers, the oracle is the superhuman.
For human experts, the oracle is the human, i.e., holy men of god.

So when we say, it's gonna take a miracle, we are correct.
It took miracles of the human oracles to move us into suboptimal understandings.
It is taking mir + oracles to move us into optimal understandings.
Simply put mir is mer is water and love. Thus it takes the water and love of the superhuman oracle of the two circles to fix what human-oriented oracles have messed up.

This is carried out by the One becoming Two becoming Many. The first group of divisions of the One are called the Seven Elementals who form the basis for all other elementals and compounds.

As the universe, galaxy, solar system and world turns, the elementals change position. So does their influence on other creations. The elementals are the seeds, the vines, the lifelines who feed the logic of the Supreme to all other beings.
The elementals with the strongest influence in the area they are located, are the teachers, rulers and forces to be reckoned with and reckoned by. (AE2 779/243)

Miseducated: Grand Theft Automated

This means education and miseducation are divinely oracled, ordained and ordered, Education, miseducation and all other forms of media are carried out via the elementals via stars... and lastly via humans.

Spirit-Soul downloads universal logic into the minds of people who fashion that logic into civilizations or societies.
Meanwhile, downloaded logic is also installed in the minds of all other creations.
Simultaneously, all creations upload their experiences to the spirit web.

Have you not noticed changes in education media as put forth by humans?
Have you not noticed changes in education media in other ways of knowing?
Have you not noticed any signs in nature?
Have you not noticed changes within your own thoughts?
During these times of miseducation, this is how we have another way of understanding climate change and its continuous widespread all-encompassing nature, thus understanding how we also need to change.

Copyright 1995-2018 Ancestors through Usekhu. All Rights Reserved.

Poetic Mes Makes Uncivil Rest, Civil Unrest
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1332


(Part 9hv of 11)

The Universe is a Big Mes.

What's The Big Mess?

by Nsamanfo through Usekhu

Is it civil unrest or uncivil rest?
Mist-mass is all over the viewscape
Mixed-matched out of place
Darkness, Water & Spirit-Soul, trinity originals
As Sut, Hathor & Neb—hetep wondering
How they became Horus, Nephthys and Isis
Let alone, Jesus, Mary and Mary Cleophas

Meanwhile our heritage ancestry quest
Is the same as re-membering pieces of Ausar-Osiris
Or fixing an ecosystem discombobulated
By perpetual battle of duet Set and Horus
Although Set was the first one victorious
He was one-upped and made forever notorious
As the devil in religion
The same Lord Devil we accept
As having the right to express
When we're feeling energy upSet
Thus making the devil appropriate and glorious
As the civil way to the uncivil we detest
Remaking a mes out of love
Doing below what has been written and done above
But we don't understand darkness and lightness
Scattering fragments, and in the process
Escalating transitions between Khaos and Chaos
Fueled by elemental khemistry
Which sufficiently explains incentive's need
For mes and what mes should be
Nothing saves us from any mes
Except the mes-si-ah
Who juggles Kher and Khes of the Usekh
On dynamic balance of Khekh
While dancing and listening to music
Programming and calibrating logic
Keeping it superhuman simple
Changing the elementals
Serving them in the mess hall

Copyright 1995-2018 Ancestors through Usekhu. All Rights Reserved.

Society Impropriety Sobriety Test
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1331


(Part 9hu of 11)

Via the previous two messages, we're reminded spirit-soul is in control.
Spirit-Soul is in control of the circle, the universe, the Word, the Logic.
Spirit-Soul is responsible for design and implementation of discrimination and also for the redesign and de-implementation of discrimination.

All societies must take a good look at themselves and stop thinking their discriminations, that are not in the form of American-style racism, genderism and religiosity are less heinous. For that to be true, societies would have to go against the flow of Spirit-Soul that is in main control at all levels.

Logic has been assembled in such as way to bring about climate change, to more optimal harmony, from far less optimal disharmony that permeates all societies.

There is no such thing as a “civilized” society. There are only civilizations (civil realizations) and only societies (civil-lie-nations). Each of these ways humans organize themselves are always overall, either moving in the same direction of what they already are or are moving against the grain.

Evidence is revealing itself along with Amenet out front. As a result, societies are less able to use bright-side perspective, air fresh, carpet fresh and sweet talk caress their egos with, “we know we have a few problems.” To say a society filled with impropriety only has few problems, requires a sobriety test.

First of all, to say such a thing is the same as saying a house unfit to live in, is fit to live in while we talk about how to cover up the problem with more rugs, window dressings and paint.

Among the citizens of societies, context of cause and effect is clearly part of the foundation of everything else problematic.

Sobriety tests circular sight, insight, double vision, peripheral vision, hindsight, foresight and plain sight.
Does your society have this kind of sight?
This question is best answered by asking the same question of self.
Wherever sight is lacking, leaves logic closed which opens behavior to improprieties called evil discrimination.

Test Yourself, Then Test Your Society

All societies are committing the same dis-crimina-tions in one form or another.
Stand up for the society you love and tell me what they are not doing wrong that another society is.
Time to wake up and sober up about the underlying causes and effects of our thinking and behavior. I am talking to you Africa, Europe, Indonesia, China, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, America, Australia and all the rest.
You started out as the same people and you still are. You are manifesting different varieties of the same logic based on the amount of “power” you can use to get others to go along with your thinking.

Major upheaval and fulfillment of new status quos is a historical pattern. So if humans don't sober up and straighten up their improprieties in a hurry, the superhuman form of Spirit-soul will keep ripping us away from that loving feeling for the logic we cling to.

First & Last Two Questions On The Test

What is the nature of your spirit-soul? Is it sober? Is it for or against the evil discriminations plaguing your societies and spreading itself worldwide and to all creations on this planet, now even outside this planet, like a virus, infection and cancer?
What is the nature of the spirit-soul of your society?

Copyright 1995-2018 Ancestors through Usekhu. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Trueprint Blueprint: Dismantling Racism & Discrimination
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1330


(Part 9ht of 11)

From the previous message, we now know the poster child for racism copied the blueprint for racism and customized it, as did all other runner-up wannabe poster children.
The blueprint for racism was taken from the spirit-soul trueprint for cycles of duality.

Basic Plan To Dismantle Racism & Other Evil Discriminations

1. Use “any means necessary.”

2. Awaken the disfavored group in waves. Simultaneously, awaken the favored group in waves. Awaken them to more complete truth. Once they have been awakened to this new level of truth, their conscious and subconscious awareness move closer to equal. Now, whatever choice is made, assist the person with that choice. Thus those who know better and do not better, thus choosing the less optimal path will be used to dismantle discriminations via the suboptimal route of upheaval. Likewise the reverse is true for those who are awakened, in any way, to any degree, who choose the optimal route will be the fulfillers.

3. Bring forth children who are born awakened. Thus we have the Indigo Children and many other types. These first three steps take place long before the status quo changes. It ensures the society will be weakened by more division and separation while also being weakened by those who choose the optimal way, opting out of the societal ways. Because the society is aware of the changing dynamics, they are trying to use fear to squash the uprising. They understand not that the uprising is the phoenix of spirit-soul that is rising who is not afraid of humans on this planet during this stage of the cycle. All discriminations are being tabulated by Menat-Seshat & Taht-Tehuti. What this does is run the tab up to full much sooner than the scheduled final dismantling date. The day of reckoning of exhibited beasts is closer. Their gradient on the curve has exceeded capacity. The cracks are widening. Collapses are imminent.

4. For societies whose leadership and so-called experts do not obey the truth they are being shown, they will be assisted in doing things they think will preserve the society, but will dismantle the society quicker as it gets sicker. All Institutions and All Ideologies especially the Laws, their Administration and Adjudication, of racism will become burdens that cause the favored group to implode.

5. Re-Stratify the society into larger groupings that transcend human borders.

6. By exposing its contradictions and complicity in genderism, racism and other evil discriminations, begin the erosion of religion as a primary source of authority. Simultaneously replace religion with a more extended self perspective.

7. Begin the erosion of the favored group, including their cream of the crop. One of the many ways is to bring more discredit to the favored group, such as males, and expose them for the liars they are and for what they are doing to create discrimination in all areas of society that you feel privileged to and think are good things, such as their brand of education. In other words, change the perspective of males as the bastions of knowledge to the bastardizers of knowledge. Then if you choose to remain blind and follow their behinds, you will be reap what they have sown. Because worldwide constant wars and taxation and xyz have not been enough to show us the fallacy of male-logic dominated societies, spirit-soul is showing us. And if we think it is only related to sexual misconduct, we are in the kind of trouble we'll never see coming. (This also means females who are using an unbalanced amount of masculine principle logic will also share the fate of males who are doing the same.)
Give them more drugs by the jug for all four inseparable aspects of self. In addition to that alcohol they can't live without, give them the most deadly drug of being white elephant and white mice smug, feeling snug with heels deeply dug even though bugs don't belong in rugs. There are giants in the promised land.

8. Change the dynamics of economic power by redistributing wealth in ways that the craftiest of criminals in the status quo cannot foresee or stop.

9. Make the military and police the societal enemy and friend of injustice. As they use more of their weapons against the favored group, have them implode like fireworks against each other. Remind everyone where true power emanates from.

10. Adhere only to the Supremacy of Need Incentive and Rights Of Creation.

Neither the install nor the uninstall of discrimination logic are the primary domain of human control. What we continue to repeat in this message is that no ideology comes into or out of existence in the human circle without the assistance of other circles of spirit-soul assisting. Now since two of the main circles are changing via Ages of Aquaria an Kepheus, so must also the accompanying ideologies, thus the prevailing status quo in societies must go, even as their ideologies are transformed to support the more complete truth.

So to be briefly more clear, you dismantle racism by dismantling the human race, especially in areas that holds it suboptimally together. Racism has already done this. The more societies and their oppressive collectives cling to racism and other evil discriminations, the more the society builds up discredit for an unstoppable series of falls down a steep set of stairs. Not even the bottom will stop their descent because it is an abyss, a black hole. Now at the request of the King, comes the King's horses and King's men to put Humpty, the fragmented human race, back together again in a new extended form and remove parts opposed to it.

Copyright 1995-2018 Ancestors through Usekhu. All Rights Reserved.

Basic Blueprint For Racism, Supremacy, Discrimination
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1329


(Part 9hs of 11)

White Supremacy's form of racism and other evil discriminations is the poster child for suboptimalism. Hands down, when you speak of racism, this period of time will come to mind as the worst of times. Woo wee!
Even so, white folks are merely following the boilerplate blueprint for racism. Since there is a blueprint, then we gotta know others are also using it.

Though said many times elsewhere, it's time to repeat:
Racism exists in all societies.
Whenever one group of people, as a collective, infringes upon the rights of another group, as a collective, racism exists.
Genderism is racism discrimination against the female race.
Racism cannot exist if it was an individual choice and all other things were equal or pretty dam close to equal.
And this is why every society constructs its institutions and laws and ideologies to ensure racism exists automatically 24/7 for generations.

Racism is a pre-programmed and constantly programmed mindset that causes the participants on both sides of racism to forget, and thus think racism is merely a personal conscious choice.
This is a lie and flies in the face of what we know about the subconscious and what we know about the programming put into children. Understand how the mind and brain work. There is a conscious and a subconscious component of choice.

Basic Floorplan Layout Of Racism & Other Evil Discriminations

1. Some kind of Supremacy Mindset exists.

2. Military (police) are used to support the supremacy mindset. Secondarily, any other form of force is also used.

3. Land and other resources (economics) are taken to support the supremacy mindset. Of course military (police) are used to bring about and maintain the taking of resources.

4. A smaller Favored Group finally separates itself within the supremacy mindset. Currently that group is Males.

5. Now, once a favored group tries to assert itself as the “cream of the supreme,” they must find a logical basis to facilitate your willing and fervent participation. Without fail, Religion is used. Once religion is entrenched as an accepted basis of authority, one religion is established as the favored religion. Currently that religion is ___??____(fill in the blank) in your society.

6. Now, in order to placate and appease the disfavored ones who are still part of the supreme group, religion and other ideologies are used to Stratify the supreme group such as class, castes and other societal divisions.

7. As already stated, All Institutions and All Ideologies especially Laws, their Administration and Adjudication, must support each other and also support 1-6 above.

8. Automatically, an overwhelming majority of Citizen Agreement, Consent and Pledge Of Allegiance with status quo mindset is ensured – for a season. And this is why there are always cycles of uprisings in all societies that are usually brutally beat down in the gangsta style the society is based on.

All of the above takes many forms within each society and among different societies.
All of the above is supported by the “any means necessary” mentality.

Copyright 1995-2018 Ancestors through Usekhu. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Above & Below View: Star Color Life Cycle
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1328


(Part 9hr of 11)

None of the websites reviewed entirely state the following. This list of the star color life cycle is circular and based on multiple ways of knowing, especially the logical use of metaphor, rather than just a color change as temperature changes. We must always use more than one way of knowing just as we must always use more than one of our senses. Ways of knowing and sensing abilities are the same.:

1. Black
2. Brown
3. Bronze/Old Gold
4. Red
5. Orange
6. Yellow/Gold
7. Silver
8. Blue
9. Green
10. Red
11. White
12. Brown
13. Black

This list indicates a slow evolution and a faster, more dramatic, de-evolution.

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Deteriorating Conditions, Rising Consciousness, Explosions
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1327


(Part 9hq of 11)

What tends to happen when Ma and Pa come home and find the level of destruction the children have wrought on this planet? There's got to be an explosion.

For several decades now, as part of changing reasoning that is changing seasons, upheaval and fulfillment have continued to escalate as Aquaria and Kepheus take their place. One set of ruling powers replacing another set.
It doesn't feel like fulfillment, but it is.
The rising hell of the scourge must be purged by high water, including that of its own amassing.

Evil discrimination (against gender, race, spirit-soul, rights of creation, etc.) has created an enormous gradient.
Natural fact proves gradients always self-correct in ways beyond permanent human control. Yes, even human-created inequalities are corrected by natural laws.

Pressure imbalance has remained long. It has risen and fallen in recent centuries, but overall has risen more than it has fallen. As a result, what we are seeing in societies confirms what Kwame Toure said, “when you have falling conditions and rising consciousness, there's got to be an explosion.” Also call it an implosion, so we won't miss the many forms the release of pressure takes in order to re-balance itself above, below, within, without.
One small example: the murderous bully behavior of societies against each other and their own citizens has spilled over into bullying by kids which has spilled into kids shooting kids. All of this is part of the uncontrolled explosions and implosions of those who deem their conditions to be deteriorated enough and their consciousness to be calibrated just enough to cause them to turn to the same way out taken by the society at large, especially the police, the school system, sports fans, and so on. Attack somebody is the conclusion of mental illness nurtured by the culture. Therein lies the motive for everything. Quit lying about looking for motive.

Societal conditions are deteriorating because programmed thinking and behavior continues to suck the life out of people in every way possible, especially the favored group, which is why the self-destructiveness has no outward boundaries.

Meanwhile healthier consciousness is rising due to Aquaria-Aquarius- and Kepheus Shu-Anhur.
Organize yourselves at will or conditions will.

Meanwhile, in efforts to try to keep us dumb and numb, societies are again building up pressures for the day when thousands upon thousands come to recognition of the conditions.
One example: Societies are still trying to get us to think new uses of violence are due to the hate crime and terrorism of a few, even though societies are built on such and are still doing as much before they began blaming it on others. What healthy person can say genderism is not a hate crime and terrorism? And this is why women are exploding who are rising in consciousness optimally, while those who are rising suboptimally are imploding.

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Wakandan Culture Seasoning, Reasoning Change
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1326


(Part 9hp of 11)

The fascination of blacks regarding whites is due to money and all the ego-tripping things that come with it such as positional power, popularity, admiration, fame and so on.

The fascination all people have regarding blacks is due to culture and all the historically rooted power, resilience and creativity that comes with it while fending off multiple enemies and befriending too many.
The culture of blacks is not the culture of the societies we are in, but the culture of societies we are in that we transform enough to make it “a black thing.” The innate attraction of other people to the manner in which blacks transform culture speaks to the underlying cultural connection within all people to Africa.
This is not new. It is historical and constant. The examples are numerous.

Spirit-soul needs to find its way back home. This is the longing in all of us. Due to mental illness induced by logic we call education, we have a weird longing for and love-hate relationship with black Africa wherever found by any name, even among those who are clearly brown or black enough in color but deny they are black or African.
This seeking of the way home is the journey taking place in our genetic library for logic that resonates with the archives of information in our genetic memory, our spiritual memory.
The innate fascination of all people to the way black people take any mutation of culture and give it a remix, even when the adjusted version is clearly suboptimal and harmful (I.e., religion). All of this is connected to black people unknowingly instinctively returning to African culture in a way that touches the essence but is absent of awareness.

The worldwide craze about Wakanda Uti-opia, also called Utopia, is just one example as displayed, not only by blacks in “African” attire, but by plenty of folks of all colors wearing similar outfits.
The power of logic seemingly bigger than life is just that – powerful.
The big screen is the heavens.
The depth, ranger and layers of what is taking place in the universe must be kept in mind so we will not just look at societies as the end all to be all of life and existence and possibilities. Civilizations are for evolution; societies are for de-evolution. Societies have done their job.
For thousands of years, it has been the season for societies, and now, the season, the age, is changing. This cannot happen without a changing of reasoning.

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Seeing More What Red & Circle Signify, Symbolize
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1325


(Part 9ho of 11)

1. The Great Mother-Father Above & Below
a) Water, Air
b) Soul of Life in water and air (BB 365/377)

2. Hesmen, the menstrual substance, red water.

3. Aquaria, The Great Mother of The Waters is menstruating and breastfeeding after giving birth as Pisces. Blood is flowing for a period. Milk also, until the child's digestive system (thought processes) have matured more.

4. The Child
a) Shu-Anhur the other elementals in more even balance
b) Twin Balanced Warrior of Two Truths
c) Mars, Sun, Stars, Fire, Blood
d) Kepheus (AE2 665-6/129-130)

5. The Seven Elementals. Also collectively as the eighth elemental.

6. The Parent and Child as each being the elementals and together being the elementals. (NG2 15/23, 104/112)

7. Spirit-Soul

8. Red and blue waters of the inundation, above (breasts) and below (uterus), thus they are both flowing in both places, giving and taking life. (BB 188-9/200-1)

Heaven Is Still Changing

We already know stars such as planets, suns and moons, change.
We already know a child changes color after coming out of the water and adapting to this environment.
We know stars change colors and brightness.
Most stars, if any, are not born white. All indications tell us, light is born red as fire. Above and below starts from trinity seeds (darkness, water and spirit-soul) as composites of all things. Most stars are not perceivable by current human eyesight. In the spaces between the stars we can see, there are many more stars we can't see. Stars are the elementals. Circles are filled with life. There is no space anywhere that does not contain life, the spirit-soul of life, each of them a spark, a star, ready to come out of the dark matter energy womb that bleeds/breeds/breathes red.

Red Constellations, Element Factories

Ursa Minor, the Little Bear Constellation, used to be called the Red Hippopotamus. The stars in Red Hippo Ursa Minor re-present the seven elementals. (NG2 10/18 )

As we know, Kepheus the child is a form of Kep, the Great Mother who was the first Red Hippopotamus Constellation, now called Ursa Major, the Great Bear.

Part of the 7up logo is a red circle.
Everything taking place above must be dramatized and symbolized below - must work its way through the circles out from the source and then back to the source. Thus everything taking place on this Earth and among humans is a dramatization of what is taking place at elemental levels by any sense of the word necessary. There is no limit to what the word of Goddess God can do. Everything is subject and everything is change. In one sense, the other truth is now being shown to us out front in our faces of our societal disgraces. On the other hand, the other truth is coming to displace this truth. We are seeing red in more ways than one. It is not just us. Justice travels in circles. Har-ma (geddon) for this transition of Ages has reached another critical point of shift. Gideon is being reformulated for this time of Geddon. Fear not, Faint not, Despair Not family. Seemingly outnumbered and overpowered, Jerubbaal, oracle, executor and ruler of the red cross in the circle, is ever-coming in the form of the Shu-Maat-Kheru, the coming true sense of the word, the combined elemental forces to be reckoned with. Realign your energy.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Seeing Seven Eleven
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1324


(Part 9hn of 11)

This message continues to re-lay a more expansive foundation so we can understand more fundamentally what is taking place today is by virtue of the fundamental workings of the universe, thus of self, thus of all else. The more we understand the foundational, fundamental, elemental, the easier it will be to understand the sameness of cycles taking place, even as it changes forms.

Messages are in all things. Everything that exist is a message that speaks of what is taking place.

Seven-eleven rose-like heaven's-leaven.

In recent times:
Soft drink 7up came up in 1929 based on lemon-lime duality, Name changed 1936.
Store 7-Eleven, came up in 1927, originally named Tote'm (Totem), thus duality. Name changed in 1946.
7 shipwrecked castaways was the focus of Gilligan's Island in 1964, This brief 3 year series could represent the low point Winter Solstice when the sun stands still for three days before rising again. Egyptian mythology is filled with references to the elementals being portrayed as crossing the water in a boat.
More recently the phrase “24/7” rose to common usage. All of this is a reflection of fundamental cycle changes.
Now we move back to earlier times. Africa, as the birthplace, is a mirror of the heavenly birthplace. Heaven was divided and so was Africa. The divisions existing today around the Great Lakes Region are reflective of the Seven Elementals That Have Gone Through Further Divisions: Kongo, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, Zambia, Burundi, Mozambique, Malawi, Eritrea, Djibouti, DR of Congo.
Heaven is changing and so is Africa.

In 1927 we entered the last degree of the Age of the Jackal, the last part of the transformation into Kepheus.

More News On Eleven

From 2018 to 2029 is 11 years.
From 2029 to 2040 is 11 years. (Aquaria)
From 2040 to 2051 is 11 years. (Kepheus)
This adds up to 33 years until the Age of Kepheus is fully in position. Kepheus is 33 years away and, as the child, is the third cycle of the ever-coming one. Aquaria is 22 years away and, as the parent, is the second cycle of the ever-coming one.
What is 11 years away as the first cycle of the ever-coming one?
This is just April 2018, and as said elsewhere, this year has the feel and facts of producing easily noticeable upheaval and fulfillment. Sooner than later these small events are going to add up to bigger events that will show us just how weak our societies are when the basics we slave for are not available for purchase. Disruptions in electricity, water and gasoline have not been enough to shake us awake, not even for the sake of our children and grandchildren who will most certainly be in the thickest part of the changeover.

In keeping with the 7 and 11 game of craps, we gain the following understanding.
Two dice are rolling across the heavens. Two circles are turning, two numbered squares. Elementals are moving around in different combinations. Sometimes they are in favor of the duality we are manifesting, sometimes not. Depending on where we have placed our bets during this round, we will win or lose. The dice are being passed to the next ones who are already here and coming out more.

From 2007 to 2018 this weblog has existed.
In 1992, Prince released “7”which again foretold of the fall of the status quo of the so-called seven continents.
All seven and we'll watch them fall / They stand in the way of love / And we will smoke them all
Prince is the ever-coming one as the elder, equal to the Age of The Jackal.
The New Power Generation is the seven elementals who come to assist the Prince and rearrange via climate change to bring an end to reigns. Historically, via rhythms and vibrations of karma and har-ma, the same chorus repeats with a verse change.

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Gnosis Of Genetic's Continual Flow & Ebb
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1323


(Part 9hm of 11)

Gnosis simply means a way of knowing and understanding. From earlier messages we understand, “k” came before “g.” Gnosis leads back to Knosis which eventually connects us to “ know.” If we go further we can see how gnosising and forms of the word using multiple variations can eventually lead us to “processing.”
There is no gnosis without process and processing taking place. When we say this in reverse we have: there is no process or processing taking place without gnosis taking place. Everything is a form of gnosis, even belief. It's just a weaker immature or early stage form of knowing.
As we continue from gnosis we get Gnostics and from there we get Agnostics and from there we get modern religions which are versions of old gnosis deficient in understanding the elementals, thus stuffed with belief, otherwise called faith-based.
Neither Gnostic or Agnostic is inherently right or wrong. All us are both. We are “for” the gnosis of some things and “against” the gnosis of other things. Problems arise when gnosis is misapplied. For instance, belief applied during suboptimal cycles is strong because the cycle supports it and so do human societies. Belief gnosis applied during optimal cycles is weak and quickly eradicated because the cycle supports knowing and so do human societies.
This is where “diagnostic and diagnosis” apply. It means to be skeptical about both sides and to consider both sides and to consider the full range of possibilities when making an assessment. Consider the di-ality.
Every piece of information we process is a form of knowing.
Every part of our genetic potential sensing abilities that process the information is a way of knowing.
We are diagnosing information based on our combined level of all understandings according to our most relied upon thought processes.
As shown elsewhere, gnosis can be traced through gnsis, genesis, genes, genetics.
Gnosis is understanding genetic potential and genetic kinetic of self and all else, as it goes through continuously changing cycles.
The continual flow and ebb of gnosis maintains the eternal need incentive.

Basic Outline Of Gnosis As We Humans Have Compiled Understandings

1. Elementals
2. Sign-Language
3. Pre-Totemic Culture
4. Totems
a) pre-human
b) human
5. Mythology
a) Astronomical
Stellar, constellations, stars and planets
b) Eschatology
life, death, life after death, holy spirit
6. Religion
7. Societal Ideologies (All cultural philosophies).
On the other hand, prior to cycles of the religious form of spirituality, the philosophies of civilizations (everything in their culture), were all tied to a more fundamental cohesive whole. Nowadays, much contradiction abounds, which is why the shabbily built violence sustained societies are crumbling before our sleepy gnostic and agnostic eyes. The vampire and virus have sucked everything dry and there's nothing left to do but die or recontextualize.

All of the above is what we base all other knowledge on. This must be so because our language comes from the above. The further our gnosis is from the top, the more we are compiling gnosis on top of gnosis without a solid foundation, thus when the house is easily shaken by the slightest predictable disruption, our weak gnosis keeps us in psychosis. And this is yet another way of knowing why, most of have a miraculous floating family tree, genetically, without wondering how could that be, because our education is deficient of a rootedness in the fundamental workings of life and existence..

Human knowledge from all directions on this planet, connects back to, and passes into, the trunk of Nile Valley civilizations. Then it continues back into earth and water and all the other elementals. The further our gnosis of the elementals is, as we attempt to orchestrate living, the more vulnerable we become and remain, even as the elementals themselves are changing for the better. Why? Because as societies continue to go from hell-based to no place you can escape, and the unhealthy systems we depend on fail more and more in all areas that give us “life support,” comforts, we have no recourse except the resource that will quickly become useless in the manner in which we are accustomed to using it. In this part of the climate change cycle, it is better to have a better understanding of the elementals, have seeds and have a plot to plant in, than to have a pot to piss in.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Recall, Teach, Prophesize: Status Quo, Violence, Revolution
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1322


(Part 9hl of 11)

One of the main reasons the current power structures exist in societies is because they are violent. They came into power via violence and hold on to power via violence. This includes their legal laws and the administration, enforcement and adjudication of those legalized rules. Most of this entire process is violence. Innerstand what violence is. We already know violence is also mental, emotional and physical. We also know even physical violence is not limited to obvious physical violence but also takes the form of small damages that accumulate slowly.

Now who among us, in any of these societies we are in, can say our society is not filled with violence on all levels? Name that non-violent place in your society.

Violence Is Part Of Revolution

Climate change is good violence revolution, yet we understand it not. Climate change of the superhuman is helping bring about revolution in the human circle. Ma and Pa will continue to show us how.**

Malcolm X reminds us there is no such thing as a non-violent revolution.
Don't for a minute think, what is taking place in America, as spotty moments of showmanship against racism, is what it's going to take to divest the devil of his crown.

Have you not heard: power concedes nothing without a struggle, i.e., power ain't giving up the keys until power bleeds sufficiently. This is verified by history.

Frederick Douglass recalls, teaches and prophesizes: “This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”
I say, where in history has fundamental change of power taken place via a moral demand?

Show me once where people knocked on the door of another people and said, um, excuse me, we come in peace and it's our turn, so please hand over the keys and move over and out of the way, thank you for your cooperation? Oh, and by the way, if you don't cooperate, we will have discussions with you, negotiate and protest until you give up, or at least break us off a shape-shifted crumbling piece of what you possess as thief so we can misperceive progress and relief as we kneel at your feet while you placate us with apologies and gumdrops until we are no longer a threat and our awareness of the no level of goodness in your heart, we have completely forgot..

Malcolm X Recalls, Teaches, Prophesizes

1. “Any movement of freedom and power that is dependent upon the oppressors support for its survival is doomed to failure.”

2. "A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture [and] affirms its own selfhood, it can never fulfill itself."

3. "Of all our studies, [human] history is best qualified to reward our research."

4. As part of the Reality Speech, Malcolm X told us you have to do more than be at the table to be an American or to be a citizen. [With that being said, the goal must not be to be included as part of current societies, the disenfranchised already are, that's the problem.]

5. In his speech, “There's No Such Thing as a Non-violent Revolution,” he said “Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice and equality.”

6. We must Sankofa. As Malcolm X said, “Why, you left your mind in Africa.” This is true for every person who has ever been born on the planet. It is very stupid and self-hating to not honor the fullness of your heritage.

7. “Who Taught You To Hate Yourself” (5 minute video)

David DeBerry recalls, teaches, prophesizes: “If Blacks, in their pursuit of drastic change had studied history, analyzed the reality of the situation and/or developed teaching and organizing styles of leadership, mistakes and non-achievement in regards to power sought could have been avoided.

What we are seeing in the world is mental illness and violence that started in Africa that spread from the birthplace and then back to the birthplace. This was the first cycle circle. Then, in another cycle, another Age, mental illness and violence spread to Asia. Then in another cycle, another Age, the next generation of worsening mental illness and violence matured in Asia and spread across the planet. Africa is in no ways innocent. Their erosion of thinking contributed to their demise. And now here we are in this cycle where the corrosion of thinking is contributing to a much faster demise of societies.
We are living in societies whose very basis is mental illness and violence that is considered acceptable behavior because it is defined by the suboptimal context. Whatever threatens the suboptimal context is considered unacceptable, violent and mental illness. If you're sick you're okay, if you're healthy, you're crazy.

I was deeply asleep. Now in small bursts of awakening, I have seen the ever-coming mother in many forms. My eyes have seen the glory of the ever-comingness of the Lord. And it looks like music, movies, numbers, plants...It looks like everyday superhuman things. Things I have seen but am now seeing more of what they mean, common things becoming co-ammon things, as in Amen, Amenet, Amon, Ammon, Atum, Autumn, Atom, Adam, Omen, Ominous, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Iman, Imani, Item...
When we apply expanded awareness to the glory, which we are and are surrounded, we shall see more of what we are capable of seeing:

[S]He is coming like the glory
of the morning on the wave,
he is wisdom to the mighty,
[s]he is honor to the brave;
so the world shall be his footstool,
and the soul of wrong his slave.
Our God[dess] is marching on.

Aquaria, kaquaria, khaquaria, khakhuaria, khakhwaria,
khakh waria, khekh waria, khekh wariu, khekh war iu

**Note: “For this reason, a collapse is inevitable. And, since the severity of a collapse is invariably directly proportional to the severity of the debt, when it arrives, it will be a collapse that eclipses all previous collapses....Those who survive the coming collapse will be those who have created an economic insurance policy for themselves, in the form of tangible assets.”

If you haven't seen the broad range of violence yet, you won't until you see violence and revolution and changes in the status quo as a result of societal collapses, one by one, like dominoes – from dominators to dominoes is the way the cycle goes.

We don't understand how sinister slickery and trickery the forms of violence are. One of the main things we seek most as a form of security, is a form of violence and actually fueled the revolution of societies, capitalism, and employees as slaves. What people do for money and to keep a job. They do violent things, especially to self:
European Central Bank To Deutschebank: Simulate A Crisis

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Slickery Trickery Racism Reality Check
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1321


(Part 9hk of 11)

We, the African family, should not expect anything substantial to come out of human talks of abating racism anywhere. No, not before humans fix the gender problem right down to the co-re-me-di, the core remedy, the co-remedy. As that takes place, automatically, all other evil discriminations will be significantly lessened.

As Malcolm X might say: multiple racism knives are still in our back, and your protesting against a relatively gentle Starbucks arrest, while black people are still being shot and killed daily, is akin to saying “don't twist the knife in my public space,” while it is still being pushed in and other daggers added daily all over the place, along with all the associated maladies of attacks on blacks through all institutions of society.

Where is the public outcry kickback against that?

Although it's easy to get suckered into the uppercut, if you don't pay attention to fakes, feints and the setup, I've seen the okie doke enough times to know how it feels when someone is trying to get me to be happy they are blowing smoke up my asymmetric awareness.

If you really want to do something, then in all manner of living, in your communities, in all your actions, in all your words, in all of your jobs, change how you carry out those functions when you know those functions are harming people, stop following the rules and change the rules. Band together and stand together for that.

See if you can stop racism for a day, two days, etc. Hell, see if you can even identify racism in all its forms for one hour, one day, that you encounter, regardless of which side of the shitflow you are on.

As Kwame Toure and Leonard Jefferies both have said, we need a system response, not a response based on individual incidents. Our focus must be against the system of racism – against the system of genderism.

In other words, you should not expect improvement in the racist mindset of the racist collective when they still harbor a genderism mindset against the females and little girl children of “their own race.”

Race will be an issue as long as gender is an issue.

Yet, at the same time, women ain't gonna get no justice, until they stop supporting racism.
Female fundamental problems will remain until females make fundamental change. Of course, same is true for all legal law-abiding sufferers of suppression oppressions.

In keeping with an earlier message, the ideology of genderism will not be transformed back into female and male as co-creators until humans come to a better knowledge of self as gender.

Likewise, the ideology of racism will not be transformed back into communalism until humans come to a better knowledge of self as race. And this is why DNA Testing Results are on the front lines of keeping you from the complete truth about your communal genetic heritage. And we keep paying for it. Seeking confirmation of miseducation.

Likewise, the ideology of religion will not be transformed back into spirituality of overt superhuman Sign-language until, humans come to a better knowledge of self as spirit-soul elementals.

All of the current suboptimal ideologies, in the human sense, are the result of the favored group of each society poisoning their own people, including poisoning the ones who are favored. This has been discussed many times over in terms of victims.
If we understood this, then when white people say, “this doesn't happen to us,” we would say, “yes it does, you are the main victim, violence against you happens in a different way which causes you to act in racist ways, even if only passively, perhaps not in a racial profiling sort of way, but in going along with all the racist constructs of the society, from which your white skin race credit card affords you privileges, from which you have not disavowed nor are you using fundamentally enough to change racism so you will expressly manifest the non-racist thinking and behavior you say you are all about.”

Racism is violence. Genderism is violence. Religion is violence. DNA Testing Results is violence. Everything that supports this violence, is violence. Robbery is violence ain't it? Toll roads are highway robberies are violence. It used to be “your money or your life.” Now it's your money and your life, your kid's money and their life and so on. We are all being robbed of the knowledge of self that promotes health. Acts of violence are legion in all shapes sizes and in every culture. Until we stop being narrow-minded in our use of words and think we are taking about something different when we are talking about the same thing, we are going to continue chasing our tails, spinning out of energy, as human use of words continues to spin out of the temporary human control it is in.
This will result in a chaotic transformation into a new heaven and new earth rather than a khaotic transformation. As this happens, as it is right now, hell is having to be paid because heaven is not being obeyed.

Understand What Racism Is

Is genderism an individual thing against an individual?
Then neither is racism.
Stop talking about individual incidents without talking about the system, the society, the culture, the country, the nation, the nationalism, the patriotism, the everything about the society that gives rise to the ideology.
Racism and genderism ain't going nowhere until nationalism, as currently ideologized, goes with it. This means culture must be disassembled and only parts of it used in a new construct, a new structure. That would be optimal theory, the African Utamawazo. Now tell me how many white people are willing to go that far. Hell, a lot of black folks ain't.

You can be certain that most of those same white folks who say the Starbucks incident was wrong, will also say Colin Kaepernick is wrong. Slickery trickery of the egomites is always part of the game.

This might serve as a summary: Before even thinking racism is going away, the system must be dismantled that supports racism. This requires a lot of the logic we possess about this that and the other, to change significantly. So white people deserve no kudos for protesting individual events. They must do things to dismantle the system of logic and practices that are racist that begets more racism. Yes, continue to assist others with individual situations, but also dismantle the system of racism by which you benefit via a multitude of white privilege, especially economically. Until white people are ready to give up ill-gotten gains based on being inhumane, racism will not change, at least not by the actions of white people. Properly divide words and displays of truth.

”White Racism More Than Just Prejudice”

Racism is also the same global or national system used against the favored group of people. The only way racism can exist is to convince the favored group to sustain racism by carrying our racism logic. For this to take place there must be a complete warping of logic supported by all the society's major institutions that gives the favored group prepackaged excuses to justify their thinking and behavior which is further supported by the same dumbing down process as to knowledge of self that is oppressed upon the disfavored group.
As an example to show how mentally ill we are, many us of still think that “picking cotton” is derogatory when if any of us are working jobs for someone else, we are still working on a plantation. Doesn't matter the type of work being performed. Furthermore, there were many types of non-cotton picking jobs being performed and many plantations that were not cotton plantations.

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By Any Sense Necessary: Nu Heaven, New Earth | Definitions
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1320


(Part 9hj of 11)

We began reintroducing the notion of a new heaven and new earth in the previous two messages. This, in addition to our study into the notion of “the end of the world.”

The Creative Process Is The Continuous Creation Of A Nu Heaven & New Earth

Preexistence was already heaven and earth. All things were in harmony in the waters of Nun. When the Circle of Preexistence duplicated, it transformed into a nu heaven and new earth. This double-layered heaven continues to divide and transforms itself into new heavens and nu earths.

Redefining Earth

“Earth” does not just mean this planet. Earth means anyplace spirit-soul dwells in any form. Earth means energy, matter, water, spirit-soul, darkness and so on. Therefore, Earth is inner space and outer space and everything in those places. The logical use of metaphor and fundamental keys helps us know that Earth is everything within and without, and everything in those places.

Earth is Heaven in a different form. Heaven is Earth in a different form.
We have just redefined heaven, again.
I am heaven and earth.

Think about yourself. Are you not different forms of yourself, yet and still. You are still the child, the toddler, the teenager, the adult, the old person. Even if you have not yet manifested those things in your mind, you still are those things and already have manifested those things and still are manifesting those things. Yes, you are still a child in one sense and still an old person in another sense. You were born old and new. You move out of the toddler stage physically trying to find balance in walking, but then you move into the toddler stage emotionally, mentally and spiritually trying to find balance in the ways you should go and trying to find balance in the things you should eat and trying to find balance in so many other forms. We are all still toddlers in some sense.

Redefining Sense

“Sense” is the ability of one form of genetic potential to recognize another form of genetic potential, not necessarily fully understanding it, but at least being aware of its presence.

“Senses” are like “tenses” are like forms of perception, awareness, words.
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was Darkness and Light and the Word was God.
All words are forms of God and so are all things we give names to. Thus all of our senses are forms of God, thus everything perceivable by any sense of any creation is a form of God. This includes the sense of what and where heaven and earth are.
The form of change is temporary; the principle of change is permanent.
This causes the unicycle to continuously change back and forth between itself, bicycles, tricycles, four-wheelers, and so on. All of these are forms of cycles. All of these are forms of heaven-earth, that existed from the first. Nothing can exist anywhere, certainly not on this Earth, that did not already exist in the genetic potential of the Unicycle.

The Unicycle of Preexistence Contains The Genetic Potential Of Bi Any Means Necessary (Any Sense Of The Word).

Each cycle has its own configuration settings. For each cycle, the elemental forms of the unicycle, and their locations around the circle, are different. This is what causes the superhuman and human worlds (cycles) to function as they do, together, simultaneously. They are functioning based on combinations of different forms of cycles. Same goes for heaven and earth. And you already know this is what is going on inside you. Even in the physical alone or the emotional or the mental or the spiritual. Then you know all of these cycles are working together simultaneously that causes the physical to impact the mental and so on.
To the degree we understand the parts of the whole within self and the cycles of those parts, is the degree to which we understand ourselves. Therefore, so also is the degree to which we understand anything else.
In other words, just because you know something that allows you to function in the suboptimal environment of societies, doesn't mean you know that something as best you could.

This Earth We're On

So now we bring this down to earth and remind ourselves, this earth has been transformed many times. Places where humans gathered have come and gone due to many varied circumstances. All of this is the continuous transforming of this earth into a new earth haven heaven, perhaps though not to our liking. (AE1 303/313)

We keep asking ourselves how can this be so? We forget to check with the information we already know, yet pass over due to an overdose of Giri So leaving us comatose to most of our sensing abilities.
We know a new day is continuously created, plus a new moon, a new year, new seasons, new decades, new centuries, and so on. This automatically means a new heaven and earth are also being simultaneously created because days, years and seasons are all part of what makes heaven and earth what they are. One part cannot change or be made old or new without the same thing happening to the larger whole, even if that larger whole is divided up in a multi-part system such as the ecosystem, societies and you. Our absentmindedness does not stop cycles. It only causes the universe to make adjustments to deal with us – reel us in or cast us out. (NG1 133/151)

Creation-destruction-recreation of anything, is part of the cyclical process of transforming nu heavens and nu earths throughout the universe. All creation contributes to the continuous transforming of the current heaven and earth into a new heaven and earth. Thus, inside you, inside your being, your body, is a universe where continuous creation is taking place creating new heavens, new earths, nu heavens, nu earths.

Quite simply, what is changing are the elementals inside us. They are forming new heavens and new earths inside us.
What is changing are the elementals inside Earth. Earth is changing.
What is changing are the elementals outside Earth. Outer space is changing.
All of these changes are creating new heavens and new earths in the places these elementals exist.
Therefore people, these societies we live in, cannot escape being changed because new heavens and new earths are being formed all around these societies and inside these societies.
No amount of human authority, perplexedverts, collusion, confusion, money, weapons, legal laws, disbelief, resistance or anything else, can stop what is already taking shape in the waters as we move about in them.

Thank Goodness (Goddess), Thank God (Khuti).

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Unicycle To Bicycle Creates Nu Heaven, New Earth
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1319


(Part 9hi of 11)

We are remembering what our Ancestors, through clearer use of Sign-language, also grew to knew, then forgot, then remembered, then forgot. There are two truths. Two circles are two truths. The two circles are old and new. Old and new are both true, as are darkness and lightness. Two truths are opposites and apposites. They are complements and contra-ints. There ain't nothing that exists or nothing we can say or do, think or behave, that does not reflect uni-cycles and bi-cycles of the two truths. Even when we are being one-sided, narrow-minded, closed-minded, fragmented, and otherwise on point while missing the entire point, we are still displaying a cycle of the two truths – phases and stages of the two circles.

Per instance, in some wedding ceremonies, there is the something old, new, borrowed, blue mantra being used. In this we can already see the pairing of the two truths that shows their appropriateness of existing at the same time in the same “two function as one” process. Though not spoken, the “borrowed” is paired with that which is “given away” (the bouquet), centerpieces and gifts. If we study out meanings of the word “blue” we will find its complementaries taking place somewhere in the same wedding ritual, beyond the white dress symbolism.
Another per instance: even a white male God is just a phase the universe is going through. Heck, God oughta have a chance to be white, in the minds of the messed up masses, since the Supreme has been black, female, male and more, for far longer. Just wait, a minute. It's already changing back. Aquaria, Kepheus, and others of the heavenly (g)host, are seeing to that. All things we say and do, are coincidental co-incidents. Even when we recently began using the word “minute” to mean a much longer time than 60 seconds, we are expressing what is taking place in the two circles we are in. A lot of things, a long human time in coming, are taking place, moving into position to come to fruition, in a noticeably short period of time. All the parts are being manufactured, and now being shipped ecosystem-wide for final temporary reassembly. This understanding is based on us as mirror images of the Supreme, just as heaven and earth are mirrors of each other.

What we have said is that the two circles and the two truths are mirror images of each other. If either mirror changes, so does the other. They can only not take each other into account when they are again identical and merging back through the cycles until they reach the bicycle and then the unicycle.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Two Circles: Preexistence & Existence Du-ing The Do
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1318


(Part 9hh of 11)

Two circles, old and new, du-ing the do in ultramacro forms as Preexistence and Existence creating me and you, both as self, and all else there is too.

”Nonexistence & Existence | Expanded Definitions & Meanings, Phase One, Unity Consciousness #1110”

Before there were solstices, equinoxes, quarters, seasons, split-seconds, seconds, minutes, half-hours, hours, days, weeks, weekends, months, years, ages and great years, the beginning was one circle (seed cell nucleus heaven universe egg). Then that circle expanded and duplicated to become two identical circles (upper and lower). Since the circles are identical, it matters not which is which. Likewise then, no matter how the two circles differentiate, it matters not which is which. It only matters to the extent that difference allows the two circles to form cycles. A basic cycle consisting of a starting point, a second point and then a return to the starting point. Sameness allows for continuity and transformation. All this together allows the circles to be two and one at the same time and at different times (points in the cycle).

We already know spirit-soul becomes whatever it chooses to transform into (differentiate into). And so it does, beginning with the elementals in order to create more dimensions. We know dark becomes light becomes dark. We know first becomes last becomes first. These basic examples apply to all things. Everything switches places in some way in at least one form because everything is transformed – over and over again . Therefore, we are no longer surprised upper becomes lower becomes upper or that south becomes north becomes south or that heaven becomes hell becomes heaven or that seed becomes plant becomes seed or that child becomes parent becomes child or that water becomes blood milk nectar sap which becomes water again. Neither are we surprised by thousands of things that trade places forth and back and forth. We see some evidence of this everyday, even during this short stage we call this lifetime. The continuously changing state and position of water as explained by the water cycle is enough natural fact to form the foundation upon which we should base all other notions about what exactly is “fact.” The breathing cycle is additional proof that allows you to take in one thing, give off another thing and then take in one thing, but not the thing you just let out that's right there in the same airspace. All things move between stages and cycles, round and around we go in circles in cycles.

What we are remembering to understand is that it matters not the position of something in the cycle when we come to understand the continuous nature of the need incentive that causes the Supreme Being to be inventive.

So be not deceived by the current position of anything. Its relationship to the cycles is more important to understand. For instance, knowing a person is a newborn, toddler, teenager, adult or elderly has little meaning without also understanding the stages and cycles that the person is part of. In other areas of our thought processes, this loss of awareness of how our thinking connects to the whole has us so confused we think the position of things has always been and will always be. Nothing we know and experience daily supports this blurred vision theory except short-term fragmented memory.

The two circles are duality. Everything in this universe is a form of this duality. All creations, including you, are multiple layered forms of duality because we are composed of multiple layers of dualities. One example is simply: you are still egg and sperm in a different form. Your Preexistence (preexisting state) still exists and so does your Existence (existing state). Most of us, know we have not always existed in our current state and that our current state will not always exist.
And so it is also with humans as a group and with the status quo of our societies. This is why we really need to do more adjusting to what climate change means by going back and understanding what process and change mean. Climate change opened the door of the nucleus to allow the virus to take over the cell. Climate change is ramping up the immune system within the superhuman and human cycles to reverse this process. The good news is, this is nothing new. The bad news is, it is new to most of us. Old game causes climate change.
Pick anything that is not the way you want it to be. It changed and is changing. Pick anything that is the way you want it to be. It changed and is changing. For instance, education changed into miseducation is changing back to education. As you can see by the recent Philadelphia Starbucks incident, racism logic is slowly changing, extremely slowly unevenly changing, starting at the Giri So level of awakening. How many murders does it take to shake some of us partially awake?** Millions before a handful say the truth about race we must face. Even religions and their needful confusions are changing. All of these things and more are changing, not just by human hands, and are moving forward while also moving back. This is the nature of a circle, of a cycle.
When we take into account the beginning two circles and two cycles, we can begin to remember, what is taking place in our ultramicro human cycles and circles is due to larger and smaller circle cycles influencing and exerting more control.
We are mistaken when we think humans control any form of darkness, lightness, spirit, soul, water, fire, earth, air, blood and flesh. Only temporarily are we able to do so, as allowed by the combined effects of all cycles. We are again reminded of momentum and cycles of change.

We gotta reboot and stop being so human-minded and become once again more superhuman-minded. We must become more aware of the smaller and larger cycles we are part of. There was a need to create two circles. There was a will and this is the way – one circle becomes two becomes many becomes two becomes one. There is a need for all cycles that exist. And this is why we must begin to simultaneously take into account more cycles – re-expand and reconsolidate.
As we do so, we will remember, it matters not whether or not the names we call the Supreme Being by. The Supreme Being is still who the Supreme Being has always been. Just because we say it's a male or that it's black or white, doesn't change who the Supreme Being is. Even when we say, “God the Father,” we are still also saying “Goddess, the Mother.” Why? Because Father means duality, both, male and female, god and goddess, first and last. All things are this way no matter how reconfigured disfigured transfigured.
So again, it doesn't matter whether or not we call the Supreme Being: him, her, it, that, whatchamacallit, I am, animal, creature, being, divine, deity, brotherman, sistegirl, person, place, thing, alien, monster, devil, nothing, everything or whatever. Everything we say and do is a reflection of the nature of the duality of the two circles. Even when we express a duality in its singular form such as darkness or female, that singular form is still duality, thus still manifesting the logic of the two circles, who are taking turns out front, on top and side-by-side by changing positions, thus changing cycles, du-ing what they dudu worst and best.

And so now we go back to understand, when there was one circle, that represents the old. Two circles represents the new. Yet they are identical, thus old and new are the same, just different stages and forms of each other. A baby is the new and then that same baby becomes old. Also, in the reverse, a new baby is born old. The baby is older than it was 9 months earlier. And yet, the egg, sperm, gametes, zygote, fetus, baby and old person are all the same.
So in the life cycle of the two circles, even though one is old and one is new, the new becomes the old because the old became the new, plus they are identical.
We continue to expand and extend our thinking full circles. A new heaven and a new earth means the transformation of the old current heaven and old current earth. Do not expect a prepackaged earth to be dropped into place already setup and installed with all logic needed to change things.

If we understood ourselves in our earlier forms and stages, we could better understand our current form and stages. This basic truth applies to all things we think we understand and that we need to understand - small and large, important and unimportant, significant and insignificant.
For those who are entrenched in any form of religion (including democracy, capitalism, patriotism, patriarch-tism, monotheism, modernism, etc.), your preference for the “recent” and “new” puts you at odds with your Gods, because your God, by any name, is “old.” This must be so. So then, how and why does this old God create new things such as a new heaven and new earth, yet this old God has not made SELF, new? And this same old God is going to resurrect you, who is made in the same image. Please don't invoke corruptible, incorruptible, mortal and immortal without saying where this comes from and how it fits into your entire God logic and fits into all logic as you see expressed throughout nature?

These answers are clearly in our understandings of what “old” and “new” mean, plus in our understandings of what a “being” is or a “person.” God is a personage, a personality. This is what all things are. God cannot be a person of this earth and of current humans unless both earth and current humans are universal, thus all of us persons, beings and creatures must be the same universal things in different smaller cycle forms.

Which circle of logic are you following?
What smaller circles of logic are you following?
Identify them by name.

Fear not and be of good cheer. It matters not the current position and condition of logic in this universe. It all changes and is changing. So it is also with Galaxy, Sun, Earth, other superhumans and humans – perhaps not this generation, but humans absolutely must, will and are changing their logic because the two circles are changing their logic.

Feel free to move about the cabin but remain fastened to the center of all circles.

**Note: How many cycle clicks of Sign-language did it take for Tutsi, Watutsi, Hutu, Twa, Batwa, Inapertwa, Angolians, Bantu, Bahutu, Bushmen, Dwarf, Galla, Gullah, Hottentot, Igala, Kalahari, Khoi-Khoi, Khoisan, Nahisi, Nahsi, Negro, San, and other such fragments to forget they are from the same spot on the circumference? And how many clickbacks is it taking for them to remember and reclaim the same heritage? Sahara knows.

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