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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ultimate Happiness, Dreams & Sickness Analogy
Wizard Of Oz African Perspective

Using ways of knowing and applying keys, unlocks analogies.
Related analogies:
1. Character & Setting
2. Know Thy Self To Know Power
3. Character Traits

Wizard Of Oz Movie

Happiness. “If I ever go looking for my heart's
desire again, I won't look
any further than my own
back yard because if it
isn't there, I never really
lost it to begin with.”

Somewhere Over The Rainbow is an illusion. Dorothy learns there is no place like home.

Witch: And you, my dear,
what an unexpected
pleasure. It's so kind
of you to visit me in my loneliness. (1)

African Perspective

To find the Neter, Hapi-ness, requires a spiritual safari. You must travel up south on the River Of Life back home to the origins of humanity. This path is also the path up the spinal column to where the pineal organ seats in unity with self and as the trinity of all else. This is the road map to Africa inside you. Follow it wherever you are, and even if you do not physically reach Africa, you will be on the spiritual path to paradise. Along this path all roads intersect to guide you to physical paradise in the here and now. This will be so, though you yet remain outside of Africa because the greater Africa surrounds you even as you carry Africa with you. This is the Adro-Adroa and is supported by Marcus Garvey who taught, “Africa is wherever Africans are.”

Each person must face whatever is needed to return to understanding from being lost due to tumultuous and traumatic events.

The American Dream is also an illusion. If you pursue it or achieve it you are doubling-down on illusion and creating a matrix within the matrix. Each accomplishment that satisfies the dream and not the destiny, harms the viability of ancestors, descendents and family.

The journey to find happiness and heaven takes place inside self because that's where the two exist in the personal universe – as above, so below. Find happiness and heaven inside self and then it will automatically manifest outside self.

The universe and the galactic yellow brick road are also inside self.

Evil is truly a lonely state of existence indeed. There is no connection to the greater harmonizing forces inside self and outside self. Do not be deceived by the laughter of evil people. Remember, everything they do is not as it seems. Evil people do not want to be evil, they want to be you but can't be. Thus they act out in the worst ways due to the terminal, incurable illnesses of depression and psychopathy. History tells us this. Current events tell us this.

Poem | Strip Search Of Democracy, Monarchy Revealed

Expanded Definitions: What Capitalism Is – A Vampire In Transfusionist's Clothing

(1) The Wizard of Oz (1939), Filmsite Movie Review

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Character Traits Analogy | Wizard Of Oz African Perspective

See also, Character & Setting Analogy | Wizard Of Oz African Perspective and
Know Thy Self To Know Power Analogy | Wizard Of Oz African Perspective

Wizard Of Oz Movie

Apple tree smacked
Dorothy's hands.

Axe of Tinman.

Destructive behavior. Tornado.

Dishonest & Unreliable.
Self-Incrimination without sufficient evidence.
Wizard says go away,
Dorothy cries and blames
it on herself saying maybe she didn't do enough.

Dorothy helps each person and they help her.

Dorothy hitting Lion on the nose.


Fearful of matches, Scarecrow says he'll face a box full to get some brains.


Lion sings, What's the difference between king
and slave?

Poppies are poisons
soothing to the eye and attractive to smell.

Snow wakes them from poisoned sleep.

When Dorothy first sees Emerald City, she says, he must be a wonderful wizard
to live in a city like that.

Wizard can fix everything.

Wizard of The Matrix.

African Perspective

Nature is alive and must be respected. Nature will fight back. Life under attack is supposed to fight back. All matter contains life and is not an object to be treated without consideration for the life it possesses.

Emotions held high all the time are a burden. Carry emotions low and only raise them when needed.

Maafa. Upheaval of harmony. Each person also causes a Maafa within self due to adding to imbalance and neglecting knowledge of self.

After doing all asked of you and doing the Wizard's dirty work, by helping maintain the status quo, Wizard will still deny access to “the wonderful things he does” and will not keep promises. The fault isn't not trying hard enough. The fault is continuing to believe a proven liar.
Fundamentally honest people can be naive and gullible for a long time even in the face of evidence that some people are fundamentally dishonest and not to be trusted at all.

Truth liberates whatever it touches. Reciprocity.

Self-correction. The emotion of fear alters and obstructs thinking. Spirit restores balance. Spirit is the mother aspect. Obedience to spirit results in civilized behavior.

Fear comes from what you believe but don't know. Courage comes from knowledge, especially knowledge of self.

Face what you have to in order to get what you have to have.

If you believe you are not a genius, you do not know your Creator.


Putting you to sleep with superficial pleasures. Poppies are also fields of dreams that distract you from your destiny. The deeper you go into waking dreams, the more you are pleasantly lulled to sleep and forget about intended purposes. Poppies are also legal drugs you are unaware are drugs, for instance sugar, most television content and other socially-acceptable toxins that target each aspect of self, thus the whole self.

Rebirth, awakening and consciousness from water, a purifier, cleanser and disinfectant. Water is womb and spirit where the original template for self, life and existence still are and can be restored to memory.

Superficial based decisions.

False notion of European African male ability. Truth is, Wizard fakes everything, takes everything and breaks everything.

An illusionist perverts to convert energy you exert to subvert you. Yurugu's mission is to distort and destroy all things natural.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Know Thy Self To Know Power Analogy
Wizard Of Oz African Perspective

See also, Character & Setting Analogy | Wizard Of Oz African Perspective

Wizard Of Oz Movie

Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion & Good Witch
of the North.

Wicked Witch of the West defeated.

Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion & Toto rescue Dorothy.

Toto escapes and leads the trio to Dorothy.


Crystal Ball of Wicked Witch of the West.


Parents. Mother and Father absent in Dorothy's life.

Power. Good Witch tells Dorothy she has always had the power to get home and didn't tell her before because Dorothy wouldn't have believed it.

Wicked Witches & Wizards.

Power. Wizard.

Ruby Slippers.

Broom of The Wicked Witch.

Diploma Wizard gives to Scarecrow.


Water. Dorothy was just
trying to put out the fire to help her friends.

Wizard exposed as a fraud
by Toto.

Yellow Brick Road spirals
and winds.

Wizard's wizard machine.

Dorothy to Wizard: "If you were really great and powerful, you'd keep your promises." (1)

African Perspective

Total self is more capable than incomplete Wizards, Wicked Witches, wizardry and witchery.

Despite big buildings, flying machines, spying machines, millions and minions working for things under the duress of surviving, evil is weakened as the aspects of self work towards collectively beneficial purposes. Knowledge of self is more powerful than human-made might or human-made fright.

A determined mind, determined courage and determined heart, can save a captive spirit by using natural abilities. The extra part of extraordinary comes from the extra energy of working together.

Nature meets each person's efforts and leads them to truth.

Witches, Wizards and act-alikes will melt. Climate change is part of the heating up necessary for the melting process. Climates are changing on all levels – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.

Extensive spy network that leaves no stone unturned and no person unspied upon. All-seeing eye.

Dreams are one of many Ways Of Knowing. The more the self is unified, dreams provide clarity. When dreams are usually a hodgepodge of strange scenes, so is the life being lived.

Even without mother and/or father present or physically alive, each person can become who they are intended to be.
Mother and Father are in each person's DNA. Each person is the current unique combination of their ancestors.

Each person must learn for themselves they have power. Power comes from learning about self. Each step taken towards learning self provides power to take the next step.

Try to impose their way of living upon others. They have ownership of land, things and other people but do not own self-control. This is the fatal flaw of the powerless.

In brains, heart, courage, natural sense, purity, truth and innocence, Wizard is lacking and has no real power over and no power to help those on their way home. The best Wizard can offer is trinkets and a ride to security in a balloon he can't control because he doesn't understand universal dynamics. This makes Wizard the odd one out.

Natural resources. Black matter.

Wizard wants to take whatever gives others power. Yurugu wants to unseat the Creator.

European African male has to certify everything, otherwise it's not valid or legal.

Water and the other primordials will be the downfall of Babylon and similar places worldwide. Use the primordials now to break the spell.

Being a friend and helping them on their journey and out of trouble and danger, kills wickedness. Aim not to hurt the enemy, aim to help free others from the clutches of evil. A good force towards good is more powerful than a good force towards evil. It is better to focus on tools than weapons.

The natural world outside of us and inside us exposes who has the real power. Once nature exposes fraud, its up to us to use the rest of our senses to investigate it. The Wizard is powerless without machines and false notions.

Path to knowledge of self follows genetics and also winds the way DNA spirals. Galaxy is the larger road home.

All institutions and cultural mainstays, especially military, law enforcement, education, religion and media. Ecosystem.

The Creator will keep all promises to the obeyors and breakers of The Law.

“Man in the full knowledge of himself is a superb and supreme creature of creation. When man becomes possessor of the knowledge of himself, he becomes master of his environment, the captain of his own ship, the director of his own destiny, the accomplisher of his own ends. Man should understand himself because man is full of knowledge and this knowledge is a gift of nature. When Mother Nature created man, she deprived him of nothing. He was given the faculty of understanding all things around him. This faculty for understanding has not been taken away from him. None of his senses have been taken away from him.” (From, Marcus Garvey Interview )

(1) The Wizard of Oz (1939), Filmsite Movie Review

Friday, September 26, 2014

Character & Setting Analogy | Wizard Of Oz African Perspective

Wizard Of Oz Movie

Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.

Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tinman & Lion.


Good Witch of the North.


Monkeys & Soldiers.




Toto Dog.

Wicked Witch of the East.

Wicked Witch of the West.

Wizard Of Oz.

African Perspective

Village elders.

Each an inseparable aspect of one being. Total self working to find wholeness and the way home.

Feminine principle. Maat. Truth. African female.

Ancestors. Spirit. Ancestors are also an inseparable aspect of self. They are part of each of the four inseparable aspects.

To live in fear is to hide from true nature and destiny. This life is lived in a defeated position of tail between legs.

Creatures doing harmful jobs against fellow creatures for Wizards & Wicked Witches. Conceivers of evil always need doers of evil. They need free will choosing doers. No willing doers, then evil is limited to the conceivers. Evil is immediately reduced when doers stop doing the work evil needs done.

People who feel small. Called minorities but are not. Also people who claim independence but give in to imbalanced ways of living set by Wizards and Wicked Witches.

Hung up on believing someone else is more intelligent. Lack of confidence in ability makes it difficult to stand firmly.

Frozen in time emotionally by a rainstorm of pain. This is usually due to emptiness from not feeling loved, love lost, love never found or violent loss of innocence.

Neters. Nature. Nature that is human and nature that is all else are inseparable twin companions.

Second coming of biggest Eastern terror. A house-like calamity will befall it. 31.842249, 34.953685. Wickedness is the neighbor of goodness.

Countries of western mentality, as in treating the world like the wild wild west. Wickedness is the neighbor of goodness.

Illusionist. Feeds on deception and ignorance. Yurugu, the incomplete. European African males and wannabes.

Wizard Of Oz Movie

Emerald City.

Haunted Forest.

Home. No Place Like.

Munchkin City.


African Perspective

National capitals. Washington, D.C.

In darkness, the unknown is feared. There is a haunted forest inside self of those unwilling to explore the unknown self in order to mature into wholeness. Haunted Forest is also an illusion created around the deceptive and the evil for their own protection. This makes it seem like evil can't be touched and deception can't be discovered. Neither deception nor evil can withstand a moment's worth of critical analysis. Neither can afford for people to be healthy.

The true self. Africa. Nature. Natural world to supply needs. Oneness with Creator. Po Tolo.

Places where the majority is not in control of community and allow Wizards and Wicked Witches to terrorize them. Ironically this is also Emerald Cities the world over.
Earth where the majority of inhabitants are other species. These species are at the mercy of human mercy as humans continue to invade and destroy habitats.

American Babylon and Baby Babylons with similar characters and settings.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

African Health History | Rebalancing By Remembering Nutrition

(Part 3 of 3)

Part 1, African Health History | Fundamental & Comprehensive
Part 2, African Health History | Keloid Skin & Related Malfunctions

Rebalancing Comprehensively Through Awareness

Health is a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional system. These four inseparable areas of personal health are the same as the four inseparable aspects of self. In other words, the only way to have health is to take care of the entire self.

Rebalancing Fundamentally Through Actions

Corrective actions are balancing forces. Corrective actions are natural actions. They naturally offset, repair and/or remove the cause. If they are not natural actions, they are deflective actions that put the focus on false solutions and most likely, false causes.


What do cells need to function properly? Nutrients.
Why? All cells and body structures are made of nutrients.
What are nutrients? Elements.
What elements do cells need? The same elements they are made of mainly – carbon-hydrogen-oxygen.
What's the best, easiest, cheapest, simplest and healthiest way to get these elements? Eat plants. Eat all edible parts of plants. Eat plants in their freshest form. Eat plants you have grown naturally.

Since cells are made of – carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, then cells must receive these materials to remain in good working condition. See, ”Temples Built With Cellular Nutrition, Food Fight #41”

What About All The Other Vitamins And Minerals I'm Told I Need?

They are all in plants or made by your body from the raw materials in plants. This is true for plants grown in non-toxic, naturally-maintained earth. This is true for plants that receive natural water, natural light, natural air and natural interaction with other plants. Eat a variety of plants and a variety of their edible parts and you will have everything you need. Know these things and relax:
1. A variety does not mean a large, wide variety. It means several. In addition to this, eat plants considered herbs.
2. Know yourself, your body, your Creator and know what to do and what to eat.
3. Plants are made of and operate on the same things as you: earth, air, water and sun.

”For over twenty years now, scientists have proven that every cell in our body can produce any enzyme, hormone or protein it needs.”

Don't Forget The Nutrient - Oxygen

Part 2 of this series touches upon the fundamental connection between low oxygen and many African health problems. Oxygen is a nutrient because oxygen is an element we need continuously. We must not forget to eat oxygen. Eating plants at their freshest and drinking natural water meets this fundamental requirement. Eating plants at their freshest will help those with low oxygen receive more oxygen from these four things which are one in the same: (1)carbohydrates, (2)carbon hydrates, (3)carbon bonded with water and (4)carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Essential Nutrition Not Listed Elsewhere In This Series

Stupid Behavior | Doing Something About It

Understanding Digesting Information And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8h)

Food Nutrition Health Information Directory

Nutrition | Powerful Nutrients Self-Heal Body & More, Food Fight #55

Let Food Be Your Medicine | Let Medicine Be Your Food

...a mind consistently nourished, rested and trained for improvement, provides the best assistance to reach goals.

You Are The Goal Of Health

Physical health also has an emotional, mental and spiritual component.
Spiritual health also has a physical, mental and emotional component.
Mental health also has a physical, emotional and spiritual component.
Emotional health also has a spiritual, mental and physical component.

Each aspect of health and each aspect of self need nutrition every day all the time. This comprehensive and fundamental perspective must form the framework of awareness.

In order to change your health outcomes, this knowledge must become reintegrated into your thinking processes. As this unity of thinking occurs, you will begin taking balancing corrective actions. You will begin to experience historical health. This is optimal health and African health. With this comes, automatically and simultaneously, the knowledge of your African self.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

African Anecdote | 2 Jackasses Deny Egypt Is In Africa

This is a true account. Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan went into the Metropolitan Museum in New York where they have a very fine Egyptian Collection. Dr. Ben was greeted by a young lady at the front desk.
Young Lady: Sir, what can I do for you?
Dr. Ben: I would like to visit the African Collection.
Young Lady: Sir, we do not have an African Collection.
Dr. Ben: I meant to say, Egyptian Collection.
Young Lady: Oh yes! We have an Egyptian Collection but the ancient Egyptians were not African.
Dr. Ben: [pulls out a map and shoves it in the girl's face] Young Lady here's a map of Africa and there's Egypt. Wouldn't you say Egypt was in Africa?
Young Lady: I could say so.
Dr. Ben: Do you say so?
Young Lady: No!
Dr. Ben: Young lady you are a jackass.
Young Lady: [became hysterical and hollered for the manager. The manger came running out.]
Manager: What's the trouble?
Young Lady: Mr. Manager this man just called me a jackass.
Manager: [to Dr. Ben] What's the problem?
Dr. Ben: [tells the manager the story and shows the manager the map] Wouldn't you say Egypt is a part of Africa?
Manager: Well you could say so.
Dr. Ben: Do you?
Manager: No!
Dr. Ben: You're also a jackass.

The young lady and the manager both show signs of poisoning:
1. Mental Illness.
2. False Notions.
3. Closed-mindedness.
4. All information points to human origins in Africa.

For further self-study, search this blog for “proverb” to review related lessons.

Monday, September 22, 2014

African Health History | Keloid Skin & Related Malfunctions
Sickle Cell Anemia & Autoimmune System Disorders

(Part 2 of 3)

First read Part 1, African Health History | Fundamental & Comprehensive

Brief Working Definitions

Keloid skin is the overprotection of the skin. It is an immune system malfunction.

Anemia results in less oxygen getting to cells. It is a malfunction within bone marrow where blood cells are produced. Bone marrow is part of the immune system.

Autoimmune disorders occur when the immune system does not recognize itself and attacks what it is supposed to protect.

Low Oxygen Due To Anemia

Not being able to get all the oxygen we need causes the body to work harder because the cells still need oxygen no matter what. The body is trying to generate more oxygen while at the same time functioning below an efficient level due to lack of oxygen. The body is in a reduced state of health while trying to operate at an increased rate. Over time, without addressing the cause, health will deteriorate. At the cellular level, each cell needs oxygen to function. Insufficient oxygen alone will cause tiredness, weakness, low stamina, loss of clarity and contribute to poor decisions.

We know this must be true due to the Law of Harmony & Ecosystems which simply requires Balance. This law is both the comprehensive and fundamental law that all laws must obey and all things must obey, otherwise pay.

A system not brought back into balance will tend towards more imbalance. This is true on all levels – universal, earthly and internally. An out of balance system will become more imbalanced because whatever is causing the imbalance will continue to exert its force on the system. We must make some comprehensive and fundamental assessments.
1. First of all, without the system re-balancing itself, we must do something to try to help our systems re-balance.
2. Secondly, since the system has not rebalanced itself, this tells us that what we are currently doing on the helpful side is not good enough to get us back into balance.
3. Thirdly, it also tells us, we are probably doing something on the harmful side to throw ourselves out of balance.

Balancing Act

Health is a balancing act. This balancing act requires us to get everything we need, avoid everything we don't need and eliminate what we once needed but no longer need.

Forces keep us in balance and forces throw us off balance. When our bodies and our lives are out of balance, often overlooked are those forces caused by the impact of our under-developed abilities. We can guide ourselves out of balance as we try to navigate life at higher levels of responsibility without higher levels of maturity.

Since health imbalances are caused by forces, we must use offsetting and eliminating forces in order to bring our systems back into balance. Corrective actions naturally offset, repair and/or remove the causes. These corrective actions are usually adjustments to our thinking, thus our behavior.

The way we help systems do their balancing act is to re-view and re-balance our act-ions. Get our acts together. Direct the force of actions towards working for us and not against ourselves. This is achievable once we make a commitment to ourselves.

Low Oxygen Due To Immune System Malfunction

Reduced oxygen negatively impacts immune system function. Some autoimmune disorders themselves also reduce oxygen by affecting lung efficiency. This is a one-two punch.

Add to this combination the problem of malnutrition. Then add the presence of toxins. This four part combination can easily overwhelm the immune system and make it work against itself. We should expect to be unhealthy if we are the ones delivering two of the punches (malnutrition and toxins). Since we are working against ourselves in a business as usual fashion, why shouldn't cellular components think the new normal is imbalance? Our system is just trying to survive in a strange environment by acting strangely.

Just like the thinking portion of ourselves, the immune system can switch over from protecting us and attack us. This is called an autoimmune disorder.


Since Keloid skin, Anemia and Autoimmune System Disorders are each an immune system malfunction, it is reasonable to consider them related and as potential precursors to each other.

New Look At Sickle Cell Anemia

Genetic Determinations: Sickle Cell Anemia & Thalassemia, Same Terminology Context As Twice Before And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7a)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

African Health History | Fundamental & Comprehensive
Cellular Level To Entire Self

(Part 1 of 3)

Fundamental Health Is Cellular Health

Historically, as Africans, we have been more in tune with the workings of our bodies. It is only in certain societies a Dark Age exists causing us to lose consciousness of a fundamental fact. Physical health comes from the health of cells. Health succeeds or fails in cells. We must begin at the cellular level if we intend to understand our bodies and health fundamentally.

Our bodies, organs and systems are all made of living cells. Each cell must get what it needs in order to function properly. Each cell must also avoid or get rid of what it doesn't need.

Beyond The Cellular To The Intracellular

Now we must go one step further and go inside cells. This is the intracellular level. We know each cell has a nucleus and in each nucleus are genetic instructions called DNA. We might not be aware DNA also needs nutrition. DNA is composed of the elements we are supposed to eat.

Clearly, cells are one of our many resources. Cell going through their processes and functions means cells are working. Our cells are working for us. Shouldn't we give our cells what they need to do the job? All we have to do is give cells the materials and they know how to do everything else.

Constant Divine Assistance

Cells function due to the power and ability of the Creator. Cells working inside us and for us is the Creator working inside us and for us. Everything cells do is actually the Creator creating and recreating inside us.

Comprehensive Health Must Address The Entire Self

Health is more than just physical health. In fact, health cannot exist without the health of all four inseparable aspects of self - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Although these parts are stated separately to remind us of their existence and need for attention, they are inseparable. Whatever affects one of the four aspects of self, affects the other three. This must be true since they are part of a system which means integration and interaction.

I contend, when cells malfunction during our adult lives and that malfunction persists until a noticeable disorder exists, we are to blame. We have not given the entire self the attention it needs to maintain health. Somewhere in our thinking, choices and daily practices, we have neglected the tandems of fundamental/comprehensive, micro/macro and small picture/big picture.

Until we go to the cellular, intracellular and then to the entire self we won't be able to get to the bottom of things where the cure lies. Neither will be able to get to the top of things where the cure into harmony ties.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Expanded Definition | 42 Scientific Admissions of Blackness

See, ”Key Definitions | What Is Science? Who Are Scientists?”

Expanded Definition: Blackness & Black

1) Blackness is the black matter of the universe. Black matter is improperly called dark matter.
2) Black matter is the womb of the universe and creation.
3) Black matter is the creative force and substance of preexistence.
4) The Creator must be blackness.
5) Blackness did not have to be created because the Creator did not have to be created.
6) Blackness is the natural state of the Uncreated One.
7) Blackness contains all colors.
8) Only through blackness can all human color variations come into existence. In the image of self, the Creator Of Blackness created people of blackness. The Creator bringing forth all things on the Universal level and people of blackness bringing forth all things on the human level.
9) Blackness generates light.
10) Blackness is the parent of light. Light comes out of blackness and blackness is inside light.
11) Blackness is the core of the Sun and core of the Earth.
12) Blackness fuels the light that generates life.
13) Just as blackness produces all colors, the sun produces all forms of light. How? Three reasons. First, the sun is made by blackness. Second, the sun is made from blackness. Third, the sun is fueled by blackness.
14) This provides a key: What blackness can do, its creations can also do, especially creations which are blackness in their core being. This explains the origin of the full spectrum of creation that emanates into civilization. Civilization is a continuation of the organizing principle of creation. This is why the organizing principle, civilization, came from the earthly womb of blackness – Africa.
15) As above, so below. Just as harmony must be restored by the Creator of blackness, so through blackness, must harmony be restored on Earth. For civility to return to Earth, humanity must be purified by blackness because blackness contains the original genetic factory settings for life and existence. Add this knowledge to the womb of blackness and know the African female will rise.
16) Blackness contains scattered light.
17) Each day is composed of two phases of blackness. Light is the mostly active phase. Night is the mostly resting and repair phase.
18) In other words, each 24-hour day consists of DayLight and DayNight.
19) Light seen during daylight is actually light-saturated blackness. The sun generates so much light, blackness cannot absorb it all. The sun's core of blackness produces light that saturates blackness. In other words, blackness transforms itself into a different form (light) in order to saturate itself. This transformation and saturation is what allows light to remain visible in the midst of ever-present and all-powerful blackness. For this same reason, artificial light cannot rest for a second, else be overtaken immediately.
20) Only blackness can outdo or undo blackness. To think otherwise is to not be able to tell time or be able to read the signs. To think otherwise is to trust the artificial over the natural and the temporary over the enduring. Have we not endured? All that remains is to return to natural.
21) Only that which emanates blackness can repair and restore the universal order. Peace on Earth will not come through destroyers. It is against their nature and ever-worsening track record. To believe otherwise is to expect recompense without remorse or repentance. To believe otherwise is to expect Yurugu and Satan and them to fix what they f*cked up when they have yet to let up and instead have ramped up evil.
22) Black matter contains unused genetic material of the Creator. Since the universe is expanding, so must the matter within the universe.
23) Since Matter is expanding, so is Spirit. Therefore, so are the powers and possibilities within creation.
24) Since the universe is mostly black matter and black matter is the creative substance, there is more creation to come from the universe. There is more creation to come from the blackness already within creation. This is true for all aspects of creation including humans aligned with their blackness, aligned with the Sun of Blackness and aligned with the Spirit of Blackness. These three – humans, sun and spirit - are an amplification and distribution system for what needs to be created, just as the original trinity is.
25) Blackness is reality.

Expanded Definition: Lightness & Light

1) Light is born of blackness.
2) Light is the release of blackness energy.
3) Light is visible heat.
4) Where light is generated, so is heat but not the other way around. In the same manner, where there is matter, so is spirit; and where there is male, so is female.
5) Light is the result of the creative process of blackness. The sun's black core generates heat and light energy. These chemical reactions are creative processes.
6) There is light in blackness which is why eyes can adapt in blackness to be able to see. If there was no light in blackness, no amount of eye change would allow eyes to adjust to blackness.

Expanded Definition: Darkness & Dark

1) Darkness is not the same thing as blackness.
2) Darkness is the absence of understanding, thus light.
3) Darkness is separation and disconnection from the creative force of the Universe.
4) In darkness, knowledge does not exist. Information out of context exists. Artificial light exists. Artificial light is unable to stand up to scrutiny under natural light. Thus, artificial light hides behind what is “official.” and distracts with the superficial. By this alone, most darkness is exposed.
5) Darkness is the matrix. Darkness is a lack of awareness the matrix exists. Darkness creates illusion and false notions. In this scenario, a person is blinded by the light – artificial light. This artificial light claims to be life-enhancing when in fact it is life-degrading. Artificial light is everywhere in modern societies.
6) Darkness can exist in part.
7) Darkness is loneliness.
8) Nighttime, is not darkness, it is blackness.
9) Those absent of sufficient blackness or whose blackness is not activated will call black matter dark matter because they know not self.
10) Darkness mainly describes a human condition due to lack of knowledge of self.
11) To come out of darkness requires being reabsorbed into blackness and then being reborn into light. The alternative is decomposition and reabsorption into black matter. Either way, all things return to blackness by harmonizing choice or harmonizing force.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spirit Know Thy Self To Exit The Matrix

The matrix is an illusionary world. It is created in the mind by machines that have taken over using multiple programs filled with false information. The illusion is sustained because it creates a smaller, illusionary world around the person. The person cannot see outside this small world and is unaware reality is in the larger, outside world. (a)

Know Thy Self As Matter & Spirit

This article presupposes:
1. There is a Supreme Being.
2. The Supreme Being is Spirit.

11 Reasons Why All Matter Contains Spirit

1) Spirit is the essence of the Creator.
2) All Creators put themselves into their creations.
3) Before something can exist, its spirit must exist.
4) The spirit of the Creator can manifest itself infinitely.
5) Parents who contain spirit naturally pass spiritual genetics to their offspring.
6) Spirit and matter are joined.
7) Spirit is energy and matter is the form that energy takes.
8) Matter is the manifestation of spirit.
9) Where there is spirit, there is matter
10) Where there is matter, there is spirit.
11) Where there is spirit, there is life.

1 Reason Why The Matrix Distracts & Sidetracks Spirit

The matrix can only envelope the mind in illusion. It can not envelope the spirit seeking its source.

(a) Idea taken from, Sophia Stewart, Author of "The Matrix" - Knowledge is Power


Marcus Garvey Know Yourself

Expanded Definitions: Reality, Illusion & Delusion For Everyone.

Is DNA Alive?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Life Plan | Follow “Stupid” Animals To A Winning Strategy

Some of us run right past critical analysis in our thought process. Therefore, we run head wrong into critical choices. We forsake natural world teachers whose lives demonstrate instructions from the Great Strategist. One reason we disregard instruction is the misconception only humans have intelligence.

Who Has Intelligence.?!

Have we not witnessed animals, insects and plants live, thrive and do more than survive? Have we seen any of them go get a job? These forms of life perform work, but that work is directly for what they need. Their jobs are performed within the context of their community and who they were created to be. Thus, they are fruitful and multiply.

There's such a thing as living outside yourself. There is also such a thing as working outside yourself. Work that doesn't match self according to purpose and destiny.

Since animals, insects and plants do what they were sent here to do, all of them have food and shelter. Yet, how many of these creatures have houses, refrigerators, cupboards, closets, drawers, basements, garages and sheds filled with food and other life-supporting supplies? What they do have plenty of is Divine-given abilities. Humans do too. We just don't apply ourselves properly. If we applied our abilities directly to the natural world to get what we need, there might be enough evidence to prove we're also intelligent.

Clearly, humans have devolved from natural world self sufficiency to human-replaced dependency. During this backwards progress phase, we have made the easiest part of life and existence, food and shelter, the hardest. This can be explained by false notions and stupid behavior.

Lessons From Intelligent Beings

1. Apply what you naturally have directly to what's naturally available.

2. Use the hand you're dealt and the cards you've chosen.

3. Work with others trying to do the same.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Teaching Proverbs | Animism Definition Rejected
African Spiritual Practices Accepted

What is Animism?

To briefly summarize several dictionary references, “Animism” is the belief all things contain spirit. For a moment this seems accurate and kinda harmless because it contains some truth. However, a closer and overall look is warranted.

The term itself is “animal” + “ism.” This implies a religion based on animals and animal worship. It invokes all sorts of notions that are unfounded, foolish and fearful.

The term Animism was only recently created less than a few hundred years ago by the children of the human race to describe what the parents do. The term Animism is often used by non-indigenous outsiders in an attempt to grasp concepts they still do not understand.

Indigenous people Do Not call their spiritual beliefs by the term, Animism. This term has been imposed by those who are opposed to the people and to their beliefs. Most, if not all indigenous people, do not have names for their overall set of spiritual practices. They just do them in the context of life. Why? Since life comes out of the natural world and is sustained by the natural world, this obviously is the best basis we know for the context of life, existence, meaning and understanding.

The term Animism is at best, a narrow, ungrounded perspective. At worst, the term Animism is derogatory,thus dishonest. The promoters of this terminology purposefully defame African spiritual practices. They attempt to arrogantly name what Africans have not named. Is it not sufficient to call them African spiritual practices? Of course not. That would be too much like right.

For those seeking to understand African spiritual practices, one way is to compare apples to apples:

Conversation Between A Knower & A Non-Believer

John: Why do you worship animals and trees? Isn't that kinda crazy?
Mary: I respect animals and trees. Why do you worship a tree?
John: I don't worship trees.
Mary: Do you show reverence for the cross?
John: Yes.
Mary: Wood is a tree.
John: The cross represents a tree. It's not a tree. It's pieces of wood.

Mary: To help me understand this, will you answer a few questions for me John?
John: Sure! I'm open-minded.
Mary: When a chicken walks around, is it a chicken?
John: Yes.
Mary: When it is in the freezer, is it a chicken?
John: Yes.
Mary: When it is on your plate, is it still chicken?
John: Of course it is.
Mary: Was the whole chicken on your plate?
John: Of course not.
Mary: Was the piece of chicken alive on your plate?
John: No.
Mary: Yet, through all the changes the chicken went through and even in pieces it was still chicken.
John: Yep, sure was.
Mary: So no matter the form, chicken is chicken. The chicken wouldn't change even if we call it by a different name. The substance and essence remains though the form may change. In the same way, part of a tree is still the tree, even if the part is not “alive” and even if it is given a different name. Now tell me. Who is crazier, one who reveres the entire tree when it's alive and existing as The Creator designed it or one who reveres a portion of the tree in a man-made form as two pieces of wood crisscrossed?
John: [hesitates for several moments][He considers within himself the following: (1) If I say, the one who reveres the tree is crazy, then I condemn my own practices. (2) If I say both are crazy, I condemn myself also.] John answers: Neither.

The African-centered consciousness rejects the term, Animism. It also rejects another group's explanation of what we do. On the basis of creating the foundations for all civilizations, Africans remain capable of providing any explanations and definitions we deem necessary.

African-centered consciousness is fully aware, the term Animism and the false ideas it generates, are active-aggressive attempts to scare Africans away from their true spiritual practices. These spiritual practices are the undeniable source of our power to overcome all things by the power in all things.

In the link above, Dr. Barashango goes on to explain how the Kemetians continued to rebuild their cities bigger and better each time Kemet was invaded, plundered and torn down. The invaders finally correctly identified the spiritual practices in Kemet as the secret to the people's ability to continue to rebuild. This is why all things African are under attack today.

See also: Teaching Proverbs: Foolish, Deceitful, Religion, Answering Prayers And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8p)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

How To Deal With Stupid Behaving People

For proper context and meaning, review the series of articles beginning with, ”Expanded Definition | Stupid Behavior”

Reviewing The Levels of Stupid Behavior

1. Stupid behavior.
2. Stupidity.
3. Stupidity in attack mode.

How To Deal With Stupid Behaving People

1. Avoid them if they do not acknowledge, change and clean up after behavior is pointed out. If you love the person, try to help them get nutrition. Nutrition saves.

2. Minimize contact - If you can't avoid them completely, deal with them when you have to and then forget about them. Brainstorm ways how you won't have to deal with them at all. Put an escape plan into action. Dig your way out of their tunnel sickness.

3. Deal with yourself - Focus on things you can control. Helping yourself is the best way to get back at stupid behaving people. Since they are stuck on stupid, any improvement you make will put a greater distance between you and them.

4. Study stupidity – Analyze why the person behaves that way and avoid the same mistakes.

Whatever you do, don't change to their way of thinking and behaving. Get growing in knowledge of self. Directing resources towards personal growth will put you out of the reach of stupid people.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Relationships | Stupidity, Sadistic & Anti-God Behaviors

For proper context and meaning, review the series of articles beginning with, ”Expanded Definition | Stupid Behavior”

What Is Stupidity?

1. Ongoing stupid behavior after becoming fully able to choose what is learned.
2. Closed-mindedness.
3. Refusing to change when change is what is needed.

Causes Of Stupidity

Being uneducated and/or miseducated contributes to both stupid behavior and stupidity. One person will go from stupid behavior to an improvement in knowledge of self by taking steps to change for the better. Another person will go from stupid behavior to the verge of stupidity and beyond for the following reasons:

1. Self-deception - Because the mind has been deceived, what the mind thinks and decides is based on misconceptions. Thus, self-deception thinks there is no reason for self-correction.

2. Uncorrected ignorance - A by-product of #1. Uncorrected ignorance is like living without an interchange of fresh air, thus it stagnates and mutates into stupidity. It infects the entire thinking process.

Uncorrected ignorance usually starts at the top, in the most important area of a person's life. For some, this is religion, for others, it is romantic relationships. For many, it is national identity. The list goes on. Thus, even if the person has true information in other areas, the top influencing belief carries so much weight, it skews the thinking in these areas. It screws up thinking and behavior. It causes the person to deny truths and deny facts to protect false notions connected to sense of self. What is known to be true and the right thing to do are sacrificed for the higher cause of holding on to corrupted information that has hijacked consciousness. This is accentuated by sadness, emptiness, loneliness, guilt, fear and anger.

Some who do this believe they are of higher value than all other humans and all other aspects of creation. The only way to be higher than all is to be higher than the Supreme Being Creator God. Thus, this behavior is anti-God behavior.

How can this be true?
If a person's topmost belief was as it should be, it would be in line with a harmonious philosophy. All creation would be considered and treated as equals. The person would not mistreat creation or allow others to mistreat creation. The person would not accept mistreatment from another human.

This is why romantic relationships are included in this section. Many relationships are held together by false notions. False relationship/marriage notions often cause a person to devalue themselves and sacrifice children, family and self, in order to have someone in their life. What is greater than self is the person and notions they desire.

There are those who feel of higher value than others and then there are those who feel of less value. Some may feel of no value or a combination between high value and low value of self. No matter the case, they have not found the balancing point of equal value.

3. Sadness - The person has hurt and pain and doesn't know how to deal with it or refuses to. The person uses religion, relationships and/or national identity to replace the identity lost. It is often lost due to childhood trauma. This trauma can be one significant event. It can also be two or more related or unrelated events. Often this is molestation. The trauma is replaced by something of value that keeps the focus off self. It helps the person survive and get through the times. In the absence of proper assistance, this is understandable. The person gets older but remains stuck developmentally in a immature stage that is still unable to face the core problem. Assistance is available and there is no longer need to live without the fullness of the true self. Please follow the advice in the articles mentioned.

It is understandable to not want to make another major change, use energy, rearrange and confess to yourself you still need to make some different choices. The alternative to remain the same couldn't possibly be better than refreshing truthful life and existence.

Even so, some will choose to continue to allow this sadness to cloud thinking and cause the extreme form of stupidity – purposefully mean and cruel behavior. This is active aggression and it takes many forms, including open forms and subtle forms.

This behavior becomes so twisted, it can't separate and see itself as a separate being that is part of a larger being, therefore, only itself exists. The twisting gets ever tighter. This continues to choke off purifying spiritual streams trying to reach consciousness. Without this energy, there is a greater loss of individual power. The person, now totally starved for power, looks outside self to compensate for what they have shut down, blocked out and choked off inside. Behavior becomes more and more sadistic.

4. Emptiness, Loneliness, Guilt, Fear & Anger - need no further explanation here.

Extra Steps To Overcome Stupidity

In addition to the steps to overcome stupid behavior outlined in previous articles, review the following:

1. 77 Mini Self-Assessments For Better Nutrition & Health

2. Going through pain is often the shortest path between sickness and health.

3. What Do I Need In Order To Heal?

For More Understanding Of Stupidity & Stupid Behavior:

Both Stupid behavior and stupidity are forms of mental illness. Stupid behavior is displaying crazy tendencies and stupidity is full blown craziness.

Television Writers Influence Brains & Mental Illness

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stupid Behavior | Feeling Stupid, Listening, Changing

For proper context, first read, ”Expanded Definition | Stupid Behavior” and ”Stupid Behavior, Education & False Notions” and ”Stupid Behavior | Doing Something About It”

Doing Something Stupid Is Not The Same As Being Stupid

Stupid behavior has nothing to do with intellect. Stupid behavior has everything to do with false information in one or more areas of thinking and/or not enough true information. Stupid behavior can result from thinking guided by false information. Non-stupid behavior can result from thinking guided by true information. Both of these can exist simultaneously in the same person – good behavior and stupid behavior.

How To Deal With Feeling Stupid

If I've studied the three previous articles in this series but still feel stupid, due to past behavior, I need to go to the first article and start the process over.

I must take more of the actions suggested. Stupid behavior does not become who I am unless I do nothing to replace false information with true information. This is a lifelong process.

Instead of wasting precious natural resources wishing I could go back and change something, I must go forward and begin changing my thinking instead. I must work on the foundational things suggested.

Just Listen

Instead of listening to my mind only, I must listen to my spirit primarily. My spirit knows who I really am.

All it takes is free willingness to listen.

The first choice I make: to listen or not listen, makes all the difference between feeling stupid for the moment and being stupid forever.

Listening puts me in motion. Listening moves me closer to finding the knowledge I seek. Listening gives the energy of change, free reign and free range. This is the same spirit energy that creates universes. This energy is more than able to guide me through the motions of change.

Getting Over The False Hump

I must not allow false notions to stop me. Notions like, “change is easier said than done.” This is false.

If I am to change this time, as I have many times before, I must speak to change and step to change daily. Change needs daily affirmation in word and deed. Say it and do it, do it and say it... Use the power of the word and the power of motion.

I can draw upon my own experiences how I've changed in so many other ways. Now I remember. As it turns out, “change is just as easily done as said.” Damn false notions always trying to slip in and flip the script! With this perspective and my spirit guiding me, I will once again become more like my true self - change.

Change Is Who I Really Am Anyway

I will no longer be afraid of change. I am designed specifically for that purpose – to change. I was designed to grow, adjust, adapt and evolve. To be afraid of change is to be afraid of myself. The ability to change exists for my benefit. I will use it to reset my thinking and refresh the results of my behaviors.

Understanding Digesting Information And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8h)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stupid Behavior | Doing Something About It
Cleaning Up Mistakes, Adopting A Universe

First read, ”Expanded Definition | Stupid Behavior” AND ”Stupid Behavior, Education & False Notions”

How To Know What Should & Shouldn't Be Done

I have the ability to distinguish between alternatives such as right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lie, yes or no, higher or lower, optimal or suboptimal, restore or destroy, needs or wants and love or hate. This ability is in every cell in my body. It is in each cell's physical DNA. Also, each cell's spiritual DNA helps me clarify choices. I inherited these abilities from my Creator through my ancestors and through my parents.

The reason I experience difficulty knowing which is which, is because my DNA is malnourished. Malnutrition causes cells to malfunction. Nothing can function properly without proper nutrition. This is why I have difficulty knowing what's what. Fixing this is easy to do if fixing it is something I commit to by doing these things:

1. Optimize health by addressing the whole.

2. Pursue higher purposes.

3. Get complete nutrition.

4. Develop better habits. Self-study is everything.

5. Be open-minded.

6. Learn to help myself. If I don't take control of my own education, I will continue to be imprisoned by what I had no choice to learn. If I don't take charge of seeking what I need to read, I will feed my natural curiosity to learn, with non-nutritious offerings of daily media soup and entertainment goop. Learning is a natural mechanism that helps me thrive.

As these ideas are practiced, knowledge of self will emerge. Because knowledge is truth, the ability to know what should and shouldn't be done will emerge also.

Cleaning Up After Stupid Behavior

Stupid behavior, no matter how self-reflecting it may be, always affects more than one person. It also always affects natural world and Universe. This is why, if I intend to live fully in this Universe, I must not pollute it with my mistakes. When I do make mistakes I must clean up after myself. By doing so, I clean up the Universe.

Who hasn't heard of the ubiquitous “Adopt-A-Highway” program where groups or individuals clean up a portion of a roadway? It's time to Adopt-A-Universe.

The Encyclopedia Of African Religion reminds us “the resolution of evil is achieved when humans recognize their mistakes and reset the universal harmony.”(1)

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) p. 453.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stupid Behavior, Education & False Notions

First read, ”Expanded Definition | Stupid Behavior”

The Role Of Education & False Notions

It is healthier to be uneducated in a society that miseducates. Why? What miseducates, discombobulates. Here's an example.

1. If I am uneducated – I do not possess knowledge of self.
Solution: Self-study and teachings of others, especially from original teachers – spirit, nature and genetics.

2. If I am miseducated – I do not possess knowledge of self but I do have false notions of self.
Solution: Listen to reasons why and investigate to check if notions are false. This is a process with no set time-frame. I must commit to know truth no matter the effort. Try to get behind the mental and emotional defense mechanisms the false knowledge of self puts up while also self-studying. See what I mean? This is the most common scenario though. The false self, by virtue of being first in line and having had the time to construct a fortress in the mind, fights with fully-charged emotions against knowing the true self. The true self is denied on the false basis of pride, i.e., “I can think for myself so I don't need anyone to tell me about myself!”

Miseducation Teaches False Notions

Discombobulation examples are occurring all the time. I recently told some Africans about their greatness and our greatness and all our accomplishments and all the accomplishments others claim, but are actually our accomplishments and they basically said I was crazy. As Ray Hagins puts it, “your Willie Lynch chip is running on nuclear power.”

Can you imagine being told you are great and for that greatness to sound ridiculous? Can you imagine being uninterested in historical fact?

Can you imagine trying to live life fully while being fully afraid of a key of life – the ankh? It happens all the time. What this means is the false notion of self is saying, “I am not great. Africans are not great. Don't listen to that nonsense. None of the people and 'experts' I trust have told me this. Look at the evidence all around me.”

The false notion conveniently forgets to direct attention to sensible analysis that considers cause and effect. It neglects saying look at the root causes and the causes that are still causing these results. The false notion of self knows the only way it can last is if the false notion itself is not investigated. It does not want me to critically analyze what it is promoting so I won't find out it is behind all the commotion. Therefore, the false notion hides behind ”The Fortress Of Closed-Mindedness.”

The false notion keeps telling me the Creator is not also female. Most women fight this idea for the same reason most Africans fight the truth of Africa. Most women do not believe they are equal to men. Both Africans and European African women believe the undisputed word of European African male God. This is true of many other groups as well.

The false notion of self is telling me the Creator does not look like me and looks like the worldwide poison pusher. It keeps telling me the only original people on the planet, Africans, did not write the original bible upon which the more common ones are based. (These Africans must have been too busy creating the foundations of all the other things humans rely on today while at the same time building things no one can duplicate. The false notion is not satisfied to leave things alone so it continues on. It claims Africans had no cultures or civilizations of their own and sat around waiting for homo sapiens sapiens sapiens to come along.

The false notion tells me an oppressor wrote a book I need to follow in order to be holy. It tells me an oppressor is holy even while doing unholy things against Universe, Heaven, Earth and all inhabitants, including the oppressor poisoning his own children daily. It keeps me following the greatest hoaxes of history by the last branch to emerge from the trunk of the African-based human family tree.

Even though oranges don't naturally grow on apple trees, the false notion of self has me believing physical variations in apples from the same tree means they are oranges. This notion alone is one of many scientific disgraces. It is used to keep all people in false places. The human family tree is one large tree with roots in Africa that spreads it branches across the globe. Because some of the tree is in different climates is why the apples look different but are not fundamentally different. This lack of general awareness is reminiscent of the Dark Ages.

Unless I make some changes which produce the same results expressed in the next article of this series, I commit myself to these and many other false notions of self. I diminish myself. I continue to live life making good decisions on the basis of bad information. False notions lead to faulty thinking which leads to behaviors that are my fault. These stupid behaviors keep me comfortably unaware I am in loco-motion. But hey, it's my life and I'm taking care of myself. The previous sentence contains two false notions.

It is true, everyone can think for themselves. Even so, that thinking will only be as reliable as the information being used. That thinking will also only be as good as the health of the mind doing the processing. Is this true or false?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Expanded Definition | Stupid Behavior

Definition Of Stupid Behavior

Doing what shouldn't be done. Not doing what should be done.

Behavior can be stupid even if I am unaware it is.

Causes Of Stupid Behavior

Stupid behavior is caused by a lack of knowledge of self which is caused by four things:
1. Not being told the truth.
2. Being told the lie.
3. Not seeking truth.
4. Not investigating information to ensure it is knowledge (truth).

Stupid behavior has nothing to do with the ability to learn.

Why Would Someone Not Tell Me The Truth?

1. They don't know it themselves. OR
2. They know it but think it is to their advantage and sometimes to my advantage not to tell me.

Why Would Someone Tell Me A Lie?

1. They don't know it's a lie. OR
2. They know it but think it is to their advantage and sometimes to my advantage to lie to me.

Who Has Stupid Behavior?

Everybody. I am always susceptible to stupid behavior until knowledge of self is complete.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Giri So to So Dayi | Levels Of Awareness & Understanding
African Consciousness Ways Of Knowing

According to the Dogon branch of the human family tree, there are four levels of awareness & understanding: (1) Giri So (2) Bene So (3) Bolo So (4) So Dayi

Giri So

Giri So means word from the front. The person is only aware of what is directly in front of them. Giri So is a simplistic awareness that only looks at what's presented. It is literal. What you see is what you get. At the level of Giri So, a person takes information at face value. Giri So awareness is superficial, thus the person is only aware of what is on the surface. Giri So is sight without understanding – being able to use the senses but not being able to put the information into proper context. This is the level upon which European worldview is built.

Bene So

Bene So means word from the side. The person is able to use intellectual peripheral vision. In Bene So, the person becomes aware of what is less obvious. The person begins understanding more profound explanations of events. Bene So is where thinking begins. Bene So is sight with thought and perspective - looking at things from different angles.

Bolo So

Bolo So means word from the back. The person is able to see what is behind them – past events, history. In Bolo So there is reflection. The person begins to look at the opposite point of view. Bolo So is penetration to inner meaning – word from the outside in. It is the ability to see through something and find the essence. [Sankofa is part of Bolo So.]

So Dayi

So Dayi means clear word and vision. It is word from the inside out. There is introspection. The cosmic consciousness expands. The person must draw upon collective experiences of those present and past. So Dayi is imagination informed by the African spirit. This imagination is “image a nation.” The person envisions the African nation and self as inseparable. In So Dayi a veil is lifted. Nun creates four pairs of chromosomes within the person. Just like all chromosomes, these extra chromosomes contain information, /instruction and capabilities unavailable to those who have not reached this level of awareness.

So Dayi is the stage where evolution begins. Since those in Giri So have yet to evolve, how can societies evolve based on a superficial level of awareness and understanding?

Definitions above paraphrased from :

Dr. Marimba Ani Speaks in Atlanta on Oct. 28. 2012

History of Dogon, Dr. Booker T. Coleman in Holland

Related Information:

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6-30-16 Update

Perhaps this metaphor will be useful:

Giri So – looking through windshield only

Bene So – using side mirrors and windshield

Bolo So – using rearview mirror, side mirrors and windshield

So Dayi – using all mirrors and views and being able to see all around with no blind spots, including what's under the vehicle

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Science Expanded | 6 Ways of Knowing

6 Ways Of Knowing

The Supernatural (Divination, Revelation)
The Paranormal (Clairvoyance, Telepathy)
The Natural (Intuition, Reason) (1)

Supernatural Path Of Knowledge

Human beings gain knowledge through the help of some supernatural powers. This cognitive mode comprises Divination and Revelation (message revealed in dreams and visions).

These two cognitive modes are characterized by the intervention of supernatural beings (i.e., spirits, ancestors, dead relatives, Gods and Goddesses) who impart knowledge to humans directly (case of dream or vision) or indirectly through mediums, diviners, animals, extraordinary life events, or natural phenomena that require a special kind of interpretation.

Natural Path Of Knowledge

Knowledge is gained by using natural faculties or abilities. This cognitive mode comprises “Intuition” conceived of as the work of human heart (feeling and insight) and Reason, which consists of a natural investigation of reality through the natural power of human intellect and logical thought processes. Given that in Africa, intuition and reason are not mutually exclusive, “African rationality” has its peculiarity.

Paranormal Path Of Knowledge

Between these two poles (i.e., the natural and supernatural ways of knowing) stands a third category called extrasensory perception (ESP) or paranormal cognition, which includes such modes as clairvoyance and telepathy. But as the process of divination shows, African epistemology skillfully combines “logical-analytical” and “intuitive-synthetical” modes of thinking, whereas in the Western tradition these modes are rigidly separated. (2)


Most important, African epistemology integrates religious ways of knowing and the scientific and rational process in a world where there is no distinction between the sacred and the profane and where ultimately religion is an ally of science, rather than its opposite.

Since there are multiple ways of knowing, why do we limit ourselves to Reason/Intellect/Logic, I.e,, mind-centeredness? Why do we listen to people who do? Can someone be an expert who doesn't use all the ways of knowing to know what they claim to know? Why don't schools teach this way? What will we do now that we know there are more ways to know? Will our open-mindedness grow?


(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) pp. 242-244.) This article mostly quoted from this source. Certain portions paraphrased, shortened, and reformatted.

(2)Epistemology deals with questions such as, “How did the universe come into existence?” “Where do human beings come from?” “Does God exist?” “Is there life after death?” “How should one live in order to join the village of the ancestors?” “What does it mean to be a good human being?” These types of questions stand at the core of African religious worldview and suggest knowledge is an important component of religion. (Asante and Mazama, p. 242)

Worldview is a culture’s orientation toward God, humanity, birth, death, nature, questions of existence [religion], the universe, and cosmos” And history.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Key Definitions | What Is Science? Who Are Scientists?

What Is Science?

The study of natural worlds, nature and the neters. All three are the same thing.

The neters are aspects (personalities) of the Creator that represent different parts of nature. The Creator is so immense it is impossible to know and understand the Creator just from a whole perspective. The neter aspects allow understanding in parts that are then synthesized into an understanding of the whole. Neter (nTr) is the basis for the word nature.

All parts of creation have different,yet inseparable, aspects. Humans have aspects such as mind, body, soul and spirit. Plants also have aspects, as do animals, water, fire, rocks, etc. We sometimes refer to these aspects as qualities, characteristics, traits, sides, facets, displays, manifestations and attributes. Once we use the key – as above, so below - truth is unlocked. We can extend this to the Creator because it is verified throughout nature.

Therefore, ultimately, science is the study of the Creator. How can this be? That's not what I've been taught. Of course not. Here's how. Nothing exists outside the Creator. All things were created by the Creator. All things come from the imagination of the Creator into the manifestations we see, sense, feel and experience. Everything we study inside this universe is the same as studying the Creator.

Another Aspect Of The Definition

Science is learning how natural worlds and ecosystems work. Science is used to learn how to live optimally within natural systems, i.e., harmoniously.

Science recognizes humans and nature are the same and inseparable. Guided by this integrated perspective, science seeks knowledge of self through knowledge of all else. Science studies human nature by not only studying human nature, but also Earth's nature and the Universe's nature. Earth and Universe are studied in the same way. All things must be studied in relation to something else, since, in order to obtain meaning, learning requires context to serve as a point of reference and comparison.

The study of science is always part of a unified system of study. This is necessary due to the Law of Harmony and ecosystems. Since life requires coexistence, symbiosis and synthesis, the understanding of life must come through the synthesis of all the sciences. Science must be open-minded.

Science is part of divine thought transferred to human beings. One purpose is to provide civilization-building and civilization-sustaining knowledge. Even so, the possession and use of scientific knowledge alone does not produce civilization. This is evident today. Scientific knowledge must be used under the guidance of knowledge of self to ensure the harmony of natural systems are not disturbed.

Through science we acquire knowledge of self. As we do, we recognize ourselves in the Universe. We also recognize our purposes and responsibilities to the Universe. This is not fluffy spiritual theory. The evils today stem from unresolved disturbances to the Universal ecosystem. Our behaviors make it better or worse. Knowledge of self that comes through the study of nature, allows us to direct our behaviors and resources in every day practical ways so we can do what we were sent here to do - heal the world and make it a better place like MJ said.

This is also the Creator's plan for us. We must commune with, study and respect the natural world in order to obtain the equality, balance, wholeness, contentment, harmony, justice, peace, health, fulfillment, Hapi-ness, love and unity we seek within ourselves and in the world. This is the entire Law and highest scientific principle.

Science is a tool.

Additional Aspects

Science is seen spirituality and spirituality is unseen science. per Brother Kamene.

Per Sister Ani: "Science is the organization of knowledge sacredly based and the application of knowledge that has been collectively acquired. It is systematic and useful. It is the synthesis of cosmic awareness. This leads to an intuitive grasp of the empirical, phenomena and the universal whole."

"Science is the science of spirit. Spirit and matter are joined. Spirit is energy, consistent and eternal. Matter is the form that energy takes and its physical form changes. Matter is the manifestation of spirit."

Modern Science Is Not Science For Many Reasons

1. Science has ancient origins and fullness in Africa, not in Greece.
2. Modern science ignores the definitions and approaches above.
3. Modern science studies nature to figure out how to overpower it and exploit it.
4. Each scientific discipline is undisciplined, therefore unscientific, since it does not integrate knowledge from all other sciences.
5. Modern science is closed-minded. It manipulates and hides evidence.
6. Modern science is used mostly as a weapon and money maker.
7. Modern science practices anti-God behavior.
8. Modern scientists tell bald-faced lies right to the Creator's face.

Where Are The Scientists?

Every human being's responsibility is to be a scientist. A scientist is anyone who observes and studies nature as part of the inseparable process of learning knowledge of self. All of us are supposed to be in pursuit of knowledge of self because that's what a human being means.

Science is part of the intimate relationship we are supposed to have with the natural world in order to develop self-awareness, thus self-esteem.

The Scientists Are Not Where They Do Not Maat

Per Sister Ani, "the process of learning is most important. The way we learn [processes and methods] affects us deeply. Learning has no meaning without a context for meaning. That context is knowledge of self. It is dangerous to learn anything without simultaneously learning knowledge of self." [This means learning not understood in relation to self has no foundation and no bearing and thus can attach us to anything. This out of context learning can put us on any type of course. It can absolutely be used against us with our full compliance and eagerness. This is evident by looking at just one example. We pay money to get learning yet have no idea how it affects who we really are. Most of it hurts like hell.]

"In modern scientific practices, a person can become a scientist and be a moral idiot. [There is no integrated study of self and thus, no moral bearing or sense of responsibility to the natural systems and components being studied. Also, they are studying the Creator and don't know it. Plus they don't know all the aspects of nature are aspects of the Creator and when you mess with plants, for example, you mess with God. The Universe is going to put the hurt back on you.]

Just Wondering

Isn't scientific peer-review a vacuum loop in an air-tight room?

The ill-formed information that comes out of this room is deemed credible for human consumption simply because it's edible, i.e., suitable for the gullible. In reality, it is as stifling as the environment it comes from. Thus, when what we need are things sun-cooked and freshly bred, we get things half-baked and polluted instead.

Wonder why it's a struggle to just survive? Growth and development is kept at the minimal level of focusing on surviving when information from unscientific “scientists” is what we consume in all areas of life to nourish the thinking that directs our behaviors?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Poem | Strip Search Of Democracy, Monarchy Revealed

Strip Search Of Democracy, Monarchy Revealed

by Usiku

The day has come I say thankfully
America is not a pure Democracy
Ruled by the people's majority completely
Though still institutionally a mob mentality
A truth that doesn't take much to discover it
A quick look at then and now should cover it
A not often talked about subject
Is, on paper, America is a Republic
Something which she can't allow on its own to stand
So she manipulates it anyway she can
A Republic controls the majority
This is done mostly sneakily
To give the illusion of acting independently
Foundationally, America is a Federal Republic
“What is that?” the question is raised
Let me explain in paraphrase
A Federal Republic has States with limited sovereignty
And the Federal Government has ultimate authority
You can already see where this leads
America is actually a Monarchy
The same as those she fought to secede
To avoid obligations to which colonies had agreed
And escape disease, illiteracy, crime and poverty
While in Britain there was wealth and luxury
This usually happens when there's an employer and employees
So the colonies took up arms and went revolutionary
British reality became a dreamed up illusory
The colonies claimed they were aiming for free
But were seeking autonomy in breeding psychopathy
The same spirit shape-shifted basically
This is the summary of American history
Words and deeds shall never agree
Monarchy is by birthright or death by weaponry
The monarch is the presidency
Who shares power with money
And with clubs and cliques of the rich
This is the president's only electorate
And why only the rich can get elected
This makes America a Monarchy
But in a modified form in disguise
The police and military serve and protect it
And treat citizens like enemies ordinarily
The elite vote is the one that decides
Non-members need not apply
Unless Zionist compliant to serve as alibi
A darker one behind which human racism could hide
To pacify and be used as an alibi for more lies
National security died long ago worldwide
What the Universe needs clearly
Is governance based on Harmony
Ubuntu indeed
The way it used to be completely
The way it's going to be this century
Call today's governments what you want
As long as all creation lives optimally

Per Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, “the system is not democracy with imperfections, it is [human]racism white supremacy perfected.” This is true in layman's terms of what America's monarchy really is. As said above, it is also a class, caste system that makes slaves out of 99% of its citzens. Therefore, the Amercian system is one of many names, colors and manifestations.