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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Water Cycle Of I, We, You, Us & Truth
Unity Consciousness #1038


(Part 2 of 5)

First (Origination)

U is Uterus of the Only One, the outer circle which contains the Ua-tur of the First Truth.
W is the Womb of the Twin, the inner circle which contains Wa-teru of the Second Truth.
Both of these are Nature as na-tur and Dieties as neteru (na-teru). This ties us back to Ntr in the definition of science and again confirms Science is everything because Nature is everything because everything is Water.

Within the One and Two who are twins, we see the basis of what is true in the form of ter, tur and teru.
When we combine understandings within this message, we understand how truth is based on orientation and reorientation. When there was Only One, truth was only inward and unseparated.

Second (Disorientation & Reorientation)

Nowadays, truth is oriented outward only and separated into Two. However, this second orientation has been viewed as both the beginning truth and the ending truth, when it is neither. Truth that starts as One and Inward must then move to Two and Outward and then return to One and Inward. This completes the cycle of comparison and understanding truth. The most basic cycle exists as Three, not as Two.
The Water cycle begins below, then moves above, then returns below. This is the Cycle of Truth and is the same as First becomes Last becomes First and is the same as Exhale, Inhale, Exhale. In all of these cycles, we are in the second middle stage which we misperceive as the first and last stage. As stated above, we must reorient to the below as the source of water. In doing so, we are able to reorient and recalibrate all of our other orientations regarding life and existence.

Water is the truest metaphor, metaform, metaphysical, mirror image of the Creator; therefore, all things made in the image of the Creator is the metaphysics of water, the greater larger and greater smaller of all that is physical and all that came before the physical of Earth and the physical within and without Earth. “You people” means more than people.

You is Us because You is U.
U is the totality expressed as One, the first state of things. Us is the totality expressed as Many, the second state of things. You is one as many. Us is many as one.
Uatur is one as many and many as one.
Everything is a form of water.

First – Verification With BIOS in Khaos

Water has many forms as the liquid essence of life as plasma, wine, nectar, oil, blood, milk, juice...It is not a miracle or magic for water to be changed into wine, plants and other life forms do it all the time, it's science.
Earth, Sun & Air have many forms as gas, plasma and solid essences of life.

Water produces Earth, light, life, us and all else, including the easily recognizable, extremely powerful Sun. Despite the superhuman powers of the Sun, the Sun above is the second Sun. The Moon below is the first Sun. How much more powerful is the elder first Son who is the heir transparent to the throne? How much more powerful is the water from which they both came?
And now comes Aquaria to explain, in the midst of labor pains and then exultation. And the heavenly host, chorus of Horus, will sync and sing forth transformation and liberation as thunder and lightning lead the parade.

And all living waters will be moved into renewed rhythms and grooves.

First Place Birthplace Underworld Of Water
Definition & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1037


(Part 1 of 5)

Water Is The Life

Water came first as the source of life. Water also created Planet Earth. Water within water is also the source of all land within the atmospheres of Earth. Water is also the source of everything seen and unseen outside Earth. Water is the Motherbirth of the Universe. Water is the eternal womb and placenta.

Water is primordial (prime ordinal, prime in order, first). Since water is the primitive, primal, primary element, water has the most names of all the elements because all other elements are forms of water, formed out of water. Water has names such as N, Nunu, Nnu Nu, Nun, Nut, No, Ma, Na, Nai,Mu, Uat, Ash... (BB 205/217)

Water comes from the underworld and is born in the underworld; therefore, the underworld is also the place of rebirth of water. Therefore, though we look to sky for water, the cycle that feeds the sky, originates in the underworld. Our appeal for rain should be oriented to the source in the Earth below, and secondly to trees, who are connected most deeply and most anciently to the below to bring forth the greatest amount of water from the birthplace in the belly of the beast. When trees exhale, they release water which feeds waterseeds into the air. These seeds accumulate into clouds and finally fall as rain. It must rain up, before it can rain down. Water must evaporate (diffuse upwards) before it can consolidate and condensate (diffuse downwards). So to appeal to sky and clouds for water is to praise flower and fruit and not rave about the root. By extension then, Sun rules the above because the Moon rules the below. The powerful forces of the Moon pulls water upward from the Source to allow trees to drink, then the Sun pulls water up in Air.

Water Is The Way

Water is the way life comes into the world. Water is the way life is sustained. Therefore, water is the Savior of the world & way of Salvation for the world. Khaos produces Mes. Water is Khaos that produces Mes which is Earth. This Mes called Earth was personified as the Messu (Mes child) which was further personified as Har/Heru/Horus/Jesus and many others names in various cultures. Everybody is talking about the same thing with different degrees of understanding and different levels of accuracy. (AE1 338/348) and (BB 141/153)

Soul Motherbirth

A soul of life from the element of water was represented by the fish, crocodile, serpent, reptile, hippopotamus, frog and anything which lives in water and gives birth in water, including water plants.
Since there is mostly water on Earth and all land is surrounded by water and there is also water beneath Earth and there are layers of water surrounding Earth, Earth is viewed as being formed of water, born of water as the Mother and born out of water as the birthplace.
Since Earth is a highly differentiated, multi-functional cellular life that comes out of water and moves about in water, Earth is also symbolized as a fish, a great fish.
Since water comes up out of openings in Earth, Planet Earth is seen as the great fish who pours water out of its mouth to water Upper Earth (where we are). And now you can understand the imagery of many water fountains in yards and public places that have water coming out of the mouths of fishes or sea creatures or bowls held by mermaids. The fountain represents the fountain of Earth's youth, the birthplace of Water, the brand new place, the renewing place. (AE1 258/268, 281/291)

Water Is The Truth

Water is wa + ter.
The wa in water contains the w as the “double u.”
U is one as uraeus, uterus, circle, oval, ellipse, cartouche, universe, unity, zero, upper, under...; therefore, double U as double means the double of each U, thus the two truths become clearer through each other as the mirror.


Since W is U, then Wa becomes Ua and what we just learned is again confirmed by what Ua means.
UA is the chief one, the one alone, the only one, solitary, isolated, top, summit. Ua is the basis of equal, equation, equator, equinox, agua, aqua, Aquaria, dual, mutual, quality, Aquality, gauge, language, quarter... (NG1 188/206)

O, “ UAU,” and UA are synonymous. (BB 168/178)


Uat is water containing the two truths.
Uat-ur is Wa-ter is Water, the great wet ocean, the one and only ocean of Earth and one and only ocean of the Universe, as follows:
Ur is the great, oldest, chief. That which is inside the gate – the liquid essence.
That which is outside the gate is Ru. Ru is outlet, gate, door, mouth of outlet – the liquid essence.


Ter is time, a whole, a repeating period of time, type, image. (BB 94-5/106-7) Water is the totality, the net, neter, neither, nether world, ankh, ankhland, neutral zone, neutralizer, activator...

This can be additionally understood by Ter or TERU which means an extreme limit, extremity, to be hemmed in, bounded, hindered, to work, fabricate, carve, decorate, ornament, portray in colors, implement, invoke, adore, lay-out and mourner of the dead. Creation and recreation takes place in Khaos. (BB 160/172, 376/388)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Daily Armageddon Chaos & Har-Magedon Khaos
Unity Consciousness #1036


(Part 7 of 7)

Defining The Root: Ar & Har

Ar is the eye, conception, imaging, imagination, cloning, making the likeness, repeating item, repeating period, Day, Year & Great Year.
Ar is the total of the two truths as mother and child.

In the duality twinness of mother and son:
Ar as mother is also given a separate name as Kar to distinguish her from the son.
Ar as child is also given a separate name as Har.
This dual Har, as the Eye, was also called the Eye of Taht, Tekh, Sut, Set, Horus and Ra. (BB 248/260; 479/491)

In the duality twinness of the two sons, the two Suns - one son/sun in two stages, phases, aspects, attributes, personalities, types, dimensions, manifestations, forms, formulations, words, languages, characters...:
Khar is the lowermost, elder, first Horus (Greek variation) also called Har-Ur as the immature immortal child born/begotten of the Virgin without need of the Father's seed. Symbol is the Moon.
Har is the uppermost, younger, second Horus, perfected, immortal, re-begotten of the Father through the Mother. Symbol is the Sun. (BB 37/49) and (NG1 549/567)

Spelling Variations

Har-Magedon, Egyptian
Har-Magedon, Hebrew per Revised Version of Christian Bible, Revelation 16:16 (1)
Armageddon, Hebrew per Authorized Version of Christian Bible, Revelation 16:16 (1)
Armageddon, Hebrew per King James Christian Version (KJV) of Jewish Bible, Revelation 16:16
Har Megiddo, Hebrew per Jewish version of Christian Bible (CJB)

(1) Randolph, A. D. F., “Where The Old And The New Versions Differ, The Actual Changes, The Authorized And Revised New Testament,” l88l, New York: Anson D. F. Randolph & Company, (341/355)

Armageddon compared to Har-Magedon

The name Armageddon is in keeping with the Egyptian. But the parallel road ends with the spelling. The meaning of Armageddon is way off track.

Since Horus is born as the Moon, that is his first coming.
Since Horus/Har/Heru/Jesus is born again as the Sun, that is his second coming, his rebirth, his resurrection, his rising again, his ascension, his transformation into his glorified form. That is why the Sun is glorified over the Moon. The Sun is the rebirth of the Moon. Call it the remix when it clicks and the Shu and Hu fit.
The second coming of the Sun takes places every single day. It also takes place every year, every Great Year and once each Lifetime.
The Sun and other Stars come and go daily, yearly and every Great Year.
This rising and falling, as fundamentally understood by Africans, was described as a battle during the period when the Sun passed beneath the horizon through darkness and emerged on the other side. The battle takes place all night but the great battle of all takes place during the last hours of night.
This battle has been coopted, commandeered and corrupted in the Book of Revelation. This battle is said to be an “end-of-the-world” type battle called Armageddon and Har-Megiddo. In the original form of the story, the seven kings of the whole world who are doing all the fighting are the seven elements who come together every star cycle to fight a battle which begins and ends at equipoise. The elements are star children who come together to help set their parent stars free from the bonds of darkness. The war in heaven, or in external nature, took place first. Then it was made astronomical in mythology. Then, it was put into eschatological or theological philosophy. The battle of Armageddon has always taken place but never among humans and will not take place as a human to human battle. The ending will be as the beginning by those who have the most “skin” in the game – the elements. (AE1 536/546) and (AE2 711-13/175-7)

Har-Magedon, as described in the Book of Revelation, is not actual factual human history, rather it is the Universal history of elements who were given human names, characteristics and symbols to try to help us understand all else in relation to self. Even though the battle is not a human to human battle, humans are still continuously being affected by the great battle of the elements. This tug of war is at the root directory, initiating, driving and controlling climate change because climate change fulfills the need incentive in a Universe where everything must change and nothing stays the same.
A big change is always coming step by step as in process.

History Revisited

The Book of Revelation was not revealed to John, the disciple of Jesus by God. The Book of Revelation was revealed to some writers who got their hands on Egyptian mythology in pure or altered form. The Book of Revelation is the wisdom of Egypt in a bastardized fragmented form. Celestial localities above and below were made geographical and personifications of non-human creations were turned into humans. This was done to try to create a false actual human history from Egyptian mysteries in order to piggyback onto greatness and leapfrog those who came before. In doing so, a group of people created an illusion of rising faster than is humanly possible by making people think they outshine the children of the Sun whose cells are infused with the purest form of melanin. In an attempt to achieve knowledge not understood and wealth unearned, their definition of hard work is “nonstop diminishing life, far and wide, so we can survive.” All manner of trickery has been used to explain their rapid virus-like rise to power, so the obvious truth of their pervasive criminality wouldn't interfere with their ability to sway masses with multiple forms of weapons of mass destruction. (AE2 690-1/154-5; 767-8/231-2)

Since the battle of Har-Magedon takes place daily, yearly and each Great Year, so also does judgment day and so also does the deluge/inundation. The nature and mode of judgment on judgment day were only made known to the initiated in the mysteries. It is not to be found in the pages of worldwide religious books. The great judgment of all, like the great “deluge of all,” was held at the end of the Great Year of all. Then followed other great elemental occurrences misdescribed in the Book of Revelation. AE2 694-5/158-9 (AE2 694-5/158-9)

This entire series is sufficient to help us understand how the elemental Har-Magedon of Khaos described by the Egyptians became the human Armageddon of Chaos described by Greek ideology-fed Asians.

Truth is, the uncivilized of lesser consciousness and conscience, who construct societies of impropriety, are supposed to muck things up and the civilized of greater consciousness and conscience, who construct civilizations of vitality, are supposed to link back up and straighten things out.

Since the Sun rises and falls continuously, Har is the ever-coming One. Likewise then, Har-Magedon is also ever-coming. Just because Armageddon is actually an elemental occurrence, rather than a human occurrence, doesn't mean “as above, so below” does not still apply.

No matter how humans collude, elements will always do what they do. This is the essential glue and clue to what you knew. The Ar in Armageddon is totally correct. The daily battle is influenced by the totality of Mother StAr and Child StAr.
Currently the Ar that is the Sun of our Solar constellation is changing significantly in the Cycle of 24 and 365+ revolutions.
Currently the Ar constellation called Aquaria is coming on strong in the Cycle of Twelve Revolutions.
Currently the Ar constellation called Kepheus is coming into his own in the Cycle of Seven Revolutions.
Currently, Ar's all over the galaxy are heating up to pasteurize the Milky Way.
Meanwhile, Ar's, known as Moons, have been in full bloom. Fruit follows soon. (AE2 767-8/231-2)

The elemental forces of Armageddon have been continuously gearing up, to up the ante, in the daily battle.
Many humans will be caught in the crossfires, crosshairs, crosswinds and crosscurrents who remain uncrossed and unshifted to left over right. Colony collapse disorder is just one of many metaphors that tells us the pollinating mechanism of this Age is giving way to the pollinating mechanism of the next Age.

Saviors and salvations are a daily occurrence.

In the midst of daily Chaos in the Cosmos, there is still Khaos in the Bios, reconfiguring the ecosystem towards long-term health. The battle on Earth is determined by stars on centerstage. Har Magedon replaces thrones in Heaven and Armageddon replaces thrones on Earth.
Both Armageddon and Har Magedon are karma-geddon.

You Can Only Reach The Highest Height From The Deepest Depth.

Ard-Macha is the ancient sacred name of the city of Armagh in many Irish documents. The oldest of these is the Book of Armagh. Ard means “height” in Irish. Thus Ard-Macha is the Mount of the Great Mother Macha, whose seat was at the mountain top. The Magh, as plain, is based on the level of the equinox, the Makhu (level or balance.) ArdMacha (Armagh) is the level aloft. Hence the place Makhu interchanges with Mat, the mid-way point. Mat is an old name of the Makhu in An. An is the nether world, underworld/anderworld, Amenta, the lower half of the circle, the south, place of beginning, birth, repetition, rebirth and fulfillment. Therefore, An is mother and child. Therefore An is womb, Hat, Khat and Khaos. Therefore, as stated earlier, the battle takes place in the same place it began, in Heaven below in the root directory nucleus stem cell center of Khaos. Except it is not a battle the way humans think of battles based on likes and dislikes. It is a reconfiguring of elements and dynamic balance. It is a lot of forces being disconnected and connected resulting in changes in the physical and spiritual workings of the Universe. Gazillions of energies and matter in motion seems chaotic to us, but it is fixed and variably orchestrated. (BB 350-3/360-3, 366/378; 379/391, 393/405) and (NG1 375/393)

Again Explaining Pain

The greatest of battles always takes place at the first and last points of transition from health to sickness to health and from lightness to darkness to lightness. As such, the great activity of elements takes place at sunset and sunrise of each cycle at the double horizon, the level, the equinox, the scale of Maat. At each point of equinox there is a mountain. The mountain is broad and stretches from west to east. Therefore the height of the battle of Armageddon and Har Magedon takes place at the height of the mountain – once on the western side and summit and once on the eastern side and summit.
This is why, although we, as ancestors and descendants, have endured many pains for a few thousand years, the worldwide pain has increased in recent decades because the gestation period of renewal in the womb is almost over. This is when the greatest number of transitions take place from life to death to life. This rising pain, which leaves no domain unstained, means the conflict of the elements is rising to the top of the mountain with the labor pains of Mother Star Aquaria who is delivering Child Star Kepheus. This drama is being demonstrated by the rising heat activity and heat effect of the Sun (she is sweating - conflagration). The Moon has been in Supermoon mode more than usual (mother's belly is in full bloom). More water is being released (her water is breaking - deluge/inundation) The earth is quaking (she is having contractions). The magnetic pole is shifting (the child is moving into head down position). Wind is increasing (labored breathing - typhoon). Other stars, planets, moon, asteroids and comets are traveling towards this portion of the Universe (the heavenly host is gathering in excitement and to assist). The Black Hole is enlarging (the cervix is dilating). One of the Arks/ANkhs of the Covenant is the moonbow/rainbow and double versions of each. There is more, but this is enough for now to help us begin to reverse the process of being estranged from the elemental processes of the Universe without and the elemental processes of the Universe within every creation.
Once the Mother takes her seat, equilibrium will be reached and then as she delivers the child, relief comes, pain eases, the tide turns and breakthroughs in this world occur. Simultaneously, the evil side of darkness loses its hold and is vanquished with an old-fashioned beat down. There is no escaping this fate. It is hard and soft wired and also hard and soft coded into every element in the Ar-my of the Lord Har. Fear not. Align yourself with the elements.

The unknown language (energy signals) NASA & ESA have been picking up from outer space for several years now, are from mission control command centers in Black Holes. Good and bad, the okie-doke and antidoke are both on the rise in preparation for the final conflict. This time it's one treatment to irradiate and eradicate multiple forms of cancer. Boson and fermion are repositioning, switch clicking, script flipping...

In and Out Of Khaos & Chaos
Unity Consciousness #1035


(Part 6 of 7)

1. Everything that comes out of Khaos and Chaos is sage knowledge. How sage it is depends on the degree of mes and mess it contains.

2. Creation is not for the purpose of creating order but for the purpose of creating the conditions for eventual disorder then eventual order, so a continuous cycle of challenges and overcoming, self-perpetuate to fulfill the need incentive of eternal evolution of knowledge of self, thus life itself.

3. Undifferentiated space or differentiation that is indistinguishable to humans, is not empty space. There is no empty space anywhere.

4. If Creation began with Chaos, we must return to Chaos to complete the cycle. This makes Heaven in the beginning and in the end, a disorderly place. This disorderly place, as a place of eternal life, falls apart when logic is scrutinized. In other words, a person who believes in a Supreme Being and also believes in Chaos as the starting point of Creation, has contradictory logic.

5. If Creation comes out of the mind of the Creator and Creation came out of Chaos, then the mind of the Creator must have been in Chaos (an empty, disordered abyss of scariness). If there was no Creator, then Khaos or Chaos, as a starting point that creates an intricate Universe, is impossible.

6. To say Creation came into existence on its own, without any Guiding Intelligence, is a tall order. This is so whether we think Creation came to be out of Khaos order or out of Chaos disorder.
How could it be that an entire Universe does not need a Supreme Intelligence, yet humans think human intelligence is an indicator of superiority, yet a clearly superior universe has no Supreme Intelligence? Huh?
To remain with that kind of logic is like inadvertently buying mismatched shoes and never exchanging them because they're comfortable.

7. “Ka” is to call, cry. Thus when a child is born out of the Khaos womb, the child cries just as Creation began with a series of cries, explosions, a Big Bang. This crying out of the Ka has never ceased since the very first cry and shall not cease until all sounds are once again, sound asleep, in the cradle. (BB 170/182)

8. The Egyptians describe the Ka as the perfected soul that is the totality of all seven forms of spirit-soul within humans. One of the meanings of Ka is ”come back again.”
Since Ka and Khaos are the same thing on a different scale, it stands to reason that Khaos is the totality and is a perfected state of spirit-soul and is expected to come back again. And if Khaos is to come back again, but is not here right now, then Khaos must have preceded the present Chaos.

9. To define the birth of Creation as Chaos confusion, disorder and emptiness is the same as primitive man looking at the belly of a female expand, then a baby comes out, and then that primitive man saying the child came out of a Chaotic empty place. And what's even more crazy is for the woman to agree with the man.

10. We currently live in a smaller circle of Chaos that is inside a larger circle of Khaos, just like concentric circles. This is the double matrix – one of Chaos, confusion and disorder and one of Khaos, fusion and order.

11. Right now is Chaos. This is lawlessness, emptiness, discord, disorder, terror, fear, Chaotic logic...

12. First there was Khaos then double Khaos, then triple Khaos and so on until a sufficient number of dimensions were created. Eventually, Chaos entered into the equation via the Destroyer Principle to create inequality.
We know Earth is in Chaos due to the sickness of this planetary life form. Humans have gone through many cycles of Khaos to Chaos to Khaos, thus from civilization to society to civilization. Creation is a continuous never-ending process consisting of different cycles and degrees of momentum.

13. The “first there was nothing and then there was something” portion of Chaos logic is more incredible than the absence of a Supreme Intelligence.

14. Clearly then...we live in confusion due to beliefs of our choosing rather than using ways of knowing to move past illusion to get back and come back.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Reconciling Khaos & Chaos Within Gerald Massey's Writings
Unity Consciousness #1034


(Part 5 of 7)

A large portion of information regarding Khaos and Chaos has come from world history books written by Gerald Massey, which focus on getting back to the beginning, root and origin of many things.
Parts 1-4 are sufficient to show and explain differences between the first Egyptian Khaos and later versions worldwide called Chaos.

What follows is an analysis of certain passages which, if considered in isolation from other portions of Massey's writings or in isolation from other sources, could contribute to misunderstandings.

No Creation Of Elements

That which has been called “Khaos” in the “legends of creation” was a condition in which there was neither law nor order, time nor name, nor means of representing natural phenomena. But it does not mean there were no natural phenomena because there had been no mode of expression. “Things” existed even when they had no name or record in the Babylonian mythology. (AE1 275-6/285-6)

Khaos precedes creation in mythology. The elementary powers were the rulers in Chaos, the domain of lawless force, discord, dissolution, and timelessness. The first creation represents the passage of mythology out of Chaotic space into the fixed world of time. (NG2 4/12)

In the first paragraph, Massey is not describing Khaos. He is describing the condition of human thought in regards to the functioning of the Cosmos.

However, it is true in the beginning of Khaos, when there is Only One, there is no such thing as law or natural law or time, or balance or any duality or trinity, etc. There is the Only One Dimension and that dimension is the Zero Dimension or the No Dimension or the Circle Dimension where Everything is Everything in unity. As a result, there is no room for discord disagreement. The second paragraph above is clearly a mixture of the two types of Khaos and likely written during the transition stage from First Truth to Second Truth.

Egyptian mythology began with the typifying of seven elements or elemental forces, such as fire, water, earth and air, born of the Typhonian genitrix, as the Abyss. These elements numbered eight in Am-Smen, the place of preparation, who were born of space of Khaos before the formation of the world, or the establishment of order and time. As mythology evolved, these elemental types were characterized as the enlighteners and teachers of men. (NG1 5/23)

It was never pretended in the Egyptian wisdom that there was any [actual physical] creation of the elements. (AE1 276/286)

Elements were not created because they preexisted. The third generation of the Only One called a copy of the elements out of the waters of the beginning Khaos so the Creation of Many could take place.

This is mainly per the Shabaka Stone as discussed in the Early Formation Of Creation.
I have not found reference within Massey's writings to the Shabaka Stone although aspects of it are present in Massey's accounts of Egyptian Mythology.

Mythological accounts of the creation of the physical universe is a representation of natural phenomena which might have been seen any day and night. Mythology does not explain the creation of the universe. There was no creation. The universe exists as a result of natural phenomena.
In the Hebrew version, the elements of earth, heaven, darkness, light, water, spirit (or breathing force) are directly called into being. In the Egyptian version, four of these come into existence or are made apparent by means of divine types. (AE1 401/414)

The starting-point of a beginning was from the Nun, the firmamental water, which encircled all the world with the aerial ocean of surrounding space. This was the world all water. The earth was imaged mentally, thence figured mythically, as a fixed and solid substance in the waters of the Nun. These have been mixed up together by recent writers in a watery mass or mush of primordial matter, from which the cosmos is assumed to have been solidified or created out of Khaos. But that is an exoteric [surface-based] misinterpretation of the Ancient Ancient wisdom. There was no such creation. (AE1 403-6/413-16)

On pages 404-6 of the above reference, it becomes clear Massey is limiting the scope of his writings, thus his analysis, to origins that trace back to Africa, but is not trying to explain the origin of the Cosmos prior to the existence of Egypt, Africa or Earth. In that regards, he merely reports that mythologies cannot explain how the Cosmos was actually created, they can only do so philosophically. Massey is correct in saying the Cosmos was not created by virtue of humans personifying things with names, considering them divine and assigning characteristics to each element.
Massey attempts to avoid the biases of his culture as much as possible, so he can simply present the facts as they are. He achieves this to a large degree in terms of hard information, but is severely limited in his contextualization and incorporation of soft information. He does not take into account the existence of a Supreme Being, except when reporting on the philosophies of others. He states the universe was created by “natural phenomena.” This is correct because the Supreme Being is natural phenomena, but Massey does not attribute a Supreme Spiritual Intelligence to natural phenomena. Dr. Charles S. Finch III indicates Massey was a spiritualist. With this in mind, I must conclude Massey was intent in only presenting unassailable facts and did not want the information to be influenced by his personal spiritual perspective. However noble this may seem, it goes against the scientific process of taking all information into account. It also goes against the optimal definition of science. Science is “collective knowledge.” which is all knowledge humans collect in all ways of knowing.
The attempt to avoid skewing information in one direction by omitting the spiritual aspect of events on Earth and elsewhere in the Cosmos, tends to skew portions of information in an unintended direction.

We also must remember Egypt existed for at least 52,000 years. The information we have is sparse and representative of the last stages of Egypt. Clearly Massey's analysis then must suffer when it comes to the spirit-soul aspect and the partial/whole aspect. Though not always, he sometimes either mixes up or forgets the relationship between the Celestial Ages and which aspect of the Two Truths is being portrayed in Egyptian information. This is understandable due to the enormous amount of information he amassed and processed in a relatively short period of time. One of our Master Teachers, Dr. Charles S. Finch III, acknowledges Massey could have used a really good editor.
Before Egypt existed, Nubia, Meroe, Aethiopia, Kush and Punt existed for tens of thousands of years. Knowledge of creation is certainly within these places closer and closer to the Double Source. This knowledge can also be extracted from Egyptian mythology if we piece together the puzzle, solve Sphinx-like riddles and decipher more than the writing in stone on the wall, but the wall itself.
“The most ancient wisdom was oral. It was conveyed by word of mouth, from mouth to ear, as in the mysteries. This consisted of the magical sayings or the great words of power. Following the oral wisdom, the earliest known records of written wisdom were collections of the sayings, which were continually enlarged by the Egyptians.” (AE1 516/526)
Again we integrate understandings: We know that during the current Age, knowledge has been used mostly for evil endeavors by the supposedly clever. The enormous amount of information taken from Egypt, from elsewhere in Africa and from African fed cultures worldwide, made it a necessary forethought of Khaos to hide itself from Chaos. The most critical portions of the operating system of Creation are hidden in both places.

Yet, continuously simultaneously there is deeper knowledge still being revealed as new releases, updates and upgrades. The Egyptians left us an easy enough, yet hard enough version of information to get us through this Star Age (star + age = stage). They gave us just enough surface information while omitting and encoding the rest. They have kept the robbers digging in the wrong place. (AE2 767-8/231-2)
It is not a coincidence that an important aspect of computers and the internet is data encryption. Encryption is simply a script rewritten in a language only the sender and receiver understand. Anyone can encrypt. Pig Latin is a form of encryption. So is slang. So are hand signals in sports. There is encryption in Khaos and so also in Africa and in the Africa within every human's genetic library and in the spiritual energy waves of the outer Cosmos. This is why there is need of an Oracle and an Executor as described in the Early Formation Of Creation who can translate and transcend every dimension.

Note: In his own words, Massey acknowledges the evolution of his books and writings as follows: “A Book of the Beginnings” (London, 1881) was written in the dark, “The Natural Genesis” (London, 1883) was written in the twilight, whereas “Ancient Egypt (London 1907)” has been written in the light of day.” (AE1 v/7)

Massey Sums It Up:
Plato studied in Egypt for thirteen years with the main result, however, of converting these hidden mysteries into metaphysical mist. (NG2 319/327)

Plato represents a plateau of European thought at the "knee-high to a grasshopper" level of awareness.

Understanding Takes Place At Night And Is More Easily Seen With Dark Adaptation Or A Really Bright Light

Aquaria (Nu) comes out of waters of Khaos as Oracle Supreme, Mother Superior and Restorer of Khaos.
Kepheus (Shu) is the Executor of Khaos and Conqueror of Chaos and the progeny of darkness. (AE1 402/412)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Fundamentally Reconciling Khaos & Chaos Of Thoughts
Unity Consciousness #1033


(Part 4 of 7)

Some of the fundamental ways we can leave the Chaos matrix of thoughts and return to the Khaos matrix of thoughts are:

1. Seek wholeness completeness in the fundamentals.

2. Do not mistake the partial for the complete or the whole for the fragment.

3. Always use curvilinear thinking which consists of: (a) Linear thinking to understand the parts and (b) holistic circular thinking to integrate the parts into the whole and understand the whole.

4. Integrate understandings into an ecosystem framework. If understandings do not function in harmony, as an ecosystem should, find out why and make adjustments until harmony is achieved.

5. Remain aware that all information and all understandings we encounter are always processed based on our understandings of self based on how well we understand and relate to all else. This must include a more expansive query into what exactly is self-esteem and identity.

6. Use metaphors as keys and doors.

7. Understand the impact of context, worldview, utamawazo and asili.

8. Assess how, when used alone by itself, belief is a grief in the sight.

9. Review the definitions of science and technology.

10. Integrate a better understanding of cycles to avoid mistaking the partial cycle for the complete cycle.

11. Integrate a better understanding of the short-term, long-term, fixed and variable, dynamic balance functioning of universe of self and of the larger Universe.

12. Integrate a better understanding of the Two Truths to avoid mistaking either Truth for the complete truth.

13. Understand the need incentive so the entire purpose of Creation can be more clearly seen in relation to individual and collective purposes.

14. Integrate all ways of knowing, especially self-study, nature and spirit-soul.

15. Remain aware of the trap of using critical analysis in relation to hard pieces of information (visible tangible physical), but not integrating analysis of soft information (invisible, intangible, spiritual, inspiration, intuition, sixth sense, insight, instinct, etc.). Remember, where there is matter, there is spirit. Hard information must be combined with soft information in order to obtain optimal understanding, just as matter must be combined with energy in order for any form of matter to function properly, including rocks. There is no logical way to understand metaphor without the spiritual aspect of thought process. The spiritual essence within self is what bridges the gap between two separate things. Spirit-soul makes the connection and conveys the message. We cannot conceive a butterfly coming out of a cocoon as the same as us coming out of a womb, if spirit-soul was not operating within logic to tell us there is sameness based on the womb and based on origin.
This brings us to human to human metaphor. A main reason why some humans devalue life of humans and do not see them the same as themselves is because Chaos has been created within their logic by a lot of misinformation that diverts their weakened thought process to the cache of least resistance containing the most frequently repeated programming information.*

16. Improve the level of awareness of critical analysis as an inseparable part of learning, understanding, growth and maturity; therefore, an aversion to critical analysis is a roadblock to understanding; therefore is a hindrance to actions taken because all actions are based on understandings. This is why children ask why and other questions and also seek to experiment (try to do it themselves). It's also why children are always looking for consistencies and inconsistencies in their world of understanding. It's also why children will call their parents out on inconsistencies, that grown folks hide under the cover of “to each his own.” Our default programming is to critically analyze. It is in our genetic potential; however, we are slowly taught to tone down this stronger potential (put it into a sleepwalking mode).

17. Recognize everything boils down to, two sides to every story - one preferable and one, not preferable, yet necessary.

18. Accept what is discovered while continuously striving to discover more.

19. Remain aware all solutions and problems within and without are caused by differences of understanding as a result of how optimally we achieve these fundamentals.

*Be certain to understand it takes much more than miseducation to imprison spirit-soul. The entirety of culture must collectively and knowingly align itself against spirit-soul. It takes all manner of toxins that affect every dimension of self to stagnate spirit-soul growth. This causes the essential goodness of humans to not be able to get nutrition via communion with healthy matter and expression through healthy matter.

Computerized Universe | Khaos, BIOS, CMOS, Cosmos
Unity Consciousness #1032


(Part 3 of 7)

In terms of spelling only: Khaos is Kaos is BIOS.
In terms of definition and meaning, Khaos is the prototype of Bios in human-made computers.

This message focuses mostly on the computer metaphor; however, it should not be missed that the BIOS of computers and the Biosphere of the Universe and Biology and Biography are intimately entwined metaphors with the computer metaphor.

Khaos Is BIOS

Khaos is the permanent firmware software programming of the Only One whose memory is write-protected until it merges again with the other layered dimensions of the Universe.

Khaos is on the motherboard and contains all the code required to boot up the Universe, to open the Hatch and start up another iteration of Creation from a resting state.
Khaos operates through a shadow of itself, the Twin Mother, a working copy of the Khaos. The Universe and computers function based on Zero and One.

Khaos is the hardware, software, energy source and data of the Universe.

Just as BIOS in computers has been upgraded to UEFI, so also has Khaos been upgraded due to internal learning and self re-configuring. These upgrades are driving climate change.

CMOS is the Cosmos, the working copy of genetic memory which is powered by stars and has a nuclear center in the black holes of galaxies.
Each Galaxy is a CPU, thus there are multiple processors in the Universe.
The COMOS functions as the cytoplasm filled with organelles (planets, etc.) and mitochondria (stars) and much more.

Khaos, the Universe, is a Supreme Computer. It is much more advanced and integrated than human made computers. Watson is a wannabe.

We must also remember, what the womb, called Universe called Khaos is.
The womb is in the background, mostly hidden, doing its thing in a write-protected environment. It exists behind the veil as does the Holy of Holies which functions as a nucleus command center motherboard.

We consolidate understandings when we move information out of RAM, out of temporary files and merge it into the hard drive. As this happens we recognize the two truth duality of the hidden and revealed, invisible and visible, unseen and seen nature of Khaos, Universe, Biosphere and Computers.

Because Khaos is the totality, the Universe also contains Chaos, just as a computer is thrown into Chaos due to corrupt programming and fragments.
Right now it is enough to say that Earth as a life form, and especially the human component it contains, represent the corrupt portion of the Universe. We are living in a malfunctioning environment on multiple levels and the webmaster, manufacturer and programmer (3 in 1) are in the process of repairing and cleaning up the Universe which will involve uninstalling some established programming and restoring the last known good configuration. As a result, the biography of our lives and history will be restored.

Because Khaos has been likened to Troy, so also are the Universe and Computers subject to Trojan Horse invasions.
The comparison of biological viruses, ideology viruses and computer viruses has been discussed in greater detail in previous messages.

Since everything in the Universe exists everywhere (the same thing in different forms), the ability to perceive it is largely due to being aware it is exists and where. This is the same as a computer's BIOS and other components and hidden files. Many people do not perceive those things and do not know it exists in the computer; therefore it is only hidden due to the plain sight of the user.

Making logical use of these metaphors will help reverse the process, clean up the computer and turn Chaos back into Khaos and turn illusion back into allusion.

Khaos As Mes, Mest, Meskhen | Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1031


(Part 2 of 7)

Khaos As Meskhen

Meskhen or Mes-khen is the celestial birthplace above and below, the womb, cocoon and tomb for the Sun according to the gnosis of the Egyptians. Thus, the Meskhen is the birthplace and re-birthplace of spirit-soul and matter. It is symbolized by the Great Bear constellation, earlier known as Kepha, the Hippopotamus. (BB 44/56) and (Bunson 129/147) and (AE2 600/64)

Khaos As Mes

Mes comes from the terrestrial birthplace below and above. (AE1 294/304)

Mes means the product of a river or waters that is gathered, engendered, massed.
Mes is mass and cake. The symbol of this mass was the hieroglyphic cake which was the Egyptian symbol of land.
The cake is still symbolized by the wafer/cracker eaten at religious Communion and Mass, as it also was in Egypt. So to eat the wafer is to eat the mass of the waters just as you did inside the placenta waters of the womb. The drinking of wine during Communion represents the liquid essence nutrition that fed you in the womb.

The mass or product of the river when caked, is the primeval land, the pure land periodically brought forth fresh and renewed from the waters. The birthplace of this black or red mud comes from the source of the Nile, Nyanja Ya Tanganyika. (BB 4/16) and (AE1 303/313)

Khaos As Mest & Mest-ur

Mest-ur consists of:
Mest or Mes-t as the birth-place of Mes. Mest is the lying-in chamber, the lair of the whelp, the product of the waters. Mest is the tail, end, sexual part, womb, great, chief, primordial.
Ru is the gate, door, mouth of outlet.
Ur is the great, oldest, chief.

Mest-ru is the outlet from the birth-place.
Mest-ur is the chief and most ancient place of birth. Mestur is both the oldest birthplace and eldest born.

Types of Mests and Mest-urs are Tanganyika, Lower Egypt, Khebt and Amenta. All are Khaos birthplaces. (BB 4-5/16-17, 29/41)

This child is the mes who came out of the mest, thus the child is the mes-siah.
The mes is the product and word of the mest and so is a mes-sage and messenger to deliver the information from the birthplace of knowledge.

Khaos As Mystery & Mes-terui

Mystery is today's version of Mes-terui which means the birth of a child of the dual time, born at the spring equinox in the unlimited place of Kef-en-terui or Terui. Creation is the child who is born in the unlimited expanding place of the womb. (BB 334/346) and Fu-nen-tera

Teriu or Kep-en-terui or Ha-Keb is the concealed secret sanctuary of the two times, the double seat, which is the corner, angle, Kheb, Khep, Kep, Cove at which the young sun-god was re-born where the two became three in one. Teriu and Kep-en-terui express both two in one and three and one. This is why the reborn Sun is called the brilliant triangle.
Terui, Kep-en-terui, Ha-Keb means the place of and action of hiding, concealing, lying in wait, looking, watching. (BB 333/345)

Parts 1 and 2 help explain the First and Second Truths that is Khaos and Chaos. It also helps us distinguish between the knowing of the Egyptian Mes-terui and the unknowing of what is called mystery. Utamawazo, context or worldview is essential to understanding the Nature of self and all else.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

From Khaos To Chaos | Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1030


(Part 1 of 7)

Khaos is the Egyptian First Truth spelling, definitions and meanings.
Chaos is the English Second Truth spelling, definitions and meanings.
The above spelling convention is used in an attempt to try to distinguish between the two types of chaos, thus the spellings of chaos found within source material have been changed to reflect the above distinctions.

Egyptian Definition Of Khaos As Fusion & Order

The Egyptian word for Khaos is Hat. Simply put, Hat is the Totality of the Universe; therefore, so is Khaos. Khaos is described as the essential beginning and precommencement (preexistence). Thus, in keeping with the two truths, Khaos is also the completion and ending. Another meaning of Khaos may be found in the Cornish “Hatch” for a dam. Thus Khaos is also the dam that seals the opening of the enclosure of the womb, just as there are damns that seal the placenta and cervix before birth.
“Batten Down The Hatches!” The Hatch of Creation's Womb (the cervix of the Black Hole) is continuously being adjusted. In keeping with the two truths, Hatch not only closes, it also opens.

Khat means close.
Hatk means open.
Khat is the womb which is closed and opened. Khaos is the totality of all three.

The localized symbol is marshland or land recovered from the waters or land created from the inundation. The land of Egypt is an example of Khaos.
A placenta is a cake and the cake symbol is the Egyptian symbol of land.
KH means placenta. (Asante & Mazama, 363/394, 672/703)
Thus, when we combine understandings, placenta is the land of birth and land that was birthed. Thus, there is a placenta from which life is born, which is a place of Khaos. Then there is also a placenta from which Creation overall is born, which is also a place of Khaos.
This must be so, based on the immutable principle of: as above, so below.

KH is also written as K, CH, C, Q , G and GH. (AE1 42/52) and (NG2 42/50, 150/172) and (BB 4/16)

Ka is an interior region or it may be high land. Thus, in keeping with Egyptian imagery, because the birthplace is the place of the thigh, then highland is thighland which is balanced against the foothills. (BB 32/44)

English Definition Of Chaos As Confusion & Disorder

Current definitions of Chaos as “utter confusion” come partly from the 1600s C.E. as fueled by the 14th century C.E. definition of Chaos as a "gaping void."
The word Chaos comes from Latin which comes from Greek Khaos which comes from Egyptian Khat.

In contradiction to the Egyptian definition, the English definition picked up the Greek definition of Chaos as an “abyss, that gapes wide open and is also vast and empty."

The Greeks did not understand Khaos means totality and contains everything, so the Greeks called it emptiness due to their inability to perceive it, count it or measure it. The French and others did not understand what the Greeks were saying so they added “utter confusion and disorder” to the already corrupt definition of Chaos.

In the 16th century C.E., Paracelsus tried to get the definition of Khaos back on track. He described Khaos as the "proper elements of spirits" or "ultra-rarefied water."
This is accurate sense it indicates there was not emptiness, rather there was order, and also that a high degree of heated action, motion and activity was taking place in the rarefied waters of the womb.

Even so, reminiscent of the late Egyptian squashing of Aten, European definitions of the abyss contributed to the misunderstanding of what the essential original beginning state of Khaos really is.

The abyss was continually described as "depths of the earth or sea; primordial Chaos; bottomless pit, Hell, enormous, unfathomable, the great depth, the underworld."
So when you take the already misunderstood definition of Chaos as “emptiness and disorder” and then add the meanings of abyss, you get a continuous, almost imperceptible buildup of feeling overwhelmed and fearful about something you don't understand and have no sense you will ever understand.

Fuel is added to fear when religions take the word “tehom,” misunderstand it also, which causes people to solely rely on the secondary Egyptian definition of Khaos as the abode of the crocodile dragon and seven wicked spirits.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Khat & The Hat | Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1029



Khat, Kat or Khet is the secret, intimate abode and womb of the creative powers of the Universe. This abode is the ark, circle, orbit or quadrangular enclosure.
Therefore, Khat also means going round, wheeling round, as do the star constellations around the circle. Thus, since the Great Mother is the Spark-holder and her children are the sparks, they are symbolized by fireworks. Remember this when you watch fireworks, it is a forgotten display of the Great Mother of all Creation and her children, the stars as sparks.
The earliest form of Khat is Khept of the north. (BB 319/331, 362/374, 248/260)

Another form of Khat, probably later than Khept is Kheft which is still the northern birthplace imaged by the water-horse [hippopotamus, cow] as the ark [ankh] of life amid the waters. (BB 315/327)

Another form of Khat is Khat-renn (Catherine), the renewer of the race. (BB 319/331, 362/374, 406/418)

Another form of Khat is Octavia as the ten, thus the total.

Khat is the name of the first tree of knowledge which had ten branches. (BB 84/96)

All of tells us that Khat is the Supreme Ankh which is corroborated by Nga as the earlier form of Ka. (NG1 272-3/290-2)

HAT Is Derived From KHAT

Khat, Kat or Khet is the First Great Mother and Grandmother and First Great Virgin Mother. Kat is the Only One of which no other preexisted. She is the first Mother who divided herself into Two Mothers. She is the throne and the power of the throne. She divided into Two Truths and multiple truths and then also reunites Truths. She is the mother of elements and stars, thus she is the source and womb of Nature, thus life, thus the liquid essence of life in all forms such as water, blood, milk, sap, air, etc. (BB 127/139)

Thus we can begin to understand Kat Woman in league with the dynamic duo of Batman & Robin (Elder Sun, The Black Knight & the Younger Sun, The White Light). The difference is Kat Woman is primary and the Dynamic Duo are secondary. These three represent the Only One, The Two Truths and The Trinity.

Likewise then we can see the reference to Kat in the Hat. The difference is it's the Hat in the Khat that is the original order. Even so, we can now see why the Kat in the Hat is so wise and magical.

HAT Is Heart, The Abode of Ba-Soul

The Ba is the Soul, and the Hat (Mat) is the heart. The heart is the shrine, abode, womb, habitation/habitat, or body of the Ba-Soul. The heart as shrine is called the Ba-HAT, Ba-TH, Ba-T. These words were also used to describe house or place that was the shrine of the Ba-Soul. It can be said that home of the Ba-Soul is where the heart is. This is so because the heart contains blood as liquid life, fire water for the soul. This liquid essence makes the Hat the basis, foundation and beginning of life. (BB 114/126, 127/139) and (NG1 232/250)

HAT Is Hathor, The Feminine Abode Of Creation

Hathor is the feminine abode and habitation/habitat of the child. The white cow was especially the symbol of Hathor, whose title is the nurse of the suckling child. In this instance, Hat is both cow and white for the milk as the liquid essence of life. Thus to repeat, the child is born out of water as liquid essence, has liquid essence as blood and drinks liquid essence as milk. (BB 127/139, 315/327)

HAT Is Chief In Authority

Ha and Hat represent various forms and symbols of the chief, ruler and governor as the mace [mallet], the throne and upper crown of Egypt (the highest of the two crowns). Hat signifies order. (BB 229/241)

Aliens At It Again
Unity Consciousness #1028


You might not believe in aliens, but the people you believe in, who are charading as trustworthy experts, sure as heck do believe in aliens.

When thought process relies too heavily on belief, there is no logical rhyme to go along with the logical reason because not enough time is spent trying to find more understanding.
On the other hand, when a broad range of information is considered, belief, feeling, culture, personal choice and prerogative tend to take a back seat and allow understandings to drive the rest of the way.

”Mysterious Alien Megastructure Star At It Again”

Crime 102, Terminal Illness & Termites In The Roost
Unity Consciousness #1027


While we're sitting around parroting line by line the repeat programming in our minds, the biggest problems we face are hardest to find, yet they and us are entwined.
We think the biggest problem in America is crime in “ghetto” areas of cities, when instead, all of us have much bigger and more constant, problems in our own ghettos - from the million dollar home projects to the million dollar home projects.

Top Ten Leading Causes Of Death In The U. S. Are All Forms Of Cancer

1. Heart disease
2. Cancer (malignant neoplasms)
3. Chronic lower respiratory disease
4. Accidents (unintentional injuries)
5. Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases)
6. Alzheimer's disease
7. Diabetes
8. Influenza and pneumonia
9. Kidney disease (nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis)
10. Suicide

Nowhere on this list is all the problems we hear about on the daily news as being the biggest problems in America. Of course there are bigger problems, but just because we think we are shielded from those bigger problems (we got money) doesn't mean the mindset that is producing the televised problems is not the type of mindset willing to kill everyone regardless of who you are, where you came from, what you look like and what Twin Towers you're in. By today's standard, rich white males are in the catbird seat of safety, yet rich white males die every day and so do just as many people in the middle class or who have certain types of education, etc. There is no escape when we are unaware.

Invest some time studying this list and questioning the causes of each disease. How does each disease affect us at the cellular level? For instance, type in “heart disease” +causes. Then type in “heart disease” “cellular level.” If you make a list with some columns, you will find some similarities that all point to some very basic root causes for all of these leading causes of death, none of which we can escape in America if we are unaware.

Naturally all of this also applies to all countries and societies who are American wannabes, patsies and proxies. Do not be deceived just because your country's culture has some differences of traditions and language. An ideology is an ideology and will manifest the same no matter how you color it, nationalize it, patriotize it, glorify it ethnitize it, religitize it, etc.

If you click on the link of number 2 above, you will find a contradiction where the American Cancer Society says, skin cancer is the leading type of cancer. Well, what is heart disease? Simply put, heart disease is cellular malfunction. Cellular malfunction is cancer. It only takes one cell to malfunction in any way for cancer to exist.

So while you're being apathetic and supportive of all the legal gun killers, you are still dying by the millions for reasons you can't escape unless you hit the ESC button on American ideology.

By The Way, an NBC article tells us, in a roundabout way, we are being tracked for all sorts of indicators and tendencies that might be determined from data we put on the internet on in any electronic device.

Go to the History Channel at and read the summary of the America's Book Of Secrets episodes: (1) “Big Brother,” and (2) “America's Doomsday Plan,” and (3) “Secret Prisons.” You will need to search you cable provider online or through the device connected to your television to see if these shows are upcoming or available in the archives on demand.

Too many of us have an “I don't break the law mentality”[and an “it doesn't affect me” mentality; “therefore, I'm safe.”] because we comply with what society calls illegal drugs, foods, products, other substances and services, yet, most problems in society are caused by legal drugs/medications/treatments, foods, products, other substances and services.
There is no American safety net or Calvary to save us from the inundation of ignorance.

Far too many people parrot the phrase, "protect our way of life." Really? Protect surface living with fundamental sickness. Really?

Lastly, remember, the History Channel is part of the status quo media. Their supposed straightforwardness of telling the truth is a setup to up their credibility as a reliable source which sets up our programming for the acceptance of past, present and future mistruths.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Octavia | Origin, Meanings, Definitions, Pronunciations
Unity Consciousness #1026



Otava is the Great Bear in the Finnic version of the Egyptian language. Otava is the same as the Egyptian original first mother, archetype, ankhtype and goddess of the Seven Stars, the keeper of fire, Kar-tek the spark-holder, the Technology & Science. The whole World [Universe] is her seat[throne]. She is the Only One who represents the total unity (Nun or Nature) who divides to become Two. Thus she is both the number Zero, the Egg & letters ZA, and the number One, the Circle & letter “O.” Her duplicate identical twin clone, her daughter sister cell, is number 1 and 2.

Name Variations Within Africa: Ap, Af, Tef (Typhon), Tep, Tepht, Teb, or Tabi [Tavi], Tiamat, Rrit, the African Eve, Ife or Iye, Kat-Mut, Hat-hor (Hathor), Het-heru, Katesh, Octave, Zabe Osaba and Otabe in Koro, Only One, Nun, Circle-maker.

Name Variations Within Africa: Lady of the Seven Stars, Seven Never-Setting Stars, Seven Glorious Ones, Seven Great Spirits, Seven Constellations, Seven Hills, Seven Bears, Seven Cows, Seven-stepped Mountain of the World, Seven Wicked Spirits, Keeper of Fire, Kar-tek, Spark-holder, Sevekh.

African Name Variations Worldwide: Otava, Great Bear, Octavius, Octavian, Octavus, Mother of the Gods, Urt, Art. Lri and Kotavi in India, Tavthe in Babylon (Chaldea), Rhea in Greece, RI in Akkad; Kêd in Britain; Kivutar, Koob in Australia, Tavintinsuyu in Peru, Tavus, Tavis, Tav, Tabitha, Tayvi, Tavy, Tay, Day, Davy, Dyvi, Dove in Northeastern Asia (Europia/Europe), Science, Technology, Nature, Zero. (NG2 6/14, 15/22) and (BB 450/462) and (NG1 190/208, 319/337) and (AE2 716/180)


The Number 10 is—Zabe Osaba and Otabe in Koro. The plural of plurals is 9. Ten is total of the first ten (0 thru 9). Ten represents the reunification of the 0 and 1 the first and second forms and truths of the Only One. Ten is the summary, unity, ending and beginning. (NG1 218/236)

The Number 8 is Ses-sen which reads 6 + 2. The highest representation of 8 was the Octave (AKH-tve) or (akh-TAH-vay), symbolized by the middle finger on the masculine right hand (the left hand forms first (5), then on the right hand starting with the thumb, then the index finger and then the middle finger). Eight is the musical octave scale represented by the monkey and ape. (NG1 44/62, 221/239, 286/304)

Octavia means "the eighth" in Latin. Octavia is derived from Octavius, from octavus "eighth" from octo (eight).
In number, Octavia means, eight, eighth, ten and tenth. Thus we have the octagon/octangle with 8 sides and October the tenth month. Eight is the son and ten is the mother. Eight is the son (6) plus the virgin great mother (1) plus the great mother who is also the virgin grandmother (1). Eight is a unity, duality, trinity, singularity, plurality, totality, double membrane enclosure (womb/nucleus/cell). Same can be said of ten.

Each of the numbers 0 thru 10 represent all the powers of the gods gathered into one supreme god. In a word, all the powers of the gods are the Elohim (a form of the Egyptian Ali or Ari), a companionship of workers and creators. “In the beginning Elohim (the elemental powers plus both great mothers) created the heaven and the earth.” (AE1 422-4/432-4)

More fully stated, Octavia represents all numbers from 0 to 10, thus also all numbers after 10. This must be so if Octavia is representative of the whole and the total unity, thus she is any part and any combination.


The Egyptian Tiamat and Babylonian Tavthe are the same name by interchange of m and v. Tavthe is the place is the abyss (source), the hole of the dragon. Tavthe personified is the Mother of the Gods. Tiamat personified is the Mother of seven wicked spirits and also is Sevekh, the crocodile dragon of the deep. (NG1 319/337)


The Inca of Peru named their large collection of tribes and nations, the Tavintinsuyu (Four Quarters of the World). Thus Tavi is again associated with total and whole. (NG1 407/425)

Tavy/Tavi As Water

Ap or Af (Eg.) means the first, as a liquid, an essence of life, or essential life. This supplies another elemental water-name. With the article “The” prefixed, this is Tepi or Tefi, the Welsh Dyvi, English Tavy, and Dove, the first, primordial, ancestral source. (BB 182/194)

Tavus As Water

Ap or Af, as first in the form of liquid, with the Egyptian T prefixed, furnishes all the primaries of water found in the words “Tobor” and “Dobar” (the well), the Kymric Dwr (Dfr) meaning water, and found in the river names, Tef, Tav, Dyvi, and other similar names. The T and D, retaining at times the twofoldness of character. Thus, if the first landing [of Africans] was in Wales, one of the rivers named the first would be the Dyvi. The Tay, formerly TAVUS, is a first river, on account of its size. (BB 183/195)


Octavia (AKH-tay-vee-uh) or (akh-TAH-vee-ah)
Octavia means First Great Mother and Grandmother and First Great Virgin Mother. Octavia is the Only One of which no other preexisted. She is the first Mother who divided herself into Two Mothers. She is the throne and the power of the throne. Power and thrones exist elsewhere because she allows it for a cycle and disallows it for a cycle. She divided into Two Truths and multiple truths and then also reunites Truths in her numbers 10 and 8. She is the mother of elements and stars. She is Virgin source and womb of Nature and the liquid essence of life as Water. Sometimes during suboptimal stages, she is portrayed in a diminished state as an evil Mother of the Wicked Ones instead of good Mother of the Glorious Ones. This is necessary in keeping with the Two Truths.

We are able to gain understanding of the word Octavia through the Finnish, Latin and Roman languages which also eventually trace back to Egypt which is a version of Inner African languages.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Science, Conscience & Consciousness | Combined Definitions
Unity Consciousness #1025


Since everything is science, we had to redefine it in keeping with the changing of the star sentinels who govern seasons and cycles of thought: “Key Definitions | What Is Science? Who Are Scientists?”

As currently used, the word”science” comes from “scientia” which comes from “sciens” which comes from “scientis” which comes from “scire” as follows:
1. Scire = to know, understand.
2. sciens (present participle of scire) – intelligent, skilled.
3. scientis (possessive form of sciens) - Thus scientis is scientist which means someone possessing knowledge.
4. scientia (form of sciens) - knowledge, a knowing; expertness.

This must be properly understood, a scientist can be anyone in any field of knowledge. In fact, everyone is a scientist because everyone possesses knowledge.

Equally important to understand is that the present meanings of many words in the English version of language did not come into existence until the past 200 to 600 years. Science has existed and been practiced by humans for hundreds of thousands of years under different words with different meanings. Current understanding of what science is, is extremely limited, which is why, we also have been extremely limited in our understandings of how nature functions and have taken the suboptimal route during the past Age. Optimal understanding of science has slipped beneath the surface of murky watered down awareness. All of this has served the status quo well in the acquisition of money and power and mind control over what they purport to know. Even so, in the midst of mutated meanings, buried in the 14th century definition of science is the meaning of “collective human knowledge.” This is more accurate, however, it leaves out knowledge possessed by all other life forms.

As stated by Stephen Jay Gould in 1981, “science, since people must do it, is a socially embedded activity. It progresses by hunch, vision, and intuition. Much of its change through time does not record a closer approach to absolute truth, but the alteration of cultural contexts that influence it so strongly. Facts are not pure and unsullied bits of information; culture also influences what we see and how we see it. Theories, moreover, are not inexorable inductions from facts [automatic natural outcome and impossible to disprove]. The most creative theories are often imaginative visions imposed upon facts; the source of imagination is also strongly cultural."
Three things regarding the above quote:
1. The second sentence that claims science does not move us closer to truth over time, is clearly based on the suboptimal cycle of science during a very short timeframe and is also based on a very limited understanding of truth.
2. As the quote correctly states, “facts” are influenced by culture. Therefore we must stop listening to people use science as if it is something pure and objective and without bias and without fault and without evil manipulation and is able to rise above the character of the culture. In other words, in a society based on genderism and racism, science, scientists and all other experts will also support those intentions.
We must stop allowing people to use the word science and scientist as trump cards over our own critical analysis of information and benefit of the doubt. As often said, this also applies to experts of any type, including government, doctors, researchers, scholars, professors, professionals or anyone by any name they claim, just because they've been in the field for a long time or have a piece of paper they had to pay for it. So what? If your context and/or character are out of whack then so also will be your facts – that you neatly call science to keep us in compliance. Though today's scientific facts are well-suited for their intent, we must not get our intents mixed up with theirs.
3. Whereas a scientist has come to mean someone who “possesses” knowledge, “possession” in today's terms has a personal ownership rights kind of feel to it as in it's mine, mine all mine and I'm going to make you pay for. On the other hand, a scientist is more like someone who expresses understanding and shares it for the common good with those who understand the first true purpose of education.

Conscious Conscience

“Conscious” comes from “conscius” which comes from “conscire” which comes from “scire” as follows:
1. “conscious” currently means "knowing, “privy to, aware"
2. conscius - "knowing, aware"
3. conscire (see conscience) - con + scire (to know)(see science). Conscience is a common knowing. Conscience is understanding the relationship of knowledge to self and to all else. That's what it takes to have a conscience.

I repeat: Consciousness exists in degrees based on our level of awareness of science. Conscience exists in degrees based on our how well we understand science in relation to self and all else.

We can now see the relationship of science, conscience and conscious. They are all forms of scire (to know). Thus those who are not conscious, do not know and those who lack conscience, do not know and the other way around.

This all makes sense when we understand the much fuller understanding of what science is.
As we grow in this understanding, we won't be so easily okie doked by people throwing around their expertise in all fields of human study, for example “don't do anything regarding your health unless you consult a doctor first...”
We won't allow our genetic potential to be limited to one way of knowing.


Scientific advances do not involve tradeoffs, side effects or create new problems or diminish knowledge among the masses via education or diminish knowledge of those who are certified to practice knowledge in a particular area. If they do, then this version of science cannot improve the quality of life, it can only shift miseries.

Science, conscience and consciousness came out of the waters.

The rising of the Sparkholder and the Spark, also out of the waters, both foretell the reawakening of knowledge submerged within cells.

It was a necessary challenge for things to get messed up to this extent. And oh what a tangled mess we've made.
Now comes Aquaria, The Knower (Lower), Law Giver & Great Mother Of The Waters, with a comb and a mirror to straighten out her hair.
Now comes Kepheus, the Knower (Glower & Flame Thrower), Law Enforcer & Cosmic Ethiopian King.

The root of humans as Africans understood science to a much more optimal degree than it is understood today by the withering branch. Those knowing Africans could not stop the spiritual energy wave changes brought forth by the Ages of Pisces & Wepwawet(Ursa Minor).
Thankfully, Africa's continuous revealings (most of it called stealings) of science, conscience and consciousness has helped us “hold on” and maintain during this period of significant nutrient drain.

Here we go again. Weak Science is giving way to Strong Science and causing a shift in alliance..

Dimensions Of Living The Layered Life
Unity Consciousness #1024


”What Is The Meaning Of Dimension? | Definition, Unity Consciousness #175”

A layer is a dimension. A small sample of things composed of layers: soil, skin, rainbows/moonbows, hearing, universe, creation, ecosystem, communities, cities, countries, states, nations, neighborhoods, workplaces, time, motion, meanings, civilizations, societies, culture, identity, food, houses, buildings, learning, understanding, forests, music, organisms, sleep, memories, genetics, logic, thoughts, personality, clothing, metaphors, math, language, starlight, talking, every function and ability, self, color, matter, energy, anything senses can perceive, imagination, above and below, yes and no, conscious and subconscious, walking, counting, process, growth, every expression of genetic potential, plans, cause and effect, temperature, cells, chakras, truths and lies, character, breathing, doublespeak, triplespeak, laws, destinies, dreams, purposes, symbols, awareness, systems, gifts, talents, skills, thinking, atmosphere, cycles, power, Heaven, water... Anything and everything existing in variation, exists in layers. Whatever is assembled (composed) or disassembled (decomposed) takes place in layers.

Light Is A Layered Dimension Of Understanding

As Light encounters other creations, paths are altered, which causes Light to move at new angles and form cross connections. What appears as solid beams of Light are actually Many, much thinner strands, close together, side by side, layered and crisscrossed.

As we continue to travel and crisscross the same pathways, because these retraced connections are leading us back the way we came to this time and place in the human race, the layers pile up, add up, thicken up, strengthen up and blacken down to the root of matter and spirit-soul.

During this cycle, the African Root has been operating under unfavorable conditions. In various ways, the African Root has been doing the same thing as plant roots, but now, multiple conditions are layering themselves around us like deepening mulch. Reserve power is being released throughout the body of the Diaspora.

Since Africa is the nucleus, seed and ground zero of germination, from which genetic potential was dispersed, all life forms on Earth are layers of Africa.

Awareness Of Layers Is Primitive

...You see water coming from the Sky, from your eyes. skin and from Earth. You see so many more things happening which continues to bring certainty that all these repetitions are connected and occurring in layers.

The natural world is multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-purposed.

In addition to genes that determine our physical appearance and abilities, we also have mental, emotional and spiritual genes that are intertwined and layered with our physical DNA.

Because nature is layered, everything that goes on in the Universe is layered. This must be properly understood in a broader sense.
There are many layers and forms of adversity facing the stronger self of the Universe and the stronger self within us. This also proves there are many layers and forms of greatness that had to exist first in order to deal with adversity.
Adversity is composed of the lesser known, uncorrected suboptimal parts of self.
So we must improve understandings, make corrections and move towards optimizing all layers of self. This simply means, that through the context of re-silence, we must connect as many strengths as possible to offset that which combines to weaken us.
Layers of solutions and problems ensure the eventual and perpetual optimizing of genetic potential.

“For large numbers of traditional people of Central Africa, their time-tested experiences have taught them a greater chance of healing body, mind, and spirit exists when layered with good medicine, needed rest, and a dynamic spiritual belief in recovery.” (Asante & Mazama, 715/746)

Life Is A Many Layered Thing Because Life Is Many Layered Beings

Every aspect of creation is multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-purposed.

For instance, the immune system is multiple layers of protection, detection and correction to deal with multiple layers of defection, deception and corruption.

“A human being is viewed as a set of concentric layers that include matter and spirit without any opposition among them.” (Asante & Mazama, 493/524)

Bottom Line: All levels (layers) of awareness already exist within each person because we are each, a miniature version of the Universe. We must continuously consider what we understand about anything in the Universe and then reconsider how each of those things are layered within self and plays itself out throughout daily living in the lives of each and every creation.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Skin Cancer & Personal Carelessness Products
aka Cancer, The Antithesis To The Answer
aka Skin Cancer Exposes Culture
Unity Consciousness #1023


1. Personal care products as a major source of toxins have been addressed several times but most recently in ”Cosmetics Making Up & Messing Up The Skin We're In, Unity Consciousness #975”

2. The effects of toxins has been implicated as one of several reasons why some of us sleep a lot, but still feel tired. See “We Need Sweet Anesthesia Of Deep Sleep, Unity Consciousness #1003”

3. Everything we consume, or that gets into our body another way, contributes to either the healing and curing process or the lessening and disease causing process or both.

4. The American Cancer Society states: ”Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer.”

Why would skin cancer be the hands down #1 form of cancer that leaves all other forms of cancer in the dust, including lung cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and cancer that is not called cancer but goes by other names, etc.?
What are we doing?
Is it because of what we eat (put in our mouths)?
Or is it because of what we eat (put on our skin)?
Take a good look at your personal care products. Read the entire label. Research the ingredients in general. Also type in each ingredient along with the word “warning,” then search again with the word “danger,” then search again with the word “precautions,” then search again with the word “risks,” then search again with the word “cancer,” then search again with the word “carcinogen,” then search again with the word, “safety.”

There is always more than one way to express the same thing.
Likewise, there is more than one way cellular malfunction, due to imbalance, manifests.

There is more than one way for truth to be revealed and more than one way for lies to be covered up.

In many ways, our skin is telling us the truths and the lies.
The skin of a group of people is called culture. When the philosophies and values put into culture are toxic, well, the culture develops multiple forms of skin cancer.
Our existing cultural skin problems are caused by our persistent estrangement from optimal understanding.

”Not Getting Burned Anymore” by Jonathon Engels