"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

Continuously nutrition pieces of your minds and health must follow.

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Octavia | Origin, Meanings, Definitions, Pronunciations
Unity Consciousness #1026



Otava is the Great Bear in the Finnic version of the Egyptian language. Otava is the same as the Egyptian original first mother, archetype, ankhtype and goddess of the Seven Stars, the keeper of fire, Kar-tek the spark-holder, the Technology & Science. The whole World [Universe] is her seat[throne]. She is the Only One who represents the total unity (Nun or Nature) who divides to become Two. Thus she is both the number Zero, the Egg & letters ZA, and the number One, the Circle & letter “O.” Her duplicate identical twin clone, her daughter sister cell, is number 1 and 2.

Name Variations Within Africa: Ap, Af, Tef (Typhon), Tep, Tepht, Teb, or Tabi [Tavi], Tiamat, Rrit, the African Eve, Ife or Iye, Kat-Mut, Hat-hor (Hathor), Het-heru, Katesh, Octave, Zabe Osaba and Otabe in Koro, Only One, Nun, Circle-maker.

Name Variations Within Africa: Lady of the Seven Stars, Seven Never-Setting Stars, Seven Glorious Ones, Seven Great Spirits, Seven Constellations, Seven Hills, Seven Bears, Seven Cows, Seven-stepped Mountain of the World, Seven Wicked Spirits, Keeper of Fire, Kar-tek, Spark-holder, Sevekh.

African Name Variations Worldwide: Otava, Great Bear, Octavius, Octavian, Octavus, Mother of the Gods, Urt, Art. Lri and Kotavi in India, Tavthe in Babylon (Chaldea), Rhea in Greece, RI in Akkad; Kêd in Britain; Kivutar, Koob in Australia, Tavintinsuyu in Peru, Tavus, Tavis, Tav, Tabitha, Tayvi, Tavy, Tay, Day, Davy, Dyvi, Dove in Northeastern Asia (Europia/Europe), Science, Technology, Nature, Zero. (NG2 6/14, 15/22) and (BB 450/462) and (NG1 190/208, 319/337) and (AE2 716/180)


The Number 10 is—Zabe Osaba and Otabe in Koro. The plural of plurals is 9. Ten is total of the first ten (0 thru 9). Ten represents the reunification of the 0 and 1 the first and second forms and truths of the Only One. Ten is the summary, unity, ending and beginning. (NG1 218/236)

The Number 8 is Ses-sen which reads 6 + 2. The highest representation of 8 was the Octave (AKH-tve) or (akh-TAH-vay), symbolized by the middle finger on the masculine right hand (the left hand forms first (5), then on the right hand starting with the thumb, then the index finger and then the middle finger). Eight is the musical octave scale represented by the monkey and ape. (NG1 44/62, 221/239, 286/304)

Octavia means "the eighth" in Latin. Octavia is derived from Octavius, from octavus "eighth" from octo (eight).
In number, Octavia means, eight, eighth, ten and tenth. Thus we have the octagon/octangle with 8 sides and October the tenth month. Eight is the son and ten is the mother. Eight is the son (6) plus the virgin great mother (1) plus the great mother who is also the virgin grandmother (1). Eight is a unity, duality, trinity, singularity, plurality, totality, double membrane enclosure (womb/nucleus/cell). Same can be said of ten.

Each of the numbers 0 thru 10 represent all the powers of the gods gathered into one supreme god. In a word, all the powers of the gods are the Elohim (a form of the Egyptian Ali or Ari), a companionship of workers and creators. “In the beginning Elohim (the elemental powers plus both great mothers) created the heaven and the earth.” (AE1 422-4/432-4)

More fully stated, Octavia represents all numbers from 0 to 10, thus also all numbers after 10. This must be so if Octavia is representative of the whole and the total unity, thus she is any part and any combination.


The Egyptian Tiamat and Babylonian Tavthe are the same name by interchange of m and v. Tavthe is the place is the abyss (source), the hole of the dragon. Tavthe personified is the Mother of the Gods. Tiamat personified is the Mother of seven wicked spirits and also is Sevekh, the crocodile dragon of the deep. (NG1 319/337)


The Inca of Peru named their large collection of tribes and nations, the Tavintinsuyu (Four Quarters of the World). Thus Tavi is again associated with total and whole. (NG1 407/425)

Tavy/Tavi As Water

Ap or Af (Eg.) means the first, as a liquid, an essence of life, or essential life. This supplies another elemental water-name. With the article “The” prefixed, this is Tepi or Tefi, the Welsh Dyvi, English Tavy, and Dove, the first, primordial, ancestral source. (BB 182/194)

Tavus As Water

Ap or Af, as first in the form of liquid, with the Egyptian T prefixed, furnishes all the primaries of water found in the words “Tobor” and “Dobar” (the well), the Kymric Dwr (Dfr) meaning water, and found in the river names, Tef, Tav, Dyvi, and other similar names. The T and D, retaining at times the twofoldness of character. Thus, if the first landing [of Africans] was in Wales, one of the rivers named the first would be the Dyvi. The Tay, formerly TAVUS, is a first river, on account of its size. (BB 183/195)


Octavia (AKH-tay-vee-uh) or (akh-TAH-vee-ah)
Octavia means First Great Mother and Grandmother and First Great Virgin Mother. Octavia is the Only One of which no other preexisted. She is the first Mother who divided herself into Two Mothers. She is the throne and the power of the throne. Power and thrones exist elsewhere because she allows it for a cycle and disallows it for a cycle. She divided into Two Truths and multiple truths and then also reunites Truths in her numbers 10 and 8. She is the mother of elements and stars. She is Virgin source and womb of Nature and the liquid essence of life as Water. Sometimes during suboptimal stages, she is portrayed in a diminished state as an evil Mother of the Wicked Ones instead of good Mother of the Glorious Ones. This is necessary in keeping with the Two Truths.

We are able to gain understanding of the word Octavia through the Finnish, Latin and Roman languages which also eventually trace back to Egypt which is a version of Inner African languages.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Science, Conscience & Consciousness | Combined Definitions
Unity Consciousness #1025


Since everything is science, we had to redefine it in keeping with the changing of the star sentinels who govern seasons and cycles of thought: “Key Definitions | What Is Science? Who Are Scientists?”

As currently used, the word”science” comes from “scientia” which comes from “sciens” which comes from “scientis” which comes from “scire” as follows:
1. Scire = to know, understand.
2. sciens (present participle of scire) – intelligent, skilled.
3. scientis (possessive form of sciens) - Thus scientis is scientist which means someone possessing knowledge.
4. scientia (form of sciens) - knowledge, a knowing; expertness.

This must be properly understood, a scientist can be anyone in any field of knowledge. In fact, everyone is a scientist because everyone possesses knowledge.

Equally important to understand is that the present meanings of many words in the English version of language did not come into existence until the past 200 to 600 years. Science has existed and been practiced by humans for hundreds of thousands of years under different words with different meanings. Current understanding of what science is, is extremely limited, which is why, we also have been extremely limited in our understandings of how nature functions and have taken the suboptimal route during the past Age. Optimal understanding of science has slipped beneath the surface of murky watered down awareness. All of this has served the status quo well in the acquisition of money and power and mind control over what they purport to know. Even so, in the midst of mutated meanings, buried in the 14th century definition of science is the meaning of “collective human knowledge.” This is more accurate, however, it leaves out knowledge possessed by all other life forms.

As stated by Stephen Jay Gould in 1981, “science, since people must do it, is a socially embedded activity. It progresses by hunch, vision, and intuition. Much of its change through time does not record a closer approach to absolute truth, but the alteration of cultural contexts that influence it so strongly. Facts are not pure and unsullied bits of information; culture also influences what we see and how we see it. Theories, moreover, are not inexorable inductions from facts [automatic natural outcome and impossible to disprove]. The most creative theories are often imaginative visions imposed upon facts; the source of imagination is also strongly cultural."
Three things regarding the above quote:
1. The second sentence that claims science does not move us closer to truth over time, is clearly based on the suboptimal cycle of science during a very short timeframe and is also based on a very limited understanding of truth.
2. As the quote correctly states, “facts” are influenced by culture. Therefore we must stop listening to people use science as if it is something pure and objective and without bias and without fault and without evil manipulation and is able to rise above the character of the culture. In other words, in a society based on genderism and racism, science, scientists and all other experts will also support those intentions.
We must stop allowing people to use the word science and scientist as trump cards over our own critical analysis of information and benefit of the doubt. As often said, this also applies to experts of any type, including government, doctors, researchers, scholars, professors, professionals or anyone by any name they claim, just because they've been in the field for a long time or have a piece of paper they had to pay for. So what? If your context and/or character are out of whack then so also will be your facts – that you neatly call science to keep us in compliance. Though today's scientific facts are well-suited for their intent, we must not get our intents mixed up with theirs.
3. Whereas a scientist has come to mean someone who “possesses” knowledge, “possession” in today's terms has a personal ownership rights kind of feel to it as in it's mine, mine all mine and I'm going to make you pay for. On the other hand, a scientist is more like someone who expresses understanding and shares it for the common good with those who understand the first true purpose of education.

Conscious Conscience

“Conscious” comes from “conscius” which comes from “conscire” which comes from “scire” as follows:
1. “conscious” currently means "knowing, “privy to, aware"
2. conscius - "knowing, aware"
3. conscire (see conscience) - con + scire (to know)(see science). Conscience is a common knowing. Conscience is understanding the relationship of knowledge to self and to all else. That's what it takes to have a conscience.

We can now see the relationship of science, conscience and conscious. They are all forms of scire (to know). Thus those who are not conscious, do not know and those who lack conscience, do not know and the other way around.

This all makes sense when we understand the much fuller understanding of what science is.
As we grow in this understanding, we won't be so easily okie doked by people throwing around their expertise in all fields of human study, for example “don't do anything regarding your health unless you consult a doctor first...”
We won't allow our genetic potential to be limited to one way of knowing.


Scientific advances do not involve tradeoffs, side effects or create new problems or diminish knowledge among the masses via education or diminish knowledge of those who are certified to practice knowledge in a particular area. If they do, then this version of science cannot improve the quality of life, it can only shift miseries.

Science, conscience and consciousness came out of the waters.

The rising of the Sparkholder and the Spark, also out of the waters, both foretell the reawakening of knowledge submerged within cells.

It was a necessary challenge for things to get messed up to this extent. And oh what a tangled mess we've made.
Now comes Aquaria, The Knower (Lower), Law Giver & Great Mother Of The Waters, with a comb and a mirror to straighten out her hair.
Now comes Kepheus, the Knower (Glower & Flame Thrower), Law Enforcer & Cosmic Ethiopian King.

The root of humans as Africans understood science to a much more optimal degree than it is understood today by the withering branch. Those knowing Africans could not stop the spiritual energy wave changes brought forth by the Ages of Pisces & Ursa Minor.
Thankfully, Africa's continuous revealings (most of it called stealings) of science, conscience and consciousness has helped us “hold on” and maintain during this period of significant nutrient drain.

Here we go again. Weak Science is giving way to Strong Science and cause a shift in alliance..

Dimensions Of Living The Layered Life
Unity Consciousness #1024


”What Is The Meaning Of Dimension? | Definition, Unity Consciousness #175”

A layer is a dimension. A small sample of things composed of layers: soil, skin, rainbows/moonbows, hearing, universe, creation, ecosystem, communities, cities, countries, states, nations, neighborhoods, workplaces, time, motion, meanings, civilizations, societies, culture, identity, food, houses, buildings, learning, understanding, forests, music, organisms, sleep, memories, genetics, logic, thoughts, personality, clothing, metaphors, math, language, starlight, talking, every function and ability, self, color, matter, energy, anything senses can perceive, imagination, above and below, yes and no, conscious and subconscious, walking, counting, process, growth, every expression of genetic potential, plans, cause and effect, temperature, cells, chakras, truths and lies, character, breathing, doublespeak, triplespeak, laws, destinies, dreams, purposes, symbols, awareness, systems, gifts, talents, skills, thinking, atmosphere, cycles, power, Heaven, water... Anything and everything existing in variation, exists in layers. Whatever is assembled (composed) or disassembled (decomposed) takes place in layers.

Light Is A Layered Dimension Of Understanding

As Light encounters other creations, paths are altered, which causes Light to move at new angles and form cross connections. What appears as solid beams of Light are actually Many, much thinner strands, close together, side by side, layered and crisscrossed.

As we continue to travel and crisscross the same pathways, because these retraced connections are leading us back the way we came to this time and place in the human race, the layers pile up, add up, thicken up, strengthen up and blacken down to the root of matter and spirit-soul.

During this cycle, the African Root has been operating under unfavorable conditions. In various ways, the African Root has been doing the same thing as plant roots, but now, multiple conditions are layering themselves around us like deepening mulch. Reserve power is being released throughout the body of the Diaspora.

Since Africa is the nucleus, seed and ground zero of germination, from which genetic potential was dispersed, all life forms on Earth are layers of Africa.

Awareness Of Layers Is Primitive

...You see water coming from the Sky, from your eyes. skin and from Earth. You see so many more things happening which continues to bring certainty that all these repetitions are connected and occurring in layers.

The natural world is multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-purposed.

In addition to genes that determine our physical appearance and abilities, we also have mental, emotional and spiritual genes that are intertwined and layered with our physical DNA.

Because nature is layered, everything that goes on in the Universe is layered. This must be properly understood in a broader sense.
There are many layers and forms of adversity facing the stronger self of the Universe and the stronger self within us. This also proves there are many layers and forms of greatness that had to exist first in order to deal with adversity.
Adversity is composed of the lesser known, uncorrected suboptimal parts of self.
So we must improve understandings, make corrections and move towards optimizing all layers of self. This simply means, that through the context of re-silence, we must connect as many strengths as possible to offset that which combines to weaken us.
Layers of solutions and problems ensure the eventual and perpetual optimizing of genetic potential.

“For large numbers of traditional people of Central Africa, their time-tested experiences have taught them a greater chance of healing body, mind, and spirit exists when layered with good medicine, needed rest, and a dynamic spiritual belief in recovery.” (Asante & Mazama, 715/746)

Life Is A Many Layered Thing Because Life Is Many Layered Beings

Every aspect of creation is multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-purposed.

For instance, the immune system is multiple layers of protection, detection and correction to deal with multiple layers of defection, deception and corruption.

“A human being is viewed as a set of concentric layers that include matter and spirit without any opposition among them.” (Asante & Mazama, 493/524)

Bottom Line: All levels (layers) of awareness already exist within each person because we are each, a miniature version of the Universe. We must continuously consider what we understand about anything in the Universe and then reconsider how each of those things are layered within self and plays itself out throughout daily living in the lives of each and every creation.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Skin Cancer & Personal Carelessness Products
aka Cancer, The Antithesis To The Answer
aka Skin Cancer Exposes Culture
Unity Consciousness #1023


1. Personal care products as a major source of toxins have been addressed several times but most recently in ”Cosmetics Making Up & Messing Up The Skin We're In, Unity Consciousness #975”

2. The effects of toxins has been implicated as one of several reasons why some of us sleep a lot, but still feel tired. See “We Need Sweet Anesthesia Of Deep Sleep, Unity Consciousness #1003”

3. Everything we consume, or that gets into our body another way, contributes to either the healing and curing process or the lessening and disease causing process or both.

4. The American Cancer Society states: ”Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer.”

Why would skin cancer be the hands down #1 form of cancer that leaves all other forms of cancer in the dust, including lung cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and cancer that is not called cancer but goes by other names, etc.?
What are we doing?
Is it because of what we eat (put in our mouths)?
Or is it because of what we eat (put on our skin)?
Take a good look at your personal care products. Read the entire label. Research the ingredients in general. Also type in each ingredient along with the word “warning,” then search again with the word “danger,” then search again with the word “precautions,” then search again with the word “risks,” then search again with the word “cancer,” then search again with the word, “safety.”

There is always more than one way to express the same thing.
Likewise, there is more than one way cellular malfunction, due to imbalance, manifests.

There is more than one way for truth to be revealed and more than one way for lies to be covered up.

In many ways, our skin is telling us the truths and the lies.
The skin of a group of people is called culture. When the philosophies and values put into culture are toxic, well, the culture develops multiple forms of skin cancer.
Our existing cultural skin problems are caused by our persistent estrangement from optimal understanding.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thought You Knew, Know & Will Renew
Unity Consciousness #1022



Knew is (K + new).

Letter “K” represents the cross, thus the circle, thus the ankh, thus Everything.

New is Nu* is water is first is celestial water above, below, within, without is the deluge/inundation is an ending in time is the words: not, negative, negation and the English No.
Nu is N is Nature is Everything.

Everything came out of the waters of Nu. Everything comes out of Nature. All forms of Nature are forms of Water, the liquid essence of life.

To know something is to memorize it and/or understand it with little to no awareness of how what is known, relates to the twin Universes of self and all else.
To knew something is an increasing understanding in relation to an increasing understanding of self in relation to an increasing understanding of everything else.

Knew Sense

Verb tense in suboptimal order: know, knew, will know.
Knew sense in optimal order: knew, know, will knew (re-knew).

Used in a phrase: knew yourself, know yourself, review yourself, re-knew/renew yourself.

Knew is our first nature of consciousness (awareness of Oneness in the waters of Nu).
Know is our second nature of consciousness (awareness of Many estranged in dimensions).
Re-knew (renew) is unity consciousness. It is our updated nature based on automatic and manual program updates to meet present conditions (awareness of Many being gathered and reconnected).

What We Already Knew Is What We Don't Know

As taught by Ancestor John Henrik Clarke and others, all learning is remembering.
Remembering means more that recalling information. Auset remembered Ausar.
Remembering also means to seek out, find and put pieces/fragments of Nature back together in optimal order to restore wholeness. This is the reverse process of Creation, the second phase return cycle that fulfills the need incentive; the return journey home to oneness through the valleys and shadows of death.

In the beginning, One became Many. Now the Many must become One again, within self and with all else.
This is the same as defragmenting the computerized Universe within and without.

There are a lot of fragments of genetic material constantly moving around inside our cells, brains, Earth, Solar System, Galaxy & Universe.

It is helpful to understand how disconnected dismembered understandings are manifesting.
As a result of One becoming Many, each variation of creation (species or English: “race”) that exists within the Many, has a variation of language. When One Being became Many Beings, so also did the language of that One Being have to become Many Languages.
This is why we must learn using variations of metaphors (languages) and varying angles of light.
The variations in our understandings are caused by variations of context, missing pieces,** corrupt (mutation) pieces, outdated (stagnant) pieces and each person containing a mixture of logic, some in optimal order and some in suboptimal order.
Star cycles, spiritual energy waves and levels of awareness portend our remembering.

* (NG2 191/199) and (BB 153/165, 182/194)

** Pieces is synonymous with information, logic, programs, scripts, scraps, computer codes, genetic material, genetic code, bits and bytes, crumbs, data, instructions, algorithms, applications, apps, remnant, rNA, drNA, elements, fragments, virus, memories, messenger rNA, transfer rNA,facts and more.

Stripping The Scripts Of Pre-Packaged Logic

Consider the huge impact descriptions have on us. Each description is a script that programs us.
What is a subscription? Isn't it something we've accepted and bought into, even if it's a free subscription?
Now consider what a prescription is and what it does. Open wide!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Forget The Past Deeply Revisited
Unity Consciousness #1021


Many messages have already discussed the importance of “the past” and Sankofa. Yet, the world is filled with many more messages that keep telling us to forget the past. So here we go again using some different angles.

America probably invented the “forget the past” secondary suboptimal truncated sense of awareness. America needs it the most.

America uses this phrase mainly for three purposes:
1. To tell African Black folks to forget the past of your greatness and forget the injustices.
2. To tell Asian White folks to forget the past of where you came from and your behavior worldwide.
3. To tell everybody, forget that all of your present understandings are based on your understanding of the past. If you forget the past, you must also forget what you think you know.

America is saying, forget certain specific particular portions of the past, but remember the past we teach in history class.
Forget the past of how your religion came to be, but remember holy days (holidays) we choose to praise.
Limit your past to an Americanized Black History Month while we true Americans talk about our past 24/7/365 via newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies, sports, parades, politics, laws, etc.

Remember portions of the past of the last 300 years but forget the rest.
Remember fragments of the past thousands of years ago but forget most of it because remembering the past makes the present an obvious fabrication of world history.

Nearly every city in America has a historic district and some sort of preservation society and library. All cities erect statues and monuments. All of this is the past they don't want to forget or let go of.

Constant references are made to the past when people talk about records or the last time something happened or the first time something happened or that something has never happened. All of this utilizes the past.

Your resume' is the past. Criminal background is the past. Where were you last night is the past.

Moving on from the past cannot happen until understandings about the past have matured through all levels of awareness. And even as this happens in stages, we still never forget the past.

Forgetting the past is like amputating your brain and still expecting to be sane.

How is it possible to correct mistakes if we forget about the past? Did you kill that person yesterday? Let's just forget about the past. Were you speeding? That was 2 minutes ago officer, I slowed down and pulled over so what's the problem?

Forget what you just read in this message, that's in the past.
Forget what you've learned all your life, that was in the past.
That's right, do not forget miseducation – transform it.
A lie is just a disfigured form of the truth.
Lies must be reconfigured into their proper form.
Time exists as a continuing thing because time is a transformation of past, present and future.
Likewise the events of time (history) are also transformations of each other: past events transform into present events which transform into future events.
A mutation is a transformation of what is healthy. When we reverse the process and transform mutation, that is restoration. We must remember (reassemble) the past and fix it based on adjustments we understand today.

We have or don't have what exists today because of what was or was not done in the past..
How is it possible to build on success if we forget about the past?
Forget about the past and you must also forget your memories. Forget the good times and the bad times.
Stop keeping pictures and photo albums. They represent the past.
Without harmony, we cannot connect past, present and future. We can neither learn from the past, appreciate the present nor pay forward for the future. We cannot bring our inheritance and our legacy into our current living space. This is counter to evolving because it does not allow building on the past or uplifting the future. Because our comprehension is not comprehensive, we are operating counter to evolution.
The reason we are so goofy about climate change today, in the present, and really don't know how climate change will manifest in the future is because we do not understand the mountains of world history global climate change in the past.
Because of this same nature of our thought processes, our daily behavior follows the same path of goofiness.

Everything that happens today, that we think is new, happens because of the past.
We are not new people. We are past people.

Every bit of our genetics in our cells is from the past and is the past.
Forget the past means forget your ancestors, forget your dead relatives. They are in the past. Forget Memorial Day.

The present is the accumulation, culmination and integration of the past. The only reason the present continues to exist each day is due to the continuous ongoing nonstop accumulation, culmination and integration of the past.
You could not eat without the past. Seeds contain genetic history, i. e., the past.
Trees are trees because of the past. Thank God for perennials because perennials existed in years past and still exist now.
Your medication is based on the past.
Research is the past.
Science is based on the past. How can you learn anything without the past.
You cannot build a better mouse trap, without past mousetraps.
You cannot reinvent the wheel without the past invention of the wheel.
You cannot fix what is broken, if it did not already exist in the past in an unbroken condition.
Religion gets all of its present credibility from the past.

Why should we care about the origin of anything if we are supposed to forget about the past?

The present is the imagination of the past.
The future is the imagination of the present.

When as humans we forget our past, we meet our past in the future by living moving in reverse. It's called "repeating mistakes."

Origin Of The Word “PAST”

“Past” is a form of “stay” and “stop” which descended as follows:
“Ka” is the seat, throne, land, earth, stone, floor. When we said “Sta” or “Stay,” the Egyptians cried “Ka” and made the hieroglyphic with two uplifted arms, the figure of the full-stop, their earlier “St.”
“Sta” is equivalent to “Ng,” Ngata and stayer. Ngata is (Nga + ta). Nga is K, the ankh. Ta is T, thus Ngata reduces to Kt.
Kt is the earlier form of Sut, the elder child and firstborn. Kt + Sut = St. The Star is one of the many places the duality of ST is found.
With the Egyptian masculine article “P” prefixed to “St” we obtain our words “Post” and “Past.” [paraphrased from (BB 170-1/182-3)]

In other words, the past represents what stays and cannot be moved or removed. The past is the fixed and the enduring as a component of life and existence. The past represents both the Mother and The Child, the two truths of what has come before. The present is the third manifestation of the earlier two pasts.
The past is the raw materials of the present.
The past is the substrate and enzymes that produce the present human interactions.
Nearly all of what exists in the present, consists of two stages of the past. The present moment is small.
If the future rested on the present only, the future would fall.
The present fits on the head of a pin with room to spare, but the past rests on the Tree of Eternity.
Forgetting the past is like living on that thin line between the realities of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Nothing happens in this world without the past. Nothing.
Everything that exists today, and that is or is not going on, is a version, variation and transformation of the past.
In addition to the above notions that have been identified, here are four more we might as well get clarified:
1. There are no indigenous people anywhere on this planet except in one place. Any group of people outside of Africa are migrants who migrated out of Africa or who migrated from groups who migrated out of Africa.

2. Even if we mistakenly consider the old days as inferior to today, nothing we are able to achieve today is possible without those so-called inferior old stone age cave man backward days.

3. Even if we mistakenly consider earlier humans as inferior and consider homo sapiens sapiens as the best evolution since sliced bread, nothing we do today would be possible were it not for what those primitives achieved. We owe everything to our primitive Ancestors.

4. The term ”modern,” as currently used in the Asian era of greater influence on operating system logic, does not mean better, improved, updated, more civilized, or existing as a result of more intelligent use of science and technology. Modern simply means current, recent, the present. The words modern, the present, recent and current are synonyms. We must stop equating “periods of time” to “quality of life and existence.”
4. Quality of life lies in the combination of elements.

4. Amnesia: Why white Americans don’t see themselves when they hear the word ‘race.’ A 5-18-17 video by Michael Eric Dyson from PBS Newshour's, Brief But Spectacular Video Series.

Pretense | Verb Tense Misrepresents Circumference Of Time
Unity Consciousness #1020


Verb Tense Is Trinity of Time Circle

Basic verb tense of: present, past, future is the same as writing: 2, 1, 3 because the past is listed second instead of first. Even so, this is the orientation we use today in triple-speak USA.
We put the present first and say forget the past and we also say, let's worry about the future when the time comes.
We expect to go from 2 to 3 without 1, yet, it takes exactly 1 to move from 2 to 3.
When we move from 2 to 3, then 2 becomes 1, because when we move from present to future, the present becomes the past; therefore, the past is always present and just as 1 + 2 = 3, so does past + present = future. [So even if the present is placed first, 2 + 1 also equals 3, the third phase of time called the future.]
The future is born of the present impregnated by the past, just as the Father is born of the Mother impregnated by her own Seed.
Past becomes present because the present is the future of the past.

Time is motion and action and so are verbs in the English variation of language.
1. Verb tense is in the following order: present, past, future.
2. Time sense is in the following order: past, present, future.
Our sense of time in our verbs and our sense of time overall, do not match.

We shall now put verb tense and time sense in numerical context.
1. Verb tense is in the following order: 2, 1, 3.
2. Time sense is in the following order: 1, 2, 3.

All this is to say, past, present and future exist at the same time. They are phases of each other.
Verb tense misrepresents the circle and cycle of time by treating past, present and future as fragments that exist alone or can be extracted and subtracted from each other in order to make things right rather than transforming them in order to change the circumference of time.

Essentially, There Is No Calvary In Societies
Unity Consciousness #1019


We've been educated to rely on the least reliable in all major aspects of life.

One of those areas is on constant display everyday, but is more noticeable when there is massive loss of life and/or property damage.

Many events we call disasters are not the result of sudden events or unanticipatible conditions.

No matter what, when they finally reach crisis level, we always look for the Calvary to save us.
On a daily basis it's emergency services and charities.
On an event by event basis, it includes military and other government agencies.
We've seen the response of emergency services of all types on all levels when hundreds and thousands of people need help at the same time.
Due to their limited resources, emergency crews are unable to get to everyone at the same time.
This leaves those expecting help to be subject to the discretion of others as to who needs help first.

Is it really wise to expect the Calvary to save us on a daily basis, and especially during larger events?

Rather than relying on 911 as our only option, we, as individuals and smaller collectives, must put more time and other resources into forming our own Preventive Services Calvary.

What kind of education exists that teaches us to be reactive rather than proactive?
What kind of freedom is there that does not include self-reliance (self-determination).
Why are we okay with liberty that includes vulnerabilities?
Do we really not understand how easily and quickly food, water, electricity, gas and other basic supplies could become interrupted for days or weeks, no matter how much money we have?

Calvaries are risky and costly.

4 Levels Of Awareness Times 3 Bears + Goldilocks
Unity Consciousness #1018


Throughout life we often hear phrases such as, that's too hard, too complicated, over-complication, too easy, over-easy, too simple, oversimplification, that's perfect, that's just right and so on.
These statements, and many more just like them, can be combined and condensed into a larger, more cohesive, understanding via metaphor.

Levels Of Awareness Extracted From English Fairy Tale

Over-complication, “this bed is too hard.”
Oversimplification, “this bed is too soft.”
Perfect explanation, “this bed is just right.”

Try to explain the universe in terms of rhythm and music and some people can feel the groove, others have trouble getting in sync with this logical approach.

Try to explain the Universe in mathematical terms and it's too hard for some and too easy for others. Use words and numbers and it's just right.

Trying to explain algebra to a child is rough; but wait until they're ten and it's easier. Why? Accumulated learning of concepts in the current language of the culture.*

As we progress through levels of understanding, the once complicated, becomes just right, then, after a while, too simple.
In other words, when we encounter something too complicated, that means we need to learn more in other areas and at earlier levels of the topic and often in different languages and metaphors before we can grasp the specific thing we find too complicated.

The Universe is simple, just right and complex.

Life is a growth process of learning and understanding.
Of late, we have been tricked into thinking learning is the same thing as optimal understanding. It used to be, but not so much so during the Age of Fish & Dog (Jackal) aka Dark Age Fog.

As a result, we have been learning, but understanding in place (similar to running in place). We are stuck at the Goldilocks level of awareness.

In one version of the story, Goldilocks was a child; therefore, it was the child's level of understanding she settled into. This was appropriate for her which is why she liked all of Baby Bear's stuff.

Time for Goldilocks to grow up into the double truth.

Life is a dynamic dance requiring continuous adjustments of moving out of what is too easy and into what is just right and into what is too hard. This is an ongoing process that allows us to keep moving through levels of awareness. Just as the physical body moves through levels of growth via continuous process, so also must we grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually by continuously maturing in understanding in the process of becoming unified in consciousness of self and all else..

Each bear's porridge, chair and bed were just right for them but not just right for the other two bears.
At some point in the lifetime development of each Bear, what is too simple, too hard and just right will change and switch places as the next step in healthy growth and development takes place.

Language Expansion

* Our spoken/written language is a form of the language of the Universe. This is the language we teach and learn by; however, if our spoken/written language is alienated from the millions of other languages in the Universe, our understandings will be limited to our culture, thus extremely small and void of significant understandings. This is why the Ancients in Africa incorporated animals, planets, insects and other parts of Nature into their teachings.

Our language may be just right to get us started, but if that's all we rely on throughout life, and we do not perceive or use other languages (metaphors), then our cultural language will keep us in a Goldilocks state of mind. This is why we of stunted growth cultures lowrate Ancient Egyptian culture because we do not understand nearly as much as they did. The Three Bears woke Goldilocks up and caused her to get out of her comfort zone of just right porridge, just right chair and just right bed. Goldilocks had to get up and move on.

Additional Expansion

As one of many examples, I often hear TV folks say, that's an oversimplification, it's much more complex than that. In this context the person is saying something has been left out, the explanation is inaccurate and the person doesn't know what they're talking about. This could be true sometimes, but sometimes not.
If someone understands something sufficiently enough, it is possible to reduce it to fit the space of soundbites of television and still be accurate. At the same time, someone hearing the simple explanation, who does not account for limited space available to explain something and the fence-straddling to avoid offending status quo viewers and sponsors or who does not understand the topic as much, could consider the statement to be an oversimplification. It depends on each person's level of awareness.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lost Things First, Then Reverse | Poem
Unity Consciousness #1017


Lost Things First, Then Reverse

by Ancestors through Usiku

there’s enough time left this millennium,
and since we don’t know
there is something else i need to tell you,

We cannot move beyond this spot
Until knowledge of self returns
As genetic material learns
We remember what we forgot

Rights of Creation we misplace
So instead of rising from grace
Our minds fall to pieces
Fragments become scattered
In due time
Two Sisters gather
Unify self
Each dissed member matters
Yet, we are sexless
So kinetic relies upon potential
Life joins resurrection
Great Years combine
Remnants align
With Khuti from Sahara
Restore and update each mind
It takes time after time
First things first, then rebirth

Friday, May 12, 2017

A To Z Of Living Genetic Hereditary Material In Nature
Unity Consciousness #1016


Point A

There is rNA. When oxygen is removed from rNA, the result is drNA.
rNA is in all cells and all viruses. rNA is genetic material.

Is rNA the first form of genetic material?
Why is rNA genetic material? Is it the chemical formula? Is it the shape?

How did rNA come to be genetic material if there was no earlier genetic material?
How can rNA be genetic material if none of its building blocks are genetic material?
What are the building blocks of rNA? Elements.

Genetic material has at least two properties:
1. Contains hereditary information (has a memory capacity to hold genetic codes to carry out life instructions). This is the way.
2. Has the potential to be an enzyme, a catalyst for chemical reactions. This is the will.

This combination of physical and spiritual properties is matter and energy.
This combination allows genetic material to construct and carry out many other functions in an infinite number of possibilities.

Before there was rNA, what contained the hereditary information and passed it on to rNA? What form of matter before rNA, contained hereditary information?
Where did the energy come from that fueled the chemical reactions that caused elements to form into rNA?

How can rNA be constructed without something being in control and providing the instructions?
How can rNA become life without being composed of life?

We know rNA is the basis of genetic material that organizes organisms.
If we think everything before the evolution of rNA is dead, thus contains no genetic material, then let's put this to a test. Put a bunch of dead elements together in any combination, such as rNA, and let's see how much life comes out of death.
Now we should be more than curious and somewhat furious at our spurious education that has been injurious when we believed it to be luxurious.

The only way life in rNA can come out of death in elements is:
1. The combination of death turns into life. If so, then where does the hereditary information come from that is in rNA?

2. Life enters into the combination of death from somewhere else. If life and hereditary information comes from somewhere else, other than dead elements, where and what is somewhere else?
Even if we don't know, we at least know that that somewhere else contains genetic material full of hereditary information and life.*

Thus, either way:
1. If life can be brought forth from dead elements, then life is in the creator of elements and so is all genetic hereditary material. OR
2. Even if life-bearing genetic material comes from somewhere else, then why would that somewhere else first create a bunch of elements without life and without genetic material and then use those elements to create rNA that could only be brought to life from somewhere else?
That would be highly ignorant of the Creator.

The Creator is in perfect/imperfect, fixed/variable, rigid/flexible, automated/manual control of everything taking place in the Universe. The mainframe and operating system of genetic control is running in the background and everything else has varying degrees of control in the foreground. All of this is per the designer and programmer of the Universe who allows leeway on the freeway of the way.

Point MN

Genetic material is not grounded in rNA or drNA. As outlined in UC#999 and UC#1000, genetic material is grounded in “NA” (Nature).

Wherever there is nature, there is genetic material to the lot, little, jot and tittle.
It's easy for humans to recognize life in ways we understand ourselves and not so easy for us to recognize a fuller range of life because we do not understand ourselves. This was explained in the previous message.

Point Z

Through the logical use of metaphor nothing is withheld from the faithful and pure who endure, yet even the unfaithful, unpure and uncommitted still gain understandings through the use of metaphor. Yes, the Sun shines on the wicked and the good but the good reap resurrections while the wicked reap double-sided death.

Consider metaphor as a fact checking answer sheet for comparing understandings, not just ours, but other people's understandings. DO NOT compare what you think with what someone else thinks. Compare the two points of view to metaphors in nature. It should not be about who is right or wrong, rather it should be about continuously understanding what parts of each perspective do and don't match what metaphors and all the while, still learning and growing.
Begin with self as a metaphor, but also always seek out at least one or two more metaphors in different dimensions of nature such as in plants, other animals, insects and any other life form you are aware exists, such as Earth. Since everything is metaphor, there are enough metaphors to help explain everything. Nature can be conceived as an open book test that reveals more via process of relentless quest.

When you were conceived, there was genetic material in an egg and in a sperm. There was not enough genetic material in the beginning to fill up all the cells you have today. How did those cells get genetic material? Yes, those cells grew and divided. The only way you can end up with more genetic material than you started with is if your genetic material also grew.
How did your body grow? Nutrients.
How did your genetic material grow? Nutrients.
Nutrients are elements. It doesn't matter if you call them vitamins, carbohydrates, starch, calories, protein, minerals, fat, omega's etc. They are still made of elements.

Elements are what your body is made of and elements are what your genetic material is made of. Yes, you are what you eat.
Your body could not be alive if the elements were not alive. (Alive does not mean healthy condition).
If the elements were dead, then your genetic material would die so fast, the fetus would not be able to form.
Life begins at the very beginning of Creation and so does genetic material. Your genetic material was alive before you were conceived, before your parents were born and before humans existed and before plants existed or Earth or our Sun. Every dimension of Creation is a dimension of living hereditary genetic material.

Everything in the Universe is Nature and Nature is living genetic material; therefore, everything in the Universe, the seen and unseen, energy and matter, old and new, is living genetic material.

Do not be deceived by the limits of what you perceive. Genetic material, anywhere in the Universe can go dormant and be perceived to not be alive. There is a wide range of levels of dormancy. There are numerous examples in drNA, rNA, eukaryotes, prokaryotes, viruses and in life forms we don't think are alive. Sleeping is a form of dormancy.

Quality of Understanding

How can we have a better quality of life without having a better understanding of life?
Without understanding the fundamental factors of life, we are being educated to simply shift miseries and be satisfied with personal gain and validation for our identity claims. This is how the collective conscious of humans drains, slowly into Dark Ages again.

Amen Ra's Akhemu-Seku to the rescue.

* Do you really think a Supreme Being is sitting around all day zapping life into the rNA of every life form on an individual basis? Or would you imagine it's automated? And if so, then how? The Creator did not create us from afar. A massive amount of circumstances, put into motion by the Creator, created us up close. Adro Adroa. All of the principles and components necessary to bring forth life are in the combination of elements. No need for the One to micromanage the Many.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ribozymes, Protein Enzymes & Need Incentive
Unity Consciousness #1015


Why Enzymes Are Needed – An Explanation With Life Sucked Out

Most chemical reactions are over a million times slower without enzymes. Reactions that would take years in the absence of enzymes can occur in fractions of seconds. Cells contain thousands of different enzymes.

Enzymes have two fundamental properties:
1. Enzymes increase the rate of chemical reactions without themselves being permanently altered by the reaction. In contradiction to this statement, we know enzymes also decrease the rate of chemical reactions since they are involved in fine-tuning. Also, some ribozymes are not reusable and are disassembled after one use.
This understanding is echoed later on in the same source when it states, “an important feature of most enzymes is that their activities are not constant but instead can be modulated. That is, the activities of enzymes can be regulated so that they function appropriately to meet the varied physiological needs that may arise during the life of the cell. One common type of enzyme regulation is feedback inhibition...Phosphorylation is a particularly common mechanism for regulating enzyme activity; the addition of phosphate groups either stimulates or inhibits the activities of many different enzymes.”
This same source indicates substrates are irreversibly altered.
The likelihood of irreversibility is unlikely per the two truths.

2. Enzymes increase reaction rates without altering the chemical balance between inputs (reactants) and outputs (products). Reactants are the elements, molecules and compounds that interact and react to each other in the process of creating the desired change. An enzyme is one of the reactants. A substrate is all the reactants minus the enzymes. Therefore, substrate(s) + enzyme(s) = product(s) OR this can be viewed as materials inputs + labor and other energy added = products and byproducts.

All of this is fine and good but there is little to no compelling embracing connection to self and all else.

Why Enzymes Are Needed – A Need Incentive Perspective

Everything flows from the need incentive. Necessity is the Mother-Father of Invention.

Life as we know it, moves slowly through stages because chemical interactions are slowed down. Energy has been removed because Earth exists in an electron dimension shell far enough away from the nucleoid of Sun and nucleus of Galaxy. All the characteristics of Earth, along with other conditions within the Galaxy, contribute to the dynamic balance that allows life as we know it, to exist on Earth.
We already know the energy force of Galaxy is such that everything would get sucked back into the Black Hole source of energy were it not for multiple forces and distance keeping us from crossing the transition state event horizon.

With all this energy capacity and systems integration, the Universe is a high-speed supercomputer with unlimited processing power, memory and other resources.
The way the human body works already demonstrates how quickly processes work when we have a thought or when something touches our skin, how quickly the message reaches the brain and how quickly we react. Truth is, our skin is continuously being touched. It's just that some things that touch our skin, cause the dynamic balance of the skin to change rapidly, so we notice it, whether that change is pain, pleasure, heat, cold or a breeze, etc. All of this is caused by catalysts. Call them stimulant, stimulus or stimuli and recognize the sameness.

If energy was not slowed down, more complex multi-celled organisms would go through their life cycle just as quickly as many other organisms. We'd be moving through life in the blink of an eye because everything is a form of energy and interactions would not have any barriers to keep their atoms from popping off like popcorn. Our processing would be moving so fast, we'd be precessing through life. By slowing down the rate of some chemical reactions, life is able to be formed and experienced in different ways for longer periods of time. All of this fulfills the need incentive. This is why some life forms still move very rapidly through their life cycle, some slower and some even slower. This explains why history tells us some generations of humans lived for hundreds of years each. It is appropriate for recent generations of humans not to live long because not only is more deterioration taking place, the momentum of energy is also increasing due to rising influences of Aquaria & Kepheus. This is why there once were giants and giants are returning.

Combinations and influences of genetic potential are taking place in the Universe as a collective and in humans as a collective. This is true for species in all dimensions. Over the long-run, each dimension experiences the full range and combination of fixed and variable conditions. This exposes the genetic potential of the Universe to all possibilities, thus the Universe is able to solve these algebraic equations and ensure the overall cycle continues without end. Everything moves in one direction for a while and then in the opposite direction for a while, a period, a season, a cycle. This is due process of law.

So now we have a broader context to use to breathe life back into today's scientific explanations. We'll have a more optimal basis to understand “transition states” and “activation energy” and the need for energy in two directions to be in equilibrium. When we encounter these explanations again, we'll know they are trying to explain the cycle of life in a non-integrated disconnected way. Learning this way, causes us to have to resort to memorization because other things we've learned in any lifetimes are not connected to an overall unifying context.

Now we can talk about rNA some more and understand it in relation to self and in relation to all else.
rNA has the ability to retain memory and lose memory and to catalyze or not catalyze and to increase and decrease. Always in tandem does potential exist. Both are not always manifesting. That is why even energy has a potential and kinetic form. Anything that has one ability, also has the opposite ability. Anything that has the ability to be perfect, can also be imperfect. Anything that locks, can unlock. Anything that can compose, can decompose. Anything that can bring into existence, can take out of existence. Anything that can evolve, can devolve. Anything that can be a tool, can be a weapon. Anything that can move forward can move backward. If an atom can be composed and split, then all that is based on the atom can be composed and split. Anything that comes from Earth must return to Earth. Anything that comes from the Primordials must return to the Primordials. In fact, all of these things are guaranteed to occur in order for the cycle to continue and complete in Zeroness: yes, what goes up must come down because two truths are the vantage point, points of view go round and round.

Now we use this same principle of duality to help us understand understanding.
In order for one thing to exist to any degree and be understood to any degree, the opposite must exist and be understood to the same degree.
If you don't understand hate, you don't understand love. You don't have to do something to understand it; however you must be able to use metaphor to understand it in relation to self and all else. If you don't understand losing, you don't understand winning. If you don't understanding altruism, you don't understand greed. If there was no such thing as the pervasiveness of war in many forms, there would be no such thing as the pervasiveness of peace (harmony) in many forms. You cannot understand how we can all get along unless you understand how it all went wrong.
This must be properly understood. The reason some people are still taking and diminishing life rampantly worldwide is because they do not understand the beautiful side of life to an appreciable degree, thus they depreciate life because they have no corresponding comparison. There is no having a conversation that will help. The knowledge of truth must come from someplace else and some other set of processes. Be certain it is coming.
Dynamic balance explains why duality cannot manifest in the same proportion forever. The two truths only reach equilibrium twice per cycle at the twinlight of Sunrise and twinlight of Sunset and at Equinoxes of Year and Great Year.

Expanding Energy Further

All energy in any form is spirit-soul going through progressions of different manifestations. Unlimited potential, power and understanding can only be stopped by self. This is why the need incentive is do everything possible in physical form to strengthen the spiritual self so as to avoid the Second Death of the spiritual form of energy.

It is the same for us as it is for the Creator. Know yourself and know all else.

”Something Wicked This Way Came – PartT II”
See keyword “waves” for related information.

How rNA Knows How To Fold Into Ribozyme
Unity Consciousness #1014


Although this is largely unknown, it is said that one method of folding is regulated by metal ions.
An ion is an atom that is not in balance with itself. As a result it interacts with other elements. Think of ion as action (act + ion).

My First Belief Speculation

At different times within the cell, conditions exist that produce positively-charged ions (cations) and negatively-charged ions (anions). This variation causes a push and pull on the rNA beginning with the weakest link (bond). These interactions start a choreographed dance series of reactions as the rNA, metal ions and other molecules move back and forth. The intricacies of the dance are unrehearsed, yet flawless, due to the preexisting arrangement of the rNA and all the initiating conditions being met. These initiating conditions are called conformational changes.

In keeping with this theme, there is a fixed and variable nature to life. As a result, rNA is able to use multiple strategies in order to fold and function as a ribozyme.

My Second Belief Speculation

My second belief speculation works in conjunction with the first. Under a given set of conditions, specific combinations of gene expression in the rNA are turned on or turned off so they will or won't interact as an enzyme.

Again Why All rNA Is A Ribozyme In Waiting

If folding is what makes the difference between rNA that is or isn't functioning as a ribozyme, then all rNA has the genetic potential to function as a ribozyme under a given set of conditions.
This must be so.
This allows life processes for the overall collective of the Universe, to never cease due to waiting around for an enzyme reaction.
This is important because ribozymes provide the essential core of macromolecule synthesis in all life forms.

On the other hand another source on the same website states, although rNAs are capable of catalyzing some reactions, most biological reactions are catalyzed by proteins.

Once we move back to the vantage point, we realize both types of enzymes are important to life as we know it and if either one was significantly changed in their participation in catalyzing reactions, life would also change significantly.

rNA In Control

All of the functional ability of rNA tells us rNA is functioning as a control center, thus as a nucleus, thus within all rNA is a nucleoid, not just in prokaryote rNA and viral rNA.
Understanding the importance of this will help bridge the gap in reformulating understanding of life before rNA and protein in their current forms.

How were chemical reactions catalyzed before ribozymes and protein enzymes existed?

The answers call us to seek more fundamental understandings about the nature of the need incentive and the Early Formation of Creation.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Functions & Roles Of rNA Ribozymes
Unity Consciousness #1013


Functions & Roles Of rNa Performing As A Ribozymes

1. Cutting (cleaving) molecules that are, or will, become rNA or protein. We have already learned rNA has a nucleus called a Nucleoid. We also learned one of the meanings of nucleus is “to cut in pieces.”

The form of the word we used was Sekar. Sekar is Sakar is (Sa + Kar).
One of the meanings of Sa is ”to tie.”

2. Tying (ligating) molecules that are, or will, become rNA or protein. In some ribozyme-catalyzed reactions, the rNA cutting and tying processes are linked and called splicing. Splicing is sometimes assisted by a protein enzyme when ribozymes catalyze chemical reactions in the nucleus. Sometimes splicing is carried out by protein enzymes only.

The nature of ribozymes also performing “joining” operations is in keeping with the two truths. Anything that has the potential to do one thing, also has the potential to do the opposite. Thus, a genetic potential to cut is paired with a genetic potential to join.
Tek is (T + Ka). Teka means to touch, attach, join, adhere, mix[splice], cleave, multiply, cross, twist, intertwine. (BB 50/62 and 218/230)

3. Self-Splicing Some partially complete rNA compounds being assembled into rNA, have their own rNA that functions as a ribozyme. After splicing is complete, the ribozyme is broken down.

4. Self-Cleaving and Self-Splicing Transesterification takes place in eukaryote organelles, prokaryotes and viruses.

5. Hydrolysis in eukaryote organelles, prokaryotes and some amoeba.

6. Peptidyl transfer (peptide bond) in ribosomes of prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

7. Trans-splicing transesterification in nucleus of eukaryotes.

8. Fine-tuning messenger rNA life cycles.

9. Serve as a template (mini-trueprint/blueprint) upon which the reactants are brought together and properly oriented to favor the completion of the desired change.

More Locations Where Ribozymes Are Active

Ribozymes perform their functions in all organelles such as nucleus, mitochondrion, golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, lysosome, vacuole, cell membrane (skin) and ribosome.

Ribozymes Are Still Brains & Brawn Of Ribosomes

While the modern ribosome has become dependent on proteins for efficient function, the catalytic center is still composed of rNA functioning as ribozymes.

Something Else | Poem
Unity Consciousness #1012


s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g e.l.s.e

by Ancestors through Usiku

there’s enough time left this millennium,
so i want . . .
to do, to learn,
to desire.

i waver in an open doorway,
between what i think and what i feel,
until . . . comes along,
knowingly takes my place.

in that sweet moment, life becomes . . .
and after this warm glow, will there be, time left?
and since we don’t know
there is . . . i need to tell you,

From Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance
©1990-2007 Usiku

Reverse Engineering Understandings From Ribozymes
Unity Consciousness #1011


The fact that rNA carries the written instruction codes in program language for proteins, and the fact that rNA also assembles proteins, does not mean rNA existed first.
This would be reverse engineering of proteins from ribozymes which goes against the engineering of other elements, molecules, compounds and groups.

To consider rNA as coming first is to consider the egg coming before the chicken. That riddle was solved, now it has evolved.

The egg is a product of reproduction. An egg cannot produce the first of its kind. It can only reproduce because it is a reproduction itself. The chicken cannot produce itself, it is also a reproduction.

rNA cannot produce the first rNA and then turn around and produce the first protein – something which is of an earlier dimension of creation. We know protein is of an earlier dimension because the elements, molecules, compounds and groups that make up rNA are closer to the development of proteins. Are we to think there were all these elements floating around that could not combine themselves into amino acids, but if they did, then those amino acids could not combine into proteins? Are we to think proteins were skipped and then rNA was created, then sent back on a mission to create the first proteins and had to use ribosomes who had to wait on transfer rNA to bring the amino acids and so on?
It makes more sense to create the less complex before the more complex. Clearly then, if elements, molecules, compounds and groups were able to combine into a more complex rNA, ribozyme and ribosome, they would have also been able to combine into a less complex protein.

Another process had to reproduce the first protein and another process had to reproduce the first rNA, then rNA could reproduce the reproductions called proteins.
rNA must reproduce per the instructions of that which reproduced rNA. These instructions are installed into the genetic code of rNA.

Stars reproduce elements, not produce. Stars are ribosomes and ribozymes.

Producing only took place in the zero dimension of the creative process. Everything else reproduces and is a reproduction, a clone. The biggest difference in what we reproduce is whether it is identical or has variation.

The hen came first who gave virgin birth* to the egg which became a cock which became the sire (sir) of the hen.
All chickens are roosters because all chickens roost.
Cock is used in the sense of “a handle” and to “increase tension pressure to make ready to release.” Thus ovaries are also cocked and so are many other things such as pulling the arm or leg back and then releasing to kick or throw something.

*Asexual externally but sexual internally. There must be a big bang that proclaims each time life goes into life and each time life comes out of life. Transformation is always paired with exclamation.

**Reverse engineering is of course possible. Reverse engineering is the same as one sense of Sankofa (Go back and fix it.) Reverse engineering by humans fails when the essence of what is being engineered is misunderstood. This is partly due to self-confusing and the abusing of the Latin & Greek variations of language. Reverse engineering succeeded when Africans reproduced upper and lower Heaven on Earth.
”Dost thou not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is the image of the Heaven; or, what is truer still, the transference, or the descent, of all that are in governance or exercise in Heaven?”
This is Taht teaching Imhotep.
Understand what has been engineered here.
Taht is not just some mythological unreal Egyptian deity who is talking to a made up dead person.
The conversation is taking place right now.
This speaks to the continuous reproduction of everything taking place in the Universe.
It is the Great Genius without, talking to the great genius within.

And the nucleus equator, cocked full of living waters from the source, burst forth as four fallopian rivers which dispersed their seeds to all regions within and without...

Intro To Catalytic rNA Ribozymes As Enzymes
Unity Consciousness #1010


Classification Conundrums

In recent messages, the classification of organisms has been explored. This will continue for the next several messages. Some clarity has been achieved and some problems identified.
There are several classification systems for organisms, which of course, is only useful if separating wheat from chaff and blending what's left is the process used. One classification approach uses differences in nucleotides in the cell's ribosomal rNA's, as one of several criteria. This approach starts in the late stages of life.

However, nucleotides are wheat because they contain seeds. This orients us in the right direction back towards more seeds within seeds: groups, compounds, molecules elements, atoms, subatomic particles, sub-sub-atomic particles (elementary particles) and the essence of the nucleus.

Ribozymes Are Catalytic rNA's Are Enzymes

A ribozyme is a fancy word for rNA that is functioning as a catalyst for chemical reactions. rNA has the ability to change shape (structure) in order to cause a change in the rate of chemical reactions.

In many chemical reactions, proteins are the catalyst. Protein catalysts are simply called enzymes. Why? Why not “prozymes?”
Although protein enzymes were discovered in past Ages, they were discovered again during this Age. Afterwards, rNA was understood to also be an enzyme. Ribonucleic acid (rNA) functioning as an enzyme was called a ribozyme (ribo + enzyme).

Therefore, a ribozyme is rNA, thus it still has an less stable, more reactive ribose sugar compound attached.
There is nothing different between ribozyme and rNA except how the rNA is folded, which then alters how rNA functions and alters which word we choose to use. Fold rNA one way, it's rNA. Fold the same rNA another way, it's a ribozyme.

As a reminder, we must not forget and overlook the relationship between rNA and proteins.
rNA carries the computer code scripts and algorithms to assemble amino acids into proteins.
rNA also assembles amino acids into proteins in ribosomes.
rNA also carries the computer code to construct* ribosomes.
A ribosome is a ribozyme. Thus, this is where we can see both in existence at the same time in the same place in the same thing – the ribosome.
We are in the rNA “zone” in the “some” with the “zyme.”
Even so, rNA and ribosomes exist in many places within cells.

The fact that rNA carries the written instruction codes in program language for proteins, and the fact that rNA also assembles proteins, does not mean rNA existed first.

*Construct is:
(a) complete the structure. Com + struct = comstruct = construct because "m" and "n" interchange.
(b) complete instructions. Com + struct = comstruct = construct.
Now we have four meanings:
1. Complete the structure
2. Per instructions.
3. Per complete instructions.
4. Compare and contrast structure to structions. (Analyze the results)

Prokaryote & Eukaryote Nucleoid, Nucleolus & Nucleus
Unity Consciousness #1009


Continued from “Virus Nucleoid, Capsid, Nucleocapsid & Viral Envelope, Unity Consciousness #1008”

Types Of Genetic Material Enclosures (Structures Containing, Covering & Protecting rNA and drNA)

5. Prokaryote Nucleoid - The central inner region of the cytoplasm where the genetic material is located. This nucleoid is not surrounded by a membrane or a capsid.

As an exception to this general rule, some bacteria appear to have a double membrane around their nucleoids and contain other structures and nucleoplasm within the membrane, but not in the nucleoid.

6. Eukaryote Nucleolus - A structure found inside the nucleus, made of rNA and proteins. The nucleolus exists in a separate area from the main genetic material, but there is no membrane separating these two areas, only nucleoplasm.
The primary function of the nucleolus is to make baby ribosomes (protein factories) before they are exported outside the nucleus and into the cytoplasm. A nucleolus is present in most, but not all, eukaryotes.

7. Eukaryote Nucleus - A membrane enclosed area of a cell containing the main genetic material and usually a nucleolus.

The name of prokaryote and eukaryote contains the word “Kar.” This is related to “kary” which means nucleus. Letters “k” and “c” interchange, thus, kary becomes cary becomes “carry.” A nucleus carries the genetic information.

Kar represents the birthplace and technology.
Sekaru is a fort. The birthplace is protected and hidden.
Sekar means to be silent, inactive, inert (just as drNA is moreso than rNA.)
Sekar also means to cut and to cut in pieces.

As stated two messages ago, classifications of organisms based on a nucleus are generally based on incomplete and often contradictory information.
The case has already been made in the previous message regarding what other cell structures are also the same as a nucleus. This case will also be continued towards the end of this message.

According to Phys.org in 2014, a detailed picture of the structure of the eukaryotic nucleus and the chromosomes within it still eludes modern day cell biology. [This is true despite the mapping of the human genome.]

Finally, some eukaryotes have more than one nucleus and are called multi-nucleate.

8. Eukaryote Mitochondrion Nucleoid In Mammals - An organelle well known as a power plant that converts nutrients into energy for the cell. There are numerous mitochondria in each cell. Mitochondria have an outer and inner membrane, their own DNA and anywhere from one to thousands of nucleoids.
These nucleoids are dispersed throughout the mitochondrial network and contain single copies or small clusters of mitochondrial drNA. Evidence suggest nucleoids are the mitochondrial units of inheritance. In other words nucleoids in the mitochondria are the nucleus and nuclei of the mitochondrion.
The mitochondrial nucleoid is composed of mitochondrial drNA and a range of proteins with a diverse array of functions, from DNA packaging and transcription to signaling functions, facilitating mitochondrial drNA’s integration into crucial cell-wide metabolic and signaling networks.

It is theorized that mitochondria are descended from bacteria engulfed by eukaryotic cells. This was later confirmed by the similarity of mitochondrial drNA to bacterial, rather than human nuclear drNA. This would also seem to indicate mitochondrial nucleoids are also of prokaryotic origin, thus second in manifestation, thus did not initially co-evolve with prokaryotes.

Expanding With the Universe

Anything that contains the necessary genetic code to reproduce itself, is a nucleus.

Some additional types of nuclei are: cells, eggs, nuts, seeds, germs, Earth, Galaxy, Universe (a house with many mansions) and atoms. There's a reason why atom comes from Atum which means hidden.

There's also a reason why the nucleus is revealed in more places and forms than one.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Virus Nucleoid, Capsid, Nucleocapsid & Viral Envelope
Unity Consciousness #1008


Types Of Genetic Material Enclosures (Structures Containing, Covering & Protecting rNA and drNA)

1. Viral Nucleoid -
a. Nucleoid means nucleus like. Not a nucleus but like a nucleus??
b. A nucleoid is a central region of rNA or drNA molecules.
c. A nucleoid is a core, egg, seed/nut and house.
d. A nucleoid is a central inner region of one or two strands (particles) of genetic material. This material is tightly packed and layered sugar molecules plus nitrogen-based molecules plus phosphate-based molecules which form a core region within itself where the genetic information portion concentrates itself. This area is the nucleoid which exists within one or two extensively folded strands of rNA or drNA. This folding is origami and ergonomics – form, function, art, aesthetics, science, technology.

Subviral particles containing subnucleoids have been identified in some viruses. These smaller particles and smaller nucleoids were found within the main larger nucleoid.

Nucleoids vary in their complexity depending on the virus. Of course they do, because the rNA and drNA varies depending on the virus.

2. Viral Capsid - A protective and multi-functional protein coat surrounding genetic material of viruses, thus surrounding the nucleoid.
The protein coat is like an egg shell or seed coat or nut shell or outside walls on a house.
The capsid can be one or more layers of proteins just like an egg shell or seed coat or nut shell or outside walls of a house.

The protein coating also contains protein spikes that stick out. These spikes help the virus invade host cells by matching the receptors on the spikes (connectors) to receptors (ports) on host cells and using the spikes to dock (attach) themselves to a cell (computer).

Electrostatic repulsion between the nucleic acid strands will prevent too much compaction of the genetic material inside the capsid.

3. Viral Nucleocapsid - Nucleoid plus the capsid covering.
Based on the functional ability of the nucleoid and the capsid, it is easy for Initiates to see how the nucleocapsid functions as a cell. The capsid being the cell membrane and the rNA and drNA strands, functioning both as cytoplasm and nucleus. Understandably, this is a much simpler form of a cell that preexists and serves as the prototype for prokaryotes.

4. Viral Envelope - A more complex form of capsid that surrounds the nucleoid. It is a membrane surrounding the capsid. This membrane is a double layer of fat (lipid bilayer) which also contains proteins that perform several functions.
Most viral envelopes consist of one bi-layer.

Some viral envelopes consist of two bi-layers, thus four layers which is two membranes containing two layers each or it can be called a double membrane each consisting of a lipid bilayer.
Based on what we understand about the nucleocapsid, the next logical step is to go further as an Initiate of Learning would. If a nucleocapsid can prototype prokaryotes, then a more complex form of a nucleocapsid (the viral envelope) can prototype a more complex form of prokaryote (eukaryote).

These evolutions are not necessarily separate. Whereas the evolution is likely to be more direct from viral nucleocapsid to prokaryote, the evolution from viral envelope to eukaryote may be the combined effect of prokaryote evolution first then combined with features of the viral envelope to finally produce eukaryotes.

Life & Nucleus Where Art Thou?

Viruses are classified in dead space since they do not fit the current recent model of what life is, yet viruses are very capable of living and reproducing.
Viruses are also classified as they are because they do not have or seem to have a nucleus.

Bottom Line: A nucleus is nothing more than a control center – a miniature scale version of the mind of the Creator.

A virus is quite capable of coordinating functions in order to keep on keeping on living.
A virus life cycle includes periods and degrees of dormancy, just as all life cycles do.

Since a nucleoid is a central region of genetic material, there must be some mechanism that causes the genetic material to center itself and causes this to continue to happen throughout the virus genome.
Electrostatic repulsion mentioned earlier and/or other electromagnetic forces and or the basic characteristics and principles of everything, could be a possible explanation.
Thus, an electrostatic field could serve the function of a nucleus membrane. This would make the nucleoid a nucleus, which is something it already is in function, just not in name and recognition.

Pausing To Incorporate & Update Related Understandings About Proteins

Proteins play a constant role in most life functions. The number of protein interactions continuously taking place in human cells is so large it is unknowable. In other words, our bodies require so much protein, it is not possible to eat enough protein to satisfy what our cells need, despite the protein recycling taking place in our cells. This is yet another way to know it is not the protein in the form of protein that we must eat, but rather it is the components that make up protein that we must eat.

Now we look at viruses who depend on proteins but do not eat any meat.
Proteins existed before microorganisms existed.
Proteins existed before meat existed.

It is sinister abuse to mis-teach people to the point they graduate from school at a lower level of awareness than when they were born, so much so, that even feeding themselves is no longer instinctual to the wish or to the reach.
Perhaps it would help us know what and how to eat if we realized plants protruding from soil are Mother Earth's teats, flowing with milk and honey in rainbow flavors of light that plants capture and display for life.

Update 05.09.17

When we eat anything, we also eat the health or sickness that is inside the cells, molecules and atoms of that item.
No matter what the item is, whatever is in the cells of the food we eat can become a part of our cells. Food does not just pass through and that's it. Food becomes incorporated into our cells and it's affects last a long time and become part of our genetics that affect how our bodies function.
Everything we consume, or that gets into our body another way, contributes to either the healing and curing process or the lessening and disease causing process or both.

“In Europe, hundreds of thousands of infected animals have been eaten by Europeans. This meat was infected with mad cow disease. In America, the US Department Of Agriculture says zero cattle have had mad cow disease. The infected meat may pose a threat to human health, but the significance of that threat may not become apparent for years.”
The disease can linger in human cells and grow slowly and then finally become easily noticeable and life-altering.

In 2006, the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved the use of a mixture of viruses to be sprayed on meat for human consumption. You be the judge of whether this is good or bad.