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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, February 27, 2017

By Moonlight The War Rages On In A Theater Near You
Unity Consciousness #956


If you think it is a fluke or a good thing that the movie, “Moonlight” was selected. as Best Picture of the Year, you have somehow forgotten you are in a continuous war on all levels.

As mentioned on more than one occasion, movies are media that are part of the racism collective's arsenal of attack.

1. The goof of announcing the wrong movie was not a goof.* It was planned to create media attention and to further try to tear apart the inevitability of black togetherness that our Ancestors, including the Creator, have already told us will happen and that natural laws have proven repeatedly as surely as that which composes, decomposes and recomposes.
There is no way for First to become Last unless disunity is also part of the process. Likewise then, the process is destined to reverse.

2. The attack on every aspect of humanity of all people is still nonstop. Call it miseducation. Call it friendly fire. Call it.

3. Thankfully I have not seen any movies in the past year, but just simply based on the trailer for Moonlight, it is a joke for that stereotype-filled movie to be considered best picture. It is not a joke when you consider the fact the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science is a joke from way back.

4. All European worldview award shows of validation discrimination manipulation have been jokes since their conceptions in the areas of movies, sports awards and in every aspect of life (for instance, valedictorian).

Hopefully all this foolishness will help you stop believing Destroyer logic and start getting back to knowing the logic that helps restore you to Nu. That is the logic of optimal theory and the African Utamawazo and Eco-sensibility.

Acquired Logic Is Not Always Desired Logic

As we go through life, we have feelings for and love for our teachers, friends, classmates, those we meet and those who are famous but that doesn't mean it's okay to act on these feelings and carry them out. How many people, based on their strong feelings, emotions and love, have gotten into relationships that have been inappropriate from Day One? How many people realize this before the fact, yet go right ahead, not very many. Healthy people wish they could go back and never get into those relationships. They wonder what the hell they were thinking that led them down that now clearly errant path. They realize that strong feelings is not the best and sole basis or the primary basis for determining the rightness or wrongness of a relationship.
There are many ways and points to consider whether or not a relationship is appropriate, but I can guarantee you that no one who has ever lived, has entered this life through a homosexual relationship.

Yes, people have homosexual logic just as people have racism logic and rapist logic and pedophile logic and criminal logic and marriage logic and Alzheimer's logic and heterosexual logic and beastiality logic and priestiality logic, and monogamous logic and promiscuous logic and celibacy logic and all kinds of logic.

Just because the logic exists and there are strong feelings of emotion connected to logic doesn't mean the thought process is thorough, complete and over and we should just go with the flow or not go with the flow.

Are we born with certain logic, ideas, philosophies, values, notions and beliefs OR are we taught these things and learn them through a variety of ways?

Where are the places these thoughts come from and are they what is intended by the Creator to simply be accepted because it exists OR are we supposed to detect it and correct it just as we do when healthy cells malfunction and turn cancerous and just as we do when virus logic enters the body and causes us to be sick?
Is the immune system of our logic functioning in healthy mode or is our logic in autoimmune mode?

Here is yet another example. Miseducation has existed for thousands of years and has picked up speed in the past several hundred years. So just because miseducation is prevalent and we've learned how to live with it, survive with it, misidentify with it and die with it, does that mean we should just ride with it?

Here is what we already know:
First Truth sexuality is female and male.
Second Truth sexuality is same on same.

There are always two forms of overall truth.
Truth that forms and truth that deforms.

*If the Oscar goof was a gaffe, and the card shown to us on TV clearly showed who the winner was, then what was that woman looking at who announced the winner, what did that card say and how could you mess that up and didn't they receive some instruction or practice as to a sample card and how to read it? How many cards were in that red envelope?

”Moonlight/LaLa Land Oscar Controversy -- This is Why The Oscars Don't Matter”

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Black People Do Not Need To Be Unified Right Now
Unity Consciousness #955


First, see, “Intelligent Athleticism & Unintelligent Calisthenics Of Racism.”

Meditate: In a weakened state you are a threat; in an awakened state you are a sure bet.

Quiet now! Quit right now! Stop being confused by politics, economics, community, leadership, united, history and anything that makes you think the problem is bigger than what it is and the solution is more complicated than what it is.

This message is not a summary.
It is an attempt to get us to let go, for a moment, of the notions of unity and leadership and focus on first things first.

I will not list those things because each person knows or should know what they could do right now to make improvements towards smaller scale power. Also because the enemy reads these messages even more than allies.

Doing these things must occur before we get stopped, stuck thinking, looking, hoping and waiting for some mass movement of unity and leadership. That is the cart before the horse. It is way out of order in more ways than one.

We must take care of some housecleaning and start getting our individual selves, family selves, small group selves and local selves together, before we can expect larger unity and leadership.

It's a matter of process:
Understand this:
If we do not do the above things first, then when leaders do emerge and moments do emerge that call for greater unity, we will continue to do what we've already done repeatedly on a larger scale.
We have had leaders and we have had moments since Dr. King and we, the people, have failed ourselves, our Ancestors, our descendants, thus those who have risen to the occasion.
We have also supported the wrong leaders and the wrong movements.

By getting ourselves in better shape and in better understandings we will know what is what, who is who and which way to go and when to stop, start, change course or abandon course.

All of this is imperative because when the next movement, moment and leader emerges, which is in the process of happening right now, then we will be more fully prepared to provide the necessary support to sustain leaders, movements and unity through the inevitable ups and downs without being so weak minded and weakly-resourced and weakly-grounded, that we are easily turned around by the enemy within which we have not yet straightened out.

No puzzle is fixed all at once.
No puzzle is fixed with the pieces upside down or face down.
Preliminary steps must always take place first.
Fix small pieces of the puzzle, the corners, the frame, some of insides and the puzzle will come together.
Get organized. Get defragmented. Get reoriented. Get...get....and get. Get African Black and get the light, right and fight.

”Special Review: The Hidden Wisdom of #HiddenFigures ”

”Time for an Awakening with Dr Joy DeGruy”

”White People Are Not United Based On Skin Color, Unity Consciousness #849”

Most Whites Don't Know Anything & Everything Can Be Taken From Them
Unity Consciousness #954


Black people around the world already know they have no rights that are respected, but white people don't seem to understand this also applies to them, and that their temporary privileges are running out in a hurry.

Since the 1800's, the United States Of America has been conducting an agriculture census. Every five years they want to know anything and everything people are growing that is valued over $1,000 in total.

In 2012, President Barack Obama signed Executive Order #13602.
This Executive Order is called “National Defense Resources Preparedness”.

This Executive Order authorizes martial law imminent domain over anything and everything in America, including you. Everything can be taken from you. You can be forced to work for the government in any way they choose.

Forced Labor Via Selective Service For Any Purpose, Nowhere Does It Mention Volunteering As Part Of The Plan

“...(a) identify requirements for the full spectrum of emergencies, including essential military and civilian demand; (b) assess on an ongoing basis the capability of the domestic industrial and technological base to satisfy requirements in peacetime and times of national emergency, specifically evaluating the availability of the most critical resource and production sources, including subcontractors and suppliers, materials, skilled labor, and professional and technical personnel; (c) be prepared, in the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States, to take actions necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services...” (p. 1)

“...(4) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this order: (i) formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes;” (p. 7) “...control the general distribution of any material (including applicable services) in the civilian market.” (p. 7)
[You cannot control a service unless you control the person providing the service.]

...other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall: (1) collect and maintain data necessary to make a continuing appraisal of the Nation’s workforce needs for purposes of national defense; (2) upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services; (pdf 7)

“‘‘Civil transportation’’ also shall include direction, control and coordination of civil transportation capacity regardless of ownership.” (p. 8)

“...control, and distribution (including pipelines) of all of these forms of energy.” (p. 8)

“‘‘Water resources’’ means all usable water, from all sources, within the jurisdiction of the United States, that can be managed, controlled and allocated to meet emergency requirements...” (p. 9)

It is now five years since the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order. And you think the most important thing to focus on and protest about is Donald Trump.
First you were distracted by “race” via a “black” man in the White House and now you are being distracted by “in your face” racism and evil discriminations of every type.
Understand this: if racism is being used as a distraction during two presidencies, when usually racism tries to hide, then there is something far greater or worse than racism going on. This means racism is no longer going to be a benefit to white folks and other groups who depend on it. White folks will begin to feel the full force of the Frankenstein monster they've created worldwide in every area of life. And so will the rest of us who stay up in their mix. Chaos in its pure sense is coming to America.

”Dismantling #White Superiority in a #Trump Administration”

”Bacon's Rebellion and the Legal Formation of White People”

And you think you are free. And you think you actually elect people to office. Elected people are public servants so then why is the public the servant of the elected? And you think you are doing the “right thing” by defending this country in any way.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Oroville & Thought Processes Be Damned
Unity Consciousness #953


Anytime the logic of your thought process depends heavily on the government, your education or the popular media, you are in trouble.

Based on what experiences have you found it reasonable to conclude that the government is going to tell you the truth?
Likewise, based on what experiences have you found out that the media tells you the truth?
Likewise, based on what experiences have you found your education to more than a tool to maintain the status quo?

Two Truths

Education in societies is suboptimal; therefore education does not understand science (technology); therefore, education does not know what knowing is; therefore education, sanctioned by society, cannot teach you what you need to know.

Societies are based on deception; therefore, the survival of societies depends on the misdirection of free will.

Trusting The Untrustworthy

So then, why are people in California still trusting the situation with the Oroville Dam?

Why are we, anywhere in the world, in any aspect of life, still trusting sources of logic that have led us to this point of cancerous logic in all areas of life?

Why are we still hypnotized to be stupefied by words such as government, official, agency, scientist, expert, researcher, representative and other words that suggest greater amounts of knowing than anybody else; thus gets us to set aside fundamental common sense laws of nature?
“ Many man-made dams and mind-made damns are leaking and weakening. Those downstream of the flow of truth must take heed and seek the higher ground of higher self knowledge of self. ”
“The higher nature is the stronger force. It can't be held back forever no more than water can be held back forever behind human-made dams. To attempt to do so only builds up ever-increasing walls of ideologies unable to withstand the pressure of power of something as fundamental as (c)osmosis. This buildup of primary power against secondary power leads to inevitable structural and societal failures.”
“Logic momentum demands water to burst through dams like blood through blocked arteries to restore circulation of nutrients.”
This is what this entire blog and this life is about: waking up from the Second Truth and getting back to the First Truth – moving from de-evolution back to evolution – from the suboptimal to the optimal – from the self-destroying to the self-restoring.

Just like retirement programs, nothing about the Oroville dam situation suggests everything is okay.
It was not okay on the day the dam was conceived or on the day it was finished and is still not okay now.
From then to now is not a long time for the faulty logic to emerge to the obvious stage and turn into emergency.,,,yet, the logic of our thought processes is damning us more than the Oroville dam.

You are educated, yet you still gotta wait on government, media and experts before you can know anything.
Clearly, being grownup and adult are not the same things as being mature.
Clearly, it is not possible to take care of yourself but not think for yourself (critical analysis).

We are told concrete, cement and cinder blocks are porous and absorb water. What if the foundation of the building you are in was sitting in water for 50 years? It is always a matter of time before these foundations crumble or tumble due to sudden or accumulation of stresses. Would it matter what kind of material, foundations are made of, when water and organisms are slowly working their way through? At the base of all buildings the foundation must be connected to the earth in some way. Even if the foundation is placed on top of bedrock, a connection still must be made to the bedrock in order to prevent water from breaking the bond. Modern science is deficient in understanding the properties of matter and the properties of spirit-soul in terms of morals. This is the deadly double whammy.

”Oroville Dam Fair Weather Failure Inundation Map (rev. June 2016)”

Intelligent Athleticism & Unintelligent Calisthenics Of Racism
Unity Consciousness #952


In the face of all evidence to the contrary, it is false and foolish to assume accolades heaped upon black athletes, also extends to black athletes as people and also extends to some kinda changing heart of these same sports fans such that they are not haters of blacks in general. In other words, most sports fans love black athletes but still hate them as black people. Don't get it untwisted.
Likewise then, it is foolish for black athletes to put their “love” for sports and teams and cities, before their love for their own blackness of self.

False Dichotomies

As a result of the split personality of sports fans, sports industry and sports media, black athletes are praised for being athletic while white athletes are praised for being intelligent.

As a result, white coaches are touted as the reason for a team's success.
In the sport of American football, the reason for winning is also due to the white quarterback and not due to the rest of the players who are mostly black folks.

If it is true that the winning teams coached by Greg Popovich, Phil Jackson and Bill Belichick, etc. are due to the greatness of these coaches, then is it also true that Tyronn Lue must be even greater since he was the reason the Cleveland Cavaliers won a championship in just six months, after a white coach failed to figure out how to win.
Secondly, black Lebron James' making good on returning a championship is a greater achievement than the much more praised, yet unfulfilled “run the table” statement of white Aaron Rodgers.

In the rare instances when media does allude to a black person's intelligence, they say it as if the black athlete's intelligence is the exception, rather than the rule for black athletes and black people.

Sports Excellence Requires Mental Intelligence

Sports excellence requires much more than strength, speed or physical ability of the body. It requires the physical ability of the brain and high functionality of the brain to correlate and process multiple constantly changing variables in real-time in an environment of uncertainty. Multiple pieces of information must be processed in fractions of seconds. Continuous learning must take place over many years to achieve sports greatness.

No one achieves athletic greatness without conquering mind, emotions, spirit and body simultaneously. To the degree to which one of these areas is lacking is the degree to which potential greatness is not achieved.
In other words, if it is true that black athletes are unintelligent, imagine how much greater they could be if they got rid of miseducation and strengthened emotions and spirit-soul, thus using the total self rather than the partial self.
In other words, black athletes are great, even in a weakened fragmented state.

Therefore, now you should be able to understand why 365/24/7 efforts, weapons and tools are used to try to prevent black people from “getting it together.”

First Truth

Athleticism and intelligence are inseparable.

To the degree an athlete achieves is the degree to which:
1. The athlete is optimizing mind, body, emotion and spirit-soul.
2. And/or others in the sport are not.

Therefore, the hater mentality against the intelligence of black folks is a self-indictment against those who achieve less that black athletes – those underachievers are under-utilizing their intelligence.

Yet, the media, which pretends to be a highly educated intelligent bunch of folks, always finds a way to keep alive the dichotomy of intelligence versus athleticism.

As said earlier, athletic excellence is the manifestation of intelligence.
So also is the ability to sing, dance, play instruments and do many other things that haters like to say is due to physicalness but not due to intelligence. That's foolishness coming from those who have to daily face the reality of having hurt feelings for not being able to achieve as much. As a result they claim intelligence is not the reason, only physical ability.

In other words, the whole foolishness that blacks are not intelligent is for the purpose of boosting the fragile self-esteem of white folks.

Remember: The European worldview is that humans are supreme and that white humans are supreme and that the thinking ability of white humans is supreme. Everyone else is less than human and is an animal and is for the purpose of serving white humans. Everyone else and all other creations are useful for their physical abilities but do not think, have no feelings and no spirit-soul, thus are not deserving of any form of equal consideration. This is why Europeans and similar suboptimal worldview holders are always trying to distinguish between intelligence and athleticism.

Media Props

I love the mass media because they are a good gauge for the mindset of the masses.
Listen closely to the media and you will hear them mention, as evidence of intelligence, the school and or “majors” studied by white athletes but rarely is the same mentioned in regards to black athletes.

Newsflash: A college education and highly functional thinking ARE NOT positively correlated. It is an inverse relationship. College is another place to pay a higher price to be certified as a prisoner of war.

Cutting To The Chase

The less your thinking functions based on human beingness, the less intelligent you are.

Intelligence is not based on being the greatest in a sport and neither is it based on winning.

Play To Win

Do not get this message twisted. Black folks do not need white folks to change. It is a good thing when the enemy continues to function stuck on stupid. The moment black folks start using the process of becoming a good athlete and the mindset of being a competitor against an opponent and apply that to the rest of life, then the game changes quickly. We only need to improve a little bit and we will succeed. We don't need to be totally unified to beat these people.

In other words, the reason black folks achieve more in sports than in other areas is because creative genetic potential genius is being applied to sports.
Once we begin redirecting resources to playing the game of life the way we play sports and play spades and bid whist, things will turn around.

All athletes, regardless of their accomplishments in their respective sports, are talented in multiple ways outside of their sport. This is true because they are just like us, endowed with the same creative genetic potential genius from the same gene pool of Creation.

Black athletes are just as intelligent as African Black Egyptian Kemite Nagas who are still great wonders of “super-intelligence” who excelled in all areas of human activity, reminding us of who we more fully are.

Repetition Harms & Helps

In other words, it is a false argument to say: black athletes are great due to physicalness rather than mentalness.
It is a true argument to say: due to mentalness, black athletes are great.

Because sports have our eyes, sports also have our ears. We must remain aware we are being programmed on two levels by what we see and what we hear.
The language used by people that tries to subtract intelligence out of black athletic achievements is an attempt to try to get you to not feel good about yourself in a wholeness, healing, restoring sort of way so you won't then take that power and turn the rest of life around.

Note To Those Inebriated On The Sports & Entertainment After-Kick

Just because other groups of people clap for us, want our autographs and give us all the trappings of fame, success and ability in sports and entertainment, it still doesn't mean our Black Lives Matter more than any other black person on the planet.
We are considered entertainers for their enjoyment. These people also clap for circus animals and for whales and dolphins at Seaworld.
This is why black sports and entertainment personalities are quickly “brought to task” for being anything that resembles being human or anything that demands human beingness.
Do not get it twisted that sports and entertainment acceptance reduces racism in any way. It does not one single bit.
In fact it does the opposite. Sports and entertainment acceptance is their way of saying you will succeed in areas that pleases us but does not fundamentally change a damn thing for you or for your people. And you black people will be grateful to us for the opportunity to be divided and conquered. Say it loud! I'm getting paid and I'm proud! - to be a professional, an award winner, an MVP, a champion, an All-Star and in the Hall of Fame. Yes, yes y'all, that's success y'all for the rest of y'all to focus on and to hell with the Ancestral call.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

NASA & ESA “Discover” 7 Planets & Continue Habitual Legacy
Unity Consciousness #951


As promised by ”Fake News | Don't Believe Your Eyes Or Video, Unity Consciousness #937,” NASA & ESA release a report that says they “discovered” a 7-planet solar system, thus the potential for life on other Earths.

Always remember how governments handle all information.

1. If they tell you at all, they always know days, weeks, months and years before telling you.
2. No report, story or information is completely as is. Dedicated Destroyers cannot tell the truth.
3. The information is always altered. They lie for the Hell of it because they are humans.
4. They always construct the story, and associated images, to achieve maximum mind control, thus money and power.
5. You are always on a “need to know” basis and a “need to control” basis.
6. You are never told information just because they have finally finished their report and want to keep you updated. You are told to accomplish other purposes and goals that are not for your benefit.
7. Information is always presented as part of a comprehensive plan to enhance their advantage over you.
8. There is always more to the story you are not being told.
9. Everything is part of a setup and coverup.
10. In these people's minds, you have no “right to know.” You only have a right to believe what you are told.
11. You are never educated to understand. You are trained what to think so you will accept without questioning and remain confidently gullible that you understand what's going on because you are well-informed.
12. You are being prepared for the fake news, alternative facts, holographic and don't-believe-your-eyes, era of information.

There has been a momentum increase in the amount of information being put forth lately about things previously kept kinda quiet.
If you really want to understand information, you must read it or listen to it more than once and check out other versions and ask as many questions as possible and then seek the answers.

One of the things I found of interest, that is known but not taught to the masses, is that these newly discovered planets are circling around a star that is characterized as “relatively small” in terms of stars. In one story, this relatively small star is said to be only 8% smaller than our star (the Sun). In other words, there are many Suns (stars, energy centers) that are significantly larger than our Sun. Therefore there are solar systems that are significantly larger than ours and contain many more planets. The Universe is in no way, dead space. What is the metaphor to support that?
The aliveness of the Universe is becoming more and more apparent and NASA & the ESA are telling you this information now, so they can appear to be truthful and appear to be the authorities over your own sensing abilities.
And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. (Luke 21:11 KJV of the 3-in-1 Bible)
Lastly, as a general rule that applies to all human-created media (information, education...), please repeat to yourself daily that “information is always fragmented.” There is no such thing as one article or one book or one source that tells you everything you need to know. It's up to each individual, working collectively in thought, to connect the dots of past information and current information to gain fuller understandings on each specific topic and the related topics, in order to determine the implications of future events based on patterns and cycles of information and what has or has not occurred as a result and what is and is not occurring. If you follow this one last general rule, you will utilize more of your creative genetic potential, than most folks, but most importantly, you will be moving in the direction of optimizing self-estimation, thus moving towards fulfilling greater and greater portions of your destiny. This will automatically take place as you continuously go through this process of seeking information, naturing, maturing and unifying consciousness. These understandings will lead you to and cause you to run smack dab into your destiny, which is fixed and flexible, just like Maat, the Two Truths.
Remember, we are currently living in a paradigm where Last is considered First. Most things have been distorted by some combination of being frontside back, upside down, inside out, twisted straight, straight twisted, disconnected, misconnected, reverse flipped or perverse scripted. Therefore, as you gain the proper understanding about something it will match the status quo thinking of the masses, less and less. It will feel strange, but good, because repairing logic errors is the same thing as understanding self better. It is the same thing as having a really good computer and learning how to use its potential as intented.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm Greek, Hispanic, Latino, Spanish & Still African
Unity Consciousness #950


I recently spoke to someone for the very first time and the person found it necessary to say, “I'm Greek.” This reference to their ethnicity was just thrown into the conversation. To make it more ridiculous, the person's last name ended in “poulos” which usually means the person is Greek. For that person, the obviousness of their name wasn't enough and the need to establish their ethnicity beyond any chance of non-recognition of surname meaning, just couldn't be risked.

It is a certainty the person does not understand:

1. The origin of white people is the result of the mutation of black people.

2. The origin of Greek people is the result of a black and white semite mixture. Greeks are the first semites. The origin of Greece in Europe is as cities that were geographically located in northern Africa and founded by black Africans. These northern African cities were later conquered by the semites and the names were changed.

3. Since white people love to claim Greece as their believed origin and Greece as the perceived origin of civilization, Africa then, as the origin of Greeks and Greek culture, must be the origin of white people and civilization. As one of many side-notes, Africa is also the geographic birthplace of India. The original India is in Africa.
The words “India, Hendu, and Sindha” are three modified forms of Khentu, Egyptian name for the south, the southern and interior land. (NG2 164/172)

According to the United States of America Census Bureau, “Hispanic” is not a racial category on par with being white or black:
“People who identify their origin as Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish may be of any race.” The United States government defines "Hispanic or Latino as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.”

According to ”Index Mundi,” “The concept of race is separate from the concept of Hispanic origin. Percentages for the various race categories add to 100 percent, and should not be combined with the percent Hispanic.”

According to Dr. Edwin J. Nichols, Hispanic is not a racial category. People call themselves Hispanic based on a shared experience and “ethnic worldview.” Hispanics can be from any racial group or any ethnic group, red, yellow, black, white or brown.

So what are you saying when you say, “I'm Hispanic” or “I'm Latino?” You are saying I am using a word that makes me feel special but that actually divides and conquers me from healthy self-esteem. I prefer to call myself Hispanic or Latino or Spanish rather than who I really am, African. I like to pretend I know my culture and history more than black folks in America but I really don't. I am mostly being what white people have taught colonized programmed me to be even though I have some different practices.

Truth is, speaking Spanish, maybe or maybe not, and having certain cultural practices doesn't make you Hispanic. All names that humans call themselves do not make them more of that thing they choose to call themselves. It goes much deeper. A name, by itself, cannot change the fundamental fact of the genetics within humans and of human history.

Crossroads Of The Ages From Who-less to Wholeness

Supposedly we are in the Information Age, The Technology Age and have the best education in the most civilized countries. If that is true, then those who feel themselves privileged to have computers and access to the internet, have no excuse for not knowing they are African first, foremost and only. Most Americans are still who-less and clueless as to who they are.
Any name designations we choose after “African,” are additional names. The names we adopt, once we leave our parent's house, are not a substitute for parentage or origin and neither is being Hispanic a substitute for being black, white, Native American, etc.
Hispanic is to race as State of residence is to country of citizenship. Both are true, but the most recent designation does not erase the earlier designation.

Whites & Greeks

The United States government defines “White” as a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.” [the US government is telling you lies that white people are original people who originated in three places: Europe, Middle East and North Africa.]
Let me put this another way. Who are those white people who have an origin in the Middle East? Who are those white people who have an origin in North Africa? How did white people have three separate origins? How did white people who have three separate origins, become one people, instead of White-European, White-Middle Eastern and White-North African?

Per Index Mundi, “White” is a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. This includes people who indicate their race as "White" or report entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Arab, Moroccan or Caucasian.”

All of this explains why America is bringing in and financially assisting “immigrants” from Syria (Arabs) and removing other “immigrants” (Central America, Haiti, Cuba). America wants to increase their “white” count and white allies, while maintaining conquer and divide and also while maintaining class stratification among “whites.” Bringing in more “whites” is a necessary evil to try to hold off the mounting pressures of the greater good that is coming up out of the moundtain, flowing down the moundtain and coming around the moundtain.

Lastly, to add to all this Hispanic, Latino, Spanish, White foolishness, the portion of Greek names that end in “poulos” is Latin in origin. Greeks are also Latino, somewhere in their history. How?
Latin is derived from Egyptian just as Greek is and just as Greeks are.
Greek, Hispanic, Latino & Spanish are all variations of African – genetically, culturally and linguistically.

Racial categories are weapons of physical and psychological war. As authors of many confusions to support their many delusions, European-Asians keep on creating more and more “races.” Meanwhile, white folks in America are conducting a double-speak okie-doke advertising campaign to tell you they are “moving on past race.” Yeah, okay, and I'm Greek.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beware Of Sheep In Sheep Clothing
Unity Consciousness #949


As these days of upheaval and fulfillment continue to emerge, and Truthseeker Initiates continue to nature in consciousness, it is increasingly clear, that not only must we beware of wolves in sheep clothing, but also sheep in sheep clothing.

These sheep are pure followers and believers who have irreversibly sided with the status quo temporarily, but thoroughly, terrorizing the planet.
The extent of the logic of these sheep is “who should I follow.” They have very little independently verified or derived thought process analysis. They only choose from pre-packaged recent logic, far removed from its healthier foundational form.

As a result, these sheep will shapeshift as necessary to please the wolves and deceive other sheep.
You will find them clearly desperately seeking and clinging to money and power as a means of security and self-esteem. Many of them are posing prostituting as “teachers” and claiming to be “for the people.”

Sheep in sheep clothing look and sound like other sheep, but listening to them for a period of time tells all tales. Listening to them for a period of time and following up with study and other forms of nutrition, allows Giri So awareness to heal nature into Bene So into Bolo So into So Dayi. It improves discernment that allows wheat to be separated from chaff.
The most dangerous thing about sheep in sheep clothing is that they speak many First Truths in order to deceive.
Yet, even so, in their “heart of hearts,” they are still out for self, not the communal collective of African Blackness that underlies all humanity.

Analyze all information from all sources - non-human and human. Ngama, the Faithful Enigma, will help you figure it out.

Many people think, just because they have been able to sheep shift and fool some of the people some of the time, they will always be able to fool enough people.
The Awakening of awareness and the lifting of the veil makes that notion an ever-weakening position.

Constantly Is When Black History Month Takes Place
Unity Consciousness #948


Black History month is not February of each year (except under Second Truth logic). Black History is every month. During human history, there has never been a day when or a place where African Black History has not existed. All human history is a dimension of African Black History because all humans are a dimension of African Blacks. All groups of people are versions of Africans and so is their history. Just become something exists in a different form in a later stage of life doesn't mean the earlier stage is not a part of the same ongoing history. Just because you are sick for a day doesn't mean that that sick day is not a part of your history. Even the Ice Age in Europe is African Black History. In other words, placed in its proper perspective, White History is also Black History. In other words, Africa contains all genetics. Out of Africa came all the genetics of humans. Black contains all colors. Out of blackness came all color groups of people. The foundation and ever-present commonality of all history is Black History. If we must put history and humans in terms of color, then this is a Black Planet of Black History. History is best defined by the root, not by the fruit.

The slicksters are constantly trying to psychological warfare your logic to keep you limited and weak while having you think you are open-minded, strong and secure.

The slicksters are constantly trying to psychological warfare your logic to keep you limited and weak while having you think you are open-minded, strong and secure.

This is the same ole relentless attack to keep you unbalanced and off track. The most vicious attacks come not from those who call you out your Naga name. Instead, it comes from those who call you friend and equals.
Does it really make sense that on one hand, these deceivers are still dedicated to poisoning their children and everybody else's, and then on the other hand have also decided to stop evil discriminations?

America, in conjunction with the global racism collective, is in the midst of another phase of multi-level campaigning across numerous dimensions to try to persuade you, you are their friend and equal citizen and equal human.
On one hand it's not okay, as an athlete, to speak out on behalf of African Blacks being shot and otherwise harmed; but on the other hand, the NBA celebrates Black History Month. Ain't that nice? This is to confuse you and get you to accept their minimalist way and accept the diminishment of African Black History from its worldwide pervasive presence.
On the one hand saying, “if we are equal on sports playing fields, then we can be equal everywhere,” yet on the other hand ensuring equality does not exist in legal playing fields everywhere.
In other words black people, we, the (white) people, will tell you how to be black. Stick to Black History Month and be satisfied that you are honoring your ancestors, descendants, duties and responsibilities.

”Beyond Black History Month To World History Unity, Essential Understandings Of Human Beginnings, Unity Consciousness #96”

Do not believe the multiple messages being pumped at you in modern versions trying to slowly put pieces of information in your head to tell you that the intent of those who are hellbent and hellbound has turned around to human beingness. “A smile is still a frown turned upside down.”

African Black History is constant and the norm. Black History is 365/24/7.
If anything, instead of Black History Month being February and White History Month being March through January, it is the other way around.
Black History Month was appropriate for the times during which it was started and got the ball rolling to restore knowledge, but just like religion, “Black History Month” has outlived its usefulness and now we must expand to African History as World History as the Foundation of All Human History, just as we must expand from religion back to African Black spiritual traditions. We are living during an Age of contraction that is moving towards an Age of expansion.

Always remember:
1. Viruses NEVER change allegiance and start healing the body. The Destroyer cannot be the Restorer. The Deceiver cannot be the Truth Teller without simultaneously having an ulterior deceitful motive. The Deceiver will use any means necessary to survive. This includes telling the minimum amount of First Truth in order to maintain the maximum amount of Second Truth.
2. Equality is incompatible with the money-based power of the current human status quo.
3. Power concedes Nothing unless forced to do so.
4. Money concedes Nothing unless power has no need for a weapon.
5. That to which an equal portion of blackness is added becomes blackness in short order – back to its beginning state and underlying state. This will not take place via the free will actions of those who do not self-esteem themselves as blackness. In other words, anything that changes for the better is not the result of the racism collective wanting it to change for the better. In Nga we trust.
6. African Black Worldwide History Is The Only History There Is And Is Constantly Still Taking Place in many forms under many color groups of people. This history stands upon the foundation of the “N” Word and “Z” Word, the larger mature context of nature.6.

”Dick Gregory 2/22/17 The Importance of Black History”

Rounding Out Two Truths & Kyrie Irving's Flat Earth
Unity Consciousness #947


Worldview Definition, Nicolaus Copernicus & Round versus Flat Earth Thinking Remains

Earth is both flat and round. Due to disconnection and bad habit, we rely too heavily on human visual perception and too heavily on the logic of “one, not the other” rather than rely on the logic of “either or,” “neither nor,” “both simultaneously” and “both in turn, in season and in cycle.”

Understanding Basic Context By Way Of Dimension

Dimensions must be taken into account when reckoning anything. Dimensions have been discussed frequently. For right now, let us just focus on the truth that a dimension is as simple as two sides to a story. Each side of the story is a dimension.

Now, by way of example, let us consider a pile of dirt that is twice as tall as we are.
1. To a microorganism, the pile of dirt is everything, a Universe.
2. To an ant, it is a huge thing, a mountain.
3. To humans, it is not nearly as huge.

Now let us reconsider our perception of the shape of planet Earth.
1. To a microorganism, Earth, as a concept, is likely beyond current comprehension because the pile of dirt is already the Universe.
2. To an ant, Earth is a Universe.
3. To humans, Earth is one of many celestial bodies in the Universe.

In both of the above examples, three perspectives exist simultaneously and each one is true. Therefore, under the Universal context of Two Truths, both the Macro and Micro exist and both are true.
1. At the micro level dimension, earth is round.
2. At the macro level dimension, earth is flat.

This is additionally understandable via another metaphor – the cells in our bodies.
Human cells are simultaneously both flat at the macro level and round at the micro level.
Consideration of the context of “dimension,” significantly influences understanding.

The temporary conundrum of Earth being flat or round is additionally understandable via the metaphor of coins. Most humans would say coins are more flat than round. As shown above, to a microorganism, a coin is more round than flat.
Earth can be likened as a coin in the Universe. Earth's roundness and flatness depends on depth perception. Depth is distance. Distance is dimension. Dimension begins with the Two Truths.

In summary, it is correct to say Earth is flat and also correct to say Earth is round. It is less correct to say Earth is only flat or Earth is only round. Everything is a dimension. Dimension is what everything has in common. Dimension creates the potential for differences of perception. This potential creates the necessary challenge to satisfy the need incentive of One Truth becoming Two Truths becoming First Truth then Second Truth becoming Two Truths* and then becoming One Truth.

The Two Truths are dualities which identify dimensions to help you reckonize both sides as you decide and re-decide working through the process to help consciousness unify.

Flat and round are two dimensions of one thing.
Coin sides coincide.

*We are currently in the upheaval fulfillment transition stage where First Truth is being added to Second Truth in order to reestablish awareness of Two Truths.

Three things we must remember:
1. The Universe IS NOT a human universe.
2. Relatively speaking, in Universal terms, humans are microorganisms.
3. The human perspective is not first or primary. It is last. This is in keeping with humans being last in the order of Creation.

Also consider human perception that perceives stars as pointed objects AND ALSO perceives stars as round objects (the Sun).

Also consider that the Earth is round and is a sphere. This means the entire earth is curved. Hold a ball in your hand and try to find the flat spot. Draw a circle and show me the flat part.
Yet, we are able to stand on flat ground. We are said to be living on the outer surface of Earth. This outer surface forms the curved round shape of Earth, thus where we are standing is on a curved portion of Earth.
At the micro, Earth is round. At the macro, Earth is flat. At the micro, Earth is flat. At the macro, Earth is round.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

”N” & “Z” Words | Nature & Nuter Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #946


The “Z” Word

Before there was One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine..., there was Nothing but Zero - the Circle and the Circle-Maker.
All things were in Harmony, in Unison and Everything was Everything in the Zero Dimension.
There was no duality, binary, law of opposites, biune being, twin powers, two truths, twin pairings, balance or dynamic balance.
All potentiality existed but everything was One, thus Oneness, without distinction, delineation, demarcation, differentiation, denomination, division or separation. There were no dimensions except the Zero Dimension.

The Zero Dimension is Preexistence.
Counting Preexistence before Creation is the same thing as counting 0 before 1.

Preexistence beyond this Earth is metaphorically equatable to the term prehistory.
Preexistence is when there was only the Original and Creation had yet to be created. Likewise, Prehistory is when there was only the Original people and other people had either yet to be created or had not yet learned to record history.
If there are many groups of people, there must have been a time when there were only three groups, two groups, one group.
Likewise then, if there are Two Truths, there must have been a time when there was only One Truth. Starting with two is unlikely, at the lowest fundamental foundational primordial primitive root level of Creation.

The “Nen-tera” Word

In the Book Of Coming Forth By Day,* God, the Everlasting, is described as the Eternal Lord who expands without limit. Fu-nen-tera describes the infinite by means of the unlimited. Since Teru also signifies time, Nen-tera conveys the concept of something that is beyond time. Time does not impose a limit. Nen-tera is at the root of the word Nunter and denotes the unlimited in time and unlimited in power. (AE1 183/193)

*sometimes called The Book of Coming Forth By Day, The Ritual and The Book of the Dead.

The “Nunter” Word

The spelling of Nen-tera became Nun-ter became Nu-ter. (BB 94/106)
The prefixes, Nu and Nun are interchangeable because Nu is the shortened form of Nun and both are written Nunu or Nnu. (BB 94/106)

The “Nuter” Word

The One Truth of all Beginning is probably found in the word Nuter, Nu-ter or Nutr (English: neuter, neither). (NG1 183/201) (BB 95/107) (NG1 138/156) (NG1 400/418)

A nuter is a representation of a repeating period, phase, stage or cycle of time in a continuous process.
A nuter is a representation of power and the unlimited.
A nuter is an aspect of the non-human or human natural world.
A nuter is considered divine and can also be a divinity or deity.
A nuter can be a person.
A nuter has a foundational meaning of being of water, from water, by water and [return]to water.
A Nutr must convey the two truths – that which is and that which is not, the Preexisting state and the Existing state, the After and Before, Origin & Now, Beginning & End... (BB 95/107)

Background Details
Nu or Nun means water, Of water, From water, To water, By water. Water is neutral, thus contains both Truths. (BB 153/165) (BB 182/194) (BB 205/218)
Nu or Nun means type, image, figure, likeness, portrait and statue. (BB 94-5/106-7)
Ter is time, a whole, a repeating period of time, type, image, status, type of periodic time. (BB 94-5/106-7) (NG1 142/160) (BB 206/218)

Nuter is a mode or means of portraying time, duration, continuity. Nuter is a divinity and a divine symbol of time. (BB 94/106) (BB 95/107) (BB 206/218) (BB 223/235) (NG1 138/156)

Examples Of Nuter
The Circle is a Nuter that signifies renewal, reproduction, rebirth in time and continuity. (BB 95/107)
The periodic inundation of the Nile is a Nuter. (BB 95/107)
The Sun and other stars are Nuteru (plural) that signify days, weeks, months, years and Ages. (BB 95/107)
Pregnancy and the gestation period are Nuteru. (BB 95/107)
Menstruation is a Nuter. (BB 95/107)
A serpent is a Nuter. (BB 223/235)
A stone is a Nuter. (BB 94/106)
The eyeball or pupil of the eye is a Nuter because it is a mirror in which an image was reproduced. (BB 94/106)
A carpenter is a Nuter because a nutr also means to cut, work, plane, make. (BB93/105) (BB 93/105)
A diviner, prophet, oracle or sage is a nuter. (NG2 515/523)

A geographic location can be a nuter. Ta-nuter (Punt) is the holy land of the Egyptians. (AE1 262/272)

The “Nature” Word

Nat is synonymous with Nut, thus Na = Nu, thus a = u. This is why Nuter is Nater, thus eventually Nature. (BB 206/218)
Nat means gifts, offerings, to present tribute, make a collection, to bow, address, hail, help, afflict, punish, save. (BB 348/360)

Nat means being, existence. (NG2 515/523)
Nat means bowing in submission, subject, lower. (NG2 515/523)
Natr (Nater) is time and of time. (BB 95/107)

Summary: Nature means the same things as Nuter. Nature is everything. Nature is the good and the bad, primary and secondary creations, healthy and sick - both sides of the Two Truths, both parts of cycles, the ascending and descending, the human and non-human, the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. Nothing that can be identified or surmised falls outside of Nature.

Nature & Mature
Since Nuter is Nater is Nature AND since N and M interchange, THEN Muter is Mater is Mature.
Mature is another spelling of Nature. (BB 205/218) (BB 203/215) (BB 153/165)

Being “mature” in the current sense of English usage, though not understood, has roots in being “nature.” Nowadays we think being mature is based on the human isolated worldview of ideologies in which humans are the fundamental basis of life and existence and preeminent priority species for intelligence, emotions and creativity. Instead of those many pieces of Humpty Dumpty logic, being mature requires being nature-minded, not just in a simple sense, but in an increasingly integrated sense of understandings of the mature nature cycles in self in relation to the nature mature cycles in all else.
Another way to contemplate this, beyond the metaphor of “know yourself and know all else,” is to again realize that nature and mature are the same words. Thus nature and mature are duplicates which combine to form "nature nature" or "mature mature" which is shorthand for nana and mama. These are changeable into Anna and Amma and reducible to na and ma AND to An and Am.

That which is reduced moves us backwards in the conscious circle through Creation towards Preexistence.
That which is expanded moves us forward in the conscious circle through Creation towards Preexistence.
That which is switched around moves us around in Creation to different orientations, perspectives, points of view, viewpoints, worldviews, contexts, utamawazos, philosophies, ideologies and angles of light, thus towards all forms of the Cross which interrelates and interconnects consciousness. This strengthens the structure of the double Universe until all expansion is reduced to essence. This completes the Zero Cycle.

The Two Truths are currently separately manifesting in many ways, even in combinations, however, as long as understandings of these Truths remain unified in consciousness of self, then we will mature forward back into our nature (evolve and re-evolve), thus become more and more in harmony within and without as we were in the Zero Dimension where there are zero degrees of separation. This is maturing and naturing.

The “Net” Word

Net is all, total and limit. (BB 66/78)
Net is the serpent. (BB 223/235)
Neter is a serpent symbol (thus also a symbol of Nuter, Nature, Mature). (BB 66/78)

It is no mistake that net also means the bottom line and that which remains after all that must be removed, has been.

Synonyms: Zero, Nentera, Nunter, Nuter, Neter, Nater, Nature, Mature, Mater, Matter

So now we can begin to more fully understand the meaning of nurture, nutrient, nutrition.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

First & Second Truth Forms Of The “N” Word
Unity Consciousness #945


Selected First and Second Truth forms: Nat, N, Na, Neh-neh, Nene, Na-na, Nana, Ne, Ng, Nga, nag, Nge, Nganga, Naga, Nagasaki, Nega, Negate, Negative, negus, Nahsi, Nahisi, Ni, Nk, No, Nu, Nunu, Nnu, Nun, Nun-ter, Nuter, Neuter, Neter, Neither, Nature, Natural, Neutral, Nutrition, Nutrient, Niger, Negro, Nigra, Niagara, Nigger, Nigga, Niga, Night, Native, Nation, Natal, Ngama, Enigma, Renege, Renegade, Renew, Renovate... (NG1 282/300)

As toxins are removed, nutrition must be added.
Bad habits must be replaced with good habits.
Mis-education must be replaced with self-education.
Space must be occupied by something.
A change between opposing conditions requires the reverse of what led to the initial change.
What was corrupted, removed, deleted must be fixed, restored, reinstalled.
Current logic is out of whack because our brain computer database has been infected by virus logic. It is as simple and basic as that. As we continue to locate, identify and reveal forms of virus logic and go through processes of increasing nutrition to heal ourselves, the magnetic attraction to virus ideologies weakens. This helps us begin re-flipping scripts, re-flipping scriptures and re-flipping descriptions back to the primitive civilizing African Utamawazo once flourishing in numerous places worldwide.

One of things we've learned in the previous two messages, is that the derogatory intent of nigger is not used mainly to cause “hurt feelings.” No, rather the main intent is to distract from the true meaning of the root word that nigger is based on – the First Truth versions of the “N” word in many forms. Remaining disconnected from the First Truth causes a reduction in power and a misapplication of power. This helps and feeds the virus.

Simply put, the “N” word of yesterday (First Truth) and the “N” word of today (Second Truth) comes from words directly descriptive of the Creator.
Both forms of the “N” word, the praiseworthy and the derogatory, come from root words that describe the Creator. This we have already shown two messages ago.
It is important for those who want real freedom to understand this just as it is important for others who want fake freedom to make you forget this. When both groups have access to information describing The First & Second Truth, the healthy logic of real freedom prevails. Since both Truths of information are available, the strategy is to cause confusion, doubt and fear. For instance, the recent revival of the term “fake news.”

“Putting down” the Greatest and “speaking bad” about the Greatest is nothing new.
It is only new when there is too much belief in mystery and/or too few ways of knowing what exactly is a clue.

If this was not doubly true, we'd be more constantly, consistently and keenly aware that cycles of the same ole behavior continue to repeat in human history.

Long before today, the Great Mother has been called all sorts of derogatory names - “N” words and other words.
Long before today, the female has been called all sorts of derogatory names.
Long before today, spiritual traditions that worship, honor, praise and give glory to the Supreme Being, have been called all sorts of derogatory names – pagan, cult, devil satanic, animal animism and voodoo are just a few derisions kept alive by those stumbling over their own reflections.
Long before today, the original people who are the parents of all humans, have been called derogatory names. All people on the planet have been subjected to sicknesses of mind, body, emotion and spirit-soul. Sick does what sick is.
The use of the word nigger is nothing new under the Ra In Sun. Behavior that is un-human beinglike is the continuation of predictable, culture-driven, human behavior that moves from a healthy state to a sick state. Let me repeat: Sick behavior comes out of a sick culture. When a culture is sick, it can't be fixed by covering it with a fresh coat of painted perceptions and weaponized platitudes.

Part of the process that causes the reversal of logic to change from following First Truth to Last Truth, is to speak derogatorily.
“The de-evolution and degradation of the “N”word is a necessary component and challenge that fulfills the need incentive. Sickness and disconnection from the “N” Word had to take place because prior to that, health and connection to the “N” word had already taken place, reached optimum and then began to decline as the number of Ages, generations and dimensions of separation continued to climb.
Long before today, we began to lose conscious connection to the Creator and then also to the Nature “N” Word of the Creator. This allowed the mind, the thoughts, the logic to justify within itself and make equal that which cannot be equal under prevailing conditions.
When going from First Truth to Second Truth, lies must be told to sway logic to accept information that makes inequality seem equal in illusion pretension fakery trickery okie dokery demoncracy.

When going from Second Truth back to First Truth, truth must be told to provide opportunity for comparative critical analysis of lie and truth to self-expose the spirit-soul of things we've chose.

”Dick Gregory - 'Still Waters' Be Patient Pt. 1”
In other words, Who Made You Look The Way You Do & Who Made You Think The Way You Do & Why Is There A Contradiction Between The Two?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Reversing Nigger Effects Of Being Called Out Your Name
Unity Consciousness #944


It is inconsistent to not want to be called nigger “out your name,” yet you call yourself out your name by calling yourself by a country name that calls you nigger and treats you like a nigger.

Admit it. In attempt to run away from being a nigger, because the pagan goofballs associated nigger with everything about you, you have also attempted to run away from everything about yourself.
You think by being a citizen of some other country, that you have somehow made a change for the better by claiming that which is weaker.
This sick logic is so widespread in the human race, that even Africans run away from being African. Black folks on islands think that each of those islands independently gave birth to a group of people. The good news is, more and more people, here and there, mixed in among robotic masses, are moving towards a few First Truths, yet still running away from blackness, other physical features, traditions, spirituality, foods and numerous other First Truths. As we continue to run in the wrong direction, we succeed in trading one side effect of being called nigger for another side effect of being called nigger – because we are running away from the healthier version of self.

[Do not be deceived. Most groups of people don't like aspects of who they. As a result, they do things to try to be like other groups. Since this behavior is self-destructive and contributes to low self-esteem, self-love is based on doing better than others, rather than self-love being based on maturing in knowledge of self and optimizing creative genetic potential genius.]

Stop Calling Yourself What You Are Not

While running away from nigger (and similar ethnic insults), you have fallen into the bigger trap of running from Second Truth to Second Truth while simultaneously avoiding and lowrating the First Truth that can stop the madness.
For instance, claiming to be an American is a bigger trap because most of us knew we were not niggers but most of us still don't know we are not American, French, Ugandan, Kenyan, Ghanaian, Madagascan, etc.
Why do we still wanna claim identity as an American, when nothing about being American has ever been a good thing for the African?
What the heck is that all about?
An American is a small self-selected group of white male Europeasians. Based on parity in America, white women are not the same kind of Americans as white males. So how do you figure, you will ever make any progress via American ideologies?

Short black Africans were the first Namers of themselves and the things they encountered.
The Egyptian Khemites based their language on the language of their birthplace in Punt.
Go back and fetch our original names, meanings and definitions out of Africa. The Africa within and without. The constellations are changing the mirror of heaven to reflect the First Truth, which then, by necessity of origin, favor black Africa.

All groups of people must follow a process of self-reclamation based on the original version of themselves in order to understand the First Truth of who they are. Who were the first first ones of each group and how did they come into being? The first “N” word tells everybody's story.

First Truth is, the epitome of a nigger is the prodigal sons and daughters who still hate the ground they were born on and hate the genetics their being is based on. That's a nigger for ya.

Reintroducing Nagas, Niggers & The First “N” Word
Unity Consciousness #943


The definition, meaning and origin of nigger has taken much attention away from the first “N” word.

First Truth is: Nigger is a corruption, defamation, desecration and profanity of the first “N” word; however, despite all efforts to keep us forgetful of what we once knew, yet and still, the original essence of the first “N” word remains and has survived beneath surfaces of perceptions.

1. The “N” word is the ”Ankh” word.

2. The “N” word is the ”Water” word.

3. The “N” word is the “Nu, Nnu, Nun, Nut, new, knew...” words.

4. The “N” word is the “No” word as in NO-Thing else existed and NO-One else existed.

5. The “N” word is the “Name” word. A Name is a title belonging to by lawful right to the Mother. (BB 239/251)

6. The “N” word is the “M” word.

7. The “N” word is the “F” word.

8. The “N” word is the “NW” word.

9. The “N” word is the “E” word.

10. The “N” word is the “T” word.

11. The “N” word is the “S” word.

12. The “N” word is the “W” and “Wb” words.

13. The “N” word is the “P-P” word.

14. The “N” word is the “S-S” word.

15. The “N” word is the Zero” word.

16. The “N” word means Naga. (NG1 315/333)

We have begun to relearn fuller meanings of “the N” word.”
We thought changing nigger into the “N” word was only about running, hiding, burying and diminishing the guilt, shame, pain and inane of the niggeritis virus.
Instead, it is about something stronger and bigger.

The first “N” word became Nigger through a series of processes. Now today, Nigger is moving back towards becoming the first “N” word through a series of processes.
What we must understand is that neither evolution nor de-evolution are perfect processes in the short-term.
Therefore, the first “N' word did not become corrupted all at once, just as a person does not go from healthy to unhealthy all at once. Thus we have experienced multiple phases of attempts to reduce the usage of nigger and to bury nigger and to replace the word nigger with the phrase “the N word.” Many of these attempts are ridiculous, but necessary. They are necessary because whatever is ridiculous reminds us of logic errors that need fixing. Without the ridiculous attempts, these logic errors remain hidden. What is often shown by ridiculous attempts is that there is related logic, off to the side and sorta out of sight, that is having a significant impact on the logic we are looking at and focusing on. For instance, the inability to stop eating the poison candy of the enemy is not due to not understanding it is crazy to eat something from the enemy. No, the reason we keep eating poison is due to other broken logic that we are either unaware of or have been pretending is healthy. Therefore, it is our unhealthy non-religious logic, that is causing us to stick with the logic of clearly unhealthy religions.
The second example of this same behavior in another form has been discussed under keyword “protest.”

Sankofa (Hindsight, insight and foresight) makes for optimal progress and process in any direction. In other words, we must incorporate understanding of past meanings of the “N” word with current meanings so we can understand what adjustments must be made so we can recall past power to the present in order to change the future.
In other words, the only reason the present is changed from what it used to be is because understandings have changed. Abilities have not changed, only understandings of the abilities of self and the abilities of all else have changed to their weaker Second Truth forms. Our current operating logic is weak is true. Therefore, to reclaim what we first attained, we must change current understandings, back to what they used to be while simultaneously making adjustments to past understandings based on what we have learned since the last time those past understandings were the norm. Strong First Truth logic is inside us in the genetic libraries of our cells, genes, mitochondria and nuclei. You are in possession of great treasure. Koff it up. Sankofa it up.

When the First people were First, we functioned based on First Truth Logic. Second Truth Logic is directly responsible for the First becoming Last. Get rid of Second Truth logic and automatically unstoppably move back to the logical top. Cultivate your field of logic. Turn the soil and bring fresh nutrients to the top.

The first “N” word is just like all other words. First the word comes into existence, then goes through a process of expansion, variation and perfection of usage. Understanding increases, slows, stalls, stagnates and then begins to decrease, speed up, corrupt, contract and disrupt.
The first “N” word evolved into many healthy forms and then de-evolved into unhealthy forms. One of those unhealthy forms is “Nigger.”

Most logic humans have some control over, has evolved, then de-evolved, then problem-solved, then evolved, over and over again.
We are right now living in a stage of this process where de-evolution is still on top at the surface as our dirty window by which we view the world.
Evolution is taking place at the same time on the bottom at the root foundation in the background.
Thus First and Last are reversed. The “N” word of today is not the “N” word of yesterday. The “N” word of today is a weak unhealthy form of the “N” word of yesterday.
Nigger came into style when the Last people claimed the inheritance of the First people. As long as Second Truthers remain in power, so also will their logic be Second Truth logic. Nothing that comes from the words or behavior of Second Truthers should cause you to think, they are trying to change for the better or want to. It will always be an okie doke slick trick lie. It is not possible for Second Truth to do healthy things and remain in power. Neither is it possible for those who want the health, justice and peace of First Truth to do unhealthy things and also change societies back into civilizations.
Because nigger is going out of style, we know the evolution beneath the surface of human logic is changing so that more forms of evolutionary logic are challenging and replacing forms of de-evolutionary sickening logic.

Because processes and cycles are imperfect in the short term, the current stage we are in, although a healing process of rebirth, will experience ups and downs, progresses and regresses, forwards and backwards, remissions and relapses, upheavals and fulfillments before the healthy logic of human beingness becomes normal thinking again.

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Sankofa Two Truths Of One In Many Metaphors
Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #942


Part 1 - ”SA | Spirit-Soul Basis of Understanding & Contextual Healing, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #938”

Part 2 - ”Ankh | Mother Creator Basis of Understanding, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #940”

Part 3 - ”Khefa or Kefa | Great Mother Basis of Understanding, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #941”

Sankofa Trinity Of Understanding Life Through Mirror Image Metaphors

1. Spirit-Soul of Life (spirit-energy metaphor)

2. Ankh of Life (physical matter mirror image)

3. House of Life (womb metaform where spirit-soul & matter mix blend transform).

There Are Only Two Truths About Life

Everything is a form of the Two Truths which are a form of the Great Mother.
Within this Universe we are in, the Universe of The Great Mother, it takes two to tanga.

First Truth and Second Truth.

Strong & Weak, First & Last, After & Before, Female & Male. Each of these twin pairings and more, are in the Great Mother from the beginning. The Great Mother is Oneness & Duality. She is Singularity and Plurality, The One in Many and the Many in One Creation.

Everything is a form of First Truth or Second Truth or some combination of the two. Each creation, whether one or the other or in combination, varies and changes to some degree in cycles of dynamic balance.

Sankofa is reminding us to go all the way back and fetch understandings of self before we came into this human form.
Understand self as vegetation, elementals and all other life forms. Go back and fetch Words which proceed out of the mouth of The Only One and learn who we are as Word is born and transformed on and on and on.

There is only One who transforms into Many.

The Universe is not primarily or majority a human Universe and neither is Earth; therefore, fuller understandings of life and existence must be contextually based on the non-human so we can recognize both sides of human reflection in the truth of non-human mirror images.
Once we are able to understand the science and technology of the all else in self, then perhaps we can get over ourselves and understand the human process that brought us from One human pair in one place to Many humans in many places.

“We must go back to the Proto-Aryan beginnings, which are Egyptian or Kamite. In Africa we find these things next to Nature where we can get no further back in search of origins. Egypt alone goes back far enough to touch Nature in these beginnings, and, as so often to be said in the present work, Egypt alone has faithfully and intelligently kept the record.” (AE1 30/40)

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Khefa or Kefa | Great Mother Basis of Understanding
Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #941


Part 1 - ”SA | Spirit-Soul Basis of Understanding & Contextual Healing, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #938”

Part 2 - ”Ankh | Mother Creator Basis of Understanding, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #940”

This message expands understandings of Kofa through its earlier form of Khefa, but is not an exhaustive study.

Khefa – Expanded Definition & Meanings Of The Third Part Of Sankofa

Forms of Khefa are: Apt, Kheb, Kheft, Khef, Kef, Khept, Khep, Kep, Kefa, Kof, Kofa, Kufa, Ua, Uat, Uati. [keep and kept are a few of the numerous words derived]

Kep or Kef was the Mother of Beginnings. (NG1 193/211)
Kefa means force, puissance, potency. Khefti or Khepti, is a reduplicated Kef equivalent to Kev-Kev, and Kep-Kep is a name of Nubia. Kefa is modified into Zaba, a name of Ethiopia, the first, the ancestral land. [Nubia is the reduplicated Aethiopia just as Khemet is the reduplicated Nubia] (BB 35/47)

Apt (Kep, Khefa or Kefa), the most ancient form of the Great Mother of all living things and her son, Sut, were the first primal pair of female and male.* Not Adam & Eve.
The Great Mother & Sut were symbolized as the Greater Bear and Lesser Bear. They were also represented as large animals such as Hippopotami, Behemoths and Leviathans before being symbolized as humans. The Mother is the circle-maker and the son is the first to plant the tree (the solstice pole, pillar, or mound within the circle.) (AE2 588/52)
*The very first pair of any kind was female & female, Great Mother & Daughter, Mother & Mother, Sister & Sister, Virgin & Virgin. Thus the first virgin was not human. The first virgin was the Great Mother Creator unduplicated (zero and one) and the Second Virgin was her twin, the Mother Creator duplicated (one and two). (BB 35/47)

Kefa is the Goddess of the Hind Quarter. [Lower Egypt is the hinder part to Phoenicia; Upper Egypt is hinder to Lower Egypt; Nubia is hinder to Egypt; Aethiopia is hinder to Nubia; Africa is hinder to all other continents and islands] Kefa indicates location. Kefa also indicates Cave-dwellers. [Let us be certain to understand that every child ever born and still being born is a cave-dweller in the cave of womb and in the cave of whatever type of house they live in. A cave takes many forms other than a hole in a mountain. Living in mountain caves was naturally the first human home and still is for some people. The cave is a womb and we crave caves so much we have “man caves” and “woman caves” and think we are being something better than those who live in mountain caves.] (BB 35/47) (BB125/137)

Womb, Woman & Man

The names for womb or belly, thigh and rib, show clear kinship to the Mother as the old Typhon* Kep or Kefa. [“Rib” as representing Mother is why the story was changed to say Eve came out of Adam's rib, because man does not have a womb. Adam's rib is an attempt to replace Eve's womb. The story of Eve coming out of Adam is the story of males who were second, trying to usurp the authority of the female who was first]

Kefa became Juhu (from root Hve), the wife of Brahma and the Chavvach or Eve of the Hebrew Genesis. The name of Adam occurs often enough in Inner Africa, to show whence came the primal pair of Adam & Eve who were personified as the typical parents in Egypt, before any religion existed and was continued in the sacred writings brought out of Egypt by the black African Hebrew Israelite Chaldean Kushite Ethiopian Puntites who had the religion they copied, stolen by those who now call themselves Jews (Hebrew Semites). The pattern continues where the latecomers claim authorship of that which they have no basis or ability to create except their own claims. Nothing else in the Universe supports their claims except belief. Thank goodness the Universe is a knowing Universe that is about to reverse the stagnating deteriorating weakness of belief. [In this passage we see how Chavvach becomes havva becomes Hava, the Eve of East Indian mythology] (NG2 15-6/23-4)
The hermaphrodite Venus is identified as the Inner African First Woman who is called Iye, or life. Iye is the earlier Ife, Eve, Heva or Kefa, the Mother of Life, or life personified. (NG2 8/16)
*[Thus Setifan is Sut-Typhon is “the Devil” of the Jackalian/Piscean Age]

Kefa is also a form of the son of the Great Mother, thus Kepheus or Cepheus (or Cephas as Simon Peter also called Kefa).

The first Khep or Koff, or Khepr, where the transformation occurred, was the womb; next the cave or Cefn, then the caer, then final form is the chapel. [this can be extended to church, sanctuary, synagogue, temple] [thus “coffin” if derived from Koff as a womb, cocoon and tomb. Another likely word derived is “cough” as a means of bringing forth from within to without. “Coffer” is a holding storage place of value, resource, treasure.] (BB 420/432)

The Mother as womb as Khep or Kheper or Khepera or Kheper-RA is always the transforming place of womb, cocoon, tomb, womb.

The womb is the earliest house of life and is personified as wife, woman and mother. The Cave, Cove, Kof, Combe, Home and Hamlet, are all forms of the dwelling founded on the female womb. (NG1 460/478)


Kepa means “nipple” and refers to the breast of earth (the Interior, the inner land, the equatorial lake country of east Africa), from which there is one vast streaming fount of moisture quick with life. (NG2 162/170)
Nipple and Navel are two forms of the same word. (NG1 126/144)

Living Word

Khefa or Kep, the Ancient Ancient originating Mother is the “Living Word” who is the Goddess of the Seven never-setting Stars (Akhemu-Seku*) and of whom is said, “The whole World is her Seat.” She is also called “The Lady of the Chair.“ [it is likely the game of musical chairs represents the constellations revolving around the southern and northern poles] (NG2 15/23)

*Update; The seven never-setting stars are in Ursa Minor Constellation representing the seven elementals.


The root UA signifies the one, the one alone, the only one, solitary, isolated. This Uâ has the hand for determinative and is probably a worn-down form of Ufa, from Kufa, the hand or fist. (BB 154/166) (NG1 188/206)
The Mother then is our chief type of number One or the first in figures and numbers, as she is in nature and in the mirror of Mythology. (NG1 193 211)
Uâ is written with the barbed hook; a later type of laying hold. Kefa, Shâ, Api, Fa, Uâ, â, are all Egyptian forms of the first one, Number 1, or one hand. Ua or Uat is Number 5, that is the one as a hand. Pairing the two hands would be a primary mode of signifying or reckoning two. (NG1 188/206)

Uau is the Egyptian word for the letter “ O ” used as a prefix to represent the mother-circle. Uaua is the name for Nubia, the mother of Egypt Khemet. [Uaua is same as Kep-Kep (See Kefa above)] (BB 22/34) (BB 478/490)

Uâ in the feminine gender is Uat, the genetrix. Uata, the Woman, as Mother, in Hausa. (NG1 193 211)

Khefa Is The Top Of The World

The root UA is equivalent to the top and summit. (BB 154/166)

Uata means “the top of the world.” (NG2 162/170)
Mother as “top of the world” is why the Ark rested on top of the world.
The Mother is the Ark; the Great Mother is the mountaintop; child is again resting in the lap of the mother.


Uat is the oasis. Uat is the water. Uat is wet, fresh, evergreen. Uat is the reed of Egypt, the papyrus reed. (AE1 255/265)

Uat as the papyrus reed, is also used to denote ancestral descent because it had been the primeval food of the most ancient people. (AE1 256/266)

Uat also means distance, the long, long road, and is determined by three roads arranged lengthwise. Uat is both water and way. The water of Hapi Nile was the first road. (BB 371/383)

[Ua is the basis of equal, equation, equator, equinox, aqua, Aquaria, uterus (utiru, uaterus, “rus” means south), water] (BB 34/46)]
Navel, belly and uterus, are synonymous in the most Ancient languages. An Egyptian name of the navel, as Khepa, is also the name of the womb, the concealed place, the secret intimate abode, the sanctuary. (NG1 125/143)

Uat & Uati Of The Two Truths

Uat is One Liquid that exists in two parts. One is purifying blood of female as Pool of Natron and the other is vivifying water of male as Pool of Salt. (NG1 163/181)

Uat means both heat and wet, both elements being represented by the Genitrix Great Mother Uati; they are the Two Truths of the Water of Life. The water was converted into breathing life by the Mother when in heat, or gestating, i.e. life-making. (NG1 148/166) (BB 181/193)

Uati, is the fiery serpent of the Sun, thus, Uati is the spark who gives birth to sparks such as souls, stars, moon, etc. (AE1 809/18-19)

The Great Mother, as Uati, divides in the two characters of Tefn and Sekhet, who represent the two elements of wet and heat; the dewy red of dawn, and burning white of day. (NG1 532/550)

Uati is the Great Mother who brought forth the virgin child on her lap of the papyrus flower; therefore the Great Virgin Mother is the papyrus plant as a symbol of the tree of life. (AE1 97/107) (AE1 255/265)

Uati is the Mother of Life in vegetation as the papyrus. (AE1 179/189)

Goddess Uati is also personified by Hu, as the Sphinx. [the Sphinx is female] (BB 325/337)

Khefti, the North and Goddess of the North, was worn down to Uati or Uti or Uat. (BB 35/47) (NG1 193 211)

Uat and Khebt are names of the North and of Northern Egypt. (AE1 303/313) (BB 424/336)
[as we can see from these entries up to this point, the location of what was considered Khebt and Kheft continued to change as migration moved down the Hapi Nile and beyond, thus at different points in time Nubia and Egypt were both Kheft (north) and Khebt (mother). Together, Egypt and Nubia are a form of the Two Truths and the Two Lands and Child and Mother]

The Hindu Aditi is the Great Mother of the Gods who become twain. She became Diti in the second character, and is identical in both characters with the one original genitrix who opens and divides in all the Ancient mythologies [some much more Ancient than others]. Aditi is, of course, the negative of Diti, the positive. Aditi was the primordial undivided One, the All, who when divided becomes Diti, the divided, the number two. [thus we have the origin of “ditto”]
Aditi produced Diti by a sort of self-splitting self-duplication which may be compared with that of the entozoa, molluscoids and annelids; Aditi or Uati being two-fold in herself as the representative of the Two Truths. (NG1 468/486)

Uat, The Great Blue-Green One

Uat itself was of a bluish-green like the dual tint of water or the holly—green with a bluish reflection. It was the colour of reproduction from the underworld. The Egyptians made the symbolic Eye with the Uat colour, another figure of reproduction. (BB 94/106)

The blue and green were both combined in Uati, whose name indicates the dual one of the Two Truths. (BB 95/107)

Uat is the green stone called Felspar, Jade and other names. It is the symbol of divinity in general and of the god of breath, soul and reproduction.
Shu (breath) is also called Felspar by the mummy awaiting re-erection. Shu is the god in green, the colour of reproduction from the underworld. Shu and the soul are themselves the green stone. (NG1 130/148) (NG1 131/149)

One word, Uat, for water does duty for several colours, for blue and green water, various paints, plants, and stones. [Thus, since blue-green Uat contains all colors, so does chlorophyll (black-green) and melanin (blue-black), twin pigments of two truths of plants and animals.]
In earlier times, perception of different colours did not depend on different words; one word served with several determinatives served the purpose. Early humans thought in things and images but we think in words, which is a limited form of thinking. This is why we must use the symbol image language of metaphor. If we are made in the image of God, we are made in the metaphor of God and thus must re-learn to think in metaphor if we are to understand God, thus ourselves.
Plutarch says, “They that have not learned the true sense of words will mistake also in the nature of things.” So we may say that those who have not learned the true nature of things will mistake the sense of words. (NG1 238/256)

Mother As Opener & Guide Of The Way

The journey through Amenta underworld heaven from western setting sun to eastern rising sun, death to rebirth, was led by the Mother in the form of son, Shu-Anhur (Kepheus), who was guided by the Mother in the form of Anup-Ap-Uat, the guide as dog or jackal. Ap-Uat is also the opener of roads who “makes ready the way of the Lord (Aquaria, Great Mother of the Waters). (AE2 658/122) (AE2 862/326)

Go Back Where & Fetch What?

For full effect of reckoning Karrekh, go back to the sow cow's potbelly stove of wet heat.
Relax the guarding of membranes surrounding starving brains, so you can fetch memories from the nipple of knowledge.
Khefa is the oasis that always has an abundance of all nutrition food medicine.
Go back beyond Mother Khemet. Travel the Uat waterway to Mother Nubia then to Great Mother Aethiopia to the source of full power force.
Be purified and vivified through the double source of double birth of twin virgins.
Fetch some self-respect for your still intact cave-dwelling nature that can help you descend from the terrace to the abyss, from home to Home.
Follow the way, the truth and the light of life to the primitive fountain of good and evil where female is first who conceived and brought forth all things into being, strong and weak to ensure need incentive and destiny, through understandings, meet.