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Monday, July 31, 2017

I Don't Like To Repeat Myself In A Repetitive Universe
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1078


(Part 1 of 2)

A miseducated statement is the boastful: “I don't like to repeat myself.”
Too late! You repeat yourself when you express yourself in any way.
The first time you say anything, you are repeating yourself because language is repetition of Nature and you are Nature. Also, since verbal speech is a repetition of thought, the first time you say something is not even the first time you've said it.

As recently discussed in other words, Sign-language is simply repetitions of Nature.
Every sound, letter, word, number, sign, symbol and image is repetition.
Everything detectable by the sensing abilities of any form of creation, is repetition.

Most people think there is some sort of Supreme Being who preexisted everything and who created everything. Therefore, by default, whatever this Supreme Being creates must be created out of that Supreme Being since nothing else existed. This means everything in Creation is a repetition of whatever Supreme Being you think exists.

Yes, repetition is necessary for Creation to exist. Repetition is necessary for you to create. Repetition is necessary for procreation which brought you into this dimension. Everything is repetition. Find me something that is not repetition and you have lost sight of the metaphor of the nature of Nature.

Repetition is life, reproduction, cycles, time, variation, systems, process, breathing, dimension, thoughts, learning, understanding, knowledge, belief, truth, lies, growth, cloning, form, function, spirit-soul, matter, dynamic balance, rhythm and everything else.

Everything we are, everything we say and everything we do is repetition.
The whole notion of recycling and reusing is based on repetition.

Without repetition, nothing can exist except Preexistence, Zero, The One, The Supreme Being.
Is it really necessary to say, that if the Supreme Being proactively repeats Self to create everything, then we most certainly should stop thinking it's even possible for us to not repeat ourselves?
Repetition is more beneficial than it is baneful.
Every human is guaranteed to not encounter or experience something in a form that another human does. This is all built into the dynamics of Universe and Earth as explained in UC#1075.
One human primate might encounter the banana while another human primate might encounter the paw paw. One, the deluge of water, the other, the deluge of heat.

We might not understand something in one form, but we will in another form.
We might not understand at one time and place but we might at a different time and place.
We can still get the same fundamental understandings because we will encounter some form of the same thing because there are a gazillion gazillion repetitive examples and confirmations of the Nature of the powers, principles, characteristics and workings of self and all else.
Even though we don't pay attention to most of it in an evolutionary way, all humans encounter and experience more non-human repetitions of Supreme logic than human-altered repetitions of Supreme logic.*
The Supreme Being has enough understanding of the weak force of logic resident within genetic potential. As part of the initial trueprint blueprint of the Universe, one of purposes of repetition is to teach us about self and all else so we are not beholden to weak human logic to tell us what is what. All we have to do is be proactively interactive with and observant of natural goings on. Nature as our first and primary teacher is not a new concept. From early humans to now, humans have partnered with Nature directly and knowingly, but to a much greater degree in places not inundated with retarding human technology. In recent times, human technology has been an inferior substitute for direct interaction with Nature. The logic of human technology as a sign of beneficial progress has been a significant contributory factor in deteriorated understandings of all else, thus also, knowledge of self, thus of the health of self and all else.

Repetition in Nature provides unlimited opportunities to be able to recover and restore our last known good logic configuration from Nature after being overexposed to human logic that is very partial and very corrupt. Nature logic is the cure for cancerous malware virus logic running rampant throughout all areas of society.

For the person who says, “I don't like to repeat myself,” though it sounds like a self-determined individual independent decision, a significant portion of what that person thinks, believes and knows is based on the human-painted, human-tainted repetitions of their culture. I would be surprised if any person who lives in an area that we consider “undeveloped” would say, “I don't like to repeat myself.”

Is the greater part of your identity what your culture teaches?

What was your identity before culture came along?
If you changed culture, what would be the same about who you are?

*With this in mind, another miseducated statement is when someone asks for an information source, reference, documentation or proof of the logic you are repeating. They obviously only or mainly want human-based references. Refer those people to Nature, and if they be truthseekers, they will find all references in their fundamental form.

What Is Utopia? | Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1077


utopia is u-top-ia and ut-op-ia

The U is the same as the eu in euphoria.

Another form of Eu is Au.
Au means the oldest, the primordial, and born of.
Au is also Ua.
Ua signifies the first and only one, top and summit.
Ua in the feminine gender is Uat.
Uat is the oasis, the water, fresh, evergreen, the reed, the primeval food.
U also means one in the form of uterus, circle, oval, universe, unity and zero.
Thus Ua is both the birthplace and that which is born out of the birthplace.
Thus the U in utopia is both parent and child.

Ut is an abbreviated form of Hut.
Ut is also the uterus as the birthplace of spirit-soul, matter, magic and truth. Truth is defined as the order of destiny for specific cycles of time.

As shown above, top is part of the meaning of Ua.
Top is also tep.
The flipside of tep is tepth(depth).
Thus utopia encompasses both bottom and top in many forms such as tepth and tep, pit and tip, dimple and nipple, water and tree, abyss and summit, below and above, within and without, feminine and masculine, water and breath, darkness and light, elder and younger, eternal and temporal, strong and weak. Also beginning and end, thus the two points both furthest away and closest to each other, lower heaven and upper heaven.

We already know IA is genetic potential in motion called Nature.
Utopia is the birthplace of the totality and potentiality of the Universe where there is optimal abundance of water, food, two truths and knowledge of self as hidden and revealed genetic potential at rest and in motion, thus the fullness of Nature and optimal euphoria.
Notes: Pronunciations: (oo---TOPE---ee-ah) and (oot---OPE---ee-ah)

”Khefa or Kefa | Great Mother Basis of Understanding, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #941”
”Khat & The Hat | Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #1029”
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Is Euphoria & Euphoric? | Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1076


A baby child is genetic potential awakening, coming out of hiding, interacting, revealing, being born again...

If euphoria exists in this dimension, it is during gestation in the uterus and during the earliest part of childhood, before humans do too much damage.
A baby child is uninhibited and in touch with being Nature in the making.

Sankofa Euphoria (Going Back To Fetch It)

euphoria is eu-phor-ia.
eu-phor-ia is you-for-ia.
you-for-ia is the you form of ia.
euphoria is understanding the you form of ia.

the you form of ia is the metaform in the “u,” the uterus.
The metaform is the metaphor. Phor is form because “ph” and “f” interchange.
Euphoria is understanding you are the metaphor of ia.

IA is yes, genetic potential on and in motion.
IA the second form of NA.
NA is no, genetic potential off and at rest.
Na is Nature.
To again reach the sensing of Euphoria we had in the uterus and briefly after birth, we must relinquish false identities so we can recapture knowledge of the fundamental parts of ourselves as NA (Nature hidden and at rest) and as IA (Nature revealed and in motion). By doing so, we reconnect red white blue green waters of the Nile within and without to its black Source.
Euphoria is waterful, water-filled, re-membering of all things back into the harmony of Zero and One.
Euphoric is a being in touch with the wayne bibi of self – the essential goodness - beingness.

Note: Through the processes of culture, a child can also be cultivated out of their euphoria. This is why we are in Chaos. Genetic potential can go dormant, be reduced in activity and become hidden, yet remain alive within the potential of the organism.

Notes: Pronunciations: (eh-oo---PHOR---ee-ah) and (eh-oo---PHOR---ick)

(BB 27/39; 147/159; 153/165; 182/194; 195/208; 205-6/217-18) and (NG1 400/418)

Total Range Of Human Behavior
Has Always Existed In All Humans
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1075


In the previous message, we took yet another different look at the total and potential self in regards to the physical. Now we must do the same in regards to the behavioral.

No better metaphor schema to use than when we are in our purest human state as babies.
As a component of Sign-language, human babies demonstrate the powers and principles of Nature, thus humans, in baby mode, clearly display the human behavioral connection to other primates and other animals.

Animals Behaving Like Humans

Just like other animals, human babies repeat and duplicate sounds such as aah-aah, ma-ma, ba-ba, da-da, ka-ka, blah-blah, etc., and so do parents. This repetition is the same process as the identical duplication that took place as the first form of creation from Zero to double Zero.
Human babies also travel down low on all fours prior to standing and walking upright. Nobody has to “teach babies” these initial behaviors, it's hard-wired in their genetic drive, just waiting to be activated, deactivated, turned up, turned down and adjusted in other ways for better or for worse.
We are already aware of the natural fact that in the waters of womb, human development mimics the transformation process from fish to amphibian. Once outside the womb, human development goes from amphibian to primate to human primate. Likewise, human behavior is not fundamentally different from other animals and neither is the behavior of one or more humans fundamentally different from another human or group of humans.
Behaviors vary, but not fundamentally. Behaviors vary because genetic potential is oriented a certain way. Behaviors vary because the conditions the organism must process, varies. No matter what the variation is, the fundamental behavior remains the same.
Variation means a difference based on the same fundamental codes of genetic potential.
Genetic potential and conditions must come together to produce revealed and hidden behaviors.
Within every human is the potential for both of the Two Truths to manifest themselves such as civil behavior and barbaric behavior. Humans try to hide the “ugly” side of these two truths in many forms of trickery of language, weak logic, justification and selective use of information. Under a given set of conditions, yes you could kill a person because you hate yourself and are suppressing it but take the first opportunity to let the anger out against someone or something else. Yes you will justify it and lie about it just as many “police officers.” Yes you can be a mass murderer by never pulling the final trigger but by cosigning on any behavior or ideology that triggers the next step that leads up to murder and supports murder after the fact.

We already know some animals wait for another animal to kill or build something, and then they come and take possession because they have an advantage of some sort. We know some animals will kill other animals, not for survival, but because they simply can.
There is a long list of behaviors of other animals by which we can easily see the fundamental sameness as human behaviors. This is so because the underlying principles and characteristics of the genetic potential of Nature are the same.
We know this. We already compare ourselves to butterflies going into and coming out of cocoons. When we speak of coming out of our shells, we are acknowledging our bird-likeness, even though we are not fully aware because we really don't understand the Sign-language we are using. This causes a person to be proud of 'coming out their shell” but mad at you if you call them “bird-brained.” They are happy to go through metamorphosis as a butterfly, but don't want to be flighty, but do want to fly high. We like to wiggle our way out of things but don't want to be called worms. We want the sense of euphoric without the sense of metaphoric. These contradictions occur because we do not understand the powers and principles of Nature, therefore we focus too much on the image and on the messed up human definitions of the image, rather than going back to the source of Nature and getting firsthand understandings of ourselves through Sign-language metaphors, thus utilizing one of the reasons they are there for – to remind us of who we are, and more, such as being fundamental keys to open doors.

Genetic potential interacts with itself such that when one portion improves, so does others and simultaneously others decline. Human behavior and the behavior of the rest of Nature are the result of multiple layers, levels, causes, effects, conditions, processes, combinations, intensities, degrees and durations that interact with each other and with everything else in Nature also doing the same thing.
No, behavior is not as simple as “it's the choices you make.” A whole lot goes into choice and the decision-making process and thought process that results in choice. Choice is molded, formed and programmed into organisms by internal and external influences. For humans, choice is taught by the culture. Before choices are made, a whole lot goes on. In order to understand the role of choice in terms of behavior, we must go deeper into what makes up and influences our thought processes. Simply put, it's nutrition.
One of those components is language. Choice is based on all the forms of language used to learn by, consciously and subconsciously, and in what ways those languages are strong or weak in an eco-sense and the degree to which this is understood.

In other words, rather than being about the choices you make, behavior is more about the culture you intake and the culture that shapes you and the culture that informs you who you are. Culture is not an innocent bystander. Culture always shares responsibility for the behavior of humans. The cult of culture cultivates choices.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Knowledge Of Total Potential Self
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1074


Re-Image Your Total Self Through Re-Imagination

Set aside all current notions about humans and re-imagine the time in Africa when the very first human evolved and was the only human in the world. Then imagine that person being able to project herself into the future. So now there's the original human existing back then and also the projection of that human who exists in the future of today. That future human is us.

We have used the process of imagination to quickly re-create ourselves from back then to now.
In actuality, it takes many processes to transform original human into current day human variations.

It is unlikely anyone would imagine themselves into the future and have the projected self look the same as their current self.
Same is true when any form of creation actually moves through processes over periods of time. It is not possible for any organism to remain the same when going through process after process after process. No, not in the short-term or in the long-term.

When we use imagination, it's easy to understand that we are the projected self of the original human. We are a variation and extension of our former original self.
Same thing is true in actuality. Whatever human exists in the future will be a variation of us. We are the primitives to our future selves. Likewise then, we are also a variation of humans of the past. They are our primitives. We are them and they are us.

Within the original human, the potential for all future variations exist. Even if these variations do not actually come into existence, the potential is still there.

Transformation, Call It What You Want

Evolution, change, metamorphosis, adjustment, adaptation, variation, specialization, growth, development, revision, edit, update, correction, digestion, alteration, translation, interpretation, configuration, formulation,....
It's all process – creative process. Process is two or more conditions which transform energy in any form. Inherent in process is motion (time).

The Hidden Self & Revealed Self

When there was only one human, that human was the revealed self. All of us variations are the hidden self of the original. We are hidden in the genetic potential of the original.
Likewise, now that we are revealed right now, our former selves (the original first human) is now hidden in plain sight.

To put this another way: we are currently the revealed humans and our Ancestors and unborn Descendants are the hidden version of us, just as we are a version of those who came before us. Everything and everyone always exists as revealed or hidden potential.
To put this another way: The present is revealed while the past and future are hidden. Yet all three exist right now.

Due to process, genetic potential is exposed to a set of conditions over time which changes that potential into various forms. This is true of everything in the Universe.
Process reveals and process hides.
There is peace of mind and blessed assurance in understanding process in regards to self, other humans and all else.

Everything Is Nature & Nature Is The Creator

Everything in the Universe represents the hidden or revealed potential of the Creator. This is not just limited to the physical.
Know yourself is not a human ideology. It is the Creator's. As said many times before, the Creator is engaged in the same evolutionary process of obtaining knowledge of self in relation to all else.

All process must be at least two-sided in order for a continuous self-sustaining process to exist. We already know early humans came into knowledge of self, and now we are living examples that humans have lost knowledge of self. Our estrangement from the rest of Nature is proof enough. Now the process has started over where humans are again coming into knowledge of self and seeking to “go green” again. This corresponds with the totality of Nature that is continuously transforming its genetic potential. Sign-language is telling us all we need to be told in order to know the total and potential self.

Viewing The Same Process From A Different Angle

Since first there was original human who came to know self and then there were variations of the original who lost knowledge of self, the cycle is complete. Since the cycle has started over and we are moving again towards knowledge of self, then the physical cycle has also started over.
Back then, original human came first and then variation came out of the original.
Now, variation is being renewed and restored, and thus, an updated version of the original is coming out of us.
Humans of today are giving rebirth to their primitive selves in updated form based on all the learning that has taken place in our genetic potential.
Under no circumstances is this to be mis-taken as a return to a shorter version of human primate. Instead, Sign-language tells us it means a return to the stronger principles and powers of Nature inherent in the genetic potential of humans which will allow us to overcome all conditions we face, because we've been there before and now we are re-membering.

Baby Girl Recognize Sign-Language, Then Analyze
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1073


Because we are significantly disoriented as to who we are and where we are in the process of transformation, we are again reminded that earlier humans were doing the same fundamental things, many of us are doing right now and that all of us did, for a period of time after being reborn into this physical dimension.

In the beginning, it was just earlier humans and the rest of Nature. There wasn't any of the stuff or thoughts humans have created. Even so, earlier humans knew many things were happening, taking place, coming up, going down and moving around. First came recognition.
Then came continued observation, experience, and by default, further inquiry, investigation and examination. Second came analyzing.

Recognition first, analyzing second.
This is why, by default, all children, recognize, compare, contrast and question. Children critically analyze because it is a natural human automatic process that allows us to move beyond surface understandings to more-rounded understandings and beyond separate understandings to synthesis understanding.
Children seek understandings from all areas in their environment. Children do not even begin to slow down their questioning process until their sensibilities are satisfied.
Satisfying the sensibilities is not the same thing as today's version of “making sense.” Satisfying the sensibilities is the same as “making eco-sense.” This is why children learn quickly. They maintain the integrity of their merged sensing abilities which allows cooperation to continue unimpeded. Children do not rely solely on sight or hearing and then decide what to think or how to do something. Children put things in their mouths because they are also trying to understand via taste, touch and smell. This is why they will touch a stove or jump off things too high for them, try to climb things, turn plates upside down, throw things and blow spit bubbles. Whatever way they can get more information, they go for it. They are scientists.
Children are learning cause and effect. Something is happening, let me understand why or how. Something is there, what is it, what does it do, what can I do with this, what does it mean?
Children continuously need, want and expect information in multiple forms so all the senses can participate in synergistic understanding. As children learn, they revise previous understandings. They are not stuck on themselves (their human-taught identity). A child's initial identity is not as somebody's child, gender, race, nationality, etc, but rather it is as “a being, interacting.”
A child is genetic potential awakening.
Because older people have learned some of the causes and effects that children have not, older people will tell children what will happen. “Don't touch that, it's hot. Don't eat that, it's dirty. Eat this, it's yummy. Even so, most children will still ask questions and check it out and verify for themselves. Children will listen to older people and try to understand if the explanation they are being given makes eco-sense with all the other information they have. This is why children will notice “something ain't logically right” and will bring it to older people's attention or to their teacher's attention.

Just as the notion of “too much fun” does not compute in a child's computer brain, neither does the notion of there being such a thing as not analyzing.

Why not?
Because both “fun” and “analyzing” is a being interacting and genetic potential awakening.
By default, a child will continue to critically analyze until they are numbed down on the way to being dumbed down for the purpose of holding self down to be more easily held down.
At first, early humans recognized the powers and principles of Nature without, within, below and above, then they began to analyze and ask why, what, where, when, what about, how long, what conditions, etc. Early humans translated Nature's Sign-language into human Sign-language. The human version of Sign-language became varied and eventually led up to today where it is now, no longer a translation, but rather an interpretation. As said recently, this causes multiple problems in human relationships with self and all else because the Sign-language we are using to relay understandings is raggedy.
If the human use of Sign-language was as it should be, human communication would be as it should be and human relationships would be significantly improved. Humans would understand that the weakening degrading and downgrading of Sign-language to language has caused us to forget that language is supposed to be a continuous reminder of Nature, because language is supposed to be a metaphor of Nature. That's why language is supposed to equal the full perspective of Nature, but currently mainly reflects the human perspective.
The language we use to communicate is supposed to continuously remind us to continuously use all sensing abilities to recognize and analyze what is happening – with self, with other humans and with all else – and continuously merge that information so we can grow and develop healthily into our magnificence of spirit-soul-matter. Humans are supposed to be unifiers of the various aspects of self and unifiers of the rest of Nature. That is the first part of the process. The second part is for humans to mis-take variations as verification of separate origination, and as a result, become disconnectors of self and of all else, even as we make many combinations that are unsustainable due to being ill-informed in the first place.
After first comes second; after second comes first.

Several years ago we began to identity and isolate “process” as something that must be better understood. Simply put, everything is process and is part of a process. This is a fundamental key to maturing and unifying consciousness.

Nature is a supercomputer. Recognize this.
We are microprocessors and our cells are micro-microprocessors. Recognize further.
Our senses are continuously processing information subconsciously. The moment we again start to consciously analyze that same information, then we begin the process of optimizing our total potential, thus turning nonsense back into Nunsense, fluid like the waters we are.

Early humans, children and the rest of Nature are Sign-language metaphors of self. We are them and they are us.
Everything in the Universe is communicating using Sign-language, even humans, on a lesser understood level.
We gotta get better at recognizing that Sign-language is everything. Then baby girl and baby boy gotta analyze everything so we can restore the sense of aliveness to being alive. Then the rest will follow.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Nature's Sign-Language Is All Ways Of Knowing
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1072


To grow into all you should know, your roots must dig deeper towards the root of Zero.
The Kamite Egyptians understood Sign-language and knew their ill-gotten empire would crumble to the least. They knew because understandings from their Ancestors told them large scale ups and downs happen over and over and over again because small scale ups and downs do the same thing.
Changes/emergences, large and small, are always taking shape and have never stopped taking place during the past 2,500 years of pure-ol-dee sickness.
The recent rise of European power is one example of an up that must come down. Nature demands it and Nature commands it. The God who blesses is the God who punishes. The weak force God who breeds succumbing within Self is the strong force God who achieves overcoming within Self. The Only Creator is the Only Negator. Night is the womb and tomb of Light. Nature is Potentate. (NG1 266/284)
Knowing this, we can now infer, everything humans do to attempt to prevent such an outcome only hastens and worsens the demise and worsens the “collateral damage” on the willingly ignorant and their dependents.

Just in the past 150 years alone, more and more Sign-language retrievers have come forth as human messengers to tell us “what it is” in response to our question-like greetings of “What it be like?” What's going on?” What's up? and “What's happening?”

Reading just a few of the Signs going on with humans, and then comparing those Signs to the rest of Nature, will tell you all you need to know right now.
Reading just a few of the Signs going on in non-human Nature, and then comparing those Signs to the human world, will tell you all you need to know right now.
Either approach will tell you Nature as a whole and human nature are way out of sync.
As this gap widens and or remains unclosed, weaknesses are exposed, until the foundation can no longer hold. All things fall down slowly, and then suddenly all at once. Advanced warning will not be summarized and publicized in a form for the masses to recognize and change their behavior in time. You, because you are here, have been chosen out of the masses, to continue your awakening to more understandings so you can come forth and fulfill more of your destiny.
Nature holds the Scales of Justice. That's what the equator and the meridian are. Both of those are changing their plumb, their level and the position of their stars, thus a significant shift in the weight of their power. That's Sign-language.
All you need to know right now is that all current systems we depend on to supply basic needs (infrastructure and what not) will continue to suffer major breakdowns, in addition to remaining toxic: food, water, medicine, etc. These intentionally dysfunctional systems are not understood by most folks because the sinking boat, though tilting, is still afloat. Money is not a flotation device. To ensure you will have what you always need, during this continued upheaval and fulfillment, you must return to a reliance on land you can use to meet all daily basic needs.

Another Piece Of Sign-Language From The Human Portion Of Nature

Found on the blog, Giza Death Star, the following article says enough. Read it more than once. Read it sentence by sentence, and then, after each sentence, write down what that sentence means. Then compare that list to the list you made per UC#1071. Even if you prepare partial lists, it will be helpful.

”Pentagram Study: The Empire Is Collapsing, It's Solution? More Of The....”
PDF of the Pentagon Study: ”At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World”

As the human crazies, in a psycho-sociopathic way, are remaining dedicated to continuing to control you by any and every means necessary, listen closely to those humans who keep telling you and showing you, hey, we're crazy, what else do you need us to say or do to finally convince you that yes, everything we do is a conspiracy, is about racism, is about genderism, is about money and power, it's true! And no, it's not about saving the planet or anything about equal anything. And no, nothing has changed in their brains, only a worsening of the same, so nothing can get better over which they maintain control – that includes your brain as long as your energy is on their chain.

The only thing the crazies can do is to continue to be terrorists in all aspects of life - from cradle to grave poison vaccines and education for babies to poison medicine and threats of diminishing fixed income and losing healthcare and social security for the elderly - these societies are the absolute worst of the worst that have ever mutated.
Word to the crazies: The only thing you can do is to shoot down the constellations Aquarius and Kepheus and then everything will be okay. But wait, you're already doing a lot of things in outer space and polluting the place that is going to absolutely end in a very brief “Star Wars.” (for those who are unaware, these people absolutely believe in aliens – and they are correct.)

It Is Not Possible To Continue To Believe Once You Know

. ”How to Adapt Military Risk to an Era of Hypercompetition”

This last article was written 25 days ago and almost everyone in the “internet-connected” world, who think they know things instantaneously, will never hear about these articles and report because most of us are too busy staying informed by breaking and important news, weather, etc. used to distract and confuse.
If you are merely taught, you are a student and can never fully know what you need to know. You can only know what others think you should know. This is partially okay, but is only part of the process of knowing. You must also become student and teacher by seeking understanding. You must become an Initiate of Learning. Only then will you find how to read the Signs because only the teacher in you understands exactly what you need to know right now because only the Nature in you understands what is missing.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Necessity Of Grasping The Roots Of Sign-Language
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1071


We all know differences between humans are still extremely magnified. These false impressions are being continued today through DNA Testing Results blatantly misleading people about their genetic ancestry.
We also know differences between humans and other aspects of Nature are even more magnified. We have no understanding of our genetic connection to plants, yet our cells function the same way with slight variations. (Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, 125/138)

Ignorance of primitive Sign-language led to one of the greatest mistakes of the past - thinking the Nature imagery of Sign-language means worship of animals, trees, Sun, etc. This interpretation is still in effect sidetracking many from correct understanding.
If we were properly oriented, we would understand how really silly the notion of animal worship is. We'd know the physical images of Sign-language represent powers and principles of Nature. That's Sign-language 101. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 416)

As stated in recent messages, understanding the roots of Sign-language is essential to:
1. understanding what the Sign-languages we are using, represent.
2. understanding all forms of communication are Sign-language.
3. properly understanding self so that the relationships to all else are also properly understood.
4. moving beyond communicating at the disoriented surface level of Sign-language.

The more we relearn about Sign-language, the more we will recognize that the letters, characters and spellings of the words we are using have become facades and veneers of thinking clearly.

We absolutely must relearn how to think in terms of things, images, ideographs, symbols, hieroglyphics, pictures, symbols, signs, graphics and gestures. Improved understandings of these components, which are the primary modes of expression of Sign-language, must be sought in their African birthplace root.

One of the keys to understanding Sign-language is recognizing Sign-language, like all things goes through an evolutionary/de-evolutionary process. Sign-language has been and still is continuously being adjusted, updated, revised, varied and altered. During earlier stages, one of these changes was classification. In the beginning, the Nature-powers and principles were all classified as one group, then, as Sign-language grew and became more defined and refined, the one group was subdivided into primary and secondary Nature powers and principles. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 284)
Based on process, evolution and the evidences found in the Nile Valley, Sign-language contains all fundamental knowledge of Nature that those civilizations possessed,
Sign-language, in its undistorted form, represents the fullest, most concise, most precise explanation of Science once understood by humans.

This is why, as Sign-language continued to evolve and humans de-evolved, creating problems to solve, the deeper knowledge was made secret.
And for good reason too!
We already know how beneficial information becomes a weapon in the hands of the malnourished and spiritually corrupt, especially when their anchor in life is continuous reliance on the abuse of power. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 228)

Since Nile Valley humans were able to read the Signs of language existing in multiple forms, they understood the meaning of changing Star Ages such as Aries, Pisces, Aquaria, Draco, Wepwawet and Kepheus. One of those changes being an orientation shift of the Two Truths, thus first, second, third....and last change position and prominence but not importance – similar to the off, on and dimmer positions of lights. This again explains why more and more information was hidden (encrypted) by humans and by the Universe, yet most information remains hidden in plain sight. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 402)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Differences Are Different Understandings Of Sign-Language
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1070


Some of the differences we perceive are properly oriented, thus we understand a much fuller range of truth about these differences, thus our relationships are not adversely affected.
However, far too many differences we perceive are disoriented, thus we understand them in a small, static, narrow, disconnected way, thus our relationships are adversely affected.

Sign-language helps us make more eco-sense of our perceptions because Sign-language restores original context, definitions and meanings, thus Sign-language provides the basis for our thoughts to function in dynamically-balanced harmony.

What the world needs now, more than “love,” is more understanding regarding all the types of Sign-language we're using to communicate thoughts, and which are invoking accurate and inaccurate mental images of self and all else.

Let's push reset and remember that no human has ever spoken a language.
All humans, then and now, speak Sign-language and only Sign-language.
The difference today, is that our Sign-language versions are less pure in creating the total picture of Nature* about ourselves and all else.
Currently, most of our Sign-language has been distorted by the human bias. The original Sign-language is based on the entirety of Nature, but today's Sign-language is altered to support the human bias.

What this does is cause us to compare corrupt data about self to corrupt data about humans.
We can see why this creates a lot of problems and explains our current misbehaviors.
What this also does is cause us to compare corrupt data about non-humans to corrupt data about humans.
We can now see why this creates a lot of problems and explains our current misbehaviors.

Double-Checking Your Human-Biased Sign-Language With Multiple Metaphors Of Nature

It's time to become more panoramic in awareness so you can perceive the circle and cycle of Sign-Language, thus broaden your understandings.
You can make rapid significant improvement simply by:
1. Taking any single topic, idea, thought, value, philosophy, tradition, belief, notion or piece of knowledge, and then boiling that thought down to its essential meaning. It should be no more than one sentence or no more than a half dozen keywords. Then try to find two metaphors in non-human Nature that matches that thought – one metaphor in the Animal Kingdom and one metaphor in the Plant Kingdom.

2. Another angle to achieve sight in blinding light is to take a handful of the most important words of the spoken language you use and compare each word to the unspoken images in your society.

3. Another angle to approach the darkest part of light is to double-check context.
What is the context of your spoken and written language?
What is your language based on? What does each letter mean? What are the letters or characters based on?

If your answer is anything other than “Nature,” then your language is a huge problem in your life. Not necessarily because of the language, but definitely because of your understanding of how your language has shaped all of your understandings. It is the context of your language that gives your language its meanings, then your language gives you meanings, then these meanings determine, dictate and drive all of your thoughts and behaviors. There is no escaping your language. All you can do is reshape your human-biased Sign-language back into Nature-based Sign-language.

”Natural World Context & Female Force And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 2)”
”Identity Context Not Complex | Expanded Definition, Unity Consciousness #616”
”Agreeing & Disagreeing | Definition & Example, Unity Consciousness #734”
”Estimation Is Self-Estimation Is Self-Esteem | Definition, Unity Consciousness #926”
“Know Truth | A Child's Way To Grow, No Doubt About It ”
“Dr. Charlotte 'Charshee' McIntyre | Afrocentric, Eurocentric, and Amerocentric & The Basis of What We Know As Truth”
“Dr. Marimba Ani, Author of the Book Yurugu

If you are really intent on self-improvement, spend time with this message. Also, go back and at review all recent messages on Sign-language beginning with UC#1065.

When we use Nature as the basis of Sign-language, we are using the full range of natural fact as the basis of our understandings. Humans should be included as part of Sign-language because humans are part of Nature; however, we must be careful to not rely too heavily on the human portion that is not in harmony with the rest of Nature.

It's true. Yes we are living in a small human nature-created matrix inside the larger matrix of Nature. This smaller matrix of thought is cancerous inside the larger healthier logic of the Universe that is changing to remove the cancer and its constructions.

Just to be clear: We're supposed to understand things from a human point of view – that is one of the purposes of being human. We're also supposed to mature in understandings of self. This requires us to function more and more optimally by connecting the human perspective to the mainframe perspective, the motherboard perspective, the ecosystem perspective, the whole-ness perspective. By necessity then, our Sign-language should reflect a balanced perspective of Nature. Now most of us already know our language is out of balance because we are out of balance because we can't get with the natural fact that we are all African Blacks. Your language is to blame, but each time you are awakened to the truth, you are more and more responsible. This is not just something you can push aside safely. As long as you are out of balance with understandings about Nature, your relationship with yourself will be messed up due to being disconnected from the greater portion of your being. This is the origin of Chaos.
Humans cannot know themselves to a healthy degree by relying mainly on the human context. Humans must understand themselves by using understanding of non-humans. As said earlier, we are using corrupt data and are in societies of self-destructing understandings that can only lead to a final crash unless our computer brains are reset back to defaults rather than the many error-filled user settings.

*Unless the sentence has been modified, the word Nature is equal to Universe.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

All Signs Confirm Humans Are Not The Greatest
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1069


Humans Are Not The Greatest Thinkers Or Dancers

Humans were not the originators of Sign-language. Humans were not the first creatures to think or to think idealistically. Clearly, as mentioned recently, if Primates and other creatures can figure out how to use tools, they are thinking idealistically and problem-solving; therefore, humans do not have a leg up on other creatures just because we are a more recent stage of evolution.

Before the human version of Creation, all other creatures were communicating. They were talking to each other in various ways. They were also dancing and prancing around in choreographed style to express different ideas they wanted to communicate to each other. Other creatures were doing everything they needed to do to live full productive lives, thus establish the ecosystem basis of conditions that eventually led to more and more evolution and finally to humans evolving out of this progress.

Thought is primarily a mental mode of representing things. Without true images of things, there is no trustworthy process of thought. Many thoughts, ideas and feelings can be given words that are not born of out an image. These types of words are substitutes for thinking. The use of words, not born out of an image is not equal to thinking. Thinking requires a mental representation, an image. True thinking takes place through images, not words; therefore, thought is possible without words; therefore, much thinking had been acted without words long before the appearance of Humans upon this planet. (AE1 40-1/50-1)
Thus, based on our current state of confusion, we'd be better off if we could erase the past 2,400 year's worth of words from memory so we would automatically reconnect to thinking in images and things of Nature rather than images fabricated by the last Human Primates to understand anything.

Current humans are not better than earlier humans and earlier humans are not better than any other aspect of Nature. We weren't then and we aren't now. Homo Sapiens Pygmy Primate Humans are by no means the first to have intelligence, thought, language or civilization. By no distortion of disorientation can we continue to maintain that bees, ants, sparrows and other creatures living in groups and in harmony with Nature are not civilized. Civilization is not exclusive to humans, yet is currently mostly nonexistent among a large portion of humans. Humans always have, and still are, doing a lot of the same things as other creatures. As humans we have made some changes but we are still mostly unchanged from our pre-human genetics, thinking and behaviors. (AE1 40-1/50-1)

If we understood that all human language is Sign-language, and if we understood Sign-language, we would understand what it means to be human. We'd understand all else, at least as much as Nile Valley humans understood about Nature below, above, within, without.

Sobering Thoughts For The Proudly Intoxicated On Being Miseducated

Because Sign-language helped early humans capture, organize and communicate thoughts and because Sign-language was integrated with Nature and because early human understandings matched - early humans, and humans for hundreds of thousands of years, were able to evolve and design new ways of living to meet basic needs without large scale destruction.
Because we no longer understand the Sign-language we are sophisticatedly abusing, we struggle with meeting the basic needs of the four inseparable aspects of self. Of all the things we once knew, nutrition is now a mystery. We have “molded” ourselves into ways of thinking that excludes ways of knowing. The cumulative effect makes us too reliant on other humans rather than mostly reliant on the abundance of communal members in the rest of Nature. We continue to betray the foundation through co-mission, omission, co-signing and enabling types of thinking that are divorced from, and in contradiction to, civilized living and the curing of cancers.
In a modern state of mind, we are unable to read the signs and perceive the need to heed the Sign-language trying to teach us the Nature of things. We are literally literate in illiteracy.
All of this rigmarole because we don't understand how the Sign-language we use to communicate thoughts is critical to everything in life. Sign-language is the dominant context of life and existence.

Is Your Parable The Same? If Not, How & Why Has It Changed?

Compare every aspect of the human metaphor you are now as a Descendant in the Diaspora to the human metaphor you were back then as an Ancestor in Africa.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

From Metaphor To Sign-Language To Mythology
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1068



Mythology is a social philosophy (a component of the social formation of humans). Mythology is the grouping and connecting of pieces of Sign-language in order to tell a cohesive continuous story (chain of thought) from a broader, more collective perspective. Mythology is social because it describes who early humans understood themselves to be in relation to what they understood other aspects of Nature to be. This perspective guided their relationships and ways of living.

Mythology is an utamawazo.
Mythology, for the longest time, was not make-believe. Mythology was based on natural fact because Mythology was based on Sign-language which was metaphors of natural fact.
Sign-language, as used by early humans and all the way up through most of the Egyptian era, was a representation of natural fact. Mythology took all these pieces of natural fact in the form of metaphors and put them into a framework of thought that showed interrelationships and interconnections via storytelling – oral, then written. Mythology was necessary as Sign-language continued to grow into larger numbers of pieces. Mythology is a natural healthy way of keeping track of all the pieces and making sure they all make sense in relation to each other. This is not the case today. Ideologies, philosophies, ways of thinking and historical stories have been disfigured so much, they now collide in impossibility.

No better definition of “Myth” or Mythology could be given than is conveyed by the word “Sem” in Egyptian. This signifies representation on the ground of likeness, similarity, semblance. Mythology, then, is “representation on the ground of likeness,” which led to all the forms of Sign-language. Since Mythology is likeness, Mythology is metaphor. Since Mythology is metaphor, Mythology takes an idea and expresses it using other aspects of Nature. The use of other aspects of Nature to express thought is not to be understood based on the face value of each particular aspect of Nature, rather it is to be understood based on that aspect's deeper inherent qualities and characteristics which further represent Nature's primary, fundamental, primitive laws, powers, forces and processes. Mythology is not about goddesses, gods, animals, trees and insects, rather it is about the deeper level of the formative, fueling and guiding principles of Nature. As the result of humans who understood the fundamental meanings of Sign-language, humans were able to use many different aspects of Nature to convey the same meaning, not randomly, but due to also understanding the characteristics of each aspect of Nature. This really confuses us today, so we balk as we try to sleep walk the daze away. The minuscule amount of variation in the Universe overrides our awareness of the massive amount of sameness. This drastically reduces, to a trickle, our ability to understand, use and interchange metaphors. (AE1 5/15; 532/542) and (AE2 545/9)

Sign-Language Is The Intelligent Logical Use Of Metaphor

Via the evolutionary use of Sign-language in the forming of Mythology, we are able to recognize that not only does Mythology represent metaphor in the form of allegories (parables), so also do the pieces of Sign-language represent metaphor, and are metaphors. The signs, symbols and gestures of Sign-language were imitated and then used as metaphors to represent human thought and then these separate metaphors were combined to tell a story that we call Mythology. Mythology is natural, true, real, actual natural history presented in the form of metaphors which are combined to form allegories. (AE1 10/20; 49/59)

In earlier times, all forms of Sign-language, conveyed the same meaning, whether as gestures, dancing, animals, body painting, letters, words... This is not the case today. (AE1 39/49)

It is worth repeating as many times as necessary that Sign-language is a representation of natural facts. Sign-language is still used today in all forms of communication but is much less understood. When it comes to current-day language communication, we think we got something new when all we got is more of the same under a different name with its natural meanings drained out of it.

Sign-Language Expanded Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1067


In the previous two messages, we introduced the subject of Sign-language. In doing so we've dealt with some preconceptions and misconceptions. We have established a framework which will allow us to more easily reshape our context in stages.

Imitation of Nature, as a means of communication, is called Sign-language.
Sign-language is the primitive mode of representing Nature and its animistic powers, seen and unseen. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 395-6)

Primates were already thinking and observing the phenomena (laws, powers, forces, acts, principles, characteristics) of the operating system of Nature. As they evolved into humans, they had the desire and ability to express these understandings in different ways in accordance with their evolved genetic potential. Since early human expression by means of sound was insufficient to express their evolving thoughts, early humans used the already pre-made signs, symbols and sounds of Nature. These signs, symbols and sounds were a combination of those already being used by them, in addition to others which were imitations of other life forms in their environment.

Early humans took what was understood about one aspect of Nature and associated it with what they were noticing about another aspect of Nature. Thus, when a loud sound came from above, they associated it with an aspect of Nature that made a loud sound. Today we call the loud sound from above, thunder. We associate it with clapping, bursting, roaring, rumbling, grumbling, cracking, crackling, popping, booming, exploding. Early humans didn't start out having the word thunder or any of those other concepts. They associated the loud sound with another animal or with water falling over a cliff. Early humans were not using many of the words we are now using. Generation after generation have taken Sign-language and changed it until we end up with the versions in use today. All along the way through these many changes there have been periods of improved use of Sign-language and periods of deteriorated use of Sign-language.
Early humans were on point because they imitated Nature by using gesture movements and sounds and continued to evolve more forms of Sign-language. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 4; 49)

All of this re-configuring, transferring and translating Sign-language from Primates as Apes to Primates as Humans and from one form to another form, took place over several hundreds of thousands of years. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 48-9)

Shorter humans (misnamed Pgymies) are the first humans, the primitive humans from whom all other humans in existence today, sprang out of. These early humans were the founders of language, all human language. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 161)

Mdw Ntr Is Sign-Language

A form of Sign-language called Mdw Ntr (later called hieroglyphs) is what was used in the Nile Valley to record history and the mysteries from the time of early humans to the time of the last Egyptians. Mdw Ntr writing is a representation of earlier mysteries and evolved mysteries that were earlier danced and acted out (dramatized) through a variety of ceremonies and rituals.
The human use of Sign-language began when early humans imitated other aspects of Nature. This imitation then took on written forms such as drawings and paintings. This evolved into combinations of forms such as mythology and totemism. Naturally, due to the increasing database of knowledge, this evolved into a condensing of forms in order to more concisely capture a lot of information with a reduced number of signs and symbols. This is Mdw Ntr. Mdw Ntr is a compound form of representing aspects of Nature. Mdw Ntr is a highly concentrated, condensed form of multiple forms of Sign-language.
Even so, this Mdw Ntr remains true to form. It still shows us the connection of words and things in Nature, just as the separate components of Sign-language did. Mdw Ntr also shows us the connection of sounds and words and things in Nature. Sign-language and Mdw Ntr are also motion pictures. It is in a form where we control the speed of motion based on our level of understanding which animates our thinking. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 120-3)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Early Human Communication Began As Imitation & Dance
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1066


”Early Human Communication: Prelude To Sign-Language, Phase One, Unity Consciousness #1065”

Early humans learned like many other creatures learn. Early humans learned by imitating (mimicking, copying, duplicating, repeating, cloning...). We still learn the same way. Even when we read something and do it, we are still imitating what the words are expressing. Even when we dream something or think of something when we are awake, we are still imitating. We are imitating because we are still using mostly imitation and are only creating variations of imitations. Such is the nature of language and communication.

All language and communication is a variation of imitation.
Zero is the original that all things copy.
One is the imitation, the duplication, the mirror image, the reflection.
All else and everything else are based on 0 and 1. All else we have come to know as Creation, is a variation of imitation, thus, is itself, an imitation.

Early humans imitated the sounds and movements of their natural environment and then later, they eventually began to rely more exclusively on imitating each other. This is a good process as long as humans being imitated have maintained a true connection to the original. This can only be achieved by maintaining a true connection to the natural world, rather than to the human world where we think human constructed cities of today are more fulfilling that naturally constructed communities of nature where human imprint is harmonized.

Creation exists because of imitation. Humans are no exception. Each of us were formed via cell duplication (cells making copies of themselves and then making slight changes to specialize. This is imitation of the physical and is the same way all else that humans do, comes into existence. There is no original human thought. All human thought is a variation (elevation or degradation) of thought existing elsewhere in Nature.

Imitation of the whole (the tem) is the basis that allows an ecosystem to exist. All things must have a fundamental sameness in order for an ecosystem to work. Same is true of language. There is a fundamental sameness that allows communication by seemingly different creations to take place.

We Must Re-Member Who We Are And Where We Came From

As stated in Phase Zero, early humans were listening, observing and imitating as many aspects of nature as they could figure out how to. Humans still do this today, except we mostly imitate each other.

Primitive humans observed the ways and works of Nature and imitated all they might as a means of thinking their meaning when they could not talk. Human language developed out of imitating the sounds of Nature. Human language also developed out of imitating the movements of Nature. They danced as the Grasshopper. They writhed and swelled and puffed as the Serpent. They panted as the Lion. They roared as the Hippopotamus. They hummed as insects and they pawed and make clicking sounds as the Ape. Early humans learned by kinship example and by that which was already inherent in them as Primates. They were not blank slates. Humans today learn the same way from that which is genetically in us and from parents, teachers, friends, mentors, role models, coaches, media, etc. We are always imitating something – something existing outside of us and something existing in our genetic library database of genetic memory. We are not blank slates.

Early humans built their language in layers by imitating sounds, movements and the look of animals. This is why early humans wore the skins, feathers and horns of animals. Humans today do the same thing, but we call them clothes and jewelry.
Early humans imitated Nature in order to make themselves understood to each other. They used Nature because Nature was a common basis of experience. This cannot be said of humans today.

For effect, I repeat:
Dancing is a primary language and way of communicating thoughts, ideas, feelings.
This is why dancing is so deeply embedded in human behavior. Those who are classified as Black or African have been derided for our heightened natural inclination for dancing and we have shied away from dancing in pure form and allowed dancing to become perverted because we do not understand that our propensity for dancing is the spirit-soul trying to move us back to a better way of communicating that will also help reconnect us to better understandings of Nature, of self and of how to live. (AE1 46/56)

There Is Abundance In The Dance Of Language

The Universe consists of repeating patterns that vary. This repeating movement and motion of energy creates rhythms – self-renewing, evolving rhythms. As such, the symphony of music, harmony, language and dance is also self-renewing and evolving. Everything in the Universe dances on multiple levels. We know the atoms everything is made of are always in motion. Early humans recognized a lot of things in Nature were moving in sync with the movements of other aspects of Nature, so they imitated these movements. Today, we call this dancing. And despite loss of understanding, we continue to dance as a basic need to communicate – spirit-soul to rhythms of Zero.

Early Human Communication: Prelude To Sign-Language
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1065


Language, as used and understood by humans today, has us limited to one room with two doors and one window. The closet door is the only door that opens. This walk-in sized closet is filled with stuff we've crammed in there. The window is painted shut by perceptions. This small, non-360, window view causes us to think the extremely tiny room we are in is the primary perspective.
Everything has language and is part of a larger language.
Human language originated in Africa as Sign-language. All human language is, and has always been, a version of Sign-language. Humans today are speaking Sign-language. We also simultaneously use non-verbal Sign-language. We also often use non-verbal Sign-language by itself.
In other words, the way humans of today currently speak is not so unique because all human language being used today is founded upon, laced with, integrated with and is totally nothing but Sign-language - a variation of the same Sign-language established by early humans.

Current-day humans are fundamentally communicating the same way as early humans.

Since its beginnings, Sign-language, as used by humans, has taken many forms and has many components, some of which are gestures, paintings, drawings, carvings, other artforms, dancing, speaking, singing, music, letters, words, names, numbers, ideographs (idea graphics), Mdw Ntr (hieroglyphs), symbols, images, pictographs (pictures, depictions using graphics), statues, pyramids, monuments, tattoo's, body painting, values, ideologies, philosophies, sports, biology, graphics* and an almost infinite number of other ways of communicating thoughts.

Yes, language is for the purpose of communicating thoughts.
In the evolutionary phase of human development, language is used to understand self in relation to all else.
In the de-evolutionary phase of human development, language is used to cause MISunderstandings of self in relation to all else.

Since everything is language, our genetically potent sensing abilities are continuously receiving and sending communications.
Most humans today are extremely limited when we are consciously communicating. This is so because we rely mostly on the spoken and written language of our upbringing. When we are trying to communicate, we mostly ignore all other forms of language.

As we continue to re-knew ourselves by checking current logic against more original versions of ourselves, we are once again reminded:
1. The greatest difference between any two humans or groups of humans is their understanding of self in relation to all else.
2. The greatest difference between humans and all other aspects of nature, is human understanding of self in relation to all else.
3. The greatest removal of unhealthy understandings of difference is the free willingness to logically follow the way of language back to healthy self-esteem. Regardless of the distance between any two angles of light, this variable step-by-step process (journey) reduces all differences to their lowest common separator - understanding Zero language - the highest common unifier.

*A graphic is a representation of thought using an image or a description. When the representation is not visual, and is only heard or read in words, the representation becomes graphic because a mental image is graphed (drawn, painted, formed, visualized) on the mind's mental map brain grid network web. The mind processes, translates and converts each piece of the description into a corresponding data point of preexisting logic in memory and then connects those dots.
This also happens when non-visual information is smelled, felt, tasted or sensed in any other way.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Early Human Sexuality & Gender Identity Concept
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1064


Human sexuality naturally began in a state of no restrictions (promiscuity) just like it is with most other animals. It started out that way because we started out the exact same as all other animals. Humans did not go from being the same as all other Primates and then the next day begin a whole new set of behaviors. It took place slowly, little by little, bit by byte, the way evolution and process goes. Early humans had no concept of gender or laws or tabu/taboo or kinship or marriage or “you belong to me.”
Writing in 1907, Massey states the only known representatives of this condition now living are the Pygmies of the Central African Forests. (AE1 52/62)
This makes perfect sense now that we understand how humans today, early humans, pygmies and primates are connected in the evolutionary chain of events.

We already learned, one type of African ape called the bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee uses sexual intercourse as a means of social bonding among group members. Sex is commonly used as a greeting between two individuals, as a conflict-resolution tool, or as a reconciliation mechanism. This behavior is not limited to males and females, but includes male-male as well as female-female interactions and multiple different forms of sexual activity.

We must not lose sight of the natural fact that early humans did not conceive of themselves as Humans or Primates, Mammals or Animals. Early humans did not start out thinking in those terms. (AE1 6/16)

Today, most societies still practice unrestricted sexual activity as the acceptable norm of their cultures. One form of this is the ideology of “two consenting adults” which is related to “to each his own.” In some cultures, unrestricted sexual activity is permissible only on certain festival occasions and during certain rites of passage from childhood into adulthood. (AE1 85/95)

Where Do Children Come From?

During this time of early human evolution of thought, when there was no such thing as gender identity, it was still obvious, children were generated by one type of animal human primate. Understanding was vague and it was not yet known that the other type of animal human primate participated in generating children. Cause and effect of this process, in relation to sexual activity, was not understood. This is still the same today. Humans do not understand where children come from until another human explains it. Early humans had to figure it out first before they could explain it and pass this understanding on to their offspring. It is a slow process. (NG1 4-5/22-23)

Sex In(tro)spection

”The Creator Was The First To Have Sex & Make Love, Unity Consciousness #640”

There is:
1. Sex - the physical act of co-mingling.
2. Sex – the gender identity.

Sex, the physical act, is the crossing of the two sec-tions of Two Truths.
It is more useful to refer to sex, the gender identity, as Sec or Sect or Section because that's what gender is. Gender is a section and sectioning of the Two Truths.

Therefore, in our revised understanding, two secs have sex.
Two Truths co-mingle to again produce One Truth, the Whole Truth, The Zero Truth, The Child.

Zero Soul, The Child In The Human

In Egyptian, “Ser” means seed and zero and soul. Ser is Zer.
It is now also understandable why we say “O my soul!
We are calling the soul by its primordial name of “O” (Zero). (BB 114/126)

“Sherau” is another Egyptian word that is a form of Ser. Sherau is the young child of either sex before puberty. In this instance, “either sex” means both sexes. Sherau contains both sexes. Sherau means the child is still neutral and represents both sexes. Sherau is another name for Number 2. Sherau is (Serau, Zeroo, Zeru, Zero). The child begins as Zero and One which both contain 2 Truths, then the child becomes “a sec.” part of the whole.

Since Zero, as the beginning, is a neutral state of existence that contains both sexes, when we speak of soul or say, “O my soul!,” we are speaking to the wholeness of self that is undivided and neither female nor male. The soul is the whole undivided truth of all things because it represents Zero, the entirety - not just the entirety of gender (sec), but the Entirety of Everything currently separated in consciousness, but which is actually unseparated at the lowest level of awareness (Phase Zero, Phase One & So Dayi).

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Early Human Sustenance: Food & Drinking Water
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1063


Evolution is not some separate event that only takes place sometimes in some places. Evolution is synonymous with change. In its simplest progression there's evolution, pausing, stagnation, de-evolution. Every step of every process is a type of evolution under different conditions and rates of momentum.

So we should not be surprised that all life forms have the genetic potential to evolve/de-evolve.
Due to evolution, animals, mammals and primates continuously evolved into variations of their former selves.

As organisms evolve, so do their abilities, thus so do their behaviors in two ways:
1. How they go about doing what they need to do.
2. Expression of new abilities that are not basic in need.

Humans Were Not And Are Not A Totally Brand New Creation

Since we now have a better understanding that humans evolved out of another form of creature, then we also know humans were not just blank slates as babes in the woods who were clueless in nature about nature.
Since humans are just another variation of what already existed., then this new version of animal was already in possession of a genetic history of living as an animal.
This means the first humans already knew how to take care of themselves, do what they needed to do to live and raise children and to first of all, find food and drinking water.

They ate from the field.

Humans Ate What Primates Still Eat

They were omnivorous. Call it what you want, it was still a combination of carnivore, herbivore, and insectivore. Humans ate plants, stalks, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, fruit/vegetables, flowers, insects, maggots, frogs, lizards, snakes, eggs, birds, other primates and other land-based or water-based animals they could catch.

Humans did not cook food.

As far as I know, humans are the only creatures that cook food. Humans are also in a small group of creatures that store food for later. Humans are probably the only creatures that feel the need to combine different foods in order to have a meal. Humans are also probably the only creatures who drink something other than water. None of these behaviors used to be this way.
What humans today have intelligently forgotten is that most of what we are supposed to eat, in the form we're supposed to eat it, does not have to be cooked.

Eventually, as this group of humans separated themselves from other primates, and only bred amongst themselves, these humans developed additional genetic nuances that manifested behaviorally.
Since this first group of humans evolved in the Great Lakes region of Central East Africa, one ubiquitous, fast growing food source was the papyrus reed plant. (AE1 256-7/266-7)
Now that we're reminded of this, we can see how and why the papyrus plant is also ubiquitous in Egyptian history and how the papyrus became the plant of choice to make paper. It is more quickly renewable than trees.

Another View Of What Human Primates Knew

Two sources of sustenance were the tree for food and the mountain for water. This is nothing mysterious. All life forms learn to recognize and return to sources of food and drink. (NG1 380-1/398-9)

Another View Of What Human Primates Today Must re-Knew

Primitive humans did not immediately personify, deify, adore or feel grateful for the life or spirit of the tree, forest, mountain, water or Earth.
In the early stages of Primates differentiating into humans, humans had not yet conceived of the notion of spirit. (NG1 380-3/398-401)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Modern Humans Are Giant Pygmy Primates
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1062


The earliest human beginning must have been with the creature who first developed a thumb to wield a weapon or to shape an implement for use [the Primate sometimes generally called monkey, chimpanzee or ape]. At that time there was little difference between the monkey and the Pygmy race of early humans. (From UC#1057)

Human Origins Based On Skeletons, Fossils & Bones

According to various dating methods of skeletal remains:
14 million years ago, monkeys existed.
5 million years ago, humans existed as diverse varieties of Homo Australopithecus.
4.4 million years ago, humans existed as Ardipithecus ramidus (Ardi).
3.2 million years ago, humans existed as Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy).
1 million years ago, humans existed as Homo Erectus (Pithecanthropus).
500,000 to 1 million years ago, humans existed as Little people (so-called Pygmies) who were red in color. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 16; 101; 134; 406-7)
650,000 to 800,000 years ago (Pliocene period), humans existed as Homo Sapiens Sapiens who were red in color. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 531; 545)
110,000 years ago, humans existed as African Negroid Neanderthal. (Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, 31/46; 60-1/75-6)
50,000 to 150,000 years ago, humans existed as Negroid Homo Sapiens Sapiens. (one of the features of a Negroid is being black in color)
(Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, 23/39; 29/44; 31-3/46-8; 60/75)

The biggest difference between Homo Sapiens and earlier variations is the presence of the brain's anterior lobe, which is not present in Homo Neanderthalensis or Homo Erectus. Now, based on habit, we are likely to conclude the presence of the anterior lobe in the brain is proof of greater intelligence. It is not. A quick study of the function of the anterior lobe indicates it provides greater specialization, flexibility and conscious control over movements of body parts (motor control). (Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, 63/78)

Humans Evolved from Primate Pygmies

In 1913, Churchward said “the more we study the facts that are already brought to light, the greater proof is there that the Pygmy is the oldest and first man.” This Paleolithic man evolved in Central Africa at the sources of the Nile in the Nile Valley, and that from here all originated and were carried throughout the world. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 53; 146-7)
The Red Man or “the little Earth Men’’ or Paleolithic Man (Rough Stone Age) made the first exodus into Asia from Egypt and the Nile Valley. These were negroid pygmies such as we find in the Congo Forest and near the sources of the Nile. In whatever part of the world we find the remains of these ancient people, their Osteo-anatomy [skeletal bone structure] are all alike and correspond to the present pygmies. They are the oldest inhabitants of the world and belong to a primitive African Race before the last glacial period. They were a people of small stature and great muscular development. (Churchward, Signs & Symbols Of Primordial Man, 437)

In 1907, Massey said, “The one sole race that can be traced among the aborigines all over the earth, above ground or below, is the dark race of a dwarf negrito type, and the only one possible motherland on earth for these preliminary people is Africa. No other country possesses the necessary background as a basis for the human beginnings.” (AE1 250/260)

In 1981, Diop confirms all continents and islands were populated from Africa. These humans were black-skinned as a matter of natural fact and as a matter of necessity because humans were incubated in a hot humid climate womb of Motherland Africa. (Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, 11/27)

So closely were the facts of nature observed and registered by the Egyptians, that the earliest divine men in their mythology are portrayed as Pygmies. The dwarf is the type of man in his most primitive shape. In this way, the Egyptian wisdom registers the fact that the Pygmy was the earliest human figure known, and that this was brought into Egypt from the forests of Inner Africa and the record made in the mythology. In this mode of registering the natural fact, the Egyptians trace their descent from the folk who were the first in human form—that is, from the Pygmies. (AE1 250/260)

Adam and Eve were monkeys, apes and chimpanzees. Not the Adam and Eve of bible storybooks because those are make-believe to deceive. In make-believe land, Adam and Eve were people like you and me. In the real world of natural fact, Adam and Eve were primates who were short and red to black in color who evolved in Africa. Same is true for all versions of Adam and Eve in all cultures and all languages and all religious stories and all history books and all government accounts of how their group of people came into existence. There is absolutely no chance the first humans looked like we do today, although they were just as capable and just as intelligent, and even more so, based on how we've de-evolved from knowing everything these early humans figured out in being able to establish civilizations around the world. The first humans were not, yellow, white, semite, butterscotch, golden, tan or any other color, other than red or black or deep dark brown and perhaps deep dark blue (indigo). And now, hue-mans are coming into view.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Intelligence Diffuses, Yet Confuses Humans
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1061


We have not yet made it to discussing humans of today, the so-called modern humans. Even so, as we begin with the general category of Humans and recognize ourselves as Apes and Primates, the intelligence of modern humans gets in the way. So again, we must look out for logic that traps.

Intelligence is genetic.
All genetics have diffused from the same beginning origin.
Intelligence moves from areas of high concentration into areas of low concentration.
High concentration is Zero. Low concentration is “the Many.”
High concentration is all earlier dimensions than the one we are in.
High concentration is Ancestors. Low concentration is descendants.
High concentration is Parents. Low concentration is children.

We were just reminded we are several dimensions away from the top level of the Animal Kingdom, and by extension of that classification system, Animals are at the same level as 4 other Kingdoms, based on physical and behavioral characteristics.
All the species in the Animal Kingdom, all receive their genetics, thus intelligence, from the main Animal Kingdom pool of genetic intelligence.
The less undivided, the more genetic intelligence exists by virtue of accumulated cooperation.
The further we are from the beginning or top level, the further genetic intelligence must travel through evolutionary time in order to reach us. During that journey of time, many experiences accumulate to alter genetic memory.
Since genetic diffusion is a two-way way street, what is learned is passed forth and back.
Since diffusion is a multi-way street, what is learned is passed all around.


Intelligence diffused into humans. Intelligence diffused into Humans from Homo from Primates from Mammals from Animals, from Earth, from One, from Zero.

It doesn't make congruent sense, under either isolated or joint scenario of creation -
1. By Supreme Being or
2. By evolution of physical matter.
- that the beginning of the Universe contained All, and then many creations were formed that were less intelligent, and then millions and billions of years later, humans come along and are the most intelligent.
Nah, nah, nah, nah!

If humans are born out of water, then that water contains more genetic intelligence than us.
The source and seed always contains more than that which comes later. This is initially true until intelligence diffuses from the source into the offspring.
The source and the seed and the first always contain more than that which comes later, especially when what comes later is only a portion of what created it.
Seeds contain more genetic intelligence than leaves or fruit.
Soil contains more genetic intelligence than seeds.
Earth contains more genetic intelligence than soil.
Sun contains more genetic intelligence than Earth.
Moon contains more genetic intelligence than Sun.
The main trunk line of descent from Animal to Mammal to Primates has more intelligence than Humans.

We already know the farther away something moves from the source, the greater the loss of signal strength.

No Such Thing As A Safe Logical Place To Resist, Deny & Hide

As humans, we have programmed ourselves into thinking, due to the total composition of our genetics, that this is why we are the most intelligent – besides, we are at the top of the food chain (another false claim).

If total composition is the basis of intelligence, how can humans be more intelligent than the total composition called Earth?

A fatal flaw in human thinking is not understanding that the way we process and manifest our genetic logic, does not make us more or less intelligent than other species.
What makes us more or less intelligent – at least initially – is natural fact of positioning and timing as genetic intelligence moves from the Source and diffuses out into all else and then returns.
Over and over we encounter information that reminds us we share almost identical genetics with each other and with other creations.
Therefore, if humans are the most intelligent, we can only be more intelligent based on the less than .01% to 1% genetic variation.
Properly understanding this will help us rebuild connections more efficiently.

Using Angles Of Light

Let us continue to rotate the script and hold it up to the light at different angles.
How is it that humans are more intelligent than water and air, yet we cannot live without those two truths; however, water and air can live without us?

In the recesses of human self-esteem, we think we have greater power due to our supposed greater intelligence.
Assuming this is true, then a great display of human intelligence would be the ability to replace or duplicate water as a basis of life. This has not yet happened so we are premature in our feigned claim to famed intelligence.
I thank whatever Gods may be for water being the highest percentage of me, rather than my human identity!

Another angle. Estranged lethargic logic tells us it's crazy to think water is more intelligent than us.
Since we know we need water and we are more intelligent than water, then why don't we just create water,* and use human genetic intelligence to replace the genetic intelligence of water? Why wouldn't we do this and solve thousands of problems humans and other creatures deal with due to lack of fresh water?
We are highly intelligent aren't we at the top level of any and everything? We have dominion don't we? We dominate don't we? We can do whatever the heaven or hell we want, can't we?
Why don't we just show we are the most intelligent species by creating technology that creates water by sucking Hydrogen and Oxygen out of the air? How hard could it be? It's just plain ole, dumb ole, lifeless, spiritless, soulless, genetically inferior water. Two Hydrogen plus One Oxygen. Aren't we more mathematically astute than Hydrogen and Oxygen?

Another angle. Isn't it intelligent to know what to eat? How would you rate humans on that basis compared to other animals?
Don't we consider it intelligent to “kill two birds with one stone?” Why do humans no longer consider or use food as medicine? Since we once knew what to eat and now have a lesser sense of understanding, doesn't that constitute a loss of intelligence?

Changing It Up

The Universe is ever-changing, updating and reconfiguring.
Thinking humans are the most intelligent creatures is dead-end cesspool thinking that does not allow us to remain fresh,vibrant or viable.

Viability is changeability – something which is a primordial characteristic of genetics.
Thus, intelligence is inseparable from changeability. Viability is inseparable from changeability.

Even if humans are the most intelligent, no crown is retainable by virtue of simply holding on to it. ReNu Reknew! You must continuously fashion a new crown out of nuness, in keeping with the cycles of time that help you descend so you can climb.

*Instead, humans have created money as a false measure of intelligence and power.