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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, January 30, 2017

Spiritual Energy Waves Help Determine Fashion & Mutation
Unity Consciousness #939


”Preparedness Is More Important Than Public Protest, Unity Consciousness #929”

Who Donald Trump is, is a non-subtle front man form of the Anti-Christ. As president of the co-dependent States of America, Trump is the Anti-Christ of the Anti-Christs (the racism collective). This racism collective is not limited to the co-dependent States of America and neither is the racism collective limited to albinos. Those who are in league with the ideologies of the racism collective, no matter what subgroup they are or what country they are in, they are still self-identified Anti-Christs.

Puppets & Pawns

The Anti-Christ is a puppet and the Anti-Christs are puppets. They puppet each other, parrot each other, pawn each other, pimp each other and prostitute for each other. They are all kicking it together in some weird sick role play of constant pretense. There is never ever a moment when they are not pretending. This gives them and others, the false impression that these fools are in complete control, when nothing is further from the First Truth. Their orchestrations, though great of temporary impact, are still in fact, illustrations of the much weaker side of the dynamic equation.
Do not be deceived by any other representation of what is going on.
The first part of the deadly psychological warfare game is the Anti-Christs (the ones kinda sorta currently in charge, and their supporters and the ones crying “foul”) are all one and the same and are playing mind games on you to distract you from seeing and believing the obviousness of the more important other things going on in the human world and in Earth, Solar System, in Galaxy, Universe and within yourself.

Stop being silly and allowing your senses to be focused on the lord of the flies instead of the lady of the elements. Trump cannot do anything by himself. Executive order or not. This is not about Trump, this is about America. This is not about America, this is about the global racism collective. This is not about the global racism collective, this is about Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe. Simply put, this is about the continuous climate changing cycles of dynamically balancing First Truth and Second Truth energy waves in the final multi-year phase of the tug-of-war. It is a spiritual war that plays itself out in physical dimensions.

The second part of the deadly psychological warfare game being played by Destroyer Anti-Christs is to keep you caught up in emotions so you will continue the habit of not sufficiently analyzing anything. Due to not understanding the Two Truths to help you update your orientation based on past, present and future cycles of events, you remain oscillating and vacillating on a weak logic foundation. Thus when Primordials or people change intensity, frequency or direction, you really don't know whether to move with the flow or against the flow.
Predictability is one of the purposes of cycles. One of the reasons we are able to function consistently is because logic, under a range of conditions, is predictable. So it is will all logic, human and non-human.

All things in the Universe operate based on logic. All things within you operate based on logic.
By logic, systems function and dysfunction. What is happening right now is logical functioning and dysfunctioning. What is happening right now in your body is based on data and instructions (logic, zeroes and ones, First Truths and Second Truths) in your cells as they interact with the logic outside of self. What is happening right now in the climate changing Universe is based on data and instructions (logic, zeroes and ones, First Truths and Second Truths) in all parts of the Universe, interacting. What is happening right now in Earth among humans is based on combinations of all this logic. The Anti-Christ and the Anti-Christs are simply following predictable patterns of logic, thus predictable patterns of behavior.
You can understand what's going if you properly orient yourself to the Two Truths so you can put the logic inside you and outside of you into their proper cycle-repeating perspectives.

The Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing
by Charles S. Finch III, M.D.

Well it is done. The man who, though just one day in office, is already the worst president in U.S. history, has been inaugurated. And really, the majority of the country knows it; the crowds have fairly fled the inaugural festivities and swearing-in. The Day of Infamy was November 9th, when most of us awoke to the impossible nightmare of a Trumpian electoral victory. Make no mistake, the USA is not a democracy because in a democracy the majority vote determines the electoral victor. The founding fathers, in their political “wisdom”, inserted a “buffer” between the potential unruly majority of citizens and government and called it the electoral college. And it was the electoral college that put Trump in office, not the majority of voters: Hilary Clinton amassed 2.8 million more votes than Trump. The truest characterization of the USA is that it is a republic, defined by the 18th century French philosopher Montesquieu as follows:
In his work, "The Spirit of the Laws", Montesquieu classified both democracies, where all the people have a share in rule, and aristocracies, where only some of the people rule, as republican forms of government.
Thus in a republic, a minority of voters can legally elect their rulers. This defines the current American system to the life. Twice in the last 16 years, the winner of the popular vote – a Democrat in both instances – lost the presidential election to the loser of the popular vote who, nonetheless, won the electoral college. America’s vaunted democracy is a fiction; it effectively does not exist. And never has. So we are left with a man totally and absolutely unsuited to the office who now inhabits the Oval Office. This will not end well. It never does.

Copyright © 2017 Cosaan Foundation & Khenti, Inc. All rights reserved.

Another perspective that says the same thing is that Donald Trump is perfectly suited to be the Anti-Christ because America is the leader of arrogant Anti-Christ countries who think their ships don't sink.

Let us always remember, all Anti-Christs are mutations of logic and viruses of logic. Therefore they are weaker than the original logic that still exists and permeates the Universe. So also are their creations, philosophies, ideologies, institutions, educations, religions, militia, foods, cultures, countries, etc. weaker than the spiritual and physical genetic logic being resurrected.
Mutation defects are designed built into the system. Mutations are not of their own making, but they are of their own doing because, as they increase in age, their logic becomes more and more of their own choosing.

In other words, many people have been fashioned into being Anti-Christs and many people make the daily decision that being an Anti-Christ is fashionable. What remains in fashion in caught up in its own conundrum. The more successful a fashion or mutation is, the quicker it will go out of fashion due to its own ubiquity. As a fashion or mutation becomes commonplace and the standard that sets the norm, the advantage of being a “gotta have it” alternative is lost. The fashion or mutation becomes optional, then obsolete. As we more clearly understand the differences between First Truth and Second Truth and between alternative and option, then fashionable logic or mutated logic loses its ability to sweet talk trick us.
Do not be deceived by limitations of logic as to what is fashionable and what is mutation.
Right now, it is fashionable to protest against the Eurasian Anti-Christ Trump. Protesting against Trump is mutated logic. Avoid it. The ecosystem immune system of the Universe is self-correcting.
Self-correction climate change is built into the system to change the dynamic balance of logic that determines the greater portion of what humans are doing. This is the transition, the changeover, the upheaval, the separation, the going back, the fetching, the reconnection, the fulfillment.
The art of war is deception and surprise. These strategies are used by both sides.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

SA | Spirit-Soul Basis of Understanding & Contextual Healing
Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #938


A summary of what Sankofa means is “go back and fetch it.” The importance of going back and fetching was explained in ”Sankofa Definition & Pronunciation | Continuity For All Time.” Now we shall go back farther and further beyond the general importance, so we can fetch more understanding of what it is we must go back and fetch, and where we must go, to fetch it.

Sankofa Has Multiple Definitions & Meanings

Like most words, Sankofa is a combination of multiple letters. All letters are combinations of multiple meanings because letters are metaphors that have been condensed into symbols (into a zip file). Most of us do not understand how many levels of meaning are contained in the letters of the language we speak, thus, we also have limited understandings of words. This is a fundamental problem causing us to operate based on partial and surface understandings of letters, words, phrases, sentences, philosophies and anything else transferred via spoken or written language.

This message expands our understanding of “Sankofa” but is not an exhaustive discussion of all possible understandings.
One of the ways Sankofa can be broken down is into three parts: Sa + ank + kofa.

SA – Expanded Definition & Meanings Of The First Part Of Sankofa

Forms of SA are: Kha & Ka are earlier forms, Sha, Sah, Sa, Su, Sau, San. All of these words are interchangeable synonyms and mean the same thing. (AE2 905/369) (AE1 42/52 and 112/122) (BB 239/251)

Sa means spirit, soul, soil and basis. (AE1 89-90/99-100) (AE1 131/141) (AE1 135/145)

Sa means son, daughter, child. (BB 109/121) (AE1 516/526) (BB 120/132)

Sa means the hinder part which denotes birthplace, origin, female. Thus Sa means mother. (NG1 x/12)

Sa means to return, come back again. (BB109-11/121-3)

Sa means aid, backing, defense and soul. Each of these have different symbols. (AE1 112/122)

Sa means touch. “Go back and touch it.” “Stay in touch.” (AE1 112/122)

Sa means to heal. (BB 83/91)

Sa means rank, kind of officer, virtue, efficacy, protection, amulet (fetish),* wisdom, judgeship and of an order. This is symbolized by (1) the collar or tie and by (2) an ornament with ten loops. This ten-looped Sa is associated with a royal court of rank or Court of Justice of law. The collar or tie is worn by judges. The S-collar. (BB 120/132) (AE1 112/122)

Sa is symbolized by the letter “S.” (BB 120/132) (AE1 112/122)

Sa is symbolized by the Jackal and the Goose. (AE1 43/53) (BB109-11/121-3)

Sa is symbolized by the tail of the crocodile. The tail of the crocodile is Kam.
The earliest form of Kam is Ma, mother, thus Sa is mother.
The later form of Kam is the compound word Khebma (Ma + Kheb). Kheb is Khebt is Ta-urt is Apt is goddess, hippopotamus (Earth), crocodile (Water), lioness (Air) and kaf ape (Fire). Thus Sa is goddess, great mother, mother, daughter, sister, child, son, husband, father, god. Sa is all forms of all things. Sa is the spirit-soul soil that forms the basis of all things and permeates all things. (BB147/154)

*More About Fetishes We All Have & Use, Especially In Religions

Fetish is a sign (symbol) of fidelity or faith. A fetish is the same thing as an amulet or magical charm. A fetish is a symbol of Sa. There was a divinity named Sau, or Ka, who was the author and creator god of fetish-figures which are identifiable as amulets, charms, knots, skins, and other things that were worn as types of protective power.
Since Sa means touch, the protecting power appealed to as the god of the fetish was the god of touch. The amulet brought the power nearer to be laid hold of, and made its presence veritable to this sense. Thus, Fetishism was a mode of Sign-language which supplied a tangible means of laying hold of the nature powers that were to some extent apprehended as superhuman without being comprehended. Hence the talisman, the amulet, or magical charm is worn as something tangible, a thing to touch or clutch hold of, on purpose to keep in touch with the power represented by the fetish. This god of touch still exists in Christianity, as amulets, charms, the cross, the rosary, and other fetish figures that are yet worn for protection, and are touched in time of need, to establish the physical link with the invisible Power with which it may be thought desirable to “keep in touch.” Not everything could serve as a fetish. There was no fetish without some special symbolic value known to those who read these natural hieroglyphics. (AE1 112/122) (NG1 72/90)

With the prefix attached, Ka becomes Teka and Sa becomes Tesa which means to touch, attach, join together. Ka, Teka, Sa, Tesa or Touch is the name of the deity of emblems (fetishes); the Ka image being the spiritual likeness in the future life; the double of one’s self in this. These types include the mummy image, the Karast [Sahu], the tie-type of reproduction, the beetle scarab, the sun, moon and many other forms of symbols used as amulets, protective charms and to help humans maintain a sense of being in touch with a power, presence or deity or spirit-soul. (BB 193/205)

Sa is the magical fluid imparted from one body to another by the laying on of hands or making passes as in hypnotizing. The Sa was a sort of ichor [liquor, fire water] that circulated in the veins of the gods and the glorified. This they could communicate to mortals, and thus give health, vigor, and new life. [This is why liquor as alcohol is called spirits because it warms and makes one feel vibrant in a deceptive way.]
By transmitting their Sa of life to mortals, the gods continually needed a fresh supply, and there was a Lake of Life in the northern celestial heaven, called the Lake of Sa, a place of healing where the gods went to refresh their magical fluid. (AE1 175/185)

Lake Of Sa Is The Lake Of Fire

The Lake of Sa is a lake in Paradise containing the water of life for rejuvenation, healing and birth of spirits as germs (seeds.) Thus, the Lake of Sa as water, is the soil of spirit. (AE1 131/141) (AE1 378/388)

The Lake of Sa is a lake of spirit, magical fluid, baptism, purification and immortality. The Lake of Sa exists in heaven above and heaven below. (AE2 795/259)

These two Lakes of Sa-Fire are not places of eternal damnation in Hell. The Lakes of Sa-Fire that are places of spirit-soul birth, rebirth, rejuvenation and eternal life. Since the Lake of Sa-Fire, is a womb and a cocoon, it is also a tomb. The temporary nature of the Lake of Sa-Fire as tomb might be the place where the Second Death and Damnation take place. (AE2 795/259)

Go Back Where & Fetch What?

Go back to the spirit-soul basis of life, existence and understanding. Go back and fetch more of the fullness of knowledge of self as spirit-soul. Go back over the roads spirit-soul has traveled and revisit the places you have lived over the Ages to bring you to where you now live. Go back to beginnings, go back to origins as human and spirit. Go back to your birthing places and fetch understandings of yourself from a child up till now so you can know who you are by knowing where you came from. Go back and fetch a healthier sense of connection so you can understand the optimal way to apply free will to a healthier sense of direction to completion and perfection. Go back and get some healing by understanding the stronger First Truth of self.

Get interconnected and interrelated and travel the Spirit web throughout the Spiritsphere as various shades, degrees and angles of light. Go back over the paths, the past, world history, memories, Ancestors, genetic libraries, back through false firewalls, back through portals, gateways, doors and fetch all of the key that brought you from the full understanding of Sa to your partial, fragmented, unhealthy present identity. Go back to soil food as soul food. Go back and fetch some re-germination to restore like Nnu, your self-estimations. Go back to the Sap of Strength to replenish what has sapped your strength. Go back and fetch nutrition to healthyself with what is missing. Go back through the water fire and fetch the hidden spirit-soul to balance physical vision. Go back and fetch Sa, Ka, Ma, Kam & Khebma. Go back and fetch everything and correct everything.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fake News | Don't Believe Your Eyes Or Video
Unity Consciousness #937


As promised by Nyame, the Faithful, you have been warned about the recent usage of the term “fake news.” Get ready for more of the setup to prepare you to not know what's up.
Just four days ago, Message #1 was given and delivered. Now comes confirmation by way of Message #2.

Message #1: ”What Is Fake News, Anti-Christ & Aquaria | Definition, Unity Consciousness #928”

Message #2: ”‘Alternative Facts’ Bode Poorly For Our Evolving Relationship With The Truth”

According to this article:
”’s now impossible to use seeing something as a viable criteria for believing it.” and
“In the year 2017, for the first time in history, we can no longer believe what we see in video.”and
”In the next 10 years, it’s likely that we will be able to believe very little of what we see in video.”
So now, the only criteria left for believing something is to get information from a media source you trust. (This is a continuation of the setup to keep leading fools who base most of their logic on believing rather than the process of knowing.)

All of this “don't believe you eyes or video” information is trying to offset the fact that cameras are everywhere. Cellphones, buildings, etc. Cameras are an extension of human eyes. The status quo power structure does not want you to believe what is being captured on camera anywhere unless it comes from their cameras. Then they will explain to you what you are seeing.
Remember what you've been told in Message #1. Part of the setup is to create some fake news and fake videos so you hopefully won't know what to think. However, if you start getting nutrition of all types and practicing critical analysis, you will get better and better at knowing what to think, instead of only knowing based on what somebody else tells you.

This article has many issues. I can only discuss a few.
1. There is again several attempts made to lead you to subconsciously think fake news is a new phenomenon, rather than something that has existed for several centuries, coming into existence with the birth of societies due to the de-evolution of civilizations.

2. Media such as the “evening news and major newspapers,” have never ever been non-partisan (objective). Secondly, even though a media source might be “highly trusted” doesn't mean the media source is trustworthy. For instance, Huffington Post.

3. A human from 50,000 years ago could only look like black people; therefore that human would not look like any other person in New York City except black people.

4. The movie “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is part of the setup. The article of Message #2, is telling you, when something is fake, we will tell you, no need for you to try to figure it out. Other people who are faking video might not tell you it's fake, so listen to us in order to know what video is fake and what video is real.
You have been warned how movies are used.
Also,the movie “I Robot” told us that robots and human rights were going to come into focus and conflict within the next 20 years.

5. The article is slick but not slick to the Initiate. First the article tells you a human from 50,000 years ago would look like humans today, then it tells you that a human created as a computer generated image can also look like any of us today. So now they have taken humans from the past, the present and future and got you all mixed up as to when, what, were and how.

6. Here's the part you are not being told straight up. There are humans on other planets and other dimensions and they are coming as promised by cycles and multiple ways of knowing. Countries are gearing up to fight “aliens” and send messages to aliens, but are telling you there is no life on other planets and if you or someone else happen to see something or someone who is able to do unusual things, don't believe your eyes or video.

7. The notions of “fake news” and “alternative facts” and “post-truth” are being used so you will disregard the First Truth that you yourself are able to discern, see, hear, smell, taste or touch.
According to Message #2, ”this ability to simulate people in video... will undoubtedly also be used to counterfeit reality, to lead people to believe things that simply are not true.”
On this point, the article is telling the 100% First Truth. The article is telling you that the Second Truth is going to try to get you to disbelieve the First Truth because the emerging First Truth is going to seem so real, it won't be. They are telling you that they and only them can tell you what truth is – so stay tuned in to the Anti-Christs.

8. I'll say it again. It is not a mistake that all of a sudden, you are being programmed to “not believe your eyes or video.” Why is this necessary? This message is being turned into a worldwide theme. Why? Why now?

9. Message #2 references “in the next 10 years.” That means from 2017 to 2027, more and more “fake news” video is going to take place. In other words, First Truth and Second Truth are going to come face to face and do battle in ways that we can all see with our eyes and with video.

10. As a reminder, 2017 is only 24 years away from the fullness of Aquaria coming into rulership. Each passing day, Starmother Aquaria, The First Truth, is getting stronger and asserting herself, her influence. Fake news and alternative facts are terms that are attempting to obscure the obviousness of physical manifestations that once took place on Earth and are again going to take place in keeping with the continuous cycles of climate change. The climate is changing from lie to truth. The only way now for you to be lied to is if you lie to yourself and do not believe your own eyes.

2017 is a year of completion (transition into ending transitioning into beginning)*

2017 is about to get turnt up!

*Trump is a metaphor for the trump card race card of white supremacy. Trump cards are only played when there are no other cards available to play that can beat other cards being played. Trump cards are used as a last resort and at the end of the game. Trump also represents reneging. Human renegers are going to get caught and called out when they try to hide their cheating at the end of the game by throwing all the cards in trying to push reset so they can wipe out their debts and everybody else's assets. You have been getting prepared for this by reports of computer hacking account information and by Russia hacking the US election. When the bill becomes due to pay all the retirees their money, the system will crash.

2/22/2017 – Now being made available to everyone is the technology to create holograms.

False Positive Climate Change Out Of Non-Blackness Control
Unity Consciousness #936


The overlooked obvious hidden in plain sight:
This is not the first period of time climate has changed. Climate has never ever stopped changing and never ever will.
What we are calling climate change right now is the result of our delayed awareness. This causes emergence to become emergency, thus the predictable becomes unexpected crisis.

We know other species of humans once existed as did other animals, plants, insects and microorganisms. They no longer exist in motion in this dimension. What happened? What changed?
Climate changed.
Why did climate change?
Did humans cause climate change back then the way humans are supposedly causing climate change today?

Clearly, the survival of any species is dependent upon having adequate habitat. After humans have destroyed the habitat of most species, humans have changed their behavior a little and have achieved success in the recovery of a few species.
However, it is a false positive to think the success of human behavioral change in regards to habitat can also translate into success to reverse the effects of climate change.
Species depletion due to loss of habitat is caused by human logic.
Climate change is due to changes in logic of Earth and Universe.

If humans of the last 300 years had not polluted anything and lived in perfect harmony with Earth and each other, climate was still going to change in some way in order to ensure cycles continue. Sickness must come and health must go and health must return in a different form, thus, some or all species must also be different. This difference ranges from going out of existence, coming into existence and remaining, yet undergoing changes.

All species have always changed, coming into and out of season according to what season it is.

Climate change is not unique. Climate change is ubiquitous. Climate Change is a Season. All cycles are seasons because all cycles are reasons. There is a logical reason for climate change. Human logic is the tiniest portion of that reason.

Every day when Night becomes Light becomes Night, we have experienced a season and a reason and a cycle and climate change.
Every time we exhale inhale, we have experienced a season of breathing, a reason of breathing, a cycle of breathing, a climate change of breathing.
There are uncountable climate changes and they are all cycles, reasons, seasons. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3)

When annual seasons change, we already know different species rise and fall.
When Night and Light exchange places we know there are species designed for Night and species designed for Light.
Non-blackness understanding of science and technology creates the false positive that humans can use their small grasp of understanding to stop the larger cycles of understandings.

Humans cannot save other species from climate change. Other species don't need saving and are not supposed to be saved in the first place.
Yes, humans can build a greenhouse and keep plants alive during Winter, but unless humans can build a cooling house over the greenhouse effects of Universe, climate change momentum will keep marching on.
The very best humans can do is get logic as healthy as possible.

Climate change yackety-yak by non-blackness is due to anxiety attacks, the fear of the unknown and the uncontrollable. (Their world is being rocked by Maat and the rotten apple logic cart is being reset.)
To pacify all the fear this brings, non-blackness says, “we the mighty rule makers have caused climate change” and “we can stop climate change if we want to. We got it like that.”
When was the last time these people adjusted the thermostat of the Sun, stopped Earth from tilting, changed Earth's polarity or stopped an earthquake or the wind, or caused it to rain to alleviate drought or redirected a hurricane even though they claim to understand these storms intimately by first name?
By sticking to the script of a weak 3-second worldview, non-blackness is attempting to reestablish their sense of control through the usual method of psycho-socio-deception.
They have been living with a false positive that they control the world, nature, humans, minds, outer space, etc.

The Psyche Of These People

If they accept the fact that the world is not controllable by them, the majority of their self-esteem falls apart because their self-esteem is based on the notion they are in control.

So what these people are saying and doing right now in regards to climate change is trying to convince themselves they are in control and can remain in control. Their thinking is just like a swimmer who succeeds in smaller controllable conditions but one day realizes he is in the middle of the ocean but due to also being able to float and tread water, he makes it to an island in the distance-a new world he is the first to discover. Because he is used to blocking messages, he doesn't realize the island is changing from mountain to volcano, until lava flows. He figures it wasn't erupting when I got here and now it is so it must be something I did all by myself. Starting with women and children first, the way it was in days of cold, he begins throwing everything on the island into the volcano to plug the hole in his self-estimation. (belief system)

The multi-dimensional evolutionary nature of climate change is significantly misunderstood so much so as to make estimations of the effects of climate change about as accurate as totaling groceries by running the entire cart through a scanner.
Climate change is much more than global warming, glaciers melting, sea level rising and species decline. It is nothing more than a Season.

It is not possible to understand much of anything unless the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects of what you are trying to understand, are all understood. Do not be deceived. We can still rise to a level of greatness in a climate of weakness, and though great by the standards of weakness, still not understand much.

In closing, we revisit non-blackness out of control. In previous times, certain people made agreements in order to control the human world. Recently they just made a Paris Agreement to control climate change.
Non-blackness thinks that by making agreements among themselves, they can control climate change because that's how they've been able to control things in the past. This is a false positive. They think their logic ain't broke so no need to fix it.

It is this sense of being in control that is out of control.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

African Black Women Liberation Clarification
Unity Consciousness #935


”Preparedness Is More Important Than Protest, Unity Consciousness #929”

African Black women, you do not need to be marching with white women or any other kind of woman. The fact that they identity as white at all other times, means they do not identify with black. You might be willing to set aside your African blackness for your femaleness, but they most certainly are not willing to set aside their whiteness for femaleness. They are protesting as white women but got you “believing” it's just about women.

White women got you protesting with them against Trump and this and that but white women in mass numbers do not make it priority to punish the killers of your children, brothers, husbands, sisters.
Your concerns are not their concerns, yet you make their concerns your concerns.

African Black women, you need to be working with African Black men the way it was in the beginning when we created long-standing civilizations or the way it was during the physical enslavement or the way it was for a period after the physical enslavement or the way it still is here and there.

Why do African Black women protest for a white woman's cause?
Because some African Black women identity more with being female than with being African Black and more with being American than African and more with being South African than being African.

Under what circumstances would it be okay for African Black males to march with White males?
Why is it okay for women to protest on the basis of gender, but when African Black people unite as a collective and protest with one strong determined voice on the basis of African Blackness, we're being racist, divisive, etc?

African Black women, white women don't need any liberation or any more rights.
All these white women have to do to get their rights is to stop having sex with white males and they will get their rights overnight.
African Black women, you are falling for the sweet-sounding gender-based okie doke that works against black folks.
You think what is in your heart is in their heart.
You think their words match their heart.
You do not take five minutes to test that theory of belief but asking who is participating in the racism collective worldwide. Is it just white males?

African Black women, by putting your gender first, you are subconsciously seeking to escape from African Blackness. You just wanna be somebody else. “I can't get equality based on African Blackness, let me try getting it as a woman and my chances are improved if I join with white women because they are connected to the power (white males).” This is deep in your messed up logic.

Your alliance with white women won't get you any more rights. It will get you less.
By moving away from African Blackness as your main basis, the only place you can escape to is a human-made Hell.

Good grief! This is 2017 and we act like we don't have any experience upon which to improve our hindsight. We act like everything is long ago and in the past and has no relevance to right now and everything happening right now has something to do with something else.
Our behavior is the same as making the same mistake thousands of times.
Based on our “keep-on-believing-the-obvious-lie” behavior, our favorite song must be, “You just keep on fooling me, until you use me up.”

"What we must do and what we must know." World history and African spiritual traditions are the instruments of your liberation.

”Steve Harvey's Good-Bad-Ugly-Stupid Chess Playing, Unity Consciousness #927”

No we are not all human beings because some of us have decided against human beingness.

African Black women, you mistakenly think you have a women problem, when instead you have a spiritual problem which is inseparable from African Blackness, the birthplace of human spirit.

African Black(ness) is more than one geographic location, one color or shade. African Black(ness) is many understandings that converge as we emerge and merge.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Abuse Of Power Cycle: Might Makes Right
Unity Consciousness #934


It is quite ridiculous and quite indicative that one country “sanctions” reprimands another country and then coerces bullies other countries to participate. Gang mob mafia behavior is alive and well.

This is another version of “might makes right.” It is a repeating cycle that has plagued humans throughout human history. “Might makes right” exists today in numerous versions in many countries. One of the most obvious ones is the version called “white makes right.”

Within the creative genetic potential genius of humans is the potential to abuse power.
First it was women, spirituality, kinship and African Blacks leading the abusing, now it is males, religion, friendship and Asian whites. As always, this example does not account for everyone guilty of abuse of power.

”Ancient Processes Behind The Scenes Of Current Self-Esteem, Unity Consciousness #925”

The downside of primitive self-esteem.

The upside of primitive self-esteem.

The Problem With White People, Unity Consciousness #891

The Problem With Black People, Unity Consciousness #892

What If Might Did Make Right?

Universal First Truth, the strongest force in the Universe, would zap murderers, zap corrupt societies, zap viruses and zap other creations. If might did make right, all of this zapping would be without the use of due process.

Due process means with a balanced approach due to considering all processes (cycles), and needs in the Ecosystem.
Due process is the employment of multiple processes to establish, maintain, de-establish and reestablish balance.

However, when “might makes right,” there is no need to take into consideration multiple natural law cycles that are always operating and waiting for the conditions to initiate other processes.
Under a “might makes right” approach, multiple creations are limited in their ability to learn because they are not allowed to use their genetic potential to help make things right.
For instance, if our skins stopped all pathogens from entering, there would be no need for the rest of the immune system.
The human immune system is part of the human ecosystem which is a microcosm metaphor of Earth's Ecosystem and of the Universal Ecosystem; therefore, a single mighty line of defense that made all things right would limit the opportunity for the rest of the body to experience, learn, work together and overcome challenges. This would limit the evolution of the “Mighty” due to the inability to test more and more integrated levels of configuration. This would also diminish the quality of life and longevity of the “Mighty” because longevity is based on many parts and multiple redundancies working together in a self-sustaining ecosystem. Longevity is not based on Might.

A “might makes right” approach is sufficient for the moment but not for the continuously changing cyclical nature of the Universe. A “might makes right” approach is inherently weak from inception because its parameters and principles do not allow understandings to keep up with an enormous number of cycle changes and their integrated nature.
As a result, as cycles continue to change, “might makes right” loses viability.
The main reason is the inherent internal weakness just mentioned that reaches a critical mass and critical point of no return which cannot under any circumstances be stopped or reversed. The only thing left to do is continue to funk fake and eat, drink, be merry and celebrate being great, for tomorrow we die. Very few are aware this is the increasingly manifesting case.

A “might makes right” approach is self-defeating and to the extent “might makes right” is used more than an ecosystem approach is the extent to which the lifespan of the “might makes right” user is shortened. America is a perfect example that will go down in history as the quickest rising, shortest lived and fastest falling empire.

I'll repeat what is said in the previous message. Our genetic potential craves, seeks and needs human beingness knowledge of self which is same thing as nutrition which is wholeness which is health.
A society is just a group of people. When a group of people organize themselves such that their overall nature does not reflect human beingness, the genetics of that group starts to weaken and deteriorate due to malnutrition. A very short life span is guaranteed because the continuous cycle that ensures longevity is not being fed what it needs to be healthy and stay alive. There is no escape from the justice cycles Of Maat.

Beauty Of Irony Of The “Mighty”

The beauty of the irony of the “Mighty” is they are defeated by their own ideologies. That which assisted in the construction of societies will assist in the destruction of societies. Try to make America great again please. It is exactly what we need.

First Truth Is, Maat Is the Might Who Makes Right

“Might makes right” always meets the fate of “it's too late.”

By any means necessary, “might makes right” comes into existence and maintains power.
By any means necessary, “might makes right” always gives way to “Maat makes right.”

Since Maat is the Mother of the Two Truths, she is the Word, Writer & Flipper of the Largest Script.
Maat is the circle cycle maker. She takes small and makes great and takes great and makes small.
Maat takes the many in legion and makes them succumb to anyone she pleases in Creation.
Whether they be a Goliath aka “ little big head” America or multiple giants, aka United Nations, running rampant in the promised lands of Earth, they will be defeated by cycle after cycle until they are no more.

Maat is the one who takes water and makes fire then takes fire and makes the blood of the internally wounded boil until they bleed life into death because they have bred death into life.
Because these morally wounded have resisted, rejected and denied repeated assistance, they are irreparable reprobates, unsalvageable and irredeemable. Some of us are going to meet the same fate because we are too caught up in identifiers that belong to the virus.

Preparations are underway for the coronation of the Great Lady of Night and Day to take her throne on centerstage. She is not going to tolerate a messy house.
The Great Mother of Waters & The Divine Spark she carries in her womb are ready to retake all thrones.

We have seen the weaker side of Maat and it is powerful indeed.* Now comes her stronger side and it is all-powerful.
And it shall come forth up out of mountains like fountains spontaneously in continuous cycles, but will remain hidden in plain sight, because just like a river that overflows unnoticed until waters overtake us, so also the power of First Truth is overtaking the sleeping in their quarters, because it rises not due to storm alarm above but due to the calm song below – a song fierce and unrelenting in the pursuit of its fullest expression. And again, dem keep looking ev'rywhere except where dem should.

“The immune system of the Universe has detected the viral microbial mindset and is now preparing the cure. Since Maat has never been blind and her scales of justice not weighted by lawyers. Capitalism has been convicted in Universal Court of the ongoing rape and abuse of our mothers - Spirit, Earth & Alkebu-lan and their children. What we are witnessing now is the Universe converging and conspiring to restore natural law, natural order and thus, heal the world. This was clear four years ago and is crystal clear blue persuasion today.

Not too long ago, in typical ill-advised fashion, capitalism decided the terms are “the one with the most resources wins.” I'm going with the Universe on this one.

*The Destroyer is not a punk but a pawn. Maat rules the larger chess game and Second Truth rules the smaller chess game which is why the king is protected, but all of that is cycling back around to change.

Guaranteed Cycles Of Truths, Years, Seasons, Ages & Reasons
Unity Consciousness #933


The current series is a microcosm of the continuous spiritual journey that provides opportunity for improved health. Topics such as technology, science, identity, self-esteem, human beingness, two truths, okie doke, DNA testing, genetics, epigenetics, world history, worldview, utamawazo, belief, information, process, metaphor, understandings, the within, origin, Africa, spirituality, religion, resurrection, Christ Anti-Christ, racism, wave progression, climate change, First & Last, psychological warfare, logic, virus, politics, cravings, nutrition, natural world, rights of creation, spontaneous, evolution, dimensions and many others are essential to becoming One then Zero with the Creator.

All of these things have been experienced before in similar and different forms and in similar and different degrees. They will continue to take place in cycles.

Cycles Are Guaranteed

Continuous life takes place in cycles spiritually and physically, within which, is the emotional and mental. This cannot be changed by any human.
Cycles will always occur. Cycles are repetitive. What once happened, no longer happens, then what is currently happening no longer happens, then what once happened returns in a different form.
A cycle is described by many words, some of which are Year, Season, Age, Great Year, Reason.
There are quadrillions of cycles taking place inside you right now.
None of these cycles inside you and outside you take place separate from each other; therefore, where there is one, the others are also taking place, some slower, some faster.
For instance, as the cycle of a year takes place, the cycles of Season, Age, Great Year & Reason are also taking place. At the same time, humans are experiencing cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

When Winter Season exists, Summer Season is on the opposite end. Summer is the farthest thing away from what is currently happening. The script has been flipped in order to accomplish this change of seasons and ensure the cycle continues spontaneously, automatically. So, even when it's cold as hell in Winter, it is still guaranteed, that every passing day is moving us towards the opposite side, towards hot as Heaven and the re-flipping of the script. The script will flip again and again and again... First will become Last and Last will become First again and again and again...

The bigger, more powerful cycle we are living in, is not controllable by America or any other racism collective or by Africans or by any human ideology. Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe have the greater say-so of what goes up and what comes down.
The Creator and Creation are continuous cycles. Continuous cycles are an essential principle of Ecosystems and Eternal Life, thus Salvation. The Preexisting Uncreated Creator, cannot be overruled in the implementation of cycle after cycle after cycle...
The Creator runs this, not humans.
Humans participate. Humans do not make natural laws. Everyone and everything will always change. Even if humans do nothing and the human status quo remains, the human status quo will still change slowly, and then all at once, because the human status quo is subject to the changing cycles of the Year, the Season, the Age, the Great Year, the Reason.

At this point, some might be wondering what “Reason' has to do with it all.
Reason is reasoning is logic is information in motion is process is repetitive is cycle.
Every time a human “has a reason” they have just gone through a thought process cycle of information that is boiled down and summarized and called a reason.
Every time a season exists, Earth has just gone through a thought process of information that is boiled down and summarized and called a season.
Likewise then, just because we humans boil down and summarize things into smaller words and phrases such as: 2017 or Spring or the Age of Aquaria or Democracy doesn't mean the fundamental cyclical nature of these things is altered because we call these cycles by different names. No! No! No! The cycle is guaranteed; therefore a change in these things is guaranteed.

It has been predetermined, that smaller cycles such as human goings on are inseparably unchangeably tied to the larger cycles of Earth. Likewise, Earth is a small cycle which is subject and subordinate to the larger cycle of Solar System, of which the Sun is ruler. The Sun is changing; therefore all things subject to the rulership of the Sun must and will change. Humans are subject to the cycles of Earth, Sun and so on. We know this. Suffice it so say, humans are also subject to an enormity of smaller cycles; therefore, humans are caught betwixt and between and are in no ways as powerful as they seem. Humans with the greatest level of knowledge of self had to yield to cycles. Those with the least self-esteem are not an exception to the rule of cycles.
It has been predetermined that celestial living beings, called stars, will rule every moment of existence. Living stars influence all cycles. Do not allow Second Truth astrologers and astronomers to mislead you. Stars are one of the signs of changing cycles of all things and the nature of the changes.

The Cycle Of Today

2017 is part of much larger, more powerful cycles. Whatever is happening right now, was not happening yesteryear and will not be happening futureyear. What is happening right now cannot be maintained by humans. Humans do not have that kind of power to control the cycle of a Year, A Season, A Star, an Age, A Great Year, A Reason.

Humans can influence human reason, but humans cannot control each other's human reason and neither can humans control the reason of other creations and neither can humans control Greater Reason and Reasonings. Humans can influence other humans but the further away from the human dimension a cycle exists, the less influence humans have on it. All other things are also having an influence on the things humans are influencing; therefore even when humans influence human reasoning, many other humans and non-humans are also influencing human reasoning. In other words, do not underestimate the power of every kind of influence and do not overestimate the influence of destroyer humans by thinking their hold on the world is unbreakable. That is a big ole fashioned lie no matter how impossible you think it might seem.
Who could imagine the geographically thawed Europe of today if they were only aware of the tens of thousands of years of Ice Age frozen Europe? Only those who understood, that before Europe was frozen it was thawed and before that it was frozen and so on. Only those who understood the cycles could understand the guaranteed nature of future change of all things no matter how impenetrable the cold becomes and seems.
Hear me now my African Black people! Climate changed in multiple ways to bring white people into existence; therefore, it is also clearly possible for climate to change in multiple ways to take white people out of existence. Understand the fuller definition of what climate change really is and you will also understand how very possible it is for a deeply entrenched virus to be removed from the body and for health, harmony and happiness to return. Within all this changing is included the changes necessary to deal with the gender issue and with religion issue and with education issue, etc. Nothing and no one and no ideology is immune from the climate change that is taking place right now and has always been.

Therefore, listen carefully so you can begin to stop dancing to demon rhythms. Humans ARE NOT the major cause of climate change and humans can in no way stop climate change.* Climate change is a cycle just as Summer to Winter is climate change. If humans had the power to stop cycles and maintain things the way they are, humans would stop Summer from becoming Winter and would stop aging and physical death. If America was a superpower, America stop the rotation and revolution of both Sun and Earth so as to make it Summertime all the time in America and Winter everywhere else. America is a power but not a superpower. Blackness is a superpower.

The need incentive of the Creator is to understand self in all forms, all combinations and all cycles of First Truth and Second Truth.
We are right now living in the period of time that is also the completion of a larger cycle. This is knowable by many things that are non-human.
For those who only rely on human happenings to try to understand what is going on, all human happenings are indicators of what cycle we are in and what stage of the cycle we are in. But we must learn more about all things, in order to properly understand what is going on based on the similarity (metaphor) of the cycle that keeps going on and on and on.

”Ancient Processes Behind The Scenes Of Current Self-Esteem, Unity Consciousness #925”

”Spirituality Forms The Changing Seasons Of Science, Unity Consciousness #579”

No Cycle Perspective, No Balanced Perspective

Imbalance is a function of:
1. perceiving only part of a cycle and not the entire cycle.
2. perceiving only part of purpose and not the entire purpose of Creation, this Universe.

*Consider this logic. If humans are the initiators and greatest cause of the portion of climate change we call global warming, then humans must have also been the reason and greatest cause for the climate change called Ice Age. If humans are responsible for making it get warmer, then by the same reasoning, humans must also be responsible for making it get colder.

The reason we believe incomplete, distorted logic is because we are not using enough of the logic that existed prior to about 3,000 years ago. Basing our reasonings on only 3,000 years worth of distorted logic is the same as trying to understand what a “day” means by only considering 3 seconds. We would end of thinking that all the other seconds were prehistory and not much happened during that time. Then, in 3 seconds, everything that exists was created. We would also end up thinking that the next second, the fourth second, is a second that has never taken place and we are moving into uncharted territory. When we back up and understand the entire cycle of a Day, Week, Month, Year, etc., then when something happens for 3 seconds, we won't believe it is going to last forever and never change to its opposite manifestation.

Human Beingness Is An Alternative, Not An Option
Unity Consciousness #932


Human beingness is the same thing as knowledge of self which is the same thing as First Truth Healthy Self-esteem. Human beingness does not require total knowledge of self but it does require a non-aggressive approach towards other humans and all other creations. In other words, human beingness requires respect for the rights of creation. Simply put, this is spirituality. Human beingness requires spirituality. We already have plenty of experience to show us religion does not lead to human beingness, not in scriptures and not in practice.

All humans crave human beingness because we all crave knowledge of self.
How we understand our craving for human beingness and how we seek to satisfy that craving, boils down to us making decisions between the two alternatives of First Truth and Second Truth. These two truths are alternatives because they lead to significantly different results. If these two truths were options, the result of deciding to follow one or the other would be insignificant.

”Quick Decisions & Definitions | Choices & Options Never Equal, Unity Consciousness #57”

”Why Ancestors Keep Choosing The Way Of African Blackness, Unity Consciousness #775”

The activation of deeper level melanin has a significant impact on the expression of human beingness. Sunlight is only one factor in this activation. Culture is a way to summarize all other factors that influence human beingness. Culture contains numerous things. A few of the most significant components of culture that influence human beingness is education and other forms of media. Also, the primary use of free will is another factor that is a part of culture.

”Blackness, The Essential Goodness Of Human Beingness, Wayne Bibi & Spiritness, Meanings & Definitions, Unity Consciousness #773”

It is imperative we gain a better understanding of the nature of human beingness (knowledge of who we are). This overall context determines the nature of our relationship with self and all else. We cannot lack human beingness and also be in a healthy relationship with self.

An understanding of human beingness helps us understand which humans and non-human things are unhealthy and should be avoided.

This must be properly understood. Because all humans crave human beingness, when we go about it via the Second Truth, we weaken ourselves. The more we do it, the weaker we get. We become more and more mentally ill, spiritually ill, emotionally ill and physically ill. We hate ourselves because we are not manifesting self-love. Instead we are manifesting self-obsession. All of this craziness causes behaviors that are determined to make sickness normal because self-correction has been decided against. These people and their ideologies must be avoided like the plague because it is the plague that is plaguing us. Legal laws, historical lies, schools, all institutions and religion are some of the ways unhealthy people try to cover-up their sickness and try to make others think something's wrong with them. For instance, in many ways, sick people say to healthy people, you are lazy, criminal, athletic but not intelligent, contributed nothing, are the most physically sick, are ugly, are pagan, are poor, can't be unified, are cursed and on and on.

Lastly, we must understand:
Yes we are all humans. Yes we all have 99.9% identical genetics.
No we are not all human beings because some of us have decided against human beingness.

Do not be deceived by “We are all the same.”

Our decision to disregard human beingness makes us very different.
It makes us enemies.

Monday, January 23, 2017

What Color Is Jesus Baa Baa Black Sheep?
Unity Consciousness #931


Because so many of our people are still stuck at the starting line of belief, another attempt is made to help you move one step forward towards investigation.

According to Dr. John Henrik Clarke, once you establish the fact that Jesus was not Greek or Roman, then Jesus must have been African Black.
Greeks and Romans were the only people in the area were Jesus was born and lived, who were not completely black.
According to the Christian Bible, Jesus was a Jew.
According to Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan. The White Jews of today are latecomers and fakers who have no heritage in the area they now occupy.

The original people of Hebrew faith were and still are African black people, but were not called Jews.
Therefore, there was no such thing as a Jew during the time of Jesus. Jesus was not a Jew, Jesus was a descendant of those of Hebrew faith. He was Chaldean. Abraham was Chaldean.
These African black people were the Hebrews who were Chaldeans who were the Kushites who were the Ethiopians who were the Puntites which is the location of Paradise Garden birthplace of humanity.
The white people adopted the Hebrew religion and called themselves Jews. White Jews speak Hebrew, not because they are Hebrew but because they learned the language and the religion and then claimed they originated both.

Let's just say the Christian-Judeo-Islam Bible is 100% telling the First Truth.
Jesus was described as having woolly hair.
Even if this was the glorified form of Jesus, that's even better.
White people don't have woolly hair, not even Greeks and Romans. The hair is curly but not woolly.
There is no reason for Jesus to have woolly hair in heaven or on earth unless Mary or her ancestors or God had woolly hair.
Just because we call it religion doesn't mean religion doesn't have to follow the natural laws of science.
Children get their physical characteristics from their parents and their ancestors. Jesus has black woolly hair lineage.
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Moses and several others hid in Egypt. How do you hide a few white folks among a bunch of black folks?
How do you get a Black Pharaoh to believe his black daughter had a white baby (Moses)?
How do you keep a Pharaoh from killing every male in the palace to find out who got his daughter pregnant?
Clearly Moses was black; therefore so was his ancestry; therefore so were the Hebrews.

“Who Were & Who Are Assyrians & Syrians?, Unity Consciousness #459”

”Jesus Christ, Brother & Person Of Color, Unity Consciousness #86”

”Abraham's Ur Of Chaldea & The Chaldeans, Unity Consciousness #461”

”Truth About Ruth, The Moabitess & Virtuous Woman, Unity Consciousness #468'

”Rebekah, Chaldean Mother of Many Ethiopian Nations, Unity Consciousness #522”

”Jacob Israel & Jesus, Offspring Of The Chaldeans, Unity Consciousness #491”

“Why Do Cousins Fight? Jacob Israelites & Ammonites, Unity Consciousness #497”

”Jeshua, Yeshua, Babelon & Persian Connection, Unity Consciousness #515”

Every which way you look at Jesus, according to multiple verses in the Christian Bible, Jesus is African Black.

But it doesn't matter what color Jesus is?

Two Truths Of What You Crave Is What You Need
Unity Consciousness #930


The Creator is creative genetic potential genius.
Creation, everything in the Universe, is composed of creative genetic potential genius.
The overall use of this potential falls into two categories: First Truth and Second Truth.
The potential of both truths is present in everything. This is our preexisting overall context.
One truth is always the dominant manifestation for the time being. Which truth is dominant changes and varies by degree over periods of time that transcend human lifetimes.
For instance, healthy is a form of First Truth. Unhealthy is a form of Second Truth. We are always manifesting either more healthiness or more unhealthiness. This changes and varies by degree that transcends human lifetimes.

The pre-Script Is Currently Flipped

First Truth is currently considered second and Second Truth is currently considered first. First became Last.
The basic human problem is our overall preexisting script has been flipped. The two truths are in reverse order.
We think unhealthy is healthy and healthy is unhealthy.
We currently think a lie is First Truth. We think most news is First Truth, when instead, it is Fake News Second Truth. It presents only part of the story and presents the story to reflect favorably upon the status quo even when the event is unfavorable. For instance, “the white male murder with a gun was justified and acted reasonably because of living in constant fear for his life because the person who was murdered is part of a collective that makes lethal force necessary to control them even though the person who was murdered had no weapon that could cause lethal force or did not attack the white male murderer. Not following the instructions of a white male “master” with a gun called a police officer whose main purpose is to serve and protect the racism collective is justified and lethal force and should always be the first choice when dealing with “slaves.” In other words, if we can't own them, let's kill them and this is the best place to live.
We think virus logic is the way to live, thus we set aside and ignore obvious contradictions.
We think metaphor is unimportant when instead, metaphor is of prime importance.
As a result, of a flipped script, many understandings are way off.
This causes us to decide to do self-destructive things and shun self-constructive things.
We think vices are virtues. For instance, we think education controlled by and provided by a virus is a “good education” and a “good religion.”

How A Misunderstanding Of The Two Truth Affects What We Crave & How We Understand What We Need

The above section already explains how a misunderstanding of the two truths affects logic reasoning, thought process, understandings, conclusions and decisions.

This section will list more examples to help us get into the groove of recognizing even more examples not listed.

1. We crave assistance to help us fight sickness but choose medication instead of medicine. In other words, we choose the toxic to heal us. We accept side effects and expect to get better, when instead we are trading one illness for the illness caused by the toxins in the medication.

2. We choose religion over spirituality because our minds are not healthy enough to handle the integrated symbolism of spirituality.

3. We choose money over the health wealth of spirit-soul.

4. We crave sweets but don't understand we need natural sweetness from plants and sometimes meat grown in a healthy manner and eaten as soon as possible after harvesting with as little processing as possible. We do not eat from the field.

5. We crave wholeness but don't understand we need to defragment, repair logic and unify consciousness in order to achieve wholeness. Being hooked up “in love” romantically with another person is not a requirement to achieve wholeness.

6. We crave nutrition but eat more food than we need because what we eat does not contain the nutrition we need.

7. We crave attention and/or the need to be around someone else. We don't understand we need to spend more time with self. That craving for attention is our inner self, our spirit-soul, our ancestors calling out to us from within our creative genetic potential genius to spend time with them in order to understand the benefits of all dimensions of self so the within can manifest without, rather than allowing information received from without to move us away from the inner self.

8. We are thirsty, yet one of the last things we consider is water. We don't understand we crave liquid, air, light and earth, because that is what we are.

9. We crave sunlight, yet we screen it out by putting toxins on our skin.

We crave unity but seek it through many forms of divide and conquer logic that sounds good because we are calibrated to think weak logic is wisdom and that “taking care of myself” means “I can do things all by myself."

10. We crave healthy bodies but put virus-provided products into and onto our bodies.

11. We crave spontaneity outside of self because we don't understand we are spontaneity. When we crave spontaneity, we are craving the refreshing kind of spontaneity* that improves knowledge of self because that is our ultimate need. This craving dominates us and we seek it through everything we do. This search for knowledge of self is disguised in words such as satisfaction, destiny, purpose, talents, gifts, fulfillment, love, happiness, contentment, career, being saved, relationships, etc. This helps us feel our time in this life is worthwhile. The ability to achieve this sense of self is not only inhibited by a flipped script, it is also inhibited by living in societies where the most basic needs consume our best energy and we often must forsake what we know is worthwhile just to survive each day. Then try to rest, then repeat. As a result, we settle for false satisfactions, pleasures, entertainments, events, holidays, days off, weekends, hobbies and vacations. We have moved the primary self into last place or when we have time for it or when it does not jeopardize food, shelter and likability. All of this is by design of the virus to keep us from focusing on the virus as the source of all the problems. We fight each other for pieces of sickness instead of getting rid of the virus so all creations can be healthy and enjoy the rights of creation.

12. We crave learning and understanding because that's what fulfills the need incentive. Spirit-soul-mind craves knowledge of itself. We seek this knowledge by mistakenly accepting sub-optimal identifiers instead of optimal identifiers. These identifiers are maintained in the wrong position due to our lack of understanding of self-esteem.

13. We crave growth, maturity, blossoming, fruiting and reaping in accordance with our learning and other labors, yet we are disconnected from the fullness of the root source of our genetics that makes all of our wantings, possible. We are disconnected because our human link through Africa is broken and is being diluted polluted by DNA Testing Results telling us the partial second truth about our ancestry; thus keeping us weak so the virus can keep us defeated to serve unhealthy purposes.

14. We crave salvation but have the unhealthy definition. In the religious context, we seek to return our spirit back home to “Heaven” without showing love towards Earth as home and mother, Africa as “Old Country,” home and mother and African Blacks as our oldest grandparents. Yet we want to return home to “Heaven” where the spirit of these Africans also are in great number.

I craved freshly crushed black pepper not realizing my body was telling me exactly what I needed to help heal my cells This understanding expanded to garlic, onions, mucous, mustard, fiber and much more. Heat allows a virus to multiply and then as heat rises further, it weakens and kills the virus and all of its reproductions. Praise the Lord for global warming!

When what we crave is misunderstood, plus when what we need is misunderstood, then cravings, which are supposed to be a healthy thing, actually turn out to be addictions, an unhealthy thing.
This must be so. When we are doing something unhealthy and can't stop or change, we must be addicted. Just so we are clear, addiction can only take hold where there is weakness.

Cravings must not be dismissed or ignored. We must seek to understand them according to both truths.
Pay attention to cravings. Write down all the forms of what a specific craving means and how to satisfy it. Then separate the list by First Truth Healthy Strengthening and Second Truth Unhealthy Weakening.

*In regards to spontaneity. “Spontan” is related to fontan is fountain.
Spontaneous is what naturally flows like a fountain from the source within and beneath the mountain. Thus, Creation is the result of spontaneous combustion. Do not be deceived by the second truth definition. Spontaneous combustion is the process that sparks human creativity and creativity period. Thus, spontaneous combustion exists in both forms of the two truths.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Preparedness Is More Important Than Public Protest
Unity Consciousness #929


“Africans living in the USA should and must stay away from this Storm. To be citizens or residents does not give Africans permits to go and get cut amid it as Trump supporters or protesters, as Republicans or democrats. Stay away!
This echoes what has been said on:
1. “Trump Shock Circus & Rodeo Is Another False Narrative, Unity Consciousness #901”

2. The Republications are revealed racists. The Democrats are hidden racists. Their women are no different. How can you love a racist and not be racist? How can you love the Devil and not be a demon?

3. ”Concerning Blacks Voting With Anti-African Concerns And Without Due Process, Unity Consciousness #846”

4. ”What's Going On Since 1492 CE (AD), Unity Consciousness #859”

5. ”Called "Liar" For Screaming, "The House Is On Fire!", Unity Consciousness #860”

6. ”Protesting, A Questionable Tactic Is What's Going On, Unity Consciousness #861”

7. ”Racism Is Chanting "USA" When Someone Protests Racism, Unity Consciousness #850”

8. It's one thing to protest from a position of strength of strategy and an entirely different same ole' thing to keep protesting from the weakest point of strategy - asking - and doing so without an escalating action plan to ensure you only have to say it once. In other words, black people worldwide, stop protesting until you are going to follow-up with multiple strategies to get what you want, which includes making yourself strong in every way and not settling for less than 100%.

9. Protesting to White people to stop doing what they are doing is not the way. Do you really think they are going to one day say, “you know what, you're right, we're going to change immediately in every way to set everything right, thank you for reminding us, we simply had not considered your point of view before.”

10. Protesting to achieve correction from a lower-self ruled society is mostly wasted energy. Understand the nature of the beast you are dealing with.
Seriously people, who complains to a rock and expects it to move? Who thinks when a bull backs up, it is in retreat? Do you think a circling lion is trying to get out of your way?

For the uninitiated, the short version of the story is the same as the opening paragraph: African Blacks worldwide must not get caught up in this Republican versus Democrat made-for-illusion rhetoric or similar political nonsense whereby we are divided based on some other group's concerns. We don't have Republican, Democrat, Woman, Gay, etc. concerns. The only thing we need to care about is Africans for Africa!

A woman in a red-white-blue dress was strip searched. Not only was her dress design found to a knockoff of African symbolism, this untrustworthy woman was found to be concealing a monarchy called a republic in her nakedness.

Despite the clarity of the times we are in that have highlighted the unyielding nature of the enemy and the constant shape-shifting trickery, we still have two extremes:
First is those who are still “all-in” to the European Dream, thus they have European Concerns, not realizing the main European concern is maintaining white supremacy at all costs forever, even if in the disguise of Women's Rights. A main weapon of war is deception. The Anti-Christ has been given the power of deception. They are good deceivers and have programmed you with their worldview and definitions to get you to believe their way is still the way, when it never has been.

African Women you better be certain to understand that white women don't want you to be equal with them. You better get those false notions of friendship and love out of your hijacked head. Or don't. Go ahead, relax! We're on a fantastic voyage, aren't we, in the best-place-to-be land of liberty and opportunity.
The fact that you think you have more in common, logically morally, with other groups is self-defeating. Part of this is caused by you calling yourself a woman of color. This is the same as watering down Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter. You are an African Black woman, not a woman of color. See the difference? To call yourself a woman of color is a self-okie doke just as is calling yourself African-American, Kenyan, Dominican, Haitian, Brazilian, Dravidian, etc. These designations keep us dumb-founded. Lost about who we are while feeling we have found ourselves. All of this is the result of thinking drinking too much pink lemonade.

The second extreme is those who are oblivious to what's happening. You still think life is just going to go on the same way for the next 16 years. You believe corrupt bankrupt societies who kill steal for a living are going to ever keep the promises you believe leads to a better life and depend on for everyday life. How can things be better in a healthy way when you are a power outage away from being unable to bathe and eat?

Free Will, Initiates, Information, Investigation, Analysis, Understanding, Converts To Other Basic Needs, Preparedness, Will Free

The amount of time, money and other resources spent on public protests is an enormous ridiculous amount of value. Little to none fundamentally helps Africans. (This is part of the okie doke.) If you want to do something, but don't want to get prepared, in the manner outlined in these many messages, then try something different. Take that protest energy and money and time and get together with fellow protesters and put those resources together to help each other get land, build a house, plant a perennial garden or pay off some property already being lived in. Protest this way every weekend for a year.

What Is Fake News, Anti-Christ & Aquaria | Definition
Unity Consciousness #928


The term “fake news” is preparing you for another form of okie doke programming.
The program is a simple script that gets your mind to say, yes there is such as thing as fake news.
Then the second script refers you to the definition of fake news as defined by those who brought you the term “fake news.”
By default, what is not tagged “fake news” in your logic, becomes “real news” to you.
This is important because it gets you to accept as real, what is not called fake without analyzing either.

Long Example

For instance, the Christian holy book speaks of the Anti-Christ, the deceiver, the false prophet. This is the so-called wolf in sheep's clothing.
Truth is, the Christian holy book is the Anti-Christ along with other holy books of religions.

This is the basic okie doke: First, describe yourself and put someone else's face and name to it. Then describe someone else and put your face and name to it.

As explained recently, Christ is karest is sahu is mummified soul.
The Anti-Christ is described as ruling for a season before the second coming of Christ.
That season is right now before the resurrection of the sahu into the second life. Look around you at the world right now and for the past few thousand years and you must know this is the season of the Anti-Christ.
Look at those in charge who have been given the powers of deception in order to fulfill their destinies as destroyer deceivers.

Likewise, when America and other countries talk about fake news, they are describing what they themselves are doing but are putting someone else's name on it.
They are also creating fake news as they always have, and calling it truth.

They are right now creating fake news in order to convince you fake news is the kind they say it is.


”12 Monkeys & The Unraveling of Fabric & Time, Unity Consciousness #676”**

So many more seemingly “incredible” things are about to happen, that “fake news” is being programmed into your logic to keep you unbalanced and confused about what's happening, who you are and who to listen to.

The term “fake news” is being installed in your brain computer so you will not rely on your own sensing ability.
Why is it necessary to create the term “fake news” when most people already do not rely on their own sensing abilities?

Because information and events and going to become so much more plainly obvious, you need to be programmed to not believe your eyes, ears, your intuition, your dreams, history, experience, or any of your senses.
This is to confuse you about what humans are doing and what is happening inside Earth, within Earth and outside Earth. Right now you are being faked out about why and how Trump became president.
You are also being faked out by Women's Marches and anything else the racism collective is doing pretending to want what's best for everyone.

Fake news is a necessary setup because science fiction is once again becoming science non-fiction.
First there was science (non-fiction), then there was science fiction.
This is currently switched around. Science non-fiction is now called science fiction (fake) AND science fiction is now called science (real).
America, for example, uses science fiction and wants you to believe real science is fake.
I absolutely know this is true using one example. These same people have most people thinking it's a good idea to make some plants illegal. The logic of people tells them its okay to make illegal what the Creator provided . Based on this logic they judge other people by what has been made illegal. Now the deceivers are getting you ready to accept any explanation they give you for the events that are about to happen with increasing frequency and magnitude and in forms that make it seem like it came right out of a science fiction movie.

Science of second truth is going out and science of first truth is coming back. This first truth is going to scare the heck out of a lot of folks because we have been programmed to be afraid of the real thing in so many other areas.
Understand science and technology and you will know what is fake and what is real.

Closing In On The Antichrist

Christ is not one person. Christ is many people. Christ is the spirit-soul of all people who have avoided the second death and are awaiting their resurrection to help bring about the switching around of the first and last. The resurrection of these Christs is part of the upheaval and fulfillment of putting the Anti-Christs in their place.
Understand clearly, people had to be killed physically in order for the Anti-Christ to take over earth and maintain power. That is why those currently in charge are non-stop murderers of all four aspects of self.
The reversal of this current season is for millions of spirit-souls to be resurrected, brought back to life in order for the Christs on Earth to retake their throne and for the Christ in heaven above to retake her throne.
Aquaria is The Celestial Christ, The Sahu, The Savior Of The World directing the warriors on several fronts. In human form, she is the African Black Female. She also exists in many other forms. Christ exists in many forms and so does the Anti-Christ. Christ exists in many dimensions and so does the Anti-Christ.
The Anti-Christ and all of its evils did not manifest in one moment.
Likewise then, the second coming of Christ is taking place in stages just like any other process. Do not expect one event or one big event except as the result of the culmination of a long series of steps.
The second coming of some Christs has already taken place from below, above, without and within.

Most Information Provided By Societies Is Fake News

Dr. John Henrik Clarke told us the biggest problem we've encountered is the European colonization of information and their colonization of the image of God.

They have been providing fake news in schools and in all other forms of media to tell you the story of the Anti-Christ but they have made Africans the Anti-Christ when the opposite is true.

Sooner or later, those who can be saved through their own efforts of repairing their logic, will be saved by their free will.

Christ Is Karest

Since Christ is Karest, the Anti-Christ is actually Anti-Karest.
Anti-Karest is Anti-Sahu.
Anti-Sahu is Anti-Resurrection.
Anti-Resurrection is destined for the Second Death.
Those of the Anti-Christ spirit will die physically and spiritually, never to rise again, but to have their spirit-souls decomposed into elementals and then reformulated in a new mixture.

**What the Anti-Christs call “unraveling” is actually the process of raveling. Most of the leadership of countries who are part of the UN are right now trying to unravel all that is good. This can be understood in many ways. Via the rights of creation, basic needs and becoming an Initiate are three approaches. Everything these people do to unravel what is good is going to facilitate the unraveling of what is bad because spiritual energy wave momentum has shifted significantly. Meanwhile, as said many times before, these countries are preparing to fight “aliens” from outer space and asteroids (near Earth Objects) that are headed towards Earth. Why? Because an understanding of science and technology explains how infrequent events allows a virus to become established and cause sickness and infrequent events allow the immune system to dislodge the virus and restore health.
Once you get some understandings from an African Utamawazo worldview perspective context, some real definitions, some real history, some real spiritual teachings and some fundamental understanding of metaphors, then you can switch a lot of things back around to the way they have been for the extreme majority of human history